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The Reflector Publishing Co,
Entered as second class malt mttr
I th poitofflca at Abilene, Kansas.
B pain in savane r ........
(hi vur
U months .... J;
luSt pSo Si sav.iVa'oY within tb.
On Tear
Ob Taar ; .....
If paid la advance or within tb yean
Three Month!
Montha - -j;
Ob Ttar t 'l m
U mot paid In advance or within tha
Ona Taar '""
There are two theories of levying
tariff. One Is ue Kepunllcan pro
tective theory which means the pro
tecting end building up of American
manufacture, American markets and
American labor. It means a higher
price for everything, either produced
or consumed. It means higher prices
for American manufactured good
higher. prices for American labor,
higher prices for American farm pro
ducts, grain, cattle, hogs, horses,
sheep, etc. Under this kind of tariff
the United States has always prosper
& The McKlnler law, Dingier
law and every other Republican law
Drought prosperity. The Payne law
will continue that prosperity.
The other theory is the Democrat
theory of free trade or tariff for rev
enue only, with all reference to pro
tection of American labor or Ameri
can manufactures or American" mar
kets eliminated. This means lower
prices for what you buy and lower
prices for what you sell, lower prices
for labor and the products of the
American farm or factory or Ameri
can brain and muscle engaged to the
cheap scale.
In an era of cheap prices the wages
of laboring men Is the first thing
ntA .ml farm nroducts follow af
ter as a close second. The millions
American laborers employee, ai
good wages is the best market of the
fm. nastrov their ability to buy
meat and bread and you destroy the
best market for American farm pro
ducts.. -
Do you want an era of good prices
or an era of cheap pricesT You can't
frame a tariff bill which will give
you low prices on what you buy and
high prices for what you sell.
Marysvllle News.
As we understand the government
by commission problem, every com
missioner in every city has to do Just
what every advocate of modern re
form wants him to do, or he Is sub
ject ta recall. Every, reformer has
his own method of reform, and un
less every other reformer comes up
to the standard, the other reformer
la guilty of treason. And as no two
real .reformers ever agree on any one
point It begins to look as though the
system of government by commission
Is a whole lot worse, according to
the testimony given by the reformers
themselves, than any other form that
wai ever thought of before. But as
the reformers have the whol deck
In their hands, and It Is their deal
very time, if they fall to get the
cards they want, the only thing left
for them to do Is to shoot up the
house. Lawrence Oasette.
Hutchinson News: Collier's record
of vote on the tariff schedules again
emphasises the fact that, however,
' much Mr. Aldrich may be denounced,
be was with a majority of the Re
nuMksans all the time, while the "In
surgent" were against the Republi
can majority on nearly every sched
ule. In other word, an Indictment
of Aldrich 1 an Indictment of the
Republican party.
The Enterprise Push has a ridicu
lous report of the Abilene ba. field
trouble Monday In which it aays
after Gardner had struck Qulgley:
"That was great port and crowds
la the grand stand sprang to their
feet and cheered the conquering
' here." Nothing of the kind occurred
and the Push editor could not have
' been present or he would not have so
stated. The crowd did not lor a
time know what happened and then
regretted the occurrence. Why should
a trouble between two men be eharg
ti ap, to tha whole town? Enter
prise does not endorse every crap
that take place Inside the dty lim
its, doe ltr
Senator Bristow aays la apparent
aerionsnees: "The people are so in
earnest la the tariff reform matter
that they all seem to want speaking.
There is a revolution on." Joe must
is are struck dlffwwnt talk front
those who reside in Dickinson. Not
two persons a week mention the tar
iff in till part of Kama and tbey
art politician.
Haa the Kansas ICty Star ever
been In favor of the policy of Pro
tection? '
No. The Star has always been a
radical opponent of tne principle of
a protective tariff. ' . '
th star ever conceded that
there should at least be a tariff high
enough to.covere tne difference be
tween cheap foreign labor and well-
paid American labor?
No. . The Star has always oeen a
radical free trade paper.
What sort of tariff revision would
please tne mar;
f v.ivu. .u,t .f fraa trade bill.
1 mil tha Reoubllcan party promise
to give the country a free trade bill?
Kn. Tha nartv declared emphati
cally Its continued allegiance to the
policy of Protection.
Did Taft promise to urge a iree
trade bill?
