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,'iS, HAiV.-,., fc
moat lo Beaks bund mtood
Kmjuam noaa HWi
isms .
AUsdfa, Mill to Prospect With No
Stock Selling.
It Is reported on good authority
that a capitalist who is convinced of
the value of such Institutions will
put In an alfalfa mill at Abilene soon
and build it himself, asking none
. . ,. . .
to subscribe stock.
The Hoffman mill at Enternrlsa Is
handling IS tons a day and a market
Is found for all that can be pro
duced. The cutting method Is used
and the alfalfa is cut Into small
pieces Instead of being ground. It
U aald to be more satisfactory than:, "
I rim f;nrn
the other method.
Wanted Calves 1 to 3 weeks old.
'. A. Rogers, R. P. D. 6. 21w3t
30 Years In Business
in Abilene
We can dx voui
cluck or watch or
jewelry right. -
See our new
display of Jew
elrv. Eye (llasse
and Spectacles.
Third St., across from P. O.
it A I I AO II you mso busias m& milj tut to
VULLMil curt that poor bors of yourf of thoM
.1 I C siwlul OOIXAK OAlX8,8ortTKok or Shoal
ALL d3 rtpw- "'-' -
ur.,Bgttot.bymiili-Nta. Tri.l b. 4 turn Saln-
lin, Co., SU. A. AMtaM, KM.
The Same Careful atten
tion that has been given to
the Eicholtz business for the
past thirty-nine years.
Lloensed Embalmers
Public Sale
, .
I will sell at public sale 3 miles
north of Dillon and 3 miles south of
onegal on
Vednestiay Ktrrata 10
commencing at 10 a. m. the follow
- tng property:
' 4'head of Horses
31 head of Cattle
9 head of Hogs
Farm Imnlementt Eto
. Also cream separator, about 150
bushels oats, some alfalfa nay, some the agent oi anoioor, u-c - ---muiet,
prairie hay and straw, about measure, balance or measuring device
t chickens. I that Is false and does not conform to
Ithe authorised standard, for deter
Household Good mining the quantity of My commodity
- TFBMR All sums of 10 end un-. irtlrlM merchandise, or sells
tor cash; sums over 110 a credit of
10 months will be given oft note with
approved security at 10 per "-t-rest;
if paid when due only per
cant Interest will be charged. No
property to be removed nntll set
tied for. I per cent off for cash on
nms over f 10.
E. K. BOFFsf AN, Airtloseer.
New Lavr Require Some CIom Flgur
' tog by Drum.
' The lack of general Information
shout the new welahta and meaeurea
. law la embarrassing because the gro
cer and retail merchant does not have
ready access to the statute book. The
following extract! from the law
1 1909 were prepared by A. 0. Pike,
j state food Inapeetor, and will be
importance to everyone who sells
buys;- .. ' '- " , '
I .. The following: thins must be sold
ny weignt oniy, nniess special coui
r agreement shall be made to
(contrary: ... ;
by weight only, nnleea special contract
Lbt. per fauihet
. . .
I" fPP. V
nA? """
" 1 1
Sweet Potatoes
" . .
.... . . . . .50
...... '....'..',.60
Carrots .
.. 60
i tomatoes .
Beets ' . . . .
Rice Corn 56
Shelled Corn 56
Potatoes ...60
Beans 60
WHeat 0
Shelled Dried Peas... 60
Onions 57
Turnips ..: 65
Indian Corn, ear 70
Dried Peaches ...I 33
Dried Apples .24
Malt .. 32
Bran 20
Castor Beans ,46
salt 80
Unslaked Lime 80
Timothy Seed 45
Millet Seed 50
Sorghum Seed 50
Flax Seed 56
Clover Seed .... 60
Alfalfa Seed . 60
Hemp Seed 44
Blue Grass Nt 14
Blue Grass Eng 22
1 Barrel Flour 196
1-2 Barrel ....98
1-4 Barrel . 49
1-8 Barrel 24
1-16 Barrel 12
1 buBhel Corn meal 48
1-2 bushel Corn meal 24
1-4 Bushel -12
" All dry commodities not In above
list shall be sold only by standard dry
measure standard weight or numer
ical count except where otherwise
agreed upon,
Turilted States standard bushel Is
18 ft Inches In diameter and 8 Inches
deep, or 2,160.42 cubic Inches; a
United States standard peck Is 537.60
cubic Jnches, a quart 67.20 cubic In
One gallon liquid measure Is 235
pnhln Inches, a auart 67.75 cubic
A loaf of bread shall be two pounds
in weight Bread, unless composed in
chief nart of rye or maize, shall be
sold' only In whole, half and quarter
loaves and not otherwise. Bread
when sold shall upon request of the
buyer be weighed In his presence, and
If found deficient in weight aaamonai
bread ahall be delivered to make up
the legal weight. Every loaf, half
loaf or Quarter loaf of bread wnicn
noes not weiah the full weight re
quired, by this section shall be plainly
inhaled with the exact weigm
(Except that this section shall not
apply to rolls or to fancy bread weigh
in less than one-quarter of a pound.)
