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f A Valuable Agent.
The glycerine employed In Dr. Pierce's
ndlclne greatly enhances be jnedlj
ciual properties which It extracts and
lioldi to eolation much better then alco
fcol would. It also possesses niedhjlnal
properties of It own, being a valuable
Semulcent. nutritive, antiseptic end enU
ferment, It M; greatly to the efflcy
of the Black Cherrybark, Golden Heal
root, Stone root and Queen's root, con
tained In "Golden Medical Discovery" In
subduing chronic, or lingering coughe,
bronchial, throat and lung affections,
lor allot which those agents m
tended by standard medical authorities.
In all caw where there la a waiting
way of flesh, loss of appetite, with
weak stomach"" In the early stages of
consumption, there can be no doubt that
glycerine acts as a valuable nutritive and
Ids the Golden Seal root, bttine root,
Oueen's root and Black Cherrybark In
promoting digestion and building up the
.. feeshand strength, controlling the co gh
snd bringing about a healthy condition
Sthe whole system. Of course, It must
not be expected to work miracles. It will
not cure consumption except In IU earlier
stages. It will cure very severe, obstin
ate? chronic coughs, bronchial and laryn
geal troubles, and chronic sore throat
with hoarseness. In acute coughs It Is
Sot so effective. It Is In the fingering
coughs, or those of long standing, even
when accompanied by bleeding from
lungs, that It has performed ft wjj
marvelous cures. Send tor and read the
little book of extracts, treating of the
properties and uses of the several med
icinal roots that enter luto Dr. Pierces
Golden Medical Discovery and learn why
this medicine has such a wide range of
' application In the cure of diseases. It If
i t free. Address Dr. R. V. Pierce,
Buffalo, N. Y. The "Discovery" con
tains no alcohol or harmful, habit-form-Ing
drug. Ingredients all printed on each
bottle wrapper In plain English.
Sick people, especially those suffering
fram diseases of long standing, are Invito
to consult Dr. Pierce by letter. .free. All
correspondence Is held as strictly private
snd sacredly confidential. Address Dr.
B. V. Pierce. Buffalo, N. Y.
Dr. Pierce's Medical Advisor Is sontrw
on receipt of stamps to pay expense ol
mailing only. Send SI one-cent stamps
for paper-covered, or 81 stamps for cloth
bound copy.
An Only Daugfa 'r
Cured of Consum
SulXtKny Serb, of Wean hi
made a prerenal wlilch cured Ms only c.
Inloyiiil tM bMt of holla, U P"?jr'
aemllr eared. TIlKtotiB1tttoiM2
fTonlr aaklne two tauVipeTojjeisaes,
Criao'iiea Night 'f!
iwk, and will '2 'SoTSa
four hmiia AiMreai CBADDOts. W saw
Si 5l PaUedipllle, nemlw W-
mmlit BftjEas sm
mm atkan
Um mm ImU
Mmuw Is ftittnltN. Tl
it. jf
S la 11KB t4 Gl bhWU
. wit- mm nbaoa. i ue au
I 74f mZZZ luTrf mr Dnulet. ar sM . tl
aM "HxHaTsW Uultea,- a ?
Bra Hail. 10.N Tw"'"
T.i Icva. an a.3ft.
1 Hair to IU Taatlifti Cotae.
.... .. lDB,Mil.fiOl pnagiai
-f lOischargesin ,
i 1 24 HOURS'
J m. .. -e fcM hr an alraiflfaj. 1
flura Is smrmlt aay anidltioB of iP-hmJta
Xi,m. la not tmnentad by tike oooaalonai uae of
RTf-A'M 8 Tutmto. ror aala br Dnis
ra. Tha Mvent aackat la enough W
ordinary ooowlua. 1 ka funlly boUM
Syoitua, unuuaaai'anbT r-v
f ' ?
J Q j
moai miirau'aaaiiaialt.wmaaa
JPreiMent Roowrelt Exptauu Hta
Objection to the Propoted Meat
bwpeetfoii Bill.', !
Sour . .
