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Tha Drintancn Rein:rtscn Co.,
609 Board Trade, ' . KANSAS CITY, MO.
Receivers Exporters
Special Departments for Consignments and Options.
j. I National Bank Cotnmerca
Iteierence: AnwflcM StUoui Bank
Solicit Consignments and Eiecat
orders (1000 and upwards) ia Futures
in Um Kansas City market.
Attorney General Oodard on Sheriffs
and Treasurer's: Termi-
Attorney General Godard announced
Yesterday that count y officers will
Ant. State Snpt. Little Talks to In
ttitate Hormal Notes-
Assistant State Supt. D. W. Little
of Topeka visited the normal Friday
hold over until the 1902 election, j and gave the pupils an excellent talk
under the biennial law decision, ex-i at the chapel exercises,
cept where vacancies will be made He said in part, "Nothing exceeds
ty the second term limitations ol the i the importance o( the rural teacher.
state laws. Mr. Godard replying to The city schools are well cared for.
an inquiry made by County Attorney The problem before usi is th&t the
J. H. Danna, of Independence, set rural schools may be provided with a
forth these opinions: ! graded school system like that of the
'Touching the questions arising city. Nothing is too good in the way
under the biennial eleotion law not of educational advantages for the
decided by the supreme court,- I de- , boys and girls of Kansas. I he pe the
iire to say that I have reached a con-, time will soon come when you cou il
lusion on these subjects which is : try boys and girls may have the op
satisfactory to myself, but I am aware portunities of a graded school system
that the supreme court may taken and perhaps a-combined district school
Graduate of Allan Commercial College
Got a Fine Place-
A biographical sketch of W.
Furse appeared in the July number
of the Phonographic Magazine pub-
lithed at Cincinnati, Ohio, from
which the following extracts are tak
On the Hth of Novembor Mr. Furei
placed himself under the instruction
of E. 0. Allen and devoted all his en
ergies to the study of phonography
until the following May, when for two
months he accompanied the old re-
different view of the situation and it
will in all probability require a de
cision or decisions of that court to
settle these questions.
"Without citing authorities, or
giving reasons for my views, I will
state them to you briefly as follows:
"County officers now in office will
continue to hold their offices without
re-election or appointment during the
-ensuing year, except in cases where
sheriffs and treasurers are now filling
their second terms. As to other
cases there will be no vacancies which
an be filled by appointment except
in case of death, resignation or re
"Where sheriffs and county treas
urers are filling their second terms
vacancies will arise immediately up
on the expiration of those terms
which must be filled by appointment,
and to which appointment the present
incumbents are not eligible.
"It is my judgment that sheriffs
and treasurers now holding their first
terms will not be eligible for a second
term it they continue to hold the of
fice during the ensuing year.
'While the title of the law is broad
enough to cover all county officers,
except county commissioners, the
body of the act seems to restrict its
application to the officers named,
and therefore it does not in my judg
ment affect the eleotion of. oounty
high school trustees."
Farmers' Institutes.
The Kansas State Agricultural col
lege held over 100 Farmers' institutes
during the past summer. These sum
mer institutes were unusually suc
cessful. The attendance averaged
(30 per institute. The college fjree
is ready July 1 to take up the work
in Farmers' institutes this summer
and has the funds for holding 160
The eollege sends two speakers to
each institute, paying all their ex
penses, and also prints the programs
and posters for institutes without
charge. The farmers holding the
institute put up the posters, push the
advertising, furnish a place for hold
ing the meeting and present papers
and addresses for half the program.
It will pay you to hold an Institute
in your community. For full in
formation in regard to working up a
good meeting address, Farmers' In
titutes, Agricultural college, Man
hattan, Kansas.
Burned More Wheat.
Another wheat field fire ia reported
from near Solomon, Messrs. Gould,
Skaggs and Rundle having a loss of
about 60 acres. Fifty men did their
best to stop the blaze but could not
do it. The Union Pacific has a force
of men burning fire guards along the
track and moving back the wheat to
lessen the danger.
It Dazzles The World.
. No discovery in medicine has ever
created one quarter of the excitement
that has been caused by Dr. King's New
Discovery for Consumption. Its se
verest tests have been on hopeless vic
tims of consumption, pneumonia,
hemorrhage, pleurisy and bronchitis,
thousands of whom it has restored to
perfect health. For coughs, colds,
asthma, croup, hay fever, hoarseness
and whooping cough it is the quickest
surest cure in the world. It is slod
by J. M. Gleissner who guarantees
satisfaction or refund money. Large
bottles iOc and $1.00. Trial bottles
lean Us lei Yw Haw han fagM
):ke that of Ohio, giving high school
advantages." He expressed entire
satisfaction with work in the institute T
and urged every member to go ou
resolved to promote these new ideas,
Prof. Niesley made a new ruling
this morning that those entering dur
ing or after roll call be considered
The various methods of teaching
beginning reading classes were dis
cussed In Prof. Rose's room. A com
bination of the phonic, object and
sentence method was deemed far
superior to the old plan.
