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at fraout Mrtjwroa xeMrona-r.
i i n ' ! T 1
liv Btrmlr. and General Mer
chandise Auctioneer.
, Ratlifaetlon tnrBWa or no pay.
but n( MfanMMi a Ivan.
Oil Brown phone No. lias, or sddre- toe tort.
J. 0. ENGLE,
Aug. 'OH
anvitti. AMiena. Kansas.
Daw book tu tn seen at shockey L2,"
Alaooreeder of Dnroo Jersey ho. Block
tor Ml. ' v i - '
Will err sales anywhere at any (Id,
Public Bale a aueclaltv.
Prioea reasonable and aatlafaotkw luaran
KnKffinflMI A hllATlM ATAtlnftal Bank W
vitiiani oiawi nana, aonene, nan.
Pbonaet Independent No . Uuo, and Acme
rarmere' una, or aaanaa ma at Abilene
Kansaa. t-1-17
Ho Mrvioea ware held t Belle
Spring" Sunday morning on account
of run J weather.
Elder Jaoob JJngleleft Monday for
Mansfield, Ohio, Where he Will be en in Abilene Tuesday.
leased in evangelistic work lor the
next month. -
J. A. Summers la building new
People from this place are attend
inf a aerieaof meetings at Naval
(Coprrlsht, by Joseph B. Bowlaaj
Twenty to-day!
The fourth chapter In my birthday
diary, and an ntry which mark
one of Ufa's landing stages!
At 17 what a quaint little story
tad to tellt (I almost laugh aa I
turn back the pages and read my trl-
nuiphant self-belief of four years ago.)
The chronicles of 18 and It seem lit
tle more than pages of fashionable ta
tclllgence (my debut, balls, parties
nil tmMl fVfmillHaat . hnt tVui aaw
E. S. Broughton of Clay Center was try of 10 will be different from them
a business Tisltor In town Monday. all.
1 nave left toe -teen" day behind,
and my heart and I hare begun to
grow up.
Ed Arnold was transacting business J
Born to Hr. and Mrs.
Miller, Not. Si, a daughter
Tea, the thought of jrouth may be
"long," hat they are not always f lad.
Ultia -r. ma alaif ,ivriaw In faH
John Cunningham .returned Iron. . 01llt, Iu , f.ncr so).
moreiana, n,as.,on Saturday where ne I am acutely miserable 1
spent several days visiting his sons. I Without quite realising It myself,
m B.,..n n.rw.t .a.j -.(.. w must nave Men tun
v.mu. n r. Mnnr.nl K.nanB ...... .t , a. - "g anoui ever since ine negus-
iiBiu uj w urat ui me weex irom duiw, Montana,
nlna- of the seam, when we met at
after a month's visit with her daugh- the Arlington' "flower dinner." We
Thanksgiving servioes will be held Iter. I haven't seen each other very often,
at Belle Spring. Thursday at 10 a. m. Tne Catholic fair opened on lues- f TJb" ZTZS.
dav with crood crowd and nlnntv nf I -i. M. at ..a t.
.... . t. n a Jtl I O ' I J fTUCTW 1J lUlt BltUIVV iUUUU aBI a-w
Have the eniwren wnwoanwviaus .ttrti , , loi for a sleek, dark, nalnted-look.
. letter and mail It at his postoffloe at . , ,.itJlng head, and a face that K decided.
The Racket. ' . , . , . . V Napoleonla abeot the upper Hp.
