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A. Prominent Xcw Vnrlc Banker Kfllnd In
Attempting' to .Escape From an Irafe
2nr Yoi:K. 3! ay S. Tho dead body of
Nathaniel VT. T. Hatch, a banker and
broker at 14 Nassau street, was found thi3
morning by a workman ir tho yard in tho
rear of 04 "West Twentieth street.
Mrs. Lillian ScoSeld was taken to tho
West Thirtieth street police station soon
after the discovery of the body. She and
her husband, Charles TV. Scotield, live in
apartments at the address given. Mrs.
Scoiield said she dined with Hatch last,
night at a restaurant in "West Twenty
seventh street, a place known as Mine.
Fanny's. It was within half an hour of
midnight when they left the restaurant,
and Mr. Hatch accompanied her home.
Arriving there she invited him in, shu said,
in order to show him her apartments.
Mr. Scotield was at that time asleep in
the back parlor, but was aroused by the
movemenis of his wife and Ha'.ch. The
latter was hastily concealed in a room on
the second floor and Mrs. Scofield turned
to meet her husband. Scofield's jeaiousy
was aroused to si hot pitch and he ques
tioned his wife in a most violent way con
cerning the man who had been witn her.
She steadfastly refused to give the man's
name and insisted that he had left the
house. There was a lively quarrel between
husband ai.d wife, which only ended when
Scofield left the house. The woman heard
nothing more. She searched the room
where she had left Hatch, but could not
find him mere, nor in any of the surround
ing apartments and thought he had left the
house. She retired and knew no more of
the broker or of wht happened in the
night until the body was discovered in tho
yard this morning.
Mrs. Scofield was pale, but told her story
vith the utmost calmness to Sergeant
Schmidtbcrger, giving evidence of no agi
tation. The husband, Charles W. Scotield,
was also taken to the station house, lie
. was formerly a broker and in gord circum
stances. He has been away from homa
for a consider.-ible time. He told the police
that hf had cause on several occasions lo
doubt his wife's fidelity. Scotield and his
wife were h-id at the police station to
i. wait the at" ion or Depuiy Coroner Schol
er, who had been notified of Hacli's death.
Te skull of the dead man wa fractured.
Mr. II itch was a member of the firm of
"Walter T. Hutch tc S'iiis, bankers and
brokers, at 14 Nassau street, and was the
eldest son of the senior member of the
firm. He was thirty-three years old, and
lived with his wife mahand&omc and well
furnished house at KG West Fifty-; bird
street. Until a few weeks ago he r sided
m Brooklyn, where his wife was one of the
most prominent ladies in society on the
The generally accepted theory is that
Hatch was killed by falling from the bath
room window while trying to make his
The General' Hook Thnusht to lie an Ap
peal to the Army Fur Support in u Coup
London, May S. General Bouiangcr's
book ! almost everywhere regarded as a
direct appeal to the French army to .sup
port him in a possible coup d'etat, and it is
liow seen that the reforms instituted by
Lim while Minister of "Wur, whereby the
French soldier came Intopos-esnon of com
forts and the exercise or privileges hereto
fore denied him, were conceived and put
into cperaiion with the same ulterior view.
Boula ger has organized an expensive po
litical bureau under the management or
Count Dillon, who, having entirely severed
his connection with the Mackay-Bcnnctt
trans-.Atlanlic interest, will devote his
whole time to the propagation of Boulang
ist doctrines. Count Dillon has inducted
several of Lis former cable employes into
the bureau in the a pacity of assistants
and the machinery of the General's polit
ical system may be regarded as fairly in
Ttie 3Iurler ot LIHIe Hnylc.
Boston", May S. It is asserted that the
State ha- evidence to show th.it on tho
liht of Lii:ia Hoyle's disappearance at
"Webster there was a mec;i:ig rf three or
more persons over a liquor store, the par
ties being Lilij Hoyle, Dixon It Cowij.
Thomas B. McQuado and a stablckccper of
the town, wiio has been missing since that
time; also that the murdered girl's i-i-itcr,
Alice, will probably testify that I iilie was
chloroformed and dt.-d under its influence.
It is further stated that on the Light the
girl disappeared the engineer of a fiei.'ht
train that passed through Webster saw a
wagon containing two men and what :tjr
peared to be the unconscious form of a
woman being driven toward the placj
where the body was subsequently found.
Other evidence has been obtained, which
the Government claims will surely convict
South American 3Inil.
Washington, May S. Senator Frye yes
terday introduced in the form of a bill ilio
amendment heretofore proposed by huu to
the Post-office Appropriation bill to pro
vide more efficient mail service between
the United States and Central and South
America and the West Indies. Tne amount
of money to be appropriated is increase t
from S400.00J, as or.gmally proposed, tj
Tho bill authorizes the Postmaster-General
to contract with Arner.c.iu built and
registered steamships for the transporta
tion of the United States mails to ports in
the countries named; these contracts to bo
:.t a compensation not to exceed one per
cent, for each 450 grains weight on letter-,
and l-'20 of one cent for each 4.V grams
weight on papers for each nautical uv.la
transported on the outward trip.
