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flje Reflector.
THURSDAY, MAY 3. 1888.
A Square Insurance Company.
Kansas has had so much difficulty in
the past -with insurance companies
which have kept their premium holders
waiting month after month for their
rightful dues, that we take pleasure in
calling attention to a company which
settles its claims promptly and in full.
The Kansas Farmers Fire Insurance
Company has a commendable record as
regards its actions in this matter.
From all parts of Kansas come testi
monials as to its prompt settlement of
losses. The latest is one which we
give in another column. John Isler's
buildings, near Chapman, were injured
by fire last Sanday and this morning
the company settled the claim in full.
The Kansas Farmers is an Abilene
institution. Its officers, Messrs. Bone
brake, Thisler, Mosher and Abbott are
men in whom people may safely repose
the utmost confidence and the rapidly
increasing volume of business of the
company is a proof that they do so.
United States Court.
The case of United States vs. Cy.
Liggittinthe United States District
Court, in session at Topeka, was tried
this week. It will be remembered that
the defendant was arrested here about
three months ago on a charge of mal
feasance in performing the duties of
his office as Deputy United States Mar
shal for this district. The specific
charge was of extorting money from
prisoners in his care by threats and
promises. The case was attended by
several Abilene citizens who were sum
moned as witnesses. The case was
tried before Judge Foster and occupied
about two days.
The verdict of the jury, yesterday,
was guilty.
The sentence was pronounced by the
judge this morning, 60 days in jail.
The sentence was a light one.
From Tnurstlay's Dai y.)
James Moran,oneof the city's guests,
while working on the streets of the
south side, took leg-bail and skipped.
The man in charge of Moran bad also
another prisoner in charge and could
not attend to both. If the rascal knows
what is good for him he will stay
skipped, for we pity him if lie falls
into the city marshal's hands again.
In the Ilallam & Parker case, the
Union Pacific It. It. Co. sewed an in
junction upon the city, restraining it
from moving the yards until the case
can have a hearing before higher
J. J. Miller has decided to locate in
Atchison, and. will move his family
there next week.
Arouth, just launching" nut in trade.
Unto a wealthy mcrcbnnt said:
"Pray tell me, sir, what you i)rofes
To cull the secret of success?"
The merchant's eyes with jileasure shone.
As he replied in earnest tone:
"The simplest tliinjr in trade, I think,
You'll find it, sir, in printer's ink."
Kansas State Sunday School Associ
ation. General Secretary Rev. J. A. Rright
has recently sent out several hundred
letters to the Sunday school workers of
the State urging them to put forward
every exertion to make the Abilene
convention a success. From it we take
the following extract:
Our next (23d) Annual Stale Sunday
School Convention will be held in the
city of Abilene, instead of McPherson.
and on June 6 to SOi, instead of May 1st
to 3d, as at first arranged. Please take
notice of this change and inform the S.
S. workers in your community accord
ingly. The program of the State Conven
tion is now arranged, and will be dis
tributed through the mads in duotime.
When you receive a certain number
of copies, I shall expect you to place
them in the hands of those who have
been elected delegiites in your county,
or to such other persons as will attend
the Convention, or who will at least be
interested in the work. Also, please
hand a copy of program to the editors
of your place, and ask them to publish
the same in their papers. We desire to
make the coming State Convention the
most enthusiastic, interesting and prof
table one that was ever held in the his
tory of the State Association, and in
order that our hopes may be realized, it
is highly important that each and every
S. S. worker in Kansas do what they
can for the general circulation of its
program, and for the awakening of a
deep interest in all the workers. Please
do your best to help bring about this re
sult. The success of any enterprise depends
not on Avhat one man may do, but on
what all are willing to help do in un
ion there is strength and success.
Providing your county has not sent
a statistical report to this office, will
you kindly see to it that such a report
is sent to me not later than May 25th.
Also have a collection taken up for the
Sunday school work, and send amount
to me, and I will send receipt for the
Remember this convention will be
what you and I make it. Let us there
fore "act well our part; there all the
honor lies."
Rev. W. F. Crafts, D. D., of Xew
York City, the eminent S. S. worker,
and Prof. E. O. Excell, of Chicago, the
great singer and musical director, will
both be present at all sessions of the
Be sure and attend, otherwise you
will miss a rare treat. Free entertain
ment will be furnished for all who at
,ead: and reduced rates on the differ
ent railroads 1 J fare for round trip.
jSrobaexn afford to stay away, and
.thereby-dsprive himself of a feast of
fat things.
