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kk 1(DM I
Royal Baking Powder hai not it$ (terpart at
home or abroad. Its qualities, which make the
food nutritious and healthful, are peculiar to itself
and are not constituent in other leavening agents.
The Reflector Publishing Co,
Entered aa second class mall matter
t the poetofflc at Abilene, Kansas.
If nail In advance or within the year:
On. year
x month
Three months "
If not paid In advance or within the
One Tear
On Tear "
If paid in advance or within the year:
Three Months 36
Blx Month
One year 1M
If not paid in advance or within the
One Tear ,1M
THURSDAY. MAY 6, 1909.
An Abilene square dealer likes to
read the Kansas City Journal but he
la so afraid of being Influenced un
, duty by Its editorials that he enters
bis closet and haa a seaBon of prayer
Wore onenlng the paper. Then he
reads It through and comes from the
experience refreshed and ready lor
the day's work.
The bank commissioner haa been
given power to refuse a bank per
mission to do business If he thinks
there are too many banks In the town
already.. To make this fair the state
printer should be allowed to decide
whether there are too many fews
papers and refuse permission to an
ambitious editor who wants to start
What will It profit the town to
dig out the dandelions when about
700,000,000 are growing In tbe
fields and along side the roadways
and around the edges of the cltyT
Better have a county Dandelion Day.
It Is presumed that there will at
least be no objection on the part of
tbe U. P. to allowing the population
of Abilene to go down to the depot
and see the new train go by.
The Sultan took only eleven wivea
with him into exile. It ia going to
be a pretty lonesome summer for
Uncle Ab.
Boston' wants to have a world's
fair In 1920 to celebrate the tercen
tenary of the landing of the Pil
grims. Too far off didn't some
thing happen In 16121
"We can boost Abilene and We
Will" Is the 15.00 slogan Abilene has
adopted. The sentiment Is a good
one and If all practice It you will Bee
something doing in Abilene. Hope
Saltna baa citizens ornery enough
to steal flowers from the O. A. R.
lot In the cemetery. Salina needs a
whipping post for this kind of peo
ple as well as good roads for the
other kind of people.
Del Valentine Is going to Europe.
We hope when he returns the Clay
Center Times will be less dyspeptic
when It mentions Abilene.
Holton has written here to ask
what Abilene' knows about canning
factories. Respectfully referred to
the committee that visited Lawrence.
Alfred AosUn, poet laureate of
England, haa a poem In a New York
magaxlae that U punk. Walt Mason
can writ all around Alfred and not
half try.
Roosevelt haa killed gazelle
which It about aa harm! as a col
li dof. Be will bar to do bettor
than that If his glory 11 to remain
JlbjoluUty Tare
The Only Baking Powder
made from
Royal Grape Cream of Tartar
made from Grape
But the sea Itself "the briny
deep," "the ocean blue," "the bound
in a una." "the melancholy main"
what of it? Everyone is supposed to
have some Impression of the sea pe
culiar to himself, yet common to the
race. And so far as the writer hereof
Is concerned he Is ashamed to say
hnw ordinary, how utterly common
place and unpoetlc are his Impres
sions of the sea after a week of it.
We get what we bring to foreign
parts; no more, no less. And the sea,
which has Inspired eloquence and
none In men since time began, seems
to affaint after a weary week of it like
a stretch of Kansas upland, gently
rolling In place, broken and rocky,
worth about (7.50 an acre In other
places, and In still other places level
land. Looking at It more or less for
an entire afternoon, about the deep
est emotion that came to this de
ponent, was a vague feeling that we
would soon get out of the high
ground Into the bottom and see some
timber. The whole aspect of the sea
Is like Scott, Lane and Ness counties,.
in Western Kansas, viewed from the
too of a freight car as the writer saw
them In the eighties, before the tim
ber claimants had dotted the plains
with cottonwood trees. So aB we
plowed bur way through the barren,
watery wilderness, always through
the corners of the mind's eye of this
plainsman, at least, he saw a rough,
new country, about to be stakea oui
and settled, wherein times will be
better in the spring, and wherein one
good rain will Insure a bumper wheat
rnn So are we oouna io uur imoi
so do we take our dead selves In
to whatever future we may make for
ourselves. The sea, the mountains,
the forests and the great cities are all
nlalns to the plainsman; and to the
sailor, they are all the sea. wn-
llam Allen White.