Itanquet to l'Hrnell.
Lonpon, May U. The banquet riven tc
Mr. Parncil at the Eighty Club last night
was in every respect successful. Upwards
of fifty English and Scotch members were
included in the list of those present. The
chair was occupied by Mr. F. Haldane.
member for Haddingtonshire, and the
vote of thanks to Mr. Parnell was pronosei
by Commoner Ackland, seconded by Mr.E.
F. Kuoxfellow, of South Oxford, a Proiest
nnt and Ulsterman, though an ardent liKEie
ruler. Mr.Parnell's remarks were pregnant
with the spirit of Irish autonomy. He was
warmly congratulated at the conclusion of
his speech.
Xcw Hampshire Itepublicanc
CoNconn, X. H., May 5. The Republican
State convention to elect delegates to the
National convention met to-day. J. H. Gal
linger made a short address of congratula
tion upon the favorable outlook for the
party. His ref ereneo to Blaine was greet ed
with long continued applause. Henry E.
Burnham, of Manchester, was elected per
manent chairman. The platform adopted
denounces the Administration's unff,
pension and fisheries policies "and
for its "pretence" of Civil-Service
reform. It denounces the Democratic party
for identifying itself with the interests o"f
the liquor dealers throughout tne country
and instructs the delegates to Chicago to
use every honorab'.e means to place la
nomination a winning ticket.
The Helena Sensation.
St. Paul, Minn., May S. From Helena
' the Pioneer Tress learns that Mrs. Holmes,
the nurso to whom Mrs. Eckert made a
confession concerning the murd?r or John
Denn, has made public what she knows.
The crime was committed nine years ago.
and a reward of 12,000 failed to find tho
murderer, though it placed several persons
under unjust suspicion, Mrs. Eckert suf
fering, under great mental excitement from
herexpectation of death solemnly declared
that she herself killed Denn with ahatcher.
She induced him to go to the cellar to get
her a bottle of liquor and while he was not
watching she brained him with the hatchet.
The object of the crime was robbery.
Provision of the Rnilrosrt Land forfeiture
liill us famed by tlin J-ennte-
TTasmngton, May 10. The main feat
ures of the Iiailroad Land Forfeiture bill
as passed by the Senate yesterday are:
The first section declares forfeited to the
United States all lands heretofore granted to
any State or to any corporation to aid in the
construction of a railroad opposite to and co
tenninns with the portion of any such railroad
not now completed and in operation for the con
struction or benetlt of which lands h-.ivc here
tofore been granted, and a'l such lands are de
clared to be part of the public domain. The
act is not to be construed as forfeiting the
right of way or depot grounds of any rail
road company heretofore granted, nor as
limiting the ri?hts granted to purchasers
vr settlers by "an act to provide for the
adjustment of land grants made by Con
gress to aid in the construction of railroads
and for the forfeiture of unearned land- and for
other purposes," approved March 3, J8s7, or as
repealing, altering, or amending that act, nor as
in any manner affecting any cause of action ex
cepting in favor of any purchaser, nor is it to ex
empt the lands of the Ontonagon and Marquette
Company, fifty miles north of Lansing. The
second section authorizes persons in possession
of any such lands (prior to January 1. 18SS) to
purchase them (within two years) from the
United States in quantities not exceeding SX)
acres, at the rate of 2.50 per acre. The section
is not to apply to lands in Iowa on which any
person has made a pre-emption or homestead
settlement. The third section refers to lands
of the Northern Pacific Railroad Company here
tofore forfeited, and gives persons in possesion
of them (urior to July 1. ISSi) the like right,
and confirms to the city cf Portland, Ore.,
rights of way and riparian rights for a water
pipe line. The fourth section reserves the
right to forfeit other railroad grant lands for
any failure, past or future, to comply with the
stipulated condition, and also provides that the
acthall not be construed to prejudice any right
of the Portage Lake Canal Company or the
Ontonpgon i IJrule Kiver Railroad Company or
any person claiming under them to apply here
after to the courts or to Congress for any legal
or eqtfttable relief to which they may now be
The filth section exempts from the operation
of the act the grant to the State of Missis-iippl
for the Gulf and Ship Island railway and the
grant to the State of Alabama for a railway
from t!ie Tennessee river at Gunter's Landing
to the Coosa river at Gadsden. The sixth sec
tion fixes the price of the even numbered sec
tions of land within ihe limits of all forfeited
land grants at si 2 per acre, and the seventh
repeals certain sections of the land grant acts
for Minnesota and Iowa so far as they require
the Secretary of the Interior to rcscrte any
land- but the odd sections within the primary
oi six miles granted limits. The lest section
refers especially to the lands of the Portage
Lake Canal Company and is in these words:
"That in all cai.es when any of the lands for
feited by the first section of this actor when
any lands relinquished to or for any cause re
served by the United States from grants for
railroad purposes heretofore made to the State
of Michigan, have heretofore been disposed of
by the proper officers of the United States un
der color of the public land laws or under State
selections in Michigan and confirmed by tho
Secretary of the Interior, where the consid
eration received tlu'refor is still retained by
the Govcrrment, the right and title of all per
sons holding or claiming under such dis
posals shall be, and is hereby confirmed.
