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Wft Beflerfotr.
Official Paper of Comity aai Gity.
Subscribers, Your Premium,
Every person subscribing to or renewlnj: their
subscription to the Reflector, and paying their
subscription In advance, will be supplied with the
Kjlssas City Weeklt Joubkal free durtne the
Campaign ol 1888. that U. until November 15.
Here ft an opportunity to place In your family
tne largest ana rest weejsiy paper pnuusnea m
Kansas City. Send in your names at once and
pet two papers for the price of onr own.
Reflector Publishing Co.
Some fine artificial walks will be laid
around the new jail.
A. G. Buchanan, postmaster, has
been allowed a pension.
The public schools of Atchison
closed on account of diptheria.
Of the 472 students of the State Ag
riculture college at Manhattan, 126
are natives of Kansas.
You are losing money every day if
you do not accept our offer of the Kan
sas City Journal free.
fieo. W. Winans was re-elected su
perintendent of the Junction City
schools; salary, $1,500 a year.
All over the state delegates are be
ing appointed to attend the State
Sunday School convention June 6-7-8.
"We want a regular correspondent in
Herington, and one in Enterprise.
Good inducements to the right parties.
A doorway is being cut in the north
side of the store occupied by Gleissner
and recently purchased by Rev. W. 1).
Hon. J. G. Lowe came in Saturday
evening for a conference with local
Democrats regarding his chances for
deleg ate-at-large to St. Louis.
m m p
The kid base ball club proposes to
hold Abilene's banner in the front
ranks of the procession this year. Send
in your challenges, outsiders.
John J. Cooper and family went out
last Thursday on the C, K. & "W. for
Ohio, where they will spend two or
three weeks visiting relatives in Spring
field and TJhrichsville.
An application to change the name
of Clay Center to Clacine has been
signed by 95 per cent of the business
men of that place and will be submitted
to the court about May 25th.
"Rev. Dr. "W. H. Bishop, Salina,
Htopped off between trains to call on
friend's. He is on his way home from
Minneapolis. The doctor made a pleas
ant visit to the Reflector office.
Davis county pupils will take an ex
animation next week, by the result of
which will be decided the bestowal of
three scholarship prizes, $15, $10 and
$5. offered by the superintendent, T. S.
W. P. Robinson and C. M. Teats, of
Hope, have been mentioned iu connec
tion with the nomination for Represen
tative in the 59th district. Neither
has as yet consented to allow his name
to be used.
The graduating class of the high
school this year numbers nine. The
members are: George Upshaw, Ralph
Jones, Levi Humbarger, John Mustard,
Homer Ellison, Hattie Rice, Sarah
Hunton, Ella Thornton, George Bright.
The Bartell House, Junction City, is
getting a general roasting for its exor
bitant charges during the recent con
vention. It has played the same con
temptible trick before. The Clay Cen
ter Times calls upon the public to
starve the institution into decency if
Wheat, in many parts of the county,
is beginning to head out. This means
an early harvest and a full, unshrireled
berry. "When the wheat does not ripen
until July, there is a tendency to dry
up and shrivel from the extreme heat,
which an early harvest prevents. In
'75 wheat was harvested in this county
in May, and it looks now as though the
first or second week in June this year
would see the binders in the field.
i i i i
Probate Court.
The case of the State, vs. John Bell,
is being tried before Judge Seeds on a
writ of habeas corpus.
Later Case heard. Prisoner re
manded to the custody of the sheriff.
i O I
Missing Youths.
Information is wanted by John R
.raimer ana James ord concerning
the whereabouts of their sons, Chas. B.
jt aimer ana dames .tora, aged respec
tively seventeen and eighteen years.
The boys left their home in Creswell,
Marion county, Kas., together April
14, and took with them a hand satchel,
a double-barreled shot gun, and each
had a watch. Palmer wore a white
canvas hat, and Ford a white hat with
a shoe string through the brim. Tb
fathers of the missing boys offer a lib
era! reward for authentic informatioi
of where they are. Exchanges re
quested to cony.
i mil m i
A Lively Corpse.
A corpse of line men passed through
placing another wire on the M. P. tel
graph line this week. Banner Regis
f '
More Good Words.
