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Abilene weekly reflector. (Abilene, Kan.) 1888-1935, June 28, 1894, Image 6

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The firemen will hnvc a ball on
the til;lit of July 1 tli. Tickets will
be 1 (XT couple.
Mablc Schnf, a lltllo Entcrprl-o
j-lrl, u Licked In tlio faco by a horse
Sunday nnd hail n-check bono broken.
Mrs. John Taylor anil Mr. It. M.
White wrlto that they arc plcanantly
Battled (or the dimmer lit Ocean
The Enterprise Journal I much
Improved by a change from n blanket
ihcct of eight columns to n neat live
column quarto.
Dr. M. M. Cloud, formerly of
tills city now of Topckn, was married
Tuesday to Mrs. Marlu Franccsca
Jaekman, of Topcka.
Tho new rate of 10.76 for round
trip to Denver ought to bo cry at
tractive to anylioily who lint tho
10.75 and uants to go.
Tlicro nro "cvcrnl Abllcno peoplo
already counting cm taking advantage
of the cheap I)ener rates for a sum
mer Micntlon In Colorado.
1). 1). Ilornaday sa)s ho has lost
1 100 tr lug to raise n crop of wheat
Di his farm near l.eott this ear.
drain of nil kinds Is a failure I here.
.Miss Mabel Cross, lhlng north
of Detroit, has received n jirlo of
1X0 In gold for securing thu second
largest list of subscribers to tho Kan
sas City Times In n recent contest.
This Is n pen cried world. Tho
Kvangcllcal Visitor hns receded more
glory out of publishing tho wild nnd
wooly "vision" of an ImmaglnatUe
correspondent than from jcars of
earnest presentation of gospel truths.
Tho Enterprise school board has
hired II. M. -Ambrose, of Wlnllcld, ns
principal of schools for next year.
Ills assistants are: l'ninels Campbell,
Carrie I-owury, Kate Illlllngri, Mario
Scnn, Laura Drown.
A western Knnsas phljosopher:
It Isn't the man who tells his wife
everything he does who has tho
smoothest time In this world. It Is
tho man who mnkes his wife believe
he has told her everything." (ireat
head has the western Kansas man.
Messrs. Hcmjucnct and (larr, of
Hope, who have been lighting In the
district court for two terms, nro get
ting ready for another contest, (birr
picketed his cow on Hcnijuciicl's land
the other day and had a hilarious
"scrap" on hand in live minutes. No
bom were broken.
About the llnest work In raising
garden produce ever seen in the county
Is that on the farm of Chris. Ilurh
holder of Duekeyo township. He has
arranged for windmill Irrigation of nn
nero or moro and Is producing mag
ntllccnt cabbages, etc. He Informs
tho local merchants that ho can sup
ply them for the season.
Hev. McWrlght, formorly of
Abllcno, has made n newspaper man
mad up at his now charge, Ohcrltn.
Tho editor Is usually long-sulTerlng
under tho jibes nnd jeers of outrage
ous fortune but sometimes the worm
turns, ns witness this from Editor
Coldren of the Obcrllu Herald:
"Wo think It was hardly fair for the
Iter. McWrlght to point his linger
straight at us Sunday night when
roasting tho circus goers. He must
hare known that we we had comps."
Tho Herlngton Signal says tho
Hock Island's roscrvolr at Herlngton
will bo n daisy. The lake will bo
a beauty. The lake will bo nearly a
quarter of n mile long, from CO to
800 feet in width with an average
depth of from 6 to 16 feet of water.
The lake will bo beautifully fringed
on all sides with stately old elms,
oaks and ash that havo been growing
long before Knnsas put on her blb-rtnd-tuckcr
and joined tho sisterhood of
Enterprise Journal: Tho World's
Fair committco on awards and
premium for creamery products from
tho Stato of Kansas, last week sent to
U. II. Dlckclniau, manager of tho
Woodbine creamery, a diploma of
honorable mention ns a butter maker,
which ho had won in prizo competition
for butter made from separator
cream. The same committee has
written A. 0. K'tli, that tho mednl
Tihlch tho Enterprise creameries bo
easily won In tho same competition
as noted above, will bo mailed lit n
few days.