Provided, however, that where the original
cash purchasers are the present owners, this
act shall be operative to confirm the title only
of such satd cash purchasers as the Secretary
of the Interior shall be satisfied hava purchased
without fraud and in the belief that they were
thereby obtaining valid title from the United
St ates. Nothing herein contained shall be con
strued to confirm any sales or entries of lands
upon which there were bona fide pre-emption or
homestead claims on January 1. 1JS. arising or
asserted under color of the laws of the United
States, and all such homestead claims afe here
by confirmed."
Secretary Itaynrtl Jives Kxpllclt Instruc
tion Kecuriliug Kuforeerl Military Ser
vice for Naturalized citizen.
Washington, May 9. Concerning tho
enforced military duty required by Franco
of naturalized American citizens, Secretary
Bayard has instructed Minister McLano to
inform M. Flourens that the Government
of the Ui ited States holds that the decreo
of naturalization granted by it to a French
titizen is not open to impeachment by tho
French Governim-nt either in its executive
or judiciil branch, and that if iti-i alleged
to have been improperly issued the remedy
i by application to the Department of
'You will further say,"' writes the
Secretary, "that if the subjection to forced
military service or the citizens wh.iso cases
you have reported is based upon an
assumption that they are not citizens of the
United States, this Department asks f jr
their immediate release and for apioper
compensation for the losses which they
lave received by such detention. It can
not be admitted that American citizens not
charged with an- crime should be detained
under arrest for even a bingle day after
tlielr proofs of citizenship have been pre
sented. In case:, like this the United States
can never admit the propriety of submit
ting to the ordinary delays of judicial
General Ilellrf That Louis Grutnlueclicn
.Murdered IIU ltrother I-'rcil, III SUter-In-Law
anil the Other Five l'ersons and
1 hen Mticlilcd.
Arlington, JJob., May 0. Tho awful
affair at the Freese farm is still an absorb
ing topic, tho general belief existim: that
the death of the eight persons found in the
ruins of tho burned barn was the result of
a fearful crime. A more careful examina
tion of the charred corpse of Mrs. Grate
luschen showed that her throat had been
cut. Tho left temple of her husband, Fred
Grateluschen, was found to have been
crushed in. A motive for the
murder exists. Loui3 Grateluschen
was employed by his brother Fred on the
farm and was displeased because ho
thought he was not paid enough and deter
mined to be revenged on Fred and his wife.
The theory is that he killed Mrs. Gratelus
chen with a butcher knife as she eutered
the harri to milk the cows and then brained
Ins brother. The hired man was then
killed, together with Mrs. Freese and the
two children as they were attracted to the
barn by the outcries. The murdeier proba
bly followed up his direful work by firing
the building and committing suicide.
Hon. John It. Gordon Dead.
Indianapolis, Ind., May 10. Hon. John
B. Gordon, chairman of tho Democratic
State Central Committee, died yesterday
at his home in Greu Castle. He was
forty years of age. He was well known
throughout, the State and had served three
terms in the Legislature.
Coleman's Gigantic Failure.
NewYouk, May S. The failure or the
big commercial house or William T. C Io
nian fc Co., of San Francisco, was a com
plete surprise In this city where the firm
was well and favorably known. At the of
fice of Dix & Pyfc who acted as their bro
kers and negotiated the paper in the East,
one of the representatives said that he had
distributed lists cf paper of the San Fran
cisco house among his clients as late as
Saturday, and yesterday telegrams came
from various banks outside of the city
announcing the acceptance of 40,000 of the
p.iper. The notice of the assignment, how
evor, was received and stopped the nego
tiations. The paper was considered gilt
Blessed Are the I'eaceruakerg.
AIacos, Mo., May 10. The committee of
prominent citizens who had been selected
to arbitrate the differences between Dr.
T. J. Horn's and Harry Howard, of the
Democrat, and J. A. Hudson, of the limes,
reported an agreement to-day which was
signed by the three parties concerned.
By its terms all parties agree hereafter lo
refrain from offensive references to each
other in their papers, and promise to do
each other no personal injury and to cease
carrying deadly or dangerous weapons. 3.
A. Hudson will dismiss his libel suit
against Harry Howard and Dr. Norris wiL
commence no suit against Hudson for dam
ages resulting from his injuries.
Great Flood In the Upper IIIsIppi Ga
lena hii American Venice Ton .Miles Wiila
at Quincy Cyclone in ludluim.
