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Have yonr prescriptions compounded
at John M. Gleissner's Drug Store,
east side of Broadway, cor. 3d St. 39-J y
lf)e Beftector
Official Paper of Connty anfl City.
Attorney at Law
Southeast Corner Broadway and 3d Streets.
Farmera will surely harvest corn
with step-ladders this fall.
The '-glorious Fourth" will be cele
brated in Enterprise, Hope and Man
chester this year.
A. J. Huff, a prominent farmer of
Xorth Sherman, paid us a very pleas
ant visit this week.
The corner stone of the new Luthe
ran church to be erected at Manchester
was laid last Sunday.
Harvest is going on throughout the
county. The yield of wheat is every
where reported excellent.
Abilene's city hall will eclipse in size
and beauty any similar building be
tween Topcka and Denver.
Republican clubs are being organized
everywhere. Dickinson county should
have one in every township.
The unusual spectacle of a town emi
grating is being witnessed in south
Dickinson. Dillon is moving bodily
over to Hope.
Dickinson county is capturing a good
many conventions this year. The State
Millers' Association meets in Eutei
prise July 13th and 14th.
The next annual meeting of the
Slate Firemen's Association will be
held in our sister city, Solomon, next
September. "We congratulate Solomon
upon having secured this great meet-
About the iirst place out-of-town
people visit when they come to Abilene
is the electric light and water-works
building; and yet many of our citizens
have ?iever taken a look at the wonder
ful mechanism there employed.
Dick'nson County has 154 miles of
railroad, the assessed value of which
amounts to $064.S05.01. This value is
apportioned among the various roads
as follows: U. P., S232,953.89; C. K.
&X., $303,672.85; Mo. Pac, $128,842. 65;
C. K. & W., $299,333.62.
The Ebersole wheat on tiie farm of
Hon. J. S. Hollinger is more than ful
filling the promises of the earlier part
of the season. It bids fair to make a
most magnificent crop. The seed was
brought last fall from Franklin Co., Fa.
Samples of the growing wheat can be
seen at Hodge Brothers'.
Nolan Convicted.
Dan. ITolan had his trial this
noon in the police
ln tile POUCH CUUIl. 11B WH3
found guilty and fined 850 and costs,
amounting to $70.20. .Being unable to
liquidate he was committed to Sheriff
aill's fashionable boarding house
untii paid. Marshal Kirkwood, who
with rare detective skill has ferreted
out the case, deserves much credit for
his work. He has cleaned out one of
the worst dens in the city.
Death of Mrs. Kilgore.
yesterday afternoon were laid to
rest the remains of Mrs. Cyrus Kilgore
who died at her home three miles north
of Abilene on Sunday.
She and her bereaved husband who
survives her have for many years been
prominent in the county, having been
among the early settlers of this section.
Some 18 months ago Mrs. Kilgore suf
fered a severe accident which with re
sulting ill effects undoubtedly caused
her death, she being unable at her age,
58, to rally from the shock.
The hundreds of friends of the fam
ily will extend sympathy to the mourn
ing relatives.
m t
A Fatal Accident.
Word was received Sunday of the
death of the little 5-year-old daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Ellis. Mrs.
Ellis and her children have been visit
ing in Lawrence, and while there the
little one overturned a bucket of boil
ing water and severely scalded herself.
The result was that death came to her
on Friday last. The funeral services
were held in Lawrence on Saturday.
Mr. Ellis was telegraphed tor on
Thursday, and only arrived in time to
witness the last hours of his child.
The sorrowing parents have the sin
cere sympathy of their many friends ia
their bereavement.
i i i i
A Bad Fall.
Our live young druggist, John M
Gleissner, yesterday afternoon, met
wife a severe accident which might
have caused him a fatal injury. He has
been recently fixing up his drug store
and rearranged the cellar. Among
other things the stairs leading to the
trap door in the side walk in front of
the store were taken away. JTot think--ing
of this fact Mr. Gleissner started to
go down by the familiar route. Rais
ing the door he stepped off and fell
j&ly ten feet, lighting upon some boxes
and $txs. It was feared that his back
'was baf injured, but today he is able
to be aroupi the store, though feeling
somewhat stiff. It was a narrow
.escape from severe injuries.
Several Criminals Sentenced Mor
gan gets a Death Sentence.
