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Abilene weekly reflector. [volume] (Abilene, Kan.) 1888-1935, July 05, 1894, Image 3

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1 V m vMxg
Only a Scar Remains
crofula Cured-Hood Purified by
' Hood' Itraaparllla.
-C t Hood s Co., Lowell Man.:
" It ti with pleasure that I Hod a teattanonial
eoBeernlng what Hood's garuparllla haa dou
lor my daughter. It U 1 wonderful medicine
and I cannot recommend It too highly. Bank,
who la fourteen years old, has been
, Afflicted With lerofula
arer since aba wai one year old. For Ive yean
he has had it running sure on one slooof her
face. We trkd every remi'ily reeouimeuded, but
nothing ulil tier any garni until we commenced
using Hood'r tarsui)urlll:t. .Mymarricddaugliter
advlsedme I) use hood's rjarsaparllla becaua
It hid eured her of dyspepsia. She had beet
troubled with that complaint since childhood,
and since her cure she has never been without a
Dottle of Hood's Harsaparllln In tbo houso. Wo
commenced giving It to Hnrnb about one year
ago, and it has conquered tho running sore,
Only Sear Remaining
u a trace oi the dreadful disease. Previous to
taking the medicine her cyeaight was affected
but now she can see iiertcctlv. In connection
with Hood's Harfutimrlllii we have used Hood's
Vegetable Mils, and llml them the best" Mas.
Maiiia (iim n.v, Xeula, Illinois,
Hood'a Pills euro nausea, sick headache,
tndlgestion, biliousness, gold by all druggist
M 1 Isasonreeof nneh
1 1 II 1 1 suffering. Tho system
II 11 U should be thoroughly
cleansed of all Imiiur
fll il AsTle". and the Blood
III lllkeitlnahealthyooB.
'"'"'moyoi an taES of
whatsoever origin, tiiid builds up tho gen
eral health.
Pot three vein I waa ao troubled with malarial
polaon ihat mo wst an ill charm, I tried mercurial
and Potash remeiliei.l'ut could get ae r.iif A
tew iwuca viar-H
made I com.
Diet, and per.
mam.nl nir..
J.A.RICE,Ottaa,Kaa. I
EltOMto it THt HitHttt MtBieu Atmtoiimi
13 jfcf hJ IsUAMU Trill euro ynu. A
TS rr JMs-wnilirfiil boon to uiturora
VF InflHenzu, llrnnehilln,
crlJAYPRVElt. Aforas
imnuLitterilirf. Atieniulent
rrmci'T. cnnrpnlent to curry
in pnPstPt, waft? to J"" on Art tndlratlon of cold.
'an tinned Uao 1-tTecM l'd-itinnent Ture.
ORtlr'ftcUonfmariiitccdormorf'jrofiinclt'd. Price,
AO !. Trial tan nt Dningttsts. It?nlflterod mull,
ft ceutt. E. C GDSBXiS, Kir., Urea Lrcn, Midi, B. S. L
UPUTUni Thn mnnt nrt nfert wiuMt for
fflLll I I1UL tiinkiudiKfianei.KfF.inin.luli.Rult
Rhoum.nifi Sorts, lliirm, Cnii. Vtimlerful rem
ttij UirrU.VM. Price, arcti.HtIni.nl U
ffeta or by mull prcpslrt. At1dr.;g''fi nfaivw. PWrVin
DvuurcU a
nm to (10 (lava by ft
IVsitive prools and 10p(iif(i Ivoif, iliuttntml from
lirefrompebplaoured.rrtiehymrill When IIntRprtiiifs U
nd Mercury fui, Our Mnrle Remedy wllll
unjftlely enrn. COOK HKTIKMY (O., fhlrum, III,
i annr-M jfft i-if n,n wmmm
For Curt of Exhausted Vital f n
trqy, Lost of Brain Power, Fall
kg Memory, Seminal WcakMtt
Spermatorrhea, fmpotency, Self
Distrust, Errors of Youth, Trent'
bling and general Weakness
and Loss of Power of the Qen
erativa Organs, WIV make you
feel good all th time, Prloi
1.00 por Box, 6 Boxes $5.00
F. 0. Boa) lo. an, ST. 10V1H, X",
For 8alo by C. K. Northern ft & Co.
