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ran ,
now House
- Coffee '
Our Own Brands
i. .
Call for These Brandt at Your
. - Grocers.
'They Help Ton andThcT
- - Help Us.
Wholesale Grocery Co.
The Doctor Away From Home When
' Moat Needed.
-, .People are often very muoh dlsap
." pointed to And that tfielr family phy
sician 1 away from home when they
moat need his lerrlces. " Disease, like
cramp colic and cholera morbus xe
quire prompt treatment, and have In
, many instances proven fatal before
: mwHplnfl could be nrocured or a Dhv-
siclan summoned. The right way Is
to keep at hand a bottle of Chamber
Iain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea
Remedy. . No physician can prescribe
a better medicine for these diseases
By having it In the house you escape
much pain and suffering and all risk
Buy It now; It may save life. For sale
by all druggists. .
Hundreds of . people yearly go
through painful operations needless!) .
because they never tried Man Zan
Pile Remedy. It Is put up in sucb
form that it can be applied right
where the trouble - lies. '. It re'levt
the pain and Inflammation. It Is T
any form of piles.- Price tOo, Sold bj
C. P. Townsend Y ... " -J
Abilene' "Son of Swat" Victors
Once More,
The Chumps sdilril another virtory
to" tbelr string July 10 by detesting
the' Salina Hankers 11 to S ...Thi
Bankers had jutt come from Enter
prie where they were beaten In a fast
game i to 0 ana it may save ueea ids
defeat disheartened them for they
didn't pot op the kind of ball they
did some lime ago. The game was
called la the 8th inning on aooount ol
darkness..' . . -.
The Bankers started out well and
pushed In a run In the first and an
other In the second. Ibelf third
core vaa In the fourth. The home
team didn't acore until the 3rd and
then four bits, one a three bagger,
ooud1 of ssorlllces and a hunch ol
errors counted four runs. Two In
the 4th, one In the fifth, two In the
6th, and J in the 7th completed the
total of 11.
- "Heinle" Giles did slab doty ior
the Champs and he whiffed a niot
game of ball. Eight hits were made
off him but thare were two or three
scratches. He was as steady at
clook, not walking a man. . -
Bernhard Lodes was pill pusher foi
tha Bankers and twirled a pretty
game and kept the hits nattered in
all bnt the fourth inning. He walked
one man and hit another. The loosU
found him for eight clean hits.. Hi
support was poor and bad errors a
orltloal times let in soores. The tac
that there was oot an earned run li
game tells the stor.,.
. .,i . ' R B B
Abilene.;.,... ...... .0 4 4 1 1 I 11
Sallna.... ; IUltMt-1 I If
Batteries: Giles, and Sommer, B
Ludes and Mack." Umpire, L. Ludes.
Scorer, F. Giles. Time 1:16V '
,. - The Charming Woman
la not necessarily one of perfect form
and feature. . Many - plain woman
who could never serve as an artist's
model, possesses those rare qualities
that all the world admires; neatness,
clear eyes, clean smooth Bkln and that
sprightllness of step and action that
aocompany goon aesuui. a ynjminj
weak wornu is uvn attractive, not
ven to herself. Electric Bitters, re
store weak women, give strong nerves,
bright eyes, smooth, velvety akin,
beautiful complexion. Guaranteed by
J. II. Glelssner, druggist -Wo.
- Regulates the bowels, promotes
easy, natural movements, cures eon
stipatlonDoao's Regnlets. - - Ask
tour druggiBt for tbem. 86 cents a
For Iafanti and Children. , .
ftiU:d Yo. Ban AJwajs BscgM
- Bears the
Signature of I
The bites and stings of tn sects, tan,
unburn, cuts, burns and bruises are
relieved at once with Plnesalv Car
bollsed. Acts like a poultice, and
draws out Inflammation. Try It
Prioe ZSo. Bold by C. T. Townaend.
! ' NOTES. " '
Bankhead, the new league reornii
played secodd bsBe for the locals.
He made a couple nf nice catches anc
bad one error. His bit too, left ii
the third was a pretty swat. He
made a hit with the fans.
The high school pair, Eddy an
Sommer. each got a couple of bingles.
Shows the value of higher eduoatior
doesn't It? - ': -
Bernuant Ludes made a pretty twt-
base hit in tbe second.
