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f lie Mtskx.
JGTNow is the time to pay up your
newspaper bill. Every well regulated
office "wishes to enter, the new year
with a clean subscription list.
The Union Labor Banner has
suspended, no paper being issued last
week. The publishers, E. B. Harring
ton & Co., were sensible enough to
realize the folly of playing a losing
JUnder Mr. Hodge's administra
tion of the Abilene post office, it was
always open for an hour 8unday morn
ing. "What has Abilene done that it
should now be closed? especially when
the office force is greater and the sal
ary larger?
5The Minneapolis postoffice is open
on Sundays from 9:30 to 10 a. m. and
from 6 to 7 p. m. Why should Abilene
any longer be inflicted with a closed
office that inconveniences her business
men and which is protested against by
nine-tenths of the patrons?
&"In Salina the postoffice is open
from 12 to 1 and from 5 to 6 on Sun
days. Abilene ought not have to
punch along with, a backwoods anti
quated style of once-a-day opening, es
pecially when her business is fully as
large as that of Salina and her business-men
demand better accommoda
tions. "The members of the Abilene
Gymnasium olub having developed
their muscles sufficiently, have sold
their extensive apparatus to the young
men of Hope who are lamming the life
out of one another with the boxing
gloves and performing various feats of
high and lofty tumbling on the trapese
during these long winter evenings.
SSJThe genial manager of the poor
farm, Geo. W. King, has received a
new boarder, a small boy who came to
the place Thursday. The little fellow
was absolutely penniless but has been
taken in and will be cared for kindly
Mr. King thinks the world of the new-
.conier, and as he has already four
girls who have come to his family in
the same way, the change in the pro
gram is quite welcome.
Popular and Prosperous.
The Abilene Weekly Reflectok
was enlarged to 70 columns last veek.
showing that that popular Dickinson
county journal is in a prosperous con
dition. Solomon Sentinel.
More Bootlegger Jugged.
For sometime past there have been
rumors of illicit whisky selling at Man
chester, but it has been only recently
that things have assumed sufficiently
definite shape to warrant the officers in
taking action therein.
Lately, however, the matter has as
sumed such a serious aspect that it
could not longer be borne and yester
day Under Sheriff Ellison went up to
the place and arrested John and Wm.
George, brothers of the famous Eli,
and bringing them down on the night
train lodged them' in the bastile.
They will have a hearing in a short
time. We hope that they will be made
to fully realize the error of their ways.
Taken Back.
It-will be remembered that several
weeks ago Sheriff Naill received a tele
gram from the authorities at East St.
Louis requesting him to arrest one
Mike .Powell, who was wanted for an
assault with intent to kill. Mr. Naill
tracked the man to the Midland hotel
and arrested him. Since that time he
has been lodged in jail.
TLe St. Louis authorities, having
obtained a requisition from the Gover
nor for the criminal, sent an officer
f- 'after him.and yesterday be was taken
.past to answer before thVcourts for his
, crime.
The crime of which Powell was ac
cused was a particularly atrocious one
and there. is thought to be little doubt
of his guilt. He had for some time
evaded the officers and when he arrived
-here it was as a well-dressed gentle
"man, qf ieisure instead of a sommon
V'thug.' It was only through Slierilf
' NaiU's prompt action that he was cap
J '-tuxed.
, Lumber Syndicate Being Termed
. w
It ifl rumored that tKefeis on band
t i j
one of the biggest syndicate deals ever
known in Central Kansas. The report
is that a block of ground baa been leased
nearthe.Santa Fe depot and a number
of. wealthy citizens have formed a com
pany to put in operation a mammoth
lumber yard which will have the co
operation of the Santa Fe road and give
the people of this vicinity the most re
markable bargains in prices ever
One of the chief disadvantages of
Kassas has been the high prices
charged for lumber, and this syndicate,
laving the Santa Fe line to ship
over, a line running through
the hard pine belts and the densely
wooded sections of the West will be
able to lay down material here at al
most nominal prices. We eair secured
tb,inf ormation regarding tfee company
with Muchdifficulty as the schese is
being kept very quiet, but further de
velopments may be looked for soon.