. He ,,n.t jjj M un.t W011.DU1Ki M
wrnrtUT TflTTT The basket ball eame on Monday almost slouches (the right sort of
a,vva.aii . . .1 i. , v .11.. ui.
between the Clay Center high school """" 01 BW,"K" "uo"
. , -4 a. n n a a ... "j ai v a auu wiu, auu u.a
Several from this piaoe aiienaea u " v . " " u k,d. fcllt hlll ,.
the meeting at the" River Brethren Clay Center team. l; Wi aartog discourtesies, his Ms
o .r . m" 7 m . til ebi I don t know anything except
See the Santa Clau. postoffloe at The , Ut, unoon.clou.lT WMT.
lng him Into every orange-bloBsom
dream where I, In white ohlffoa-
relours, have been a central figurel
But to day my twentieth birthday,
Steelsmlth when I ought to have been so full of
newly ripened happiness It is all dif
I can hear them saying It now Just
as I heard last night, sitting behind
that hideous palm, waiting for that un
derbred man to bring me that vilely
.flavored Ice.
'.'And where la 'madameT' giggle
old Lady Barnchester, waggling
church in Abilene Saturday evening.
Mr. Crum was kicked by a horse Racket.
' last week.
Avory Hoover expects to be num.
be red among the D. C. H: S. student
next week;
E. J. Reel and H. S. Engle transact
ed business In Abilene Saturday.
A large number from here attended
the lecture In Chapman Wednesday
Grace Goodwin visited with Bessie
Boyce Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Collings of Billings,
Okie., are Visiting W. W. Day's.
Mrs., Carl Fittmah of Flainville, are here visiting her brother, G. W,
Kas., la visiting her parents, Mr. and I Sanders.
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. J
Nov. 26, a boy.
Mrs. A. F. Tolbert visited with Mrs.
Henry Starr Thursday.
Mrs. B. 0. Shirk Visited at Mrs. F.
1 Phllllna' Thnr.Hv
Miss Mattie Buohenau visited her
parents last week.
Wm. tsoni has been helping W. C.
Woolverton in the store a few days.
Miss Vesta Sexton la home from
Emporia Visiting her parents.
Mr. Abbot and family of Tennesee
Mrs. Swift.'
Mrs. Mellie McClellan who has been
visiting her mother, Mrs. A. E. Sim
mers, left last week to join her hus
band and visit relatives in Reno
Eli CApeland bought a farm south
of Abilene. .
Mrs. S. Kill and Mrs. M E. Hoyt
visited Mrs. 8. J. Winsler last Friday
Mrs. Belle MoClellan and family is
here from Portland, Oregon, visiting
her mother, Mrs. A. E. Simmers.
David Martin is visiting his parents.
H. W. DayhofTs sale was well at
tended. He will leave Thursday for
his new home near Moonlight.
See The Racket's holiday announce'
ment in this issue.
Local Markets.
Butter good... .........
fllgus pa. doa
Ducka and f eeae .
Clour per 100 lb...
Interest is Increasing at our liter
ary. The crowd is larger every week,
Richard Steam and family are mov
ing south of town to his next year's
Earl Til ton Is reported better.
Prof. H. B. Miniok has gone to Abi
lene to attend the teachers' institute.
Grandpa Avers and Grandma
Knisley have been very poorly.
Earl McCardle and Miss George
anent last Thursday night at his
Willie Unlet of Talmage was
pleasant Buokey visitor Sunday sve-
hlng. ,
A large crowd attended the tele
phone aseeiing Saturday.
The meetlhrs at the Dunkard
church will continue this week. Rev.
Wooddle of Nebraska conducting the
servioes. ' -
Ee Picking and Mrs. Geo. Duffy
visited at Herbert Sou' Tuesday.
, 8
Oswi per 100 lbs. ! SJ 1 75
SteenparMOlba , .... 80 4 I to
Potato. . SO
New Wheat No.l... SS
Wneat No. 1 65 C M
Wheat No. SO S3
Wheat rejected.. 46 9 S
Corn : at
Oat at
(Grain markets corrected every Thursday
morning by W. B. Qllaa, train and coal.
acrraa mamik.
BO I I 1 ' -&- I
LPrloaa for oraamery batter at uotau
named for week ending today. DlcklMioB
county price 14 cent 1mm than Ntw fori
IW oenta 1M than Obteaso.
