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Horn, to Mr. nnd Mrs. Kmll Sut
ter, a daughter.
Do not tall to go to the art view
exhibition Thursday and 1'rlday even
ings. Walter Nichols lcl a $5 hat today
that equal sullrago will carry Dickin
son county.
G. E. Kvncr, formerly ol this
comity, has been chosen president of
the deary county Kcpuuiiean league.
The views to bo shown by Mr.
Cowlcs Thursday and Vrlday ov cnlngs
aro all expensive ami beautiful ones.
Supt. Gray has accepted the po
sition of superintendent of tho Abilene
schools for next yenr. This Insures
llrst class management for our city
Thos. Witting, tho man Mrs.
ltoxaua Schllchter Is suing for slander,
Is out In a card In the Topcka papers
saying that he has never slandered
her In tho least.
Mliuiennolls Messenger! Tho
Third lteglmentnl band and a team
from our llro department will go to
Abilene on tho l'ourth of July to com-
pcto for honors and sheckels.
In the program of an opera house
concert at at Aberdeen (Wash.) last
week appears tho name of Mrs. II. A.
Hayes, formerly of Abilene, who took
part In an instrumental duet.
A letter from Mrs. W. 12. Glolss
ncr who has been at l'eorla, Ills., with
her mother, Mrs. J. (1. Hnmakcr, says
that on account of Mrs. Haniaker's
health they will go to Green Mountain
Falls. Colo., this week to remain for
the summer.
J. U. Tomllnson, 'n prominent
and popular attorney and politician
of Minneapolis, well known hcre.weut
through to Excelsior Springs at noon
on his bridal tour. Ho was married
this morning to Miss Mary A. ltces,
ol Minneapolis.
Tho Hope and Herlngton papers
oppose tho petition for tho release
from prison of "Duo" Reynolds, who
murdered llcrt Duggan at Hopo In
188S. Tho petition will bo presented
to tho State board of pardons next
month. Heynolds Is said to bo falling
fast In health.
Lawrence) Journal: In a speech
tho other day Sid. Cooke, of Herlng
ton, said "We ought to thank God
that no are living under n Democratic
administration." And tho Hon. Shi
Is right about It, too. Altera year
and n half of It we should bo thankful
that we have not all starved to death.
Hutchinson Nsws: W. I.. Up-
shaw, of Oklahoma, formerly in busi
ness here, was In the city last night.
Last night ho received a telegram that
ono of his children had died since ho
left home. Ho Immediately left for
home. The little ono was Mr. Up
shaw'sbiiby.boy, aged C months and
died Friday evening.
Frank Scott llnds cltlcnshlp s
little expensive. He neglected to pay
his poll tax and It cost him In pollco
court this morning t'J.oO, of which
$1.(10 was to hire n man to work tho
tax and tho remainder to keep the
city government's wheels greased.
It Is worth that for tho privilege of
living In Abilene, however.
II. D. Focht made a great bar
gain Saturday evening. Ho bought n
horso of 1'islo & Fisher and being
in n hurry went where It was hitched
on the street and took It home. It
was a good horse and ho was proud of
his liurchasc. Two hours later tho
owner of tho horse, J. C. Kusscll, ap
peared and convinced him that ho
had taken tho wrong animal,
Tho Minneapolis Messenger gives
tho following illustration of tho
difference between theory and prac
tlco: "In an artlclo read beforo an
Ablleno sulTrago meeting this spring,
a woman of this city advised tho
women to neglect everything for tliu
next six months in order to carry the
sulTrago amendment, and in less than
threo montlis presented her husband
with his seventh daughter."
Exercises of High Merit Interest ft
large Audience Pair Young La
dles Receive Diplomas Talent Dis
played in Music Judge Humph
rey's Address-
grammar, composition, penmanship,
drawing, geography, uniieu oioic. c F He,ldence Entercd
history, pnysioiogyi i. Solomon Robbery.
96, Magglo bliccnan uu, fliary o. u , Tho travciin(, gtntty ,mt Infests
Kcnilo 91, Stella Collins 90, M1 t,8 ,t.clOIn,avo become unruly and
Taylor 92, Edmonla Sutton 91, "" not ,ttti,nwt w Kit begging food have
Boston Money Coming.