The Abilene Reflector now reach
this office with a new head, and greati
improved edi'orially and mechanicalh
Marquette Monitor.
The Abilene Weekly Reflectoi
came to us last week with a new am
attractive head and the paper in man
ways puts on an attractive appearance
-Banner Xegister.
Abilene to Have Another Institution
of learning.
The board of trade held a largely at
tended and enthusiastic meeting
Monday to consider the proposition
submitted Saturday by Rev. T. F.
Stauffer to locate here the Reformed
college now at Wichita. Several per
sons, Col. Bigger, C. H. Lebold and
others addressed the meeting, urging
the necessity of securing this institu
tion for the city. A committee was
appointed to consider the proposition
of the college board of directors.
This afternoon another meeting was
held. Several offers equal to the re
quirements of the directors were sub
mitted by Abilene parties and were re
ferred to a committee to determine
which one should be accepted.
It is almost a certainty that the col
lege will be located here and Abilene
will have one more institution to be
proud of.
A definite decision will be reached
inside of two or three days.
Decision in the Poker Players' Cases.
Judge Dewey Thursday rendered
judgment in the poker players' cases
tried in the police court. The sentence
was $10 fine and costs, amounting to
$36, against Harry James, who was
tried on two counts. Only one count
was proven, that of permitting playing.
Failing to pay up, James languishes in
jail. All the other prisoners were dis
missed and so acquitted.
The case was a victory for Frank A.
Smalley, the counsel for the defendants.
Mr. Smalley conducted the cases with
admirable judment against almost over
whelming evidence, and yet was able
to win nine of the ten counts and get a
light sentence on the other. Mr.
Smalley is coming to the front rapidly
as an attorney.
Probate Court.
A marriage license was last Saturday
issued by Judge Seeds to Chas. Gard
ner and Margaret Branson, both of
Solomon City.
i i i i
Assistant Marshal Appointed.
W. E. Applegate, formerly on the
night force, is acting as day marshal
during the illness of W. J. Kirkwood.
Friday evening Mayor Rice appointed
W. A. Loupee assistant marshal, to
take Mr. Applegate's position as night
watchman. Free Methodist Meeting.
The first quarterly meeting of the
Free Methodists in Abilene, will be
held at their usual place of meeting, on
the Southside, beginning Friday even
ing, May 18, 1888, continuing over the
following Sabbath.
Everybody is cordially invited to
come and help make this meeting a
success. All whe come will be made
welcome. Fred Scott, Pastor.
Wild Oats.
The five young men who were ar
rested Friday for stealing oats at
Sutpben's Mill, were brought before
Judge Quinn, last night, and their
cases were continued until May 1j.
Another warrant was issued last
night and a sixth man pulled in today
by Constable C. F. Collier. The man
was brought to the city and languishes
in jail.
) -
Monday's Excursion Party.
A party of River Brethren, under the
leadership of Isaac Shockey, went out
over the Rock Island for Gravelton,
Ind., where they will attend the Gen
eral Conference of the River Brethren
church to be held there next week. A
special car will carry them over the
round trip. The car is one of the Rock
Island's elegant chair cars, just out of
the shops, and is for comfort fully the
equal of a Pullman sleeper, being Pull
man built and supplied throughout with
every elegance that can be devised.
The party was in charge of C. B. Sloat
and W. H. Firth, traveling passenger
agents of the Rock Island. The pas
sengers were: Bishop Samuel Zook
and wife, Bishop Jesse Engle, Bishop
John Mellinger, I. Shockey and wife,
Rev. B. H. Brechbill and wife, Mrs.
Peter Good, Miss Susan Hoffman, Miss
Julia Wingert.
County High School.
The county high school board met
last Monday to consider bids for the
county high school building. The fol
lowing bids were made: J. H. Speer,
15,597; S. K. Hoag, $12,000: Paul &
Jacobs, $15,440; Fellows & VanSant,
Topeka, 312,824. Upon a vote, the lat
ter firm were awarded the contract,
with the provision that they give satis
factory bonds.
This action of the board insures to
Chapman the immediate erection of the
long looked for county high school
ouilding, the first of the kind in the
i i
Salina's Courtesy Acknowledged.