Kaunas Oitt Paacy separator M
fane SBl.
Oblcato OreainerT XIM OSSe: dalrr. WMO
Advertised Letters.
The following is the list of un
claimed letters remaining' In the Abi
lene poatoffioe for the week ending
Nor. Si, 106. Have your mail ad
dressed to your street number and It
will be promptly delivered:
Qffnm.au urs us.
Oala t D
Punk, A I LljakJoo
Klckalaoa, Harry K I' mar, ) t
Unas' us.
otuham, MnOarrit P-rry, Mlai MatberiM
ryaU,HnHaUla Wroa, mat atary A
. Aatllagar, kra Mary
Baldwin, C A
oay, w w
Boat. Walter OMar. MnOrlaS
Kaillff, Mlat Leu Hicaa, 8 A
One cent will be charged for all ad
vertised letters.
Persoas calling for the above will
please say advertised' giving date.
11 c
A Fflfir.1 BOILER
is needed on every farm.
Thi illustration shows one adapted for
heating water or rendering lard.
Write or phone lor price.
grimy-gloved finger Into a Napoleonic
Oh! er she is still In Germany
Heidelberg. I thought sbe'd be ou
of place In London, so I haven't
brought her over again!" replied
George, putting that delightful curve
imo his voice which be chiefly re
serves for old ladies.
"'Jail husband! But I shall give
you away!"
"Oh, don't, Lady Barnchester re
dly, please don't!" and for once he
rpoke quite earnestly as with another
flnger-waggle Lady B. passed en Into
(be supper room, of course!
So be Is married!
There la a "madams," some Ger
man frau whom he must have met
during his six months at the Heidel
berg university, where I know he
vent after leaving Cambridge!
It's terrible to think I have been
admitting him Into my orange-bloe-
eom dream L who regard flirting
with married mea as a spinster's final
sry of failure!
But yet that is what 1 have beea
I have been allowing Oeorge Dull!
aioro to dance with me, ride with me.
walk with me, and talk to me, vaea
ail the time there Is some Gretchen
with two plaits and black velvet
laocd bodice, who owns the best be
aaa ever had to give!
I asj trying to think that t have aot
enoouraged him very much; hnt as
took dowa at my birthday presents I
kaow this at not so.
Tea, it la ne geed trying u deceive
wyself er mj birthday diary
I hare saved dances fer Oretchta's
lasband before I knew that he wae
solng U aak for them; I have often
foot to parties when I would Back
rat her nave stayed at bone. Just be
cause I bad told him that I should
be there; I have-
But there, let me bury my "have
soars." and erect a monument of re
turn deeds ever the grave! (How
epigrammatic I am getting aa I cease
to be 1!) . 1
This evening I shall have a ebiare
te put myself right to myself sad
to him' - -
I have premised bin the tins waits
tb Mra'is'rl boose ball, end I
U y9 V? trrt-rtm;
sat after th dance wa wont drm
to to vague, aubtle personalities.
Kethlsg shalt be vague, nothing shall
be aubtle any more only facts (facts
which he must think I have knows
ever since our first meeting) concern
ing "msdame" In Heidelberg! ,
Perhaps If this had all happened
two or three years age, or la two or
three years' time, I should have cried,
but now I couldn't do It. .
t feel too muc's excited, too snxlous
(of my own vindication, too much
wounded ia my jrlde tor tears!
But yet oh! how I could have
tared! bow 2 could have cared!
(As usual I'll finish my diary when
th birthday Is over and the entry
caa be complete "complete!" Will
anything ever be complete again?
Never! because j, , ,:
t I a. m.
the Mendlelgh house ball. Is Over,
my blue chiffon gown la crushed, the
lilies In my hair and on my breast are
drooping, the start are paling, my
birthday Is put, and my lite haa be-
I hardlv knew now is chronicle it
all but I must One caanot. break
-faith with a diary that la only written
nce a year) :
At last came out warts, aad almost
before the music had fully.com to
Hat we were reversing dowa th fa
meua ballroom, while dead aad con
ruBed and . doubleted . Mendlelghg
glared down at us from th wails.
