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Yob have been in the power house of
lome great plant of machinery. Did it
occur to you that your body was a more
wonderful machine ?
In the term of a natural life the heart
beau three thousand million times and
with a pressure of thirteen
I pounds to the stroke, lifts in
that time, half a million tout
of Mood. What care are you taking of
this wonderful machine?
Shortness of breath, buzzing in the
ears, dizziness, palpitation of the heart,
sleeplessness, stomach trouble, indies.
uuimieoniyaomew the evidences that
the machinery is undergoing a strain
wuilii jimer or later will break it down.
What the lubricant is to the machine
of iron, Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical
Discovery is to the machine of flesh and
blood. It reduces friction to a minimum
and keeps the great organs in proper
diseases of tire stomach and organs A
uigcsuon aim nutrition, and iocreasittr
the flow of pure and healthy Mood!
J'i "1.' bottles of Dr. pioor'i Gdtten
mcuicai uiscovery and srwraj viol! of his
.,...... a year Imi mis spring. and
Jiaye had nr trouble wKh lndimstioil slice"
writes Mr. W. T. Thompson, of Townseun,
Broadwater Co., Montana. Words foil 1 1, idl
liow thanklid I am for the rotief. as I he.l suf.
Jmi so much and it seemed that the doctors
could dense no good. I got 4wn in msghl to
las pounds, and was notnbl-to work at oil Vow
I weigh nearly 160 and can do a dnv'i'work
on iiw.ismn. I haw recommeuded viiar mrdi
cine to several, and shall alwavs have a Fool
word tc say for Dr. Pierce mid his medicines."
Dr. S 'ierce's Pleasant Pellets Snvimir
ate the stomach, liver and bowels. Use
then with the " Discovery" when a pill
The Three State Contentious at
Lincoln Complete Their Work.
Cures Dandruff, feeds the roots
and positively makes the hair grow.
It is unconditionally guaranteed.
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i 1
3 I
At On Time It Thi-wana-d a Split Batwna
(ha Democrats and Popoilsta Massrs,
Harrington and Eilmlaton'a Wara-luas-Uanocrau
Lincoln, aeb July 13. Nebraska
lusiomsta, in slate conventions, com
pleted their work at 5:30 o'clock yes
terday evening. The ticket follows;
governor, iVUIiam A. Pointer, of
Uoone county, populist; lieutenant
governor, K. A. Gilbert, of Vork coun
ty, silver republican; treasurer.
a. JJ. .Howard, of Holt county,
populist; attorney general, Willis
i. Oldkam, of ltuifalo county,
Weinocr-at; auditor, H, S. (iriess, of
nay county, populist; land com
missioner, P. J; ttusey, of Saunders
countf, populist.
The three state central committees,
to whom hud been delegated the se
lection of presidential electors, re
ported the following before the con
vention adjourned, mid their action
was ratifietl; Frank Hanson, J. H.
Kelber, W. A. Barrett, W. t!. Swan,
Peter Ebbersnn, Hubert Oberfelder. L.
It. Wente, J, Hughes.
The conventions were the most re
markable since fusion became a factor
an aebrasty politics. Xatirmnl poli
tics was injected into the proceeilinirs
and at one time threatened a split be
tween the democrats and populists.
The question was over the indorse
ment of Stevenson for vice president
by the populists, pureiy a sentimental
one, but it provoked a storm in that
noour T. Washington Draw, a Laraja
irowd to His Addraaa oa tha Advance
of tha Colored Man.
marteston, S. C, July 12. The
members of the National Educational
association put in a busy day yester
day, two sessions of the general or
ganization and many meetimrs of the
departments taking up their time.
Hooker T. Washington, the negro edu
cator, drew the largest crowd of the
convention at the Auditorium at
night, speaking on the advance of
the colored man along educational
lines. The nominating committee, will
meet at noon to-day and decide upon
a candidate for president, California
is expected to present the inline of
Prof. Fnrshay, of Loa Angeles, but
the sentiment of many of the dele
gates is that the honor should go
east, l'rof. J. M. (ireen, of Trenton,
X. J, has many friends and, although
he is not pressing his candidacy, the
chair is likely to go to him. l'rof.
lirkernf Chicago, wilt probably be
made a vice president, Cincinnati and
Tletroit are claiming the next conven
tion. The matter will be considered
to-dny by the board of directors. St.
Louis has put in a Kid for the conven
tion In 1903, the year of its exposition.
