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A Healthy and Sound Body Will f 11
Mrs. E. J. Parent is in Kansas City
Enable Us to Battle Against
the Wrongs and Injnries
of Our Enemies.
Banishes Disease, Establishes
Health, and Gives Us Phy
sical Strength to Main
tain Our Place in
Life's Conflict.
Many of us find lite bard and full
of pain. While we cannot well avoid
the sufferings that result from wrongs
and injuries, we can keep ourselves
from the pains and ravages of
bodily ailments and diseases, and
maintain that full measure of health
that will enable us to meet the
wrongs that assail us from day to
If you are run down, fretful, den
pondent, irritable, sleepless, be as-
sured you are becoming physically
impaired and weakened. If the re-
taxed and sluggish action of the excre
tory organs has loaded the blood and
body with poison, producing head
ache, rheumatism, neuralgia, kidney
and liver troubles, then disease is
encircling you in its chains.
Prompt use of Faine's Celery Com
pound will save the weakened parts
of the body from yielding to disease,
The great medicine saves weak and
enfeebled nerves from prostration,
and removes every feeling of exhaus
tion and despondency. It cures and
saves those who are bound hy disease
and suffering and gives them a new
lease of life.
Ex-Alderman Fred 6. Brenner, of
Troy, N. Y., a popular and esteemed
citizen who thanks Paine's Celery
Compound for his present rugged
good health, writes for the benefit of
weak, nervous, and dyspeptio suffer
ers; he says:
"For several years I suffered from
nervous troubles; I could not sleep
well; nerves seemed to be weak; I had
dyspepsia, and was all run down.
My appetite began to fail me, and I
was discouraged. A friend of mine
recommended me to take Paine's Cel
ry Compound. I took two bottles
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well man. I have to thank Paine's
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good health today."
It's Easy to Dye wit" "'Eff'
Does It Pay to Buy Cheap?
A cheap remedy for coughs and
coles is all right, but you want some-
imug mai wui relieve ana cure
the more severe and dangerous
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if not possible for you, then in either
case taKe the only remedy that has
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turies with success in severe throat
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man Syrup." It not only heals and
stimulates the tissues to destroy the
germ disease, but allays inflamma
tion, causes easy expectoration,
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mended many years by all drugsists
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Green's reliable remedies at J. M.
Got Green's Special Almanac.
Everybody's liable to itching piles.
Rich and poor, old and young terri.
Die me torture tney suffer. Only one
sure cure; Doan's Ointment. Abso
lutely safe; can't fail.
The Octopui.
One tentacle griping the stomach,
another tickling the heart, a third
fumbling around the liver, tightening
their hold every hour dyspepsia is
the monster that does all this and
worse. Dr. Caldwell's Syrsup Pep
sin will make it let go mighty quick.
C. K. Northcraft & Co.
visiting her daughter.
Mrs. F. B. Bearce is home from her
winter's stay in the ea9t.
Miss Stella Duckworth is in Made
line, Mo., visiting her sister.
Mrs. M. A. Low of Topeka was the
guest of Mr. aud Mrs. J. B. Case, re
turning home yesterday.
Misb Hattie Moore, the popular
head waiter at the Pacific, has gone
to Cripple Creek for a month's vaca
tion. Mrs. Brock entertained a small
company at six o'clock dinner, Wed
nesday, in honor of Mrs. J. F. Brock
of Centralia, Kas,
The Informal Dancing club had a
pleasant dance last evening at Armory
hall. About fifteen couples attended
and Ward's orchestra furnished music
Miss Carrie Johntz leaves tomor
row for Lake Forest, III,, to visit
friends. On June 28, she and Miss
Daisy Hoffman of Enterprise sail with
a party of friends for a three months'
Europeaii trip.
Mrs. G. C. Ster) and daughter Hel
en left for Lake Forest, 111,, where
Miss Alice graduates with honors
next week from Lake Forest seminary.