Berries and small fruits whenever
sold In boxes, shall be sold In boxes
containing a standard dry quart or
Arr nlnt. If said boxes contain less
than this amount the Information
must be given to the purchaser or
such packages must be labeled with a
statement of the net contents.
A print or package of butter shall
ouncei ,ToIraupoll
. package ot but-
avoirduools shall be sold, Its
net weight shall be disclosed by the
seller to the buyer or a statsmeni oi
the net weight be made npon a laoei
attached thereto.
All mHk or cream that shall be sold
In bottles shall be sold only In bottles
containing half pints, pints, quarta.
halt gallons, and gallons.
A person who, by hlmseii or ny o
servant or agent or aa the servant or
tnr ! commodities in a
niinir to lew shall be
dremed guilty of a misdemeanor, etc
The fine la not lees than $5 nor
more than 1100. He shall also be lia
ble to the Injured party In double
the amount of the property wrong
fully taken or not glvea and J16 ad
dition thereto, etc.
The eelllag and delivery of any
.ii, rttoi af merchandise
' stall be prima fade evidence ef rep
resentation on the part of the ven
dor, that the quantity sold and de
livered was the quantity bought by
the vendee. ;
There shall be taken into consid
eration the usual and ordinary leak
age, evaporation 'or waste, etc ' A
slight variation from stated weight,
measure or quantity for Individual
packages Is permissible provided It la
as, often above as below, etc.
. The full law can be seen In the
Kansas Session Laws of 1908 and it
la time merchants were looking It up,
aa the state Inspector tor the' board
of health began to enforce same Octo
ber 1st. They will charge a amall tee
(as law provides) for the testing of
each weight and measure, etc.
The dry goods merchant will find
that be can no longer measure oft
hi goods on counter measure made
by' driving brass headed tacks iq
same, as it will not be allowed.
The groceryman must give full
measure on correct scales.
The baker mutt give full weight
loaf of bread or mark same Just what
It weighs.
The butter man's print of butter
must be 16 ounces net or be marked
what the weight is.
The milkman's bottle of milk must
be full measure. He cannot use a
short measure bottle at all.
The berryman's box of berries must
be full measure or marked what Its
contents Is, etc.
f : .
C. F. Spiders Number Is 1012 Which
Should be Good.
Charles F. Spidel Is the first AM-1"1"
lene man to draw a claim In the
Indian reservation of Cheyenne River
and Standing Rock., His name was
arawn the first day and bis number is
1012. It Is considered that all claims
below 2000 are valuable and Mr.
Spidel considers himself fortunate.
"Reflector" Publicity a Money-Maker
For this Farmer.
S. H. Lenhart ot Acme believes In
printer's ink, likewise he believes In
putting an advertisement where the
most people see it. He raised this
year some wheat from pure seed and
wanted to sell it for seed. He spent
11.60 on an advertisement In the
Reflector. "The result," said he,
was ample. I have sold over 7 (JO
bushels ot it at 81.25 a bushel and
the buyers came to the farm after It.
It all came from the Reflector ad
Enterprise will Give Them an Inter
esting Program.
Enterprise, Oct. 28. A public re
ception has been arranged for the
meeting ot the Fifth district federa
tion of women's clubs next Wednes
day evening. It will be at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. C. Hoffman and tbe
program Is:
Vocal duett. Miss Herrmann, Mr.
Peterson; Greeting, George Merriiet;
Greeting, E. N. A., Prof. D. L. Kat-
torjohn; Songs, Mrs. Julia Short;
Greeting from the Public Schools,
Prof. O. L. Coleman; Greeting from
the Conversation Club, Mrs. Cathar
ine A. Hoffman; Response, Mrs. E.