'See what you can set for a nice holi
day tUnoec at Helaoa'ai Balk oysters,
Uwtsas, 'dates, figs, raisins, nuts, can
From Friday'B Dally.
Eev. John Curts, One of Abilene's
Oldestand Most Eespected Citizens
Taken A Faithful Worker in the
Lord's Service.
As has been well known, the Rev.
John Curts, one of the most respected
ministers and citizens of the city, has
been for some time quite feeble- It
was not, however, .supposed that he
was in a dangerous condition and the
news of his death came with sudden
ness this morning when the fact was
known upon the street.-
He began losing health about two
years 8go and has been failing in
strength ever sine e. The immediate
cause of his death was heart trouble
brought on by kidney disease and
dropsy. Yesterday be did not com
plain of feeling unusually ill; he ate a
hearty supper and took a nap after
wards. When he awoke lie complained
of feeling tired and expressed a desire
to go to bed His wife assisted him to
the bedroom where he sat down upon
the edge of the bed and fell over in
sensible. It was then about 10 o'clock.
Doctors were called at once and thej
decided that he had died immediately
at the time be became unconscious.
Mr. Curts was 64 years of age. He
leaves to mourn his decease a wife and
nine children, all of the latter being
grown to womanhood and manhood.
ills life, since he became of age, has
been spent in the roinibtry of the
United Brethren and MetludM
Episcopal cliurcbs. Fiom the active
service of the latter he retired seveial
years ago on account of advancing
years. Since 1870 he has made his
home in this city where he has consid
erable property. He has from time to
time, until his feebleness became too
great, fillrd the pulpits of tl.e city
churches and every chinch goer is
familiar with his earnest and convinc
ing manner of presenting the woidol
God to his hearers. Theclas-s meeting,
the prayer meeting, and the Sunday
school, have all known his constant
presence, and his life has been a con
stant following in the footsteps of the
Saviour whose servant he was.
During the day many sympathizing
friends have called at the home on
East Fourth street to offer their con
dolence and their aid to the bereaved
The time of thp funeral services ha
not yet been decided upon, as the rel
atives are waiting to hear from the ab
sent children.
Through the sorrow and pain that
always comes with death, across the
shadow and the sadness that is ever in
its wake there is, when the good man
dies, the record of a life well-spent, a
fight well-fought, to solace aud giv
comfort. So with the Rev. John ','urts.
He has "kept the ftith" and enter.
iuto the joy of the future world free
from pain and grief and rich in the
glory of the blest. With his faith
planted firmly in the promises of the
M ister death had no terrors for him.
"He died.
As one who bad been studied in bis death.
Giving up the dearest thing he owned
As 't were a careless trifle."
From Monday's Daily.
Funeral Services.
One of the largest gatherings ever
known in Dickinson county was in
attendance on the funeral services of
the Rev. John Curts yesterday after
noon. Hundreds who had known him
and listened to his words of consolation
and cheer were present to show theii
respect to his memory, and the Metho
dist church, in which the services were
held, was crowded to its utmost, capac
ity. The Rev. W. II. Ztmmermin, in
earnest phrases told of his fellow
pastor's lite and his triumphant faith,
bearing him safely and uutremblingly
to the gates of the future world. A
long train of mourning friends fol
lowed the remains to their last restinji
pl.ice, the Abilene cemeteiy, wlieie
they were laid away to await the sura
mons of the resurrection morn.
The dancing school which was to
have met tonight will be pnstpom d for
two weeks on uccuunt of the holiday
It will meet as usual on the evening nl
January 7th. Prof. L. Hawkins.
Card of Thanks.
The wife and children of the late
Rev. John Curts wish to express their
heartfelt thanks to the many friends
who so kindly lent their services to
wake less dark their hour of bereave
ment. The kindness will not be for
gotten. i i
A Card to X. P's.
