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M Jiejlector.
cial Paper of County and City.
Satnrday'i Daily.
There var;e six prisoners
confined in the
The Republicans of the 'douhty may
rest assured of a complete success next
The cqunty high school will probably
notr be completed, in time for next
IThevhaudsome corps of teachers at
Enterprise had a group picture taken
oBtllemsefVes today in Abilene.
jAiyLENED.AJ.LY Reflectok, cheap
est paper in the city, delivered for ten
cen'a Week." SenSSn your names.
'eup.gion Ms a petition in circula
tion fc the erection of a $15,000 school
house this summer. It is being gen
erally signed.
"Franklin McCIure, a resident of Lo-
day by Rev. Tresdell.
Ed. Humphrey and A. Pry are
erectingjBneresidepces on Ruckeye
avenue'ibovej'Ninth street. They will
adjl mjjtchto tlie already Jarge jnumber
of beautiful homes in the north part of
the city.
"3nj6Qt forty applicants for teachers'
certificates are taking the examination
at the first wardbuflding" today.- The
questions are much fairer than those
of th preceding examination and un
doubtedly nearly all "will' be successful.
The trialiof;$tfllianrZook yesterday
fotr an assault upon one of the Salva
tiohfArmy members at the barracks
Saturday night was at last decided by
avriljct-;of,npt guilty. The jury was
out 1 the afternoon.
From Monday's Dailj.
One less newspaper in the county.
ThJSrltoh Advocate has gone glim
m&jn'g"?" ':
'IferiBctcra had a meeting Wednesday
nigituto. Qqjanfe-Republican Club. 1
nermgKra never rails to we Tear or tne
prdcsppV5: ,
onfeflf Ir. John Harbottle re
joicpser? the arrival of a daughter,
bojttffltjnst, all doing well. Long
mOV6l)'COr. Denver Press.
3detbr of Franklin McCIure,
wlbjw Jbrlefly .mentioned Saturday
eveningywas mewhat remarkable.
Thenleceasetl wad plowing in his farm
and stopped to talk witli a neighbor.
Afjsraifew-moments conversation he
swayed jttcfttierta' Vnd" fell. He was
taken to the house
moments after. . .
and died a few
Weekly Reflectok, eight large
pages, 5' columns, only $1.50 a year
other county papers $2.00 and the
Kansas City J ournal free for six months.
The RepubucAdconveution of the
Fifth district met at Junction City yes
terdays afternoon, A Jarge number of
ddegates-'from all sections of the dis
trict wre in attendance.
Upon their arrival the visitors were
met,by a band and .escorted up f town
wherf tbjBy (Were- haadsoraely enter
tained. The most complete harmony
prevailed ana. exeryoe seemed willing
to laugh over old differences and join
hands enthusiastically for the success
of itae patty ih thet coming campaign.
Upxmjbetogycalted to csrderat four
o'clock, C. Vf, , Banks, q .Salina, was
made chairman and D. R. Gorden, Ab
ilene, secretory
ThcpJlowingjdistrictcommittee was
appomted: G.M.Stratton, Clay county;
B. . MH!ifiw, gotldUouiity; G. W,
Maltin. ilarilcountVt'fi). Rlv Gorden.
JMcUnsija &$&&&
Marshall county; Or. . jMchols, Otta
wa county; J. H. Bradford, Republic
county; W. H. Johnson, Saline county;
H. C. Robinson, Washington county.
ThercpBiiQUe organized by the
election of G. M. Stratton chairman
and H. R. Roberts secretary and treas
urer. 8 5tsM , .t . j ,
John A. Anderson was nominated; by
acclamatien and amid loud applause, j
two uisi-iiiULXiiies u -
to "Wichita Unanimously
Instructed to Support Hon. J. E
Burton for Delegate at Large to
For Second Choice, Albert Griffin.
Delegates Selected for Junction City
and Clay Center. Everything Har
monious. The delegates to the Republican
county convention met at the court
house this morning, pursuant to the
call of the Central Committee. The
convention was callpd to order at 11
o'clock by the chairman, Dr. J. M.
Ilodce, who stated the objects of the
lion. E. Brunson, of Solomon, was
elected temporary chairman. In a brief
speech he thanked the convention for
the honor. C. G. Hawk was elected
temporary secretary. On motion of
W. E. A. Meek, it was voted that the
chair appoint committees of five each
on credentials, permanent organization,
resolutions and on nominating dele
gates to the various State and district
conventions. A recess of ten minutes
was then taken.