Mr. Sterl will join them and all will
go to iNew xork. Mrs. Sterl and
daughters will spend the summer in
Last Tuesday evening Miss Dollie
Davis entertained a pleasant party in
honor of Miss Clara Case. Miss
Louise Augustine won the prize at
progressive whist. The guests:
Louine Ball, Hall, Dewey,
Carrie Johntz, Augustine, Cuthbert,
Julia Mclnerney, Jennie Sutter, Case;
Mrs. Alexander, Mrs. Hurd, Mrs.
Yonng; Messrs. Mclnerney, Snider,
Ginimel, Humphrey, George, Will
Sterl, Oscar Sterl, Jacobs, Forney, A.
Hurd, P. Hurd, Young, Fones, Case.
This Will Interest Many.
To quickly introduce B. B. B. (Bo
tanic Blood Balm,) the famous blood
purifier, into new homes, we will
send absolutely free 10,000,000 treat
ments. H. b, b. quickly euros old
ulcers, scrofula, painful swellings,
aches and pains in bones or joints,
rheumatism, catarrh, pimples, fos
tering eruptions, boils, eczema, itch
ing sKin or blood humors, eating,
bleeding, festering sores and even
deadly cancer. B. B. B. at druo-
stores fl. tor free treatment ad
dress Blood Balm Co., Atlanta, G. A.
Medicine sent at OBce, prepaid.
Describe trouble and free medical ad
vice given until cured. B. B. B.
cures the most deep seated cases,
after all else fails. B. B. B. heals
every sore and makes the blood pure
and rich.
On Thursday afternoon Mrs. F. M.
Gillette entertained a party of ladies
honor of her sister, Mrs. J. C.
Dieta of Chicago. A short musical
and literary program was rendered
and a dainty lunch served. The
guests: Misses Upshaw, Augustine,
Case, Dewey, Davis, Hattie Augus
tine, Marie Aueustine: Mesdames
ugustine, J. M. Hodgo, W. S.
Hodge, Kieffor, Spangler, Upshaw,
H. E. Ellison, Case, Sterl, Davis,
Humphrey, C. A. Hodge, M. H. Ma
lott, Hazlett. H. J. Hodgo, Young,
E. E, Ellison, J. C. Doitz.
On Thursday evening Miss Augusta
Dewey gave a delightful party for
Miss Case. At supper the table of
the bride-to-be was decorated in pink
nd green. Ropes of roses hung
down to each side of the table from
the chandelier. After supper Miss
Julia Mclnerney favored the party
ith a few of her own compositions
and there was dancing. Miss Case
won the prize at whist. The guests:
Misses Ball, Case, Augustine, Davis,
Carrie and Pearl Johntz, Hall, Giles,
Cuthbert, Upshaw, Wise, Sutter, Mc
lnerney, Johnson. White. Anderson.
Mrs. J. A. Young; Messrs. Gimmel,
Oscar and Will Sterl. Iliimnh-
y, Davis, Forney, Light, Fones,
Snider, Jacobs, Anderson, Young,
Case, Mclnerney, George.
Natures wonderful Bal
Inf 8alr. Man or Beaut.
DrumliUSMoc. Fortanpla
tea 'arte adrartiMinent.
Strength comes from well digested
and thoroughly assimilated food.
Hood's Sarsaparilla tones the diges
tive organs, and thus builds up tie
strength. If you are getting "run
down," begin taking Hood's at once.
It givos nerve, mental and diges'.ive
All Up-to-date Housekeepers
use Red Cross Ball Blue. It makes
clothes clean and sweet as when new,
All grocers.
Holds Up a Congressman.
"At the end of the campaign,"
writes Champ Clark, Missouri's bril
liant congressman, "from overwork,
nervous tension, loss of sleep and
constant speaking I had about ut
terly collapsed. I seemed that all the
organs in my body were out of order,
but three bottles of Ehctric Bitters
made me all right. It's the best all
around medicine ever sold over
druggists' counter." Overworked,
run-down men and weak, sickly wo
men gain splendid health and vitality
from Electric Bitteos. Try them
Only 20c. Guaranteed by J. M.
TO BE CURED of rheumatism,
with all its lameness, aches and
pains, take Hood'a Sarsaparilla. You
must be nire to GET HOOD'S.