The fire department of 'the city of
Abilene, in special meeting assembled,
lo resolve:
That we extend to the Salina fire de-
fiarimentine assurance tnat we sin
jerely appreciate their kind treatment
of us during the late tournament and
that we will cherish the memory of the
event with the hope of being able to
reciprocate soon. W. E. Stickel,
J. J. Bradfield,
J. W. Monroe.
The River Brethren's love feast held
t BethelcTiurch-onJast Saturday and
Sunday was largely attended. An at
'ractive feature of the occasion was the
rdination of D. H: Brechbill to the
uinistry and B. L. Brubaker, of Abi-
ne, 10 tne aeaconship. They will hold
mother feast in Hope township, Jane
2nd and 3rd. Chapman Courier.
JCftildrw Cry fetor's Girtm J
Department Commander's Order Ee
garding Its Observance.
Headquarters Departmat of Kas., )
Grand Armt op the Kepcblic. f
The department commander calls at
tention to general order No. 7, from
National headquarters, accompanying
this order, in reference to Memorial
day, Wednesday, May 30, 1888'.
For twenty years this day has been
observed by the loyal people of this
country, in a spirit of reverence and
gratitude for the brave men who laid
down their lives in the Nation's cause
it is a uay ot nanowed memories; a
day when a grateful people pay floral
tribute to the Nation's honored dead
and testify their devotion to the princi
ples for which they died.
It should be observed in a loving and
reverent spirit in which all should
unite, keeping in mind the fact that by
uod's mercy and tne Diood ot our
brothers, we are today enloying the
blessing of a re-united country.
To this end your commander recom
mends that each Post attend divine
service in a body on the Sunday pre
ceding Memorial day, as a fitting prep
aration for the solemn duties of that
day. That on Memorial day the com
rades assemble at their respective Post
rooms and march in procession to the
cemeteries, and where practicable, that
the exercises there be conducted in ac
cordance with the form prescribed in
the service book.
The department extends a cordial
invitation to all fraternal and military
organizations and Sabbath schools, as
well as to all loyal men and women of
Kansas, to join us in sacred observ
ance of that day. By command of
O. H. Coulter, J. W. Feighan,
A. A. Gen'l. Dept. Comd'r,
To the Farmers of Dickinson and
Adjoining Counties'.
"We wish to call your attention to
the fact that, owing to the flattering
prospects for an abundant harvest,
we have secured the sole agency for
the D. M. Osborn Twine Binders,
and Mowers, and the Centennial
Wi d Mills, all of which are guar
anteed to be superior to any other
goods in this line. Don't place
your orders until you have seen our
machines. Our agent will call on
you soon representing a full line of
the above machines, also the best
line of Pumps in the west. We are
now running a pump wagon, having
had years of experience in the pump
and wind mill business. Our work
is guaranteed to be first-class.
You will also be able to gain some
valuable information, if you will in
sist upon it, from our agents in re
gard to Gasoline Stoves,the Brommel
Washer, Clothes Wringer, Hard
wood Refrigerators, and the old re
liable Charter Oak Cook Stoves, all
of which we handle in large quanti
We are also ready at all times to
do tin work in the country, such as
eave troughs and roofing. Good
work and reasonable prices is our
We undoubtedly earry in stock
the largest line of General Hard
ware of any store in Western Kan
sas. xtememDer we are leaaars in
this line.
We defy competition.
Councilman Myers says: "I have
used the Farm and Home mixed paint
and can recommend it to anyone."lm36
The best Cultivotors on earth can be
found at Berry Bros. Mctle Co.'s. 37-3
Sweet potato plants for sale at Chas.
C. Young's, one-half mile west of the
cemetery. 36-tf
D. G. Smith is selling Farm and
Home mixed paint for S1.25 per gallon.
Go to J. W. Jenks'
for German mil-270-2tw29-tf
Mr. Zwick says: "I like the Farm
and Home brand of mixed paint. I
used it three years ago on my house
and it is alright yet." 36-lm
For Harvesting ma
chinery be sure and
see the new Simple
Knotter at Berry Bros
Mercantile Oo. 3-Mf
We have Money to
loan at 6 1-2 per cent,
interest, with privi
lege of paying in mul
tiples of $100.00 at
any interest payment.