BKHt LT8 la 80 DATH. Cmi
Pcrvoui Dlfiooeu, Fi,ilhii Memory,
lion, gives viuor tucliritiiki-n ornr.nu.enubui
(iDuetB arai qiiic-Kiy mil hurt iy ri'i'WPt) I,nt Al Hiihnnd
naldoryuung. Kiiiilly rniTlrtl in in;t im'!:i t. Pilro
91.00 n piolcatre. m for r,. will, ,1 wrllli-n rnur
rriiifip!d druprgi! t Ht ll y.m any kind of h-tttuti
neist onhavlriK I.MMI'tMiont' other. If lie Kiwi
nUetot are or nionfT rcfucitcil. Puii't liti.in
Eat it, we will nend It ttr mm I upon rcf i.t of nripp,
rvmpnlctlnwiilr-drnveloiif'frro. AddiPni OrfraU
Icdlcal Cthf TnfriHimt iulrafOs III., omuriKini
SOLD by C. E. Northcrafl & Co., ChnmiKtB, North
Cod n r St., ABU.ENE, KAS , and olber leading
Lost IhvMi
and vipor qutrklw
StroPhT. etc.. urc!y enrfi hy INItAIMl. tho ffreat
Blndoo Remedy. With wrHlw nHnriiiti-B lonr. Boidby
0,.MOUTHtJKAFTACO.,Clie mltti.Abelllie. Kan.
I Nil A Pit.
Cc:p!eiloc Mmi
TU csm Mi
Bamovcfl FrteUei, ffmplet, '
iktn, Plmptet,
Uver - no
iaabani, a
tores 100 bkiu iu lis urigi-
nal frcsbness. producing a
dtlaa an A npnlthv num.
vneiwnitona aim inin'tiij uwiiiirw, ,
ilsts,ormailudfor50cU. ftoudlorClioular,
WIUU Mn ounr " "wj in-,-. - -lo
cmrirtiaf Hp, tor tbo Inllut, ud wiUwot
livat M tbo nuiwr. Alimluirtr Jhiw ud dvlldUMj
mmL Al dmntit, Prlos 25 Cants.
Q. C. BITTNER4 CO.,Tolcoo,0.
Our New Drees was 'Pur
chased of
tyJl Si
1 lllB.L.iJ
A luminock gentir iwloglng,
A mother beodg atxire;
She to her btbe la ilaglnf
With bemrt all full of lore. '
The little maiden iwayiof
Beneath the treeawood tree
Hai eet her heart to laying:
"Low me as I love thee. "
80 nwaylng, BlQgtDf eloffly
Her loved one to and fro,
Her heart with rapture holy
Out to her babe doth go,
And while her thought are itrarinf
Among the days to be,
Her heart li ever laying:
"Love meat I love tboa.H
Another hammock twinging,
A lover benda above, i
Be to his iweetbeart tntring
Wl th heart all full of love,
The lovely maiden iwayiog
Beneath the greenwood trea
Baa aet his heart to saying:
"Love meai I lovo tboa"
So swaying, swinging slowly
His loved one to and fro,
His bart with rapture holy
Out to his love doth go,
And while bis thoughts are straying
Among tbe dayi to bo
Bis heart Is oversaving:
"Love r.e m I love thee."
William S. Lord, In Chicago Record
It Caused a Bomanos Amons fho
Bsrkshir Hills,
It was away up in western Massa
chusetta lust where the famous old
post road through the Berkshire hilla
winds itself Into New Ashford. The
black vanguard of an approaching sum
mer, storm crept along the valley be-
Und us, and a few stray raindrops al
ready warned that it was time to seek
for shelter. We turned in at the open
gate of t'.te vine covered porch of the
first farmyard, and riding up to
the vine-covered porch of the quaint
old house lifted our wheels to
protected spots at either side of the
paneled door. It may have been pre
suming upon hospitality as yet unex
tended, but then no one stops at such
conventionality in the Iteikslilres, and
were we not in the Iicrkslnres? The
storm burst, and we sat on the porch
beside our faithful steeds, watching
the clouds hurry by, the tall trees
bend in the eddying wind and the aool
ing water fall to tho thirsty earth.
Somehow the smoke of our cigarettes
seemed strangely out pf place, in that
old fashioned spot, and llarvey observed
that he would have felt more comfor
table with on old brier and n package
of plug cut A quiet half hour slipped
away, while the storm increased rather
than diminished, and realizing that we
were to be weather bound for a few
hours at least the necessity of a lunch
eon became apparent, and Harvey
arose to tho attack, llarvey Is an actor,
in season, and what he lias learned in
the matter of picking up meals on the
western circuits helpa him Immeasur
ably in Bummer vacutions, Repeated
beating upon tlio door failed, howovcr,
to elicit the slightest response from
the inmates, and my anticipatory
dreams ofa soft-eyed, rustle Ganymede
went gloomily to pioc'3.