How Women Conducted a Very Pleas
ant Meeting, i
The State Social Science Federation
of Clubs that met in Sallna last week
was both profitable and pleasant from
the reception Monday evening until
the ride over the city Thursday morn
ing. The clubs of Salina were untiring
in their efforts to entertain their
guests. Monday evening they gave
a reception in the Masonio Temple,
In the receiving line were the state
officers, Mrs. May Belleville Brenn,
Fifth district president, and Mrs, C
O, Goddard, general secretary of
Leavenworth. The State President
Mrs. Johnson, in her usual happy
way, greeted the guests, remembering
many faces she had met over the
state. After the greeting the beauty
of the temple seemed to dawn upon
us. The electric lights that encir
cled the spacious hall, gave to the
room a soft brilliancy and called forth
an exclamation of delight from all.
In the rear of the room the ever
changing light gave an added charm.
From the soft crimson to delicate tint
of blue, then to the green was charm
ing in its effect. Dainty refresh
ments were served. The young girls
presided at the punch bowls. In the
gallery a stringed band gave delight
ful music throughout the eveuing.
The lunch room was handsomely
decorated, the prevailing oolor bein
Tuesday morning began the work
jf the convention. The guests
alized that much work had been done
when they entered the Methodist
church and saw the elaborate decora
tions. The state colors, yellow an
orown, prevailed. Flags of different
nations interspersed with the stars
and strips draped the church from
the rear to the platform. The pillars
were wound with bunting of the same
Silk badges of the same color were
given the delegates. The platform
was profusely decorated with palms
ferns and cut Rowers.
The art and educational exhibits
weie in the lecture room of the Pres
byterian church and were well worth
visiting. The painted china, em
broidery, battel berg, oil painting and
water colors were indeed line. Prof,
Robert S. Russ, superintendent of the
Pittsburg schools, had a large exhibi
from the manual training classes in
his school which was very instructive
to those interested in this departmen
of school work, which is growing over
the states.
Mrs. T. L, Bond, of Salina, wa:
eieeiea recording secretary. It was
reported that there were 137 dele
gates present from the 7 districts,
also that there were 253 clubs in the
state, 311 including subordinate
ciuds, district federations, 1 county,
4 city ai.d GOO club members,
Mrs. Humphrey reported 8,60(1
books in the traveling library with
1!)2 cases for shipment.
Through the efforts of Mrs. Mc-
Carter, the Federation endorsed tin
plan of dormitories for girls in col
lege towns.
The address of Mrs. May B. Brown
was beautiful indeed and delivered in
her earnest manner, gave to each per
son present convincing proof that she
ami her co-woikers had loft no "stone
unturned" to make the Federation n
success. Mrs. Kellogg responded in
well chosen words, giving a brief
sketch of the history of the Federa
tion. Mrs. Alico Worswick, chairman of
the department of art began the dis
cussion by suggesting that we make
our towns more beautiful by trees,
vines and Dowers, tnus causing us to
appreciate art in nature.
The subject, "A Plea for the Lesser
Art" was ably handled by Prof. Grif
(ith, of the K. S. U. In the lesser arts
he included painting, building, pot
tery and gUss making, saying thut
everything made by man's bands
must be beautiful in accord with na
ture and ugly as it is discordant.
Prof. Russ, superintendent of the
Pittsburg schools, presented the sub.
ject, "Manual Training in the Public
Schools." He said that in their work
25 will furnish material for 2,000 pu
pils for a term. A great number of
Eastern schools now include the
manual training classes in their
course of study, while the western
schools are slowly falling into line.
The address of Mrs. McCaiter,
chairman of the department of litera
ture, was one of the finest given dur
ing the Federation.
The subject, "Literature for Busy
Women" was well presented by Mrs.
Hurd, of Arkansas City.
ihood and extending to the ages of 16
or 18. Her list of nooks included the
most of the best writings.
Under the department of Civics,
Mrs. Diggs, Mrs. Whitworth, Mrs.