There will be no invitations issued to
the members of Damon Lndge No. 6
fur the New Year's eve ball, it is un
derstood that all our members are in
vited. All visiting knights are cordial
y welcomed.
Com. on Invitations.
Farmers Take Notice.
Sacks as good as new at 5, 10, and
15 cents apiece. Lard cans nearly new
at 25 cents each. A large lot of empty
barrels for sale cheap at the Parlor
Grocery of Kump, Fickes & Co.
B. F. Nelson has these choice articles
for a well furnished table: Ct Irry, best
in the market; canned goods of all
kinds, apples, onions, lemons, oranges,
grapes, prunella, bome-made mince
meat. Call and look at his stock.
Frank Ptarker, V. S., No. 900 Olive
St. has ferrets for sale at SS.30 per
pair. 200-2t&18-lt
Wanted Girl for general house
work. Apply at 830 West Third street
or of J)a Hazlett.
19641 7-tf
The daughter of William and Harriet
Kr.niktiji. wns bom Oct. 3itb, 1862
near Uoonville, Missouri. Her early
life was spent, at home, but irom the
age of 16 until her marriage she fol
lowed the profession of teaching. In
this she was very successful and made
a reputation of which any teacher
might be proud. On Feb. 21st, 1888,
she was married at El Dorado, Kas., to
Gus Gebaur, of Abilene, and has spent
the ten months of her married life in
this city. She died Sunday, Dec. 23d,
at her home in West Abilene. She
was of a loving and kind disposition
and enjoyed all the felicity that it is
possible for humanity to have. She
professed religion at an early age and
joined the Hapiist church when but 13
ears old, She has been a faithful
worker in the Lord's vineyard ever
inee. She met the dread destroyer
fearlessly and enteted into her rest sus
tained and cheered by her faith in an
eternal life.
The funeral services were held this
morning at the home. Rev. T. F,
Stauffer officiating. The interment
was made iu the Abi ene cemetery.
The many friends of Tom Prender
gast, a former resident of Abilene and
whose lelations are among our best
known citizens, were shocked yester
day to learn of his death by an acci
deut Satuiday night in Kansas City,
his present home, as he was en loute
to the onion depot to take the train
for Abilene to spend Christmas. The
story of the fatality is thus told in the
K. C. Journal:
Thomas J. Prendergast, of Abilene,
Kas., was thrown Horn a Fifth street
cabh train at the northern entrance of
bluff stit-et at 8:30 o'clock last night
aud was so badlj injured that death
re-ulted boon alter. Pienderuast and
a fritnl named William O'Hrien
boaided the Ham at Fifth and Broad
way and stood upon the plalfoim smok-
ioc. They were on tiieir way to cue
Union depot for the purpuse of taking
the 9:20 tram west. When the train
leached the cuive on Bluff street just
north of the bridge, the sudden jerk of
i he train as it entered the curve threw
I'rendeigat off and under the wheels
ofan east bound train tLat had jusi
crossed the bridge. The unfortunate
man was rolled along under the wheels
for twenty-five or thirty feet before the
train was stonnea. anu tne car nau to
be lifted from him betore he could h
extricated. A hackman, who was
driving over the bridge, saw the acci
dent and with the assistance of young
O'Brien and the people on the tram,
placed him in the hack and drove him
to the Central police station. An ex
amination of Prendergast's injuries
revealed the fact that both thigh bones
Were crushed and his abdomen badh
bruised. Dr. Iuen thought that In
was iniured internally. The wounded
man was taken to tne Sisters' hospital
at the corner of Seventh and Peni
streets by i"strncii'n ot the assistant
superintendent of the Cable company
Premlerpast is about twenty- pvhi
yi ars old and is un parried. Hi
pap nts live in Abilene, Kas. Worn
wass-nt them last night of the acc"
dent. He died soon after res-chin
the hospital. Deputy Coroner Collins
visited the scet,e of the accident la'-t
night and secured the names of several
witnesses. An inquest will be held
over the remains at 2 o'clock Mondaj
TTere's what you can pet in choice
groceries at Nelson's: Rolled oats,
buckwheat flmir, nice apple buttei,
pure apple cider, lemon ppel. citron
catsups and hominy. 197-3twl7-lt
An old phvsician, retired from active practice
having had pi iced In his hands by an East India
missionary the formnla of a simple iegetable
remedy for the Bpeedy and permanent cure 01
consumption. Hronchltis, Catarrh, Asthma and
all Throat and Lung affections, after having
thoroughly tested its wonderful enrnthe poweri
in thousands of cases feels it his dutv to make
it known to his suffering fellow. The recipe
sent fhfe. to .ill who may desire It with fnll dlrec
tions for preparing and successfully using. Ad-drei-,
with stamps, naming this paper.