No. Ha did not. He declared him
self a firm bellver In Protection. And
after he signed the tariff bill he said,
Thia l not a free trade bill. It wbb
not Intended to be. The Republican
party did not promise to -make a free
trade bill."
Did the election of Taft Indicate
the people's desire to abandon a pro
tective tariff and try free trade
Certainly not. The success or ine
Republican party was a much a dec
laration for Protection as it ever was
at any other election.
if the Star then has always oeen
for free trade and Is still for free
trade and a bitter' opponent of Pro
tection Is It entitled to say what the
Republican party should do on the
tariff question?
Ta the Star then not entitled to say
What ft pleases on the tariff?
Certainly. That Is the American
privilege. But It is not entitled to
sail under false colors. It 1 an out-and-out
free trade paper and Its at
tempt to work Republicans under the
guise of "tariff revision" is well un
And is the Star fair In Its quota
tions from Taft on the subject?
No. In Its characteristic way it
distorts his position and misrepre
sents him.
The Star says that Taft simply said
ha retards the bill as an honest at
tempt to fulfill the party's pledges. Is
that all Taft said?
No. In a formal and signed state
ment he said "this bill Is a substan
Hal downward revision."
Well, does the Star It is a "sub
stantial downward revision."
Nn. The Star says it Is not.
Well, then, does the Star take issue
with Taft?
No, it Ignores what Tail says on
that question. .
la that hnneat? Whv does not the
Star either desert Taft or admit that
mavbe It Is mistaken about the bill
not being a "substantial downward
revision?" .
Because it prefers to distort Taft's.
position and seek to make it appear
that Taft is with the Star on the prop
osition. It know that the people be
lieve In Taft.
Well, the Star is lealous 1 It not?
Ye, very lealous., .
And able, and lngenius?
Quite o.
Did vou ever know It to be fair
in its advocacy of any proposition?
Well, can't recall It Just now.
And If a paper misrepresent,' and
Is not fair and covers up everything
that argues against It, and manufac
ture "news" to order, what reliance
Is to be put In Its preaching?
The proverbial ' echo .answers
'what" Governor Hoch.
Here Is a partial list of the things
to be swatted which ha been com
piled by the Hutchinson Gaiette:
"The man who comes In and sees
yon sweating blood and wading
through a desk full of paper and
remarks cheerfully, 'Are you work
ing today?" The girl who goes to
the ball game and when a member
of the home team strike out, with
the base full, asks sweetly, 'What
does that count us?' The' man who
saye, 'Haven't the mate to that cigar
have yon? Thanks, have yon got a
match, too?' The idiot who Invented
the toastmaeter; the man who sweeps
his sidewalk Just whan yon are going
past his place of business; the fly;
the dandelion; the thistle; the to-
gie; the prune."
With the first real airship In Kan
sas Abilene will be well ahead even of
Poor Manhattan It has had the
prise hard luek of the baseball world.
Better luck next time.
Concordia mast be very naughty.
It Is going to have Sullivan and Kil-
raln give a boxing match in front of
the grand stand a an attraction for
the fair.
The cheering news come from
Topeka that the guaranty fund with
tie state treasurer la almost larre
enough to pay tie l Tiers' fe is
the ecrtp over the liv.
ttmiiorla rave William Allen White
a royal reception when he retdrned
fmm Eurooe today. A feature of tne
affair and one that could be con
ceived only In Kansas was the ap
pearance of a number or Emporia
-itizans dressed to represent char
acters In White's new novel. "A Cer-
taain Rich Man." ,
No Kansan who has been abroad
has gained from It more than the
rmnnria author and none ha writ
ten more Interestingly of hi Jour
ney. .In hi closing letter ne tens
what, the trio cost, and that Is Inter
esting, too, to a lot of Kansans who
expect to go abroad some aay u
they live if they don't live
they will see wonders that will make
Europe seem tame and so won t care.