At tho pretty homo of Mrs. II. M.
Dako, on Dako's addition, beautifully
decorated with choice cut flowers of
profuso fragrance, Thursday, a joyous
reception was given to a largo number
of lady friends, by that charming
hostess, who on former occasions llko
this has lUmo honor as n royal enter
tainer, Mrs. Dako was assisted in
receiving by Misses Mattlo and Lena
Lltts, of Abilene, Kansas. Dainty re
freshments were served In courses.
Tho punch bowl, which was onvolopcd
In entwining Btnllax, was presided
over by Miss Lena Lltts. Tho re
ception was one lone- to bo romom
bored with plcasuro by both guests
aim nosiess. urooxnciu (mo.j Argus.
i . ii
When So Many peoplo are talking
nnd deriving benefit from Hood's Sar
sjnarilla, why don't yon try It vour
KclfP It will build you up. Hood's
Harsaparllla will mako you strong.
Hood's 111 1 s euro nausea, sick head
ache, Indigestion, biliousness. Try a
Equal Suffrage Bitterly Denounced
Incomo Tax and High License In
Demand Not All Harmony But
the Slate Ooei Through.
Prom Thursday's Dally
The Democratic county convention,
to select 7 delegate each to congres
sional nnd .State conventions played In
hard luck as to weather. It was, as
ono of tho delegates remarked, a pe
culiar convention In that all tho wet
was on the outside, Tho rain poured
down dismally, ami prevented the
country members of (lie party from
appearing on tho scene. Tho lenders
of the party were In from the downs
and composed tho members of tho
Them vvero present such old timers
as.IAriuck.il Ilnssler, Enterprise;
It II Mile-, Hop; W T Harris, .Solo,
nionj Ed Armohl, I)r T N (iiinn mid
l'at Slieerau, Chapman; M It Morse, It
A Wilson, S (5 I'iKikc. V V Morgan,
Jas Mi-.Vaspy, 1' Zlobell, T M Illx
by, M J Murphy, J W Creeih, Herlng
ton, besides n number from Abilene.
Tho meeting was on account of the
small number preient held In the
jury mom Instead of tho court mom,
ami the brethren tombed elbows, so
tloscly were they gathired in the
room. There wns little sp.uo left for
outsiders who wished to see the en
tertainment. The convention met nt 'i o'clock.
Chairman McXaspy of the central
committee, called the gathering to
order, Secretary II. I., htrother lead
tho call.
On motion committees vvero ap
pointed ns follows:
Hesoliitlnns S (1 Cooke, W T II u
ris, 1' .Scaiilon, S K Stmther, K II
A now wrinkle In machine politics
was Introduced In n motion by . T.
Harris, that the chairman appoint six
delegates to tho Male convention, the
chairman making tho seventh, mid
seven delegates to the coiigicssloii il
convention, To the surprise of some
of tho delegates the motion carried.
Delegates were niiuouneed ns fol
lows: Tii the hlnto convention nl Tnpekn
July M S(i Ciuke, 11 M Wlmsatt, .1
A l'lack, E. Armohl, J T l'reuderg.isl,
S K htrother, Jas MeNnspy,
To tho congressional convention at
Concordia, Aug. 11: W T Harris, J
W Creech, T J Foley, It II Miles, II
Hasslcr, 1' II Itoss, T N (iiinn.
On motion tho delegates vvero em
powered -to select their own niter
nates. Tho resolution committco reported
ns follows:
Ito It resolved by the Democrats of
Dickinson tounty In convention as
sembled, First, That wo indorse tho Slate
and Nntlonal Democratic platforms of
Wl'l and the administration of Presi
dent Cleveland.
Second, That wo favor a tariff for
revenue only, nnd Indorse the Wilson
bill ns ii Ioiil' step in that direction.
