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City of Valparaiso Hm Been Dam
aged by Earthquake, How Ser
iously la Hot Yet Known.
aucoMua eioMfc at
Waafclaatoa-Tldal Plstarfeaaeea
Mt Neaolala-ComemaloatlBB
I . wilt Other CHIes Cat Oft".
New York. Aug. 18. The city
Valparaiso. Chile, hi reported badly
damaged by earthquake. One report
received here la that the iltuatlon In
Valparaiso may prove to be aa aerloua
aa the San Francisco disaster.
Practically every building In the
city la damaged and there are Urea In
different parte of the elty. Many per-
emu are reported killed and Injured.
The earthquake haa Interrupted en
sue facilities to lower South American
points and communication la netrloted
to the route via Lisbon,
Another report from Valparaiso
that the loss of life haa not been eon
Imed. First are burning In various
arte of the city.
One report which reached tola city
aid that portions of Valparaiso were
burning ell night and that the bodies
of hundreds of Its residents were
buried In the ruins of the buildings.
The Central and South American
JNegraph company have re-establlb
ad their main office In Valparaiso
and ara working with that city now.
Tola would seem to show that condl'
tloni are not aa serious aa at Drat
Valparaiso Is a fortified seaport of
Chile and the most Important com'
snerclal town of the western coast
' of South America. It has a population
of about 150,000. It Is the capital o.
n province of the same name and is
situated on a large bay In the Pacific
acean, 75 miles northwest of Santiago
with wblch It Is connected by rail.
The port of Valparaiso la tbe ter
minus of Important lines of steam-
en for Europe by way of the Straits
of Magellan and Panama, and Is the
center of South American coasting
Washington, Aug. 18. The weather
bureau Friday Issued the following
earthquake bulletin:
"A very heavy, distant earthquake
was recorded on seismographs at the
weather bureau In Washington Thurs
day afternoon beginning at six min
utes and 22 seconds past seven p. m.
76th meridian time. Complete and
perfect records were obtained of both
the north and south and the east
and west movements of the earth.
"From press reports this is evi
dently a record of the great Chilean
earthquake of August 18 and is the
lieavlest recorded in Washington since
the San Francisco earthquake."
Buenos Ayras, Aug. 18. In the ab
aence of telegraphlo communication
beyond Puente Del Inca, it has beea
Impossible up to this hour to obtain
accurate details of the destruction
by the earthquake In OillA fThe
ansnagers of the telegraph companies
here state that nothing Is coming
through. Prer .'reports purporting
to come from Chile are purely lmagln
17. London and New York are eagoi
aaeklng for newt from the sffectsu
meat, oven at high prices.
The railroads ara all destroyed.
Rain, which began to fall Immedi
ately after tbe first shock, stopped
an hour afterwards. The nights are
very cold and' windy; the people
sleeping In the open are suffering I
The captain of a steamship which
haa arrived from San Francisco says
the situation here la won than
that following the disaster at San
Washington, Aug. 20. Official ad
vices reached the state department
Sunday regarding the Valparaiso
earthquake, but they gave Informa
tion similar to that t already : con
tained In press dispatches under
Sunday's date. United States Min
ister Hicks, at Santiago, cabled that
800 deaths wera reported at Valpa
raiso and Immense destruction had
been caused by fire and that many
towns have been wiped out Be ad
ded that there la universal mourn-
He said It was reported that
at Santiago thorn war M deaths
much destruction, of property.
The state department also announced
that Minister Hicks, under date of
the 18th reports that on the 18th
then was a frightful earthquake
with loss of life, many buildings be
ing destroyed, and that shocks con
tinued until the date of hit tele
gram; that tbe legation was safe;
that the houses la the towns were
deserted and that thousands of peo
ple nad slept two nights la the pla-
us and parka. ?
Santiago do Chill, Aug. 10. It Is
known that sight lives were lost In
this city by the earthquake, but It
believed that many persons were I
killed by the falling buildings and
that their bodies will bo discovered
later. Several persons became so I
panic stricken during the troubling 1
the earth that they threw them
selves from the balconies of their I
homes and were killed. The Urea
which followed the earthquake In
this city were promptly extin
guished, but while they lasted they
added greatly to the terror of the I
Valparaiso, via Galveston, Aug. 20.