"ThcM must bo a eorpso in the
house," remarked llarvey reassuringly,
loaning upon his bicycle and turning
on ma a look of hnn'j.'y resignation, i
was framinir in my mixl a ne.it reply,
more sarcastic than apropos, when tho
oaken door suddenly opened imvar.l,
and on extremely prutty girl, with
long, curly, golden hair ami big blue
eyes, confronted us. Surprise was mu
tual, but she seemed the m ist con-
J "Why, why," she faltered. "I-I
thonght to fin one of the neighbors,
! "There Is no cause for alarm," inter
j rupted Harvey in the voice of his most
I approved stage father, "Wo ore per
' feet gentlemen, although our appear
j ance is admittedly against us. We
took the liberty to use your porch as a
! shield from the weather, and trust that
I we ore not Intruding."
I "Oh, no no," she answered con
fusedly. "You will excuse me. Dave
is hurt I must go for the doctor," and
she ran by us and down the stops inlo
the rain, lifting her calico skirts just
high enough for us to see that her
pretty feet were but thinly covered
with light slippers, llarvey was at ner
side in an instant
"Pardon me," ho soid. "Where docs
the doctor llvo?"
"Only a mile or so," she replied with
out stopping, "up the road." (Hho
pronounced it "rud" but I am writing
this in English.) llarvey caught her
arm, and pulled her back to the shel
tering porch.
"But you must not run a mile or so,"
he cautioned, "in such a storm as this,
without hat, shawl, or shoes, It
would kill you. I will go for the doc
tor. , My wheel moves faster than
your little feet" The girl hesitated a
moment and then, as Harvey stood
ready to Btart away, thanked him
shortly and gave directions for finding
the doctor's house.
"All right Good-by," he shouted,
leaping into the saddle. "You toko care
of Dave."
"Oh, dear, I hope he'll hurryl" said
the girl turning to mo as Harvey that
out on the road, and sped away through
the mud and rain faster than he had
ever run from the villain in the play.
I thought a reply unnecessary.
"Perhaps I might assist you," I ven
tured. "I am a bit of an amateur
physician. May I see Dave?"
She led the way into the narrow hall
way, up the creaking staircase, wall
papered at the sides in imitation of
white marble, and into a stuffy little
chamber Just under the dripping
eaves. A great, deep chested, sun
burned young fellow lay upon a tiny
iron bedstead, while one muscular leg
hung over the edge, shattered and
bleeding. An old' woman with soft
gray hair and the eyes of the girl bent
above him and called his name again
and again, in tones of the most piteous
tenderness. As we entered she turned
to my pretty guide, and, regardless of
a strange presence, cried:
"He is dead, Clcmmle, deadl My
Dave is dead I" and fell at the side of
the little bed, sobbing and crying. The
girl quickly glided by me, and placing
her hand upon tha man's chest, said
"Ileis not dead only unconscious.''
I drew near and saw at once thut she
Was right The limb had been injured
in some farming accident and an artery
broken. I set about to stay the flow
of blood. The girl brought me a bit of
tape, and together we bound it tightly
about th Ueedlng limb, but It was not
strong enough, and the flow was only
decreased. I tore a slip from tha
counterpane and I wound it over the
tape, and this was a deuideJ Improve
ment Meanwhile the poor mother bad
tainted of nervous exhaustion, and tha
Iff mAmiA,Ana vos
Is often a satTenr
(rem hmdache. Tha
seat of sick headache is
not in the brain, for If
you regulate the stom
ach and bowels you'll
.M if 1wt m,k
brain-work and brair
JUre brings on a rush
raj " aire with headache, dixri
1 Bess or "noes bleed."
wiaa nwtvrtaa Wm r
ef Dautm, Valtaramm
Co. N. r trim:
Buffered from loaf of
appetite, oonsUpatlon.
neuralfla, and imt
weakness, and hadter- 1
rtblu attacks of sick
eauaua. nj
8uentlr; also nose
leed. Mr health waa
ao poor that I waa
not able to to to school
tor two years. I took
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant
Pellets and 'Golden
In a short time 1 was stronf and well, Many
Mends an taking four medioiiiei, aMtoi
what loey bare dona for ma."
Pure soap i.-iwliiie. !:.m,vi '
soaps a- adiik ra:c,: v.;i;i
Rosin, l'erluine s .n)i) .us
in washing soip t lii'lu the
odor of dtxiyiiij aninul lat,
or "Soap groisu." Wash
ing powders are strong alka
lies, and ruin clothes washed
with them. The purest soap
obtainable, is the best and
cheapest. Dobbins' Electric
Soap, is pure, white, un
scented, unadulterated, and
has been acknowledged ever
since 1 869 to be the only pure
family soap nude. Is it
economy to save a few cents
buying a poor nasty soap, or
strong alkali washing p w
tler, and lose dollars in ruined
clothing ?
It AIOT uw Dobbins Electric Soip,
"w 1 white as snow, and a! pure
r.il hirm'esi. o,, y ur srtving will be
venly tines the map hi t. It 11 no new
Knrim-nt.ft)!' it hat b-en nude ever since
869 Look out for imitations. See t'vi'
u- nine is on each wrapper,
Dobbins ooap MTt? Co
What is this
It is the only jow (ting) winch
cannot be pulled from the watcl.