E. Forter, iarysville; Violin Solo,
Miss Ruby Norman, Abilene; A Word
from the Vice President, Mrs. Hattie
Britt Hall; Songs, Miss Eula Grand
berry; The Hearts that Yearn for
Service, Mrs. William A. Johnston;
Advice from the State President, Mrs.
C. C. Goddard; Songs, Miss Hiia
K. of P. Is Active.
There Is much more activity In
lodge 'circles since the weather has
changed to cooler and the evening
lengthened. The Knight of Pythias
members are having goood meetings
snd have elected 12 pages and 1 es-
ouires ready to take Knight ranka.
They also have a doten more appli
cations in the hands of Investigating
committees. Chancellor Commander
Garrett and his able assistant have
their hands full and work every
night Is assured for tne next two
Grand Chancellor R. V. Brokaw
hss ordered Deputy orana iau-
caller F. B. Glimpse to Henngton
for special work. Grand Master of
Exchequer F. A. Wilcox Is In Ver
mont for a well earned vacation and
la missed from the floor during rank
Forced Into Exile.
Win. Unchurch of Glen Oak. Okla.,
was an exile from home. Mountain
air, he thought, would cure a fright
ful lung-racking cough that had de
fled all remedies for two years. After
six months he retnrued. death dog
ging his fteps. "Then I began to
use Dr. King s New Discovery, be
writes, "and after taking six bottles
I am as well as ever." It saves thou
sands yearly from desperate lung dls-
. inr.iuhu for eouiha and
colds. It dispels hoarseness and aor
throat. Asthma, iroep.
Cosxa. 6e and si.eo. i novu.
free, guaraaweo ey
Abilene Young Mas and Bride Have
. RecepUoa This Evesdng.
i -. trras Friday's Dally.)
' Mr. Jesse R. Engle and Hiss LaRue
Hornor were married at the home of
the bride's parents in Wichita yes
- Mist Hornor who has for some
year been an English teacher In the
Wichita High School is ot Quarker
parentage and Is a graduate of the
Friends University In that city. . She
ha made several visits to Abilene
and has acquired a wide circle of
friends here.
air. Engle I a son of Bishop Jesse
Engle. He completed the local high
school course, graduated from Em'
porta College and I now In business
la Denver.
A reception Is given In their honor
tonight at the home ot Hr. Engle'
mother, corner 8th and Kuney. They
leave for Denver tonight assured ot
the good wishes of a host of Abilene
i Officer Did Good Deed for
On last Saturday morning a young
girl about 16 year of age landed In
our city on the local, and was wan
dering around town, when Marshal
Banning's attention was called to
her. Mr. Banning having a card
'torn the Sheriff ot Wakeney with
tne aescnpnon oi a young girt warn
ed at that place, began to question
" at f"-8' ,he 'e'u8d to lve
11 CI UBIUO Ul DUUIVU U.l wu.uo
put under arrest she soon told who
she was and where she was from.
He at once phoned to Ellsworth to
the sheriff of that place and found
that three young girls had formed a
plot to leave and only one got Iway.
The young lady whose name Is Whip
ple thanked Mr. Banning for the
way he had treated her by arresting
her and returning her to her people
who were also more than grateful
to him, for no telling what a few
more days would have brought forth.
Chapman Advertiser.
Miss Galloway, our English teach
er, gave several readings In chapel
Monday. Among theme were "John
Smith U. S. A." and "The Call ot
Kansas.'' They were enjoyed by all.
Mls Bessie Hoffman of Enterprise
visited high school Tuesday.
An industrious chemistry student
while trying an experiment the other
day burnt one ot bis fingers on a
glass test tube. He startled the whole
class and made the air blue when
he let out this exclamation, "Wow
burnt my lunch hook!"
Miss Stewart read an Interesting
article, "Immigration to the United
States," In chapel Thursday morning
which was appreciated by the stu
dents. The article pointed out the
causes and results of the many Im
migrants dally landing in the United
Miss Grazella Puliver was on the
sick list this week
The Juniors finished studying "Th
Flight of the Tartar Trine" thfs
Miss Leah Lightner visited high
school Friday, the guest of Miss Marie
Auk i. M. Gleiesner About Ml-o-na, It
Gives Relief In Five Minutes.
He will tell you that he guarantees
Mi-o-na to relieve promptly and cure
permanently all diseases of the stom
ach and indigestion, or he will return
your money.