Proportionately the catastrophe here I
It considered greater than that which I
befell San Francisco. Valparaiso and
neighboring towns are wrecked and
partially burned and In all towns of
the Aconcagua valley conditions are
similar. In the southern portion of I
Chile, severe shocks were felt at Tal-1
oapuano, Concenclnn, Tales and Zone,
it there the disaster was not appall
ing. As yet no authentic news has
been received from Santiago although
courier is shortly expected.
I "" . - a" . I 1 w t wrii
,,ejr --s.
go0 Boss! Since That Feller Hat Been Shaking
That flan at 'Irnl Cant Do Anything with 'Inst"
With Crop of 91,385,676 Bushels
of Wheat, no Other State lntht
Union It In the Race.
A Grand Jury Report from Chteage Saye That John O. Roekefeller Has
(tone Uncle 8am In one.
Grocery Jobbers of Kansas Stud
by Board of Health.
Early Reports Regarding the Chil
ian Earthquake Were Largely
Exaggerated ;
New York, Aug. 18. A private cable
dispatch to W. R. Once ft Co., from
VsJpariso received by way of Lima
: Peru, says that ths earthquake 1n
Valparaiso was severe and (hit bus!
sues In the city has been totally sv,b
vended. New York, Aug"l8-At 11 : .10 o'clor'
Friday night the Central Cable offi
ces of the Western Union Telerrarh
company received a service mesecge
stating "the Valparaiso office l cltiscn
antll 7 o'clock to-morrow nioroliit
No reason Is given for this and neither
this nor any other message received
by the company Friday at ;ht thin
any more definite licbt upon the tit
nation In Chile ,
' Honolulu, Aug. is. The tide gvarte
hers show t disturbance, apparently
f distant orlrln. Beginning at 5:23
o'clock Friday morn Inn three waves
.per hour have been Indicated, showing
an oscillation 'rtnu the normul tides
of between three end four 'Inches.
Valparaiso, Chile, Aug. 20. At
f:M o'clock last Thursday evening
Valparaiso experienced an earthq
tjuake of great severity and during
that tight 88 shocks were felt
Most of the buildings of the city
ara either burned or damaged. Thf
lost will be enormous, probably
etching 8260,800,000.
Two thousand persons killed It
considered to be a fair estimate ot
the casualties.
, Vlena Del Mar (Urea miles from
Valparaiso tad having a popuUtioa
f over 10.000); Quirthua (J2l!ei
to the southward, with a popsUiloe
af 1,500); Sal to; Llmaoac (If Bins
to the northwest with t nnpuiatKa
, at MOO); QuiUotn (28 miles to tbe
northwest with a popnta'Ua ot 18,000)
and villages all around were de
stroyed. Matt of the damage was dee to
fire, what started Immediately after
the Bret shock. The wola copula
tfoa It sleeping ha tht hills, the
rt at the streets.
rood ts vary scarce. fc.Hk eseb
two Chilean dollars a titer, and It
i a!rt tewseeftle to oMaia
air Maaafartwred Protects That
taad Chemical Aaalysla Will
Be Olmi to Their easterners.
Topeka, Aug. IT. All the grocery
Jobbers of Kansas met Dr. J. 8.
Cramblne, secretary of tht state board
health, Thursday morning ana had
long conference regarding the new
pure food rules of the hoard. Aa a
result of tht conference tht grocery
Jobbere agreed to stand by tht rules
of the board and not handle any stock
Maatlea at Saatlane la Hat
tee-Re Batlawta at Deaths
a Valparaleo-Urlylaa
la tha Hard
Washington, Aug. It Tht earth
quakes In Chile have ceased, the re
sultant flree hare been extinguished
which the chemists of tht board had and people of tbe two cities, VJpnral
found to contain preservatives of I so and Santiago, are taking organ-
adulterantt of any kind unless ths
stock waa properly labeled.