The subjunctive and potential
modes afforded the usual discussion
in Prof. Ambrose's grammar class.
Road Hai Altered Name and Adopted
a New Trade Mark
The Santa Fe railroad has changed
its name, The directors have deed
ed to drop the acoent mark over the
"e"in re, a change which most of
the public have already anticipated
I he road has adopted as a trade
mark emblem the word Santa Fe on
the bar of a cross within a circle, It
appears on the new folder, together
with a representation of an Indian
blanket which makes a very attrao
tive cover. The cross within a oircle
is full of symbolism appropriate to
great transcontinental line.
Kropff Burned the Field. -The
Manchester News says that
Prophet Kropff took speedy measures
to clean up his wheat field on which
he lost $500. It says: "The threshers
were no more than out of the field
when Mr. Kropff set fire to the straw
and stubble, thus destroying every
thing on the place that would tend
to remind him of his late lamented
vision.' Exit Prophet KroDff."
Watching the Construction.
M. Low, ehairman of the board of
oounty commissioners, is spending a
few days in town watching the con
duction of the foundation for the
court house addition. Mr. Low is
one of the most careful and conscien
tious commissioners the county has
overbad and he look closely after
the people's interests. The Third
district made a good choice when it
(elected him (or he has not only been
mindful of Its interests but has as
chairman of the board riven the
whole oounty his best attention. The
board ia strengthened by the presence
of such men as Commissioner Low
and whatever he doea will be done
Shlftinj Soil.
Real Estate Transfers, Reported by Abbe
a Ellison Abstracters. 1
Emll A Krause to C Schlesner swl 29-
10-t, o,ouu.
A Copenhaver to J W Romig It 156
w, ii ioi ara et Lebold's 4th ad,
Maggie Loyd to F L Loyd J int in 77
a in swj 6-16-2, $200.
W B Giles to E C Dowling nel 19-H-I,
T Issitt to Anna Page el of sel 18-12-3,
Dickinson Co by co elk to J S W'inans
Its 15 16 bk 12 Man, 16.
L E Humphrey to Mary Catherine
Clemense Its 15 16 bk 5 Sherman's
ad, Chap, $1,500.
J W Parker to B Matchett el of nel
Her Town Co to Mary A Wood Its 5 7
bk 103 Her Town Co ad, $.50.
K E Holmes to R and 8 Waring It 83
on n 4th at T and M ad, $200.
I A Henderson to Marietta Collins wt
of 9-14-1, $1,050.
porter on bis round of the district.
On the 8th of July he again placed
himself umlor the instruction of Mr.
Alien (who had in the meantime
opened a school of his own at Abilene,
Kansas,) and about the middle of
September he entered upon his official
In a recent letter Mr. Allen writes
of Mr. Furse as follows: "The per
sistency with which Mr. Furse pur
sued his phonographio studies was
something very unusual. I have
known him to sit at his desk taking
dictation for periods of three hours
without any pause or hesitation, and
he continued this nerve-exhausting
work for weeks at a time. During
the first three months of his study he
did not, with one exception, miss an
evening of study or praotice after
having spent the entire day with bis
work at the college. I attribute his
success to his perseverance and con
stant application to his work."
Shorthand notes were reproduced
in fac simile from the first case re
ported by Mr, Furse. Ho receives a
salary of $2,600 a year, and is now
spending his summer vacation of
three months among the snow-capped
peaks ot tne Rockies.
Mr. Furse was the first graduate of
the Allen Commercial college, and
will be remembered as having been
with City Clerk Wyandt and as bav
ing reported a number of oases in the
courts here.
R- I. Woods Gets Exclusive Sight
for This Territory.
R. I. Woods' Sand Springs bottling
works has been doubled in capacity
and is doing the largest business in
soda pop manufacturing in central
Kansas. In addition a snecial de-
partmcnt has been opened that of
bottling and carbonating Coca Cola,
the favorite soda fountain driuk.
Mr. Woods has secured the right for
this territory, 100 miles In every di
rection from Abilene, for bottlim'
Coca Cola. The Coca Cola is shipped
here from the manufactory in barrels,
csrbonated and bottled. It promises
to be one of the favorite hot weather
drinks and is said to be the favorite
wherever Introduced. This privilege
means a big business.