The firemen are making preparations
to attend the state tournament to be
held in Salina, May Sth and 9th. Two
coaches have been engaged to run
over the Eock Island and carry the Hope has another dramatic perform
Abilene delegation. A special train ancel)y home talent this w.eek. "Un
sill be pat on for the occasion. der the Laurels" is the .play.
Letter on Matters Political and Non
Political from the City of
Brotherly Love.
Special correspondence or the Keflectob.
April 25, 18S8.
The first Republican city in the na
tion to the thriving City of the Plain,
greeting! May your shadow never
grow less; may peace, prosperity and
plenty always dwell within your bor
ders! The Pennsylvania Republican State
convention is in session at Uarrisburg
today. Many former Pennsylvanians
who now call Topeka their capital will
read with interest the telegraphic re
ports of today's proceedings before this
reaches you. There is one big fight on
hand, and only one; the nomination for
judge of the Supreme Court being but
a trifle compared with that one big
fight the selection of a chairman for
the State committee. For a half dozen
or more years Senator Thomas V.
Cooper has been the efficient incumbent
of that post, "red-headed and hopeful'
always, as he described himself several
years ago. "No well-regulattd newspa
per in Pennsylvania or adjoining States
now ever thinks of mentioning his
name without some reference to the
auburn covering of his skull. Well, as
E was saying, Thomas has been a pretty
fair chairman, at an' rate, but some of
the others of our party brethren are
after his scalp, and the question to be
decided is, Shall he be continued as
chairman? One reason of the opposi
tion to him is the fact that he is an
open candidate for the governor's nom
ination at the hands of the party in "1)0,
when a successor to our one-legged
veteran Governor, General James A.
Beaver, is to be elected. Now Christo
pher Magie and some other gentlemen
out by the Pittsburg end of the State,
want to nominate Major Montooth for
that place, and if tliev can defeat the
fiery-hued Senator in his present aspir
ations, it will be easier, perhaps easy,
work to lay him out when Governoi
Heaver's time conies to an end. It's a
very pretty fight, though not a bit acri
monious, .so far as I can see, and both
sides appear sanguine. Senator Cam
eron has taken hold in favor of his old
friend, Cooper, while SenatorQuay has
refused to interfere, because he does
not want to hurt the candidacy of his
oho ce for the Judgeship, the very hon
rabile and able Judge Mitchell, of this
city. The next twenty-four houis or
less will decide the matter; and in the
meantime T'll risk making or breaking
a reputation as prophet by wagering
one of those lots out on the westside ol
Mud creek, that Thomas V. Cooper,
Chairman, will be the official signature
to all documents put out by the State
Committee in the coming campaign.
Will the convention present a candi
date for president? "No, it will not; it
won't endorse anybody or instruct for
anybody; and that's the right thing to
do. Since our favorite man has put
foith his letter declining a nomination,
Pennsylvania hasn't a choice. The
talk about Senator Cameron is all non
sense. The hearty sentiment of the
whole State was for Blaine and would
be for him yet, were it not felt that he
meant what he said in his letter. Now,
we are for anybody that the doubtful
States want. I wish it would be Judge
By the way, what a stroke of politic
business it might be for Grover Cleve
land to nominate Gresham for the
place which rumor intends lor that
rank old copperhead, Minister Phelps.
Vm willing to believe Mr. Phelps is
able and honest, but Heaven save us
from a man who uttered such senti
ments concerning Abraham Lincoln
for the Chief Justiceship of the Su
preme Court! But as I was going to
say, that for the President to nominate
Judge Gresham for the Supreme bench,
should he choose to accept, would re
move from the list of his possible com
petitors the most dangerous man the
Republicans could name against Cleve
lind. I Lope to see them pitted
against each other in the great contest
of next fall.
Kansas is a prohibition State, and
ray own observations while in it less
than a year ago, convinces me that in
a generous measure the law is effective.
That Abilene is better, happier, and a
more desirable city on account of this.
I think no saue man in your midst can
doubt, though some pretend to.
Strange, isn't it. that your Democratic
papers so generally denounce the law
and assert that it is a failure. Strange
that they do that everywhere. Of
course, they are not the only papers
uiul uu buy u, uiil among mem it is
the universal rule to talk that wav.