Chicago, May 12. A telegram from
Rock Island, 111., says: The high water
which has beeu running over the stone
wall of the Moline waterpower for days, at
noon carried away a large section of the
heavy stone bulkhead which runs across
the south channel of the Mississippi be
tween the Rock Island arsenal and the
main shore. Five hundred feet of this
wall has disrppeared and it is believed
that the rest has been so demoralized
as to need rebuilding. The wall cost
the Government ?100,000. The tide of
water coming down to the city
front of Rock Island carried out into mid
stream SS.O'.W worth of logs from the upper
saw mills and the freight warehouse of the
Sr. Paul packet line. All trains are aban
doned on the St. Paul road between hero
and Savannah in consequence of the flood
and on the Peoria road on account of the
long railway embankment which threat
ens to break and flood the low land. Hun
dreds of families are moving out of their
Galena, UL, has been transformed into
an American Venice and the novel specta
cle of skiffs and barges as a means oi
transportation is now seen in all of its busi
ness portion, ex. cpt on Main street. On
the latter thoroughfare the water in many
plnces is nearly up to the floor, and prep
arations are being made by those must
endangered to move into safer quarter.
Boats can now bo rowod cntirelv around
the custom house and the post-office build
ings, and both Commorco and Water
streets nre navigable nearly the entire
length. Last evening tbo water lacked
four and a half inches of reaching the high
mark of 18S0.
The river at Quincy is ten miles wide
and hundreds of farms nre submerged to a
depth of several feet. Tho levee below the
city is weakening in places and a large
force of men are at work night and diy to
avert the threatened calamity. Found! i-s
and lactones along the levee have been
forced to suspend. The St, Louis, Keokuk
& Northwestern railway has abandoned
all trains north of here, cutting off the
towns of LaGrange, Canton and Alexan
dria. The loss is incalculable. Tho water
is slowly rising.
Chicago, May 12. A cyclone of tremen
dous force whirled o"sr a portion of North
ern Indiana last night. The extent of its
ravages can only bo guessed from a few
scattering reports and tho fact that tho
telegraph wires throughout a considerable
territory are prostrated.
At Wmsiow siding, on the Nickel Plate
railroad a train of sixteen freight cars
were lifted Irom their wheels and distrib
uted in pieces around the surrouudiug
Information has been received that at
Wanatah a number of houses were un
roofed and much timber in the country up
rooted. Much alarm was felt regarding the city
of Valparaiso, which it was thought lay in
the path of the cyclone, but a late dispatch
from there says the cyclone did not strike
there, but was deflected two miles south.
Three hundred telegraph poles wero blown
down near there.
Strange Will Left by General lierm, oi
Chicago, Who Kecently Suicided In Ne
braska. Chicago, May 1L Tho will of General
Martin Beem was shown yesterday after
noon. It leaves to tho widow only what law
permits. The bulk of the property is lert
to hi- sisters at Alton, in equal parts. A
most important feature of the will is a pri
vate memorandum attached to it, directing
his partner, Charles P. Sawyer, and
E. S. McComas, to make u rigid
investigation into tho manner of
bis death, and if he is found to have been
foully dealt with to prosecute those guilty.
Ho adds that his troubles have made him
suspicious and all that may be without
cause, but he refers vaguely to a letter in
a vault "which may guide you as to whom
I have apprehensions of most dangor. I
have written her if she wants to be free.'
Further down, he says tho remark made
by him that he would try to kill himself,
was made for effect, as he had no such
purpose. If his death should bo accidental,
destroy the memorandum, but enforce tho
will, unless revoked. The memorandum
makes other disconnected references to his
domestic affairs, and says he "fear poison
more than all else." Tho Union Veteran
League proposes to push its investigation
thoroughly. Friends of the dead man are
greatly surprised at this singular attach
ment to his will and hardly know what to
sav of it.
Tho Social Seicnco Convention Kndeil
Flection of Oillcers.
Kansas City, Mo., May 11. This morn
ing's session of tho Women's Social Sci
ence convention was called to order
promptly at ten o'clock with President
Brown in the chair. A great many mem
bers arrived from Kansas yesterday aftor
noon and last ovening and the nt
tendanco of actual members was larger
to-day than yesterday. The ladies ar
rived early and long before tho time
for the meeting the auditorium of the
church was filled with smiling, chatting
groups of sociablo social scientists. This
morning prayer was offered by Mrs Van
Fossen, of Kansas City. The applicants
for membership were elected and other
names were handed in to be voted on at the
next convention. The following officers
wero elected: President, Mrs. Koble
Prcutis, Newton; vice-presidents,
Mrs. A. L. Diggs, Lawrence;
Mrs. G. A. Eddy, Leavenworth; Mrs. J. C.
McClintock. Topeka; Mrs. H. N. Ess, Kan
sas City; Mrs. Johnson, Minneapolis, Kan. ;
Mrs. Ryun Jndd, Wyandotte, and Mrs. B.
F. Mudge, Manhattan. Secretary, Mrs.
Austin, Knnsas City; treasurer, Mrs. H. M.
Holden, Kansas City. The next meeting
will be held nt Atchison on the first Thurs
day and Friday in November.
Eulogy on Coiikling.
Albany, N. Y., May 10. Three thousand
five hundred persons in tho Academy of
Music in this city last night listened to an
oration by Robert G. Ingcrsoll to the mem
ory of Roscoo Conkling and one-fourth as
many more besieged the barred doors and
peeped through the sky lights. The coro
inonics were under tho auspices of the Sen
ate and the Asscmblv.
A Crazy Itulian.
