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' r.
t.it ft n
' W ar undr .the aeceasitvof falling on oar liib
eeribart Cor tome' money, a we irp just laying in our
winter' anpply of paper and ink. A'l Kinds of pro-
doer will befciken Id payment) 1
v y ,. ... COAL WANTED. ?
Ooal wfl be taken in payment of dueef at this jcffica.
BTThota of our subscribers who have taken our pa"
paper fur (he campaign end wish it eoniinued on, will
I ir . r . i i i . .
pirava mrarui us. . o mine wno osv not yet pais, tne
paper wilt be cbntiuued and charged accordingly.
have received aenie poetry signed 'Aknie', and
Will publish hitraanar. ' .
. We hkre now raiuina from all ike States, and are
able to give boih the loajorily Jamea K. Polk hat aver
LMy or Ih9 electoral Tola, and the popular ot. It it
one of tba most alupendoua vieioriea the Democracy
have aver achieved lince the forniatiutt of the Govern
ment, Jt will be recorded in Iho histtMj of our country
nd pointed tu by future generations ai the period when
tba American paopla proved themselves, doubly virtu.
oils patrioticthe friends t.f freedom-end mvulnera-
bit to all the assault's of corruption'.. Behold the over
whelming rebuke the people luve given to Clay Fed
etalianil --' -. -'. t
- ; Polk 1
E. vote, ' ' 'cna,
Maine 9 13.000
N. Hampshire 6 " ' &2M
Vermont ..r.
R. laland Yi. i - . -
Connecticut- j '
New York ' 36 6800
Pennaylvania. 26 .6384
IN, Jersey
Marland '
, E. vole, r maj.
N. Carolina
8. Carolina
Georgia. .-
Louisiana - "
Missouri ' "'
Kentucky, .
Indiana .
j 6-
.. s.ioo .
i 700O --
4 500"
12.000 "
4.000 "
11 r
,14 500 '
J 600.
" 220
,,, 3985
. 23
t 8.500
. .6,05
The Federal paper are frying to reiie the eld ery of
k.ird'tiiuf aod lilua tuin'.'beeauae Vdentberatic Praai
dent ia. alecte'd. "Sctrtaly i Coon paper we got Sut what
a eooM oalketia itory about the fall of alovkr-tbf
stopping of fketoriea, discharge of workmen Ac. - But
ao far no faetoriea bava stoppad except Uioia that ware
ioaolTeni and would bare borttcd up io ,8 months; -ITo
ttorka bavo alien oxoepi (be-fancy stocks of speculator
No workmen j have been. discharged except .pemo.
erata who ware thrust from employment for noting their
sentimsnta.1 It is all fudge these crocodile stories of the
eoon lesdars j' the! tounlry wul prosper and o ahead fast
r than ever under James K- Polk. The only difTer
ence betweeu Mr. Pulk'e administration and that wliich
would have tikert place had Clay been eleoted, ia that
a targe qumberol drones, apaeulatora and Bank gamb
lers will have logo losaoraand earn their livelihood
now by the aweal of their, bands, inatead of livirig as
they expected to do, by plundering the laboring cUasea,
aud swindling honest men,1 . (Twill be mint Time for
such mail no doubt, but the f.reat mass of Ibe People
will be glad tn see thase plunderers put le work
, ' ' "'.'. "cooN FOOLERY. ' ' ; '
Tha last Advocate gave circulation to I eouplo o.
fool stories that none but a orazr coon could benave.
One H tliat tha electoral vote of New Hampshire and
Pennsylvania will e given againat Polk: another is
that in consequence of one or two counties not send
ing in their returns David Tud is elected Governor ol
Uhm. These storms are'iotup by the coon leadera to
eojt their fall.' They know bow bad tbey are beat, and
to. Keep (rem being bored atari these stone, just as the
fallow wh commits theft runs and yells out Mop thief
with tha reel. How much belief would it be for the
Buzzard to give'Vfs readers the correct election returns
I 1 . . . ! . L i t. -II . . , , TT ' I
lUBii in ue irumjiiif up eucu eiiiy eioriesi ma. sub
scribers out to vota him a crazy ahirt.
" Next Monday Congress and the Stale Legislatuie
meet and we Shall soon, bef.ousy : with .their doinga
The proceedings of Congress will ba Unusually inter.'
eslingthis session, snd if the coon Legislature does ribt
get shocked at Ha own measures Why 'we have 'rich
times at Columbus this winter, There ia not a voter ia
the country bui should make himself acquainted with
the actions of 'tha people's servants. To do this ba
should tako a paper, and ' we will furnish him oqre
with more reading matter for the price than any other
in thus section of Ubio. (j . . . ,
K ;-. . h ei ill , . -
tf .;!tM ,v Laughable. ' i j-v.a
I The I'ulfowing' tabular Statement exbibi'ia tha amount J ' TOIL 18
At Ike slweef k scrawl Vol nine. tlieaiatnslM aavnif
venr comiuaucina Dec. 1-L 184 J. and aodinf Nov. 15ih. tkMaramH'eu
of mbat of tha different kinds ol Dfonertv cler-d from. !
and an- ad ai. the Cullm.t 'i nHu at Laivar durins Ilia
I 5 raniHMl en the tint or Jannary. t-v ui r,,,..