Upon the call to order the following
names of members of committees were
Credentials Robt. Knox,G.W. King,
J. F. Marvin, Hon. II. Flora, A. M.
Permanent Organization J. C. Rus
sell, V. G. Lewis, Daniel Weaver, C.
C. Shaler, B. W.'PecE.
Resolutions W. E. A. Meek, J. S.
Ilollinger, Geo. Burroughs, J. M.
Hodge, W. S.Anderson.
Nominating Delegates J. M. Hodge,
Ed. King, W. P. Robinson, l.L. Hart.
Thos. Perry.
.Moved by Dr. ilodge that delegates
present their ' credentials to chairman
of committee and the convention ad.
journ until 1:30 p. m. Carried.
At the appointed time, Chairman
Brunson called the convention to order.
The Jirst business in order was the
reading and adoption of the repoit of
the committee on Credentials.
The committee on Permanent Organ
ization then reported that the tempor
ary organization should be retained.
The report was unanimously accepted.
Chairman Brunson in accepting the
new honor made a rousing speech, re
viewing' the records ef the greatparties
of the Nation, especially as regards
their respective financial policies.
The committee on nominations for
delegates to conventions reported.
The following were selected :
Delegates to Congressional Conven
tion at Junction City, May 1, 188S:
J il Hodge
D R Gorden
Daniel Weaver
J C Russell
J MPreshaw
Walter D Nichols
A C Romig
P L Thurman
J Marvin
B WPeck
A F Hart
W G Lewis
J W Gibson
Thomas Perry
II C Harvey
District Convention
May 3, 18SS:
(lay Center
J J Cooper
C H heboid
M Low
H Heegcler
Clem Bell
Wm Gugeler
A M Crary.
II Whitley
R A Brown
J M Fisher '
O LMooie
Thos Mc'Connell
A HPaul
1 C Hemenway
Geo A Rogers '
Wichita Conventionay 9, 1888.
G W C Rohrer C H Lowrie
DrTCAyres DWNaill
Jltf"Bedson G C Kenyo
Gharles Patterson L B Johns
Geo Burroughs J P Quinn
W' Simmons T E Dewey
Approved: J. M. Hodge,
The report of the ,committee was
adopted, .and the delegates .declared
elected. ' '
Hon. W. E. A. Meek, chairman of
the Committee on Resolutions then
read the ringing resolutions .as given
below. -Everyvparagraph was followed
by enthusiastic applausa. Especially'
wWthistrueof the one declaring in"
favoroFHon. TR; Eurtor?for defei
gate-at-large to the National Conven
tion at Chicago.
Whereas: The time has come
when we are about to enter upon a
National Campaign, tyheh the 'people
will be called upon to decide which of
the two groat parties of the country
shall be entrusted the,reins of the gov
ernment for the next four years, it
is. proper that we, the Republicans of
Dickinson . county in convention as-
LUbiu - iig, j3.-d.b, 11 uu..&,
Headquarters for Clothing,
sembled, shall briefly give expression Obituary,
to our views on subjects of vital im-' y..,,,,,, , ,, .lAi. ..-,
portancetousas a people. Therefore, , gentry, at 11 ocIock, occuned
Resolved, That we re-affirm our de-, the deatn of Mrs- L- Ball, after a
votion to the principles of the grand lingering illness of several months,
old party as enunciated in its National from the dread scourge, consumption,
and State platforms; I v- M os l,, in fs..niH.
Resolved, That we are in favor of,
and demand, as a fundamental right of
American citizens, a free and untram
meled ballot, and a fair and honest
count of the same. We denounce the
"Louisiana plan"as corrupting in its in
fluence upon the body politic and sub
version of free government;
Resolved, That we realize how
weak and leeble are any words we can
utter, and how utterly inadequate are
any resolutions we can write to express
in suitable and proper terras, the debt
of gratitude the nation oyes to the de
fenders of the country. And we note
with gratification and pride the dispo
sition of the Republicans in the Con
gress of the L nited States to deal fanly
anfl liberally in the matter of pensions
with the men to whom we owe so
Resolved, That we are in favor of
such Legislation as will control and le
straiu the great corporations of the
day, protect home manufactures, home
labor, foster and encourage free
schools and popular education;
Resolved, That in Hon. John A.