And we Indorse tho lueomo tax and
favor Its Incorporation into our rev
enue system.
Thlnl, That we favor tho flee
coinage of silver, nnd nro opposed to
the principle of tho Issuo of interest
bearing bonds.
Fourth, That wo Indorse. Senator
Martin ns an nblo, earnest nnd con.
selentlous public servant, and claim
thnt he has accomplished more good
for Kansas than any other Senntor who
has over represented the State.
Fifth, Believing thnt woman suf
frage Is Impracticable, nud that it
would bo more deinornllzlng than
helpful, wo oppose tho pending con.
situtlonal amendment gl lug sulTrage
to women.
Sixth, It being apparent to every
ono that prohibition in this State Is
as big a farco as ever, and believing
that tho sale of liquor should be taxed
and not free. Wo demand tho repeal
of the prohibition amendment, nud
favor n high license law ns the best
solution of tho liquor problem.
Capt. J. J, Heagan took the floor
opposing the endorsement of Clove-
land. He said ho was elected on a
sliver and tnrllT platform and said wo
now hnvo neither. Wo can't bo loyal
to a party that don't carry out 'its
Sidney (i. Cooko supported tho
resolutions. Ho know many Demo
crats felt opposed to the administra
tion. "Hut," he said, "wo nro not
cndo.slng tho senate. If wo were I
should favor kicking It out. Nor are
wo endorsing tho house. Wo nro en
dorsing Clovclnml. For tho only
position I asked for tho pension
ofllco ho turned mo down and cry
ungracefully at that and nppoiutcd n
man not nn old soldier. Hut he is
our president nnd I want to endorse
Capt. ltt'agan camo back with n
scorching abiiBo of tho Incompetency
and greod of tho men now In otllco.
On motion tho resolutions were
adopted, how over, and tho conven
tion adjouruoil.
Tho Stato delegation is composed
of fuslonlsts and tho tuslonlsts run
tho convention.
Tho congressional delegation will
favor tho nomination of a Democratic
candidate for congress.
Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder
World's FIr lllghtlt M4-J ud Dlplomt.
Death of a Child.
(from Thursday's Dally
The three year old son of Mr. and
.Mrs. Win. ltoemcr, IIvIiil' on Fifth
street, died of membraneous eroupj
Inst evening. Funcinl services vvero
held at the draco ltefiirmed church
this afternoon, Itev. A. S. Dc chant
Death's Sudden Summons.
A letter received last evening by
Miss l.lrlu Hoho and written by Mr.
l'arkcr, gao the llrst details known
hero of the death of .Mrs. F. I., l'.arker
nt Salt Lake City Friday last. She
was In apparent good health and was
receiving callers at her home. Two
ladles were calling and nil were In
conversation when suddenly the
hostess gave n try of pain nnd sank to
tho floor, dying nlmost Instantly.
Apoplexy of the brain was, ns staled
in tho HhKM.tToli last week, thocnusc.
'I ho blow wns n great shock to her
family and Is being felt severely by
her mother, Mrs. Hobbs of this city,
who grieves sadly for her departed
only child.
Meals on tho Fourth.
The llaptlst Aid soclity has secured
the vacant store room on llrondvvny,
ono door north of Ilirsch's store,
where the members will servo meals
on the Fourth for '.'5 cents. Tho f.iro
will be the best that call bo obtained.
No oiie need go hungry on tho Fourth.
Other refreshments will be si rv id all
Ho Will Keep After Lang.
Tho report circulated by several
papers of tho county thnt (1. W.
.ShiiiL'htcr, father of tho voiiiil' man ,
killed liv Ioyd Lang, would remove I ' number of ministers hivo been In
to Oklahoma and would not appear1 " .''"'V l'l week attending tho
,, . , ",, 'U. I". pii'sbvtery nt Holland,
as o witness In proceulo l.angatlisi ,,,.,, . . ... , ,. ., . , ,
, , , , ,' , , , " , I arllnii will have a 1 mirth of July
new trial, Is vigorously deulnl by n eelebralhm with music, bao lull,
puiiiie earn in ino ews vviiieu sinrteil (
iiio icpori. llo savs: "I want It
llstluelly understood that mv famllv
Is not going nnd I will not be nw.ay
over four weeks, and I will bo hero
and do all I can totonvht l.ang."