To be had only villi Jas. Boss.
Filled and other watch cases sKfS-
stamped with this trade mark. Ki
Ask your jeweler for pamphkt
Keystone Watch Case Co.
(VITA I LV WEAK). Ht1i in by tea eioicAPt'llrmlnn (o
(jiuIm-i itui'i; 'tHtj inciKil urnln or i.'f; HlllAL
rlMTSMvlln inlMlplifr.ftr lir.t.'u linliln pr.nl iafi"1 In you tit.
laUFfiV UCU H(llltHTI) KMlHitHlil;Hll,ITer
ncAlV AilR f:iuiHtHvw,MiMiw thHri.
Tl-U VI tit V U Hnllrtfctrtl.r llH U In VUI Miami II1B.
tllU MiHH lark nl ilm, viiir, anrl lriilh. llli M-iuai f,i ( iqi
1tI -ilrcil an-1 wt-ivk -tn-1 K -irj r n r.-tjr In Kfi procrM nl1 pjf.
WlltN WE SIT gBE:Wi,'ifl
It n-.:i lii'ih rtt,1! ((tlfatiiriiii ridl'H In jb.- tiejie joar,
TirTrt,''vl'1rn''',of,,nrr',lh 10 Harris
T Dl A I "rr lllbl 4k' " 1,1 il'''4l',", I-1 1 Ur .
1 w'wn Mn, ;o'm or oi.1, uRrn( frow thli
trua'fiit rr'il,H thonM mh1 lh-lr (Hr o iftm farnMi
rfuitlnm to htan)M,tbil 'inii kona Ihr triir rinditloB
ttftb exit ti4 .r(rt Hifillflut Ml elTcfi k firoai.t (iim.
lotmA In 5w T..i nfi-r ll wn t Ri. I.n.il. ,, oiln
lllihMrt' nlrrrnr"! h 1 1" tirl J Piitillt Tr-ttrr.tit
rirstpuMlNlii'dfn thu AMIon Weekly He
fleriorMiiy.U 1WH.) '
Notice to Pa nters.
Tlie Board ut TriisU'" of the ftmnly IHirli
Sflniol.nf IM'-klitm Intiiity, K;ui-;u( will
tvi'Hv1 -"'iili'l lit'l1- Htitll II o'l-lifli, H. m.
July y, wa, al tlicoftlritnf tlif county nupi-r-hiH
inli jit, for furiiMiliiK tin ninl'Tlni mid
In t Mir v nil p:il tiling ilic exlt-rlur whih! it ml
rm-i'ti mirk of I In- old mrt of tin- MIkIi rVliool
hitfUHiiff nttd t;iimlml tin-riMtf if Hit cntfn
tiiiiidlnn:. .n'''nli,nir HiHitt'i'lH-HtlofH now on
file In llm otll'-e of lli I'tiunty xupt-TliiU'n-dHit.
Tin' fiKlrt to rejtjct any or all I.Ms In n-sei-vi'd.
1- F. Hhihi,
A, Hi, Lijwnr. I'tvwdvnt.
Clerk, -5
Miss Woia
Whm my llttl clrl u one month old.ibe
had a scab form ortfier faoe. It kept proadiii;
until she waa completely covoretl from houd to
foot. Thou she bud boilH. Shi liad forty on bar
head at ouo time, ami more on tier body. When
aix monthi old Alia did not weigh aflveuwmmls,
a pound and a half leii than at birth. Then htsr
skin itarted to dry up and 0t bo Iwd she could
not shut her eyea to ileep, but lay with tliem
half oten. About thU time, 1 utarted tulnf the
CmvcHA RXMEDIKX, and in me month iht tmi
ampUtrty cured, The dot! tor and dnit bllli
were over one hundrti dollars, the Cutktiu
bill waa not more than fir dollars. My child
la now strong, healthy, and large aa any child
of her age (we photo.), and It li all owitik
to Cltici'U. Ymim with a Mother's Hleaains.
MV. OK). H. TITKKR. Jn.,
832 Walltor St., Milwaukee, Wla.
Bold throtiRhoit the world. Torm Pano wt)
Chkm. Corp., rolo Prop., Bonton. "All about
the Blood, Skin, ricaJp, and fl!r," mailed free,
ITaby RlrailohM , fttlllnn halr(nnd red, rough
handi prevented and cured by Cuilcara Soap.
Find tn Cutlimra AntLPali flaa-
ter initant nd grnttful relief. It
li the flrrt end ouly pain-kllllBg,
atnoftheiiliii pluter
The Portfolios of the
re printed In Natural IMiotoirrnitlilc Cnlors
W I licit jfl ves (() (lie llMiHtl-iiliniisa soflne
uiiil nmrvt'liuts limuily of II11M1 never
mUiliK'il by liny other iHililieallon.