He apcatlta, leas et strsngA. ssnsns
mm. hxwiKiK, ooDstipauoii, bad breath,
fstnarai iuiuiy, sour riatngs, and eatarrk
I tha tcmace. ant all dua ts tadlrle
1 K.uu.j4 suras tadifeatisa. Ibis new diaeov
rr if -".'.iila t mmral tuloas sf diras
a as t! a la s batfthy atomach,
'-r.,ud h t.a fraatat knows tem
sM r- '--frj.. pt.-;'na. Kodo! Dy
C' , M not .riijr cure f Edif ftlEIS
Si4 d ' but t famous rsmady
.asm . .j !-., h trow. -aa by einlnft
v a f . s-.fi
-It Thar Bsal Dallbsrstely Deals'"
to ! Pmt ! Kv"a
Coaaplalaei Caal
Mot Bars Doaa Woraa."
Washington, " June 16.-Chalrman
Wadsworth, of the houss committee
oa agriculture, Friday night mads pun
lie the correspondence between Presi
dent Roosevelt and himself regarding
the meat Inspection bill prepared by
the committee.
The president In hlf letter says that
slmost every change In . the house
amendment was for the worse, and In
bit Judgment "so framed as to mini
mize the chance of rooting out the
3vll in the packing business." In hit
reply Mr. Wadsworth declares thr
president Is "very, very wrong" In hi?
jstlmate of the committee's bill, and
concludes with an expression of re
jret that .tjie president should feel Jus
tified In impugning the competency oi
t committee of the house of represent
atives. "You have no warrant for It,"
raid Mr. Wadsworth, In closing. .
The president's letter follows:
"My dear Mr. Wadsworth:- I nave
gone over your bill very carefully and
not only obtained a report from Mr.
McCabe, as I told yon I would, , but
also obtained a report from Mr. Rey
nolds on It. I am sorry to aay the
more closely I investigate your pro
posed substitute, the worso I find it.
Almost every change is one for the
woree; so that it hardly seems neces
sary for me to enumerate them. ' Per
haps the amendment as yon have now
drafted It Is not quits ns bad as It
was when you submitted it to ms In
the first Instance; but It ts very.
bad. There seems to be one point In
which It Is possible that the amend
ment is even worse that the original
amendment, If, as seems likely, there
Is no provision for making plants ac
cessible at all hours to the Inspectors.
In any event, I am sorry to have to
say that thla strikes as an amendment
which, no matter how unintentionally,
Is framed so as to minimize the chance
of rooting out the evil In the packing
business. Doubtless It suits the pack
era, who object to a thoroughgoing in
spection, much better than the senate
amendment, and I hare no doubt that
not only the packers, bat their allies
a hnsiaass and those stock fro were
who are lnSnenMd by Ubemx would pre
fer it Bat I am eooTtaM It wsxrid Is
the long ran. be assvy Mow
-.. atnek raiser SM tsa ai
packer to adopt these proTtstoaa rather
than the far better onea wa
In the senate amendment; for. as com
pared with the senate amendment this
proposed amendment which yos tell
me Is that of the majority of the boose
committee, would hamper in the moat
grossly Improper fashion the secre
tary of agriculture, In doing the work
which you have appointed him to do,
and will prevent even so much of this
nrk u can be dons at all from be
ing well and thoroughly done. If the
hill should go through in tne iorm vm
the majority of your committee pro-
noaea. It might be that i snouia sign
It as working a certain alight Improve.
ment over the present law, out, u so,
I should accompany it by a memoran
dum explicitly stating how grave the
lefflcM were, snd I can not even prora
tes td sign It, because the provisions
fnhnut. the courts, as welt as anoui
other matters,) are so bad that. In
my opinion, if they had been deliber
ately designed to prevent the remedy
ing of the evils eompintnea 01 wej
could not have been worse.
"It seems to me that the surest way
to keep our foreign trade , from us
and, Indeed, our interstate trade like
wise. In a thoroughly unsatisfactory
condition, and to prevent its resumlns
the position which it formerly had, U
to enact the law in the shape proposed
In tb amendments submitted to ms
by you.
"Sincerely yours,
"Hon. James W. Wadaworth, chair
man committee on agriculture, houst
of representatives." -
Man raate Ialaa Kaaaalaa.