We have $100,000
to loan on farm and
city property at the
lowest rates. Loans
closed "Dronrotlv. Ttfn
abhehe nrvESTinaiT co.,
Bear room First Sat. Bank.
'The Best Cultiva
tors on earth can be
found at Berry Bros
Mercantile Co. "
South American Hervine,
The great conqueror of Indigestion,
Dyspepsia, all Nervous Diseases and
failing health builder beyond compari
son ever discovered and the most certain
and absolute preventive and cure for
(Consumption, when used in time, ever
offered to the afflicted. It preforms
these maivelous cures by filling the
blood with richness and vital plasma
which rapidly Tieals all diseased ahd
broken tissues and casts off all disease
from the system. A trial bottle will
convince you. Price 15 cents,and $1.25
Sold by J. M. Gleissner, druggist, Abi
lene. The Child Recovered. My little
girl, aged seven years, was afflicted
wun a severe cough and com. &ne
could not sleep but coughed Almost
Incessantly. I was induced by a friend
to try Chamberlain's Cough Remedy
and was astonished at the immediate re
lief it gave her and the cure it produced.
I would not be without it in the house
for any price. I have tried many rem
edies for coughs and colds, but this is
superior to anything I have ever tried.
Prof. J. M. Mehan. Capital City Com
mercial College, Des Moines, Iowa. -Sold
by Barnes & Nqrthcraft.
Itch, Mange and Scratches of every
kind on human or animals cured in 30
minutes by Wolford's Sanitary Lotion.
Sold by J. M. Gleissner, Druggist, Abi
lene. Try St. Pateic's Pills and compare
theireffect with any other kind made.
They contain the good properties of the
older preparations in the market com
bined with the most valuable medicines
discovered i n modern times. As a
cathartic and liver pill, St. Patrick's
are perfection. Sold by Barnes &
In Brief, and to the Point.
Dyspepsia is dreadful. Disordered
liver is misery. Indigestion is a foe to
good nature.
The human digestive apparatus is
one of the most complicated and won
derful things in existence. It is easily
put out of order.
Greasy food, tough food, sloppy food,
bad cookery, mental worry, late hours,
and many other things which ought
not to be, have made the American
people a nation of dyspeptics.
But Green's August Flower has done
a wonderful work in reforming this sad
business and making the American
people so healthy that they can enjoy
their meals and be happy.
Remember No happiness without
health. But Green's August Flower
brings health and happiness to the dys
peptic. Ask your druggist for a bottle.
Seventy-five cents.
$100,000 TO LOAN.
We have $100,000 to loan on farm
and city property at the lowest rates.
Loans closed promptly. No delay.
Abilene Investment Co.,
Rear room First Nat. Bank
D. G. Smith is sell
ing the popular Barb
Wire Liniment. See
the advertisement in
another part of this
paper. 36-lm
Made for all lands and lots in Dickin
son County, at
Reasonable Rates.
Abilene, Kas.
Attorney at Law
Room 1 Over Palace Drug Store.
Attorney - at - Law,
ABILENE, -raOffice
over Faulkner's Store.
German Millet
I have now in stock a choice lot of
German Millet for seed.
I also keep on hand at all times a
large supply of Hay, Corn, Oats, Oil
Cake, Condition Powders, Chopped
Feed, Shorts and Bran; Flour from all
the best mills of the county. Corn
Meal, etc., etc.
JSgrCar lots a specialty .8
316 Broadway. mch!5-wtf
6 per ct.
With a commission or EIGHT per cent,
straight Honey paid when papers are signed.
One door South of Post Office.