The t'omplele Hi'rlen (1ft mntilierM) will eou
stltutt' ii Ui'KU mid llPUHtirulohloim Voliuiu'
llxW-y liH'lii'H. lllustruled with
Over 300 Grand Views,
Hlieclully BeprcHt'iillnn:
All the I'rliiflonl lliillillntrs, tJreut Piiltii
Inus, l'ohlKii and Slate Ititllilli.KH.tVMirHteri
Statuary, lieueral Views, l'oni,)h'tt' Views nf
the Art tiilllel-y, Interior Views, t'hnmcler
SlieteheHon the Midway, Archlleflural He
all, Curious TorelKii Types,
And all Hie tlraud and Wonderful Featuros
of tint (ii-eat World's Tulr, made tit tliu
helKht of llie Hnli'iHlorofttie
World's Kximsitloii,
By a Special Corps of Artists,
Ineludltiir 1 Jit Ofllelnl I'lioidiimpherof tho U.
, Unvi'i'iiiiieiit.
The Hest Is alwityH the most Desirable.
On receipt of a lb. Cat) Sheaf Sodu wrap
per and ten cents, we will mall onu ntimher,
or Iti wrappers ami tlM will rtecure tlie I'oiu
plete set.
AddrwH DeLAND k CO;
r'alriwrt, N. Y.
Raiular iraduata
-atitltorliad by tha
to ba tin lead
ing and moat euo
oaaatul (paclalist
Nervous Debility
With Aa Muny (Jhomy Sywptomi Cand,
Lost Vitality
Perfectly tad Permueutly Rettond,
Cind Air Lite Without Mtrcury,
Urinary Diseases
Quickly Relieved and Thoroughly Curad
W Y4 In Dr. H. J. Whittler lnvar
YY 11 T lablyKUccessfull' Hecautte ho
" a rniikos no pronileea that ho
WtMsWsWttmsM onnnotullllia Avoid cheap
cure-alla and unskilled phynlclaas, andconwult
Dr. Whlitlor tn prrwm or by letter (giving
symptoms) and receive the candid opinion of a
physician of long eipcrlonrei jutqueitioncd
skill and sterling Integrity,
MKUICINKS from our own laboratory fur
nlishcl at small cost and shipped anywhoro
secure from obflorvutlon.
TllEATMKNT never lent 0. 0. D.
Office hours0 to 4 and 7 to 8. Sunday 10 to IS,
aO Hi stirs ' "'a't'1 n,l KinfTRfnelen
VjUBUU'i fori vUk fltauiM to prtiniy.
Call or addreRH In strict conflilcnro
W Wait Ninth ttreol, Nansaa city, MO,
Irrigated Fruit Lands.
Did you sec tltn fruit In thrs Malio
exliiliit nt the WorlJ's 1'nlrP Nutliinjr
linor, lirst prumliinix nnil all rnlneil on
IrrlgHloil html, Ii'k suro, It'saliiinilimt,
it's imilllalilo, It' your o)iortiinity.
'i'lie fimiitry Is ni'W, tho litmls are
cheap, umt the eititeni market Is from
olfU to 1.6D ) miles nearer tlinn to
similnr lunclri in Oremni, Wnsliini'ton
anrl California. AilverlisiiiL' mailer
sent on nipliealion. Aililress, M. II.
Fulton, u'ent U. I', system, Aliilene,
Kansas, or E. I,. l,omax, G. P. & T.
A., Umalia, Neb.
Children Cry fo?
Excursion to Asliimry Park, N. ,
The Haltiinoro ami Oliiu It. It. Co
will sell exeiirxloli ln kets to Anbury
Park, K. J., anil return from all
nninta on iu 1liiiH .Inlv 7. M untl II.
(food retiirninjf until July 10 vtlti' tho
privilege ol extenmnn iliilllMeptemner
1, provided Hie reliirn portion of the
ticket is driiOKil'"! with the ioint
i i
ajent at Ashurv Park on or before
July 1.1, Tickets will lie valid, for
pasnajfe via New Vnrk and will 1m Is
sued for the outward journey via 1).
& O, It, H. ami Washington and for
return journey via any of the other
through lines.
The return Irlo rnlo from Chieiu'o
will be and eorresioniliiii;ly low
nun all other points on tho 11. & U.
'ricL-f.t. u-tll lin anlil nt nit lirinptti,,)
- I I
ofhYcs tlirimlioel the wi'.-tanil north
west. Fot information in detail ad
dress I.. S. Ailioi. Asst. V.. V. A.. II. &
0. K. R., (irand Central Dtnot, Chi
cago, IU. 47 3 4o
torattTM I was just VMglnnlng to
wish myself back on Park jraw, whan
H array's familiar roica reaoandad
through the house, and in another
minute h. and the doetor.eorered from
head to loot with mud, were with me.