1 fiiui, hinjeirirreaiailblv nllrl oa to le erpreet Uta eetiefac-
a...M. n,.ii ' tto" rMlirwte whk whlahha kaa bern. BtW T JUe
A1TSB. ltiBlO. . , HW.IUHVIM .aaae thai haa a.ifel Uj. "aav
! ' 1 .... . . . . ., .1. j . Ka lLa
Jak. ) era le wla tua aaouc ravor. hmwiuisuwiio( v """" '
wJ4- i(ipnalnimmitnd vexaiiaea tbat aiatsat tavailahtv folio
; skaenaMasNanul or a new aesiedleai. ia, xe pwdutiloa of
' . wkishilia'rtt auietaa tba harmonious ee-eeeratton of away
1564 keaila ad; ,aianr kanai otwttaiaadia ouaalnnal abort'
683 eoninp;: tn'rilwlarl Uie pietortal oeuariineni, wliitb ao
lad aie ar Ailteaaa eonU avert, as aa axpeaahura arevetlt, the
C'oloioblaa aucaaina ka (one au xeaiilf lucreawDi in rr
'105 . ;"63,300
5 170, iwu'
Polk'a majority ovor Clay 66,000 votea, . '
'; In the above states, when the official votes up count'
ed out it may vary a thousand votea but hardly more,
But even supposing it should make difference of 6000
we still have a msjojity ofCQ,000 for tba Young Hick-
ry of Tenneaaea... , . .t -;- '
v One of the crazy frenki of federalism was the getting
Op a subscription and buildihg ol, a splendid carriage
to carry Mr. Clay on to WaahirigtoH, ,ao aure were
they of electing him. . Hera is the announcement peb
lished in one of their papers lsst September. i k
Carriage to tola Mr. daq It tfashtngUnWm. F.
Patleraort was at Concord, PJ- JL, laat week end con
traotad for as good a cuach aa Abbot A JSowning can
maka, to have thelikenest fc name of Henry Clay pain
ted npon it, and to be delivered to him in Wheeling on
the laat of' December next. ' tfJh'n coach is to be used
for tbeSral time, to sonvey Mr. Clay from Wheeling,
Va.j to Cumberland, Md. , on his way to Washington,
On tha last of February or the first of March next, U
jissume the office, of President, for the nest foul years.
Mr. Clay will coma to Wheeling by steamboat, arul will
tako the eara at, Cumberland for Washington. , The 130
miles from. Wheeling to Cumberland, paseingahe moun.
tains, ia tha only stage route from Ashland to Wash-ington.-JVeworft
Advtr6sit. "J " "
That'i the funniest biece of coon foolery we have
Vet seen. But iinre they have found put that Mr. Clay'
tiavala in Btat up Salt River, inatead of U Washing
ton in a carriage, we understand the leadera refuse to
pay for the carriage.jhey yrdoredj and the eonsequonce
) the'mechanics who made it have to sue Whiggery for
their pay. T . v
i We advise the Federalists to Jn and pay the mechan
ics ,nd not cheat them out of their work. .-
J : rji 'I , , i i i , i '
Tha federal leadera are not capable of aelf Govern
inenl, and we almost believe that when Hamilton and
Adams said "the psopfa were not capable of governing
, themselves,;,', tbvqr made a.' mistake they meant their
own followersr-oot the People. Whenever Federal
ism assumes the re'ioe of government, aha cracks tha
Whip and applies tha lash to the hnres with ao much
fiiry that tha.6r&l thing we beat .of ia the old wagon run
jnto a stone heap, and smashed tn pieces. We have
never known an-inatance yeti where the Federalists
wete allowed to Arict, but they either upset and broke
att.lhe erocktrt), or else ao deranged the'.anair8 ef 8late
thai the people dasher! their brains out (politically spes
,k)ng) when the next election came. This was the case
in, 1836 with Jo. Vance. It was the case iii .lMO with
Harrispn in the National Government, and Corwin hare
i bnm anil will anon ba tha rasa with Mordecai Bart-
ley and both bunches of the legislature. At least so
we think from what we already aee.ftcAmg out.
t With a majority in lhe Legislature that reprasanta a
minority or tne people, tney are going n on ine oevu
maycars system with a perfect rush. For" instance,
tbey ssy they will overthrow tha .present law for die
trjoli.ng the Stale, and make the , last Congressional elec
tqiona .a nullity. Next they Vl gninj jo create a lot o
banks, an to raise the capital for which they. Will have
to mortgage tha Peupla'e farina to European eiookjob-
bers. Next tliey intend to throw the present State pirn
tar out oj office. Next paaa a resolution instructing the
Ohio delegation in Congress to vtle for repeal of Ibe
natuulisation laws, so that no. foreign born man .can
hereafter let a vote. But the last kink on the old cow's
horn ii tbit . They jnjend to eiut Governor. Thomaa
Bartley next Monday, so. that be can t deliver, loco.
