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bLIUDLV I - li hi. M IT TliitOl'GH
Govd Road and Fair Weather Saw
the oqi-Ms off on Their ILasf
"Day's RuiV-Crowds Saw -y-ir
Them. .-.
VFrnm Friday's' Dally, j
'The Freak Highway hau the 'best
show of its history this morning when
the (Hidden tour , motor fcars, went
dashing through the city at 30 miles
an hour.' very 'occupant of the
cars was garbed for travel In big
coats -and caps and they waved their
bands cheerfully to the crowds that
awaited them. . ' '.
A light rain fell last night but It
did not hurt the roads, Indeed It
rather helped them and by 8 o'clock
the sun was shining. The way was
open through town and the cars had
the right of way. This was their
course:,! " v
. Enter town at west end of Souttt
- East on Souttt Second to Santa Fe.
West ' on Washington to North
Third. -;
East on Njrth Third to Buckeye.
North on Buckeye to Eighth. .
.East on Eighth to .ive.
North on Olive to Thirteenth. .
, ' East on Thirteenth to Orlena.
' North on Orlena to Detroit road,
thence east , ,
How They Same.
As reported to the Reflector last
evening the confetti car leu Salina
soon after 5 a. m. and reached Abi
lene at 5:45, strewing confetti liber
ally at every turn. B. E. Couison
met the car at the western edge of
the city and he and EarlStillle piloted
It over the course prepared, iroi
lnwlne closely came the ofuclal's
car, a Maxwell With top up and cur
tains drawn. Then was the pace
maker. A half hour elapsed before
the regular contestants appeared and
these were at Intervals of a few min
utes. A number of Abilene motorists
mat them at Sand Springs but did
not attempt to lead the procession.
The officials' car was the only one
with a top. The others were riding
In the open prepared for any kind of
Mr. Couison was in such a hurry
to get an early start that be forgot
to look at his gasoline tank and
when about half way througu town
had to stop and fill up. Earl Stlllle
then went in the confetti car and saw
It to the east edge of town.
; Crowds stood on. the walks all
along ' the course until the last cr
naaaed at 4:25. Many drove In from
neighboring towns to see the parade.
Two Cars Halteu Here.
Two of the cars stopped In Abi
lene bnt only for a moment. The
occupants of one car wanted medi
cine and of the other cigars. The
other machines simply slowed down
at the crossings for ..ue speed limit
was off for the occasion.
Roads' and Streets Fixed,
a ahlninr example of What can be
done-wrtb roads and streets, waa seen
In the work done yesterday aner l
vink with a grader, two road
drag and some wagons ,to haul dirt
for the crossings the long course
thrmirh the city was put in tip top
condition In four hours. If the city
fathers and mayor would Be as gooa
to the home people wko pay taxes
on $4,000,000' worth of property in
Abilene as ther are to strangers from
Detroit and Indianapolis the town
could have good street all tne time.
. The road to Solomon was put In
condition by filling np chuck holes
through the sandhills and dragging
the worst parts. The Detroit people
were wideawake and dragged the
road west to Grant township line
and east to meet the Chapmanltea
who took care of the east end to the
county line. The only, road In the
county that was left unchanged was
the Grant township part of the De
troit toad which was marked by a
disgraceful succession of mudholes
and -ruts that are no creu.. to the
road overseers of that township. The
ahum motor car owners in order
to help matters went oat with shovels
and put the bad places in as gooa
shape as they could, pulling the trees
out of the road and making a little
Improvement but It remained the
worst road the OHddenites found In
the county., i ;
Cowboy Saluted Them."
The contesting care began leaving
Hugo Thursday morning at 7 o'clock
and came to the Oakley control be
tween 1:10 and o'clock. At every
sod house and lonely prairie home
along the route there was a wave of
welcome and a wish for good luck.
At one point cowboys saluted the
tourists 'with their guns, and at an
other the strangers for miles around
had gathered tor an allday picnic to
watch the tourists pass.
One of the most amusing things of
the trip occurred at Cheyenne Wells.
tbe visitors tlie l. . ... sis. n-a aar
another, pltked up a ater tk car
ried by Webb Jay's Premier, and De
rail fUHna- tasollue tanks out of It.
Finally, one of them succeeded In
emptying the can In the Chalmere
netrolt. and tha car had crest diffi
culty In dragging Itself Into, Oakley.
Of course, Chairman Hower waived
the penalties, which otherwise would
have been, levied. , ,'.' ' , ?;..
George Smithson, driver of Btude
buker Dress car No. 79 established a
new itecord and staked a 'spectacle
near the end of the run that ww
Ions- be remembered. A srown lack
rabbit was started alongside : the
prairie trail, and Smithson, who is a
renins at the wheel ran him down,
crushing' his head under the tires.