. Hons nf Tempnrsnca.
l'itlsfield. Mass,, .July 12. At yes
terday's session of the convent ion of
the national division, Sons of Temper
nice, the irrimil treasurer renorted to
tal receipts of '$3,1111; expenses $;i,nil;
cash on hand $1K0. Liabilities, two
notes of $ltl each; bnlanre against
the grand 'division, $811. The most
worthy scribe reported a total mem
bership, J'furi'h 31, 1900, of 34JIH,
decrease of 3,634 since the previous
report; number of divisions 771, n de
crease of 60 since the previous re-
'' Mtmi
"Why, Uncle Jocelyn, everything
JOTra," Mid the younj man, with
conscience-stricken air.
"Ah, no, evervthinir is vours. mv Inn".
Old Hunting Cap, as they called him. ' 1 8m 00 old a cumberer of the
ttt under his tree, and looked down ground. It seems a pity to take rl
on a fairyland ot wood and lake and 'rom 11,8 "a and alri but It is my
mountain his, in the vanity of man, ! tree Cut H down. Jasper, and niaku
Who endures but for a breath. He was. "v C01I ot it."
very old; his thoughts were the slow! Tne afxt day he came for the lasl
thoughts of old age, creeping labori- time see nis tree. When the as
ously back over the days and years of 1 went tlle heart of it he cried out
port, The most worthy patriaroli. In
convention which practically blocked ' nT"l'oal address, commented on the
Are Safe and Reliable,
gy perfectly H itmlr ss
Tha Ladies
Brat postpaid oo receipt of
ftlf. Money refunded if not as
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structing the exhausted digestive or I
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ant and tonic. No other preparation
can approach It In efllciency. It in
ftantly relieves and perinanently cures
Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Heartburn,
Flatulence, Sour Stomach, Nauss.
Sick Ileadachc,Gastralgla,Cr,wps and
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Pnearad by E C. DaWITT ', rr , rhircfre.
all business from 11 o'clock Wedne
day night up to the time a recess was
taken at five o'clock yesterday morn
The excitement developed by the
dispute over the -apportionment of
state offices among the three parties
was heightened by 'the springing of
the vice presidential question, and it
reached the climax at four o'clock yes
terday morning, when M, V. Harring
ton, one of the lending populists of
the west, warned the convention that
it would wreck the party if they in
dorsed the withdrawal of Towne from
the ticket and conceded to other
democratic demands. Mr. Harrington
asserted that the way to increase the
middle-of-the-road 'movement was to
throw Towne over and put in bis
plnee one who had never been in sym
pathy with the populists. He sniil
Town's withdrawal would lose orth
Dakota, Smith Dakota and Kiinsns and
the fuslnnisis wniilil have to tight for
their lives in Xetirnskn.
T. If. Kdmisliin, chairman of the
populist suite rem nil committee nnd
vice, chairman of fhe nntiomil commit
tee, was even more radical. He de
clared that if llie populists did not
stnnd their ground, hold their place
on tli national ticket and insist on
the hulk of ic stnte officers they
could never hold another national con
vention. .Tust at n lime when 1 lie sentiment
seemed stromr l'"f Itrenkiiui- awnv
from all alliances a motion to take a
recess prevailed. 1 he democrat 1
adjourned nt the same time and (he
leaders trot toircllicr for conference
Willi the result that 1 lie democrats
yielded everything except one office
on the stat- ticket and divided with '
the populist and free silver republic
ans the eight presidential electors.
loss in membership, saving that it
was attributable to the death of older
members and the lack of Interest on
the part of those now connected with
the organization.
Would Like llrvaa Nntinert la tha Kaat.
ruiffillo, X. Y., July 1J. Xatiimal
Committeeman Xoriunn E. Mack said
yesterday: "Unless Mr. Hryan desires
the notification made in a western city
I should prefer that it be made in
some of the large cities of some of
fhe middle states, naturally 1 would
favor Xew Vork because of lis im-
porliince as a political and etimmer-
cnil center. Xew York slate ill
probably go Into the democratic col
umn at llie coming election and dem
ocrats in this section of the ennnlry
would like to have the honor of hav
ing .Mr. I'.rvan notified in the eust,
especially as Ihe west has had the
convention which nominated hira.