Anderson, member of Congress of the
Fifth Congressional District of Kansas,
we recognize an honest public servant,
a statesman of broad and comprehen
sive views, a man fully alive to the in
terests of the masses of the people,
bold and aggressive, fearless in the
discharge of every duty. He has made
a record during his service in the
House ot Representativs that his con
stituents constantly point to with pride
and it sends greeting to the other
counties ot this congressional district,
and hails with supreme satisfaction the
assured prospect that Mr. Anderson
will bo renominated at Junction City
on May 1st, 188S, by acclamation, and
we hereby instruct the delegates
elected here t lis day to said conven
tion, to support Kon. John A. Ander
son for renomination;
Resolved, That we earnestly en
dorse the proposition that the saloon
as a factor in politics must be relegated
to the rear, and this idea should be
embodied in the National Republican
Resolved, That the delegates we
have just elected to the State Conven
tion to be held at Wichita May 9, 1888,
are hereby instructed to support Hon.
J. R. Burton, of Abilene, as their first
choice as delegate from the State-at-large
to the National Convention at
Chicago. And, having in view his
special fitness for the position,
his labors as "Chairman Anti-Saloon
Republican National Committee," we
hereby instruct said delegates to sup
port Hon. Albert Griffin, of Manhat
tan, as second choice for the position
of delegate from the State-at-large to
the National Convention.
Resolved, That we do not deem it
wise or expedient to instruct the dele
gates to the National convention as to
any particular candidate but leave
them free, untrammelled by instruc
tions, so that they may, after earnest
consultation with delegates from other
and especially close or doubtful States,
determine which one of our many able
statesmen shall be the standard bear
er to lead us to a glorious victory in
November next.
W. E. A. Meek, Chairman.
The report was unanimously adopted.
A motion by W. G. Lewis, of Wil
lowdale, that the resolution adopted
last fall to follow the so-called Craw
ford county system of nominating coun
ty officers, be repealed was then dis
cussed. Messrs. Geo. W. King, I. L.
Hart, J. S. Hollinger, W. E. A. Meek.
B. W. Peck and others gave their views
on the subject. Mr. Brunson advised
that some action be taken by the Cen
tral Committee. W. P. Robinson
urged that it be declared the sense of
the convention, that the resolutions of
last fall should be rescinded by the Cen
tral Committee. T. E. Dewey moved,
that the question be left until the con
vention for selectiong delegates to the
Topeka convention be held, in June or
July, and the Central Gommittee be in
structed to state in their call for that
convention that the question will there
be discussed. J". S. Hollinger, -1 E.
Brunson and J. !M. Hodge further dis
cussed the question. Mr. Lewis ac
cepted Mr. Dewey's motion and with
drew bis own. The' motion by Mr.
Dewey waSjthen carried.
, Qri mAtton of A..M., Crary, the con
vention then adjourned.
On the whole, the convention was
one of which the Republicans of Dick
inson countv mav well be crouds EEvery
member seemedrrjeady to joihl &undsJ
with his party mends for the success
of RepuWicatiism1njthe eominemy
i - v i - ..
In the southwestern part of the State
farmers are plowing their corn1 for 'the
second time. ,
, j I I i 1 1 f I r , I )i
ojulu vxenua j?hc j: uinisiiui jruuus in uiie ruuiii,
. ..UJJ...V.&,,
. Illinois, April 5, 1S58, and was at her
' death 30 years and 24 days old. Her
cuiiuuoou aim girinoou years were
.spent in Cambridge, and in 1S79
she married one of Abileiie's most
prominent citizens,F. L. Ball.and came
here to live immediately after the wed
ding. Since that time they have been
residents of the city and are well
known throughout the vicinity. Two
lovely daughters have, been born to
them. For four or five years Mrs.
Ball has been unwell and for a mouth
has not been expected to live from day
to day.
Yfsterday morning she passed quiet
ly away uuterriiied by the the thought
"f death. All arrangements had teen
made by her for the funeral and for the
disposition of trinkets, etc., to her
This afternoon at 4 o'clock the fu
neral services weie held at the home,
on Cottage avenue. Rev. Dr. MeKee-
han preached the sermon; the inter
ment took place in the Abilene ceme
tery. Mrs. Ball had hosts of firm friends
who loved her not alone for her per
sonal graces but for her noble christian
character. Two sisters in Iowa and a
brother in California survive her.