St. John and Mrs. Aiktuan explained
the different divisions and aspects of
the work.
Mrs. Baxter's paper, "Ihe Aesthe
tical in Social Development" ivas read
by Mrs. Donley, of Saliua.
Mrs. Aplington in her piper, "A
Practical Question for Philanthropists
of Today''' claimed that it is a duty of
those making wills to bequeath ut
least 10 per cent of their estate for
the good of the communitv.
In the 8 minute club reports work
ol various kinds was reported.
The report of delegates to the gen
eral Federation were very instructive
aud very entertaining. I
The address on "Domestio Econo
my" by Miss Coburn, and the psper
"industrial Education for Girls" by
Miss Mclntyre were both very good.
The humorous address of the Fed
eration was given by Mrs. Weatherly
and was much enjoyed,
The musio throughout was excel
lent and the Art Exhibit in the Pres
byterian church was appreciated and
enjoyed by everyone.
Mrs. M. Harger was one of a com-
mittee of thrte appointed on philan
thropy for the state federation.
On Thursday morning the ladies ol
Saliim very kindly took all guests for
a drive.
such a carefully prepared attack up
on the administration's policy in the
Philippines. Senator Spooner's
speech had nothing of the touch of
pessimism in it. He expressed a firm
and abidinjj belief that the Philip
pine problem presented to the repub
lican party would be solved by that
I'uii. ii nnuiu oe solved alonij a
Sciatic Rheumatism Cnred AfUr
Fourteen Teari of Suffering.
"I have been afflicted with sciatic
rheumatism for fourteen years," say
Josh Edgar, of Germantown, Cal. "I
was able to be around but constantly
suffered. I tried everything I could
hear of and at last was told to try
Chamberlain's Pain Balm, which I did
the people of the Philippines,
well ns for the United States.
' .?. T ' ann n,,n: immediately relieved and in
., u , Tm ior tne ritflits or R ehort tiU8 -..., . , am .
to say it has not since returned."
I Why not use this liniment and get
well? It is for sale by John II..
I Many School Children Are Sickly.
Mother Gray's Sweet Powders for
.uMMiou, usbii oy aiotoer uray,
Proportion to Out Hminly for Veterane,
Topeka, Kan., June 2. A. W.
Smith, of Mcl'herson, Is Roinir to
submit a proposition to congress that
will be of deep interest to many sol-
. ... vi. I. nu,. J,, jnut UIH..... i. ilmi I .. '
ffovernn.ent paid a bounty of $400 to ! h" Z , Mme' 6W rrkl
each soldier who wouhl vetlni,. ;.break UP eM "ours, cure
At that time about 33.1)1,0 ,,ni,, i. "erishnese, heaiache, stomach
v mil unit, ninMii OJ.UWI union SOI- I ,,., l.ln 4 .... .. ,
diers were in rebel prisons and could ' """"IP i!tim: "d
not veteranize. After their i-hIimi.a r ' -uruis.
Three spectres tliHl threaten baby's
life. Cholera infantum, dysentery,
diarrio'i. Dr. Fowler's Extract ol
Wild Strawberry never fails to con
quer them.
Neter Before In American Hlatory llaa go
Much Crookedueu Keen Unearthed
In St. Louli.
St. Louis, June 2. The April grand
jury, which has been investigating
municipal corruption with the assist
ance of Circuit Attorney Joseph W.
Folk, made its final report Saturday
to Judpe Douglas. The report says
that "while there mny have been cor
ruption in other citieB as great as
we have had here, yet in no place
in the world nnd in no time of his
tory has so much official corruption
been uncovered and the evidence
shown no thut all could see and un
derstand. These revelations have
been so appalling ns to be almost be
yond belief and it will be years be
fore the extent of the discoveries
are fully realized."