The conference was one of the meet
Important relating to pure food that
has been held In the state. Thtgro-
oers asked Dr. Crumblne to explain
tht pure food rules and after this ths
Jobbers as a body and personally
agreed that aa soon aa new contracts
could be drawn they would buy no
more goods of manufacturera who
would not agree to stand by every
rule of tht board. If preservatives
were necessary In any foodstuff, ths
grocers will demand that the ma
factnrers label the goods to show
the kind and quantity of preservatirss
and adulteranta. -
Wklle ae taath OaraUaa
ttva Waa Trrlaa ta
Lraentaa Waa
Columbia, & C Aug. IT. Bob Da
vis, tbe negro who aasaulttd Miss
Jennie Brooks near Greenwood Mon
day, was captured late Tharaday af
ternoon near Nleety-Stx.
The negro waa positively Identified
by Miss Brooks. He was led to with
in a hundred yards of the Brooks'
home tad lynched, a negro woman
firing the first shot
Gov. Heyward reached tht
shortly after the negro had been cap
tured. A platform waa erected ta i
fence corner on tbe premises of the
victim's father and from U Gov.
Heyward addressed the mob.
Tht governor was cheered, bat the
mob removed the prisoner from the
view ot the governor and riddled hut
with bullets.
ta" dwtamlaa- TaaJS.
St Leeds, As go. While swimming
I t promote net ta tht Mlesoarl
AthMle Club's task Saturday a!(Dt
I. Jearsoa DoaaeUy, a dub tsenttMf,
was drowned. Donnelly wet unifocal
atawa for a large dothlsg concern.
sad bed a wide aeeaaiatae eaoag
aationai gaarda tbrottglMot the eu-tT.
ised steps to relieve suffering, care
for the wounded and bury the dead. '
Dispatches received - from Chile
Monday tend to show that the first
eetl matte of casualties and material
damage - had been greatly exagger
ated tad that the people of Valpa
raiso ara becoming calmer. The fear
ot further shocks hat beta removed
by a statement Issued from the ob
servatory and Monday it became pos
sible tor the tint time to organist re
lief work and begin systematic
search of ths rules for the dead.
Santiago ta coming to the rescue of
her suffering sister. Public subscrip
tions have been opened for money,
clothing and provisions tad the capi
tal It earing for all refugees from
Valparaiso who make their way
across tht mountains.
Ths government Is putting down
ptllagt wherever it breaks out, With
troops. ; . .- e
It Is still Impossible to reach any
correct estimate ot the dead and In
Jured. Tht reports from Chile are
most conflicting. . r
A large section of the country, how
ever, waa visited by the catastrophe
and tabled estimates of casualties
refer In tome taataaeea ta particular
localities, notably Valparaiso, tad la
others evidently to the entire district
which suffered from the shock. -The
number of deed In Valpa rates doubt-
will run Into tht hundreds and
for tht entire country probably Into
tht thousands.' Tht property dam-
ace Is estimated at frost IXie.OO.00
to 83o0.OO0.0Ot. Relief U being W
gaalssd with system end the gov era
meat haa takea oompiett control of
the situation.
The remoter districts bava act yet
beea beard from and efforts are being
to establish eeanmualeatioa
either by wire or eoarter with the
prwvlacea, . . .
The statement it nude that every
buUdlac ta Valparaiso baa beea dam
aged and t)ie etty hat beea dascrtbed
as "BOiahsMiaW."
Tie Aiisindrat quarter tad the
artsdttal etrotta are mere beese of
ftilna.- The people still throng lie
surrounding bills and the seaashore
and many are leaving tbe locality as
best they may. It Is reported that
at several points the coast has listed
above Its former level. The troops
are maintaining perfect order and the
military ambulances are carrying the
wounded to the hospitals. Hospital
and medical supplies are being sent
down to Valparaiso from Santiago.
commercial crisis It feared and very
little business is being done.