We extend our sympathy to the be
reaved husband and motherless daugh
ters, as do the hundreds of others in
Abilene who knew and mourn the lost
If you haven't the money to pay in
advance, send in your name .fur the
Weekly Reflectok anyway, and re
ceive the Kansas City Journal free.
The Republican club held an enthu
siastic meeting in the county clerk's
office last evening. A full attendance
was present.
Rousing speeches were made by O.
L. Moore, Col. Diugee, C. C. Bitting
and others. The committee on rooms
was instructed to secure Armory hall
for future meetings of the club.
The next meeting will be in two
weeks, in the Armory hall. The club
means business and is ready for an ag
gressive campaign.
An Interesting Wedding.
An interesting marriage took place
in the city Sunday by which James Bath
am. a well-known farmer of New
Chillicothe, and Miss Xora Hudson, of
Abilene, were united in the holy beads
of matrimony. What makes it more
than usually noticeable is the fact that
the groom's age is 79 and the bride's
22. The happy pair have repaired to
the husband's farm to spend the
Baptismal Service.
This morning at 10 o'clock the River
Brethren's house of worship was com
fortably filled by a highly interested
audience, which was present to witness
a baptismal service.
A very impressive sermon was
preached by Rev. Noah Zook, from
Acts vm. He was followed by Elder
Engel, of Belle Springs, in a few short
remarks bearing especially upon the
mode of baptism The meeting then
adjourned to the stone crossing at Mud
Creek, above town, where a large crowd
witnessed the ceremony as performed
by Elder Samuel Zook, of Buckeye.
The occasion was one of deep impress
iveness upon the assembled multitude.
The number of applicants was thirteen.
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Notice of Appointment.
Dickinson County. f-
In the matter of the estate of Albert H. Tratt,
Lite of Dickinson county, Kansas.
NOTICE i hereby civen, that on the- day
or April A. I). 1583, the undersigned was by
the Probate Court of Dickinson county, Kanea,
duly appointed and qnatitled as administratrix ot
the estate of Albert II. Pratt, late of Dickinson
county, deceased. All parties interested In s ild
estate will take notice and goern themselves ac
cordingly. LUCY J. PRATT,
3G-3 Administratrix.
Sheriff Sale.
U of sale Issued
by the clerk of the DNtrlct
Court of Dickinson county, State of Kana-, in a
cau-e pending therein, wherein C. H. Lebold Is
plaintltr, and David R. McCurday, Hiram McOur
day, Clementina 3IcCurday, George A. "iles,
Jllra Xiles, are defendants. I w ill on
Monday, June 4th, A. D. 1888,
at the front door of the court house. In the city
of Abilene, county of Dickinson, State of Kansas,
at 1 0 o'clock a.m. of said day tell to the highest
bidder for cah, the following real estate to-wlt:
Lot Xo. twenty-fit e (IB), In Lebold's addition to
the city of Abilene, In Dickinson county, State of
Kansas. The said real estate will be sold pursu
ant to the Judgment of the court in said cause re
cited in said order of sale.
Witnes- my hand this 3d d ly of Slav A. D.
36-3t Sheriff of Dickinson county, Kansas.
Sheriff's Sale.
Dickinson County f8
Uadirer Lumber ComDanv vs. Hiram McCurdav.
By irtne of en Execution to me directed and
delivered, issued out of the Eighth Judicial Dis -
tnct i oiirt or tne htate or Kansas, sitting in ana
tor Dickinson county, in j-aid fctate, I will, on i
Monday, June 4th, A. D. 1888
between the hours of 10 o'clock a. m. and 2 o'clork
p. m. ot paid day, at the court houe door In Abi
lene, in the county and State aloresaid, offer ror
public sale and sell to the hlhe't bidder, for cash
in hand, all the right, title and intrrot of the
above named defendant, in and to tSe following
described real estate to-wit: Lot "o. seentj
two (72) on Duckeye avenue In Souths ick and
Augustine's addition to the city of Abilene. Snb
ject to a mortgage of $30). Said property levied
on and to be sold as the property of the above
named defendant. D. w. XaILL, Sheriff.
Sheriff's office, Dickinson county, Eas. 35-5t
One door South of Post OiHce.
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