"Brought the doe along on mj coast
ers," explained Harrey. "Ilia hone
was too alow for the case,"
The doctor promptly ordered the girl
to remove her mother, and then with
our assistance set the broken bones,
bound up the leg and gave the patient
I light Injection ol morphine. By this
time the old lady had recovered and
waa back again. Tha doctor reassured
her in a few words and cautioned
against disturbing the aleeper,
"Let him sleep aa long as he will,"
he said, "and I'll hare him about in a
"A fortnight!" axclalmed the mother.
"Why, what will become of the farm?
He wa getting tn the hay when the
horse shied, and he went under the
rake and waa hurt We cannot do that
work, Clemmle can only look after
the cowa and chickens and the garden,
and I'm too frail to help her. Ohl Dave,
if we should lose yon" turning to the
bed "It would be all orer."
The alacrity with which Harvey and
I offered to remain on tha scene and
play farmhands until Dave waa well
was, I thought, only equaled by Clem
mie'a seconding ol the proposition, and
we staid.
Those three weeka It waa three be
fore Dare could walk were a beauti
ful Arcadian dream a breath of a life
we had nerer known before. It waa
all novelty, all Interest to us, and Clem
mle was a most excellent instructress
in the gentle art ol larmlng. Every
night when we had dono milking the
cows, feeding and watering the stock
and all the hundred other things that
rustics hare to do, llarvey would say:
"There Is no getting around It, you've
got to write a pastoral play lor me
when we get where there are pen and
ink. If, after this, 1 can't out-Whit-comb
Whltcomb and out-Prouty-Prouty
I want to know." And it seemed like
dropping the curtain on the prettiest
sort of a play when one sunny August
morning we rolled our wheels out and
pointed them for Pitts field. The trio
of the old house stood upon the quaint
little perch and watched u s oil up and
make ready, Dare was just able to bo
about and help himself. There wore
tears in the old mot) ir's eyes when she
held our hands and said:
"Good-by, my sons, and Uod be with
you. You have helped him to save my
Dave, and he will bloss you for It,
I've always heard that actors and
newspapor men were vory bad, Indeed,
but I'll never believe It again, Oood
by." And then Dave, on Clemmlo's
arm, hobbled down to the old vine
wound gate, and there we left them
standing In the shadow -of the great
elms and waving a parting t hat we had
promised should not be for long,
Neither of us had much to say aa we
glided along at the toot of the emerald
hills, and, for iny part, tears would
have come easier than words.
"That was an odd remark ol Clem-
mle's this morning," said Harvey at
long tn, "about losing a ring and mak
ing us all awear to return It when
"I thought ao at the time," I an
swered. Just then he dived Into his coat pock
et, and producing his cigarette case
opened It with an exclamation of sur
prise. "What's wrong?" I queried, riding
alougBlde. In reply he held out the
case, and there, on the cigarettes, lay
Clemmlo's little turquoise ring.
"Shall you keep your promise?" I
"Of course," said he, fastening the
jewel securely to his watch chain. "Of
course I will but, say, you might post
pone writing that pastoral play for me
until I roturn the ring. There may bo
a new suggestion for you." Ooorgo
Taggart, in Journalist
Oolii Far for a Precedent,
it Is about fifteen years since the
District of Columbia courts ceased to
consider Oood Friday a non-juillclal
day. In Chief Justice Carter's court at
that time the old custom was first
changed. Bald the lato Hon, ltlchard
T. Merrick to the late Chief Justice
"You will not hold court to-mor-i
j "Why not?" said the chief justice,
i "It will bo Oood Friday," answered
Mr, Merrick, "Court has never boon
hold on that day."
"This court will be hold," declared
the chief justice,
"Then," said Mr, Merrlclc, "Your
honor will be the first judge who has
held court on that day since Pontius
Pilate, "St. Louis (Jlooo-Democrat.
Bar Final Answer.
He had proposed to Iwr in an ex
tremely florid aud luxuriant, not to
say tropical and soulful, manner, and
Bho had received it with laughter and
merry gibes.
Naturally, this course of treatment
didn't Improve his temper,
"What do you take tne for, anyhow?1
he asked, furiously Indignant
Again that provoking laugh,
"I don't take you for anything," she
replied! "I reject you utterly. Good
evening, sir," and site, loft him to his
meditations. Detroit Free Prose,
Lopoi do Vega, among hie volumin
ous writings, has fire novels, The first
is without the letter a, tho second with:
out the letter e, the third without i,
the fourth and fifth purpoaely omitting
o and u respectively.