E.NTF.uniisB, Juno 23 The bank of
Enterprise will ndjust Its affairs at an
early date. II. 1'. Hoyec, ono of tho
stoekhoMcrs, telegraphed from Huston
yesterday that $20,000 would bo for
warded at an early dato to pay out
standing claims against tho defunct
A Mother Taken.
Prom Monday's Dally
Mrs. Iioulso Sherman, wife of John
Sherman living on West First strcot,
died Saturday ovonlng of consump
tion, aged 35 years, Funeral services
were held from tho house Sunday at
3 p. m ltov. E. E. Tarblll oulclatlng.
A husband and threo children mourn
tho los of n denoted wife and mother.
Ho Excepted Ablleno.
Hutchinson Nowsi A. II, Paul,
proprietor of tho Ablleno (Kas.) pinn
ing mills, was In the city yesterday
and sold tho Kansas Salt company a
careoad of elm and oottonwood hoops
for s.ilt barrels. Mr. I'.iul Is continu
ously traveling nnd visits every" town
In Kansas. Ho emphatically states
that Hutchinson Is tho host town In
tho State.
From Saturday's Dally.l
Tho annual commencement exor
cises of Mt. St. Joseph's academy of
this city, conducted by the Sisters ol
St. Joseph, were attended by an audi
enco which tilled tho i))ra liotiso last
evening. Many were present from
surrounding towns ami all were moro
than pleased by tho perfection of tho
arrangements and tho high merit of
each number on tho program.
Tho stago was beautifully decorated,
iinlmia elluets bclmr secured, nnd
whllo flowers wero abundant thcro
was not such a profusion as to hide
tho performers.
Tho exercises opened with a chorus
by about thirty members of tho school,
Miss Julln Mclnerney accompanist.
It was a lilting opening and was per.
feet In Its rendition.
Tho salutatory was 'given by Miss
Gertrude Klrby, who gracefully w el-
corned tho audience. Her essay,
"What Shall Wo Do Willi the Copper
Colored Native of tho SollP" followed,
and was a plea for forcing manhood
and citizenship on tho Indian. She
believed ho had been n ward of Uncle
Sam long enough, and that It Is time
toglvoldm some land nnd let him
work for his living. Miss Klrby is
ono of Ablleno' most esteemed young
ladles, and her many friends were
proud of her effort last evening.
A piano ijuartotte "llrld.il Song'
(llrnutlicd) by Jensen, was exquisitely
rendered by tour Cccellans from tho
"Spirit of tho American Constitu
tion" was the subject of Miss Mary
ltlordnn, who skillfully and interest
ingly presented tho relation of church
nnd state, holding that both aio rec
ognized In American government ami
touch at every point in tho progress
of tho nation. The oration was well
A piano solo, Symphonlo 0, lleetho
ven, by Miss .Mclnerney proved her
riirht to hlirh honors In music. Her
touch nnd power show not only
artistic training but remarkable
natural ability.
"Effects of Flattery," nn essay by
Miss Ella Diirnn, was an earnest
presentation of tho dangers of this
subtlo poison that may mar n human
life. Miss Doruu's naturalness of
manner and original treatment
won her much commendation.
La Fafaloeta," arranged from
Carl Hoffman bv Miss Mclnerney,
was a decidedly pretty chorus, well
"Triumph of Mind over Morals,"
an essay by .Miss .Maggie btilllwin.
had self-eontrol for its tlieme and
and strongly did tho speaker present
tho importance of mind and will
power development in tho making of
a worthy character. Itoth argument
and literary skill wero deserving of
"King Manfrled," another quar
tette by tho C'eclllans, was well re
ceived. Miss Julia Mclnerney had tho honor
of tho valedictory. Her subject was
"Tho Social l'roblem." She drew a
dark picture of tho plutocrats and
laboring classes arrayed against each
other and held that our laws had
fostered this condition, making rich
richer nnd poor poorer. Still a Moses
will arlso, she declared, and lift tho
people to a higher plane, solving tho
vexed social problem which is now so
threatening. Her words of thanks to
tho uudlcnco nnd of farewell to class
mates nnd teachers wero given with
drnmatlo forco nnd power, which In
deed characterized hereutiro address,
Slit) was heartily applauded, us Indeed
was each number of the evening.
Judge Jnmcs Humphrey, of Junc
tion Cltv, with n brief address, ear
nest In Its sentiments and helpful In
Its advice, presented tho diplomas,
Fivo young ladles received parch
ments lor tho ncadomlo course:
Misses Klrby, ltloidan, Sullivan,
Doran, Mclnerney. Tho last named
also received a diploma for tho com
pletion of the musical course mid was
presented with an expensive guitar,
given by Carl Hoffman, the Leaven
worth musician, for her high stand
ing in that department.