The jury in the case of G. M. Xoble
vs. Orr Decker, returned a
verdict in favor of plaintiff. The case
was a somewhat notable one. Decker,
the plaintiff, purchased in 18S6 t!ie
propeity kuown as the Henry House
livery stables. A mortgage was given
to J. H. Brady for $4,000, which mort
gage was sold to G. M. Noble. Noble,
becoming frightened, foreclosed the
mortcaga and took possession of the
property. Decker tried to obtain the
possession of the notes, but getting
into a criminal scrape was sent to the
"pen" for a year. Upon his release, 1 e
a-ain attempted to regain the property.
The case has been bitterly fought at
this terra of court and was last night
decided by the jury in favor of the
plaintiff. Mr. Xoble. Burton t Moore
and Stambaugh & Hurd, attorneys for
plaintiff, may well be proud of winning
this complicated and hardly fought
legal battle.
Bolster vs. Barcus, in regard to a
promisory note. The defendant did
not appear and judgment was ren
dered in favor of plaintiff.
Union Investment Co. vs. C. K. & W..
a suit growing out of the right of way
through llichland Fark, east of town,
has been on trial all day.
A diversion was created Thursday
by one of the attorneys calling another
a "pettifogging shyster" when the lat
ter made a jump for the speaker and
would have administered justice then
and there but for a deputy sheriff. The
court gave the gentlemen until 9 o'clock
this morning to apologize, and when
to-day they made their explanations,
after a severe reprimand, he fined the
first speaker $20, to stand committed
until paid; the other was excused.
The fine was paid. Court adjourned
at 3 o'clock until Monday.
Union Investment Co. vs. C. K. &
V. verdict for plaintiffs of $650.
Staatz vs. T. C. Henry, verdict for
Badger Lumber Co. vs Orr Decker.
The case was compromised without al
lowing it to go to the jury.
Several farmers were excused on ac
count of harvest and all jury cases were
dismissed until Wednerday. The after
noon was taken up with arguments in
the cases: Williams vs. C. Hoffman &
Son, motion argued and determined;
Baxter vs. Mo. Fac. R. It., motion for
new trial argued and taken under ad
visement by court.
The case of German vs. Abilene
Land & Cattle Co. was completed Wed
nesday. German was given damages
in the sum of $452 on account of the in
troduction of Texas fever among his
At half past five the judge ordered
eight of the criminals who have been
convicted at this term of court to be
brought into his presence for sentence.
Upon their arrival he meted out the
measure of their punishment as fol
lows: John Suilivan, illegal selling of alco
holic liquors, sentenced to sixty days in
jail and a fine of $100 and costs.
Martin Thomas and Henry Krienhop,
convicted of burglary and grand larceny
were given each seven years in the pen
itentiary at hard labor.
Isaiah Johnson, for the same crime,
was given six years in the "pen."
Johnson is 66 years old and the court
dealed as leniently as possible with him
on this account.
Hiram Johnson, son of the former
and leader of the gang, was given nine
John Bell, for the first count, petit
larceny, got 30 days in jail and $50 fine
and costs; for the second, receiving
stolen goods, 60 days, $75 fine and
Wm. Wells, petit larceny, 90 days in
jail and $100 fine and costs.
This for awhile disposes of the 'Bla
lock" gang which has infested North
east Dickinson during the past two
Thos. Morgan, convicted of the mur
der of John Goul, was then asked if he
had anything to say before sentence
was passed. He replied that he was
not guilty. Judge Nicholson then said:
It is the first time this mournful
duty has ever fallen to this court.
Thos. Morgan,you need never expect to
mingle with free men in the future.
You need not expect mercy from man.
It is probable that some future gover
nor of Kansas will have the courage of
his convictions and will hang some of
the murderers of our State, hence the
probabilities are that you will hang.
If you believe in Goa (ana tnere is one)
we adjure you to look and go to him for
pardon and mercy. The judgment of
the court is that you be taken from
here to the penitentiary and be there
coufined for one year at hard labor, and
at the expiration of that time, you be
hanged by the neck until you are dead,
and may the Lord have mercy on your
The prisoners were taken back to the
jail and will be transported soon to the
penitentiary to enter upon the expia
tion of their crimes.
The case of Fenn vs. Blevins has
been on trial all day. Xo decision yet
S. H. Gugeler and Herman W.
Mitsch, of Liberty township, were sub
stantial callers at Reflector head
quarters this morning.