Santuco. Chile. Ann. .it The situa
tion Is "becoming'' clesre'r. A relief
committal was organized here Sun
day and the street railroad service
was resumed. It was feared that San
tiago would be plunged in darkness
owing to lack of coal to supply the gas
works bat the officials of the (ta com
pany say that they haws a sufficient
supply to last a week.
Car let Edwards, one of the proprie
rs of the Merenrio, of Valparaiso,
bat arrived hart on horseback from
that city. Be confirms tht reports
that Almendral quarter tad tht prin
cipal avenue of Valparaiso bava been
transformed Into beans of ruins
When he left tht city the city In
habitants were wandering about look
ing for relatives and friends. The ma
jority of the. inhabitants be says, have
sought refuge on the hills, tn ths parks
and alone ths seashore. The admin
istration building and tbe Victoria
theater bad disappeared oven to their
foundations. The marine arsenal was
only slightly damaged hot not any of
tht private residences were habitable.
In softs of ths dasolartoa perfect or
der was maintained by the troope
which were bivouacked on the grand
avenue and Victoria square. Tht mil
itary ambulances were gathering np
tht woanded and tht dead. When Mr.
nwardt left Valparaiso ft was Im
possible to determine tbe number of
persona killed bat according to his
sstlmata tht number of livee lost was
small when the extent of the catas
trophe was takea Into eoaalderstlom.
At tea depot he saw 80 bodies. The
aha hotel was standing tad all the
guests escaped Injury bat Mr. Ed
wards retards Valparaiso as being
uninhabitable tor the present
The squadron at cavalry format; the
srandantial escort bee started from
here got Valparaiso with InsUaetlons
at nqesattloa aa the settle met with
bstweea thai place and Valparaiso
and to drive the herds to
stty tn order to prevent a
Colorado Springs, CoL. Am. It
With ths declaration that tht fight for
the eight-hour law la prectlee!l
woa, the ttd ansae coaeattna of
die Interaattoeal Typognphlni!
Cstoa Friday voted to redact the
strike assessment from 40 per cent,
to per cent of the waace of oa
piored printers. At thai ttse ?t.KA
members are working eight bmre,
?.lr& are under s aine-becr ecstract
o 4.-. are oe strike.
Yield Is Hearty Twice Tbat cf Its,
Claseat Ceaiaetitore la Winter
Waeat Orowlaa-Cora Also
Practises Wall.
Topeka, Aug. 16. F. D. Coburn, sec
retary of the Kansas state board ot
agriculture, estimates the Kansas
wheat crop for 1808 at 11,885,678 bush
els. The report issued by Mr. Coburn
Tuesday it based on the conditions ss
found by the board's correspondents
August 8. TU it tht Brat estimate
ot the yield ot wheat for IW, the
report Issued Junt I being the acre
age and per cent of condition. The
report follows: '
This year's yield of winter wheat.
as stated at this time by the men
who hart grown it, and who art now
threshing and marketing It Is W
676 bushels, n very large proportion of
which la of more than the usual high
quality. The average on the entire
area sown Is given as 14.7 bushels.
but the government report Issued Au
gust 10 estimated ths average , yield
per acre at 15.8 bushels. Ths year's
crop, as reported at this time. It
per cent larger than that of last year.
41 per cent more than tht 1804 yield.
and It tht state's second greatest
Mr. Coburn Is himself surprised at
the enormous yield of Kansas wheat
this year. Two months ago be under
estimated the crop by nearly 20 mil
lion bushels.
"It will certainly be extremely grab
Ifylng to every Kansan to see the of
ficial figures showing that this stats
again leads all others by far tn the
production of winter wheat; it la
fact that Its crop Is well toward twice
as much as that of Its closest competi
tors, which this year are Nebraska
and Indiana, and more than twice as
much st waa produced In auch con
ceded leading agricultural states ss
Illinois and Ohio," said Mr. Coburn.