Pennsylvania is not of the prohibition
way of thinking yet, but it's bound to
come. I have no moic doubt of its
coining to us someday hefoie the ex
piration of this century than I have of
the sun's rising tomorrow. We have a
high license law here. I don't think
very much of it. for the license is too
low to be called '-high"; but in this
city it is rooting out four-fifths of the
saloons. That isn't because- of the
money, however. Chicago has a S1000
fee, while ours is only Half that, but
our judges are exercising the liberal
discretion the law confers on them.
and are granting less than one-fourth
of the applications for license. The
city will receive well on toward a mil
lion dollars out of the fees.
Claus Spreckels, the San Francisco
sugar refiner who wont enter the Sugar
Trust, is going to build a refinery here
that will beat anything in that line in
the country. He bought a site for
5500,000 and is going to bust the mo
nopoly or bust himself. He is a public
benefactor, and whether he succeeds or
not, will deserve to be honored and
crowned for his attempt.
Numerous excursions westward are
advertised. Many other Pennsylva
nians will Hock into Dickinson county
and help make you strong, wealthy
and populous. They'll vote the right
way too down with the saloon; up
with the Republican party.
"Whom It May Concern.
Chaejiax, Kak., April 6.
This is to certify that on Sunday,
-apm zz, x sustained a loss Dy lire on
property that was insured in the Kan
sas Farmers Fire Insurance Company
of Abileue, Kansas. I notified them of
the loss on the 24th, and on -the 26th
the loss was adjusted and paid in full,
to my entire satisfaction. It is a pleas
ure for me to reccommend our home
company to my neighbors and friends.
Jonx Islek.
Copy of original can be seen in office
of the Kansas Farmers Insurance
Hon. J. E. Burton Will Deliver the
Memorial Address in this City.
The following correspondence be
tween the G. A. R. committee and
Hon. J. R. Burton speaks for itself:
Abilene, Kas., April 8, 1S88.
Hox. J. R. Burton", Abilene, Kas.:
Sir The undersigned committee of
arrangements for Abilene Post Xo. 63.
G. A. R., hereby request you to be
present and make the memorial ad
dress before said Post on the coming
30th of May, 1SSS. An answer at your
earliest convenience is respectfully so
licited. Respectfully yours,
W. L. Allison", J- Committee.
J. Schopp. J
Abilene, Kas., April 16, 1888.
Schopp, Committee, Abilene. Kas.:
Dear Sirs- Your kind favor of
April 8th received. In the same bunch
of letters waiting me upon my return
home after two weeks absence were
found, along with your invitation, sim
ilar complimentary requests from six
other G. A. R. Posts in the State ol
I had no hesitancy, in looking over
all the invitations, of those given, to
select yours, and heartily and cheer
fully accept it. It will be my pleasure
to do the best 1 can to aid your post in
the memorial services upon the 30th of
May next.
As you are aware, I was a little child
dm ing the war. Xot having been pres
ent upon the field of battle, or on the
weary march, or in the prison pen, my
only office during those awful years was
like that of other little children of my
age, to anxiously watch every mail to
know whom of our kindred friends
then battling with you had been offered
as a sacrifice upon his country's altar.
These are the sources of the impres
sions that I then gained.
I can truly speak as a son of a veter
an, and as one who is linked by the
dearest ties to those who suffered in
that bloody conflict.
Thanking you and your post for the
kind invitation, 1 shall discharge the
trust you have imposed upon me to the
best of my ability.
Yours respectfully,
J. R. Bukton.
A Case of Precocious Youthful Reck
lessness. A Twelve-year-old boy
Forges a Check for $350.
Seldom is found such an exhibition
of youthful depravity as came to light
this morning. That a boy, not quite
twelve years old should deliberately
forge a check for ?330 with the chances
of detection almost certain, seems be
yond belief.
This morning, Ezra C. Walck. a
school boy whose parents are respected
citizens of the city, presented at the
Citizens' bank a check for the above
amount, signed by Jacob Wahl and
payable to Samuel C. Walck or order.
Ass't Cashier Malott informed the boy
that it must be indorsed before it could
be cashed. The boy asked if it would
not do if his mother indorsed it as his
father, the payee, was out of town.
Mr. Malott said, "Yes, if your mother
will come here,'5 and the boy left the
Mr. Malott, suspecting that some
thing was wrong, went to Mr. Wahl
and learned that no such check had
been drawn by him.