Jdm maasjgt.,., These are the,ripcipa, measures of the
-eewion, aa we learn from the organ of ibe party.. How
"or by what meant tbey will aeeompllsh . ill these things
'wi shall aiil 'atop- to epq;iiie.' But the p'rogresa they
Hake, wa shall ,duljnoe. " In the mean time aye linpe
the Denieerata will lay low and ear obihilig, but keep
a shrfro look out.' Wa want to" S the federalists Jo up
;hal,they have cut ou' Oppntd.otataclec, but give
tiinrn. full rnpi, aridjiftieyjdo .ql geCauiht intheir'
nwo. maehee why the will ncsre what they navar did
To aee a coon editor crying over Clay's defeat. The
last, Advocate says not only the wliigs but marly demo
crats sympathize with Mr, Clay. And yet thla aames
Mr; Clay old as he- is would not hesitate to play a game
of cards with, a inrff sd lake thirty dollara from her,
aa he did on the Ohio itiver not a year ago. Bahl with
your sympathy for such a man, . .
pnosPECTUa roa tub bbcono tear,
. 499
BarnU. '
Fish ,
Lime, hydralio,'
nrntu,-,- ... . ......
B'ad i . f 3000
Corn ' '. '
ioal, -mineral, - 8700
Goka ! .: . ' ' 'tfUtd
Liue.v 7i0
' ,f ,
Rve .
Seeda Clover, - i,
Uo , Ohio Grass, f vi
Do., Flax, .
Wheat . , , . 92436
Pounds. , .
, Agricultural Implimeqts, 14479
. Butter '," ' .
Baggage extra, nd Furniture 65119
Bitcou 613
Cheeee 2703
Crocks . 3507
Egga . . OtlOO
"Fruit, Dried, y : . r . 1150
Do., undried,
y' Feathers . r'
Furs and Peltries
'Glaea . . '
Hide. c , .,
..Iron, Pig
Iron and Nails, ... .
Lard , ., .
Machinery ' ,. ,
Marble, nn-rouglit,
Do. "wiourbt,
ZNails and Spikaa, ,
Potters' Ware ' ' 1P68
Paper, Ohio, 3784
i. Rag v. , . . .. , ,
,Slartus , 4141
, Tallow , . . ,
.Wool ' ,
Wood Ware 120V
Waggona , , . 1990
. Birrels, amply, 4179
Broome - .
rBricka V ' ; 32200
Domestic Animal , 3.
Uths 50500'
.. Mjll,Stones, paira, 4
, Passengers . 1335.
, Miles travelled , 40840,
Post . 15.
, ,SplU and Flat Hoopa ... 135000
Shingles 261950
FttU. k .
Lumber 812484
. Timber . .....- 1155
: 67199
1033p5U. 138206
t- , 10800
" 499J0
larltv and sunpert from ibe im Mwber, and If lt uHbout
nnselMuia letiiaionv of llw preisanar U receive ae a.
ewaved by earibUUy and anbtaaead by bkadeklp, IheaShtl
of coairlbutors and editor kv been wlWaclor lo tba pub
lic and aeeepiad as ruiolllnf Ibe ataaikas auule for U at
ineroniief emend ef tiia eolerprlie
TnepnMMieraadertooh ibe work witk tin arm ccavw
tlonlhaltbexrealclijrefNaw York was tba ll ad true
home for a anagasina r (eoaral llleraturu r ui noiwuu-
suudlai Ui fallore of rnnnr prevkm allempW te eslaWMO-
saeh a work, tliere could he aro latpoaeibiliijF or auceese wiin
sufflcieut capllsj, pereerace. lb right ejraleai ef man
MiueHt both b Debllslier and ediiar: stiaiulated by UiU
conviction, ne esabarked ia Ihf, enter prlye, and tha result of
ibe first year has proved "l?1 0la Jadgotent was correct
II has long ceased to be eceMry or reason
hania armk of tba Coluibkbin a aa exftei latent. At ell
events. It Is aow aa experiment' snbstaditally tried. Wa
feel ourselves apon ae Una a haste as ay sialilar Joornai in
Ilia world. Our ariaelpal cares now, regard aot a asueh !
aeurlne whal eroend we have milted. ribf ws sionsider thie
nfAelanitv SBcerel aa tha extension of our anhere of action-
d mil ivnot ao eaaah. even, tba mare enlaneasen o.
uharclntlon lit. ae tba auiat Bnltabte node of catering
for tiia aeuisemeni (and eliall wa say occasionally for flis
profit Ty of our eubKrlMrs in ins present, an we iuiu,
the many wliorn , We have, and Uie ssany mar wa aliall un
doubtedly bave as tl We roll on.