The government ratee Missouri, Ok
lahoma, California and Michigan In the
crack winter wheat producers of the
world, but Kansas haa more than these
four combined. I doubt If our peo
ple realise that no other state In the
world, whether It raises winter wheat
or spring wheat seems able to equal
the enormous outputs of Kansas year
after year. v
"A remarkable fact In connection
with the present situation la that no
ODserver oi eonainons - sixty - nays
age would have had the hardihood to
predict a yield within 10 . million
bushels of what the growers now re
port, and the man who aald 25 mil
lion bushels less would hare been ac
cepted as a very safe and sane
guetstr. The large yield and tht high
quality art squally a surprise, when
tht surlier outlook Is considered.
"The corn, too, In most parts of ths
state, It growing by leaps and bounds,
and astonishing ths many who only
a few weeks sines could at best see
only a moderate prospect To be sure,
the best prospect is outside those parts
of the state looked to for large acreage
and a sure yield of great bulk, but
anything like favorable conditions for
the next thirty days would seem to
make certain a mighty aggregate of
tht eertal that really makes the stats
rich" . .. ; ::,!,
The Dataaltlaa Fresiaeat at the
Chlecatc Baak BeeaaraJaed aa a
Trala la Tact city. -
Pittsburg, Aug. 11 Paul O. Stena-
snd, the defaulting president ot the
Milwaukee Avenue 8tatt bank of Chi
cago, wss in Pittsburg Wednesday
and at present Is thought to be In the
L Btensland waa seen aboard a
Pennsylvania railroad train at tha
Union station by Oscar Holmer, a
mechanical engineer, who need, to be
a aloes friend of Stsnsland, but had
not sees him for two years. - Holmer
had tons to tha station to meet
friend who waa on his way cast and
while talking In the Pullaaa car kla
attention was unsxplalnably attracted
a man tested near. In tailing of
the Incident Holmer eald: -
"I walked up to bun and aald.
Hullo, Btensland, what art yoe do
ing hertf ' 1
Tor God's take,' ht said, la It
yonf Dost gtvt me away.'
1 told him he tad hit attain wart
tons ot my business 'tad then ht
started to talk. He ssld be supposed
knew all about hie treablo cad de
clared he was almost out ot bis mind
with worry. . Be told s that he was
going east tad said be bad plenty of
nwasy," ;. t
Ballmerf VinllM. faaaea. State Pol.
itiea and capital stocx vaiuse
.. ' - Are Discussed. .:. .. -
Since the publication of my fire
letter I have received a very large!1
number of communications, of which .
about one-half ara In approval, one
quarter In criticism and tht rost ask
Ing for Information. . . & , ,,
Finding It out of ths question to an'
swer each letter. I have decided to
answer all at once so far as Is prao .
tlcable. 1" t
Those who take Issue with the first
letter mainly dwell on these points:
1. Alleged overcapitalisation.
1. The taxation of railway property.
; 8. The issue of free passes.
t 4, The alleged Interfertnet of the)
railroad in politics. -'- '
As to tht firstr I stated that tht
8anta Ft wss worth all It Is capita
Ised tor. I am aeked U the stock
holders who bought the , stock tan
years ago at say, $18.00 a share, have
not made money. Of course they
have, but has that anything to do with
the case? They had courage enough
to buy an Interest, tn a discredited
concern, Just emerging from ban,
ruptcy only a few had the oouragt
to do It Tht great bulk of our com
mon stock was held by those who
uwurju it, wunu uier irmiias i iiirMi t - w .i
eurred; who held It throughout tht ,
receivership snd who paid an asses .
ment of 810.00 per share In cash la
nnlAr tn' kAAn it. How about those J.
people, most of whom paid par ot .
more for the stock In the '80's, and ,
who not only got no returns between '
1888 and 1899, but paid an assessment
besides? ' 1 ' ''
Among ths letters received Is ont
from which I quote as follows:
On March 11, 1889, I bought San
ta Fe stock, paying 855 for each
share. On July 11, 1895, I paid , on
each share of stock a cash assssa
ment of 810. Fifty-five dollars, with
Interest at six per cent compounded
annually for seventeen - yearn
amounts to $147.96, and ten dollars -compounded
at the same rate foi
eleven years amounts to $18.90. And
there has been no time In the laat
seventeen years that I could not
compound at that rate semi-annually
Instead of annually. My stock should -to-day
represent to me $166.85 per
share. I have received on each share
dividends to the amount of 121.60.
