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Pubic Sale
. I will Mil t publio auotloa at my
1 place 8J miles Mit of the oourt noose,
on ,
Tb ImsoB that Abilene had last
week concerning IU inadequate lire
commenolng at 1 p.
following property:
8 head of Mules
65 head of Hogs
Farm Implements
Mitt Romiir Present New LUt
for the Reader.
The olty librarian, Mitt Romig. an-
nounoet that ihete new bookt hve
protection thould not . be lot! upon bees tdded to the city library!
tblt oommnnity. With til Its i,dvan- Fiction. 1
ttget tnd opportunist It must be The Best Man..... ....... Mae Oram
confessed tnat Abilene Is sadly lack I x,ucore.,................iuu
. . .. .. The Bhuttlo ( 2 copies)..... Burnett
m. sharp, the ( ' meant oi protecung . M .;.iGiaaa
hornet from Are. We do t great deal Apethag, , .Crawford
of boasting concerning onr beautiful fair Lavinia and Other Stories. ,
residences and are constantly urging ....... .WUkins Freetnan
nnonle' to erect homes that will be The Car of Destiny. ..... .Williamson
Ira li i n - 1 -.. 1 -
yb, 31st
. . . I A.uu)llhlA t. tk nltv. vat at. tliA mA I uu uiimuc, wj muwv
y Also WO hedge posts. S small stacks " v w -r Martyrdom of an Empress.
M Bay, some one-inon iUB.Mr, . mm over one-nan tne town is as ues- Eben Holden.. Day Fishing,
supplies. -1 titnte of fire protection, except under 1 ..'...;.'...Bacb,eller
Household Good very favorable circumstances, as If it The Weavers ......Parker
TERMS: All sums of 110 and were located out in Cheever township, woman t iiXcnange.......Diuan
under cash; snmt over $10 a credit. ., .. .,,. .. ,h I A Daughter of Anderson Crow
nf? months will be ffiven on note I UnP.iiAWn
with SDoroved seonrltv at 10 per oent olty hall to the Mud oreek bridge on ' " , ' m
, . ' ' t . . . , , , a I iu fiuil IU uniint, iiuwivu
wieresi; u para wu - ThrJ ,treet. The time that is' neo- LJ, . ' Harben
.cent interest. will be charged. No Mam ijmla ' mroen
property to be removed until settled essary for firemen and other willing Walled In ... .... .. .Ward
for. 2 per cent off for cash on sums workers to eo to tbeoltv ball on a A Horse ' Tale..... Twain
(10 volumes). .!". '
History of France, 8 volumes
History of Turkey. , . . .Clarke
History of Austria.. .........Abbott
General History. . . . . . ..... . .Meyers
History of American Art. .... .Isham
Stoddard's Lectures (11 volumes)
Hymns That Have Helped..... Stead
The Chemistry of Commerce. .Duncan
The Candle of the Lord Brooks
Days Off.'. .Van Dyke
New Ideals of Peace. ...... .Addams
Poetry in Song. Dewey
Development of the Drama. Matthews
On the Trail of the Immigrant. ...
GiftB. ; -
History of the United States. .Fiske
The United States. ............ .Hall
American Literature......... Lawton
Notes on the Nicsaragna Canal..,.
, ....Sheldon
John Peddie. i Banes
Poetry in Song. Dewey
Biennial Reports of Kansas Board of
over 110.
. N. BURTQN, Auctioneer.
Public Sale
I storm, muddy night and drag the
hose cart to the bridge and beyond
I means that the west tide Is praotlcal-
ly unprotected. Unless it should oc-
Iour in the daytime and witb very
little wind, not a house on the west
side of the oreek could be saved from
entire destruction if it caught fire.
' The east side of tows has been
Agriculture, (7 vi
IT.an.kf.. Tl-h d.nlrA.uM
The Brass Bowl Vanee " "
Mother ........Witter V"-." .'.I"
RnllM r. th. Rod fiat. . . Wfohnkm. The Problem of Human
Helena's Path. Hope
s Having decided to quit farming, I built up within the past five years j0h Percifield.
Truthful Jane Kingsley
The Man in the Iron Mask. . . .Dumas
Ancestors Athertou
Letitia Nursery Corps U. S. A..
The Trime'd Lamp O. Henry
Domestic Advertures. Daskam
Silver Burdett Reader second book.
The Slums Wright
Industrial Depressions, 1886.