New Honey Orders.
On July 1st next the United Mates
pulnlllu! di'pirtineiit will begin
using a new form of money oideis.
'lhis order will be similar In all
respects In the express company j
inoiiev orders In form nnd in com-
mercial handling In lhis, that thu'
order will bo llko a check nud can,
after It Is endorsed by the person In I
whoso f.ivnr It l mailo out, bo nego-'
tinted and cashed llko an ordinary
bank check. In form nnd stylo tho
new order very much lesembles both
the postal note and tho tho express
older. On nny amount up to 2.10
thochaige ls.1 cents, ifi'.flO tn $5, h
cents; $.1 to $10, H cents: $10 to $:'0.
10 cts.; ?20 to if:iO, 12 ets.; till) to fill,
lfi ets.; $10 to &r.O. 1H cts.:50 toSfiO.
'.'Octs.sSGO to 75, '25 cts.; J7A to
100, . '10 ets. Wo hopu to see these
llhcritllv used hv llklM-i'-rntt unl,.
ecrlbeis In sending money to this
otllco. They will bo receive'd without
How's This I
Wo otTer one hundred dollars ro.
ward for any case of catarrh that can
not bo cured by Hall's Cat.virb Cure.
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O.
Wo the undersigned havo known F.
J. Cheney for the last 16 vcars, and
bellevu him perfectly honorable In nil
business transaction and financially
nblo to carry out any obligation made
ny ineir nrin.
West & Truax, Dnicirlsts, Toledo. O.
Waldlng, Klnnnii tc .Marvin, Drug
gists, Toledo, O.
Halls Cntiirrli Curo Is taken liter-
nally, acting directly upon tho blood
nnd mucous surfaces of tho system,
l'rleo 75o per bottle. Sold hv nil
lrugglsts. Testimonials free.
Shifting Soil.
tltcul rMiitu Transfers ltiporlul by Ueoritu
Merrill, Alulniclcr.l
County by Co Clk to John F l.earv Its
ii-o-a-y-lu-n-i2-i;i-i i-io-jo Wk 2U
its 3-fi-7-8-a-10-ll-12-13-lC-18-'20-'.'l
.'2-l3-:.2.'iblk30Klrby's add Abi
lene, I3.2H.
A W lllco to Oeo (1 HulTiunn Its 8 and
U lilk 30 liilrtluvv add Abllcno, 20.
Emily (lornian to James Estactz Us 7
"and 9 blk 10 Enterprise, 10.
Theo C, Perry to Aim Johnston It 19
19 lluckeyo Ave I, & F add Abllcno
J J Crlppen trusteo to Stephen II
.JllllUIIIIL W B W 1-10-, fl.
United Slates to Allen A Smith s o 8 e
and see 20-13-3 87 no 012.
County by Co Clk to O M Case Us 1-
2-3-1-5-U-7-8-9-10 blk 20 leather's
add Enterprise, 13.G9.
Same to same Its 2 1-6-810 blk 0
l'rather's add Enterprise, 110.17.
Samo lo samo Its 12 nnd It blk 20
l'rather's mid Enterprise, S.OJ.
Same to samo Us 1 nnd 3 blk lu
l'rather's add Enterprise, 2.39.
Same to samo Its 22 and 21 blk 8
l'rather's add Enterprise, JLOS.
Samo to samo Its ll10-18-20-22-2lblk
1 l'rathej's add Enterprise, 13.17.
Samo to samo Its 21 and 23 blk 7
rrntiiers aihl l.ntcrprlsc, $1,01.