If you can't come to see us, send
us your order describing the kind
you want. "We guarantee satisfac
on in Goods and Prices. Mail
orders promptly attended. Give us
a trial, we will merit your trade.
a Bub iiwiamr A
ion nr mtrm mmamm, rm,
ISKLIima It kte am MMl
I rtf dft mm. 7"
uini. Mim,f.,M4 iiiiiw illnii
Rebecca Wilkinson, Ot Brownsvalley, Ind.
says: "Inadbemin a distressed condition tor
three years trom yervonenes?, Weakness ot the
Stomacb, Dyspepsia and Indigestion unttl jny
hPaltn was gone. I had been doctoring constant
ly with no relief. I bought one botue ot Sonth
American Nervine, 'which done me more good
than any SSO worth of doctoring I ever did In my
life. I would advise every weakly Derwin tn nsa
this valuable and lovely remedy ; a few bottles of
it has cured me completely. I consider It the
grandest medicine In the world." A trial bottle
will convince yon. Price 15 cents $1.23. Sold by
J. M. Gleissner, druggist, Abilene.
A Remarkable Showing for B. B. B.
Against Other Remedies.
PUTNAX Co., A ril 29, 1887.
I have been suffering for most thirty years with
an Itching and burning all over my face and body.
1 tok eighteen bottles of one blood medicine and
it did me no good. Icommenred last January to
use B. B. B., and after using five bottles I felt bet
ter and stouter than I have in thirty years, my
health is betterand I welsh more than I ever did.
The itching has nearly ceased, and I am confident
that a few more bottles of B. B. B. will cure me en
Urely . I am sixty-two years old and can now do a
good day's work In my field. I consider It the bet
medicine I have ever seen, for it certainly did me
more good than all the medicine I have ever taken.
I had, in all, nearly a hundred risings on my face,
neck and body. James Pinkibton.
Blod Balk Co., Atlanta, Ga.
Great rejoicing all over the world on account o
the discovery of South American Nervine which
is acknowledged by all as the most valuable med
ical discovery ot this century. It possesses prop
erties which quicklj cure the Stomach and Nerves
and give sweet and refreshing health where dis
ease, nervousness and pain have been the rule.
South American Nervine has no equal as a cure
for a weak Stomach, weak Nerves, weak Lungs,
weakly females, weakness of old age and all ferma
of failing health, A trial bottle will convince you
Price 15 cts, and f 1.25. Sold by J. M. GIeissneb
druggist, Abilene, Kansas.
An old physician, retired from active practice
having had placed In his hands by an East India
Missionary the formula of a simple vegetable
remedy for the speedy and permanent cure of
Consumption. Bronchitis, Catarrh. Asthma and
all Throat and Lung affections, after having
morouguiy tested us wonaeriui curative powers
in thousands of cases, feels it his duty to make
it known to his sufferine fellows. The reclDe
sent free, to all who may desire It with full direc
tions for preparing and successfully using. Ad
dress, with stamps, naming this paper. Dr.
M. E. CASS, 210 Grand St., Jersey City, N. J.
Sea Wondflri exist in thous
and of forms, but are surpassed by
the marvels of invention. Those who are in need
of profitable work that can be done while living at
home should at once send their address to Hallett
& Co., Portland, Maine, and receive free, full in
formation how either sex, of all ages, can earn
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live. You are started free. Capital not required
Some have made over $50 in a single day at this
work. All succeed.
TTVTTTTPTVTmTvTVT hasrevolutionized
LAN V JUXN JL JLWJLN the world during
tne last naii century. rot least among tne won
ders of inventive progress is a method and system
of work that can be performed all over the coun
try without separating the workers from their
homes, fay iiDerai; any one can do the work:
either sex, young or old; no special ability required
Capital not needed; you are started free. Cut
this Oat and return to us and we will send you
free, something of value and lmportanre to you,
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you In more money right away, than anything
else In the world. Grand outfit free. Address
True & Co., Augusta, Maine.
FITS:- All Fits stopped free by Dr.
Kline's Great Nerve Restorer. No Fits
after first day's use. Marvelous cure3.
Treatise and $2.00 trial bottle free to
Fit cases. Send to Dr. Kline, 931
Arch Philadelphia, Pa.
Mft MFD Q Look to your interests
HluMlO and keep your hogs and
poultry free from cholera by purchas
ing a package of Haas' Celebrated Hog
and Poultry powder of Barnes &North-
Ti v V w Eewarded are those
XVVVAVV wh0 read this and
then act; they will find honorable em
ployment that will not take them from
their homes and families. The profits
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month. It is easy for any one to m ke
$5 and upwards per day, who is will ng
ot work, Either sex, young or old; cap
ital not needed; we start you. Every
thing new. Nospecialabilityrequred,
you, reader, can do it as well as any
one. Write to us at once for full j ar
ticulars, which we mail free. Address
Stinson & Co., Portland, Maine.