Tho ovetilng closed with n farewell
chorus, Miss Annie Supple uoooiupan
1st. All have completed tho follow
ing branches! Natural philosophy,
rhetoric, algobra, American authors,
astronomy, ancient hlitory.chemlstry,
botany, English literature, mythology,
geology, zoology and geometry.
Tho average scholarship of tho young
ladles Is as follows: Julia Melucrney
94, Gertrude Klrby 93, Maggie bull!,
van 91, Ella Dornn 93, Mary Klordan
The following are tho names and
average standing of pupils who Imvu
completed the common school brunch
es, which nre: Christian doctrine,
orthography, reading, arithmetic,
book-keeping, civil government,
tcr Win. Mclnerney 91
Tho nbovo mentioned pupils arc
promoted to tho Academic, course.
Tho Musical course completed by
Miss Julia Mclucrnoy 1st Musical
forms, harmony, history of music,
L standard operas, oratorios and sym
phonies, biographical sketches ol
musical composers, works of classical
and modem masters! average stand
ing 99.
The exercises throughout reflected
credit not nlono on tho graduates but
upon the Sisters In chargo of tho
school. Mother llemard, tho accom
plished mother superior, and Sister
Agnes (Miss Molllo Mclnerney), In
charge of tho musical department,
may well feel proud of tho results at
tained. Tho school Is steadily ndvanclng In
prosperity and has beeomo ono of tho
leading institutions of its class In tho
began helping themselves to tho con
tents of houses.
East night about 1 or 2 o'clock tho
residence, of O. V. Mead on West Third
street was entered through a down
stairs window nnd Mr. Mead's gold i
watch and $0 In money wero stolen.
The family sleeps upstairs and was
entirely unconscious of tho theft un
til this morning when evidences of
tho visitation wero seen. Nothing
elso had been disturbed nnd nn dam
ago was dono outside of the theft.
Tho resldcnco of Father Haydcn,
rector of tho Catholic church at Solo
mon w as entered Sunday night and sev
eral articles of value were taken. Tho
clborlum, npleco of church furniture,
was smashed and other damage done.
In both Instances tho entrance wns
through unfastened windows. It
pays to keep a house well and sccuro
ly closed.
Mtrvelous and Maraculoui Cures
Oollego of Practising FhyilcUni
I'Ninu the DiaicTti-rcnvitinx or
Dickinson's Democratic
Not All Fusion.
Sid O. Cooke, of lleiington, chnlr-
man ol tno nic-Miison iicmncriuic
delegation to Topeka, was In the city.
Ho stated that while tho members of
the delegation are fuslonlsts they
will oppose endorsing Lowclllng.
"There Is no doubt." said he, "thati
a Democratic candidate for governor!
..Ill 1. ....... I. ....... 1 . 'ft... it..l.tirnl.iu I
nil! U IIUIIIIIIUIV,. ...... .....h...vn . , . ... ,..,
... . . , , . ill . Ill II I HI T-ui, 1111V, 'llll .,.'llll II.
will perhaps favor endorsing part of. J , ,
i i " l r.rt i ktii In iftll nml -2U I llm Itlll
not nil of It. " ,, ' " ' , . . .......
Oeneroui Dosea Dished Out by the
court Is In session, presid
ed over by Judge Humphrey.
The principal business of today's
session wns tho sentencing of tho
jolntlsts convicted nt the May term,
Samuel Giovo was seulencid to 30
days imprisonment mid a line of if-100
and went at ouco to Jail.
Sam Harr was sentenced to (10 dnvs
tho Populist ticket, but
Ono thing Is certain they have no
Hickman to 30 days III jail and $100
line. Harr, Hickman and Lnukerg.nc
. in .i... i, if ...
use lor i.cwciiiiig or im-i umiiiiiiiiiiii. .
.. , i it I .'notice through their attorneys of all
So far as eiiual suffrairo Is concerned, . .... '.
they will probably favor n resolution
demanding tho repeal of tho statute
allowing women to vote in municipal
Former Ablleneltes Figure in a Heavy
Damage Suit.
A Topeka woman known to many
In Ablleno nnd onco a resident here.