French. Leave.
" Jim Smith, who has been in jail for
about three months, being committed
.until a fine of $25 was paid, was today
set at worfc cutting weeds on the court
house lawn. He worked awhile and
becoming Uredoannoujiced his intention
of eoine up town and ratting 'shaved.
Up to date he bafi not returned. The 1
colony at the jail is lneonsoiaoje oyer
his departure.
Eemarkable Success Witli tne First
A visit this morning to the Abikne
Pottery works by a Rekluctoi: re
porter discovered a most ilouribhiug
state of affairs at that point. The
company has just completed the burn
ing of the first kiln of pottery ever put
up in the city. This first kiln has been
largely in the nature of an experiment.
to determine if the clav about Abih-ne
is suitable for pottery purposes. About
20 different kinds of cl iy, taken from
yarious localities about the city have
been tried and something like 4,000
jars turned out. The ware has been
somewhat rudely fashioned, owing to
the temporary character of the machin
ery. But the result of this first trial has
b3en a complete success. The ware
win compare most favorably with any
that can be found in our stores and in
"body" and "ring" is superior to
nearly all. The experiment has settled
delinately the fact that there aij abuit
Abilene three or four kinds of clay
unequaled in the United States for the
manufacture of pottery. All that is
needed now is good machinery and
then no manufactory in the country -can
out-do us.
Much of the success of this experi-
ment is due to the efficient direction of
J. M. Hart, the able manager of the
works, who has proved the right man
in the right place.
The Farmington Sunday School held
an enjoyable picnic Saturday afternoon
and evening in Markley's grove. A
large number were ia attendance. A
feature of the occasion was a game of
ball between the Abilene Juniors and
the Turkey Creek nine. The Juniors
scored 11; the T. C.'s 10.
-- -
New Tracks.
The board of railroad commissioners
which was here looking over the ground
some time ago has ordered connecting
tracks put in between the various rail
roads entering the city. This will be a
great convenience to shippers.
Probate Court.
Jas. K. Lee and Ada M. Brown, both
of Eureka, were on Saturday granted a
marriage license by Judge Seeds.
This is Hie first case of the kind to
break a long silence. We undeistand
that W. F. wants several live canvas
sers to work up trade in that line.
Bunaway, Class F.
As Miss Lillie Potter was taking
Clyde Martin, of Brookville, to the
train this afternoon the pony attached
to the phaeton became frightened and
ran down Second street toward Buck
eye. The carriage ran over a small
boy, scaring him out of six years'
growth and the occupantsof the vehicle
suffered a spill but, so far as we could
learn, no other damage was done. The
pony was caught near Hodge Bros.
An interesting wedding took place
this morning at S o'clock at the Cath
olic church. The bride and groom
were Miss Maggie Piggott and Frank
Trimble, of this city. The ceremony
was peiformed by Rev. Father Hill, of
Chapman, assisted by Rev. Father
Leary. The happy pair go today to
Hope where they will visit for a few
days among friends and relatives.
The young people deserve all the joy
that has come to them and the Re
flector joins their many friends in
extending hearty congratulations.
State Millers Association.
The meeting of the S. M. A. at En
terprise, July 13-14 promises to be an
important occasion. Prominent men
will be in attendance from all parts of
the west. The following is the pro
gram: FRIDAY, JUr.VlS.
Connnittco meetings 10 a. in
Convention called to order at 1 o'clock.
Welcome Address Mayor C. M. Case
HcsiKinsc and Address Prcs. Win. Bowman
Reports of officers and committees.
"The Necessity of ExnortinirOur Surplus."
C. H. Seybt, Pres. Nafl Miller's Associat n.
"Organization" Geo. II. Hunter.
Banquet at the Opera House.
Convention Assembles at 8:30a. in.
"Cash vs. Credit in the Sale of Flour."
C. A. McNnbb.
"Mutual Insurance. Is it Cheap and Safe?"
C. G. Smith.
"Transportation to Europe and Southern mar
kets, via Galveston."- B. Wabkentin.
11 00 a. m. Election of Officers.
Happy Herington.
A visit to our booming sister city
confirms the wildest statements made
by her home papers. The enterprise
and energy of her business men is un
surpassed. One admirable feature of
the city is that things are put in to
stay. The new opera house, the new
store buildings, and indeed everything
she has erected, shows that Herington
is laying the foundation for a large
She already has a magnificent system
of electric lights and has water works
and a $15,000 school-house on the pro
gram for this summer to say nothing
of hundreds of new residences.