An Atchison bride, the Globe aaya,
selected bowlegged furniture to match
her husband.
Other thlnga being rather quiet
Abilene la discussing raising an army
and going over to exterminate the
Governor Haskell" has another
0-ranri lurT after him. Haskell Is tbe
prise four-flusher of the twentieth
Is Abilene going to follow the cus
tom and have the mayor throw the
ball at the opening of the first game
of the league season?
From the number of "orders" ls-
ued from Washington regarding the
rural routes It Is evident that the
clerks have mighty little to do down
at the capital.
The Standard Oil company paid
its (200,000 fine In Texas In cash,
carrying It an automobile. This Is
doubtless a part of Two Baga of Gold
reported to have been brought to To
peka to defeat the state refinery
Judge Rees, it is reported, will let
go the Judgeship to which he could
probably be reelected, and make an
other try for congress. The story
comes from Saltna which town wants
the Judgeship Job Itself.
Thomas McN'eal, atate printer, has
announced that he will not be a can
didate for congress In the First dis
trict If Robert "tone Is a n"''
and that he will be a candidate If
Robert Stone ia not This means
that Congressman Anthony Is going
to hare some real opposition tor r
Bominatlon next spring and then he
will probably b renominated by sev
eral thousand majority.
The author of Abilene' slogan.
"W eaa boost Abilene and w will,"
1 living right np to It Be la going
to marry a Saliaa girl aid (ring aer
to Ahilea.
A Nemaha county editor publishes
S, , luiri '
and-the other day he copied from
a .Thirty leara Ago aeynnmeai,
the. old yellow files, paragraph
to the effect that "J. Rufus Ever
green waa stepping high this morn
glean wm Bwyi-S -!-
Ing, daughter having arrived at the
home on Wednesday." After copy
UUIUV JU t ------ ar
it., thin I torn the editor looked out
of the window, and saw a woman
Dushlna a big week's washing In
hahv carriage, with email children
vnv v,iibv, " -
trailing after her. She would re-
reive 7fi cant for It And then It oc
curred to tbe editor that tbli sad
erad and nrematurely gray woman
was the baby of thirty year ago,
over whose advent J. Rums Ever
green had stepped so high. Such Is
life, by masters. Walt Mason.
The Dally Reflector doea not feel
very old; thank you, but It enters
upon Its 23d year today.
HaDDv May Day with the queen
o' the May bundled In furs and the
May, pole frostbitten.
Another suggestion: Why not
hare the chaplains of house and sen
ate decide whether or not a new
church may be started In a com
munity? The Concordia newspaper war has
calmed down considerably. Nothing
worse than calling the publishers of
the rival paper "murderous looking
thugs" appeared yesterday.
In elvlna credit for the excellence
of the Emporia Gazette while Its
editor la In Europe do not forget
Brock Pemberton who la an active
force behind the business office a
mighty clever young newspaper man
with a promising future.
Mr. Bird, who belongs to seven
teen fraternal orders, declared that
the hone of the nation lies In Its
churches, schools and fraternal or
ders. Belolt Gazette. He certainly
Is a bird.
It Is coming sure and Abilene
might as well be first and get the
advertising. Some day funeral pro
cessions of motor cars will solemnly
chug their way o the cemetery uw
horns honk-honking a requeim as the
service ends.
.,u... D.i.L.n. oitnr of the New
i- m -I-- i.,.nj id th hlerh
est salaried newspaper man In the
world. In a recent confidential taia
1. . Tnw.nsnsr nlnh he nle&dfid
UVlUlfl " UBHBj.ivv. -
guilty to a salary of 172,000 a, year,
While of course this IS no great
sum In the eyes of a KanBaa farmer
It Is slightly more than most of the
Kansas editors receive.