Mr. White says;
"So. after a night of- it, we went
to the boat at half past six in the
morning and put our journey ,m
Europe behind us. We landed In
Naples on Saturday and embarked
for America on Sunday, having been
ashore something like eighteen
weeks; we followed the lilacs from
Madera In April to Berlin in June
to anyone who loves lilacs, a moBt
delightful experience, that Kept nome
and the old-fashioned common things
of home always wltn us." We have
taken our time and even Including
tha mad. wild two weeks' chase In
to Germany and the Netherlands, we
have slent in less than two dozen
kib since we left home. Six weeks
In Italy, three weeks In Swrtaerland
and Germany, three weeks In Pans,
five weeks In London and a week In
Ireland that Is all. And so long as
Emporia people, In one way and an
other, have paid for the ttrip and con
sidering that we carried the Emporia
viewpoint through Europe, It Is only
fair to eive Emporia people an ac
counting of the trip. To begin with,
the railroad fare In America for tne
five of u to New" York and back,
with Pullman fare and railroad Inci
dentals, will cost 1216; tne round
trip steamer trip Is $800; European
railroad tickets cost 400; our notei
hill has been S1.100 Including tips,
washing and all hotel expenses of
any sort; another 1500 spent on
seeing thlngB galleries, places and
palaces, which includes street car
fare, cab hire, and all of that sort
of thing, there js the sum of the
necessary expenses of such a trip.
We traveled first-class on the ateam-
ar and on all boats; second-class (n
Europe ,and third-class In England
and Ireland. We have had our Bun
dav clothes on but little less than
half a dozen times. We presented
only one business letter of lntroauc-
tlon that to a London publisher,
and two social letters both from
William Dean Howells, one to Larkln
a. Mead a sculptor In Florence, and
another to Henry James. We were
not out for a gay round, we were
out to lmnrove our minds. So, ex
cepting the two gentlemen referred
to, some Kansas people In Paris ana
some acaualntances in London, we
did not see ."the best people" any
place. But we saw the folks: The
naoole in train and busses, and In
hotels, waiters, servants, working
people and the general view of men
and women who have to go to work
at 8 o'clock. Therefore, If these
travel letter have aeemted'' com
mon." if we have not taken so high
and serious a view of Art and of
tha World's Aspirations a we should,
remember that we have taken the
color of our environment. If we had
moved in higher circle wo might
have had higher and nobler 'thought:
But what done la done and that'
all there 1 to it." .
A western Kansas editor gives this
bit of helpful philosophy to those
who sometime hesitate to take np
particular arofeasion because el
the fact that it is already overcrowd
ed 1 "A young man with a practical
knowledge In his head, (kill in hi
hand and health in hi body, IS hi
awn letter of reference. . Mrx him np
with seventy million of other, and
you will find him again, a ne win
have a habit of being on top. Throw
him naked onto a desert Island and
he will be at the head of something.
Ha doe not go whining over the
land blaming fortune and saying he
has had no chance, but goes out and
doe It again and doe It better.
Men who eaa do thing, either with
head or band, are tha men who are
wasted and the demand 1 as great
here and now as It ha been at any
time since the beginning."
Ellsworth la to have the C. K. pen
nant with Sallna second and proba
bly Abilene third. Had Abilene played
as good ball the first 14 games a In
the laxt of the season it would rank
at the top of the list Just you watt
until next year!
Baseball Bote in Topeka Capital:
A Minneapolis minister held a short
service at the ball park Just before
the game Sunday. The general effect
wa good, but the fart that the um
pire did not com forward and ask
forgiven for hit sins defeated Its
specif. narpose.
'The following editorial from Gov.
Hoch' paper, tha Marlon Record, is
so applicable to Dickinson county
that It Is worth reproducing:
"The county commissioners nave
failed to appoint a county' engineer.
"In falling to do so they nave
failed to carry out a plain, man
datory provision of the law.
"Th last legislature, passea a gooa-
roads law. Section 1 of that law
provides: 'The board of county com
missioners of each county in we siaie
hall, within six week after- wis
act becomes effective, in each county
of tLe tate having a population 01
k.n on (ion inhabitant, an-
u- -
point a county engineer of highway
and bridges, etc ' '. .
"Nothing uncertain m we lan
guage. Nothing lert to we aiscreu
tlon of the commisloner as to th
propriety or wisdom of naming ueh
an officer. They shall appoint a
county engineer."
We are going here to discus we
merit or demerit of the law. That
1. t now the ouestlon. The ques
tion 1 not what anyone thinks of the
good-roads law passed by tne iasi
i,ilature it is not even for the
commissioners to pass on that mat
ter. The commissioners are noi we
fl'.Aa on that auestion. The legis
lature has spoken. It is the law.