Samo to samo Us 13-5-7 nnd 21 blk 4
Frather's add Enterprise, J8.89,
Samo to snmo Its 2 and I blk 19
l'rather's add Enterprise, l.H.
Samo to samo It 10 blk 3 l'rather's
add Enterprise, 2.10.
W O Huston to Wm F (lugcler sj n o
4 l-ll-l Tl.iou.
UOOD'S CURES whcnall other
preparations fall. It possesses
curative power peculiar to Itself, lie
sure to get Hood's Sirsaparlll i.
Pitcher's Cnstorln.
Children Cry for
To Parents.
Wo again invite jou to enroll your
children In the model primary depart
ment of tho county normal, beginning
j.,1., 2l,d and cont'lnulng fourwceks.
Hero you will have your children In
charge of an expert teacher, Miss
Edith Johnson, to bo assisted by Miss
Cnlllo Hugh, for tho small sum of
1.00 fur the month.
We wish children In tho chart, llrst,
second nnd third reader classes. Only
a limited number can be accommodat
ed. The children will imct nt 8:30 a.
m., July Vml, In room fi of tho cen
tral building. Call on or address,
D. F. Siiiiik, Co. Supt.
A Household Treasure,
D. W. Fuller, of t'annjoharle, N. Y
says that he always keeps Dr. King's
New Discovery In the house nnd his
family has always found the wry best
results follow Its Use; that ho would
not bo without It, If procurable. (!.
A. Dykcmnn Druggist, Catsklll.N. Y
says that Dr. King's New Dlseovcrvls
undoubtedly the best Cough remeilv;
Hint ho has used it In family for eight
years, and It has never failed to do all
that is claimed for It. Why not try n
remedy so long tried and tested.
Trial bottles freont J.M.Clclssncr's
drugstore. Itegulnrsl7e60c.nndjl.00.
Harvest Is In full blast, wheat Is
turning out much better than wns
Mossis. Wntls and Ilogart havopur-clin-cit
n now lieadtr.
An eiijovablo Ice cream social for
tho benefit of tho U. II. church was
held Tuesday night.
(i. W. blautrhler Is arranirlnt' to
8tart "" M Oklahoma tril
lirewnrks, novelty r.ues, etc
I havo two little giand children
who nro teething this hot summer
wiather nnd nro troubled with bowel
inmplnliit. I glvo thetn Chamber
Iain's Cnllc, C'lmler.i and Diarrhoea
lli'iiiedy nud it nets like a (harm. I
i.arnestly recommend It for children
with bowel troubles. I was myself
taken with n severe ntlaek of bloody
llux, with cramps and pains In my
stomach, one-third of n bottle of this
icnicdy cured me. Within twenty-
four boms I was out of bed and doing
'".' """'"- ""rl- ,""' " ' ""'
gui, linn-aqua, Hickman to., Tcnn
For sale by J. M. (UcNmicr, druggist,
Real Estate for Sale.
The following described real estate
Is for sale to-wlt: The couth half of
section 7, township II, ltangod; also
the southwest of section H, town
ship II, rnugo I. For prices nnd
terms address, Thomas Hrovvne.
Laurel, Ind., or Culleil & Megec,
ltiishville, Ind. 39-12c
"Many of the cltlens of lt.ilusvllle,
Indiana, nre never without n bottle of
Chnmberlaln's Cough Hemcdy In tho
house," says Jai oh Drown, tho lead
ing merchant of the pbue. This
ltcnicdy has proven of so much vuluo
for colds, croup and whooping cough
lu chlldien that few mothers who
know Us worth nro willing to be with
out It. For salo nt J. M. (llelssner's
drug store.
Ballard's Snow Liniment.