That la a very creditable showing
made by the graduating class of the
Abilene hlah school every Boy in
AU11BUO Ulftu d,uww. " ' w
It 19 n an intends to go to col-
lege. It not only indicates a com
mendable spirit toward higher edu
cation In Abilene but Is evidence that
the high school teachera have done
more than hear recitations they
have Inculcated In their pupils a love
of learning for its own Bake.
It Is hoped that the paving com
mlttee will not take seriously a com.
municatlon to the Reflector advocat
Ina- macadamized streets. Good dirt
streets well dragged beat macadam.
When the city pavea let It do It right.
A new law on paving hai just taken
House bill 1t requires that before
a contract Is let for the building of a
sidewalk, pavement, bridge, sewer, or
public building a detailed estimate
of the cost must be made under oath
by the city engineer. If no bid Is
made as low as the estimate new
hide ahall be advertised for and In
no case shall the city be held liable
for a greater sum that the estimated
Frank Lovewell la responsible for
this: A grade teacher at Colby, after
having a medical examination In her
room, recently wrote the following
note to the parents of a certain little
boy: "Your little boy Charles shows
signs of aatignatlsm. Will yon please
Investigate it and take steps to cor
rect it" to which she received a note
in reply: "I don't understand exactly
what Charlea haa been doing, but I
have wolloped him tonight, and you
can wollop him tomorrow, and that
ought to help some."
Assistant Attorney General John
Marshall has declared that the keep
ing of Intoxicant In private lockers
at club houses la In violation of the
nmhlhltorr law. A pamphlet la to
be lasued setting forth the points of
the new law which goes Into effect in
about three week. And what will
the Topeka Club do then?
The Herinaton Times editor Is
making so much money he Is worried
about the Income tax. He says: What
do yon think of an Income tax that
make yon pay a bonus en ovary
dollar yon make either by hard work
or by speculation? It look Just a
llttl thin to a fellow who la trying
hit beat to get ahead In th world.
At the same Urn It might be an in
centive, of greater action aa well aa
to saving n of many a dollar that
otherwise might b spent foolishly.
Yon never know when a case of
I . . . .
impoliteness la going to come home
to roost, mis iaci mpu.iu
anew by a story mat me noiuin Dia
na! has produced from somewhere
to Illustrate that even from a selfish
viewpoint It paya to be polite and
l w "
accommodating. It Is much finer
the Signal observes, to be polite
when one's heart is In tbe right place
hut everTbodr ought to be polite, if
- - -
only as a financial Investment
A snub Inflicted years ago upon
an American conple who were spend
lng their honeymoon abroad has been
paid for at last ' Slight as the affair
seemed at the moment, It has de
veloped enough Importance to lose
Henry White, ambassador at Paris,
bis post In spite of his long exper
lence In various important capitals
of EuroDe and his other claims to
notice. The resignation of Ambassa-
dor White has been received at the
White House and It waa accepted In
the usual stereotyped fashion.
It was back In 1886 that William
Howard Taft and his bride, a pair of
comparatively unlmportast but bliss
ful newlyweds, were doing their
honeymoon In Europe. In the course
of their rainbow rambles they came
to Vienna, where Diplomat White
was then secretary of legation. There
was some afternoon function of the
unimportant sort coming off within
a day or so, which was given some
decree of Interest by the fact that
rovaltr would be the center thereof.
Mrs. Newlywed was just dying to see
royalty; Mr. Newlywed promised that
his bride should see all that was to
be visible on the afternoon in ques
tion. He asked Secretary White to
see about securing admission cards
The request might have been ful
filled by the slightest hint from the
legation secretary to the proper offl
clal. But Mr. White was not in that
On the morning of the day for the
function Secretary White sent the
following little note to Mr. Newly-
"I am sorry to Inform you that I
was unable to accomplish what you
asked. The affair Is very exclusive
number lnvltatIonB ,lmlted
and they have been ordered sent only
to persons of Importance and dlBtlnc
tlon. I Inclose, however, tickets to
the museum, and trust that Mrs. Taft
and yourself will spend a pleasant
led in the Taft honeymoon, and the
new win a ainapyuiiiuueui, was ueej,.