"But It is said that no penaivy
provided by the law for refusing or
falling to make we ppuimu
n-v.L, to he the case. But that
A uav Bvv -
is hardly reason enough for disre
garding It. v .
"Another thing. There may be a
question as to the legality of any ap
pointment of road overseers in this
county, without the approval of the
county engineer.' Having provided
what counties 'shall' nave a couuv,
.ninB.r. the law provides that town
ship boards; In counties having such
township engineer, enau uvv"-
road overseer ' by and with the ap
proval of; said county engineer."
"Can any appointment of a road
overseer be legally made now in this
countv. under the law as n uu
,.? Possibly so. Possibly not.
That question has not yet been pass
ed upon by the courts in iuumv'o-'-b
v- iw. The county attorney
1. innd to think that.no appoint-
id mv""v
ment of road overseer is wgu m
this county without a county engi
we do not wlBh to be unfair to
the board. They may have some
for their failure not dlsclos.
ed to the public. Our columns are
open to them to tell the people about
it." -
Some one asked J. F. Jarrell, the
editor of the Holton Signal, nam ne
considered the best system 01 -reng-inn
His answer was a3 follows:
"In our humble opinion the best
'system' of religion I that which
brings to yon the greatest peace nno
.nmfort. . The only religion we know
m this caentrr is the Christian reiig-
inn hnaad on the teactlng 01 Je-
suaa religion which, wo bolleve,
haa tuwn a marvelous aid to maaaina.
a John J. Incalls once caid: "Pilate
and Herod and Caesar, tie kings and
homes, ohllosopher of that time, are
nothing. No one cares that they lived
ni died, but million now wouio oie
rather than nrrender their faith In
Jeu." The detail or a man' belief
the denomination with which he nm
affiliate, the manner in which ha
shall practice hi religion, the idea
h mav have of heaven or nan, n
conception of hi duty to fry -ind
hi fellow men, are quertion wmcn
be mut fight out for himself; and
hi. accountability, so long a hi
conduct transgresses not on the right
of others, Is to his Maker alone. Ev
ery man hould strive to live la such
a manner thaa when he place hi
head on hi pillow at night It will be
with the feellnc that he 1 at peace
with hi God, his family, hi friend
and hi banker. A religion wbicn
hrinra so fine a feeling whatever It
may be called 1 worth striving for.
Porham this is not aa othodox view.
but we are answering our correspoed
ent' question to the best of our abil
The Chlcam Recoro-Herald InJ
commenting on Mr. Bryan 1 declara
tion that tariff for revenue i now
the paramount lu aya: That any
large amount Of attention can b at
tracted by a fight oa th protective
principle a nch seems almost im
possible. Every on recognise that
the political problem haa to do with
concrete tariff, and that the real
tariff fight I ot ene fight but a
hundred fight, with divided armies
la each case. Th Democrat in the
Senate were never consistently
against all durJe. Clark of Ar
kansas Is the oaly senator who never
voted with Aldrich. and he wa ab
sent moot of the time. The Democrat
ic una tors avenged eleven vote a-
le senator averaged eleven vote a-
nleca oa tha Aldrich side. They
1 vert red eevratyeeve vote apiece
against Aldrtch. BUbstlcally we may
say. therefore, that they were
pr cent proect!cB'Pt
Children's Shoes
We Want You to
Realize That '
- Just as it is headquarters for footwear for
their elders. We have studied the children
Shoe problem and know how to properly fit a
growing foot. A Shoe
looks well and our prices are right.
We warrant every pair.
By Getting Our Prices on Your Fall
Bill of Shoes
SHEARER. The Shoe T.lan
Corner Third and Broadway. X
There Is no doubt that there are
many people who cold their farms In
Brown county and went west and then
south and got more ana cneaper land,
wish that they had not made the
chance. Some of the farm renters,
also, who went west and south, where
they eould get land on better terms,
wlah that they had not done so.