The rabbit was mounted on the rad
iator and wiu be carried In Kansas
City as a much 'prised trophy. '"s ,
What toe Toor ts. .
The midden tours are given by the
automobile club of America,; which
Is composed of all local automobile
clubs throughout. the United States.
Each club enters one or more care If
It wishes to do so. with the purpose
of contesting the endurance of differ
ent care.; A system of penalties for
stops and) repair makes up the
scores and the machine finishing
with the smallest score wins the cup
offered by Charles J. Glidden. .A
second trophy offered by F. B. Hower
chairman of the Glidden tour, Is a
special prtee for roadBters selling for
$2,000 and les and second addi
tional trophy Is known as the De
troit cup. Thirty cars originally
Ttr,i tha contest and up to' this
time only two have withdrawn. They
are the Mclntyre car and one of the
two Brush machines entered In the
contest. -
n tn the time of leaving Denver
.won ara still had perfect scores
and two of these were penalised yes
terday and chances are the race win
ho rinae one and will have to be de
cided by the committee which exam
ines each car closely after the race
ho anded and nenallzes the cars for
any defect In the mechanism of the(
1 How They Score.
When the cars went through Abi
lene this morning the perfect scores
were: " ? '" " '
ir-Premier (Webb Jay.
' 2 Premier (H. Hammend.)
6 Marmon (H. C. Marmon.)
. 8 Pierce (F. 8. Dey.)
9 Pierce (W. Winchester.)
101 Mollne (J. A. Wlcke.)
105 Chalmers-Detroit (J. Mach-
109 Pierce (C. Scofleld.)
'114 Lexington (J. C. Moore.)
'Tho rar feavlnc the lowest score tor
the Detroit trophy is the American
ainioT driven bv W. A. Woods, and
it haa 1.4 nolnts tallied up against It.
From this outlook the contest Is going
tn h exceedingly close and will prob
ably be decided wholly upon the con
dition of the several perfect . score
cars when they arrive In Kansas City
this evening.
One Broke Down.
Th last car to go through was
the pathfinder B. M. F. which broke
a wheel this side ot sauna ana wenv
hai to sret a new one but could not.
It was running with no tire on one
wheel but expected to be fixed up ai
Junction. . . -
Will FarBlsk" Plana and Expert to
SnperlntosMl Work.
Tha aovernment Is going into the
road building business heartily and
any community desirous of securing
a good stretch of road and not know
ing Just bow to build it can'get a lot
of valuable Information and an expert
to oversee the work. The govern
ment Is sending out plans and apeci
flp.tiona and a man In charge wher
ever people living In a certain section
desire It and make the proper appli
cation. Several stick roads are now
being built In the western part of the
tata. One has been built through the
sandhills south of Garden City. The
people of Strong City and Cottonwood
Falls are planning to make an appli
cation to uie government for plans
for a aood road between the two
towns. They are not more than a
mile and a half apart.
Ahllene bad a scneme a year ago
to get a government expert to -lck-
tnson. What became of ItT
Wholesale Hoaee Items.
The Abilene Wholesale Grocery
Co. has received five cars of sugar
this month.
One man sold over fifteen hundred
pounds of coffee last week.
Manager Walters is getting ac
quainted with the trade In Mr. Shel
don's territory this week. ,
The town ot Wakefield Is fast be
coming one of the best points for the
house and It might bt mentioned
that Wakefield has wide-awake mer
chants and their large up to date
store, would be a credit to city.
I i iu(y Sheriff time From limne
.Instead of Money. .
J. W. Polley who was wanted at
Baker, City, Oregon, for forgery was
taken, back to, that city .today by
Deputy Sheriff McCord of Mat place.
Mr., Polley was engaged in the
merry-go-round business at Baker
City and needing some money forged
a check for $05 In a man's name the
same as his own but In no way re
lated. He skipped the country and
circulars were soon spread abroad for
his arrest. ' Sheriff Young recelvea
one and Mr. Polley accidentally stop
pend off at Abilene and was soon un
der 'arrest.',,;. v .
J. W. Polley Is the man who beg
ged C.'W. Parker to lease him a
merry-go-round until he received
money from home but he failed
get the lease but did get Mr. Parker's
consent to pay his board bill until
he received his money. However, Mr.
Parker was soon relieved of that
burden by the county.
Instead of money arriving from
home the deputy sheriff came with
requisition papers. Mr. McCord paid
Mr. Polley's board bin at the county
Jail, and left bis afternoon with the
false pretender for Baker City, Ore
gon. "',''
Two Young Ladles IB Doubt as to the
: Boy Buried at Hope.
