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Copyright 1907 by Hart acnanncr r
Elmer Hoyt was in from Buckeye.
W. 0. Lewis of Wlllowdale was In
P. E. Vn Voorst was in from south
west Dickinson.
M. P. Sanborn of Chapman called
.on the Resxectob.
John Goodwin of Hayes was a oaller
on the RamtOTOH.
Carl Fry ia here from Colorado vli
iting hit brother Paul.
L. G. Long, treaanrer of Hayes
township, was in the olty.
Frank Shippy. one of Woodbine'a
leading farmers, was in town.
M. B. Nottorf U in the oity visiting
til father and sister for a few days.
H ToliTer is here from Stockton
Tliitinghla no, L.. D. Tollver.and
.tii old friends.
' Mr. and Mra. Lease Duokwall went
to Wakefield to attend the funeral Of
Mr. Duokwall'i lister.
Henry Staffer returned to his home
1- ui.kinma attar a visit with hll
1U Lil"'B
mthr John and otner relatlvei.
Carl Fry returned to San Franolsoo
ttere visit with his brother Paul.
44. will so to the Philippines soon.
Herman Rohloff and Herman Timm
s up from Woodbine aettllng tneir
md made tne M""""
niauutaall. -
J. B. Timm. F. F. Tlegs and Ed
i.k m an from southeast
Dickinson on business and oalled at
Ainrinni.ir.RS PLEASED 'EM
Good Sized Audience Heard Them
nay. ,.
ri i,H audience heard the old
fiddlers from Emporia at Workman
hall last night. The five men are
tfver 60 vmn old and are making a
I .ImhiiM
trip for fun ana peisouai
They went to Concordia today. They
gave a program of old fashioned tunes
that set every nearer uw. .
It was unfortunate that several other
attractions in town prevented a larger
attendance. The Rkflkctob office
acknowledges a serenaoe last
taxes ai
this office.
r MnKWia of Chapman was
m .nr. He has lost re-
turned from a pleasant visit in his
old borne in uubow.
s a rnhart. J. E. If usser and
. o. fc. - '
Rev. T. A- Long ceteraed from their
trio to Tax- ir. uennari ui. v.
a rwin itm of land oa the trip.
. rialdarhead U la town
betweea trains. He goes to Concordia
- H. I. maklnf a trip over
WWWiv we m "
(be district before going to Washing
ton. ; -
1 . n.ii WadnaadaT atUraeoa
mA Mix Brewtle Tllton
and D. U. Jof JUalyoa. saaaagw
m (ion ru r
v. Dr. E jBy aieiaiaa.
of tb O
i .,'r o'clock Thursday evening,
Nov. 14 In the presence of about fifty
. . . . 1 -I If. mnA MrS.
guesta, "
W p Eddy, ooourred the marriage ol
V - a. rll- trt
their daughter, uenruue w-.
Tultt nf Navarre. -
jnr. -.
As the wedding sneroh waa played
by Miss Loudeen; the bride attended
I 1 .1 .far M III LlVUMi MUM
OT UM -" -
- h. Mr Londeen entered the
parlor which Was beautifully deoorat-
ea WWD riUUW"! OlMsia 4-
The ihort but Imprewvt wr.iwuj
... rfornied by Rer. Johnston of
a... .it . 1a tvnifitB
After oongnvuii."uu
were UTited to the dilng room
kA i.hlM were deooreted wltli
WiW " .
1. a MMn(timi tn mrteke 01
.t . nmnrnoHi ionr wui iuit"
Ul BUl-l 1
M . ljj. ... t.dtAfiillT fjowned ID
white silk trimmed with embroidered
-...a.. .. th. hrideamaid wore bine
. . . . -t
silk muslin, each carried a nouqae
brlde'i rosea. Many useful and ele
gant present were received.
The groom I jOe of Dickinson
ronnty'a prosperoaa young farmers
j ,. nrn, i. iwdiim vwwhk
young people in the southera part of
oounty. They have the oe.t wisow
1 a a-a.utai awainw naaniiai.
wison 01
n tLU luo ... . r- '
acquires n e --
W11B.BO om
ana uji
r iTi Baniriaa.
Tb Wend of W. A. Reea gave him
a pJaaaaat aarptue ory r..,.
Tk r nmaa. loach, moale, ate.
" p
. Uim Iiwiii Reee.
MaWaadta. Pri piplr. Ura
Mitch, B. McCnlloagh, 0ci Whita.