The letter still remains In the Taft
memory and archives, and it Is the
all-Important document In the cause
of Ambassador Henry White
Rlnce It has been determined at
headquarters to abolish the flies, you
might aa well paste these board-of
health rules in your hat, first as last:
"Screen all food and keep flies
away from it
"Keep the streets clean.
"Keep stable manure breeding
places for flies In a vault or pit, or
screen lnclosure, and sprinkle Its
surface with chloride of lime.
"Quickly cover up food after a
meal, and bury or burn table refuse.
"Keep damp clothes near meat
dishes, milk Jugs, and other food
receptacles. v
"Burn pyrethrum powder In the
house. It will kill most of the files,
and those It does not will fall stun
ned, when they may he swept up
and burned. Sticky fly-papers are a
second-rate palliative.
"Remember that the exposure of
any kind of refuse near a dwelling
furnishes a breeding place for flies,
and, If food la exposed, the files win
deposit germs upon It.
"Paste these rules un where you
will see them as often as you see . a
fly. and remember It is a Dart of
your duty to yourself, as well aa tbe
community, to assist In the fight."
This Is the Atchison Globe's calm
and deliberate view of the situation:
For years. Kansas people have com
plained about the political bosses,
who "ran things" by' means of the
conventions. Hereafter Kansas peo
ple will complain of the newspaper
bosses. The leading newspapers will
run thlnga In tbe future, because the
primary election plan. Already that
createst of newspaper bosses, the
Kansaa City (Mo.) Star, has announc
ed the Kansas program at the next
election: "W. A. White la to be
elected lieutenant governor, and W.
Stubba governor. Then Mr. stubba
will resign, and Mr. White will suc
ceed him aa governor. Thla program
in t! 'i opinion of tan-ble politicians.
will be carried out Under r.e pri
mary plan, the newspaper with
the largest circulation, will be the
most powerful boas, and there will be
no war of ore venting a Missouri
newsnaner from running tbe Kansas
politics In Kanaaa aa It please.
To the Patriotic Men of Kansas:
The Woman'! Relief Corp. D part-
meat of Kanaaa. appeals to yon to
hela In relalnc a fund with which to 1
parch the John Brown battlefield
at Oeawatoml. Thi U th last op
portunity to aacnr a park of twenty-1
twa aad one halt acre on Kanaaa j
Lister III
iWli.mn , Vmrnwr! ' m- imM.Si
Conceded by all to , be
market. The demand has
Our factory can supply only
not last long. Get in your orders quick.
For range and variation
practically unlimited, and you
engineer to make the adjustments.
To change th position of the shovels and discs, Just slide them In or
out on the hitch bar never necessary to remove a single piece. A ten-to-one
shot with the farmer.
And the discs have a double adjustment which provides for their
being set at any conceivable angle.
Then the shovels and discs may be raised and lowered separately
or simultaneously, aa desired. And by being controlled from a rock shaft
set far back over the beams, the shovels are always held firmly at an
even depth.
Write, wire or phone your order.
soil where It will remain as a lasting
monument to unselfish patriotism.
Those who contribute 35 cents
each, as the members of the Woman's
Relief Corps are doing, and those who
are sending the $1.00 subscription in
answer to tbe story by D. O. McCray
of Topeka, so widely published in the
newspapers, are planting tbe seeds of
patriotism that are bearing fruit to
If you never visit the hallowed
ground, your contribution will aid
in converting this historic spot into
a place of beauty, which Is sacred to
the memory, of those who preserved
our Union. .
A. R. Greene, former Commander
of the Department of Kansas, G. A.
R., sends 11.00, and with it the fol
lowing sentiment: "I beg to com
mend your patriotic purpose to pur
chase the John Brown battlefield at
Osawatomle, and preserve and beau
tify It as a memorial to the cause of
universal freedom. Let the grass
and flowers that shall spring from
the soil, enriched by the blood of
the heroes who fell there, be an ever
recurring reminder of the blessings
that have come to the country from
the truer and loftier Interpretation
of the Declaration of Independence.