On the street he met the boy and
asked him for the check. The boy gave
it up; it had already been indorsed
"Samuel C. Walck" on the back and
he was about to present it for payment.
The case was given into the hands of
Deputy Sheriff Kirkwood who found
the boy at the school house. He owned
up to the forgery. Said he had seen
men sign checks and knew exactly how
to do it. He saw a man have some
checks in the bank one day and asked
for some, as he thought it would be an
easy way to get some money. In an
swer to a question of how he knew Mr.
Wahl had money in this bank, he re
plied that he saw Mr. W. draw some
from the Abilene Bank and deposit it
in the Citizens'. The boy has not yet
been arrested. ' He is a smart, bright
boy aim seems perfectly able to take
care of himself.
A choice lot of German Millett at J.
. Jenks'.
Seed corn at 7()c per bushel,
Abilene Street Car Stable.
With a
commission or EIGHT per cent
Money paid when papers arc signed.
We have Money to
loan at 6 i-2 per cent,
interest, with privi
lege of paying in mul
tiples of $100.00 at
any interest payment.
as?r S. Wu sPBh: riD
fepno ah
v . - n. Turrr
ks&-w fiaB J"" r
i "lO W Rfc
0F B0'
. "u luiMr iniurt. r
Xr "..nrc itrt.'
Sfc, VA
'j uw .nufiiiH.uni(iiiirh
rr.L BEHTY ffiS'to"
For sale by
D. G. Smith, Abilene, Kas.,
S. S. SMiTH.
Attorney - at - Law,
OTer FanlfcsWs Store.
Children Cry for PHobeHs Oasfrria,
iS A
i . " jn; , .
-l-.5-j: --(jf.
ZJC'-SSF h m -
m i i ' . i i
SvGiSvy. ?Mr-$&
51Vrit yzO' Vr
For Doors and Win
dows, at Paul & Ja
We have $100,000
to loan on farm and
city property at the
lowest rates. Loans
closed promptly. No
Rear room First Nat. Bank.
For Good
Whips, Etc.,
a rs jL r" p
And get his prices before purchasing
elsewhere. Spruce street,Abuene,lvas
Made for all lands and lots in Dickin
son County, at
Reasonable Rates.
Abilene, Kas.
In Brief, and to the Point.
Dyspepsia is dreadful. Disordered
liver is misery. Indigestion is a foe to
good nature.
The human digestive apparatus is
one of the most complicated and won
derful things in existence. It is easily
put out of order.
Greasy food, tough food, sloppy food,
bad cookery, mental worry, late hours,
and many other things which ought
not to be, have made the American
people a nation of dyspeptics.
But Green's August Flower has done
a wonderful work in reforming this sad
business and making the American
people so healthy that they can enjoy
their meals and be happy.
Remember No happiness without
health. But Green's August Flower
brings health and happiness to the dys
peptic. Ask your druggist for a bottle.
Seventy-five cents.
An old physician, ret lred from active practice
havins had pl.tcctl In his hands by an East India
Missionary the formula of a tlmple ejretable
remedy for the speedy and permanent cure of
Consumption. Ilroncliltis, Catarrh, Asthma and
all Throat and Lung affections, after having
thoroughly tested its wonderful curative powers
in thousands of cases, feels it his duty to make
It known to his surfcring fellows. The recipe
sent free, to all who may des Ire it with rull direc
tions for preparing and fcUCie.-sfully using. Ad
rtress with stumps, naming this paper. Dr.
M. E. CASS, 210 Grand St., Jersey City, X. J.
ThySt.Patkic's Pills and compare
th eirefiect with any other kind made.
They contain the good properties of the
older preparations in the market com
bined with the most valuable medicines
discovered i n modern times. As a
cathartic and liver pill, St. Patrick's
are perfection. Sold by Baicxks &
TYEPTT'D Sea Wonders exist In thous-LyJCj-Cj
JT and of forms, but are snrpas-scd by
the marvels of Invention. Those who arc in need
of profitable work that can be done while living at
home should at once send their address to Hallett
& Co., Portland, Maine, and receive free, fnll in
formation how either :-ex, of all ages, can earn
from 5-5 to 25 per day and upwards wherever they
live. You are s-tarted free. Capital not rcquii ed.
Some lme made over $00 in a single day at this
work. AH succeed.