Mrs. B. L. Strother is reported as
recovering from severe illness at her
home in Galena.
The rain certainly didn't hurt the
roads any. . The dust before was
something fierce,
n..MA.m .mJ .rriirinir at the
s toncrh looklne tramps have
kniTinfr nrnnnd town this week.
Bttr aeep your doors well looked.
Kor rent, furnished; or lor saie, wj
residence, No. 200 South Buokeyei
with or without 8 adjoining lota. B.
H. DuHuy. 46-was-tfao-tf
Ralnh Sootts ia homo from K. U.
ill from blood poisoning. It ia not
. -l . K1A la ..rlnm.
believed mai me "
Be is at his parents' home north of
See the new fruit design ohina just
received at the Backet. .
. nrk. mil nri of John Hutchison
has blood poisoning from the bite of a
. . . . . . ! Al.
squirrel. Tba leeoiug yi
should be done wltn some oircuiu-
n ' a tvRnv. aecretarv of the
Annoanoee that
JDBlUlVliaa -- -
the regular dividend baa juit been de-
olaredand paid to taa swc.ouiuo...
The company is prospering.
n i k.w anna and seooers a
the Racket 48o per aet. 78-Jtac
W. G. Anderson, formerly ol ADt
ht. rarantlT of Arkansas City,
has bought a third interest in the tola
Record. One 01 nia panner. n.
ter TeaU, formerly of Hope.
See the gold fish at the Racket.
The Union Paclflo la to bnild a
a at New Cambria. The work
, i r
in hjurin asonaav vuruiuK
winter the two stery atone building
ia which tae rauroaa wmipanj ,.
..uf a rl.not was dea'.roved by fire.
Since then the Cnion Pacific has been
nalnr a tTUBTT.
i..i.tlna have been received by
Abilene friends for the wedding of
Misa Ethel Unmia oi ooum
..a u. Jnaank JohaaoB of that dty.
The? TUltedMlea Maade Bogera laat
maimer aad toe mnww
mrloai vUiti her.
loaH aave awaey ea tnuk aad
suit ease at the Kactet.
A. E. Martin writes from New
York: "Have had a very pieasani
trip. Spent two daya in Cnloago, eigui
in Philadelphia ana am uu m
York, whence I sail tomorrow ior
Liverpool on the Lusltania. aw nei
today while at tne pier s
m. havwaire. she is a monster.
J oa r-
C. C. Wyandt hai been asaeu iu
contribute an artlole to the annual
kiiri.. lame of the Flnanoler, the
.. Hn.nnlal inurnal in thll
KICIVDI, " " " .
-,. nn ..Firm Morteaees as an
Inveatment." It will be one of the
leading articles of the number and Is
oertain to be a good one
u.u... .nit New lean post
oards. Thousands of them oan now
be aeen at the Newi Stand in ADiiene.
o t-i n.in.. tn anhnols and and Sun-
Call early and make
..laAllona. 11-S
Their Mother la Dead.
A telegram tells of the death of
Mrs. Steelsmith, mother of Mr. d.
o,.0i.mith J. M. Steelsmith and J
A. Steelsmith of this olty. Anower
son lives at Scott City. The body
m k tu.nno.tit here from Indiana
Will p
where the death occurred and funeral
services will be held at the rreaoy
terlan churoh Monday afternoon Im
mediately after the arrival of the $
o'clock train.
Few Phonea.
S64 Abilene 8tock Exchange.
lifts -Beireman. W. F., res.
X 89 Brown, N. C, res.
8S8 Cramer, Roy, res.
621 Engle, J. A., res.
J 47 Manor, Mra. C. A., res.
L U Mnnson, C. B-, re.
668 -Paynter A Paynter, ofBoe.
684 Parka, F. W.. re.
409 Reed, H. E-. re.
J46-Wltwer, A.T., re.
468 Jordan, C. A., re.
817-Sodea, J. D., re.
408-81nger Sewing Machine Co.
Far Sale,
a:..! oak White Lechora eock
.r.l.. 40c tad II each. Mr. Mabel
SuUivaa. rfd 7, Abilene. 7-4
! WiiImI
win 71 anti dot hnadnd tor
out aenp iroa; heavy taachine eaV
faga oaiy. T-uoti u.
Hutthinaott Firm Will Rep-ir It
and Bulla an i4evw.