Hope Dispatch: Last Friday even
ing two ladles, Mrs. Carrie Rice and
Mrs. Aenes Reeves, of . Springfield,
Missouri, came to Hope to see if the
unidentified young man buried here
mla-ht not be their brother, Wm. 0.
Sawyer. He left home June 8rd, go
ing with a carnival, company which
had been at that place, and has not
been heard from since. He has been
livlna- at tne homes of -is sisters
since the death of his mother about
seven years ago,, and no particular
roaaon was known for bis leaving ex
cept that he, like many other boys,
wanted to see the country.
The descrlDtlon the young women
gave of the boy fitted the boy -ere
so closely that It was thought certain
that he must have been their brother.
The stamp box found on the boy
here at the time of the accident was
an exact duplicate of on the Sawyer
boy was carrying at the time he left
home and other . peculiarities were
Mantical. Thebpy here also re
sembled the two women very much,
his features being much the same.
natnrdav morning the body was rals-
dd, and at first both women claimed
it- as their brother. , However, upon
closer observation thjB ,one lady be
came convinced that the hair was pot
the;same. The Bawyer boy had red
dish hair, and while the hair of
hoy here has a reddish tint, she was
atiaripd that it was not the same.
The other sister seemed inclined still
to think It was their brother, but
thev were not satisfied to claim the
body. They will first make a more
thnrnuah search for the boy alive.
They were endeavoring to trace the
carnival company and ascertain if
anything could be learned of him
through that source.
This Is the first ease-wherein
thr haa been any doubt after the
investigating parties have seen the
body here, , While this may or may
nnt have been the brother of the
ladles, the resemblance was so strlk-i
lng that It will make them. decidedly
uneasy unless somt word of him is
heard. The body was still In perfect
condition and It seems that anyone
who bad ever known the boy would
recognise him at a glance.
1 Closed a Campmeettag.
' The Rev. A. Solt, P. E. of the Abl
Tn. district of the Kansas Confer
ence of the Evangelical church Just
closed a rousing campmeeting at Lost
Rnrlnars. The outfit consisting of 14
snail tent and a large tabernacle
was transferred here yesterday. The
next meeting will be held Bear Ran
dolph,, Kansas.; ' . 4
Boy your Stock Dip of Kugler
Teopfer. 80dltwtt
One Damage Case Was Settled Out
of Court.
John Munrison whose little daugh
ter was bitten by a vicious dog on the
farm of J. N. Zlnmer Thorn they
were visiting ha settled toe case
for $650. He sued for $10,000 and
levied on Zlmmer's farm.
Bid Wanted.
Bids wanted for .ne construction of
concrete abutments 20x14x3 feet for
bridge, located la Newbern township,
about I miles sooth east of abllene.
Bid to be estimated by the cubic
yard and toceessful bidder to furnish
everything. Address X. Lannlng.
Township Trustee, Abilene, Kan.
id a HiUUi,i . ami loin.fi iur
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craft ft Co. - ,.' '
. Nice," little, pleasant, .gentle, easy,
safe and sure pills,, are Rings Little
Liver Pills. Plhesalvet carboltsed,
soothes pain. In any emergency
bruises, cuts, sores, burns, scratches,
etc., PInesalve, carbollzed, Is best.
Sold by' Palace Drug Store..
Stop Babies' Tears. "'
Ninety per cent of babies' troubles
are caused by disordered stomach or
bowels. They can all be quickly
cured by a few doses of that great
dlgbBtlve medicine, Dr. Caldwell's
(laxative) Syrup Pepsin. It digests
curded milk, sweetens' the breath,
reduces fever and relieves pain. Abso
lutely harmless to mother or child.
Cure relief In teething. Sold, by all
druggists at 50c and $1.00. Money
bade If It fails. '
The Kidneys eliminate poisons by
acting as filters for the blood. When
they fall In this respect serious ail
ments must result. Plnules for the
kidneys are what you should take at
the first warning sign ot kidney trou
ble. They assist the kidneys In ex
pelling uric add poison. Sold by
Palace Drug Store. - ,
HEALTH Is hilly restored by the
great alterative and tonic, Hood's
8arsaparilla. and you remember the
old savins, -Health IS WEALTH
Active itt 87.
' This would be unusual news If
men and women would keep them
selves free from rheumatism and all
aches and pains as well as keeping
their muscles and Joints limber with
Ballard's Snow Liniment. Sold by
C..- E. Northcraft.
Baby won't suffer five minutes with
croup If you apply Dr. Thomas' Ec
lectric Oil at once, It acts like mag
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Shoop, Racine, wis
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For Infant and Cbildrea ;
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Bear the
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, v. and iniirkl altered
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gain, however, will surely follow. And
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press first the "inside nerves" then
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ing nerve with Dr. Shoop' Restora
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Seared With Hot Iron. i
or scalded by overturned kettle--cut
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dporlnJured by guo or la aay other
way the thing needed at once Is
Bucklen's Arnica Salve to aubdue In
flammation and kill the pain. It's
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tema that had annoyed me a long
time. The cure was permanent."