His Prophecy Wirei Crossed and
Spoiled His Reputation.
If Prophet Kropff had not mixed
up his prophecies what a great man
he would he! Last winter he declared
that there would be no wheat but a
big corn crop. His prophecy wires
wero crossed, that's all. Had they
kept straight he would be a greater
mnn than Elijah right now. Where
he did hit it was when he said oats
put in before March 20 would be
good but a man can always hit it on
that itnnnunceniont.
Sleenlessness. You can't sleep in
the stillest night, if your digestion is
bad. Take Hood's Sarsaparilla it
strengtneni me stomach and estab
lishes that condition in which sleep
reguiariy comes ana is sweet and refreshing,
l suuerea lor months with sore
throat. Electrio oil cured me In
twenty-four hours. M, S. Gist,
Hawesville, Ky.
City Milli Get $15,000 Without Any
The adjuster for the Millers' Mutual
insurance companies in which the
City Mills were insured was here last
evening and said there was no ques
tion about the payment of the $16,000
insurance. It will be paid in full.
The firm will then decide definitely
on rebuilding.
Enterprise Man Finally Made a Profit
on Hit Grain.
One of the former employes of
Hoffman's mills at Enterprise sold to
the mill yesterday 4,000 bushels of
corn at 60 oents a bushel. He bought
It two yean ago at 16 oenti and has
paid insurance and storage until it
stood him In 38 cents a bushel. His
friends have "joshed" him a eood
deal about his speculation but they
quit when he gathered in $2,000 and
cleared $180.
Dickinson Farmers Interested in a
Change of Seed-
The report comos from the Minne
sota School of Agriculture tlut new
varieties of wheat have been produced,
by cross-fertilization, that will revolu-
onize the culture of this cereal.
Mr. Harwood, who reports the re
sults, savs In the World's Work:
The increaso of the new wheat
over all old varieties will be at least
two bushels por acre. In tho three
states of Minnesota, North Dakota
ana soutn Liimota there are, on an
average, about fifteen million aores
of land planted to wheat. When the
new wheat is in use over all this
region on increase of only two bush
els per acrejwill niako a crop at least
thirty million bushels larger than the
old varieties would have yielded, At
an average price of 75 cents per
bushel, the increase In wealth in this
region will be $22,600,000 a year."
He reports that tho wheat tested
last season leaves about four thousand
bushels to be disposed of to other
farmers; and so will have a marked
effect upon the harvest of 1901, None
of the old wheat with which Prof.
Hayes was working, produced over
about nineteen bushels to the acre;
while one of the new wheats which he
secured by his scientific labors pro
duced over forty-two bushels per acre.
The average of the new varieties has
been twenty-seven bushels per acre
or over, The prospect is therefore
exceedingly bright for a very large
increase in our wheat crop without
any increase in acreage. No one can
foretell the result of this one stroke
of science in improving the condition
of the human race.
During last May an infant child of
our neignoor was suffering from
cholera infantum. The doctors had
given up all hopes ot recovery. I
took a bottle of Chamberlain's Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy to the
house, telling them I felt sure It
would do good if used according to
directions. In two days' time the
child had fully recovered. The child
is now vigorous and healthy. I have
recommended this remedy frequently
and have never known "it to fail.
Mrs. Curtis Baker, Bookwalter. Ohio.
Sold by J. M. Gioissner.
If Yon Have Headachei
don't experiment with alleged cures.
Buy Krause's Headache Capsulesf
wwen win euro any neaaacne in hal,
an hour, no matter what causes It.
Price 25c. Sold by J. M. Gleissner.
White Man Turned Yellow
Great consternation was felt by the
friends of M. A. Hogarty of Lexingtou
Ky., when they saw he was turning
yellow. His skin slow y changed col
or, also bis eyes, and he suffered ter
ribly. His malady was Yellow Jaun
dice. He was treated by the best doc
tors, but without benefit. Thou he
advised to try Electrio Hitters, the
wonderful stomach and liver remcdv.
and he writes: "After taking two
bottles I was wholly cured. A trial
proves its matchless merit for all
stomach, livor and kldnev troubles.
)nly 50c. Sold by J. M. Gleissner.
Druggist Takes Customers' Advice.
Mound City, hnus., Oct. 22, 19UO.
Dear Sir: I wish to, add my en
dorsement and recommendation as to
the merits of Dr. Caldwell's Syrup
repsin. i nave soul It as a druggist
and It always gives satisfaction, and
my customers are loud in its praise.