Berkeley, Cal, June 18. The expe
dition recently sent from the depart
ment of Anthropology of the Univer
sity of California to Medlctno county
for the purpose of obtaining the re
mains of Porno Indians formerly In
habiting that section, has returnee
with fire complete skeletons, besides
number of partial remains and a large
unantlty of beads and other objects
which were burled with the dead
These are the first skulls and skeleton!
of the Pomo Indiana in any muse am ir
th world and will be of great Impor
tance la determining the racial quail
ties of the tribe and Its physicsl rela
tionship with the other Indians of tlw
Liver end ICIisys
B Is highly Important that these organs
bonUI properly perform their functions,
When tbey don't, what lameness of the
side and back, what yellowness of tbs akin,
what constipation, bad taste In the mouth,
sick headache, pimples snd blotches, and
loss of courage, tell the story.
The great alterative and tonlo
Gives these organs rigor snd tons tor tbs
proper performance of their functions, and
oures all their ordinary eumeucs. we n.
Brooke- leate'nee 'CMaatat.
Bt Louis. ' June M. unanoa
Brooks, convicted in the federal court
of conducting a so-called "get-rich-
quick" brokerage scneme ana ws
tn aerve seventeen months In
the penitentiary, Wednesday presented
a paper, signed by President Roose
velt, commuting his sentence to a fine
of $100- Brooks paid the fine snd
costs, which in all amounted to $1,M9.
75 and was released.
National Editorial Aaaoatatloa.
TtiiHananolls. June 14. In his an
nual address delivered Wednesday to
the members of the National Editorial
association, President Dymond of the
New Orleans Planter, made a plea for
ihe use of good English In the news
papers of the country. About BOO edi
tors from all parts of the coun
try are here. Addresses were
Wednesday by Avery v. muu, .
Weiser, Idaho, and others.
laaaraaea OStelala Fear Pablleltr-
Milwaukee. June 14. The officials of
the Michigan Mutual Life Insurance
company have refused to come to Mil
waukee to appear before the Wisconsin
legislative life Insurance committee.
This information was made public
Wednesday afternoon. The Michigan
Mutual officers claim fear of untrue
fonortji in the newspapers of their tes
timony as their principal reason for de
clining to be examined.
Ckrlatlaa Soleatlata la Boatoa.
vwnn. June 14. The last meeting
In the series that has drawn Christian
Scientists here from every pari oi
the world during the last week were
held Wednesday night Mors than 6,001
devotees of the sect crowded ins new
temple and simultaneous meeunsa
were held In nine other halls In the
vicinity. It was estimated that more
than 15,000 partlcipatea. in
day night's meetings.
Talaa Celesratea Statehood.
Tulsa. I. T.. June 14. News of the
statehood bill passing tho senate was
received In Tulsa with enthusiasm,
at am tha reoort was discredited so
skeptical had the cltliens become of fa
vorable action. A statenoou ceiou.
tlon will be held Thursday night
n,. mavor has proclaimed a special
holiday honoring the event which re
set the territory from 11 yaara
THiaofe OSleerB to Ke reea.
Springfield, 111., June 15. The Illi
nois supreme court In the Healy Fee
ease Thursday night sustained tna
findings of the lower court. This de
cision will permit States Attorney
Healy of Cook county to collect fees
on cases tried by him and Governor
Deneen to retain $550,000 collected dur
ing his term as Cook county's states
attorney. The supreme court declares
unconstitutional section i at the act
nt IBM which undertook td fix the sal.
arr of the states attorney In Cook
county at 110,000 -a. year,
. Barllaatoa U Alao Oolltr-
. Kansas City, Mo., June , 15. The
Chinaao. Burtlaston Quincy railway
was found guilty by a Jury tn the
United States court ; at 5:30 o'clock
Wednesday afternoon upon each of the
four counts ' In the Indictment 'upon
Which It was tried for granting Illegal
concessions to four packing companies.
. m &4
, It
Maai aw. i . w M nam aw tnai
a, t- - - '
f se a a. w. -,' t a w., w'tOOtk
olatov Aeeldeatallr taat.
Leavan worth, Eao, Jans " 11 Pri
vate 'R'msssn F. Colvtn, company C
Eighteenth into try, stationed at Fort
Lavcwar via shot thronch tlw
lower por'r a of body and fstallj
wise" FriO, eitarnooa by Mv
Earl A. Duval, m company, tivreogt
th accidental dncbAige of an smj
Several proprietors of eatatfS near
Ncnrorrxl. K -a, bne bea be;
Experiences of Abilene Citizens Are
Easily Proven to Be Facta.