Hsve you gas on stomach?
One Ml-o-na tablet and the misery
is ended.
Are you bilious, dlziy or nervous?
Ml-o-na tablets will put you right
In a day; give relief in 10 minutes.
Now, dear reader, don't go on suf
fering with stomach trouble. Be fair
to yourself; throw aside prejudice
and try Ml-o-na. It Is a great doc
tor's prescription. No doctor ever
wrote a better one.
And money back from J. M. Oletss-
ner If you don't say Ml-o-aa I worth
It weight In gold. Sold by leading
druggist everywhere but In Abilene
by J. M. Glelsaner. 60 cent a large
box. Test sample free from Booth'
Ml-o-na, Buffalo, N. Y.
Mrs." Mary Hutchlnaos ay:
"Pain and distress In my stomach
and a general stomach complaint
was entirely cured for me by th se
of two boxes of Ml-o-na. and I have
no hesitation In recommending it
use." 508 Pearl street, Ypsllantl,
Mich., December 1. 108.
1 1 (MmmrmrMi) m
Oam catarrh car zonoey back. Joat
breath Itia. OompJMeomtntl mmoing
babalarSl. stn bottJe 600.
Ak:: t as Quick as a Gas Sbvo
X to cook a steak,
Mrs. House-'
keeper, you want
a quick, brisk
fire, don't you?
And you want
, It right away
you don't care to let the rest of
the meal get cold while you wait
for the fire to burn up.
Well, here's a range that will
give you a quick, hot fire with
out waiting.
And when you are through
you can bank it down and save
your fuel.
Because you have perfect con
trol of the fire-box.
The Monarch Range is so
tightly constructed that no "air
leaks" can get in to make your
fire slow when yon are in a
Tbe Duplex Draft, which lets
in a current of air from each end
of the fire-box, makes the fires
burn evenly and regularly. One
handle operates both damper
doors at the same time, and you
can open them as much or as
little as your fire
calls for.
So when you
wants quick fire
you get It, with-
Jacob Brown Pats 24-Ton Stone on
The Abilene Monument Co., un
der the management of Jay and
Harry Harding has just completed
placing on the cemetery lot of Jacob
Brown the largest monument In Abi
lene cemetery. It Is of Barre, Vt.,
gray granite and In three pieces, each
weighing eight tons. Tbe pieces
were taken to the cemetery on heavy
trucks drawn by a traction engine.
Two of the sections lie end to end
across the full length of the lot, 24
feet, the other forma the monument
proper. The horltontal pieces have
names paneled In the stone opposite
the graves. It Is an Imposing mem
When Guns Were Pulled These Rob
bers Escaped.
Herlntrton. Oct. 28. Sundar morn
ing the sheriff of Marlon county, the
city marshal of Marlon and a number
of dthers were In town early In search
of a couple of robbers. The robbers,
two well dessed young men, bad stol
en an overcoat at Peabody, a neck
lace and $37 In money from a hotel
In Marlon.
At Lost 8nrlnes the nosse got the
robbers In close quarters and took
several shots at them, and It Is
thought one of the offenders was
(llahtlv wounded. But they got
away and walked to Herington. Early
in the morning, before daylight, they
were discovered near th Missouri
Pacific track and several shots were
aln directed toward the robbers.
They again escaped and have not
been seen since. The Marlon posse
left for home Sunday noon.
Overland and Cadillac Tied.
Junction Cltr Sentinel: O. H.
Flower, driving an Overland and C.
Shoffner, driving a Cadillac, nnisn-
ed tbe Lyric Cup Run to Hutchinson
and returned with the same scores,
go. n Thev are therefore tied lor
the Lyric cup and will have to run
off the tie before It can be decided
to whom It shall be awarded for
1 sab. A decision as to when and
how the tie shall be run oft will be
.ha4 at a meetlnc ot tbe Junction
City Automobile Club either tonight
1 tomorrow night.
At Abilene and Herington several
local motorists were out In their ears
to show the cup chasers some court
esies. But there, wasn't much doing
at Balina. However, Sallna wa only
a little wy ttlon on the route of
the ran, anyway.
u nraller. the winner ot the
t.rri, ran last rear, had hard lnck
yesterday, loosing a burr which let a
rod down and he reacneo in w
control with the rod dragging.
Only Om Perfect Score.