Lest we forget."
I have faith In the patriotism of
the splendid manhood of Kansas,
and I do not believe they will permit
thla worth v.movement to fail. About
one-half of the old battlefield la cov
ered with oak and shell-bark hickory
an ideal place for children to play in
the ahade and breathe the rresn air.
Its purchase and improvement would
be the first practical atep In Kansaa
further the advancement of the
Fresh Air problem so recently agi
tated by the medical fraternity as a
preventative of tuberculosis.
The Legislature passed the resolu
tion to accent it for the state as a
Memorial Park, if the Woman'a Relief
Corps would purchase and dedicate
It to the Grand Army of the Repub
lic which ia the original plan. Gov
ernor Stubbs' has signed the Joint
This Is a grand opportunity io
preserve aa a Memorial rara, u
ground hallowed ny we diuuu
patriot, who struck the first blow
for human liberty. The patriotism
.. , V, mlnrifl
we desire to impr uyuu
of our children, "lest they forget"
can best be done by an object lesson
by preserving and beauuiying iur...
thla ground in memory oi ine
v.,.n tht made Kansaa th meat
IU.OhU 1 1 .
noted In the aisterhood of states, and
the flower of the union.
All eontrlbnUona forwarder w in
will be greatly appre
ciated and promptly receipted for.
Mr. Anna Heacock, ueparunem
President W. R. C Parsona. Kanaaa.
We've Just been reading aa expla-
nr hat a weisa raooii. or
rarebit la how It ts made and so on.
nr.-.. t.a eoma of the decoctioaa
prescribed In aom of th eook-booka
under that name, too ii
Teriest sort. No Welshman wonia
ihnee Iobbt meaeea
rabbit Baiag a Welshman, and ted
the best tool of its kind on the
far exceeded our expectations.
850 more of these. They will
of adjustment the No. 81 R is
don't have to be a mechanical
all our life on the cookery of a
good Welch mother and a Welsh
wife, we know what a Welsh rab
bit Is. Take a tin pie plate and
cover the bottdm of it over with
slices of good cream cheese, cut a
quarter of an Inch thick. On top
of that put a half-dozen full-length
slices of good breakfast bacon. Put
the whole In a hot oven until the
cheese Is melted and you have real
Welsh rabbit and if you add to that
nicely buttered toast and a good cup
of coffee, (In England or Wales a cup
of tea) you have aet before yoa
the rarest, richest breakfast ever set
before a civilized man. That's an '
other fool notion some people have
In this country, too that Welsh rab
bit Is a night feed. It's for break
fast Wienerwurst and kraut Is the
midnight grub. Concordia Kansan.
Nothing is very definitely fixed In
this world. For Instance, there waa
that statement about the. hosiery
made In Japan. The Lawrence Ga
zette- says: "The Gazette started
something along high tide lines, it
seems. The firm of Marshall Field
ft Co., who, as may well be believed,
are constant readers of the Gazette,
discovered the remarks quoted by
Congressman Scott In reference to the
manufacture of hosiery In Japan by
that firm. An absolute and flat de
nial of that the firm owns those fac
tories, bnt they go outside the record,
and declare that they never buy any
goods of the kind In Japan. Th
Gazette, along with Marshall Field
ft Co., puts Its up to Congressman
Scott, with the confident assurance
that he has sleeves long enough to
conceal the cards he did not play on
the first hand." We shall wait for
Mr. Scott's remarks.
The Fine Mammoth Jack
Kentucky Tom
will make th season of 1801 at hi
horn ban, S mile west of Detroit
n-ntn-kr Tom is a mammoth bred
Jack. I yar old. 15 bands high.
good color and large bon. u ia a.
number on animal.
Ttmi 111 to lnsnr a colt t
stand and suck. Parti dlpoIng of
nana or moving from th county
will bo kald nr th Insurance. Car
win bo take to prennt aeddenta
bnt wffl not bo rasponsislo aboold,
any oeenr.

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