The report closes ns follows;
"These disclosures make plain that
(lie lux payers of SU Louis luive been
mercilessly and pitilessly outraged
for years, that the money they have
paid in taxes has been squandered;
Instead of being used for the public
welfare it has been feloniously dissi
pated nnd benefited chiefly corrupt
ollicinls who have grown opulent on
small salaries. It is In the evidence
before us thai a former colleclur of
he eily of St. Louis, who was nfler-
wnrd mayor, received Interest on
public funds for his own private ne
eount, The sum so received was
something over $l.'l,noo which with
nterest to date would amount to
about $20,000. Any possible crimi
nal charge arising out of this conduct
las been burred by (he slntule of
imitation, which unfortunately is
hree years, A civil aid ion to re
over (lie money, however, can slill
......... 1 4 l 41.-
mrj vein ivt-oi in urn army """' dress
the war was over. They served just ' v'
i ii jij i. . . 4 , . a.
ut limp; na iiiuMc uiu who veieranizea.
Now Mr. Smith believes that they
ivr anlitled to the bounty.
At all druggists, 24-
maued free. Ad
8. Olmsted, LeRoy.
Garment Workera Strike.
Syracuse, N. Y., June 2, The strike
of garment workers of this city com
menced yesterday. This morning
every shop In the city was closed
and no work done, Nearly 2,000 em
ployes are idle. There is no indica
tion of violence. The strikers de
mand a nine-hour day at the same
pay as has been given for ten hours.
The boss tailors who take contracts Jinhand right now. A few doses of
from the manufacturers are with the 'One Minute Cough Cure will Bet yon
trikers. right. Sure cure for coughs, colde,
croup, grip, bronchitis, all throat
High water at Wichita. Rn(1 'ung troubles. Absolutely safe,
Wichita, Kan., June 2,-The high Act8 ttt once- Children like it. "One
water reached here at noon yester- Minut0 Cough Cure is the best cough
Bo Your Peet Ache
and burn, and make you tired all
over? Allen's Foot-Ease rests and
cools the feet and makes walking
easy. At all druggists, 24 cents.
Don't Start Wrong,
Don't start the summer with a linger
ing oough or cold. We all know what
a "summer cold" is. It's the hardest
kind to cure. Often it "hangs on"
through the entire season. Take it
ever since. Since noon it has raised
feet, and it was reported that
another rise of two feet was due dur
ing the night. That will completely
fill the river at this point. A rain
was threatening and if heavy It will
overflow the Little Arkansas river,
break the banks and run over the
packing house district.
A Slalt Home litirnxrl.
Buffalo, N. Y., May Ill.-The Mnn
nlng malt house, together with a
quautlty of grain damaged in
a fire at the Wells elevator a few
weeks ago, was burned at an early
hour yesterday. A high wind blew
firebrands end Bnarks to a creat
Bowles, Groveton, N. H.
found anything else that
nd quick
day nnd has been continually risinir me(litoo I ever used," says J. H.
"1 never
acted ao
safely and quickly." J. M. Gleissner.
Wants Others to Know,
"I have used DoWitt's Little Early
Risers for oonstipation and torpid
liver and they are all right. I am
glad to indorse them for I think when
we find a good thing we ought to let
others know It," writes Alfred Heinze,
(ulncy, III. They nevor gripe or
distress. Sure, safe pills. . M.
Struck Oil.
A lucky strike was made by the
physician in Illinois who discovered
distance, setting fire to the roofs of j the formula of Dr. Caldwell's Syrnp
1R ,l..,..10n.a ,.ff ...I.I..1. 1 lnnaln Titnlrn nil ....A I -
w urn mug.-,, WHIJ U11C Ul WHICH, I1UW" -'omi tunj iui DU DUIlUrOIB lTUO!
ever, was destroyed. The total loss dyspepsia, constipation, stomach and
Is estimated at $150,000, partly cov-1 owel troubles. C. E. Northcraft &
ered by Insurance.
The Victims of the Alma Wreck.
La Crosse, Wis,, Mny 31. Chief En
gineer Purdy, who was Injured in the
Alma wreck Thursday, died yester
day. Superintendent Butler, of Chi
cago, wns removed to his home yes
terday. Ills injuries are not serious.
Engineer Breekenrldge went with
111 m. Ills foot wus badly crushed.