Siiteea of the IS ear that made
the motor run from Sallna to Hay
City returned to Sallna at 4 p. m.
yesterday. The Velle was the only
with a nerfect acor. Two car
were laid np at Ellsworth nntll to
Baby won't nffer flo mlantes
, k mmm. i .An nnnlr Dr. Thomaa'
Eckctrle Oil at osca. It acta tike
out loss of time or fuel. It
doesn't take much longer than
a gas range.
The reason you can't do this
with the old fashioned steel range
is that the seams in such a range
open np from the expansion and
contraction of heat and cold,
and let in the outside air to'
deaden the fire.
In the Monarch, the aides ate
cold-riveted to Malleable Iron
frames extending all through the
range. There are Malleable Iron
frames around each opening
the Draft Doors, Pouch Feed
Door, Ash Door, etc.
8o the Monarch remains tight
as long as you use it it Is the
real "stay-satisfactory" range.
A $1.00 Cook Book Free
The Moureh Cook look, wrHtaa tjt Mrm.
ReWn Mu Tkoeuoi, sa ackaowUdgia au
thority oa datncMlc adcne Is s SMI Book,
aot chop circular. 144 nfM bond la doth
oa board conn a beak uut weald coat i.
st tot book atom.
It contain! 5BS redpca, many of then aw,
all timplt, aay to nuko sad laaxptaaiie,
Raa practical menaa for the whole year and
many valuabk blnta oa diet and marketing.
You can ftt It without coat If yon Intend
buying a range or cook Man within a year.
ROW TO GET IT. Cut out thli adVcr.
tuemcnt, man 11 to tn
Malleable Iron Rang
Wii., and tell them
WHBNIatatlng month
If pouible) you expect
DUV UdTOtt Will M
Utuvaluabl dook
tve. Aa tha edition
Umlteil. write now
Meetings Well Attended and Good
' Interest Maintained. (
Navarre, Oct. 80. This town has
tad the opportunity of entertaining
a ohurch conference, which was, com
pared to tbe else ot tbe town, a thing
of no small Importance. ' The church
of the Brethren (Dunkards) have
Just closed a three days' confer
ence, which represented some ot the
strongest men and women, the active
church workers and delegates, ot that
church from the northeast quarter
of. Kansas, which ll called th north
east District of Kansas Conference.
A strong delegation were in repre
sentation in th meeting throughout,
and the spirit ot the meeting was
tine. The work ot the conference
moved on along three different lines.
1st. The Sunday school convention
which lasted Sunday and Monday
morning. The Improved method
that were suggested and tbe admoni
tions to greater consecration bespeak
an awakened area In Sunday school
work. Our beloved State Sunday
School Secretary and fellow cltlten
of thlefounty was with us to give
suggestions and inspiration in his
own able way. The county Sunday
school superintendent was also with
Monday' afternoon the ministers,
pastors and elders held S ministerial
meeting, an open session, which was
quite helpful to all. Especially th
ministry. Monday evening a strong
missionary sermon was preached by
Rev. J. R. Franti of Beattle, Kan.
Tuesday the district conference
nroner was organised with Elder Geo.
Manon of this county moderator. Thla
conference handles queries and prob
lems of the different churches, 11
also called for our general confer
ence to be held In Topeka or Kansas
City aa shall be decided hereafter
But to' mention the pleasing and
helpful features of this meeting and
fora-et the hospitality of the neigh
bors and friends as well a th resi
dent member, would be to forget
the one thing that, from a human
al.nrlnnlnt. did most to make th
meeting enjoyable. 80 with th great-1
est of pleasure we present to tne
readers ot th Reflector our resolu
tions of thanks:
"Inasmuch a It ha pleased our
Hoaranlv Father to again permit u
to enjoy another District Meeting, be
it therefor resolved:
virar That wa be Terr irsteful to
.nr niTln rather for tbe spiritual
npllft and inspiration w bar re
ceived during these bauowea asso
ciation. anr,A Ts those who so kindly
nd sceefully mlntotered to our
wants on th dining hall.
i-Mr.! Tn the member and inena
in and around Navarre who opened
their heart and houses to ns, ana
.h. hr their kind hospitality made
it possible for ns to enjoy this tenet
of soul. E. F. nnerry.
..... ... . Mt4 luMmaa nettled In the
system. It will take
treatment to cur. n,
in Chamberlain s
Cough Remedy. It will e
than any ouer, ana a
system in a n.tnrjU and healthy con
dition. Sold by C. B. Northcraft c

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