Much of Herington's prosperity is due
to her public spirited founder, M. D.
Herington. It will be a cold day for
the town when he leaves it.
In enumerating a few of Herington's
good features, we must not forget her
two first-class hotels: the Herington
House, conducted by B. L. Herington,
one of, the most elegant hostelries in
the west; and the Harvey House, which
is a model of convenience and accom
modation . Nor must we omit her live,
wide-awake, get-there-with-both-feet
papers, the Headlight and Tribune,
rheyare untiring in their efforts to
jjuiJdnptuB city and are brimful of
readable rnattey,
! The Democrats of Two Counties Hold
a Keeting at Heringtou So "En-
tnusiasm ' visioie.
The much advertised ratification ex-
irsion bejrau with band music on
Broadway at 7 o'clock Uni evening.
The Cleveland club managers rustled
around and formed ranks for the march
to the Rock Island depot. The pageant
muved down Kuckeye iu the following
Gazette band.
Cleveland club six men. four wear
ing white hats.
Rambo's hack, carrying three hotel
A carriage containing three ladies.
The train was an hour and a half
late, and the fifty or sixty Democrats
who had at length gathered amused
themselves in the interval in berating
the Republican party, which was sup
posed to have something to do with the
At last the train arrived and the run
to Herington was quickly made. From
all the stations between Salina and
Herington three car loads were gath
ered at least a third of them being
Republicans taking advantage of the
reduced rates.
At Herington, 51 men and boys with
torches, and seven farmers on horse
back received the company. In order
to punish the visitors for delaying the
obsequies, they marched the faithful
out into the country a mile or two and
when they would stand the farce no
longer rounded them up in front of the
opera house.
Several gentlemen and a band ap
peared on a balcony, several hundred
feet from the ground, and one man
shouted down that the services would
open with music, after which he intro
duced Dr. Tobey, of Saliua, who was to
deliver the address of the evening.
The gentleman shrieked several pon
derous sentences at the crowd, live
sixthsof which were Republicans, and,
winning no applause, pulled a red ban
danna which incited a few cheers.
Satisfied, he started on his speech. He
first informed the audience that ho
would defer discussion of the platform
until later it was noticable that he
deferred it altogether. Without warn
ing he sprang into the tariff and, in
terrupted by cries of ''hurrah for
protection," "down with free-trade,"
"Rats on the Mills' bill," ram
bled away until the confusion and
dwindling away of the audience brought
him to a stop. The baud played a
dirge, which the leader seemed to think
appropriate to the occasion, and then
O. X. Coggeshall tried to hold the few
who were left; but all in vain.
The remnant of the crowd was there
upon dismissed and the luneral was
The return to Abilene was made at
Marshall Kirkwood Sunday took to
Fort Riley, Archer F. Messingham, a
deserter from l S. A., for whom the
authorities have been looking since
March 31st. Mr. Kirkwood, with his
excellent detective skill, traced the man
to the farm of John Baker, four and a
half miles east of the city, and on Sat
urday, in company with Sheriff Xaill,
went out there and captured him. He
will receive severe punishment for his
neglect of duty.
Normal Institute.
The twelfth session of the Dickinson
County formal Institute will be held
in the central school building, Abilene,
beginning Monday, July 9th, 1888, at 2
p. m.
H. F. Graham of the Abilene high
school, will conduct, and W. S. Jenks
and S. M. Cook will instruct. They
are well known to the teachers of the
The institute i3 for those desiring to
teach,and it is hoped that all such will
be present the first day and continue
to the close.
A cordial invitation is extended to
all friends of education to visit the in
stitute. School officers should not fail
to see the work of the teachers in the
formal and thereby judge of tneir abil
ity to handle schools.
Lectures will be given by ex-State
Superintendent Crawford, of Tennes
see; Fresident Gobin, of Baker Univei
sity; Supt. Lee, of Riley county, and
R. W. Turner, editor of the Western
School Journal.
Persons desiring information regard
ing boarding places, will please call at
the office of County Superintendent.
Courses of study can be procured at
the office of County Superintendent.
There will be a reunion of the teach
ers Monday evening, July 9th, to which
all persons are invited.