High rive and Euchre Fartiea
should send at onco to John Sebas
tian, 0. T. A., 0. K. I. & P. It. It,
C'hicnifo. Ten cents, in stamis, per
pack for tho slickest cards you over
shuffled. For fl. 00 you will receive
freo by express ten packs. 169 3m
H rt'W "Till rVrwitfite Trentmi-nr, cenalsllnit of
fttl'i'OHITOIiltH, Ciipmilii. it OlDltncnt ai. l ti
ifc.if.Kit Oliilrrii i.l. Aniir-f illli'tfOur. forlwa
f,r fv('ry!iiitni'o(.i!.tn.i(r.)a, ltjjinkpuaiiHjrtl"ti
l'ti !!")!. mfu or Ji.Hlir.nsnf rnrlxjIU) ad'l.wUl
sro rn!i!! ul ar'l flown a j.rn.iHioilt nire, and nf Itb
pmiuw In ecr.in, rjnli'' nwwry. trVhy endure
tun rrr,S! lisanni? WJ sjunrantee 8
hones to core onv oaee. "V wii my r
braeliu rif-tf'-'l. il a Inn.ii I ir 1' IT "usU.
1: f.n.iri-r'p'-if'-u'.ll.ynura,-"!!..
LUlaO i li ft I .N 6,JLjs.U..rl'll.tt
! rr-stf T.VVI-rt and h-ftlM Al :ll UUiULATi HI mi
Kl -ViJ I'-tll H'- fill"'!. "M H'",i' '
, iwduii oiptl ur oliUJiua uaw. ulm
Qulick, the Druggist Abilene, Katua
What is
Ctutoria la Dr. Samuel Pitcher's prMaiption for bituU '
and Children. It contain neither Opium, Morphine not
other Narcotlo substance, ltu harmleM lubttltute
for Paregoric, Drop, Soothing gyrup, and Caitor OIL
It it Pleatant. It ruarantee thirty jtut' hm fcy
Mlllloni of Mother. Coatorta dettroy Worm and allay
feTcrlahnet. Caatorla preTent vomiting gour Curd,
cure Diarrhoea aud Wind Colic. Caatorla rtllerM
teething trouble, cure contttpotlon and flatulency.
Caatorla aulmllate the food, regulate the rtonaoh
ud bowel, giving healthy and natural deep. Caa
toria 1 tho Children' Panacea the Mother Friend.
"Castoria la aa uwllftfit nwdlclM for ehtj
Iran. HoUun bat. npuudlj told, ma of lta
rood allMt upoe Ibttr oalldraa."
Da. 0. 0. OeaecD,
Oastorla IsUMbritreroadrfor oolldna of
which 1 am acquaints!. I hops the day Is Dot
(ar dtotant wheo mothanwllleotialder the real
InlerNt of thslr oUlldri, and uati Caatorla in
ttsad of the variousquaok itostnims which an
dctaroytng their loved ones, bjr foretaj opliira,
nurpblne, soothltLf svrup aad ototr hurtful
sjenta down their throats, tharebr rKradinf
Da, 1 1. KrricatLos,
Ooowar, Ark.
Tke Oeateu Oaapaar, TI kT
V'Hin wr iiw
' Wedreimertfbliit,
at Vk Ureiiniicome trut, ja XSf
twTWiL Until, for very pity'i lake, VjV,M 1
f4!iJ T1"' ,uir,,,,lk nrm cotnmegctd tomika J fAJiW
3 Ujtr w TfieHonp, thnt incur dreamiweplanii TjDjr
u f That celtbralcd. weUknown branil- M rTrl
Iarrnnr ..a irrrii iilitiiolitirrdr-tttdoiiMiteiicj'. i'vvi nv.tt k f'U'uuwii Utv Uvw. Ut
BtruHt and r in khirvsRtMlttiflurlimryorwniiioUllim
f!tr 1111 tCNW MtrentfUieiianiiil reiiioniaaiiiall waiik (jibhii
. . Pli P? fM'.Mi ih th" nnly known rvmerfy to ctpo wniiout an Mjwrntfn. SWOlPunwonli
tin, A wrltliTi Riiiiriiiit'nRlviiuii(lrtifiniy rcftirnml ti nil Ihixph wt not all'dct A twruaiiuutMna)
1.00n box, aix Mr tfl.in, liy mull. Numl for KincHdrculitr and ti'aiiiuoiilala.
k AildreM WAVOL MiaUICINH CO., P.O. Dox Wfl,! iiclaco.CoJ, frrSuUbf
Hold by J, II, Qlaiaaner, d rung lit, Abilene, Euuu1 ,
ircliifilnir matn lnn, feiianchns and extenslone But and West of tha
ilBBOurt River. Tim Direct Koute to and from Oblcairo, Jollet, Ottawa,
'eurla, La Sulla. UuUni'.Korlc Intend, In ILLINOIR-Uavsoiiort.Maijcatmo.