Ilrnurt Heolt lllciela Haras a Failure,
Milwaukee, July 13. The grand cir
cuit races of the. National f've.linc
association, which are billed t be
run off in connection with Iho twenty
h'rst nntioiial meet of 111- League of
American Wheelmen, will prove o fail
ure as far us racing Is rnnccrncrt. The
whole cause of the trouble is Iho un
safe track erected at the Exposition
building iind which is to lie used to
run otV the events. Already 1V- big
fcatui f Ihe meet, the $1,I)(KI mutch
nice bet ween Tom Coniior and Ma i.
laylor, been declared oft aid
t'oopci- ii lust night for IMniil,.
Taylor leaves for liidi.m-ipolii
glorious life when ht was a man and
not a bundle of pains and weariness.
Avery hone of him ached for the bed
orer yonder among the heather and
furze of Ihe llrown hilL on the hill
top whence you could see four coun
ties. There he had anooit ad to 1
buried; and thereCampingeshe horse
that had carried him many a u-loriniu
day, lay awaiting him. t'ampignes had
died, worn out at 43, and his grnva
had been dug at the foot of his m
ter'a. Within reach of where the mas
ter's stiff right hand should lie was
the Little gruve of Mous(Uitnire, the
Spitz that had belonged to the gentla
may wno wna lo have been old Hunt
ing Cap s wife. Hut Mousu,uetaire had
died o long ago that the slender bones
of him must huve crumbled awav tn
uusi; ami way was old Huufing Cap
yet lingering on the land where no
on wanted him, and where he dwelt
among ghosts and shadows?
It seemed to the lonely old man that
Providence was treating him badly in
the matter of life. He had been long
iircr urcu oi nit existence, and would
willingly have quit (he cares
of this earth some years before he had
been permitted to do so, He could find
nc reason why he should be allowed
to life on; he was of no value to fhe
wornl; the friends who had onnrecl-
ted him had lonir since crossed tha
oarit river and he was nnnious to fol
low them.
m was Sir JoccT! to his face; al
ways- behind his back old Hunting
vu, uecaise ne wore a dark browu
od frayed hunting cap of Ur on his
few silver hairs. The world he dwelt
1b was a world f strangers. It was
not only that im bad outlived all the
men ana women of his day but -thair
children had grown up to look at him
wun altered face. The people of old
had been fond of him, had ben ready
to defend him with their lives against
process servers and bailiffs. They had
shared his plenty, and amid the rack
eting and jaunting and jolity and good
will (hey had lived like a large family,
nf wtil,l, In, ., tl. :l.l.. i.i.. .
. ., a tllc ,, , cnjiouai uie King
' flnil tlil.f X'n.u .-l. ............ I.- i t. .
.. lie WCIH lie
met cold faces and eyes of enemies, It
made him feel strangely old and cold
ana oescrteu. 'J hey had all gone awny
together, (he dead, the loving, tin
friendly of old; sml he was like ashees
last in the mountains in the drifts of
. He was o old that he hud let the
ruins slip from his fingers, and things
nao Been all of a muddle when young
Jasper, the heir, had come and brush
ed him aside. Under Jasper's eyes h
nau ion more naked and cold than
even under the averted glances of
the men and women whose baby headu
ne nad patted. It came to him dimly,
llhe some brute In a far awny storm,
m a itr-nway storm, that Jasper was
fighting hia cause with the people,
drspgiug arrears for rent from them,
evicting, iwrvng notices; on them i
quit; for Jasper believed in n fighting
policy, i.iti u made the old man more
comfortless m a world where eyery
body used to be pleasant.
The mists gathered in the valleys
and began to creep up the hillside.1
Old Hunting Cap wondered vuiruelv
wne-iner i.miy i-nn-ell would reinem
her to come 10 him to help him horn
A 1-arrell ltf!l ulwnvs Ik
and fell forward; Tonnjr Jasper onl
caught him in time. And then he was,
carried home and put to bed; and in
a few hours he died, as though thfl
tree had kept life in him. and they
must die together. So of Old lluntinjj
taps tree mey made the solid plunks
lor nis coffin. It wna as though
were a boat to curry him fur awnv
the land of friendly faces. Katheriin
Jypan, in London Speaker
A Tokarcoleaa Heart.
"You have," said the physician, "thi
tobacco heart." The patient made ans
wer, "Dootor, I never smoked bin once
and that was when I was a boy." This
happened in (ieriunntowu. lloth men
laughed, and the physician prepared
to examine the patient, again, so as
to make another diagnosis.
After half an hour of hard work the
tobacco heart still seemed to resemblo
the man's disease, and -the physician
said, "What do you do for a living?'