Bixgiiamton-, N. Y., May 11. As an Erie
train was pulling into the depot here at
one o 'clock tlds morning, John Parenn, an
Italian, suddenly sprang to his feet, drew
a revolver and fired three shots at Owen
Howe, of Hartsville, Allegany County.
One of tho bullets struck Howe in the
breast inflicting a dangerous wound and
anothor deached a pendant frcm a lady's
earring. Pareno then sprang from the
train and fled up the street, but was over
hauled by the depot police. He claims that
Howe and several other passengers had
robbed and threatened to kill him. Howe
says tho Italian is crazy and was not
robbed at alL Pareno is from Braidwood,
UL, and was on his way to Italy.
S) s
A Destructive Fire.
Kansas Citt, Mo., May Vi. A destruc
tive fire broke out this morning at 5:30 in
the rear of the double building occupied by
the Graham Paper Company and Menges'
sporting goods house on Delaware street,
near Sixth. The fire department was
promptly on hand, but was unable to pre
Tent the destruction of the building. The
building was of four stories and was gutter
a year or two ago when in the occupation
of Meyers & Co., wholesale druggists.
Loss heavy.
The origin of the fire was unknown. Dur
ing the progress of the fire one of the fire
men was badly suffocated by the smoke
apd was carried off unconscious. Two oth
er firemen were also injured.
The Bines.
This is a synonym for that gloonrv, har
rassed condition of the mind which has its
origin in dyspepsia. All the ugly spirits
that, under the name of the "blues." "blue
devils," "megrims" and "mulligrubs" tor
ments the dyspeptic almost ceaselessly,
vanish when attacked with Hosteller's
Stomach Bitters, that, moreover, annihilates
biliousness, constipation, chills and fever,
kidney complaints and nervousness.
"Watet. from tho river Styx should bo
good material for mucilage and manufact
urers. .Purfc.
In another column of this issue will be
found an entirely new and novel specimen
of attractive advertising. It is one of the
neatest ever placed in our paper and we
think our readers will be well repaid for
examining the supposed display letters in
the advertisement of Prickly Ash Bitters.
Awiuteb says that an ordinary beetle
can draw twenty times its own weight. It
ought to go on the road as a theatrical star.
HowMrTnnoAT Hcrts! Why don't you
use Hale's Honey of Horehound and Tar.
Pike's Toothache Drops Cure in one minute.
A gooD many women who have married
dry-goods clerks have got two yards of illu
sion as a premium. ritUburgh ChronicU.
A hangman can not be a teetotaler, be
cause an occasional drop is necessary in his
business. Texai Sifting.
Make small-pox fashionable and society
would go miles to get it.
A tcg is the only thing that has its toes
behind. Jiart Eil.
CATTLE Shipping steers 4 15 & 4 73
Native cows 2 8.) Q 3 00
Uutchers' steers ... SCO 4 15
HOGS Good to choice heavy. 4 T- d . 5i
WHEAT No. 2 red Not quoted
No. J bOft )r2
RV'K Vci ' "I
FLOUU Patents, per sack... 2 15
51 14
2 35
b' 5)1
HAY Ualed C 0)
BUTTElt Choice creamery... )
CHEESE Full cre.nn 11
EGGS Choice
11ACON Ham
CATTLE Shipping steers
Butchers' steers...
HOGS Packing
SHEEP Fair to choice
FLOCK Choice
WHEAT No.i red
COUN No.'i
HUTTEK Creamery
5 ro
4 25
5 55
5 30
4 2.1
C l'J
2 54
M) it
3354 a
CI &
a 23
14 75
POKK 14 70
CATTLE Shipping steers
HOGS Packinand shipping.
SHEEP Fair to choice
FLOUU Winter wheat
WHEAT No. 3 red
XV X A'"i .
BUTTER Creamery
3 03
5 25
5 IK)
s :o
C 7J
4 5)
14 20
34 JJ
II ff
PORK 14 15
CATTLE Common to prime.. 4 45
HOGS Gooilto choice 5 75
FLOUR Good to choice 8 70
WHEAT No. Si red 97
CORN No.'-' CG
OATS Western mixed 17
BUTTER Creamery 18
PORK 15 00
5 50
G 10
5 10
a 5
Ch 15
The best and Eurert Remedy for Cure of
all diseases caused by any derangement of
tho Liver, Kidneys, Stomach and Bowels.
Dyspepsia, Sick Headache, Constipation,
Billons Complaints and Malaria of all kinds
yield readily to the beneficent influence of
3 It Is pieasant to tho taste, tones up the
system, restores and preserves health,
j It Is purely Vegetable, and cannot fall to
As a Blood Purifier it is superior to all
others. Sold everywhere at 81.00 a bottle.
TW tplf ndid, wild poid, hunilnjr-cue watch. If now told for
S5S; it tbxt price It Is thebru twrcminin Aarrlci; until Iitrir
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"" ni1 of equal alue.