J. S. Ford, Co. Supt.
For Harvesting ma
chinery be sure and
see the new Simple
Knotter at Berry Bros
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running, perfect ac
tion McCormick bind
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Positively the best
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McCormick. Sold by
Berry Bros.
Binder Twine, the
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DUNiiAVY & Roe's.
A Great Distributing Sale of 22,000.00 Worth of General Mer
chandise, Commencing
To everybody who buys $1 worth of goods in our house during
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The copartnership heretofore existing between
H H Flojd and F. A- White, in the lumber buf
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The business will be con tmued by F. A. V hite,
-who assumes all liabilities and collects all money
due the concern. n&
In assuming entire control ot the lumber busi
ness formerly conducted by Floyd White. I
wish to express to onr old customers heirty
thanks for the favors and patronage received
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Notice is hereby given that L. A.
Peck, of Carlton, Kansas, did. on the
loth day of May, 188S, sell, assign an
transfer to John Watts, J. F. Uaxte
and the undersigned James R. Wilson
all his notes, accounts and account
books connecting and growing out of
his business iu said town of Carlton.
And all persons knowing themselves to
have been indebted to said L. A. Peck
on said May 15th, 1SSS. will pay the
same to the said JamesR. Wilson, who
is authorized to make collections for
the assignees above named.
John Watts,
J. F. Baxter,
Ja3ies II. Wilson',
Dated May 81, 1SSS. 40-4t
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live. You are started free. Capital not required.
Some have made over SO in a single day at this
work. AH succed.
Try St. Patkic's Pills and compare
theirelTect with any other kind made.
They contain the good properties of the
older preparations in the market com
bined with the most valuable medicines
discovered i n modern times. As a
cathartic aud liver pill, St. Patrick's
are perfection. Sold by Bakxes &
Great rejoicing all over tnc world on account
thcdlscoien-ofSoutbAmerlcan Nervine which
is acknow leased br all ea the most valuable med
ical discovery ot tbl century. It poseses prop
erties which qnickl euro the Stomach and Nerves
and give awect and refreshing health where dis
ease, nervousness and pain have bc-en the rule.
South American Nervine has no eqnniasacuru
for a weak Stomach, weak Nerves, weak Ijing,
weakly females, weakness of old aw? nnd ali forms
of failing health, A trial bottle will convince you
PricelS ctg. and II. Ti. Sold by J. M. (ilBi-ssEr.
druggirt, Abilene. Kan's-.
FITS: All Fits stopped free by Dr.
Kline's Great Xervo Restorer. Xo Fits
af ttr Hrst day's use. Marvelous cures.
Treatise and S2.00 trial bottle free to
Fit cases. Send to Dr. Kline, 931
Arch Philadelphia. Pa.
A Eemarkable Showiig for B. B.B.
Against Other Remedief
Putn.x Co., April 29, 18S7.
I have been saSTerlug for most thirty years with
an Itching and burning all over my face and body.
I took eighteen bottl&j of one blood roedlcire and
it did me no good. I commenced last January to
use B.B. B., and after nslug five bottles Iff It tet
ter and stouter than I have in thirtyyears, my
health Is beuerand I weigh more than ferer did.
The itching has nearly ceased, and I am ccnSfient
that a few more bottles of B. B. B. will core me en
tirely . I am sixty-two years old and can cow do &
good day's worklniny field. Ieonslderit thebet
medicine I have ever seen, for it certainly did me
more good than all the medicine I have ever taken.
I had. in all, nearly a hundred risings on my face,
neck and body. Jaxxs PrsxxXTOH.
Blood Bilx Co.. Atlanta. Ga.
An old physician, retired from active practice
baring bad pUced In his hands by an East India
missionary the formula of a simple vegetable
remedy for the speedy and permanent core of
consumption. Bronchitis, Catarrh, Asthma and
aU Throat and Lnng affections, after baring
thoroughly tested its wonderful cnraUve power
in thousands of cases, feels it his duty to make
it known to hi suffering- fellow. The recipe
sent fbek, to all who may Uwlrelt with fall direc
tions for preparing; ax-1 successfully usinj. Ad
dress, withfjtaroas. naming this paper,
M. E ,As.l"ran,lf't-JPl8eTCity,If. J.
Follow the crowd to
Hodge Bros', and get
ttieic prices 01 binder
h.iV, v,
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