The man replied, "I am a tobacco
"Well, then, of course, you're got
the tobacco heart, whether you smoke
or not," snid the physician. "All day
long you breathe in tobacco. The
dust of it fills your lungs, circulates
with yourblond all overyour body and
is digested with your food. I have had
a number of eases such as yours ,nnd
I prescribe eight hours a day In the
fresh air. You'll find it hnrd to follow
this prescription. Awny from the to
bacco Inden air of your simp you will
have the uneasy, restless longing to
get back to It which the smoker, after
a few hours of abstinence, has for a
eignt. That is strange, but you will
fl..d it true. You have unconsciously
acquired the tobacco breathing habit
and It's a harder habit, I believe, to
brenk than the smoking habit itself,"
Philadelphia Iiecord.
A Good Cough Medicine
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Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. If
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bie, give it a trial for it is certain to
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fect health has been restored. Cases
that seem hopeless, that the climate of
lanious health resorts failed to benefit,
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iiso, For snlo by all druggists.
For quickly relieving that distressed
feeling after eating, a single dose of
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tain cure for constipation, that proli
fic cause of so much suffering.
Krause's Little Liver Tills are war
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Haul the A IM M Han Always BoggM
Through Sleepers and Chair Can to
Ban Antonio via Milano
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cars leave Kansas City daily at 10 p.
in. via Santa Fe route. Absolutely
no change of cars. An irreproach
able service. Folders, tickets and
reservations may be had by applying
to W. K. Kokkutson, Aeon i,
Abilene, Has-
Prize Eating Conteit,
"They had a prizo eating contest
Ihe other night nt Tin Hook school-
house. "
Who won?"
Hen Splutters he ate nine head
of onbbage."
Duln t it ninko him sickr
No. Ho just took a spoonful of
Dr. Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin. That
prevents stomach trouble of any kind,
they say." At all druggists.
For Infanta and Children.
Boars the
Signature of
Shake Into Your Shoes
Allen's Foot-Ease, a powder. It
cures painful, smarting, nervous feet
mid ingrowing nails, ami Instantly
I Cllll'r
S't. Jo
J External Piles, Ceie, Burns a:.4
ru:ss, Oid- Sore Eczema ar.O n
Skin Dwca'fs, it itands today wilhwt
pesr, h w :m oid reliable rer.edv. si i
it uett! tfelv. whut!, will hea! :'.!:,
William .1 11 v .n a ,il ,tclll K S rv ,
Will II- fn m.llv Tool at Inillan
HpiMsf 'Ituir Nnniitintliiii,
'Washington, .Inly 111. William Jen
nings llryun and Adhti K, Stevenson
Will be formally notified of their se-
lleetion as the prwdhentinl and vice
-presidential nominees of the de-no-
'cnitic pnrty on Wcflnesd.-iy, August K,
,nt Indianapolis. Ind. Information to
'flits effect v.-ns received by ll-preventn-'five
Kiehenlsnn, nf Tennessee, eiiair
ininn of the democratic congressional j
eampilign committer, yesterday from
'S"-'!iitor Jones, the nntio-ull chairmnH. I
Mr. li'il-rnlson will mate the sneech
of notification to Mr. Iran nnd (iov.
fTiiri'les A, Thomas, nf Colorado, that
nofifyinsr Mr. Stevenson. It is ex
peeled flint the notificition will be
trade the occasion of a hinre popular
demonstration, somewhat similar to
that nt "Madison S'pinre garden, Xew
York, fonr years ago.
:-"i(.(l City, for probably ful.rili :,-sioittinc-
-liill" Wilson. c:i1i-brr of iln
'-n-li.'i 1 1 -ii i.i, last M'un!:rv in , i ; ;
City. llaiiM'ii mcd n lull Int. Inflie:
im,' 'injiirii's on Wilson's bend ';.
(e;ii''1iiin irriitioii'il nmch of llie 1ju--''refioent
lUcki'v aeliflid ihe N'.-n'oi
lecf.i-ite president of his Inli-m'ii-i
which weans that Hansen will p;vl.
eVIy h blacklisted there.
l-tCl HI ll"tli liv His I'cmy.
(laliii.'L Kan.. Julv t4.Tli ;.!,(.
scar. Be :ar 'f-;! t ?-.( BHOGS, u0 i yeartild wni of Iteti Jlvs.-r. who had
I been riding his pet pony at Itice-
pllle, near here, dismounted and
I wrapped the halter rone round his
The prmy took fright, kicked
( lure of I'Si).'