O.al. IT UN mnfiFAT who boueht the
DVwU I J -
Security mllli has sold the property
for 815,000 to VI. a- .-------
W. Burni of Hutchinson auu
Holdredeeof Kingman, who have four
other mllli in the southwest. Mr.
Kinney will move here ana oe u..u-
aeer. The mm win
improved and an elevator will
Cement Structure and Apron Now
i. Him.
-pi., iw.r.miramenta on the dam at
. H . . Mo.rlv nnmolete
tne urown mm -v
..a .i.. will be much inoreased
a well a more regular service ob.
. Laanlnff kin
tained. The eipense ui ie -r
.l- a L.. ham larce for several
me uaiu u. o
rears but it is hoped that this one
' ... . i .1 arlth
will itay. It li oi aoiiu
apron complete and Is as good a dam
as Kansas poiiesses.
0 n r.rrlara' Meetinc,
1. r -
ru.i.inua rviaotv Rural Letter
1UI yivwu- .
Carrien' Aasoolatlon will hold a meet
ing at Herlngton oa Thanksgiving
dav. Nov. 28th. Every carrier In the
county is especially i -.1.1.
uir. alia carrier! from ad-
i-i-i.m Ai-iitntlfM. DT uruA va
JUlUIUg waa 4
president and seoretery.
1 i.u.i n .
i A-.-i.A lttera.
. . i i. tka nt of un
. '?u.ow'"L"1 In the AM'
lene postomoe ior w - -b
Nov. U, 1907. H.v jour mall ad
dressed to yonr street number and It
... i - .1. rial Iv-ran:
wiu oe pruiup-,
oamn-aCs Lin.
ESi' wk. c. UN
Stockholder. Will Have Seaaion
Monday, ueeemoer t.
tu. .nnu.i madtlnc of the stock
holders of the Dickinson County Fair
..... t .i. i...j.. ...
Association will oe nem muuuaj
noon, December 2nd. The plaoe for
holding the meeting is not definitely
. . . hi i . ....I . , ,.r.
settled, mere win ue eoiai ui...
of Importance conaldered. It hai
been suggested that the board of di
rectors be tnoreasea iroiu uiu .
twelve, and that they be eleotea m
seti of four, for one. two and three
yeara respectively. It will require a
two-thirds vote oi an muse pioou .
make these obangei in the By-laws.
.... , , .... . Ill k. '
A full nnanoiai aiaiemeui
rendered by the treasurer at the an
nual meeting. On account of the
very unfavorable woather wblott we
had to contend witn tnia year, u
been auggested by many of the stock
holders tnat me lime ior uuiu.i.g
fair be ohanged to the second week tn
September. This will be considered
at the meeting.
attar. Mra If t
Wo-irl Mia. MBfil Shall"
oarrtar, ktua IoodaU
PtcitU. la
aoanaa lbi i aai
a.MnM uamaio. jw.n.
nn. ant wiU be charged for all ad-
vertisl letter.
.,:rivtl-d" fflvtag date.
Resolution of Respect
Tk. kn.nl nf education at a special
meeting adopted these resolutions:
WBEBBai, In the death of Edward
n . . . 1 ...n . tnamhar of
UOSe, ior Tiai j - --
the Board of Education, this Board
ha lost an esteemed and valuable
member and the City of Abilene a
. . ... . ,L.lnM k It
woriDT niiKui ,uo.iv.. -
Tk. . k.r.kv MYnraia
BBUUIU, aua. r-
onr aense of personal loaa and deplore
the affliction that has come to this
oommunlty In hit passing away.' HI
work on the board, as in every walk
of bla life, was marked by a con
scientious earnestness oi purpuw
a broad and neipiui wiiiiuSu..
.. . a ll 1. l.K.r.H ,ka
give to moe ior
best things possible; he inspired all
.. .... l, .A l,r),v and left
wun nis ru(SK ,v6..v, - -- -reoord
that should be a precious her-
itage to his family and to every ineno
and acquaintance.
Firemen's Thanksgiving Ball. r
-pi. ....i kail H..a bv the Fire
men oa Thanksgiving wiU be held
. t aaL
at A. O. W. nail oa hot. "
Miller's orchestra of Bve piece will
furnish th music 72-2to
Boi Social.
"rv. nonlla and tauher of th Ml pi
Grove school wUl give a progr aai
box aoolal ea the evening before
ThanksglvlDg. Nov. rta. The ladle
are Invited to Ming aeua.

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