M. K f!A5S.vinOrand 5t ..lPrvOItv.N. 3.
Nelson at his model store on Buckeye
can show a choice line of staples and
fancy procerips.
Nelson will sell you groceries for
your Christmas dinner at very bottom
In Brief, and to the Point.
Dyspepsia is dreadful. Disordered
liver is misery. Indigestion is a foe to
good nature.
The human digestive apparatus is
one of the most complicated and won
derful things in existence. It is easily
put out of order.
Greasy food, tough food, sloppy food,
bad cookery, mental worry, late hours,
and many other thiags which ought
not to be, have made the American
people a nation of dyspeptics,
But Green's August Flower has done
a wonderful work in reforming this sad
business and making the American
people 80 healthy that they can enjoy
their meals and be happy.
Eemember No happiness Trithout
health. But Green'B August Slower
rrln&s health and happiness to the dys
peptic Astynur druggist for.a bottle.
Tne JJ
1 Seventy-five ecu.
Sheriff's rale.
Under ana by vinue otan order of sMe lssncd
fry the C erk of the-Dltrict Oourt of Dlcs-jn-on
cuiny. State of tv-ns's In a cat" ppn'ilng
tl.errin, when in Iice.M Jun rn Is plaintiff nd
Tin odore F. Itantt. Harriett A. Ibtnta. Wtlti.ua
I-Orwn ai.d Louitd Brown nr3.deit.ndai.tt. 1
Mill, on
Monday, January 21st. A. D.f 1889,
at the frout door of tne conrt bon?e. In the city of
Abilene. County orDIckln..on, State of Kansas at
lOo'c.ocKa m., or said day sell to the highest
Didder for each, thp following teal e-tate to-wit:
The northeast quarter (n e U.) of section
twenty-one (21) and the northwest quurter (n v
Ml of taction twenty-two f221 all In tnwnehlD
trlTi (I2)xonthot rai'gone M) east. In I'lck
iiison county. State Ot hans. Subject to a prior
mortgage "f fiTe thousand dollar J5,(M). The
said real estate will be sold pursuant to the judc-m-nt
of th court in said cause recited in said
order of sale.
Witness my hand this 19th day of December A.
D.. '6S3. D. W. NAltL, Sheriff
of Dickinson county. Kansas. 17-3t
Under and bv virtue ofan order of sale issued
by tlieclTk of" the M-trict court of U.ckinson
county.Stato of Kansas, ina cause pending there
in.wherein The Lebanon Savings Batik.a corpora
tion. Is plaintiff and James A Xob'e. Lnul-a M.
Noble, Cha. II Dewar. s:rptary, and William S.
Eno arc Defendants, I w HI on
Mnay, January 21, A- D. 1889,
at the front door of the -onrt houpP, in the city
of Abilene, county of Ulckinvn. State of Kansas,
at 10 o'clock a. m .of said day sell t the highest
bidder for ca-h. the following r"al estate to wit;
The southeact quarter (s e H) of section i-eveu
fl) nd the north half or the northeast quarter
(n Horn ejr) of section eighteen (18) in town
ship sixteen (16) south, of niLge one (1) east in
Dickinson county. State of Kansas. The said
real estate "JU be hold pursnant to the judgment
of the court in said caute r cited in said order ot
Witness my band this 19th dar of December A.