Mrs. It. It. Scliliehti-r, Is having a
round nil with some Topeka people,
tho result of a church picnic'. Slip
has through her attorney, S. II. Isen
hart, filed n petition against I,. S.
Whiting of that city for $5,000 dam
ages for defamation of character and
ruining her reputation.
Doth parties to the suit aro mem
bers of tho Lutheran church of which
Itev. F. M. Porch Is pastor, and the j
trouble dates from the spring of 1892,
when the c-hmch held
peal to tho supreme court. Their
bonds were llxed nt $.1(10 each,
The cac of Hank of llorlngtnu vs.
Mrs. C. M. Tents was conllniied to
July C,th when It will bo heard.
Staunnrd vs. Heed was on tilnl this
Several motions etc. of minor In
terest wero heard.
Enterprise Youths Said to Be Atit
ing Ooxey.
Tho beauty of going away from
homo to learn tho news Is that one
gets so much more Interesting news,
For Instance tho Topeka Capital's
local p.igu has this item, which Is en
tirely a revelation to Dickinson county
"There nre two youthful workers in
the c.iuo of Coxeylsm nt and In vnrl-
a picnic at oils parts of Dickinson county nnd It
Illsinarck Grove, near Lawrence. Ice Is s.ild they nre now doing well.
cream, eako and lemonade were sold "They nro Mabel Dlggs and Emmett
to ralso money for tho church. Mrs, I Hoffman and their ages nro about 17.
Schllcter helped niako change at tho They are making a school house can
cashier's dek. When the money wns vass of that county In tho Interest of
counted after the picnic, it was found i the Coxcy movement and are securing
about $2.1 was missing. It Is alleged on nn average $7 per day nnd are
that Whiting on that occasion nud , sending It to the general at Wash
slnco accused Mrs, Schllchter of the liigton. One man In tho above county
theft nnd she takes this method of 'gave 100 bushels of wheat and said he
protecting herself. I was debating as to whether or not he
should give bis whole crop. I ho girl
Complimentary Words for an Abilene
Boy and His Work.
The Ottawa Herald has tho follow
ing complimentary words for an Abi
lene company and Its genial manager,
all of them nro thoroughly deservedi
Mr. Chas, Kiib-u'h,the general man
Is the daughter of Anna Dlggs and the
boy Is n sou of Mr. Hoffman at Enter
Hon, David Overmeyer It Out for a
Straight Ticket.
Hon. D.tvld Oli-rniiivep. who siii-nt
nger of tho Excelsior Fence Machine, ' , ,lt , luHi ll(R.B mt ,,,,
expects to leave me city imiay, ami , ,. ... , , . 4j ...
will take a little lay off and go to tho '""," '"'""' ' ",u ' T"-
mountains to recuperate Ids worn out " interview he saldi "Populism has
system. Mr. Kubnch is very much of now reached a stage where it Is simply
n gentleman and an untiring hustler, Coxeylsm, and Coxeylsm Is Incipient
as his bank account of collection will rov,llu,oll MII.rnicl.1i )y ,ir,rall7e,
show. During tho four or llvo weeks , , l " , ,
work In tills citv ho sold nearly .2,000 , vagabondage and militant scoundrel
worth of machines, Thus It may bo Ism. In so far as Coxeylsm piofesses
seen that ho did not let very imfiiy to aim nt remedial legislation, It Is
"V letlms" gel a ay w lion once ho got Hlmpv old, flat greenbnekcry w 1th tho
them In hs fatal tolls. Wo under- , , ' ' ..,,., h i i
stand that tho machine Is a good one Ib,w I "l"'11"1 l''""" n;l "n,I
and that of course nslssts very mater- , socialistic features engrafted upon
(ally in making quick sales, but it , It. Not one of its demands is with
takes a good judge of character, n ( t,0 (-(institutional power of
good talker, reasoner nud ...lick of ,,, t0 ,, mt, ,.,,
nreception to sell uvi-u n ifood thing.1 .... "... ... n
Tho company ho represents Is n Kiwi. Wl'r0 wiling. " " 1'1-
siis nunlr, oiganieil nt Alilleno niul prinuons lor carrying on iou gin
hacked by tho best business men nnd eminent and for pensions, and tako
bankers of thoilty, nud they are for- ,mt tl0 M1,j,H.(g ( Federal taxa
tunato In securing n safe man whohas ,, ,, ,,., ,, ... . . , . .
tho rcm.lslto p.ish I. n and int.-tr-' """" (,l,rlir' '" ''? '"' ''"-
illy, to manage the sale of their ma.
cliluo that Mr. Kuhach has,
So pleased with the lenco Machine's
excellent nunlltlos nro tho Franklin
county people that they nro endeavor
ing to secure territory for tho organ
ization of a now company.