This II nlmcnt Is different In com
position from any other liniment on
themaiket. It Is a scientific discov
ery which results lu It being the most
puietratlng liniment ever known,
There nro numerous whlto Imltn
tlons, which may bo recommended be
cause they pay "the seller a greater
profit. Ilew are of these and demand
Il.vllard's Snow I.iuimcut. It posltl
M'ly cures rheumatism, ncuialgla,
sprnlns.brulscs, wounds, cuts, sciatic,
and inllaiiiinatoryrheumatlsm, burns,
scalds, soro feet, contracted muscles,
still joints, old sores, p.Uu In back,
barb wire cuts, sore chest and throat,
and Is especially beneficial In paraly
sis. Sold bv C. E. Northcraft & Co.
Tho War Is Over. A Well-known Sol
dier, Correspondent and Journal
ist Makes a Disclosure,
Indiana contributed licrtlioiuiindi of brsre
soldiers totlioi-ar,nmlnosiutoUar n lct
lor record In tlnvt respect than It does. In
lUcrn ure. It U rapidly acquiring nu
cnvlablo Place,. In war and literature
Holomon Viwcll, -roll known as a writer as
Sol." lias von an honorable position Dur
in,.ll"J Into war lie wus a member of Co. M.
2d. N.V.Ua-nlryaudoMbelsin Indiana In
fantry Volunteers Hegardlnii an Important
clreumitanco lie writes as folium!
ur. sines' Kcstoratlre crvlne. Heart Curo
.. .: a1 .V1 us oul eierani nero aro iimni
spIcndMiaiUf action. Iu lact, woiiaenoer
ana Nnrvn nndliiAsimii it n t.Arn i.,i
u&Od rrmcdloa thnt rnmnurn with tlinm.
tlto J'UUTTorauitBny ihi'y nro tho best com-
lnatlon of tho qualities required In a prep'
oration of tliclrnaturo wo liav never knowui
WO liaVO nOnO but unula nf tirnldi, In (I.An.
woiiavononobutvioiiUof praUo for thcra.
TUoy aro tlie outgrowth of a now prlnclplo In
rneillclijo, and tono up tuo aystem wonder
fully. Wo say to all, try tlieso romwllos"
ijolomon Yedl, Marlon, iud , Docs, lata
llieso remedies aro sold by all drugglsta on
y,plf,.,lro.Fuilr,,"c,e. o' ent direct by tho
llr. Miles Medleal Co, Elkhart. Ind, on Vo"
nipt of prloo, tl per l-jtlle. six boltlea W, ei
SrSSP..1"''.1, '"'-' PusltlvelycomalunolUicr
opiates nor dangcrou drugs.
Sold by All Druggists,
"'vVv .."a"w..c ;
July 4th Program.
following Is tho completed pro
gram of events for July 4 tin
Hall Kamo
riromin's races
lllcyclo rucis
II ind rontest . .
Hall game
it .oo
i" no
3 10
, 4"
.ovelly races "too
l in nn n'sinl rare son
I lnmeli's ball g :
I he races will bo on Second nnd
Third street), A judges' stand will
bo erected on Second street. Tho
novelty races will consist of donkoy
race, wnccinarrovy race, old mans
race (no ono under 70 eligible), two
toot races. Tho ball will bo In Case's
Represents tho "Journal."
James V. Kellcy, not only tho best
but the handsomest newspaper sollc.
Itor who visits Abilene, Is lu town
representing the Kansas City Journal
Tito Journal is ono of tho best papers
In tho West, and moro than that, It
ranks with tho most nbly edited news
papers of tho nation. It has hosts of
friends in this city to whom It has
becomo n household necessity. Mr.
Kclloy Is nn expert nnd n practical jour
nalist and worthily represents an at
tractive nnd newsy publication.
It Don't Fay to Raiso Honest
C. N. Curtis thinks It does. Ho
sold a Patsy Curtis two year old for
fl.000 this spring. I'ttlsy holds the
Stale record, ailCJ, and stntids for
$2".00 to Insure. This Is tho last
chance, ho leaves the stato In the
fall. Address, C. X. CuitTis,
38 lo Abilene, Kas.
Sometime ngo I was troubled with
nn nttaek of rheumatism. I used
Chamberlain's l'nln Ilnlm nnd was
completely cured, I havu slnco nil
vised many of my friends nnd ens
toincrs to try tho remedy and all
sneak hlirhlv of It. Klnioti Cnllianm.