Directly the waits waa over he took
m to a small ante-room little mors
than a recess which to Only knows
to the Mendlelgh house Intimates; and
then, sitting down by my side, waited.
as usual, for me to begin to walk.
"By the by, before we discuss the
the floor or the music, or attack any
other polite subject of conversation,
let me thank you for the sweet rose
and the beautiful box," I said, with
a brave effort at cheery friendliness.
George smiled swiftly (his teeth are
perfect), and looked less Napoleonl
than I have ever seen him.
"Many happy returns of your birth.
day, Delia," be said, with a passion
ate tenderness In his voice.
It was wonderful to hear him speak
like that, and his eyes oh! could
those be the eyes that were so care
less and cold as a rulef
For half a second 1 forgot
"madame" In Heidelberg, and let my
glance meet his own.
'Delia," he said, bending over me,
and speaking without emphasis, and
yet putting more strength Into the
words than If they had been doubly
underlined. "Delia, I love you much
more than I ever meant to love any
woman. I never Intended to love, be
cause I never Intended to marry; but
now good heavens! I find romance
la the Idea of paying rates, and poetry
In the notion of writing checks for
rent And It's you who have taught
me, dearie! Delia, will you will
Then suddenly I remembered
Gretchen with the two plaits, and per
haps who knows there might be a
little Heinrlch, or a small Lottchen.
or something terrible Uke that!
"How dare you be absolutely
wicked!" I cried, dashing up from ths
teat and standing Indignantly before
4 at. &
t " , ' '
Cralifiafiflii Sato
Lira Stock
j IT
On December 18th, "at 1 p. m., the Dickinson
County Fair Association will hold its first monthly sale
at the . ,,. . ,,.;
Agricultural Hall
at the New Fair Grounds.
' ' -... ...... . ... ,;
Live stock of all kinds wilj be sold to the highest bidder.
The interests of the buyer and seller will be protected. -
A cotnroission of a i-s per cent will be charged. '
Combination sales under cover give the people an
opportunity tp dispose of their stock at a minimum cost,
, , Enter your Stock early ; we will get the buyer. .
Poi further particulars address, .
English S:eklng an Ambassador Who
Can Sttr Conditions. .
Pollihed kroreMioaal DIplOMta
Hava Falleg te Halatala Poaltloa '
They Uealre at Waaklnatoa,
At first he did not speak, but r
malned sitting down and looking st
me In a way that made me feel more
of a schoolgirl than I ever felt In my
learning days.
Then, after a most Inconsiderate
pause, he rose and raced me.
I ha I no Intention of being wicked.
I assure you," he replied In the same
voice that he asks elderly lad lee If
they'll take tea or coffee. "What have
I done?"
"A good many things that It
wouldn't be v-v-very reputatile to
print, I've ne doubt; but I should
think It's about ths worst when yos
a m-m-marrled man ask me a girl
to be your wife,
For a second he looked contempla
tive, then answered quietly:
"I don't fancy I did ask you
be my wife, and I feel quit certain
I am not married quite sure!"
'Then how about 'madame'
Heidelberg, whom yon won't bring
ever again? And bow about Lady
Barnchester calling yon a 'bad bus-
"But as 'madams' hsppens to be
my .'cello, which I once took up with
such fervor that every one called her
toy wife' (er 'madame'), I east awe
hew it matters! Lady Barnchestet
aaa answer for me, because she has
both seen, and heard, 'madame,' be
(U 1 took her back to Heidelberg!'
t caa hss-dly remember what hap
pened next I only knew I fell that
the world was a sort of environ of
Tbe-thea I I beg your pardon
ehl se m-m-mnch, I stammered.
Tray dont apologise! Shall we g
back to the ballroom?"