If Cherry
Quick, Sure, Pleasant
Does not Nauseate.
All Drugglsu.
I band.
the lioy fn the tomnch and then ran,
drngf ing him out stumps, rocks and
through the timber for a distance of
nbtnif 30(1 yards. It killed him,
) nintir W ii llmiirr . Hill
Washington, July J4. The fiermnn
government ha consented on the enr-
nest reipicst of the I'nited States mln-
I'.erlin, Mr, While, to modify
meat inspection Mil so that
it will rot Interfere with existW
contract oi'iig;.tiou of American ex-porters.
MfC AloMri!lt.ni U4tsw. m Ihm4
Ik l UD itvl tjM4 mmau Ww mM4
1 sHlk kiasi Hkaaaaa Tahai ata aalkaw. aaViSaM
I " MM "-- tmm mi nw DfaanatV m mat ata. H
taaaHt !, t as I II a4f
Thr-e l,4fe Itatiks (onsolldalf.
Chicago, July 14. Three of Chi
cngu's oldest aud largest banking In-
Biiiutions are to be consolidated. The
Corn Exchange national, the Ameri
can national and the Northwestern
nallonnl are to pool issues nwl reor
ganise under the charter of the Corn
Kxehm.gc, rela-ning its title, l'resl
dei t i.nuKi A. i.ommill. of 'l.e Corn
Kxchanir '.an:(, will be presideut ef
the CjI..u J cwporotlvo.
Fxl""l V.'hi-i lrt-t.
V1i1enM, July It!.--There w-vs
rll-.-d wIm-iii Market vesterih.i-
fici's at tiiius almost three
over the (t-ose of Tu'-sil-iy. ''oi-f;:-r,--tion
by f.V government crop ro irt
of jiiwit (lixnaire to spring wheat -u,
the suiiii factor of strength. fSi t
tetnl.er elosirl with an ndvinee of
i2"(, re-uts. 3leports of iliiinage frr-i:i
droiigln eiinsi-tba bulge of 1'. ecu : !ti
corn, reus giuiieii l cent nail p.-otji'-lont
5f 3CJ-i warts.
A llean Iaki. f Hnnp Hit hr MfMnltnr
Atchison, Kim.. .Inly 12. During n
severe tliiiiiilei-Kloi-in nt three o'clock
Wednesday morning lightning Mi-im ';
one of the big Tries icehouses at
llenn lake, ten itiiks southwest ot
here. The icebjnise was set on fin
nan oilmen to me ground, together
with the engine house, chutes, etc.
The house contained 17,IHW tons of Ice,
much of which wan destroyed. Tin
loss is estimated nt $iiO,000.
en his honv
, wromi; run: i.aniy was not like those
n.-iro-r Ii mk.-ii iiiarklistm ( wno had pone before him. Sir Jocelv
;'!. -"iiy i-'. nvMiienr i o very oid mat ne would not no
I. Mickey, of the Wi-sli i n ' t"'11 omission. lie wns well sittln
night issued nn onli r Utidtr the font of a 'rvp ss snywhe
i"' (V nti-r Kiehler liausni. of f '". wlil' I-rnity never felt the hour
! Pss sitting in the bar parlor at the
ninny iHKinri'M, with Ihe Widdv'i
! daughter Mnrywttingon bis knee. 0ft
old llimting'Ciip had trembled with
heliless ilispist ,of nnger againat Lsn,
ty hut today he was not in a mood
for resentment. If the mists come us
ana nine mm in n friendlier world
than he knew below at the castle. He
muttered lo himself
The tittle dogs,
Tray, Hhinchc and Sweetheart, how
they liark nt luc!
tne tree that was known as Old
Hunting Cap's tree hiid been planted
tne oy ne was horn. Ills lady-mother
hud carried him in her arras wh n
he was a little child in see how It
thrived , 14 was a bonny tree. "As the
tree thrives the child lives," she said
to herself, and hud looked at him with
gentle approval. In his induslrloiu
boyhood lie watered K and kent the
elay to Its roots. Coder Its tiouulia ha
; had plighted his troth. He hud corns
! there with bin desimiv the day his
Mary was buried. It wis the one
thing that hud kept fr hurl an un-
changed face. If he were to die under
it In the mist he would be glad; far
lietter to die In the great four-poster
in me queen s room, ringed anon,
with indifferent and unfriendly sees
tired of willing for his last breath.