Twelfth Annual Report of Inter
state Commerce Commission 1906.
Guaranty Deposit Plan's Applies
t tion to Dickinson. '
' That theie are two sides to a bank
guaranty law most persons forget. II
the banks of Dickinson county are
safe and evenn have proved that
they are -it meant' that they mutt
use tome of their money to pay the
loitet of banks in other counties.
Clay Center banker .explains it I
these sensible words:
The Quinoy bill, and tbeRoyoe bill
are mutual, inturanoe schemes by
which the bsnks guarantee one an'
other's deposits. " The Waggoner Mil
provides for a depositors' lusnrsnoe
oompsny which shall do business at
any other insurance oompsny does
and colleot premiums. Either plan
optional witb the banks. No bank
compelled to go in, and we should
think a bank would besltato to go into
any mutual Insurance deal. It would
seem that the credit of a bank would
be Injured by tuoh aotion snd not
strengthened as is the theory of some
of the members of the legislature.
For Instance, there is no guarantee
needed for the deposits of any Clay
county bank. You can take them at
random and feel perfeotly safe. They
are all sound, have an adequate paid
in oapltal, and are well managed. No
one doubts the stability of any .of
r,'".:':;";:,:. with .core, of home., -.n of m Guay
u............-..,. I. ... . I Tl Pf,tl,.,l f F11,1
frame, ana most oi mem represent i v.
I the larger portion of the possessions
of those who own them; yet all of
I these new homes are more than half
la mile from the nearest hose cart and
and 6 miles north of Abilene, on
Hair, Feb. 6th,
commencing at 10 a. m. shsrp, the
lollowing property:
Hons, it has been found very difficult
to save mnch more than the cellar
walls when one of them caught fire.
A Stumbling Block. ........ Froman
The Suburban Whirl ......... Cutting
Little Stories of Married Life.
Gunhild Canfleld
Princess Maritia........ ....Brebner
A Pagan of the AUeghenies. . . .Ryan
Nancy's Country Christmas and
Other Stories .Hoyt
This is a disgrace to a city that pie- Alice For Short
The Morals of Marcus Ordgne. .Locke
Held For Orders .Spearman
Library for young folks of twenty
der cssh; sums ovei 110 a credit of . . , volumes
10 months will be given on note with gmsnea oniy alter a great ueai more Thfl Story TeUer. .Chas. EUoe Norton
approved security at 10 per cent in- damace was done than was necessary. Merrv Makers.. ..Tnl Chandler Harris
oeTluXsi: wi7 b. " charged. E . Not only did It take time to get the Famous Fairy Tale Roswell Field
fire spparatus present but when it Males oi f antasy luaor jenxs
I I TJ1 If Il uS T J- '
.t..a th.r. th. firmn wr h.mn- rttmuu aLm Bnu ":Beuu
I 1 I Thnma .T Rhnhan
ereo oy au Kinase, oon.us.on among
I at 1 I "
tne orowos surrounuing me nouse Ernest Thompson Baton
and In it. Their ladders were not School and College Days
available for the most effective
and the fire burned a great deal longer
than it should have done with the
right kind of protection trpm the city,
We are surprised that the west side, I grave Deeds
the east side and the people up Buok- John Townsend Trowbridge
I will sell atLyeivenae and Cedar street have been Famous Travels.... George : Henty
cntnt tn . so lone- without demand- Btnes. . .Uyrus Townsend Brady
u i h ,.. Wonders of Earth, Sea and Sky
,g .... u, , Edward Singleton Holden
protection against flames. Natural History. .David Stars Jordan
The smart thing for Abilene to ao Famous Battles of Land and Sea
is to have a team always in readiness John D. Long
Patriotism ....... Senator Geo. Hoar
and ladder wagons to the points where
they are needed. The hose shouid be
put In condition that would enable it
to do its best work alt the time,
The Political History of Chicago tbem and a guarantee could not give
Q886) Ahern them any higher oredlt. On the
Essays on Human Nature. .Strickler other hand, do we want our banks
Centennial Edition of the Kansas joining In a guarantee of the deposits
State Board of Agriculture. of banks in other sections of the state P
The Little Minister Barrie There is only one answer to this, snd
To Have and to Hold Johnston 00 no'ioo" for one Clay oounty
Eben Holden Baehaller bank to join if a mutual insurance
The Gentleman From Indiana I doe P""'
Tarkington "I' depositors' nsuranoe company
13 head Of Horses and Mules even in daylight under good condi-
14 head ot Cattle
52 head of Hogs
Farm Implements
Also about 100 chickens,. Sure
Hutch incubator 100 ees capacity.
some sowed feed in stack, corn fodder tends to have some metropolitan airs
in stack, some prairie hay. about it.