I myself bad been troubled with my
stomach, aud hearing so many of my
customers speaking of Syrup Popsin,
I tried it, with the result that it cur
ed my trouhlo. I unhesitatingly
reoommond Dr. Ciildwoll's Syrup
Pepsin as a laxative and stomach
Yours truly, J. M. Hawkins.
Sold by C, E. Njrthcraft & Co
"I wish to truthfully state to you
and the roaders of these few lines
that your Kodol Dyspepsia Cure is
without question, the best and only
cure for dyspepsia that I have ever
oome in contact with and I have used
many other preparations. John
Beam, West Middlesex, Pa. No prop
eratlon oqnals Kodol Dyspopsia Cure
as It oontains all the natural digest
ants. It will digest all kinds of food
and can't help but do you good," J.
M. Gleissner.
is Nature's time for rest;
and the man who does not
take sufficient time to sleep
or who cannot sleep when
he makes the effort, is
wearing out his nervous
strength and consuming his
vital power. Dr. Miles'
Nervine brings sweet,
soothing, refreshing sleep.
Don't let another night
pass. Get it to-day.
"Owlmjto ft, high altitude, bit
son suffered a great deal from nerv
oustiess and loss of sleep. He took
five bottles of Dr. Miles' Nervine and
was restored to food health."
Ms. F. Cross, Cheyenne, Wyo.
Nature's wonderful Ileal
Ink Hul vii. Mun or Meant'
DriijrulBta 2ft-fi(Jc. l-'or sample
see Urne advertisement,
Farm for Sale-
The 480-acre farm of Jacob Garver,
deceased, must be sold. Good build
ings, fenced and well improved. Two
miles from R. K., church and school.
Address John M. Garver, Abilene,
Kas 27-tf
Builds up the system; puts puro,
rich blond in the veins; makes men
and women strong and healthy. Bur
dock Blood Bitters. At any drug
NERVOUS troubles aro cured by
Hood's 8arsanrllla, which en
riches and puriflea the blood. It is tl.c
best medicine (or nervous PEOPLE.
Walked Through the Screen Door.
Junction City Union: Three Abi
lene young men drifted into Junc
tion City for a little time. Thursday
afternoon they went to the house kept
by Alice Elmore on East Ninth and
wanted something to drink. They
were refused and went away and later
came back and were refused admit
tance. They proceeded to walk
through the screen door, then whip
ped the colored porter, and deelded
to show Junction City what a rough
house looked like. They did. but
were soon in police court, and each
was fined $26 and $18.30 oosts and
oonfined In the county jail. Up to
date the fines had not been paid.
Danced in the Barn.
Col. and Mrs. Swigart were sur
prised Friday by their children
and families as well as some of the
neighbors who called to celebrate
Mrs. Swlgart's 76th birthday anni
versary. In the evening after a
bounteous luncheon dancing in the
barn was enjoyed.
Clemence'Gets 90 Days.
G. C. Clemence was tried In (Juinn'a
court on a slate warrant for assault
on J. A. Graves, found guilty and
sentenced to 90 days in jail. He set
tled up his police court case and
switched quarters from city to coun
ty jail where he now is. He says he
will give bond and appeal the case to
district court.
Natures wonderful Heal
ing Halve. Man or Itaast.
Druggist B-iif. For sample
see large advertisement,
A Poor Millionaire-
Lately starved in London because
he could not digost his food. Early
use of Dr. King's New Life Pills would
have saved him. They strengthen the
stomach, aid digestion, promite as
similation, Improve appetite. Price
s5o. Money back if not satislled,
2old by J. M. Gleissner druggist.
DoWitl's Witch Hazel Salve should
be promptly applied to outs, burns
anu scaius, it soothes and quickly
heals the injured part. There are
woithless counterfeits, be sure and
get DeWltt's. J. M. Gleissner.
Ban tat Th Kind Yoa New Always Bougnl
Chics, 111., July 26 to 28. Bantlst
Young People's Union. $2.00 more
than one fare for round trip $18.90.
F. S, Sai.ls, Agt.
You assume no risk when you buy
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy. J. M. Gleissner
will refund your money if you are not
satisfied after using it. It ia every-
where admitted to be tho most suc
cessful remedy In use for bowel com
plaints and the only one that never
falls. It is pleasant, safe and reliable.
A Postmaster Writes.
"I wish to add my testimonial to
the genuine merit of Dr, Caldwell's
syrup repsin. i nave tried many
remedies but have found your Syrup
Pepsin superior to all other laxatives
and stomach medicines. My wife
and I both use it and know it does all
that you claim for it,
Yours sincerely. C. O. Kimkk,
Alma Kans., Deo. 22, 1900.
Sold by C. E. Northoratt ft Co.