V.. 1S83. D W, NaILI Sheriff,
Of Dlrklnson county. Kansas. 17-5t
Dickinson connty. f63,
Underandby virtue of an order of sale Issued
by the cletk of the District oonrt of Dickinson
t'ounty. r-tateof Knnas, in a cause pending there
in, wherein The New Kne'and Loan and Trust
ompany is plainUff ana Ulrtko Gnettler and
Herman Guettler her hnsband are defendants, I
will on
Monday, January 21, A. D., 1889,
a' the front door of the court house, fn the city of
Abilene, connty of Dickinson, State or Kansas, at
10 o'clock h. m.. of said day sell to the highest
bidder lor cash, the folio wine real estate to wit:
The northexst quarter (n e J4) of section seven
teen (17) township twelve (12) south, of range one
(I) east, in Dickinson county. State of Karsas,
Mibject to a prior mortp'grt of sixteen hnndrec
dollar ($1,600) The said n-al estare will be sold
pursuant t- the judgment ot the court in said
can Be recited In t-aid order ot i-ale.
Witnessmyhand this iflthdayof December A.
D . 18JW. D. W, Naill, Sheriff.
of Dickinson county, Kansas. l7-5t
The Original Wins.
C. F. Simmons, St. Louis, Propr
M. A. Simmons Liver Medicine, Est' d
1S40, in the U. S. Court defeats J.
H.Zeilin.Prop'r A. Q.Simmons Liv
er ltegulator, Est'd by Zeilin 1868.
M. A. S. L. M. has for 47 years
cured Indigestion, Biliousness,
Dysfzpsia.Sick Headache, Lost
Afpetitk, Sour Stomach, Etc.
Rev. T B. Reams. Pastor M. E.
Church, Adams, Tenn., writes:"!
WinK x snouia nave oeen dead nut
tor your Genuine M. A. Sim
mons Liver Medicine. I have
sometimes had to substitute
"Zeilin's stufi" for your Medi
cine, but it don't answer the
Tm T TY f r n VJ!,.. Tm
Battist. Memphis. Tenn. savs:
I received a package of your Liver
Medicine, and have usea half of it.
It works like a. charm. I want no
better Liver Regulator and cer
tainly no more of Zeilin's mixture.
Iniaae Persona Beitcred.
I for all DAts Nixrc dmeiim Oil nrt
Curt Jtir Ktrtt AftCTumt, filt, SpOtitf, etc.
laniuui ii ana u uiKm. jua rut ajicr
first dam k. TruiU and SI Rtal bottlt frt M
I Fit picltoU, thtr l7nc xprM thaiitiea bos won
L ona umiit r. v. ana cxditm aaarrM mt
DS. KLIHE. SSI Area 8t- rfcilldltrjhil. fl.
BttDrooiiu. SSWASUOXUttTATliHi flUUDS.
.JCTS.3-- f .. I tf7- i"lU BT
; :&
' n,. ''UGGtSm.
'C Ma am
AND A-V 41
V5i U ii
to,?zzx.i&2&g&8mi: . ?jv
For sale by
J), d Smith. Abilpne.Kas..
Wnen Jtaby tvas aici, wo pave her Castoru,
When she w.13 a Child, she cried for Castoru
When she became Hiss, she clnn; to Caatoria,
WTien she bad Children, oho gave them Castori
I sell more bottles uf
Dr. Scfli Arnold's
than of any other cough
Mtilicinp. kept in stock, :il
tiionIi I Keep fifteen varie
ties. r..M.Roltertson, Coyville
Druggists. j?-p fe, ami l.PO
j3. B. B.
(Botanic Blood Balm.)
The great Blood Purifier and Tonic,
t cures Scrofula, Kidney Troubles;
Catarrh, Skin Humors, Rheumatism,
Eruptions, Hoils, etc, and is a wonder
ful tonic. For sale by Barnes & Nortl
Found by Accment.