OA. 1 J.1CSOA in each locality can secure one of theso
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depended on, not only as solid fold, bat as standing amongtho
roost perfect, correct and reliable timekeepers In the world. Von
aSV how is this wonderful ofler pos.lble? We answer we want
one person In each locality to keep la their homes, and show to
those who call, a complete line of cur Taluablo and very useful
llocsinoLUSAHi'LES; these samples, as well as the watch,
we send acsOLCTELT FEEE.aud after you hare kept them in
your home fur 2 months, and shown them to those who may
hare called, they becoue entirely tout own property; It is pci
s Me to make this prrat offer, sending the NntitI Gold
Watch and lar?e line of valuable samples Feee, forthe
reason that the showing of the samples In any locality, always
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Address, Stlvsos i Co, Dox ;u Portland, iiaiae.
Ka-SAXE TDZS PAPER ststj tlm. jou mu.
7 had catarrh so bad
there were great sores
in my nose, one place
teas eaten through.
Two bottles of Ely's
Cream Balm did the
wort. Jfy nose and
head are well. C. S.
Jc-JrZfcn, Sibley, Mo. HA5f"EER
A particle Is applied Into each nostril and Is agreeable.
ELY BROTHERS, Z Greenwich St., Xew York.
Stomach, Liver
D-r- and Bowels
DAnir in liver
Pxlxs. Sick Headache. LmB Coitplaists. Loss
or Arrzrrrx. Bzliocsjtess. Nzbvocbxsss, Jxcs
Q1LF3HFH "WASTED by the oldest,
J"?,, largest and bet known Knrs
, eriealn the West. Permanent positions; cood
par. Outfltfree. STABKNURsniixs.Loulstanajao.
ET31XX TEH PATH sTsrr Cms rs wsss.
DAY. SanmlestroTtht.Kft-
VpV SKnranx&u
inottmcertIiAhrtF...fMt xpwtrm.
""-"Twn IITTTT salllMiri Hi sTtgrilHU.
a-SAXHaarAMSffsSTtesitaBaa. - .
Khenmatlsm. XeumlEia. Sciatica,
Lumbago. Backache, Toothache, Sora
Throat. Swellings, Sprains, Brnls,
U urns, Scalds, Frost-bites.
SlldijDrnrrilUsnJ Dealers Evervwbjra. FiftTCraU.
Tho Charles A. VojrelerCo., Ealto., 3Id,
loruitr, cue. inuiTrsuon.eic iTee trom Jlercnry;
contains only IMro Vegetable Incrrdltros. Annta
RflYQ DO TOU TVAXT FREE sample copy
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ainUO CS and CA Cedar Street, Xewr "York.
a-.IAJIZ THIS rAFXC mtj uu J vnsi.
Only $1.00 for this "Little Beauty."
Weighs from
This Steel Bearing Brats-Beam Little Scale -srlth
Brass Scoop Is nicely Japanned and Is just the thing
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Hits value). Catalogue of 1.000 articles sent free.
Address CHICAGO SCALE CO., Chicago, III.
(SI- SAMS THIS PAFZK swj Urns jm nu.
iSriWfi;LE!zM.jutt m lisssssssssfTr S5i.
To IIoieIireptnt and
JVirrner.. It is Impor
tant that tho Soda yoa
use should be White and
Pare same as all similar
substances used for
food. To insure ob
taining only the Arm &
Hammer" brand Soda,
bey it in "pound or
half pound" cartoons,
vfhich bear our name
and trade-mark, as in
ferior goods are some
times substituted for tho
"Arm t Hammer" brand
when bought in bulk.
Parties using Baking
Powder should remem
ber that its sole rising
property consists of bi-
For a case of Catarrh in
i?jjl5avJ,"?ayg!' r
I GBulSM- v
0 H
obstruction of the nasal passages, discharges falling from tho
head into tho throat, sometimes profuse, Tvatcry, and acrid, at
others, thick, tenacious, mucous, purulent, bloody and putrid:
the eyes are weak : there is ringing; in tho cars, deafness, hacking
or coufrhinir to clear the throat, expectoration of offensive mat
ter, together with scabs from ulcers; the voice is changed and
has a ' nasal twang"; the breath Is offensive: smell and taste
impaired ; there is a sensation of dizziness, with mental depres
sion, a hacking cough and general debility. Only a few or tho
above-named symptoms are likely to be present in any one case.
Thousands of cases annually, without manifestinfr half of the
above symptoms, result in consumption, and end in the grave.
No disease i3 so common, more deceptive and dangerous, less
understood, or more unsuccessfully treated by physicians.
Common Sense
If you would remove an evil, strike at its
root. As tho predisposing or real cause of
catArrh is. In the majority of cases, some
weakness, impurity, or otherwise faulty
condition of the system, in attempting to
cure tho diseaso our chief aim must bo
directed to t7i removal of that cause. The more we see of this
odious disease, and we treat successfully thousands of cases an
nually at tho Invalids' Hotel and Surgical Institute, the more do
we realize the importance of combining with the use of a local,
soothing and healing application, a thorough and persistent inter
nal use of blood-cleansing and tonic medicines.
n In curing catarrh and all the various diseases with
LlHIEF which it is so frequently complicated, as throat.