(Dig he men Kt Tea, kh) face was
gravev eM aad teserulable! I
loot my bapplaae! My heart mast
Wy te ce to sleep again!)
"Tee, tbattka, 11 ,
Bo t eowMel to on. eawtklng
same before sty cyan.
Perkaaa It wee a ptetvi 4 of agysetf
1 lonely, set-coals gray slaya; ner
ipa It was a sfetare of flours Mv-
ktg kss lire In glorlons content wKa
ent me? I cu t ear. I only knew
that had I beea ee?re all the Jsw.
els of the wicked women la London
I couldn't hart helped burying my
face tn my suede gloves and crying
Inst a thoroughly aad sincerely as
erted when I was a nttie, time gin.
Just for a second he let m cry, sod
thee No, as, birthday dlay. I eaat
Write that!
tt wae ac woederfalt My lips Urtll
ew as I remember, Sal my ebsfk
tan sloe ess kare.
I td aot knew that te,a eoal to
se letrOM se sH wprnta. ao all-
spiaa4'Ht. sad se Asmirliag
London, Nov. 24. Perhaps ' never
before In the history of BrltiBh Jour
nallsm hava American topics and
news taken up so much space as at
present. ,
Just now the leading subject of dis
cussion In the English press Is the
selection of a successor to Sir Morti
mer Durand as British ambassador at
Washington. Many of the editorial
writers agree; with Sir Mortimer that
Washington Is the most important
diplomatic post In the world," one of
the principal weekly reviews, The Out,
look, devoting more than a nag to
the subject. The Outlook says ths
British embassy at Washington has
lost completely the political and so
cial ascendancy it enjoyed under Lord
Pauncefote. "The blame tor this Is
not Sir Mortimer's, who commands
universal respect, but he waa trans
lated from a sphere whlob he filled
with first distinction to an environ
ment where It was practically impos
sible for a diplomat of bis traditions
to become acclimatized. There has
been no misunderstanding between
the United Slates and Oreat Britain,
but there has been some cessation ot
complete understanding. What Is
now needed Is a man as little like I
professional diplomat as can be imag
ined, and resembling ae nearly as
possible American representatives
such as Lowell, Choats and Held, Who
have been the most effective ambas
sadors In the world because there haa
been no atmosphere of formalism or
convention about them."
Continuing, the Outlook says the
place formerly occupied by the Brit
ish ambassador In Washington has
More Soap ad Water
Texarkana, Ark., Nov. 26. Kev. E.
M. Orlggs, D. D., of Palestine, Tex.
In sddresslng the Negro Baptists state
convention Sunday said: "The ne
groes must use more soap and water
and less cheap cologne and powdei'
There Is a powerful uplifting Influence
In soap and water. The negro has
In his power to become something In
this country and If he falls, will have
only himself to blame.
We have just received
a large oar load of
'Granite and Marble
Monuments, Persons
expecting to purchase
tor late lall or early
spring delivery should
see this stock at once.
Aleoe MoHDOt Co.,
, Jay Harding, Prop.
Public Sale.
The undersigned will sell at oublio
auotion at his place mile east and If
miles north of Carlton. Si miles west
and 11 miles north of Banner. Si
miles south of Holland, on the old
Dave and Clsrk 8mlth farm, on
Wednesday, Dec. 5,
commencing at 10 a.' m., sharp,
the following property:
7 head of Horses.
20 head of Cattle,
38 head oi Hogs.
Tarn Implements,
U. S. cream separator nearly new,
milk cans, etc.
TERMS: All suras of 110 and un
der cash; sums over $10 a credit of 10
months will be given on note with ap- .
proruu Bt!i..unij at iu per cent inter
est; if paid when due only 6 per cent
Interest will be charged. No proper
ty to be removed until settled for. 8
per cent off for cash on sums over $10,
Free lunch st noon. .
If. N. BUKTON, Auctioneer. '
Public Sale;
A rrtaeh Ickool Ship Bane.