Baltimore. Md., January 28th, IS87.
I have been a aufferer for six years with
Catarrh. Ulcerated Sore Throat and nh'mmatism
of the Chest, trom blood poison. About fout
weeks ago I was p.isMngtbe Botanic Blood Balm
stre. "So. 8. North i-trcet, Baltimore. I went In
and consulted yonr ayent about my case, lie
gave me tine ot your B. B. . "Book of Wonders,1'
which I read I called in a few iays afterward
... J nnr m h'.fllo nt vnnr rtntcir.1i- Tttnnd Rlm R
B. B. I am now on the third bottl" ard will say
that I have fPlt a marked improvement Since the
third day alter cmmencinR touseyourmedlclnf.
I now have no trouble with my throat, and have
Iraprovtd so-much every wv that I am satisfied
that by the use of yonrmedfcitie I will soon be
all r gat.
1 have ttken many and so eK"odpresctIp'lon
and medicines for tlds trouble, DUt I think your
B. B. B. the best remedy I have had. and I cheer
fully recommend y.ur "Botanic Blond Balmr to
the pnblicas the quickest and best blood rented '
I have found, after six long years of search for
health. V.ryrespeci fully yon rs,
210 Slemmors A liey. Joseph W. Flottkiu.
Btnn Ramc V-n.. Atlanta. O.
Great rejoicing all over tne world on account
the discovery of South American Nervine which
is actnowledged by all as the most vainablemed
ical discovery of tils century. It possesees prop
erties which qnlckl) cure the stomach andNerve
tndglve sweet and refreshing health where dls-
So'ith American Nervlno has no equal aaaenre
for a weaK siomacn, weais. n"-ni "","''"
weakly females, weakness of old age and all fonnt
of failing health, A trial bottle will convince you
, ...- j i ex cntrl hT t II Riiinm
mccii;irUi'iti- cum w ". " . -- -.
dmorist Amiens. Ktntao
Cholera; Morbus is one of the mos
hateful and dangerous diseases, many
deaths resulting from it each year,
usually because it is not properly treat
aA Thn mrtsr. spvptp cases may be
cured by Tising Chamberlain's Colic,
Cliolera and jJiarrnoea iieiueuy.
never faila Sold by Barnes & NoxVt-
HI r
'k?r&&T7 iRffrar
'B-tGyjfjr JV '-y- 3J
r-v !13
rl-.trA&-r ,-J KT L
filill illl'i II li
craft. - v
After Iwuiug maUe arrangements in
the JEast tor the lounum ot moi.ey,
1 wish to announce to the
public that I am now
prepared to
At tie Very Lowest Bates.
On Short ISTotice
It will pay you to come
and see me.
Office with C. S. Crawford, over Kellcy'j
Jewelry store.
Attorney at Law
Room 1 Over Palace Drug Store.
G per ct.
With a commission or EIGHT per cent,
straight. Money paid when papers are signed
We have Money to
loan at 6 1-2 per cent,
interest, with privi
lege of paying in mul
tiples of $100.00 at
any interest payment.
Notice of Final Settlement.
In the Probate conrt of Dickinson Connty, State
of Kansas.
In the matter of the estate of William H. White
hurst, deceased.
Creditors and all other persons interested In
the estate of W illiam H. Whitehurst, deceased,
will take notice that II. II. Floyd, administrator
of said estate, 'Will make final settlemt nl of said
estate at the January term of s -id Probate conrt
of I Mcklnson connty. Kansas, and on the 7th day
of January, A. 1. 1889,orassooD thereafter as a
hearing can be had. H. H. Floyd
lMt Administrator.
Notice of Final Settlement.
In the Probate Court of Dickinscn county, State
ot Kansas.