Have you ever been to see Toms &
Rockafellar's stock of wall paper?
Thej have one of the largest stocks in
the county. If you are needing any
paper this spring it will surely pay you
to go there for it. They have four fine
paper hangers and keep them all busy.
Their prices are as low as can be found
anywhere. It will certainly pay you to
buy of them. They "will save you
money and time. 30-tf
"When Baby was sick, wo gave bar Cutoria,
When the wu a Child, she cried for Castoria,
Wien aha became Hiss, sha clang to Cutoris,
Wnaa aha bad Childran, aha gave thorn Gtfc
English Spavin Liniment removes all
Hard, Soft or Calloused Lumps and
Blemishes from horses Blood Spavin,
Curbs, Splints, Sweeney, Eing-bone,
Stifles, Sprains, all Swollen Throats,
Cough, etc. Save $50 by use of one
bottle. Warranted. Sold by J. M.
Gleissner, druggist, Abilene.
Give Them a Chance.
That is to say, your lungs. Also all
your breathing machinery. Very won
derful machinery it is. 2fot only the
larger air-passages, but the thousands
of little tubes and cavities leading from
When these are clogged and choked
with matter which ought not to be
there, your lungs cannot half do their
work. And what they do, they cannot
do well.
Call it cold, cough,croup, pneumonia,
catarrh, consumption or any of the
family of throat and nose and head and
lung obstructions, all are bad. All
ought to be got rid of. There is just
one sure way to get rid of them. That
is to take Boschee's German Syrup,
which any druggist will sell you at 75
cents a bottle. Even if everything else
has failed you, you may depend upon
this for certain.
B. B. B.
(Botanic Blood Balm.)
The great Blood Purifier and Tonic.
It cures Scrofula, Kidney Troubles;
Catarrh, Skin Humors, Rheumatism,
Eruptions, Boils, etc., and is a wonder
ful tonic For sale by Barnes & North
eoiSOS' vi H" SKHrZ JBu it
.-Twm bt
tECnm hi
lun AL
'' uotni it ru. t
For sale by
G. Smith, Abflme, Km.,
W. L. COOLEY, the Jeweler,
Has Removed bis Stock of Jewelry to 202 3d St
SlelL d(ra es?J of his fnner location, where he will be found with a laroer
a vf , -Eye-glasses, at lower prices than others dare sell them Ha
2S3 NstSDtgn an-? ,riDg Clique but?s running his siness on & 'Setfi
fro i boud to win if low prices and honest goods will do it. All ew ds sold
SflJ32Slteitobe2s rePJesented. Repairings f all kinds n1atlf:nd cS
fripn,? 1 Soods sold engraved free of charge. lie invites al hisS
cS3dSedh?Smh!?ne " 0neS
Is the Latest attraction in the city, and the place to get Bargains
galnWevef'laHnPf6 r to wln-rnTnere are thousands Of articles and every one abar
Soomt Books! Slttltiii. Rf1slwa.re' T'nvSare. Woodcnware, Hardware, Oil Paint Sgs. Su
KfcindSktt2SS,.S?tsa??0,SmB!,l,actamtIeor everything and we want von to
them for yourself --.wau uuM,umiy as meiine 13 so large out aUaodsee
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and Simplest Binders
in the Market.
For thirty days, at the
Double-Deck Boot and Shoe
Store. To reduce my stock for the arrival of
272-fi vtf
Mdnerney's Block.
Cash Paid For Hides and Furs.
Graduate of the Rocrhester School of Embalming,
A new and full line of Metalic, Wood and
Cloth-covered burial cases and caskets, bur
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- ''-KlsregMBBagsEsS
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Calls attended to day or night. Besidence, first house west of store, cor
ner of Third and Cedar streets, Abilene, Kansas. w32-tf
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25c to 50c on every dollar invested.
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ine. Organs lower than the lowest.
Cozier 3d. and B-ciclresre-
for Infants and
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