Stnto commerce, nud there nro no
other matters about 'which congress
can Irglslato In such n way as
to affect monetary or economic
conditions. Wo nro at tho
parting of tho w.iy-s. Wo must chooio
between ronctloii and rovolutlou, be
tween Coxoyism and tho constitution,
bctnien Democracy and political
Fine Wheat,
J, (, Landls, tho well known farm
er of Hayes, was In tho city. "I urn
busy harvesting," ho remarked, "and
can't stop In ton ii much. Wheat lit
our neighborhood Is good. Much of
It will yield 2o to 10 bushels. I think
It Is as good a cropns we ovor raised,"
Mr. f.andls Is ono of tho county's
host farmers and has made a de
served success. There Is no calamity
aliout Jake.
Ilyron used n great deal of hair-
dressing, but wot very particular to wldte and bluo eostumo of a general
have only the host to bo found In the or a Columbian guard nre disappoint
market. If Ayer's Hair vli or had , ed tur 1B ,w, w,i put on as much
boen obtainable then, doul ilosn ho ' ,tyi die drum major of the Dillon
would have tested its n.r'ts, as so immI. He I the same old Aboa 6vcr
many dl i gulshed and fishlonaile and his splendid record as a cadet has
people arc doing now-a-day . no; spoiled him.
demonology, betwu-n tho republic
and tho commune." Ho says tho
Dmuocrntlo convention will nominate
a straight ticket.
Abe Lott It Home.
Prom Saturduy's Duly 1
Cadet A. (!. l.otl, who has been at
West Point for two years, returned
homo lust evening and has been shak
ing hands with his many friends ever
since lie an hul Those who ex
pected to stMi Abe arrayed In tho red
Who has not heard of Dr. It. C.
Flower of llostonP His uaiuo Is a
household word as a great physician,
a great healer and wonderworker nt
the death-bed. It was ho who cured
Col.'I homns Scott, president of the
l'enii. It. 11., when stricken down vvtth
paralysis nud nlmndoiied as Incurable
by tho leading physicians of tho world.
It was Dr. It. C. Flower who cured
Joe Jefferson (tho great comedian) and
restored htm to the stage, after ho
had been given up as Incurable by the
foremost medical skill of both contin
ents. It wns Dr. It. C. Flower who cured,
several years ago, and restored him to
tint ministry, llev. J. W. Phelps of
Chicago (presiding elder, Pasadena,
Cnl.). And of Dr. Flower, ltov. Mr.
Phelps snys: "Ho fs the greatest med
ical wonder of this age."
jlt was Dr. Flower who startled the
world some years ago by tho cure of
Mrs. S. 1). Clark of Jouesboro, On.,
from nbsoluto helplessness to the tin-
est health of youth. Mrs. Clark's dis
ease was spinal trouble, double cur
vature of spine, paralysis of limbs.
Sho had been In this condition for
years and abandoned as Incurable by
the leading physicians and hospitals
of thecouiitry.
Also the euro of Miss Minerva Lewis
(the great church and society woman)
of Gonzales, Tex., of consumption
wjien In the advanced and last singes.
Of Joel Huey, thebankerofCorslcana,
Tux., cancer of the liver, after the
liuest skill of the continent had failed
to relieve. The miraculous cure of
the wife of the Hon. Win. Wise of
I,ouls llle, Ky ., of uerv o trouble w hlch
had nenrlv wrecked the brain, nnd
cancerous trouble, which had nenrlv
consumed tho life, nnd that after Dr.
Win. Hammond nud other piomlneilt
physicians had sent her homo ns In
curable (ii illv,
The speedy rescue nnd permanent
cure of Mrs. A. T, iAingley, 801 Mass
achusetts Ave., Washington, 1). C,
of a terrible cancer tumor of womb
nnd ovnites (without pain, without
blood nnd without the knife), alter
the leading surgeons of llaltlmore nud
Washington had pronounced her casw
Incurable and her days numbered.
Ills euro of II. D, Posey, Ulo Chest
nut St., Evniisi llle, lud., of consum
ption of tho stomach, was little less
than miraculous.