San I.tils ltey, Cal. For sale by J. M.
(ilelssncr, druggist.
All diseases of the skin cured, ami
lost complexion restored by Johnson's
Oriental Soap. Sold by (ittllek, tho
druggist, Abilene, Kansas.
nr.H IrenOryfo
Pitcher's Castoria.
Bucklcn'u Arnica Salvo.
Tho best salvo lu tho world for
cuts, bruises, sores, ulcers, salt
rheum, chilblains, corns and nil skin
eruptions, nnd positively cures piles
or no pay required. It is guaranteed
to give perfect sntisraction or money
refunded, l'rleo 25 cents per box.
For salo by J, M. (Jlolssner.
Specimen Ga3es.
S. II. ClllTord, Cassel. Wis., was
troubled with neuralgia and rheuma
tism, Ids stomach was disordered, his
liver was nlTected to nu alarming de
irree. nnnetlto fell away, nud ho was
terribly reduced In Itcsli and strength,
Threo bottles of Electric Hitters cured
Edward Shepherd, Harrlsburg, III.,
had a ruuuliii soro on ids let: of ciirht
years' standing. Used threo bottles
of Electric Hitters nud seven boxes of
lltickleu s Arnica Salvo and his leg is
sound nnd well. John Speaker, Cat
awba, O., had live largo fever sores on
his lei, doctors said lie was Incurable,
Olio bottle Elcctrie Hitters nud one box
Iliickleits Arnica Salvo cured him en
tirely. Sold by J. M, (Ilelssncr drug
Or. Price's Cream Ilak'ng Powder
A Purs dr-po Crsaai ol TarU- Powdtr-
Chlldren Oryfor
Pitcher's 'Castoria.
Sttbscrlbo for tho lterLECTOit.
A Sound Liver MakoB a Woll Man,
Aro you bilious, constipated or
troubled with jaundice, sick head,
acho, bad tasto in mouth, foul breath,
coated tonguo, dyspopsla, Indigestion,
hot dry skin, pain In back and be
tween tho ihouldcrs, chills nnd fover,
etc. If you havo nny of theso symp
toms, your liver Is out of order and
your blood Is slowly being poisoned
because your liver docs not net prop,
crly. llerblno will curo any disorder
of the liver, stomach or bowels. It
has no equal as n liver medicine
l'rleo 7fic. Kreo trial bottles nt C. E.
Northcraft & Go's drugstore.
A FAIR TR IAL of Hood's Sar-
" saparllla guarantees a complete
cure. It is an honest medicine, honest
lyadvertlscdandlthoncstly CURES
Dr. Price's Cream Baking Ponder
Forty Veers the standard.
When Ituby wa tfck, wo gate hr COstorta,
TYlicn klio Mas a Child, tho crlod for CaitorU.
W hen iho becooio Jit t, ilio clunj to CutorU.
'Miaa sho had CUtldrua,ldie gave them Castoria,
What a Prominent Insurance Man
II. M. Dlossom, senior member of
H. M. IllossomA Co., 218N.3dStSt.
Louis, writes; I liad been left with a
cry distressing cough, the result of
Influenza, which nothing seemed to
relieve, until I took Dullard's Hore
hoitnd Syrup. Ono bottlo completely
cured me. I sent ono bottlo to my
sister, who had a sovcro cough, nud
sho experienced Imiuedlato relief. I
always recommend this syrup to my
friends. John Cranston, 903 Ham
pshire street, Quincy. Ills., wrltcsi I
havo found llallard'sIIorcbouitdSvrup
superior to any other cough medicine
I have over know. It never disap
points. Prico 60c. Sold by C. E.
Northcraft & Co.
28, 1894.
n I " i i V
IK V- 1U J, -) I
IHuv -snm va
in doing it, and it's a rrreat deal more thoroughly done.