Tha aioel enosrlelal uveatlgatloa wll
prove that tbe nllowlns statement from a
raatdent of Abilene tree. Bead It aad
oompan arldaaoa tram Abilene people wiu
testimony of Strang era uvini ao lar awar 7w
caanot Investigate tha facte of the case.
Maay mere atlases of Abuaae will endorse
oar claim.
Mrs. H. O. Blair Of 111 K. Korta B at., aoi-
leae, (as., aayn "Doaa's Sidney Pills
proved a moat remarkable kliaay tamady la
my oast. Mot only did I saffer from seven
palat la my bask, particularly a norma at
Kha. hat the esereUoat from the ktdners
wv lrranlar aad dMIiaaalag.
t.reralyean,et aadoa.ltaad baaamylot
toaadare the misery eoeaected with thaaa
vmptome. If 1 woald art lot aay leasta of
tlma,! would re hardly able o n oa ao
reaatattaesalaaad Itssaaeetm tbaamaU
at my keek. Beedlag aa s4wtueaMat
aboat Doaa's KIAaay Mils, I was flvea a e
aire to try thla raamly aad emared a hoi at
aarasttara. Taaaaaof oae boa aad part of
...iir oaa eaaeS tha false la my bact-
baalabed lbs laSaamaUoa at the bladder
tad reatsnd tha kldeey ateraUoaa te a aor
maleoaSltKia 1 " ooly aatanl thai oae
woald hew attnoat onaSoeoea a maaldae
that will tv each gnurriai raaaiw.-
sll dealers. Prioa K
For sale bjr
Tn'zr-""' r:r.CiCui!e,.Y
fkile Agents wr the Celled fnatee.
, - r-a'-S ar
By Vote of 110 to 36 It Expressed
Itt Preference for That iype
i ..j ' ;' of Waterway. , -I
Says Statements Made by the Hew
York Man Are Falae.: ,
laa tovet Canal to Aoeomaiadatr
Modera Sblpplas Woal B"tra
Twaatr Yaara ar Mora la "'
Balldlaa-. '
Washington, June 16. If congresi
should send a measure to presioeni
Roosevelt providing for the construc
tion of a sea level canal on 'the Isth
mus of Panama, he would veto It. Thli
statement la made by authority;
Tha Introduction by Representative
Littauer Friday of the amendment br
tbe item in the sundry civil bill appro
priating $26,000,000 to continue the
construction of the Panama canal, pro
viding that no part of that sum snail
be used In the construction of sea
level canal, was done with the approv
al of the president
The house Friday by a vote oi liu
to 85 voted In favor of a lock canal
across the isthmus of Panama, as pro.
vlded for in the amendment presented
by Representative Littauer of New
With members of congress suiing
i the short steps in the aisles ol
the house, around the space In groups,
the galleries filled and with Mr. Bur
nn nt nhin. lwlnter In hand, discussing
charts, the difference between sea level
and lock canal presented every ap
pearance of a class room.
Mr. Burton took position in front of
the maps and called attention to the
vital differences between the two types,
remarking that were the topograph
understood, it would be tne very
strongest argument for tne iocs ieve.
canal. He said If the oanKs wou.u
r.r.1 ,. If large boats could go
through without running against
at the side and could be properly
steered, then a sea level canal would
k. th. antnrnrlse Which WOUltt m
naturally preferred. "But such a canal
convenient for modern shipping and
nm.netlva shinning wouia m u
judgment of those who have carefully
studied the subject exhaust 20 years
or more in building."
Mr .Harriett of Georgia, maoe a puim
againat the amendment of Mr. Littauer.
He insisted that tne amenaweui.
clearly new legislation and argued the
question from that premise.
The chair, Mr. Watson of Indiana
held the amendment In order and with
out further discussion the Littauer
amendment was adopted. ,. .. .- - -
L vhillnnlna Railroad.