"When Bsby wis sicfc, tto gave licr Caatorla,
"When she- was a Child, sbo cried for Castoria,
Whon she bccanio Miss, aho clang to Castoria,
When sho had Children, sho gave them Castoria,
HarreUna Succe.
Iiisane Persnr.a RnstnrpiL
mfor cZ flnuir b XmvK iikkasv. finhi nm
5 rare for Xvm AJTecHon. Fits, Enitrrrj, He.
51SFALUDLE if L, km as dirri-tpd. .V F.t, aftrr
Ifirrt tlaifi iw Trait:e and 2 trial Uitr!o tnr 10
I Fit palieutf, thejr.pjin:rcx rech,rpesoD box whfn
Srwened rml DAiurft. 1. O rm! cxtiriFH aiMr. , of
t.lleted to UB. M.IM-: !'! ,Wli M I'LiraiVliihii. P
ite DniFgiri 1,1 'ARDOFlUlTAlI.ti FRAUDS
WnroCJ Look to vour interests
UiLElIuj and keen vour hoes and
poultry free from cholera by purchas
ing ji package of Haas' Celebrated Hog
and Poultry powder of Barnes &Xorth
craft. South American Nervine,
The great conqueror of Indigestion,
Dyspepsia, all Xervous Diseases and
failing health builder beyond compari
son ever discovered and the most certain
and absolute preventive and cure for
Consumption, when used in time, ever
offered to the afflicted. It preforms
inese maiveious cures by hllmg the
blood with richness and vital plasma
which rapidly heals all diseased and
broken tissues and casts off all disease
,ium. Lllx- o-0LC'; . "" uuiuuwm
convince you. Price lo cents.and SI. 25
Sold by J. M. Gleissner, druggist, Abi-
&r "ix-SP6? free 555
Kline's Great erve Restorer. SoFits
after first day's use. Marvelous cures,
xieauae auuuuinai uoiu iree to
Fit cases. Send to Dr. Kline. 931
Arcii rniiaueiphia, Pa.
English Spavin Liniment removea all
Hard, Soft or Calloused Lumps and
Blemishes from horses Blood Spavin,
Curbs, Splints. Sweeney, Ring-bone,
Stifles, Sprains, all Swollen Throats,
Cough, etc. Save $50 bv use of one
bottle. Warranted. Sold by J. M.
Gleissner, druggist, Abilene.
-,. ...... ' i
For thirty days, at the
Double-Deck Boot and Shoe
Store. To reduce my stock for the arrival of
Cash Paid For Hides and Furs.
Give Them a Chance.
That is to say, your lungs. Also all
your breathing machinery. Very won
derful machinery it is. Xot only the
larger air-passages, but the thousands
of little tubes and cavities leading from
When these are clogged and choked
with matter which ought not to be
there, your lungs cannot half do their
work. And what they do, they cannot
do well.
Call it cold, cough,croup, pneumonia,
catarrh, consumption or any of the
family of throat and nose and head and
lung obstructions, all are bad. All
ought to be got rid of. There is just
one sure way to get rid of them. That
is to take Boschee's German Syrup,
which any druggist will sell you at 75
cents a bottle. Even if everything else
has failed you, you may depend upon
this for certain.
B. 33. 33.
(Botanic Blood Balm.)
The great Blood Purifier and Tonic.
It cures Scrofula, Kidney Troubles;
Catarrh, Skin Humors, Rheumatism,
Eruptions, Boils, etc., and is a wonder-
ful tonic For sale by Barnes & Xorth
The Child Recovered. My little
girl, aged seven years, was afflicted
with a severe cough and cold. She
could not sleep but coughed Almost
Incessantly. I was induced by a friend
to try Chamberlain's Couch Remedv
and was astonished at the immediate re
lief it gave her and the cure it produced.
I would not be without it in the house
for any price. I have tried manv rem
edies for coughs and colds, but this is
superior to anything I have ever tried.
Prof. J. M. Mehan. Capital City Com
mercial College, Des Moines, Iowa. -Sold
by Barnes & Xorthcraft.
Great rejoicing all over the world on account o
the discovery of South American Nervine which
is acKnowieagea oy au as the most valuable med
ical discovery of this Century. It possesses prop-
and give sweet and refreshing health where dis
ease, nervousness and Dalu have been thn mlH.