Household Goods The fire at the Prendnrgast resi-
TERMS: All sums off 10 and nn- dence the other evening was extin-
property to be removed until settled
for. J per cent off for cash on sums
over 10.v
i Free lunch at noon,
J. N. BURTONi Auctioneer.
Richard Carvel Churchell
Children of the Mist Phillpots
Andrey .Johnston
is formed that writes that olass of In
surance for a premium, where there
is ho further liability on the bank
The Sleepy King. .Hopgood takln PI1(7' tDr, " 00 objeotloB
An Old Fashioned Boy Finley bnk goln8 lB nd " miS
The Honorable Peter Stirling. .Ford o"n Mvg "
Public Sale
Kirk Munroe and Marv Hartwell
Book of Adventure,
.Nathan Haskell Dole
I Famous Explorers Edwin Sparks
Achievements of the Blind. . . .Artmar
Sam Johnson ..Samson
Youth's Golden Cycle........ Frasel
On the Road to Riches Mahan
Plutarch's Lives.
Pioneers and Patriots of America
Out of the Heart Chadwick
Mysteries and Miseries.. Buel
Bill Nye and Boomerang.
My Lady Peggy Goes to Town. .
Sixth Reader McGuffy
The Pilgrim Path.
Bound volumes of Harper's Maga
zine (10 volumes).
Bound volume of Godey's magazine,
Bound volume of Ballou's magazine,
The Centennial Exposition. . . .Ingram
Rev. E. E. Hollar Lost Watches.
Monday's Kansas City Times: When
the Rev. E. E. Holler of the West Side
returned to . bis home, 2811 North
Fifth street, last night the front door
was open. Burglars had searohed the
bouse and stolen golu watohes.
Providence, R. L, Will Try the Gor
man System of Hygiene.
Pupils Will Retain Wrapt and Study
In Atmosphere At Nearly Like
Outdoor at Possible.
Having sold my farm,
public auotien 1 mile west of Donegal,
9 miles south tnd 3 east of Abilene,
Friday, Feb- 7th,
commeoclog at 10 a. p). sharp, the
falltSwind nrnnertV: I
. , r. , ' . at the City Hail to take the hose carts
13 head of Horses and Colts ! '
30 head ot Cattle
Farm Implements '
Also 1 stands of bees, J tons of bay,
12ft bushels of corn, kaffir corn.
Household Goods
TERMS: All tumt of $10 and un
der cash; sums over $10 a credit of 10
months will be given on note with
approved security at 10 per oent In
terest; if paid when due only per
cent interest will be charged. Ho
property to be removed until settled
for. 2 percent off for cash on sums
over 110.
.Free lunch at noon.
E. E. HOFFMAN, Auctioneer.
Historic Scenes in Fiction. .
Henry Vtn Dyke
Men Who Have Risen.
Hamilton Wright Mabie
Leaders of Men. . .William R. Harper
Providence, R. I., Jan. 27. A "fresh
air school," unique among educational
Institutions In this country, will be
J 1 W I .. fl.1... ..IimI Milt
ARRIVED AT BUENOS AYRES conducted indoors, In that It Is to
be held Inside a building, nut great
swinging windows on three sides of
each room extending the length and
width of each and an extensive sys
tem of ventilation, will afford an at
mosphere of cold, pure air, making
the room easily adaptable to the con
ditlons necessary to comfortable and
hyglenio study by each student
The Idea of establishing the school
was Ant suggested by the Rhode
Island League for the Suppression of
Tuberculosis, which had heard of the
the Run from Rio
Without Hitch.
Portion of Argentine Navy Met Small
Craft and Escorted Them
Unto Harbor.
Buenos Ayres, Jan. ' 27. Attended
hv rflvlainn nf ArrontliMl tnrtuutn
boats, the American torpedo (oat flo- satisfactory results attained by many
tula, which left Rio Janeiro January
It may be that this will not be done, Famous Poems. 1 21 ratered the port of Buenos Ayr
Public Sale
I will sell at publio auction at mv
farm 2 miiet west and 41 miles north
nf Herinrtoii. 4 tiles north and 4
miles east of Hope, I miles south and
t miles west of Woodbine, on CJ
feJajf, FeMiV
. eommeneiog at 10 a. m. sharp, the
following described property:
4 head Horses, I Mule
131 head of Cattle
150 head Hogs
Farm Implements
Household Goods.