The condition of Superintendent Cun
ningham is critical, as It was found
ncecssuvy (o cut off his leg below
Ihe knee.
Au KipreM Train Wracked.
Trinidad, Col., May .'il.-The Texas
express, southbound, on (lie Colo
rado & Southern mil way, was
wrecked two miles soul li of this ci(y
by (he spreading of (lie rails, The
baggage ear, express cur, smoker
and chair car all turned over. The
passengerH were badly shaken up,
bill none was killed or seriously Injured.
A lluiiclrxd Million Dollar Hank.
Chicago, May 111. The consolida
tion of the Eirst national bank and
Ihe Metropolian national bank has
brought nnd we understand will been fornuilly approved at, meetings
held by the stockholders of the two
Institutions. The actual Irnnsfer of
assets will lake place to-day and
Monday morning Chicago will have
open for business Its $100,000,000
:,a ilk.
ic instituted
Several Llvea Lout and a Domi HiiIIiIIiikh
DflHtroyetl at the Nca
Rllle Keiort,
New York, June 2.-Mux Hasten,
years old, and Mrs. Lydiu Ale-
Krow, the sumo age, lost their lives
eslerday In a fire which swept away
many buildings at Itockawny ileach,
homas K. Mc Krow and his live-year-
Id son, Frank; Alartiu Hanson, 2S,
nd .Morris Kaslen, V, were Injured
nil taken to a hospital in Long Is-
iind (.'My. Several liours laler young
Mch'row died and the father was
eporled to be dying. The lire stnrt
d in the frame dwelling occupied by
(he Hustons. In a short time it
prend to an unoccupied brick hoiki
ng llllll llln III succession leveled
bout a dozen oilier structures, most-
hotels. The buildings for (he
most part were of the frame type
usual at the seaside resorts anil (he
oss is estimated at nboii( SpjiuxiO.
After the lire had been controlled
the body of a man wns found burned
i a crisp in one of the buildings,
e is supposed to have been a candy
iker. A number of persons re
ived a few slight burns. The fire
ipears to bine started in (he kitch
en of Kasfen's hotel, urnbublv from
e explosion of a gasoline sloe, or
from a pot of candy boiling over.
Camping out in the moun
tains is not only the ideal
life, but brings health and
renewed vigor,
Scenic Colorado
Special reduced rales in effect during
the season. Double daily service
of through Sleeping Curs, Cafe Cars
(meals a la carte) nnd Inclining
Chair Cars. Send fir folders and
descriptive pamphlets.
II. P. TuwiiHcnil, 13, P, A., Si. Lotds.Mo.
TtffthiNi? DAwnrocWh
The WUronaln'Nenator Mabel a Nnlahla
Detinue nf the lovernnient' !'iilli-y
In the Philippine.
Cures Cholera. Infantum. DlarrhnAB nuaanftu .H.J II.. I v i. , -.TrTTTT
ril'JlflU w'Ji9li.,lon' SoS"1'- '' Bowela, Strenf thans tha Child and MAKES
TEETHING EASY. Curea Ernptlona and Sorea, Collo, Hive and Thruah. Removae
i,j9iiiB nun,,, iccinmn wouniaraoia ana uvvroc
Summer' heat upon Teething; Children, and ooete only 28
mail 28 cent to C. J. MOFFETT, M. D St. Loula, Mo.
Washington, June 2. Senator
Spooner's speech in the senate Satur
day was a notable one. He was
listened to by (he entire member
ship of the senate and a generous
representation from the house of
Mrs. Belle A. Burkett'i subject was ' representatives, as well as by crowd-
'Books for Boys." She divided them Rnllfrie. Much of his aneech
into 6 daises, beginning with baby ?" 8,ld"'e' Senator Hoar, on
'the reoubjican side., who had mads
-i't m
CompWle citilojut ihowmf over XO prrmiumi lhat nuy
St stcund by uin( Ihe orippm, fumiintd free upM request
Send your name on i postil card, and wt ariB mail you
the catakfue. dUrmi
Premium Dpt.,
South Omaha, Neb.
0" &ev!rf aUgraem.

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