Manila, June 16. Preliminary work
on the rnuippine lauuiu -
begin at once. Forty engineers auu
physicians who arrived at Manila on
June 8 and 10 left Friday for Hollo to
begin operations. The line on the
Island of Panay will be surveyed first,
some changes in the original .survey be
ing necessary. The actual work of
conatructlon will probably cdmmenee
this summer.
mator Beaeoa Oats Caalraeaaakl.
nr.tvinctnn June 16. The senatt
provided Friday a chairmanship foi
Senator Benson, of Kansas, by recreat
ing the committee on the examination
and disposition oi aocumtmu.
tor Benson was Introduced to Presl-
nnnaavalt Friday by niscoiioaguo
Senator Long. The president greeted
Senator Benson coroiauy auu u
pleasant, chat with him.
Paeoed Owes Mayer wasvara
Philadelphia, June W. mere w
..,.u atir in the eity oounclH
Friday over an appropriation of $5,000
for the entertainment of visitors to
the golden Jubilee of the republican
party here neit week. The -mayor,
veto was sent to but both branches
passed the appropriation o.r u
rialsae Work of Coavcatloa aaS
tart aa a Tear Laatlas rear
Dars-OBlean Blaotea.
IndlananolU. Ind.. June 16. The
convention of the National Editorial
association cloaed Friday with a re
ception to the visitor at -the home
of Vice President and Mrs. Charles
W Falrhanka.
Jamestown, W. Vs., was selected for
the next convention and the following
officer were elected:
President John K. Junktn, Sterling,
Kan,; fllrat vice president V- B. Var
ner, Lexington, N. C; Corresponding
secreury, William A. Aahbrook, Johns-
town. O Recording secretary, t. v.
Oockrum, Oakland City. Ind.; Treasure
.r wiUlam A. BteeL eUlfc waaa.
The delegates wlU leave Saturday
moraine- four a four days' tour oi In
diana, which wlU end Wednesday at
Chicago, where they will be the guests
el tha Ch learn Press ciun ror a w.
continuing their outing by water to
Detroit and thence to Montreal and
In addressing his guests, Vice Pres.
Ident Fairbanks said:
Tbe American press was never more
powerful than tt ts today ans aar
more essential to our growth and de
velopment aa a great people. A free,
unlrammplled prr-s Is the sure aala
auard of a free sta It Is of the t
most Importance thj.t It should b
hiebmtnded. that It abouid be trrevoo-
ahiv eomasittwl to tb
1 and ix-4ulU morality. It ts
k ar-iftl asa n:-
Perfeot Work- Reasonable Prioes-
Patnmhw home Industry. Pare Sand
aprlnai water uaed and all work suarantoed
Asenclee la aU filcltlaaoa county towns. .
J. B. a OODWI5 Proprietor. -. s
aver Gavs Hlas aa Oplaloa Dm
Aay Seaieet-Beaeajte at the Cra-.
aaAa Asataar Brlbary. ,
Jefferson City, June 14. District At
torney Jerome of New York, In an in
terview charged . that he H1(ourt
boodle prosecutions brought the law lnj
to disrepute and did no good, and that
the blame for cases being reversed
fell on Governor Folk's successor in
the office of circuit attorney of St.
Louis. Replying to this charge Gov
ernor Folk said Wednesday;
"Mr. Jerome Is apparently in irouuiw
about something, else he would not be
so desperate in the effort, to excuse
himself. ; ' A
"A few weeks ago he was quoted as
saying that I had given him an opinion
that the insurance plunderers had not
violated any criminal statute, when I
had given him no opinion at all and
had no communication, whatever, with
him on the subject ,
"The benefits of a crusade against
bribery can not be measured Dy u
number of men in stripes. The awak
ening of the public conscience to the
necessity of stamping out the offense
that strikes at the heart of free gov
ernment was the main thing accom
plished. .
"Lawyers can always be employed,
astute enough, who are paid enough to
exercise ..their wits enough to raise
points enough on which to hang a re
versal. It Is easier, under the lame
and halting criminal proceedura In
American states, for a camel to go
through of a needle than to put a
rich man in the penitentiary for crimes
against the public. But that Is no rea
son why the effort should not be madq
If he Is guilty."
Aaklaa- Railroads lor Foeta.
Philadelphia, June 14. It was learned
Wednesday night that In addition to
inviting the presidents of eastern soft
coal roads to appear before the com
mission, positive steps have been taken
hv the interstate commerce commis
sion to extend the scope of the coal and
nil Investieation. In this connection
Hrminr letters calling for Important
Information and requiring that thle
shall be furnished by July 15 have been
sent to the 848 railroad companies
which oprate the 213,940 miles oi una
comprised in the railroad system ol
the country.