In the n atter of the estate of Susie W. Risser,
Creditors and all other persons interested in
the estate Susie W. R si-er, deceawd, will tal-e
i.oticc that Frances liisfer, admiiii-tratrix of said
r&ute, will m.ke final settlement of said tstate
t I he January term of said Probate Court of
Dickinson coniitv, Kanm, a d on the 7th day ' f
January. A. U. 18S9, or a soon thereat-er as a
hearing can be had. FRANCES HISSER,
15-4t Administratrix.
Sheriff's Sale.
of cale issued by the cleik of the District
Court Ot Dickinson county, State of Kansas, in a
cause pending therein, wherein Elizabeth Stin
son Is p aintiff, aud L. A. Peck, John Watts, John
F. Kaxter and James R. WiUon are defeudautp,
I will, on
Monday, January 7th, A. D. 1889,
at the front door of the court house. In the city of
Abilene, county of Dlrklnn, suite of Kansas,
at 10 o'clock a. m. of said day, sell to the highe.-t
bidder for cash, the follow lug real estate, to-wlt:
Lots No, two and fonr (-2 and 4) In block No
nine (9) In the town of Carlton. In Dickinson
county, State of Kansas.
The said re Instate will be sold pursuant to
the judgment of the Court In said cause recited
in said order of sale.
Hue-s my hand this 5th day of He embr, A.
D. 188S. D. W. NAILL,
15-5t Sheriff of Dickinson Counti , Kas.
Notice of Final Settlement
In the Probate Conrt of Dickinson connty. State
of Kansas.
In the matter of tl.e cstte of Albert Damrow,
Creditors and al other persons interested in
th estate of Altett Damrow deceased, will take
uoUce that Henry Wbltl-y. administrator of eaid
estate, will make final settlement of said estate
at the January terra ot said Probate Court oi
Dickinson county, Kansas, and on the 7th day of
January, A. D. 1889, or as soon thereafter as a
hearing can be bad HENRY WHITLEY,
15-4t Administrator.
Notice of Final Settlement
In the Probate Court of Dickinson county, State
of Kansas.
In the matter of the estate of Timothy lluell, de
ceased. Creditors and all other persons Interested in
the estate of Timothy Riiell. deceased, will Uke
notice that A'.lieD Buell, admlnUtratrix of said
estate, will mke final settlement of bald estate
a1 the .I.muary term of said Probate Court of
Dickinson county, Kansas, and on the "th day
of, January, A. D. 18e9, or as soon thereafter as a
hearing can be had. ALLIB D. BUELL,
15-4t Administratrix.
Assignee's Notica.
All persons Interested are hereby notified that
I. the undersigned, nsignee of Frederick II
B tardman. recenUy engaged in business t Abi
lene, in Dicklnon county, Kansas, under the
firm name of K. II. Boardman and company, will
on the Hth, 14th and 15th days of Febrntry, A. D.
isfi9. between the hours of nine o'clock a.m. and
five o'cl-ck p. m. oraIdday8, at the office of tni.
Kansas tarm Mortgage company in tne city oi
Abilene, Dickinson county, Kansis, proceed pub
licly to adjust and allow demand against the es
tate and tffects of the said Frederick II. Board
man.assigi.or; and nil creditors are required to
attend at said pi ce during the said time and lay
before me, as such assignee, the nature anii
amount of their demands; and unless they shall
o bO they will be precluded tr m any benefit of
aid estate. . G. C 'WLKS.
Assignee or Frederick 11. Boardman.
Abilene. Kansas, October 8th A. D. 18S8.
to Jan.8
Notice of Appointment.
Dickinson County, f"'
In the matter of the estate or A-tdison S. Jam!
gan late of Dic-lnson ounty, Kansas.
Notice is hTeby given th a on the 8th day or
December. A- D. 18S3. the undersigned was by
the Probate Court of Dickinson County. Kan.as,
duly appointed and qualified as administrator of
the etat of AddUon H. Jarnlgan late of Dickin
son County, deceased. All partle Interested in
said.estate wttl take noUce and govern themselves
accordingly T. B. Molet, Administrator.