Dairies and dealers use Pearline extensively. Just try it
once, on your milk-ware or butter-ware -and then say if it
isn't the most satisfactory way of cleaning. Pearline is the
most economical thing you can use, too. You get so much
more out of it.
Rfan A Teddlers snd soma tins-rupu'.oiis jrroccrt will tell you " this Is as rood as"
wwi.--. or "the lime as 1'carline."
" Back
anu II your pro
honest tendil
Abilene Mill and
Fully cquippod with all tho
latost Milling mahinory.
Manufa turosthobostflour
sold in Abilono.
rl M.j tr 2 W.,ilt and fee,d erlndI''B' Wo have a largo set of rolls and can
Si wn ll foetl.whl10 yu,walt' O" n--l Is roller ground and guaranteed to
VlTZt c? ZyZ a largo sholler and can take corn to grind "either sholled or on
wS-i S J"8 bUr? a" klnda cf Bruln nnd havo dumPs onouBl bo wo can dump any
kind of grain. Come and seo us. We will try to please you.
Jf.m-"r7tiiii.'X q
L-----o, .--.
The Progress of War,
From the davs of the Revolution to Ihedrys of Ihe Kebcllloa. even up to
date, Is clearly let forth In this majestic memorial of man'i bravery.
4-UiUM 'VUntv
It It a complete record of tho event which led up to and finally culmi
nated In tho great civil war, that futilo cllort to di3orinIta Ilia Union-jtronu
however, in that It has mado Indissoluble this grand foderatio.i of sovereign
The Century War Hook is a completo dcscriptlvo record of all the battles,
sea and land, that ..;ro fought It is what no other history Is it is infallible
It Is even more It is tho concentrated thought and knowledge of each side of tho
issue as each side desires It to be known
from generals down to sergeants, write of their battles from their point of
view, tho officers of
write of these same encojnters from thiir point of v lew, and privates also
fiom both arm! u, write their opinions rrd experiences '
The admirals and commodores of both Union and Confederate Navicj
write of their battles from their different points of view, the common sailor not
Infrequently contributes valuable article". Civilians on both sides of the "line"
writo of the horrors of war as they experienced it.
In such wise Is the Centurv War Hook an unique, remarkable, and in
valuable book a book that sl.oufj bo in ovcry home In tho land. North and
South, Uast and West
is Practically Free lo All Who Arc or Who Will
Become Readers of this paper.
Milk Pans,
and pails, and cans,
and bottles (even
baby's) or any
thing that you want
particularly clean.
oiifjht to be washed
You'll save work
II '8 1'ALbC Pearline is never peddled,
;rocer tends )ou lometliing In place cf Pearline, bo
-to I'tias i'vlis, New York,
Elevator Company.
IMPERIAL-Hili Patent.
LEADER-straigut Patent.
Always ask for ono of these brands as
the merchants all keeplthem.
iHikMWm. m
,-TTT - j.V7,.I -r-'
a lata!
VOn CITY ItKADEKS-l.rlnff 3 "Century
War Hook" Coupon ot flftttmit dates, to-
fri'thcr with 10ctnW In coin, for ouch part as
-.lUlHl, tU thO ltEFMCTOH ofllCU, AblleUO
I OH OUT-OF-TOWN ItnAInm?-Mall 3
"Century Nur Hook" Coupon of different
U ntes, with 10 contain coin, to the Ur rLrcrou
ofllco, Ahllene, Katinns. Ito particular to (1)
gheyour full numuand nddrewi (.') Incloso
tho necessary Couiions mid 10 rcntt Ci) stato
particularly which purtyou wutit, gtvlng its
In ordrrlntf "Tho Century War Ilook" do
not Include, any other buiinuw In your letter
or delay will ensue.
No Imuwl volumoH of "THE CENTUIIV
WAK HOOK" will ewrhooiT. red by tho Itt
rtiCTDit. ThN li ito-ltlo. This work can
notboohtnlned In nny other manner than
Indicated In our rtgulur Coupon,
atlnV -

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