Hon. 8. W. Mtthews, Commissioner
Labor Statistic, Augusta, Me.
The Crime ot Idleness.
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one. Its the same with a lasy liver.
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Jaundice, sallow complexion, pimples
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ft win be to kun U.a ! '
cal writers fti twt,,"rs at aii . . S
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strongost terms possible, eaoa and evsry
Ingredient entering Into the eon'iltioa
of Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Dlaoivnry
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catarrh of stomach, "liver complaint,'
torpid liver, or biliousness, chronic bowel
affections, and all catarrhal diseases ot
whatever region, name or nature. It Is
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or long standing easos of catarrhal attea
tlons and their resultants, as bronchial,
throat and lung disease (except consump
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bat for liairerlng, or chronic oases It I
especially elBcaclou In producing per
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Golden Seal root, Bloodroot, Stop root
Mandrake root and Queen's root-ell of
which are highly praised a remedies for
all the above mentioned affections by such
jnineus mwiow . , ,
I. Bartnoiow, oiyweneraun aaau.vun
the Unlr,
nf Pa.1
lawood. U. D.. of Ben
pllege, Cblcagot Prof. John
nocinnau rrw. guuw
A, 01 uocmnaui rrou
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- Amirumt In thalf MMftll .
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rrSst ..--lV.f. ..., .1 ita .
A elans at this published formula will
il llano-) "!-. r ,,, niamTan
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2X..drna and no alcohoHchemlcall?
pure, trlple-reaned glycerine being used
Instead. Glyoerlne is entirely unobje.
nableandeilde Is amost useful agent
In the cure oi an '";-." tfv;
chlal. throat and lung affections, ,lbr
to the highest medleal authority for la
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I concentrated glyceric extract of Wive,
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A booklet of extracts from em nent,
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dlenU mailed Jnt on reouesi AddreBl
Dr. R. V. Pierce, Buffalo. M. Y.
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. . . . , bDlianUlf ITIitn,,
IB cattle HimmBn ku "liV7;:; V.A,!",?."
after all sblpmenta from DIOK1NSON UO.
Write ui for any Information you da- x
sirs in regard to the market.
Abilene Steam Laundry.
Perfect Work. Reasonable Prloe
Patronlia hone . lndmtry. Pur Sand
'prlnm water uaed and all work guaranteed
AfeDClee In all Dlokluoa county towns.
J. K. GOODWIN Proprietor.
102 Passenger (Limited) 4:21 a. m.
110 Passenger ....... .8:20 a. n.'
104 Passenger. ....... .ll:J a, (a.
lot Passenger 1:45 p. m.
161 Local Freight...... 2:10 p. at,
101 Passenger (Limited) iiSZ a. m.
10 Passenger 10:03 p. m.
107 Passenger. 2:10 p. m.
102 Passenger .2:67 p. m.
169 Local Freight 8:80 a. tn.
Kit Mail Rxnra 10:60 ai ML
511 Local Frlght. ...... 4:00 p. m.
Motor Express 8:26 p.m.
536 Mall Express.' 6:66 p.m.
666 Local Freight. 11:46 a. ra.
Motor Express .1:80 p. m.
aasaaasaaaBBBB, f
' Soutbboud
301 Passenger...'' 11:00 . to.
301 Freight .1:06 p. m.
310 Freight.... 3:16 p. m.
307 Passenger. .1:07 a, m.
801 Freight... i..l:4( a. m.
811 Freight 3:10 p. m.
Ball Brasch ,
Leave for Ballaa
317 Mixed.. t:20 ft. m.
31 Mixed 11:06 p. m.
321 Mlved......... 4:05 p.m.
ArriT from Salina.
811 Mixed T:t6 a. m.
320 Mixed 10:66 ft. to.
221 Mixed .......1:10 p. m.
Ar. ARB A. M.-Benevolmt Lon Bo,
. IS, Beau flnit and third Monday ara,
sin la anon month at Masonic kail, sornw
Third and Cadnr. M. H. Malotl, W. M.l
I L. Worley, eaaiwtaryl vtsltlng brethsaa
we come.
no. m, meet, in masonic mkubmn
and fourth VridAVl of each Diontll. F
W, Moras, H. P.I Joeapk X. Kaal, Saaratary
I. IIOK Abilene connoll Ho. , mou on
aiooad and fonrtB TUnreday eraalna ol
aca montlL Visitor, welcome. Mra, A. I
Youa. president; JoaaO. Buyer, aearaMry
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