We kave aindearrangamenu whuh will enable u t pre
sent oiir fneads with embeHJihmente of very superior taste.
style and finish. In this reaped It Is ear arm purpose io oat
vie, If possible, all competition. Our music and eagravrnge,
we eonfldeutty believe, will not be. equalled very eertataly
tbey shall not be surpassed in real merit by those of any otb.
ar magaaine. We propose to give each month two or mot
superb engravings, Independently of two psges of music by the
most eminent composers, and plate of authentic fashion. '
I) II V. .-J , I L I .lujul A . I. . f-,Alf1HB
wOl I ,un tha nuhlUhAr dnefe not TmI enlleri noon to aav mora
f45 I ,iun . fa.. wara.'. The eeiieral nuinaieuient of thie deDart
4008 ment is. as heretofore, antrasted 10 a gentleman possessing
... 104
Beeursd by UUtr$ Paenf tU. VmM tata..
raVII fit AN DR3TH8 fii,''ai'a"iOiiir toll:
M. Im; asvacBlly K a ieoantry abjeei to ,h
roof leaspanttir a ibis. Ibeir, value 4a inulwlabl b
having Uw Brkadreui'e f Ule ajwaj; nban. should a sadder!
aaaek of sWuas lake place, tbey ca ha given at one, and
will often bava eoccled a care berote tne pnyeiciaa cwuo
have arrived. ,, ,
la CUollc and ia tnSamatlon ef weeoweie. tiiese pi its win
at ones relieve, and peracvereiic In their osa, acdlli( U
directions,' will surely alt- that MkUclm'ssM aevto raster)
tl e beeltb of tlie peileaL ,s
la dbnaese arbring froaa the asa of anarettqr. Or fross any
cans or vlUaikH. freos bad Mood m oiImrvIm. .slietr s wUI
aredac the most nappy leeulie la su snacks M Bbeuatausa
Bryaipalaa. Wt Ebeowk aad m all case of ehroni r reverts
Cmtlmneee. the use of the Brandretb rills wiU be productive
of Infinite aervfceaornetlaae occasioning" so grtal ehsng
. .. . . ll,.,,tCiitn "
njr use aewareew a'-- - ' , .
la all eases of Indigestion, Wotms. Asthma, Disease ef Otb
Heert, and tn all affectlone of Uie Stomach aad bowel, tbo
Brnodreih Pfllswlll be fcun a oev foiling remedy
To insnre the full henellt of thee celebrated ptiie.tbey stieald
be kept in the bouse, so that apon " riS'aoiuaiMoanleM T
sickries they may b at sinca resorted ia Ol 4o thas. a
bettor - thaa aosea after Uss disease baa beoowe emabltaUea
m the tyatem. s. - - , ; T ,.m- fh-
The Bnodrwr) fUl ar purely vegetable, and ao tast
that the Infant f a piantb eld may use them if rtiireU nt
only with safety t witu a certainly ef receiving all Uie be
nefit medielna is cnpabld'af Imparling. Fsmsleein alliaa
daring all the critical period of t.air Uvea. , Tha Brndttll
rills will Mmis Uieir health, and prodaca regularly' th IU. tin
functions ef Hf, " 1 "
Be rarefal of esanterfbrt rills. 'Few l svaid tbesae ' ",
1 ltO,,eBCURlTT, , "
Encb Agent who eelle the genuine Braadratb Bill baU-tV
CiSTtriOATS or Agcnry, which haa been engraved at a vav
expense. It represents,! he manafaetory at Stag tung. aa lb)
bank of th Hudson river, and b) signed ky Br. trajkireth,
and hi eeal aWaptd apon tlie paper. ,
N.J BECORItTf, - 5r'-l
Above all obssrva the labels upoa the boxes. Isch box t
tha tenaine Pills lis now THBEB LABHLS upolt-' Thi
top and tha bottom label containing epwardsof NIVB TBeO
8AND LETTERS ia RED I.tK. Tha worda BBNjAktlH
BRANDRBTU'B FILL8 being printed over 'two lujadrt
limes open th two labels.
Th above Justly celebrated Pille tea be procured at tba
Store of John r Cliapin, New Pbiladelpliia. he being Ibe only
authorized agent for Tuscarawas county 01)10.
August 22, 1844. 321
, . . J. 8HURLEY.
.1350 every qualificatioa for the task, and who has given abundant I
- 8744 evidence, aot only of the highest ability to pat forth amerl-l
I Sffl torlouemakMlna.buioftheabHIti to pel forth a magaaine 1 -iLOCK and Watch makef, Sivtrsmith and Jew
14989 I
, CfThe Buzzard says the coon are hot Amad to
bav their celebrations in day light.. Well, tjiat may be,
nactly adapted to Ike tastes of our reader. The publisher, e)er hyln. permanently located himself ia .