. Bill lion-ell made a couple of prett
catches. - - -
- Rhv Shearer made two errors ai
-lirl. : Naughty Pete! He doeen't dc
it nil though. . - V
' B rnhrt Uudea certainly had tbi
lemon juice' in Bill Horrell's eyes.
Bill stn-.ok out three times in suc
cession. !':', "' ' "
Art Glade triple In the third, scor
ing two men, was lovely rapp.
,. Carlberg and Eberhard each" madi
bunts that couldn't be handled li
time to put out' the runner. "
Giles stiuck out three men and
Ludes four, not a very big record.
What's tbe matter with tbe fans!
The crowds at the games are miser
ably small.
Now for the game with Enterprise.
We are doped to win and we will too.
Let's go everybody.- . ; -
- Mrs. J. W. Lamb Stricken..
Mrs. J. W. I amb of Enterprise was
stricken with paralysis last week and
is in a serious condition. Her sister,
Mrs. M. Hoffman and niece, Mrs. U.
G. Hoffman, were sent for.
-. -
Frank Thornberg la Hurt
HEmHOTO, July 10 Frank
Thornberg, who was a resident of
Ju notion City for many years and
who for a long time was a conductor
on the Union Pacific, met'ith an ac
cident while switching In the yerds
here last night that cos(.him his right
foot. His leg was crushed a little
above the ankle. Mr. Thornberg was
taken U Topeks this morning and his
foot was amputated.
. .. . . . frnvM mm trnwnitlmi tn mother.
Throoeii tne & ooa. diseases rc cuiku , .
PXSt thto thdr children and ao It goes on icntht famOy
line for years and years onles. th. umt is Jt
cially is this true of Scrofula, for it is a disease that ia 'W In the bone.
,nd notes, the bW is pnrified and every trace of th. , trouble removed the
hi. Ai -Ul finallv undermine the entire health and wreck tie
Me of its victim. The usual symptoms of Scrofula are enlarged glenda ot
tumors about the neck, which often burst and become discharging nicer,
weTeVeTcatarr!. of the head and throat akin disease ,c The toubk
brmc 1 firmly intrenched in the blood often attacks the bones. resnlUng in
White Swelling, or hip disease, while a waxy. pald appearaiic. of the skin,
losa of stTVth and energv. and often lung aBectiona, show that the d.sease
KrSrtot.fttf bright red corpuscle, and rich, nutr.Uv, qual.t.c,
of tbe blood. Scrofula being a constitutional disease one afiecting tfn
entire circulation, must be treated with a remedy tbsAbuiIc. up am.
atrragtheo. every part of the system, which has so lone denied the
trength ssd OOTnTlmKot it should have received from t..e blood. S. S. S.
is the best of all bid perifier. and tbe greatert of all tonic, and is therefore
th. ideal remedy fc Sr rof ula. 8. S. S. searches out and dfestrorsi all (terms,
taipta sod poisons, civea stren(rth. richneas and vifrof to the blood n euro
f.-p'jfulaperaiaaend y , It ao tiioroujrhly remove, ttx trouble from the blod
t at oo sign, of it a.-e rrr se-n ara.a. and postmtv is started ont in life
arieaii. poref.mdsnr--lv. which i. their rirhtfol inhentance. 8.8.9.
v i, V t ' n t f. ard tie b.a rr wretable torredirntj
, v it 1 4 r- r-.-v ..rt tH. r Bwk o. t b!w
r ; c. AjXasia. ga.
Ell Edmnndson Killed by EJectrlc
Shock. '. -Ell
Edmundson, an Abilene man,
employe of tbe Brown Eleotrlo Light
Co., was killed by a light wire wbrle
ona pole at lid and Buckeye at 11 :S0
July 11. The ourrent of oleotrlcity
passed through bis body from' one
wir to another. . ' . '
- Mr. Edmundson, W. W. Slaybaugh
aqd John Johnson were working on
repairs and changes at this corner.
Mr; Edmundson had been np the pole
yesterday and was familiar with the
wire arrangement-: He was cautioned
as ha went np to ne oareiui. mr.
Slaybaugh was on a pole across the
street and the ether on tha ground.
Mr. Edmundson strapped himself to
th pole 'and standing on crossbar
went to work changing some wires.