A qutntity of grail snd feed. .
y t p I i V . Vi 1 I
but until it is done the least that the
city can do In preparing for emer
gencies is to put a hose cart on the
east side and one on the west side
with possibly another In the north
part of town, organizing some new
.Thomas Bailey Aldricb
rlher Juneniles.
Captain June.. .....Rice
Abbie' Ann Martin
The Little Colonel Knight Comes Rid
ing .' ..Johnston
Tom, Dick and Harriet Barbour
at 8:30 Sunday morning, the arrival
being witnessed by a great Crowd ot
spectators. A few minutes later Com
mander Morano, of the ministry ol
Marine went aboard the Whipple an4
welcomed the American officers In be
half of the government of the Argen
tine Republic. The entire extent of
the public docks where berths had
8re companies and making it possible The Brownie'a Primer Co been prepared for the visiting fleet, vsrlatlons.
for somebody with a piece of fire hose
to get to a lire before the blaze has
taken all the combustible material on
top of the foundation.
schools of the kind In European coun
tries. The school is a part of the
city's regular school system. -
The school sessions will be held In a
building located In an Isolated section
of the center of the congested dis
trict of school population.
The system In operation In the Ger
man schools, which Is almost universal
throughout Europe has been adopted
for the Providence school with but few
Santa Clans on Lark QIaddin was lined by detachments of marines
Sunayside Tad. ............ .Mighels I and prefecture guards. Almost up to
Advertised Letter.
The following it the Hit of unolaim
ed letters remaining la the Abilene
postoffioe for the week ending Jan. 27
1908. Have your mail, addressed to
vonr street numoer ana it win oe
promptly delivered.
stnunri utr.
hiiiiml James
Morru, W O -
Btnnhtt'ifb. Daniel
endrtcki, Mr. Si mar
luollv, rraak O
Rnraett, MnOora
Hn. Miiallla
NaUoa, UnOarrle
Bamti, t h
ttuaarj, Prank 09
Jollao, Idvart
MeUouh, kof
Por'e. Job a
nxhltv, HraOoMM
dourer, Mlaa Kaw
Vouf. Bra D a:
Rata. rt Pearl
Dsaeaa. Mil. Blaak
Barmoa, Mrs Mlaala
Snydar. MlM
Sulilraa. Mlaa Mae T
Seller. W T
Oot cent will be charge for all ad
vertised letters.
Persoas ealling for the above will
please ssf advertised" gi'ingdste.
Ricbibd Wsro, P. U
For Sale.
Several service bolls. They are of
fine bteeiliog snd gKd ones.
iS tl JL F. lOBRS.
A Boy of the First Empire... Brooks
Strange Stories of Colonial Days
More About live Dolls.. Gates
Big Brother Eggleston
Flaming Feather Hunr.e
The Fort in the Forest Tomlinson
A Soldier of the Wilderness.
Son RUey Rabbitt and Little Oirl. .
, ........Cooke
Legends of the Red Children.. .Pratt
Stories of the Kibelungen.Schotenfels
A Yankee Oirl in Old California.
The Joy of Piney HiH Jackson
Buck Jones of Annapolis Hobsoo
Garden Land Chambers
St, George For England.. ....Henty
Wolf in Canada Henty
Around the Camp Fire Robert
Half t Dozen Girl...; Ray
Margaret Davis, Tutol Ray
Ooops and How to be Tbem.. Bargees
The Friendship of Anne Deland
Napoleon 'a Young Neighbors... Reed
Marion 't Vacation .Rhode
ilarjorie'a Vacation Wells
Patty in Psria..... ...Well
T Standard UlMbty of tl. VT-kU j k ;n tb i s.Mo flewL
the moment of entering the port the
weather had been extremely stormy,
but It gradually cleared and brought
Increased numbers of spectators duwt
to the harbor to give silent but heart)
welcome to the American sailors. On
entering the basin one of the tugs
which had the torpedo boats In tow
was cast off, leaving the tug Enrlqueta
te conduct the Whipple to her moor
ings- lieutenant Colonel Cone, com
mander of the flotilla, was greatly
pleased with the hearty reception. He
aaid that but for the fog which de
layed the little vessels about 12 hours
outside Rio Janeiro the passage to
Buenos Arret had been fine. The
Americans were met by the Argentine
flotilla off Floret Wand Saturday af
ternoon at 1 10. The welcoming fleet
tainted and steamed around the flotilla
and for half an bow there was a
exchange of greetings. Com
mander Cone subsequently boarded
the Argentine flagship and the trip to
this port was eootlaued. The tor
pedo boata anchored In the roads
shortly after midnight and came ap to
tbe dock as early ae possible.