Some one strode toward him out of
the mist.
tall deer, but presently the fl e-nra re,
ven led liself as that of his great,
nephew, Jasper.
"You will die of the dump and eoM,"
said the vonnc man. nni'i-ilv. "Wtiers
Is that scoundrel I-'iirrell? Is this how
he neglects you?"
Old lliintlnir fan smlW nt htm
childishly. Anger generally troubled
hltn, but the concern for himself In
this anger gave him a shock of pleas-nre.
.xever mind. Tjititv." he niA "TT.
nns lorgotten me, and I had forgotten
blm. I wna thinking of something,
..nF,ri aumeming I wanted to ask
"Yon shall tell it to me. Only let me
get you home to Are. Farrell shall
pay for this."
The old mn a s-ot to his fel. h.ln.
by the strong younr arms. II aluM
s minute trembling, end looked up at
the tree.
It seems a pHy," he said.
'No Time to Waste,
Chicago Post! "I'm a business man,"
he said bniskly, "and I've no time to
wnste. 1 want to marry your daugh
ter. Cau 1 have her?"
The merchant gasped,
"You seem to be in a good deal of
n hurry," he suggested.
"1 inn," replied the suitor, "As I
told volt. I mn n biisinesii mini. I tmiflii
up my mind that 1 wanted a wife, and : Mm tho MH nllt ' cnr" &
1 started out to get one. I've seen red ions. It's tho greatest jonifort dis
the refusal of two girls this morning. , ,,,,-,.,, tnu . MWt Foot-Ease
but my option expires in twenty-four I . , .
hours, and if I ean't'linve your dmigh-1 "mkoH "K"' nr "IIW 8holM ,uo1 u8y.
ter I want to close with one of them II is a certain cure for sweating, cal-
WZilt ' '"" '"t! 1,0 1 B''t '"r?" I '""s 1111,1 hnt' til'u'1' aBhl"l? fMt' 7rJ
"flood. There's nothing like having il ''"'"J' hJ M lrugglst and
a eVnr iiiulerslniKHng. One of the! shoo stores, lly uiuil for 25o Id
others lives in tho next block and Ihe sunups, Trial package FKKE. Ad
olher is half a mile away. I'll take I. Ull , ,,
the -nearest, save a good ten minutes llnw'' Allu" 'S' olm8l(!l1. . N.
of valuable time nnd get back to my V.
desk ill time to look over the late mail, ! ., " -
There's no use letting tlie minor af-' '' " ,BI1""' when you buy
fiiirs -of life eneronch on one's busi- ' 'lo'tiiberlHin's Colic, Cholera and Ular-
neaa, -Cood dny, sir,' ; ilioen llcinedy. John M. (ihiissnor
j will i-efiind your money ilyou are not
j Miuiieii atier using it, it is every-
" hern ndiiiitted to be tho most suo-,
"fn! remedy In iihi lor bowel com-l-biiiiis
and the only one that
i i ver (nils. It is pleasant, safe and
h-li.v le.
lliitiiiu n K minus Cllr,
A Huston girl who was f ravelins a-
cioss uw eonlniMii San l-'i ancisci)
for the lirsl tone. -,nn !M. following
Iturtling inloi niali. i, t Kansns
City and the West lo lin bither when
siio reached Kansns ( iiy:
"lly tee Missouri liiver in Missouri,
Dear I'u: The riv i-ix out this way nct-tl
"ig mey are so il.riy and yellow.
This is a great country, l-ivei-v m,li in
town turns out to see us come In at
the stations. Here we are in ll.n...
Citr. The.hoiiM's look like doll !,,,,,.
jndjill the darkies have a languid air.
I hey must lie awful tired. People look
kind of foreign and their eoinnlexions
re St. swarlhy. Well this will make
our rauirth nut it on the train ii.a.
by vhh love."
Afiss Jlnsloa did not come nn I,,..
ill .i.. - .. "
mt PHI, WltN 11 e HP Of na,.