therefore, has sveiy eonfidenca that what has been dona for stpiv Piirrincrpml i "',
:ha ihararv Mine of hht Journal will be done asaln. We are . . . " ML.4ut.ur tlkA, , 4 , !.- ,
Lperfectly willing that our future In this respect hould be ea-1 wishes fespeclfully to inform tha citizen of Tu-ara-
timawd by our pact, i ne subjoined nst ot uose wno nave 1 WM county and the public generally , that ha toes' opened
furnish'eaVasUelee for tba Colambsan daring the; by-gone year,
will satisfy we feel assured, he most faatidious, tbat wa are
rsselute to spare, In no particular, either exeruoa or exsenac,
Mrs I, H Bigourney, die. Klrklaad, Mrs Ann B 'Btepbeae,
Urn p 8 Ossood: Mrs EO Smith, Mrs B O Mnwatt' Mrs 8 F
Eltett, MraM 8t Lena Leud, Mr James Q Brooks, Mrs Xamea,
Halt, Mrs M, 8 Hunt, Mrs H Ltghiplpe, Mrs 0 H Butlcr, Mrs
BO Embury, Mrs Caiy, Mrs E R Steele, Mrs M A Erring
Mrs Mary LLawsoti, Miss, Cnlmsn. Miss Isabella Jowlyn.
a shop in tie above business in all its various branche
next door oMr. Espich' laverrr a,nd hupea by strict
attention end assiduity to merit their palronoge. J. 8
having Deen in tne anore ouainos lor upwarda ol JJO
years flaller himself to be enabled to give satisfaction
to all those who may think proper to (mat their work
to his care. ' ,
Chronometers, Duple horizontal Patent and detech-
; Dressed and rough Stone 1)
Total Amount Tolls, Fines end Water Rents received
ia $20394 11 from 1st Deo. 1843 lo Nov. 15, 1844.
; L'. i.Ji'--. 1 i II tf DPfOAM ill'
but h appeara the people are med, fof tby have not I Coe0,or., ' v "' , "i vu"w",
lei inese cooua nave any cnauco to ceinurata emier , Uovar, Mov. 1 0 1844 J ..-.
The ameuni of Barrels of Flour cleared fmm Dover, in
day light or' night time,' since 1840. ' In'thafyeltlr'we'l
recollect the buxzard editor waa "ntt ihamed" to be
hauled round town on a wagon In the night time drunk
a Bacchus, and rolling Ilk wild Indian. "Not .
shamed'fehl All you wanti the opprtrtlinily, and then
it matters-not whether it be day time, night time or the
holy sabbath, yen old hypocrite. -,; . -
i j .
.-..1 MORE BLUE RUI, . , ,
The Ohio Statesman alluding to the panic stories of
the swindler and speculatonf,' about; kkrd timet,' thus
happily burlesques their" inbsrabli! ktlsnt, I to deceive
the people: (.
The worst of th slnry is, a young whig wa engaged
loMie married, and the defeat of Clay so disarranged the
monetary business of th country, that he sent word lo
his lott that ha feared atarvation, and eould not marry.
8I1 sent hiro ati hnswer that sh waa '-glad tn see it,"
OarV Li iJaWBon. Stpa animal,, mu, UOinim ovin, 1 iinwuumviai,, vu
Miss Martha Kuasen. MM Emiltr EOhulbbck, Miss Louis, ed Levers, Lenine. lndenendent Seconds. Reoaat n
M Brauntr, Misa Fanny Forester, Miss MO OtUoey, Antho-1 Musical Watches and Musical (Snuff B6xe, carefully
pf -Summer Frolicking" J K Paulding, Wm O. Bryant, Fit cleaned and repaired. ' Sil ver piste and IwWelry careful.
Greene Halleck. E A Pne. Joha Neal Henry VY Herbert, H. f 1.
Hartinss Weld, Park Benj.nmin Wllham Cox. G JFJ Keadril, forei ( de.CTip:ion cleaned and rep.ird.
Henry 8 Bchooleraft, T B Arthur, U P Orattsn The "author of g iqaa it a '
tlie widow ofBrughea," H T Tuckerman James F. Oils Boot. "w"
L Wade, Batnl D Patterson Edvr. S Gould, Beba Smith C. Fsn- PUBIIP S AlF '
no Hoffman, Theo 8 Fay. Rev. F C Woodworm, O Donald vuuiw,uu, ., f
McLeod, Wm H Willis, Walter Whitman, Isaac F Sliephard. FPHE subscriber Administrator of the estate of Cliri
V B Rend, Wm Ofand Bourne, Rich F. While. Henry A Clarke topher W. Wesslehan, deceucd will offer . at
C WUkJns Eiml, E J Porter, E Parmly Hamilton Myers, M O public vendue, on Monday the 2nd day of December
niii, m e, vriison, josepn Dougnion, v ucuieiiian. i.uniw Bexi, at nta residence, in York township six. mile
1843. were 49407. Number ofhunhels of Whest 290477.
l otal amount of Tolls, same year $21,392 50 cento.
ALL' persons, inBsbled lo nie, fur fees, as Clerk of the
. Supreme qr Court 0 Cnuimon Plus Sre rr-qunsied
10 rrlaka' immediate payment lo the present Clork or my
self as no further indulgenre rsn be given,' anrf'll not
Drrid bv the first of Januarv next. Execution will ba iu.
od in every case in whirfi I have fees, without distinc
tion of person. A:iend to this notice and cheat the Sher
iff of hi fee.