Missouri, Kansas and Texa
Commission Co. , , '
mJt TMnirlwaaAea nHHsl 4 el WmmAmV It n YAW
Mat eVeUawM u art-raw. vuuutj) sew vvuv. ( -
, and Member of Firm. ; ,
UT.ul.Alt - .h.H.iui.lmrinM. ' ST R
Doraett, came eaieenuuvnes oeen aaitwuiaa ,,
IB years. Hatlafactlon guaranteed. ' -. -
We will be pleased to answer Inquiries by
, aoom 871, Livestock Bicbange,
Kansas Oltr, Ho.
Pint published la Abilene Weekly Reflec
tor, Ma; 31, IMS.
'a fiolo.
a www- 1 1-
In the Probate Court of Dickinson Oounty
State of Kansas. . - .. -In
the matter of the estate of Julia Powers,
Under and by virtue of an order of sale
made by the Probate Court of Dickinson
county, State of Kansas, and dated tn 6th
dav of April, A. D. IMS, I, the underaKnd
administrator of the estate of said Julia
Fowera. deceased, will on Saturday, the With
dar of June, A. D. 1900, at 10 o'clock a. m. of
said day, at tha front door of the court
bouse, In the city of Abilene, In Dickinson
county, State of Kansas, offer for sale and
sell at public auction- to the highest bidder
for Caan in nana en toe ioil-jwiu-i uwuiito,
real estate of aald deceased situated In Dlek- .
lnson Oounty, State of Kansas, to-wlt:
Lou numbered five (51 and sis (). In block
No. one (1), In Hheeran'a second addition to tea
city of Obapman. for tbe purpose of paying ,
ic unjniMi ,ini woi v . .
,f tt tt t be mrr--;
the debts owing by the
r, J. FoLsr,
First published In the Abilene Weekly Be- 1
-. fleeter J one J, imo. , , : ,
,1, v i.
Notice of ApDointment - , ).
mcsinson uounty, ,
In tbe matter of the estate of John O,
Kenffman. deceased, late of Dlcklnaon Ooua-
ty, Kansas. . - ;
. . i , . ,l. mA JI.J ' .
notice la nenu; giYou u.,vn ""; -.flnu
a n loM f.hA nndenilBned wn b
the Probate Court of Dlcklnaon Oounty, Kan- ,
aae, only anpoinea aDaqaaiDw mmki- -trlx
rtl the last will and testament of John u.
Kauffman, deceased, late of Dickinson Coun
ty, Kanaas. All parties lntereated in said
eSM-tie Will UlKeilUUUV euu(U-o,u ui,wtv
accoroinsly. . Mast A. KAurrsuK,
g. 8. Smith, Kxecutrlx. .
Attorney. ' 1 -3
IFlrst published la Abilene Weekly Be
HectorJunel,l0s.l SheriffB Sale Under Execration.
County ot Dlcklnaon, f
Joseph Welshaar, John Welshaar, Peter Wels
baar, Benjamin Welsbaar
Frank W. Haenky at al.
By virtue of aa execution to me directed
and delivered, Issued out of the First
Judicial Dlalrict Court of tbe atste of Kan
aas. slttlna In and for Leavenworth eounty,.
In aald atate, will, on the Hot day of July
A. D. MOt, at the hour of 10 o'clock a. m., of
said day, at court honae door la Abilene, In
Dlcklnaon Oounty, State of Kanaas offer for
public sale and sell te the highest bidder, tor
cash in band, all the right, title and lntereat
of tbe above named pialotJffa, In aud to the
following described real aetata to- wit:
The east one-half (H) of the south west oaa
fourth (M) and southwest one-fourth (Hh
south west one- fourth (X) aid lot one (1), aeo-,
tlon twenty-nine (89), townabln thirteen (13).
range two (!), east of the alxth (t) prlnolpal
Alao the northwest one fourth (X) of see
tlon twenty-nlne(ai), township thirteen (III.
meriaiaa m mcainaun wiwtvi
laid property to be sold as the property of
the above named plaintiffs.
U-i . J. B. Favob, Sharif.;
fl. Elusios, : . i
Attorney for Defendants. x
Sheriff'a Oflce, Dlcklnaoa Oounty, 1
uaceu juneutJiwa, .