South American Nervine has no equal as a cure
for a eak Stomach, weak Nerves, weak Lungs,
weakly females, weakness of old ace and all ferms
of failing health. A trial bottle will convince yon
Trice 15 cts, and Sl.as. Sold by J. M. GIeissneh
uruggiht, Abilene, Kansas.
Testimonial of Hon. Thos. Paulk, of
.Berrien uounty.
would not take $1,000 for it Relieved
of Fifteen Years' Suffering from Dys
pepsia. Alapaha, Ga , June 12, 188". B. B. B. Com
pany, Atlanta Ga. Gentlemen: I had sniTired
from that terrible disease, dyspepsia, for over
fifteen years, and during that time tried every
thing I could hear of. and spent over three hun-
creu uouars m doctors' bill", without recelvin
the slightest benefit. Indeed, I continued to
grow worse. Finally, after I had despaired of
obtaining relief a friend recommended ;B. B. B.
(BotanicBloodBalmj.andlbegan using it; not
uuwever, expecting to ue Uenetltted, and when
the sixth bottle was taken I felt like a new man.
I would not take SI00O for the good It has done
me; In fact, the relief I derived from it Is price
less. I firmly beliee that I would have died
nan i not taken it. Respectfully,
Tn )Ms Paulk
BLOOD BALM CO., Atlanta. Ga.
tl rY Rewarded
AVVVV wb0 read
are those
this and
men act; tney win una nonorauie em
ployment that will not take them from
their homes and families. The profits
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m onth. It is easy for any one to make
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ital not needed; we start you. Every
thinj. new No special ability required;
you, reauer, can do it as well as any
one. Write to us at once for full par
ticulars, which Ave mail free. Address
Stinson & Co., Portfcind, Maine.
Have you ever been to see Toms &
Eockafellar's stock of wall paper V
Thej have one of the largest stocks in
the county. If you are needing any
paper this spring it will surely pay you
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paper hangers and keep them all busy.
Their prices are as low as can be found
anywhere. It will certainly pay you to
buy of them. They will save you
money and time. 30-tf
Itch, Mange and Scratches of every
kind on human or animals cured in 30
minutes by Wolford's Sanitary Lotion.
Sold by J. M. Gleissner, Druggist, Abi
ene. AND
I have secured for the farmers of
Dickinson county about 500 bushels of
choice seed corn; a large quantity of
iRed Texas oats, and
choice lot of
German Millet for seed.
i also keep on hand at all times
large supply of Hay, Corn, Oats, Oil
Cake, Condition Powders, chopped
Feed, Shorts and Bran; Flour from all
the best mills of the county, Buck-
wheat, Corn Meal, etc., etc,
JCSCar lots a specialty,
316 Broadway.
273-6 wtf
From his old stand to the
Brenizer Store, 305
Buckeye Ave.
I desire to call the attention of my old
friends and patrons to the fact that I am
now at the above address and as ready as
ever to do business. I have put in a large,
new and well assorted stock of
And Queensware, together with
Dry Goods,
Gents' Furnishing Goods,
Hats, Caps, Etc.,
All of which I shall offer to my friends
at prices that will suit the times.
In commencing at the new stand, I de
sire to thank my friends for the liberal pat
ronage received from them in the past and
to respectfully solicit a continuance of the
same, with the assurance that I shall at all
times endeavor to give them a square deal.
Honest weights and measures and low
prices will be the order at the new stand.
Eemember the place, 305 North Buck
eye Avenue.
Graduate of the Rochester School of Embalming,
A new and full line of Metalic, Wood and
Clotli-covered burial cases and caskets, bur
lel robes and buriel shoes can be found at the
old stand of W. H. Eicholtz. Also a fine
Embalming a Specialty-.3-
CIb.a,rg:es :Sea,sona,"ble-
Calls attended to day or night. Residence, first house west of store, cor
ner of Third and Cedar streets, Abilene, Kansas. w32-tf
Great Temple
The most complete line of BABY CAERIA.GES ev
brought to Abilene . 25 per cent lower than the loweit.
Solid Gold and best gold plate Jewelry;
warranted . Wi save yon 30 per cent.
Comer 3d. and B"ULc3s:e3re. '
The Austin House for Dinn'er.-
Attentive Waiters, Conveniently Located, $1. a day, Meals 25ci
Corner Third and Buokeye.
of Economy.
A beautiful line of
A- .lts,.-.v."
. v .
r. .3.

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