' Nov. 24th, 1844. 4w
Philip Miirphv AJm'r.) TVTOTICE is hereby g'nn
of Abraham Vanoslranf 1 iltnt on Monday the 30ih
ts. L day of December A. I 1844
1 Vanostrsn el al. he' ween the
sellJr.Tiautnoror'.Timesuoings,"Asaiae jr.uw louUl WMl 0r New PhiladelbhiaMhe following pro-l
Wnrrin, Augustas Bnodgrass.J T Headley, F L Hagadorn, pery , w. A J , My
".With iS .Id of Utn- c.nrlbuu,r.(.fwh.mltui.Mdl.- '"iou. ud medical book.,
en wor4 tat, wayef commendation) and of namer of which are German. Al.o school books, several
.a. uher. nerhane eauall. n.arilarloiu If lass celebrated, who ,U,U COlUfg Cupping lance, Several doten.of Spe-
clock A. M and 4 o'clock P. M- will sell at public
auction at. the door of the Cnurt Mouse inNew Fliila-
a. young domoorst had offered her his hand and hearb .delphia, Tnararawaa ctnnly, Ohio, the following d.
and she waa grdlified at the cAangv ' foribsd Real Estate to wit, Lot nt.mberedthirty-six (36)
w in titan Hrssi 1 aaellan ..f IntststaL . na,M ttl aJ
Another, A whig physician was on hi. way to see r ' V""" " '
a patient-Hearing h new of Clay's defeil, he turned oarawiaeounty Ohio offered for sale al Zanesvillo Ohio
back. Rending a messenger lo the sick man's bed to in- and estimated to contain one hundred acre. Terms of
form him. that as nctticint would not take effect now. ' b Known on me tisv ot sale,
bkve promised ue their support, we flatter surselvks, that as
literary work, tne Columbian neea-M anoerna apprcueu
sion of beint excelled.
But whst we havb dona Is already before uie pernio, wno
wilt npt faii- to-judge us with Impartiality; and in raodect to
What we inland to do, it will be both wiser and more stcom
tan millionth less fashionable) aot lo beast. Wa may be per
mitted to assure our frends In brief, however that we have
matured numerous plate, (for tha Third volume) with which
we feel confident liiey will be pleased. It I our purpose to
nut forth every energy and, It will be no fault of our awn If
the Columbian ahall not be found at least equal lo any maga
aine. of any class or price. In Amsriea.
nealera in Periodicals throughout the U. State
and the Cenadaa, who wish to become agente for the Coluaa
bian Magazine will pleoee - apply te pablieher Immedlatelyi
The usual discount will be made to them. mi
rrs-Editars who will Insert this Brospeeioe entire and send
I -P ,AW t f - . . ... . . ,
noun, tn ly: u a COpy maraea aaa aaaresssa w tae voiumniaa sssguine,
eball bava ecpy sent to them ror one year. T
One copy one year in advance,
One copy twe years
Two copies one year,
Five do do
; Eight M do
Eleven do do I
Address, post paid.
. ISRAEL POST, SAstor House, N, T
5 ,
Nov. 27. 1844.
Adm'r a aforessid
he declined calling. The sick man being t democrat,
tha glorious" news cured him at once.
And still another, A whig minister bsing sent for to
sds a sick man in hi last hours, returned thi reply: A I
brother Buaom'i certifies! failed te elect Mr, C!af.' I
I ITS L , , , . ., . . . .
k i . -ii in ih. .ffi,.a. ,.t nr.... . -t "eeu appoHiiea auminisiraior or ina esiaie ot Ji
v.........v- , . j a au . t.i-.a u.-j
ItT Fa.herGreely of th New York Tribune, give. ,.id r.ntlo,.aj lo ,:,kB imm.di.f. ,..,.;,
. . . J IC I al I i rl . . . ' J
DumflrOUl inffiancf pi iooiorn, uwoinng nuura8,ucvui,cr
OTICE i hereby given that the subsoriher has
that we're to B1 built if Clay wa elected, but aro now
given upl O The proprietor did not win the money
to do it with, betting on Cky! , Did not loose anything
ofcoursel Perhaps (anil the more likely) never had
money' lo build wilh,' nor lands to build on. ' .t. '
JJ- Onr pathetic friend ef the Whseling Time giv
an account of widow lady, '.that criid all day over her
starving children, on hearing of Mr. Clay' defeat.
Wa would not ask any one to believe th above
s'bries until certified to by the Whig State Central Com
mittee, and endorsed by the yaunger Roarback of the
Ohio Siata Journal. . s i .,..
and those having elii'm to present them legally proven
wiLinn one year irom into nare. .
, fUlLir MILLER, Adm'r.
November 11, 1844. 4w .
. ttTThe Buuard says Iron ha come , down $5
per ton since Polk' election.' -Thafa essily accounted
fur, There will nol b so many hand tvffi ftot chain baltt
to make for tha next four yeara. ,' Most of the . whig
wartwnuters and Dank swindler are already caught
andtronei, ' (' , .