"Ill" Vsw-anstht'il or1 lnnfF IcooCAd tiroolr srfrt Trio nil ?!-.
tarrhal deafness, weak or inflamed eyes, impure
blood, scrofulous' and syphilitic taints, the wonder
ful nowers and virtues of Dr. Pierce's Golden 3Ied-
ical Discovery cannot be too strongly extolled. It has a specific
Sold by Druggists.
25 Cents a Vial.
Dr. Pierce's Pellets operate without disturbance to
the system, diet, or occupation. Put up in glass
vials, hermetically sealed. Always fresh and relia
ble. As a gentle laxatTre, alteratire, or active
PHrgalire, they give the most perfect satisfaction.
"Wholly unlike nrtlilelnl systems.
Care or mind wandering:.
Any book learned la one rendlns.
Clasesof TOST at Baltimore. 1003 at Detroit,
1300 at Philadelphia, 1 1 1 3 at Washington. 1 2 1G
at Boston. larce classes of Columbia Lair students,
at Yale. Wellesley. Oberlln University of Penn
Michigan University. Chaulauqua,Ac-Ac Endorsed
by RICHARD Pkoctor. the Scientist, lions. V. W.
Brotvx. E. II. Cook. Principal N. Y. State Normal
Collece. Ac. Taue-.tbycorrepondpnoe. Prospectus
POST tree from PK0r.L0ISETTE.23; Fifth At, N.Y.
ta-SA-UI THIS TXTZ3. nqiuMnu.
RAMPI.KS, hooks, cincr-
nnss all over the v. orld if vou send so
i rrnts to have jour name In our t orld
iu.nowneu inrcctorr. copy nt yon
I with name inserted. Always- address
World Directory Co . Buffalo, X. Y.
Tsawi Hnx, Yl, IVs ST. ISM.
. I ssrs irrl. rca.i unUnlAUru.
nil sfsua.s-.s7 -MFPAriES. He, IWvlfe-i I
bl sftrs rU 9 cts. .. Ufers. I 4,v t7 tlv
vtssTt-irBixM-ro4itsc. 1 k-wfiM-.iptn-.&
yao-r 4-ruc7 fss.srtUslist-Urs. .T.Juos.
WELLS, &c.
Send for our catalogue. Ac on "Well Bori g
and Conl Prospectlnr Machines, X;c.
0-SA-UE THIS rAfia mrj t-os rsa wits.
Highest Honors at all (1 rest World's Exhibitions since
1S67. lOOstjlt-x.SSito t.0. For Cash, Eay Payments,
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Mason &namlin'do not hesitate to make the extra
ordinary claim that their Pianos are superior to all
others. This they attribute solely to the remarkable
improvement introduced by tlirm in 1SK, now known
particulars by mall.
liUSTOS, lit Trtscoal St. OI1CAI.U, 1 Kalis Ais.
SKIT TOr.k', 46 East Kth Si. (Calta Sqaare.)
3-aaJlX IBIS PAFEE tut lh tot mi.
carbonate of soda. One
teaspoon fulof the "Arm
& Hammer" brand of
Soda mixed with sour
milfc equals four tea
spoonfuls of the best
Baking Powder, savins
twenty times its cost,
besides being much
healthier, becanso it
does not contain any
injurious substances,
such as alum, terra alba
etc., of which many Bak
ing Powders are made.
Dairymen and Farmers
shouldusc only theV -m
& Hammer" branu for
cleaning and keeping
Milk Pans Sweet and
-"..iJ..A": MififT1 ".-M,'A-a - iriwmptjizvzmw'
the Head which they cannot cure.
effect upon the lining
(Spirt -iSsJSriN
UhS-d a5r 3
air-passages, promoting uic natural trcrcuun ui uu-u lumu'su
glands, thereby softening the diseased and thickened membrane,
and restoring it to Its natural, thin, delicate, moist, healthy con
dition. Aa a blood-puritler, it is unsurpassed. As those diseasc-3
which complicate catarrh are diseases of the lining mucous mem
branes, or of the blood, it will readily be seen why tlxi3 medicine
is so well calculated to cure them.
) Local !
ful antiseptic, end speedily destroys all bad smell which accom
panies so many cases of catarrh, thus affording great comfort to
those who suffer from this disease.
effects upon the lining
materially in rcstoruis uic uuuuvu. iiuusaa-u, tss.tj.i. .
brane to a healthv condition, and thus eradicates the disease.
When a euro is effected in this manner it Is permanent.
Both Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery and Dr. Sage's
Catarrh Remedy are sold by druggists the world over. Discovery
S1.C0, six bottles for $5.00. Dr. Sage's Catarrh Itemedy 60 cents;
half-dozen bottles 82J50. ,,,, , . s., ,
A complete Treatise on Catarrh, giving valuable hints as to
clothing, diet, and other matters of importance, will be mailed,
post-paid to any address, on receipt of a 2ent postage stamp.
Address, World's Dispensary Medical Association,
No. 6G3 Main Street, Bcttaxo, N. T.
wJiV. ". .