Ottumwa, Oh) iloonn, tins Moines, Wlnterset, Audubon, Harlan,and Council
Dlutls, In 10Wi.-Mlnnoanolla end St. Paul, Tn MINNEaOTA-Wotertown
and Sioux Po ls, In PAKOTA-Camoron, St, Josoph, and Kaneaa Olty, In
MlSSOUlU-Otuaba, Falrhury, and Seleon, I? NtDHIlABKA Horton. Topekta,
Vutchlaaon, Wlchl, BnUevlllo, Abilene, Ceddwelt. In KANSAS-Vonaf
lOreoli, Kintrneher, Kort Hono, In tho INDIAN TEnglTOBT-aiid Oolorarto
eprlnra, Donvor, Pueblo, In COLORADO. FREE Becltntnn Chair Car to
and irom Olitoinin, Caldwell, Hutchlnaon, and Dodge City, and Pulaee Bleep
Intr Cars between Cblotago, Wichita, and Hutcblnnor), Truveraea new aut
vunt arena of rich fomlriif and graalna; lands, atlomina; the beet luiUiaa
of Intiirooinmunloatton to all towns and cities east and weet, nortaweaa
and aouthweat of Cbioago, and Pacldo and eronitoeeanlo Seaport.
Leadlntr all ooninetltore In splendor of equipment cool, well jraitllated, unit
true from dust. Through Ooacboe, i ullroan Sleamera, FREW Hecllntnt
fihalr Cam, and (east of Missouri Htverl Dining Care pBlly between Chicago,
Son itolnni Council Blulfs, and Omaha, with Fro Becflning Chair Car to
orth Platte, Nob., end botwoen Chicago and Colorado Bpringe, Denwer,
and Pueblo, via at Joseph or Kansas City and Topeka, (Jplondtd Dining
Hotols (ninilshlnrj nionJs cX soaeonable noursl weet of Blespurl River.
California Excursions dally, with CHOI08 OF BOOTES to and from Bed)
,ako, Ogdon, Portland, Los Angolea, and 6an Franclaoo. The DIRBOt
,INSi to and from Ptlte's Pee!;:, Manltou, Oarden of tbe Gods, the 8aoitait
bll.lli VI aauu injiu r.una rour..
una, and fjoenio Uriuidoura ef Colorado,
solid Bxprnae Trains dally between Chicago and Minneapolis and St Paul,'
with TUltoUOH Reclining Chair Care (FRBEI to and from thoee points and
Kansae City. Throuiri Chair Car and Sleoper between Peoria, SplrltLak,
and 8IOHX Falls, via Rock Islufd. The Favorite Line to Plomtone, Water
town, Bloux rails, and the Summer Re aorta and. Hunting and Ftahlns
Grounds of tho Northwest. ,
travel between Olnclnnut, Indianapolis, Lafaette, and Council WuiTa, 8.
Joseph, Atchison, Leav V-wth, KaosaB City, Minneapolis, and St. Paul.
For Tlckits, Hups, Foldore, or desired Information, apply to any Ttokat
OBoe in the V nl'.ed BUioa or Uunada, or aCxeaa
tEaiagv, OHIOAOO.IU Oi'lIiaWl ajaai
"Crta k aewladapMatalilHhWBVa
1 rcotniiaaiMto.ilaaTrisalale
R. a.Aaean,ltlli,
111 , Oxford St., BroosJrs, H. T.
"OurphrslclaMLB tha ehlldnt'a dapara
nuat have apokaa tughlr of tatlr eiparl
enoe la their outsUt praetioa vlmOastena,
and although we ealy have anon ear
nedloal wppllsa what at knewa aa narular
products, rel we are Ins le eetfsas that Ike
merits of Ceakrrle has woe as a leek ww
favor rrpoa It."
Uams Heamu an Dtarnruav,
I luoa Bmri, Pm.,
amy Itrswt, Vt Tark 0.
If I'lirat Vim nt all Hutk
tl hi ol n faiiiomf reiirh iliilclini, will iiiluttly cure vu
ut tin' geiitrttllve imut, micb im J.oil Mauhoml,
iiimiiiiiila, I'lilim 111 tint Jlrk,Ht'iiilnitl KiiHulium, Nitvuus Jlebllliy.
i'tii.li'H, VnllliitM Ut Miirry, KxliMiMtlnif Jlnilim, Vnrinorcl aiitf
('(HiHiljmlfiin, llaUip nil Iiimoh hr ilav or iillit. Frevciiu quirk
in . of dUi'lmnif . wlih'll liiiuttOiM'ttcit lHiuIn tn Hnrnnalirrhiaiauii

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