Will h Buzzard tell . us what' the price of coon
skin cine Polk' dectianT
j . : .. ,;, p mo , sates man.-, ' ' ,
IV give ta mother column, Cch MerftaryV pros
pecius for the seselon Siataamau "' You will never be
grudge tba money & costs. ' j', 7
.' ..' r .--p , tv,
;Tht wrt'y the priet of wool t faying V7ftatertay
bad in incident related to nil which show 'how touch
sinoori'.y there la in' the whigblie' .o( tbe ftll of prices
sinw iw elcoiiooi A aemociat owning a wooleQ fao
tory in lb-country, called on a whig wool dealer in this
l- -a DF-ri'rir.wirrj
chf, tf If h. had the article tp tlispoae of, - On:; ft yj; ; ,". 48 4r
rcfieivibg ai aswerifa the afflfmitiv lb prica was
asirea,. i.Berwiugwia.n supposed ca coma not 8'
over 20 cenu pef pottad, but ought io bar toe , He
&$J concluded to teke25 cent. Thoffer-waa read
iV 'ccepieJ--th coon packed ontl-7?iieier Doiiy
A J '
v. -
m -'e TiV
, t r, , 0 .
Governor Pprterf pi Penasylvanla, has offiolally an.
nouncect tha success of th Democratic flectQTal ticlce,
in Ojat ftale a!o, the result of the dongreesionatt
THE undersiened will offer .at Public Rale on, Sat
urdaythe 23d dav of November A. D. 1844. he-
tween the houra of 12 o'clock M. end -4 o'clock P. M.,
in tliepiwn of Nnwcumberland, -Tuscarawas county,
Lot numbered 427 !n ,own ef New Philadelphia,
and Lot numbered 32 in the villaee of New Cumber
land, being the property of rhiltp Suiter, late of War
rer. Township dee'd. Terms will be made known on
the day of sale, by . ' , '
- I, H. LArrlJM, Kxccntor.
Ort24i(i, A,D. 1844. . y , tv . 49 ta
NOTICE is hereby given, that tha subscriber has
been - appointed Administrator nf the est at nf
persons being indebted to the said estate are requested to
pake immediate payment, end these having claims, to
present them leeallv proven, within one vear from thi
date. , j - ,-'t'f , u -:i
t i i w - - GEORGE BUGHER,
, , "Adniinitrtof.
Not. 7ib,.1fi44.-43-4w '.VV ! -) ..
TIHERE will be' a petitfon prentfd to the enmmia
' sibne,r of Tuscarawas county al their next Decem
ber session praying for an alteration it the, county soad
leading from Stewards tavern tn Grtadenhultens eaid al
teration to commence at the commencement nf said road
at Stewait taverni thence with the Coshociea rnad to
near ilninony Asner s , osrn; iiience in iniersect, me
afore -said Gnadenhutten road at or pear the School
bouse in Uiltnct ftumbsl two or, Washington? town
r at hn,rtitkiTi(i
f ,v " i ADSllMStRA TORS' NOTICE. '
"rVf.OTICE.bJlerebVxiven.'lbat the subscribers have
1 bn ' snno'intfd, AHministriitoi hf the tte 'of
JOHN KAJLIE, deceased. A II persona oeing inaeoteu
to nairj'eM' Sfs requested to make Hntoediste paymtnl,
and thnaa having claima, to present them legally proven,
within Cna tear from this date. . ,
-i ? i efre-y GEORGE SPEAKER.
I J " A ' r' k tUltiJtnJrtraV.
iXOt. 7IB,' ie4. -3-W
Uslosigaud a great number of articles too tedious ta'
Insert: sale to commence at ten ,o cloak on aaididav.
when terms of sgle will be made known by r
Nov. 14, 18, 1844. U '
saw FIRM . . , , ,
" 1 WM. YOUNO ft J. HYKE3. ' - ' 'V '
'OULD reepebtfully inform their friend and tba
tmbliS lenarallv that ihev have' commenced tha
abore businsss, in New Philadelphia, of making (ha
said Be 'Hive, at call or order. We in vile the eitizena
of Tuscarawa county to call and aee before purchas
ing eiaewnere. , - - ..,,. .
June 10th, 1844. , ; ? ' - vi tr
THE subscricer wishes to hire a good Juuntymaa
to work at tha Blackemiihina, busine anplf to
Straaburg 5th Sept 1844
nroTics. - i
nOAD ZTOTZCXL Thara will bo an adjourned meeiimr'of tho Tuspara.
TVTOTICE ia hereby given that a petition will bel ssCounty Medical Society on WEDNESDAY, Deo.
jli presrntea to tne commissioners oi rnscarawas u .aivanatuover,
A general attendance nftha Pbvsiciaris of (he Coun
ty is earnestlyj requested, t : a t
T . JJ, RICHARDS, Sec y?
Not. 81, 1844. - v.