The euro of Mrs. Dr. Wing of Elk
horn, Wis., of cancerous tumor. Is
evidence! of Dr. Flowcrj's power when
all other powers fall.
The emu of Mrs. Joseph Cromwell,
Xeulii, O,, of nervous prostration; of
tho wife of Hon. John Hopkins, Ells
worth, Me., of fatty degeneration of
tho heart; of ltov. P. It. Dauloy,
Sprlnglleld, 111., of catarrh nud
stomach trouble; of Hon. J. Willard
Itlco, Huston, of n supposed Incurable
case of nervous prostration; and nil
of these cures when given up by phy
sicians to die, Is evidence that Dr. K.
O. Flower, with his college of physi
cians, can euro when all others fail,
and that Ids cures aro permanent.
Dr. H. O. Flower's college physi
cians make professional trips In var
ious sections of thecouiitry. nnd soon
Dr. Flower expects to have a college,
(or stuff) physician In every Statu In
the Union. Those nlllleted with ser
ious clirnulo disease diseases other
physicians cannot euro should con
sult ono of Dr. Flower's stall physi
cians nt some point near to their
home, This physician makes n care
ful examination of the cuso, nud writes
out a full diagnosis of the disease, and
forwards It Immediately to Dr. Flower;
the patient Is then treated from Dr.
Flower's office, and his case Is under
tho doctor's direct supervision. It
makes no dlffereneo whether the pal
lent Is examined by Dr. Flower or by
one of his college physicians; tho re
sults nro, In either ease, the same,
and the treatment Identically the
Tho eollego physician, upon exam
ination, tells thu patient how long a
treatment will bo ririulrcd to euro
him, nud arranges with him ns to
terms of treatment. Dr. Flower's
terms for treatment aro so much a
mouth, or so much for the, oitlmatod
time to cure, Dr. Flower furnishes
everything necessary for tho treat
ment, with full directions, and takes
tho entire caro of tho case,
Thus Dr. Flower Is able to give his
patients tho most skilled and scleutt
lie treatment, and his patlunls are
carefully examined Jkuii tlmoto time
by skilled nud experienced physicians.
Tliosu wishing to know more of Dr.
Flower's great work, of hit wonderful
cures, his miraculous cures, should
send a two-cent stamp to "ThuFlonir
Mo'dlenl Company. "o59Coluuil;7Ave.,
lloston, Mass., ft ! they will receive
froe ol ''V.argo iho book entitled "Dr.
il.C. Flower's Great workln sickroom."
Thousands of patients cured have
. never seen him, but they sound his
I praises throughout the world.
Shovels and Spades, each
Hill's Hog Ringors.each
Hill's Hog Rings per hundred
4 in Hooks and Staples, each
Now patent Mop Stick, each
A No. 1 steel Hatchet
Hand Saws, 26 in., each
Harness Snap
Chisels 17 cts H 23 cts., ik
Auger Bitts 1-4 11 cts, 5-16 13 cts, 6-16 15
cts, 8-16 18 cts, 12-16
Auger Brace
Web Halter
Machine Oiler
Men's blue Overalls (good Denims)
Men's Balbriggan Underwear (French
neck) ...
Work Shirts (good heavy goods)
Goat Skin Harvest Gloves
Long handled Pitch Fork, 4 tine
Cedar Street, Abilene, Kas.
Enthuslastlo Testimonials for the
Deering Fony Binder.
Tho following testimonials tell nn
Interesting story of successful ma
chines: Aiiii.km:, Kas., Juiiu 'in, 18111.
To whom it may coiiarnt
This is to certify t tint I bought of
l'islo & Fisher n U 'foot I'nuy Hinder
Juno '."J nnd stnrted It In green
tangled rye. Tho work done wns ex
cellent. On the t!:lrd with three QUO
pound horses I cut 1H acres of wheat
that will average .10 bushels to tho
aero without any delay except to oil
Iho machine. No oxpett needed a
boy can operate It. I found tho drnft
very light, tho cutting, delating and
blinllng tho most perfect I have ever
seen and heartily recommend tho
l'ouy to anyone hi need of a good har
vesting machine.
(Signed.) N. C. Dvwi.