When you want a modern, up-to-date
physio try Chamberlain's Stom
ach and Liver Tablets. They are
easy to take and pleasant in effect.
Price, 25 cents. Sample free at
Gleissner's drug store.
If Yon With Beautiful Clear White
use Red Cross Ball Blue. Large 2 on.
package, all grocers, 6 cts.
"I am Indebted to One Minute
Cough Cure for my present good
health and life. I wak treated in vain
by doctors for lung trouble following
la grippe. I took one Minute Cough
Cure and recovered my health." Mr.
E. II. Wise, Madison, Ga. J. M.
Dr. Miles'
soothes the nerves, nour
ishes the brain, and re
freshes the entire organism.
Sold by drupjjisti on piarantee.
Dr. Miles Medical Co, Elkhart, tni
Pop -Fizz!
Foam -Sparse!
!!., 11
11 .
in I
Makft It it horru. (-Wild
vnrywhnrn lu Ww. pok
iirto, whloh in lice lift
fa Hunt Hub.
UiAHUA K, 111 H KB CO,
Malvern, '.
Railway Time Tables
No, I, Nlifht Express 10:88 p, a
No, 8, Limited Express 8:9S:p. a
No, , Local l'assonf er 9:30 p. m
'No, 18, Local Freight t:80a,
No, II, Through Freight t:Ma,
No, I, Night Express I:ti t, n
No. 4, Limited Express l!:SSa.
No, a Local Passenger I:N a.
'No. U, Local Prelglit :is4. B
No. It, stock Freight T:80 p,
All Sunta Fe trains dally except Sunday.
No. 807, Passenger daily 1:06 a. m
No. 300, Accommodation arrives., ,,10;SS a, a.
" " departs. ,.,ll;i,m
No. 80S, Passenger dally 10:35 p. m
No. ililS, Accommodation dally 1:10 p. a,
No. 817, Accommodation....
No, 810, "
No. 81S, Accommodation
.., 1:16 a. a
... t:80p. m
...10:06p. ,
...11:10. I
r.ireetire Ann i. ism. T-hmu.h
chair car service between Kansas Olty ana
Superior will be resumed, This car will
leave Kansas Olty on tho Fast Hall at li0 t,
m. arriving In Abilene at :la n, Fn. j,.
convenience ot paaaengers this Ohalr Oat
will lie set In Union depot, Kansas Olty, Mo,,
at 10:00 p. m and may be occupied at any
time thereafter. For further information
call ot Hanta Fe depot, South Third and Unl.
Abilene, Kansas, Telephone
F.b. Sai.ui, Agent,
bnrrv street.
NO (1.
No. 17, Chicago Mall and Express.. I:tt p, .
No. (6, Local Freight and Accom... 10:11 a. as,
No, M, Hall and Express 11:0T a. a,
No. 00, Local Freight and Acoom. ,. :tl p, a
I weakness of the sl
resullii.g from
stomach, is relieved
by Hood's Sarsapnrilla, Ibe irrent stom
ach tonic ami euro for DYSPEPSIA.
For Infants and Children.
Hit Kind Yoa Have Always Bought
oeara the
Passenger Ho.
Ibroiif h Freight, Ho. tit
Through Looal, Ho, ill
Passenger No. 1 10:Ma.B.
Way Freight No. SW ,!s:ll VI a
Way freight Ko.lls U:40 sLa,
.:llp. a
i:a. a
At, AND A. H.-Benevolen Lodge, No
98, meets trst and third Monday aVe.
legs In each month at Masonic hall, coraai
Third and Cedar. P. B. Knss, W. M. "V.
Worley, secretary! visiting brethren wel
rt -Abilene Lodge, No. S3; meets even
Thursday evening In the A. 0. D. W.
hall M. It.Jolley, M W. 0. F. Bug.
meets alternate Wednesday after
nnonnat 1M o'clock In K. of P. hall. '.rs
l.scy A. Burton, president: Mrs. OMva 1
Peters, secretary,
ROYAL ARcn MAKONS-Cyrus Ohaptei
No. 86, meets In Masonic halloa the sao
md and fourth Frldavs of each month
T. E. Dewey, II. P.; O. B. Laudes, Sec.
J -Western Home LodKe, No. so, mean
evrey Tueertsy evening In Odd Fellows' hall.
Officers:. Noble Grand. W. Wltti ttt ro
tary, F. A. Smith. Visiting brethren welcome
I AblleneOouncIl No.tS. maeuoaseeoai
and fourth Thursday eventnn at sank
month. Visitors welcome, T. 0. Bursa-
ItPMlriHl-l V D.I I . .

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