Toulon, France, Nov. 16. The tor
pedo soboolshlp Algeslras, stationed
In this harbor, waa totally destroy"
by fire at a late hour Sunday evenln
There were 800 men on board when ' 1
fire broke oat, bnt It believed tl:
most of them were tared.
A er ward far TIIIbmk.
Chicago, Nov. 17. Following Mayor
aT r. Diane's refusal to preside at a
meeting to be addressed here Mon
day night by United States Senator
TUhnoa of South Carolina, because
ef th strenuous objection made to
Sena tar Tillman's appearance by the
colored race of Chicago, it was
elded Monday that the senator shewM
be sttendtd by a tsMygnarfl from tb
time) ha arrive In Cbioagn ft
MettevUle, Wla. until be pas deliver
ed his address and enters te train on
vaici ne seperis rrom ine city.
flrM nakUaked U AbUm Weekly Selector
Nov WM.
Publication Uotice-
Te tt. O. Ollliua ot ronsrla. Ob to:
You are hereby eottea that roe haw baaa
m la CM liteutetUDonol mcatnaon VOUM-
ty, Mlata of K absaa, by William Klmoreane
ri"k Ooopar, partner a Cliaara A Cooper,
Sy their patltloa Sld Id aald court on the Mb
ay oi floveaaar, iw m wuod aara a axrf
i Cooper ara D'alatlffi ana roa ar a;
ant, and In wble n action
to raoorar
arantltaorr a
and tarac bonSrad and t vaaty-ona and St-Mt
An am. Toa an runner aoiaa taat aa
ardar of altarhfaaat baa haaa taaaad la aald
caaaa aad atrtad apna tba aorf bat qsa.'Wr
of aatrtioa aaa ta wwatnip iiimhi. anutn.
ranae roar aaal of aba itsia prinr. r: aiart-
aa, la am) oaaaiy aaa atata, aaa utat aa.
Ima roa aaaaar and blaad y aa4d aaUtKm on
ar kafor taa hub day of Jaaaary bf. U.
an, will oe ifcae aa traa an jai nt
r.fs.iard araltwt roa for tb aa at A... i &
alia tntamtt Uvroa fmaa th ftb dr of 1-
eanib?, i Ml KIM fwr !. Uaaid
'MWlMd a- oroafttd apitt D iair.-f aaid
u- . anviaif aw l uun.
and Ji
I aald Blalntlf tack
a vwdrmaDA aaAlnst voa a ana a
r aot for th aom of Thrac thaa-
Havlng sold my farm I will sell st
public auction on my farm 8 miles
south and mile west of Abilene, Sv
miles east and 1 mile north of Aome,
Friday, Dec. 14,
commencing at 10 a. m. sharp, the '
fallowing property;
' 6 Head of Horses
20 Head of Cattle
21HeadofShoats "
Farm Implements
Household Goods,
Also 10 tons alfalfa hay. about 80
shocks corn fodder, 40 bushels oats.
corn in shock, 8 swarms of bees, some
new hives and bee supplies, straw In
stack, some lumber, S dosen good lay
ing; hens snd, pullets, . barrel older
TERMS: All sums of S10 snd
under csah; sums over $10 a credit ot
IS months will be riven on note with
appro red aecarity at 10 per cent In
terest; it paid when due only t per
oent interest will be charged. No
property to be removed until settled
lor. S per cent off for cash on sums
ever 110.
Free lunch at aooa.
1. H. BUKTOK, Auctioneer. "
Great Maraxine Combination.
For six weeks we are enabled so
make the following offer on aaaga
staes: STtw of Brlcwa .... IB IS
Woataa'a Home Coat pas loa 1 0
Dally neSartor at waaks er Weekly E-
Sm.raa year ..... I
. TataL. Met
10 tot tr
If yon wish only ths Beview of lie-
Views we will send It with the Es
rucroB as abovs for $J SO. '

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