Bcbtox & Moobk. AttornejB, 15.34
TJnder and by virtue or an order or sale Issued
by the Clerk of the District court of Dickinson
county. State of Kanfas. In a cause pending
therein. wh rein T nomas Kirby is Plaintiff, and
William Davis. Mary J. Datls, wary M. Dicker
son, E. M Mertiaeld, D.8. Beeraer. Edilh Beemer
and Wright S. Travis are Defendants. I will on
Monday, January 14th, A. D. 1889,
at the frost door of the com t bouse, in the city of
Abilene, Connty or .dekinson. State of Kansas at
;o o'clock a. m., of said dav, sell to the highest
biddT for cash, the, following real e Utejiowlt:
Lot twenty (2fl) In blocfc nineteen (19) In Konev
and Hodee's addition to tne city of Abilene, In
Dii kin son connty. State of Kansas. Snbject to
a mortgage OTS30O.C8. The said real estate win
b? fold pursuant to the judgment of tie conrt la
ai tcaase recited in sakiordt-r of ale.
Witness my band this 1 1 ta day ot December A.
D.2SS8. Tl W.Na1Xl,8 erlir,
et Pkfc'aaca cotaty, giiing iwt
Graduate of the Rochester School of Embalming.
A new and full line of Metalic, Wood and
Glotn-covered burial cases and caskets, bur
ial robes and burial shoes can be found at the
old stand of W. H. Eicholtz. Also a fine
-:-Emba!ming a Speciaity-:-
Calls attended to day or night. Residence, flrst house west of store, cor
ftr of Phrl and ftedar streets. xVbilpriP. Kansa.R w32-tf
Pioneer Stogie Factory,
SO Tliiid. Street,
For he Clieajfisl anl Besi Cipr 01 Earl
oaoBqox and Pipes at Hardpan Prices.
Boots This Week!
Call on T. C. Mclnorney for Boots. He is
Selling Men's, Boys' and Youths'
Boots Cheaper than ever.
Highest Price Paid
("Do not forget the place at 3d and Broadway.
Bu.lz Salt SOc per 1 OO l"bs.
43& "
rjwtyjBV,'. ri'yjiiaTfi.yyiA.AjA
for Infants and Children.
"Cwtorialasoirelladaptedtochfldrenthat 1 Catori enreg Colic Coastlpatloa,
IrecommenditMBuperiortoanyprescripaon I Sour Stomach, Drrho, ZracUUoBj
tonratome." RA. Ascnri.M.D.. Kfllonns, sires sleep, wd proor dl-
111 So. Oxford St, BrocklyB,N.Y. fl Without Injnriottt nedtatffcav
Tkm CxsTAtm CoKPjrr, 182 Fulton Street, K. T.
S. M, W'SE,
Is located, in new qua ters on
3d. Street near Spruce.
Pine Tailoring a Specialty.
Gentlemen's Suits in the Latest
Styles of Goods and Guts.
Out-of-town Orders given prompt
Rem mber my new location.
S. EL Wise, Abilene, Kas.
Fine Harness.
Strong Harness,
Carriage Harness,
"Work H irnsss.
Saddles, Nets. Whips, Etc.
3T"A11 work warranted.
Hewman's old stand.
for Hides and Furs.
F- "V". CLOSE,
k:-m hki China Hogs.
Some choice pijrs now ready for delivering'
Xo better stock any w here. F. V. CLOSE.
Abilene, Kas.
Residence, corner Buckcy and Hth st.
fctfWHI bo found ut my roaidence ever
BttJt" 'l'a
Abilene Nursery
Grows and Deals in
Fruit and Orna
mental Trees,
Street Treps.
1 Small Fruits
Shrubs. Etc.
Order? by mall given
Xnrery located XYt
miles west Of P. O. near
railroads. 2! -tf
We have $100,000
to loan on farm and
city property at the
lowest rates. Loans
closed promptly. No
Bear room First Nat. Bank.
Made for all lands and lots in Dickin
son County, at
Seasonable Bates.
- f .
J.-fc-t-at'f ,

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