(Jonntv at their December asaaion oravins for an alter.
ation in the County road from Shanesrille to Coshoc-1
ton, said alteration to commence at tne stable or Simon
Erehoar; to ran thence an eastern course to Joseph Shaf-1
farm A ttrxi iti'n jv hnnaa, fiMrsi lYtantaTi t a rtln tln wwaw) I
lAfl uwvirii'R uuuro, 4LViia ttivuvv aw tuatwu 40aCll n vjjsnl.n- '
U si.. ia a .Uan rtlla,- en.J. .t ..I n W K-m MS nla4AM
frtllnw trip PrtllpT' raA ta 1MnrtrifrW sntiriM tn Cafwttm I
man's saw mill: ihen to Intersect the Coshocton road: I npwr.BSnnthmKrt ,m. f ,t,. r ttLL r
and to vacate so much of the old road as lies between PhilH.inhia TWr.wn ,,. nhsT -
simnn H rnhnn-a stamp and samnr-i Aimnniigh'n inn. I ,
shin road. I JftTTTM I RnRllvamvr
. i --.
. n.1 oa A. f a. I . aw j rvtAUtfamMVk B. Km W
we as, is.. taw , . 'riVJf.'nrtrr-D .
w . ' r i i j ! ws awivrravih JtlA KJ . , 'T -
EXECUTRIX NOTICE. I Will attend to ny professional alai ta tit .a
a r.n.tr.n ' . , . . , , .. , I , ,L. . , . m . . - -w
rviuitVC ia nereoy given, ma: tne lunerriDet nas I lu wj-nuei ur i uerarawss. .(ohries, and CoahoetoM. '
1 taken out Letters Testamentar. with tlia Willi. - tllitiiari.
aaoexed, of the estate of PETER HASHN, deceased. I . on- , pp' p'olniea eoBnty',, Boa. Jamea Wathew.
All persons being indebted to said estala
lo make immediate payment, and those hav
present them legally proven. withinrone year from ihii
Nov. 7th, 1844.-43-4W
TVTOTICE ia hereby given, that the subscriber has
Li been appointed Administrator of ihe estates of
ARTELISSA CROSS, deceased.. All, ntrsona bemi
inuuDtea to earn estate ar requasted to max inimeriiate
pay merit and those having elsimt - to crtesent thro
legally proven, within one year rrotn tliva date. ' ii .
Nov. 7th, 1844-43 4w ,
era requested $.0eJ' J2"pii!itr ' Cooet county. Smith, Brak a) to.
rini claims, to i aZ VJm sam a that occupied by Esq. Wsraet
rerf,otn ,l,i, 'ofKell.r a; HUdia.r en Factor, ,e,t,.
marchiO. 1844. ' ,
WOULD respectfullv inform hi old enstnmfrs s4
tb public that they; have oummeuced Iba abov
nusiue irr ins town ot
in- H. Kaork' brick building (same acenpitd y
Albert and en,) next to Morris' corner where he will '
keep constantly on hand all th different article in hi
Ili a, such aa, men and women' saddles, carriage daam .
borne, buggy, boat and stag harness, all of whacky
will be iade of tha best material and ia tha ma.i .,,h.
atantidl manner. . . .
New Phila'da. August 21, 1844. , ' ?jly, Z "
4" coin tn a iarlit: . i
WAsHTtE? f!, ,h ,ub,crit' .-at (hir:atara la
; f f - Ubrichvill.' .! t ... ,.
' ,i ni I ''
Btrptemberft 18441,
. t : SCHOOL' EXAMINER!. , ,
We ire teqtiestej ifU board ot School Exsminara
w "1 uscarawaa County to Stata that muA Karj .;n
hold spaeial luMsion on Monday nf each week during "
. REDiMEDD Si -Go,1
TVTOTICE U hereby given, that the subscriber ha
11 been appointed Administrator of 'tha estate of
WILLIAM KEY?, deceased, ;' All persona being in
debted to said eataie. are requested to make immediaie
payment' and those having llaimsi So preeent them
legally proven, WiUnn on year from thi dale.
; " .. -' . . Administrator.
Nov. 7th, IB44. 3-4W ,i J . ' f
TVTOTICE 1. hereby civen, that the suliscriher hes I
titte tZrXATTV. ,.f 'h "f 1 fo '"at n'o apptican, will ZZ,
jJl.-j Ts "l.V I '. . . -""'; l "imii-u on omer airy man those above appointed.
nruitva icaraiBiiD BnSiaiiBm. mmm train iianauatti m niabA immarfiaia - .
paymeni, ana uuim having claim, lo present then
legally proven, within one year from thi Ut.
...',-,., . . , ,,,. w k JOSHUA COKEY,
s . ' . . ' ' nwniois'iaiOTi
I Nw. 7th. I844- 43-4W . .
l .
j '. ' , MARKETS, -
JNow ) NoveinrMjr 1. .Flour S3 7I
' Ww. Phaartelphi, Nrlvr mhr' Vf VWbai Cft cie.
Lral Dbr4 Novtmbef, W, Vlasf 66 . .
before. Look out for fun.
lion. t

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