KtXy(',7" IHt OK.GINAL,
rTisrx'. X sf' M I
As a L.TVEB. PHX, tbey arc Uncinaled!
Beware of Imitations, which contain Poisonous Minerals. Always ask for
.. a v sisi fL AifsvfA. r S .. hs.4Vs9 XMiT o
Dr. rieree s reiiets, wnica are '""u"i-k;.'uui
or Anti-bilious Granules. ONE PELLET A DOSE.
Billons Headache, Dizziness, Constipation,
Indigestion, Bilious Attacks, and all derange
ments of the stomach and bowels, are promptly re
lieved and permanently cured by the use of jut.
Pierce's Pellets. In explanation of their remedial
power over bo gnat a variety or diseases. i . -.- not a
truthfully be said that their action upon the system Is universal, not s
gland cr tissue escaping their sanative inguence.
And Hypgphosphifes of L'me & Sta
Almost as Palatable as MUk.
Tho enly preparatJon of COD LITEII 0II that
can be taken readily and tolerated for a lonjj time
bj delicate stomachs.
JUll AS A ttUIr.U HHs lu.vsu'iriiu:.
C1ULDKK.N It 1 marrtlloiis tn IU malts. "
Prescribed and endorsed by tho beat k hys!cfina
In the cous tries of tho vrorldL
For Ssklo ts all ISrsicclas.
JCJ'Scnd for Pamphlet on Waslinr Diseases. Ad
dress. SCOTT fc A50W.V.E. Sew 1'orU.
Neuralgia, Headache. Sore Throat, Sprains,!
Bruises, Burns, Wounds, Lama Back,
And All Pains 0t An Inflammatory Nature.1
Sold by Sraxxlsts. GO, and Sl.OO.
80X6 BOOK M-s.TT.Tm rKEE.
This is the Best Shoe
made for boys or girls.
Warranted no Shoddy
and sold as follows:
sizrs s to iovi si. a.i
" 11 to 13,'j i.so
1 to 2 1.7C
Our name is on the bot
tom of every shoe.
(2-XAXX THIS PAPIS (TsrftlmsTsnvnH.
Forall ScwlneMachlncs.
The Trade Supplied.
Send for wholesale prlco
.303 lA)custaUStoUls,Mo
Sa-MUTIOX THIS rxrZH m-j tto. joa.riuw
fnfs vn C3fin A MO.Vm can be made working
t? IUU IU t?JUU for us. Afrcnts preferred who
can furnish their own horses and Rive their whole tlmo
to the business. Spare moments may bo profitably em
ployed also. A few vacancies In towns and cities.
U. F.JOH.SO.VJL-C 1013 Bain Strut, Rleassaad, Ta.
S3-NAMI THIS FAKK ...it tio. j .riM.
if i dinnbliHl: miv. itr - TViw
seiners relieved: Laws free
A. W. atC0RaitK A HISS, Clarlaaall, O., A IT afloat. n.D.C.
3-3AXI Till faPEB rj Otmtm writ.
TCYAC I AMnS.OaO.OOOacrcsbestagrlcul
I tAHC LHriU tural and craiHip land forsale.
Address.CJODI.KV it PORTER,OaIlas,Tcs.
orXXUt THIS txtsa. mri uls vnnUa.
chance ever offered. Ad. J. 1). Brows, Mgr., ScdaliaIo.
O-SAllK Tnl3 tJLSZS. srsrj tans yw writs.
FfjS . UTsathoinotalnaieinorenionfy werrklnsfomslbats
ItWKSlataajthlncsIselnthoworU. Either mi Costlroutdt
jS.Lt. Terms rati. AiUrass, TttUSi Co.. Augusta, Ms ln.
aj-SAilX THIS ! AT 111 enrj uu;w write.
CPUQ In Ohio, Cheap. Good. Send for description
rMnmo and price. 11. X. llANCiturr, JelTcrsun, O.
(7 SAME IUIS l-ATta sierr urns jou wncs.
A. K. 1C U.
"o. 1187
please sayyousavr the Ailvcrtisenjcnt lu
this paper.
mucou3 membranes of the nasal and other
T'A "tri'jft " RHEU!AT,SH.
a. : 1 1 . h n . v cwoaj.
yen v
i !.r -ras. "n
Asa local application for healing the diseased condi
tion in the head. Dr. Sage's Catarrh Keinedy is beyond
all comparison the best preparation ever Invented.
It is mild and pleasant to use. producing no smarting
or pain, and containing no strong, irritating, or caus-
M rtrtinv cr nhr.r nnlnn. This itemed V Is a power
'" iiismiisii .irhg GoWen jredical Discovery Is tho natural
PFRMnHFHT I "helpmate" of Dr. Sage'3 Catarrh Itemed. It
1 tiiniHni.il i not ony demises, purifies, regulates, and builds
PllDCO 1 un tne system to a healthy standard, and con-
UUntd. 1 quers throat, bronchia, and lung complications.
g Trrion nnv mrh rTtat hut. from itS SDCCiflO
membrane of tho nasal passages, it aids
Size or pellets.
o o o
VsSSSi bHSw.

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