Deducting this from the above
amount would leave each share
standing me at $145.35. The stock It
selling at 93, and I am a loser of
$62.36 on each share. And yet ac
cording to the Topeka Capital, be
cause stock sold at 18 eight years ago
I am not a loser at all. but am a aalnu
by 800 per cent No doubt but that -
most of the stockholders stand about
In the earns position I da" .,.
The above, letter la from a citltea
of Kansas Whom I do not know and
never heard of before, but ht was for
tunate in only having paid $51 pet
share many of tht present itockholnV
a psld $120. . . ; f : ;
I repeat that, whether we consldet -
what ths property haa cost (Including
in the cost tbe Interest on Invest -
meutf , ur wueiuer w uirasmer lis ra .
production value. It Is not over-capital-'
Caaraed wtn Kllltaa Bremen
Art! more, I. T, ' Aug. 11 United
states officials havt pieced Cal Stew
art aader arrest at Marietta, charged
with the killing af bit brother. Ben
The tragedy took pteot Tuesday sf
lartooa while the two ware retara
lag bomc. It alleged that the atea
quarreled. That Stewart shot ho)
brother throagh the head. The de
fendant It a ertxBlaeat stock ro a sad
stands btsh. His arrest has caused a
atiea. Recently tha two were tr-
rcstad oa the ettsrft ef kllltag Dr.
Graham, the pbrsiclaa at Holder, sad
i released oa bond of $ii,000.
Uart it la the federal kUl here. i
Second, taxation; The Santa : Ft
desires to pay its fair share of tht
taxes levied for the support of tht
state; it will not be heard to murmur
so long ss Its property Is assessed at
the same proportion of its real value
la ths property of other citizens
there Is no reason why It should bt
favored la this respect on the ont
hand or oppressed on the other.' (1
may say that In my opinion, a strict
and honest application of this prlnr
elple would considerably reduce tht
taxes we now pay.)
Third, as to passes: It is almost
universal custom m every part of tht
country to transport tree of charge
national, state and county officers; It
waa originally meant aa a courtesy.
and I have never felt that It gave tht
railroad any claim on tbe conscience
of the official receiving it nor have -I
known of any case where a legl
lator has voted or beea expected to
vote against his convictions because
of holding a pass. If the people of
Kansas desire tbat this courtesy shall
cease to be extended to their officers, ,
there win be no objeetica raised by
this compsny. But the prehlbltloa ot
psseee to other that railway employee1
win not materially increase the- pas- -senger
Fourth, the railroad In politics: '
We have the same Interest tn good
government as has any other cltlsea
tad tht tamt right to display that In
terest As tbe largest corporation la
the state and tht largeet tax payer
ere have a vital hi tercet la tana and
conservative legislation and whsm
(as ban too often been the case) there -hi
danger that the state will be swept
off Its feet by appeal to paaatoa sad
prejudice made by dcetgnlng dema
gogues for their own personal cade, It
becomes s duty to oppose those mesv
by fair and legal means la such "
oases, and ta scab eases only, will the
Santa Fe to tooad la pontics. In di
vidual employee art aaraatrictedi
they may bold acd arersss ccob view
se they think proper, bat their action "
b) not to be tebsa ae that ot the coa
pany, aor Is the latter leepoaaibie for
their political optntoaa or attcraaces.
I realise fully that each prosperity
as the State Fa bsa eajoyed Is dot .
largely to the energy Bad thrift of the
fsnees people, eat they snook) also
lecogalM that wc bava done out
share. Each is necessary to the wel
fare of the other; aad if, la the last
teeaoa, there has been any good work
deaa ta the etate, ov for tbe mate, ta
which the casta Fe hat tailed to .
Its part, tad more than Its part, I im
ttf-h atinakear
(trXMn 1. t. RIRJTT, '
PMMSdt A, T. S. F. V- Co.
ChiOa Aug. tl, m. .

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