Some renters have returned and there
will be more, and some Oklahoma ana
Vnnaaa farm owners are trying to
sell, and are making Inquiry about
the price of Brown county larma
where a crop can be ralsea every
year. It I too bad that the greed
for more land would cause any Brown
AA.mtv man to alve up hi rich farm
here which he had placed in fine
shape, upon whl)h he coum raise a
fin. cr'on. and which ha had fixed
up so handy to every way, and go
. nw untried nectton, 10 vow
manca over- aaaln. because land was
cheaper there and he could hwn more
acres than here. 1 thai no umn
. th. mMtd of tha human being T
Any one should satisfied when
v. u, nt a nnarter section larm iu
this county.' for it 1 a gold
H can, If h ha a mind to make
an kind' of money. H to alway at
... it Mnn t stolen. It will not
die,' run away, or burn up. It 1 a
safe fortune to any man, ana w
th owner dispose of It, he la run
ning a great risk. Stick to your
t.. mntv farm, 'ine sou
.v, th climate la right, the season
propitious, tha crops rare, the mar
kets handy and price vm.
more do yon want? Brown Connty
World. '
m.. .tcia nrtnted aoove appuo
with equal fore to Dickinson county.
.r. nneer. You'd hsve
v .t tha incubator baby and its
lUVUBU. , .
mother would have been nt home.
Imtead, th kidnapper are seuv w
. ... a tha habv 1 In charg of
the luvenlle court at Kansas City.
Missouri. -
' cnahnvr. who I BU BU-
.. ....h thine, dvea tne
thorny , .
derivation of the name of a num
ber of well-known Kansas stream:
. I JutM ItS
The Missouri riir u......
. trih of Indian that
name uwu ,
dwelt on Its banks at the time of Mar-
fled form of tne onini
. .m aa Onmessourt,
is vanonai ,.. -
EmlBSourit. etc Tha nam I said to
algnlfy "Living oa th month of the
r.... rir was named iot
.. . r.naa Indians, and
signifies "wind" or -people of the
' v...r rtvmr la from the
word "Batutrelle," which mean
"gnushopper." Santrell was
Frenchman who was drowned la the
strewn at an eariy
,.,.r alvea Ue name Detavare,
for tte Iiware I4in. ' i
well ht wears well,
the Kansa Indians. It Is derived
from the word "0-keet-sha," which
means "stranger." Why It was given
this name is not known.
Walnut creek was given this nam
by early settlers because of the pre
valence of walnuts on Its bank.
Mud creek yet remains to be ac
counted for. '
Oftentimes a man gets in for going
out for a good time. .
Don't bother to kick- yourself,
there's alway plenty of others glad
to do it
The trouble with some people Is
they try to grasp opportunity wli
kid gloves on.
A fairy tale Is a child's novel; and
a novel Is a fairy tale for grown-up
Science deals with things as they
are; religion with things as the
ought to be and will be.
The highest task of life is to over
come hatred with love, fear with faith
ind evil with good. .
All the mysteries- of life are not
wrapped up in a plate of beef hash.
Bread 1 th taff of life, and but
ter to th lubricant that keep It run
ning imoothly.
The pity of it, all to that man
mother don't bear about the splendid
thing they used to make.
Many a fellow Is so quarrelsome
that he would even go Into a poker
game with a ehlp on hi (boulder.
There ought to be a hospital for
people who lack the esthetic sense,
since people who lack the moral sen
are put In the penitentiary.
Solomon, Aug. 80. The Frew
Mathnillit Kansa conference, which.
has been In session here for the pas
. Aara. adlourned thl( evening.
The meeting next year will be helA
at Ottawa, which wa cnosea oj m
unanlmoua vote on Baturday. Th--
annointment. which were man w-
urday afternoon, are aa follow:
ri.. r.ntr District A. noia, ou
tlet elder; Clay Center, Robert Sher
wood, Mabel Sherwoofl, aappry.
CT..Mnrtnn. A. Anderson, supply;
Barrett, Antloch and Frankfort, C. It-
Huston, supply; Manhattan, u la.
a a A Unwsprl imftlOv-
BTf lr AiniM. Li. JBW xwMaa ir-- r
Junction City, R- C. Myers; i. O. Blg-
nell, evangelist
Solomon District A. ixeiw, aie
trlct elder; Solomon and Con ecboo
honse. C. Center, H. C. wunams,
T.,r,. indnatrv and Abilene to be
supplied; oak Hill and fetorm Cen
ter to be upplleo; A. Bieoen. bub-
aomerary. .
Card o Thanks.
Ta th kind friend and neighborr
who assisted ne la oar recent bereave
ment, the deaJth of oar little daugh
ter, w wli to extend our arUlt
thanks. '
. Mr. std Vfra, H. H. Henderson.

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