Soiouov, Kas., iliinu 'A 1HUI,
I'islk At Flsiihii, Agents, AbllencKas;
This Is to certify that I hnvo tried
onu of tho Dec-ring I'ony Hinders
which did very good work, ns good
ns any other iiiaehluoc-aii do, It runs
light and thu reason I did not keep it
I wanted n larger machine and have
exe hanged n 0 foot l'ouy for a 7 foot
Improved Deerlng Steel Hinder. Tho
Deerlng machines are all they nro
represented to be.
T, It. Conki.in,
C. G. Iticiiihii, witness.
Humphrey Will Not Run.
.Judge James Humphrey declares
that, under thu constitution of tho
State, ho cannot beeomo Democratic
candidate for associate justlcu of tho
State supremo court. Thu law will
not permit ono holding nn elective of
Ilea to bail candidate for that position
and ho is not inclined to resign a sure
thing for an empty honor.
Sandy Whlta was In town Wednes
day last.
Mr. I'.yth Is assisting Mr. Dlckcl
maw In tho creamory, Mr. Stasi
being In Lincoln, Nebraska.
Miss Itnthbono went to Junction
City Saturday to visit her cousin Ircno
Mr. I'olter spent Sunday In Abilene.
Miss Kato Gabby, of Junction City,
Is vIsltlngMlssHolllngcrat Hiawatha
ltov. Harms did not preach In tho
M. V.. church Sunday, hut will In two
Miss Ilerlncton Is visiting Mrs.
James Glllott.
Mr. and Mrs. Itccd aro visiting rela
tives nnd friends.
Miss Sarah Hough Is visiting her
sister Mrs. Hook.
Itcceiit rains Imvu made tho farmers
hopeful, ns thu corn Is looking lino.
Smith Uros. shipped a car of hogs
Here's a New One.
Prophet Kropff wns In town again
today and was In a most agrecablo
stato of Inspiration, Thu warm
weather seems to hnvo limbered up
his prophecy attachment so that It Is
In smooth running order. In tho
presence of 1'rof. Jowott, Foot Camp
bell and Capitalist Joo White ho au
thorized tho llKKixcTOii to publish
tho following prediction. Ho said:
"You will not dnro publish what I
predict. It Is this: That Coxoy will
ho tho next president of tho United
States. I do not ascribe to him par
ticular abilities, but Ids underlying
principles aro all right aro loading
lilm that way."
Tho witnesses to tho prediction,
having a bulge on tho future, should
get lu their work as applicants for the
postolllcu at onco.
Chlnchbug Reports.
Wo hao today received n copy of
Chancellor Snow's third annual report
lu regnrd to thu success of his chinch
hug Infection, About ono hundred of
these reports hnvo been sent to tho
for distribution. Should anvono In-1 toriuir that which
terested In thu spread of the chinch I original color,
i ii n i '
J iiiDi-uiu inn in irutnu 11 i-ui'jr ui
Hall's Hair Itonowor Is pronouncod
tho host preparation mado for thick-
ounty commissioners of this county jonlng growth of tho hair, and ros-
is gray eo iin
Shifting Boll.
thorepnil from tho commissioners, ' ,jtoul ntuti-Transfers Iti-portcd by Ocori;o
liu should scud G rents In stamps for
postngo to l'. II, Snow, Lawrence,
Kausus, who will on receipt of tho
application forward a copy of thu ic-lort.
Merrill. Abntractor.l
J W Creech to A Dallas, Its 13-18 hlk
160 Creech add Herlngton, (300.
J T Hoston to A Dallas, Its 17-19-21-33
hlk 160 Creech add Herlngton,
Geo M Noble to O M Caso, o CO ft Us
2-1-0-8 blk 6 Kntcrprlso, 126.
fiowe iwoplonro constantly troubled
with pimples and bolls, especially ' j; m (,i!imi, i0 Pcrmliln Spangle? Us 0
about the faco and neok. Tho best , nnd 7 blk 20 K i!e II add Ablleno,
remedy Is a through oourso of Ayer's $100.
Saisaparllln, which expels all humors County by Co Clerk to Mrs O K Hlalr,
through tho proper channels, nnd so It 9 onl ourth street Solomon, 8.
makes the skin b?cuuio soft, healthy pr. Price's Cream Making Poxvdet
and talr. I Kjpt Perfect Made.
.38 1
.12 1
.08 1
.02 J
.45 I
.41 I
26 I
.28 I
.23 I
.08 j
.25 J
.43 1
.43 ;
'-i4iku t ;r. iflttfcitiSr'
. ik.V ,

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