The Onatemalaa Bevolatlon.
Washlneton. June 14. Jorge Munos.
the Guatemalan minister to this ocua
try late Tuesday night received a ca
blegram from President aistraaa
hrera. dated Tuesday, conflrmlng pre
vlous advices that the govenmenl
troops had- won an overwhelming vlo
tory and stating the report that they
have met any reverses is not true.
Mlnlater Munoz stated that he nas meridian
every evidence mat me uiouio,u
cabinet has not resigned.
Koreaa BeaalUoa Eiteadlns.
London. June 14. The Daily Tele
graph's correspondent at Tokio sends
the following: "The Korean reuemua i
is extending. The Insurgents have
looted Tamyang and Sunchang and art:
threatening other . towns. Japanese
warships at Yokohama have been or
dered to assist the protected cruiser
Chlyoda, the torpedo vessel Patau ta
and the torpedo flotilla to suppress pi
racy on the southeast coast ot Korea."
Vernon Takee Charge.
Waihineton. June 14. William 1 1.
Vernon, of Kansas, the negro appoint
ed some time ago by President Roose
velt to succeed Judson W. Lyon ai
register of the treasury, has taken tne
oath of office and entered upon tht
discharge of his official duties.
Woraet aires ta Beoremaato Maaatalas.
El Paso, Tex., June 14. Forest fires
. , .1. CrMM-nantA mHia
are nurnuuj m u -- .... a-a ... n a a .aa
tains northeast of El Paso, close w litj UAkiJ
Cloudcroft a summer resort. Great This Remedjf la peoHiw-,
areas of valuable timber are threatened ( . Sura to Olva Satlafaotlon. ,
With destruction. . 1 OIVSS kiuif AT ONOI. :
. . - I It cleanses, soothes, heals, and proteota Ox
Frisaa Aaala SkeekeS. , disaaerd membrane. It cures Catarrh and
Ban Francisco, June 11 Two die- drives away a Cold In the Head quiokhr.
tinct earthquake shocks In rapid sue- Beetores the Senses of Taste and Small,
uuct wuiuiu ' Easvtouas. Oootaina no tninrious droee.
lancf at :40 Friday night The move. t giM M t Dniggfats ot by
ment seemed to be from west to east auili Trial Bias, 10 cents by mail. ,
and was several seconds in duration. Hy BROTHERS. 58 W arras SL, Hew Tsrk.
No damaaw was don. '
Every one has a hereditary right to a pore blood supply, which insures
a strong, healthy body; but how many do we see who have inherited that
greatest of all misfortunes, Scrofula, and are stxugglinp; under a legacy of
disease and sufiering Scrofula is A constitutional trouble handed down
from parent to child, a curse from generation to generation as long as tha
scrofulous matter is allowed to remain in the family blood. As the very
foundation of tha blood is diseased we see this awful affliction manifested
in many waya, such as enlarged glands or tumors about the neck, which,
often burst and become discharging nicer, weak eyes, chronic Catarrh of tbe
head, akin diseases, etc. This blighting disease being so firmly intrenched
in the blood often attacks tht bones, resulting in White Swelling, or hip
disease, while a pallid, waxry appearanc of the akin, loss of strenfrta, and
often lung aflectiona show that the disease is entirely destroying t'ne rich,
nutritiv qualities of the blood. There is but one way to cure Scrofula and
that is to purify the blood snd rid it of tbe germs of disease, aad for this,
purpose nothing equals 3. S. S. Its purifying and building-op propertK-a
-x . make it the ideal rauedy for Scrofula. S.S.S.
r ,J (-i f 5 searches out and destroys all poisons ant
I -v . VJN I", gives strrofth, richness snd rior tt
' I-"' AK. 'a. tue weak, poJlsted blood snd cores ScroV; .
O VJ ' permanentiy. a S. S. is a purely ftgtuu.
r V -r-'"r ' E. me-! -cine, made from roots, kerbs and hart a
U LT and may be taken wUh ablnTe " w7fcy
voong or oi l It so thoroughly reaovia tiie poiscm from the blood Uiat ei
airns of it are ever sera -in and pttnty is blessrd with a pure blood
SMJ-V'T- Bo the bSi aod any mea.rej wivics desinil witlioat thar-a.

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