He put an arm over a gny wire that
went from tbe pole to the ground,
then by mer. accident placed one
foot on the live wire that carries the
day current of the light works. As a
result J.000 volts of eleotrloity passed
into his body through his foot then
diagonally across bis body to th. arm
ind Into the guy wire, thence to the
ground.':. -.
Th. other men hurried to bis rescue
and worked hard to get th. suffering
man down. . Mr. Blayoaugn nrst
telephoned to the office and had the
power shut off. It was neatly -16
Tiinutes before the body could be
brought to. the ground and thea
though physicians workedliuilr best'
to save bim, it was too late and be
died a few minutes after. ' - -
'I greatly deplore this terrible ac
cident," said C. L. Brown, manager
fit the light plant. "Mr. Edmundson
was one of our most trusted employes
ind it is sad that this accidental
happening caused hi 8 death. &uch
m accident is always passible where
current connection csn be made
through a man's body and we take
nrrrv nnasible care to instruct , our
. r
employes of the danger, Never be
fore bas one ul our men hs,d a serious
injury," .: .
John Stewart who worked heroical
ly with Mr. Slaybaugh and Mr. John
son to get their comrade Jrom his
fearful position was so overcome that
when" it was over he fainted. He Is
better this afternoon.
Tbe body of Mr. Edmundson wss
taken to Eicholtz's undertaking par
lor's and later to the home on east
side. - A ife and two step-children
mrvive him. Hews member of
the A. O. V. W. and a hard-working,
respected citisen and many friends
will extend sympathy to the sorrow
ing family. - ;-.,' '
A member of the Bell Telephone
construction gang was hurt similarly
on the same pole two months ago.
He escaped, however, with the loas of
two fingers after a month in the hos
pital at Kansas City.
'. Laid to Rest.
Funeral services of the late. Ell Ed
mundson were held at the Presby
terian church this afternoon and
were attended by a large number of
friends of the family. Rev. Dr. Blay-
hey officiated and- the pallbearers in
cluded members of the A. O. U. W.
The floral tributes were abundant
and beautiful. Burial was in Abilene
cemetery. - ' - ; "
On Thursday evening, July lit, at
p. m. at the home of Mr. ana airs.
Clarke Bradley occurred the marriage
of Grover C. Shook and Stella B.
Skeels. Both young people are , well
known.. They will make their home
on the sontbside. Rev. 8. 8. Hage.
man officiating.
Ung Live the King)
tbe popular cry throughout Euro-
Dean countries: while In America, the
cry of th present day Is "Long live
Dr. King's New Discovery, King of
Throat and Long Remedl!" of which
Mrs. Julia Ryoer Paine, Truro, Masa,
says: "It never tails to ei' imme
diate relief and to quickly ear a
coign or cold." Mr. Pain', opinion
shared by a majority of th ta-
habiutnta of this country. New Dto-I
covery core sreak longs and or
throat after all other remedl. hare
failed, and for cough and, colds It's
th only sure ear. Guaranteed by 3
at 0W!sr. drsggtst 60 and f LOt. ;
TrUl aotU be- '
fi The University of Kansas,
r) (ant )-i"mnm)'(mMi'cmm)'cami(mm'i(
jmm) tawavj ujjaaj taway jmm)
SeventMii Hundred '
Bfli Eighty -Six
Student in
Faculty of 105
Give Full Time
to Instruction.
Equipment of Grounds, Buildings and Apparatus
V now valued at $1,500,000. '
Campus of 170 acres j fifteen, large buildings ; a
$100,000 Gymnasium just completed; 250,000 to
put into new Engineering Buildings in the next two
-years. ; ..
Seven Schools.
GraduaM ; .The College ; Engineering (Civil, Electri
' ial, Mechanical, Mining, Chemical) ; Fine
Arts, Law, Pharmacy, and
- Medicine.
Over Fifty Eminent Specialists lecture before the
Students of Medicine.
Catalogue and other information may be had by addressing m
Chapman Banker and Light Pro
moter Goes to Belleville. -
Arthur Williamson who promoted
the Chspman light and power plant
and was cashier of the People's Slate
Baik has returned to bis former
home Belleville. The power plant is
heavily bonded and a suit has been
commenced in district oourt to fore
close on tbe bonds. The titl. Is now
in. the name of Theophilus Little,
father of E. C. Little, to whom Wil
liamson seems to have turned over
his interest. Tbe local owners of the
bank are Conducting that Institution
as usual and it Is not involved In the
other troubles. The power plant was
put in only a year ago.