Khanties along the West bluff. She
will proibably an home an,l i.ll v..
i. , . " - -
ii'iniiia toai hiifsas I fly i't the town
H is cracked up to be nt all, or rather
the urbane metronolil Hfl tirott-ttlsf Inn at
tau-tologlcally Bieakiiig, hnve an antt.
transiiiistantiiitionnlileiiess ,,,.,.i..
lent t the reputation promulgated."
till Tank Pino. He af.mnrvllle
lloston, July 14. The list of fatal
ities from the disastrous oil tank ex
plosion at Sonierville Thursday night,
now numlHTH three. The dead lire:
Joseph llayden, fireman; J.'ofus J-'e.
lown, S years, and J. J. Callahan, 4".
years of age. It is Impossible to state
accurately the. number of in hired, an.
In addition to the 2ll or more known
to have been sent to the hospitals,
more than that number received med
ical attention nt various drug stores
in the neighborhood of the fire or at
their homes.
star Living Sanipla,
A certain gentleman In I .llnennahtra
the proud possessor of a i.,.,,,,L..
bly red nose.
The term proud Is used advisedly,
is the owner Is continually relating
stories having t bearing on the brll
llant hue of his nasal treasure.
The following is one of them!
He was in Manchester min affemnn
uu, niinng completed his business,
vns amusing himself by an In
ik. -I.-." , . -
mo anop winoows.
While admiring some ties In
it ursi ne tnougiit it was aun window, and considering wheth-
" anuiiiu speculate or not, a little
gin came oirt of the establishment
looked up nt him, hesitated mo
ment, and finally eaught him by the
"PU-asc will you come Into this shoe
with me, only for a minute?" aha
an sen.
Arrived at hs counter, the little one
smonisnea everyDody by remarklnfi
"Thser, miss, muvrer wants a rib
kin the SIMM color as this gentleman's
I It Saved Hit Leg.
I I'.A. l)iiii(otholI,ii(;niiige,(;a.,ii(.
b red for six nioiiths with a frightful
running sore on his leg; but writos
tlnit Hucklen's Arnlcii Snlvo wholly
cured it in live days. For Ulcers,
Wounds, Piles, it Is llie best salve In
the world. Cure gimniittied, Only
lift cis. Sold by J. M, (ilelssner, drug-
I!'"- r
DeWitt's Utile Karly Kisers are
famous, little pills for liver and bowol
irouuie mevor gripe. For snlo by
all druggists.
After many Intricate cxporimonts,
Mtuntiste have discovered methods
fur obtaining all the nutiirnl dlgos
iiints. These have been combined In
Hi" proportion found in the human
i'odv and united with substances that-
build up Ihe digestive organs, mak
ing a compound called Kodol Dyspep
sia Cure. It digests what vou
cut and allows all dyspeptlcr to eat
plenty nf nourishing food while the
stomach troubles are being radically
cured by the medicinal agents it oon
lulus. It Is pleasant to take and will
give iptick relief. For sale by all
druggists. t
Kipr.s. Train m l.l,
Muncie, Ind July 14,-The north-
bound express on the Ijike Erie West
ern railway was wrecked as It was
leaving Ifeeson station Inst nlirht bv
the explosion of the engine boiler.
Engineer Jloliert. Kelley had a lee
broken. and his hend cut. The passrn
jers were ladlv shaken up.
"Pna M
will be lonely up here when I am lone.
T should like to take H with me. Jt
wu elways my tree. Mar I im
et down, Jasper?"
Carnival Envelopef.
The Kkki.kctok job deparin.nt
prepared to print fhe ollieial design
f. r the September carnival on envel
opes, and merchants should place
their orders here lo insure good work
at In prires. Illank envelopes with
the design on the back can alo be
secured at Ihe Kkfui.tob office at !()
cents per psckige o( 24,
i tie lirst white man to sot foot on
Utah soil, Father Silvestre Vole, do
F.o'slante, who reached the GREAT
SALT LAKE on the 2,')rd day of
Sept., 177li, wrote In his diary: "Here
tho climate Is so delicious, the air so
balmy, that It Is a pleasure to breathe
by day and by night." The climate
of Ltuh is one of the richest endow
ments of nature. On the shores of
the (ireat Salt Lake especially and
lor lifly miles therefrom in evory di
rectionthe climate of climates is
(mind. To enable persons to psrtiol
pale In these scenio and cllmatio at-
trsutions and lo reach the famoue
PACIFIC has made a rate to OOTlUaT
and BALI LAKE CITT of one fare
for round trip, plus lii.00 from Mis.
sourl River, to be In effect June 21st,
July 7th to 10th inclusive. July lHth
and Aqg, 2d. Return limit Oct. 81,
For full Information call on or ad. -
dress T. H. JONES. Airent. - i

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