Every boat In tbe American flotilla
la In excellent condition and made the
passage bre nttaout a hitch. Tbe
boats will remain here wot II Thursday
morolBK wtwn tbey will steam for
Sandy 1 t Is tbe UAt.i!aa stfsft, tc
The small area of wall space In the
classrooms has been painted a shade
of light green, a color found to he
agreeable to the eyes and all the
article In, the room, besides being
painted In harmony with the color of
the waits, have been subjected to
process of deod'orlzatlon and steriliza
tion. Old fashioned Ore placet have
been set into the walls In each room
and In one a large oven bas Been
constructed. One ot the chief pur
noset ot having the oven It to heat
eoapstonea, which are to be furnished
to children with cold feet
The usual enstom of removing the
outer wraps while In the classroom
will not be followed In tbe "fresh air
schoor except when the weather com
pels the closing of the large windows.
Student subject to cold extremities
will have their feet and lrgs encased
la woolen bags made for the purpose
and wear gloves cr mittens when their
studies and play permits. Tbe otalrs
snd desks and other paraphernalia in
tbe classrooms have been constructed
on portable platforms, ao that It win
be possible at all timet to keep within
the rare nf the sun.
27 Yean in Business
in Abilene
Weoau fix your
clock or watch or
jewelry right
8ee . our new
display of Jew
elry,' Eye Glaaset
and Spectacles.
Third BU, across from P. O.
Office W. 8rd Street Telephone 127
Hours: 9 to 12, 1 to 6, 7 to 8 v
Dr. Mera's residence, 411 W
Telephone 624
It-tn lx-am
4th St.
Disc Plows
and Harrowt make good italic
cutters when sharpened on onr
cold roller machine. It does not
cut away or fracture like ham
mering and other ways.
by sharpening before the rush.
SHOP, South of U. P. Railway.
M 1M '
Public Sale
The undersigned will sell at publio
auction on the E. H. Martin farm SI
miles nonh and t mile east of Abilene,
6 miles aeit of Moonlight, on
Thursday, Feb. 13th,
commencing at 10:80 a. m. sharp,
the following property;
13 Hornet and Moles
40 head of Cattle
Six milch cows, some are fresh,
others will be soon, 8 two-yesr-old
steers, 7 yearling heifers, two-year-old
thoroughbred Short Horn bull, S
young oalves, 6 two-year-old heifers,
yearling steers.
Farm Implements.
Also DeLaval oream separator Baby
No. 1.
TERM8: Ail sums of f 10 and un
der cash; sums over $10 a oredlt of 10
months will be giveu on note witb
approved security at 10 per cent; if
paid when due only 0 per oent inter-
eat will be charged. 2 per cent off
for oash on sums over 110. No prop
erty to be removed until settled for.
Free lunch at noon.
3. N. BURTON, Auctioneer.
Public Sale.
Having sold my farm I will sell at
lublic sale, 4 miles north of Banner
ly, 1) miles south and 2J miles east
Holland, 12 miles south of Abilene,
Thursday, Feb. 6,
Wanted Stock of General Merchan
la exchange for 480 acre farm, a
snap, address
txRor Etttir Co., '
t-te LeEov, Ka. j
commencing; at 10
the following property:
a. m. shsrp,
2 head Eoreey
28 head tie
23 faftjf"-Bt jogfl
Farm Implements
Also about 10 gallons raw linseed
oU, tome mixed barn paint and some
dry, some other paints, some oorn,
oust alfalfa hay.
Household Goods
Ako several hives of bees, and 4x7
camera (new.)
TERMS: All tumt of 110 and un
der cash; tumt over 110 a credit of t
months will be given oa note with
approved security at 10 per cent la
lereet; if paid when due only f per
eent interest will be charged. No
operty to be removed until settled
1 per cent off for caia on soma
over 10.
Free lunch at noon.
t. K. HOFFMA. An

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