' Gave Lawn Party.
Edith Fenton aod Agnes Curry
entertained about 60 boys and girls
last week at a lawn party at tbe
Fenton residence. It was a merry
evening and thoroughly enjoyed by
all. John Eddy and Gertrude Sand
era wen winners in the guessing
contests, r A dainty snmmer-nlgbt
luuoh was served.
Cash for Egg.
Take your emrs to Brewer. High
est market price paid either in cash
or trade. . S'-
. Tr r r "t ii t 7
iLVYfeen You Know;
J PukeFocd
t You Will Use Them
They consist of a
special grade of every
thing In the grocery
line, selected from
the products of the
world and prepared
and packed in con-
m .1 1
lormiiy witn uie muav
and cleanliness. It
is the only complete
line of high grade gro
ceries packed under
one brand, every
article of which is
Pure, Wholesome,
Delicious and Most
Economical to use.
OOusON vaLuasu.1
Veur One's of Over
' KNMowrtalastaiWSr
la eeupene for nuns
anvss tH 'Jil?r-l j
' l
Court Decide Case for City
, Brown Wing Flood Case.
An adjourned term of district oourt
was held. - Judge. Moore decided
In favor of the city In the case
of the Union Paoifio against Abilene
in which road brought to avoid pay
ins sprinkling tax. He bold that
thslsw' is constitutional. The road
will appeal. .
- HT tbe case of J. Whltehair and
other farmers against Brown A Co.
for damages claimed .to have been
suffered by the flood on account of
Brown's dam. , The court held for
Brown on the srround that tbe evi
dence did not show damage from the
dam and also that the statute ot
limitations has run and that Jacob
Brown and his grantors, have main
tained the dam (or so long time
that he has soquirad th. right to so
maintain it at its' present height by
prescription. ?'
H. W. Lash was jerked np on a
charge of contempt in violating an
injunction against selling liquor.
He claimed his assistant does th
selling of "soft11 drinks bat has a
government license. Th court con
tinued the case to September with
warning to get rid of the Hoense
quick. -
Victor Hugh Seriously 111.
V. E. Bugh, son of O. Bugb, is
seriously 111 at Karrvlli, Texas, of
consumption. A telegram was re
ceived Friday asking bis brother, C.
Elmer Bugh, to com at once. It
was too late to make train connec
tions so D. F. Shirk of Newton wss
notified and went If Victor Is able
to travel h. will b brought here to
his wife and family. Hls condition Is
considered orltloal.
Tired Mothers. It's hard work to
take care of children and cook, sweep,
wash, sew and mend besides. Tired
mothers should take Hood's Sarsa
parilla it refreshes the blood, tm
Droves tbe appetite, assures restlul
sleep and helps In msny wsys.
We have just reoelved
a large oar load of
Granite and Marble .
Monuments. Persons
expecting to purchase
for late fall or early '
.. . spring delivery should -see
this stock at onoe.
iieie Moiirat Co.,
' Jay Harding, Prop.
Contractor s Builder
Estimates mad and all kinds 9
Carpenter work don. on
40-8m short notlo.
A "Weary Willi" Trip
Harry Harding has nearly recovered
from th affllotion of blisters on his
feet. H. went to Enter prise Thurs
day night with as employe of hi
father's transfer company. About
half way home th. .ndgate of th.
wagon was found to be missing and
Harry volunteered to walk ahead of
the team as they went back after it.
He walked fast and did not find It.
Finally he waited for the team but
th. driver bad turned back and come
on to Abilene. Harry finally became
discouraged and started on a long
distance' trip for Abilen. which he
reached sometime early In th morn
ing after seven miles of walking and
oussing. The driver has taken to
the tall timber nntll Harry gets over
bis Inclination to lick him.
Egg. Wanted for Cah.
Brewer has large orders for cold
storage purposes and will pay the
highest market prioe for eggs either
oath or trade. Take your sees to
Brewer. . 97-tf
Shoer of Track and
Heavy Horse;
Phone 263.
' Brick Shop. Spruce 8t Abilene, Kansas.

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