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1 Squadron of Royal Camel Corps
for Col. Roosevelt.
Painted fcOOO B. C. They Ytt Portray
Perfectly the Beasts of Today
Colon BtHI
Cairo, Mar. 26. The tombs of th
Bulls, located in th desolate Sbara
desert, occupied Col. Roosevelt' at
tostlon. 'Although tb bulla were not
sf the Wall atreet variety, tie ancient
Exrotlan considered them tacred,
kept them on the fat of the land and
burled them with god-like honora In
Buz, wonder aaccophatl, which la
act exactly what Col Roosevelt would
do with the Wall atreet breed, al-thona-h
ha mlaht Joyfully asilit at
their funerala.
The day again furnished a picture
which the East alone It able to supply.
At eeven o'clock the party at the
Wen house found Watson Pasha In
brilliant uniform, with a meisari" from
Ik khedlv asking that the colonel
ascent an escort of squadron of the
Boyal Camel Corps. Presently the
ouadron appeared, the huge beasts,
the finest obtainable, each surmounted
by a smart soldier In sand colored
enlform with sword and carbine grace
fully. Incidentally there were hall
cartridges for those carbines. The
cavalcade then started, Col. Roosevelt
mounted on a cornel, with a horse con
venient which he used when the wobb
ly ship of the desert threatened him
with, sea sickness. Kermlt also rode
S camel, while Miss Ethel rode low
ecked donkey and Mrs. Roosevelt and
the Strausses seated themselves In a
comfortable broad sand, cart
Eight miles across the desert, the
heat nloely tempered by a cool breese,
, brought iue expedition to the tombs of
the bulls It was a scene of desola-
mlmm mm t11n,lj.11 a. nmrtmj't Mna flf
1 appropriateness of the ancient Egyp
tians In their selection or Necropon.
The foreground revealed the pyramids
aid the bleak saharia. In the distance
on could catch a glimpse of Olzeh and
now and then distant sight of the
Nile, fringed with green palms.
Armed with candle dips the expedi
tion descended the steep, difficult
path Into the bowels of the earth and
traversed long arched tunnels off
which there opened huge cavernous
' spaces filled with enormous monolol
' thle sarcophagi, arousing the marvel
of the party as to how those huge
blocks of granite were ever transport-
ad and placed In position. The tomb
of Horanenka proved the most Inter-
sting and wonderful of all. Though
' dating from 5,000 B. C. the frescoed
walla were more brilliant In color and
perfect In details than anything he
had yet seen. There was a Bugs land
scape deplctelng the Nile with boats,
Ish crocodiles attacking hippos and
all the carletles of the fauna of Africa.
Col. Roosevelt was overjoyed. "Why,"
h exclaimed, "there's a hartebeeste;
there' a waterbuck," etc.
"By George," he said, "how perfect
Those pictures eeem to be scientific
portraits of the animals of to-day. It
1 remarkable to see that there has
. been no change In the types for nearly
T,000 yeare."
The poor Egyptologist accompany
ing the party was pumped dry of In
formation by the time the party reach
ad the house where needful drinks of
ooel water were obtained. The caval
cade reforming, then went on to the
river, where the party boarded boats
and crossed the river to an Island
where they took a steam launch and
were conveyed to Wlesa Bey's luxuri
es! dahabteh, which ' wai decorated
with glortoiie trappings and the deck
strewn with priceless ruga During
lunch the colonel derived most valua
ble information on Egyptian conditions
from a native christian standpoint,
which gave him an entirely new angle
a the situation. '
The Republican Caucus Was Attended
y Insurgent But None Were
elected en Committee.
Washing toe, Mar. K-Th Republi
can caucus called to nam the ma
jority members of the rules committee
provided f or la th Norrls resolution,
parttolpated la by regular and tneur
' genu selected th following: Walter
L Bsnlth of Iowa. John Dalsell Pns
rlvanl, George P. Lawrenee Masaa
ehaaetta, J. B. Pasaett New York. B.
a Bmlth California and Beary B.
Bovtell of dtnota. Km t wkoea are
lata rivets or tear taawrgeeita.
Pennsylvania Bta Pederatlen f La
ter Decide Net te Take Aetle
far street Car Men.
WUke Barr. Pa, liar. It-It was
decided at te moUa of th xe
ejv eounoll of th Stat rederetlea
Labor aos t sail a ttate-wMe strike I
Pennsylvania In aywrpsthy with the
truing strwat ear ansa of Fhnd
pile tailed their sjmspstty atrial
sad aino to tit feci that tis votes
by Buy tuloas tlsrmsfcoat tie
t e al.owd tXit rsjortsy el the
e; fti te fttoral SUflr.
It Provided for Taking Tariff off Meat
and Was Introduced Janw .
Washington, Mar. 26. Represent
tire Foelker of Brooklyn Is a thorn In
the flesh of the ways and means com-
mlttee. It will not do surprising u
Mr. Poeiur, wno nae a rarg.
Foelker Introduced a bill January 81
to remove the tariff on meat, in
Foelker's district, the high cost of lit-
Ing Is a live subject. The bin wen; to
th ways and meana committee wher
Chairman Payne -promptly sat upon It
Soon afterward Foeiaer began cireuiv
Ung petition for a eaucua on tn
question of putting through hit bill to
take off the duty on meat, it waa gee
ting signatures at a rate that gav
Mr. Payne concern. So Payne went
over to Foelker's seat, aat down by
him and put bis arms around mm,
speaking to him ln term of fatherly
affection. He urged roomer to wow
the committee a little mora time to
consider 1L
foelker aa-reed to wait but he will
not wait Indefinitely. He la the man
wno waa csrneo m "
bin. H ha been an insurgent since i
he came to congress.
Kaneae Farmer In Automobiles Have
Them Surrounded Between Whit
Cloud and Rub.
Hiawatha, Kan., Mar. 2fc Seven-
teen motor cars carrying men armed
with shotguns charged with buckshot
rollea out oi Hiawama i oara. hihh
th Hiawatha delegation of the Anti-
Horse Thief association and It win
meet similar aggregations from Troy
Atchison. Falls City and th surround-
in mnntrv between Rulo and White
Cloud on the Missouri river wner n.four pairs oi sooes sioieu irom
Is reported that a gang of horse
thieves have taken refuge in tn mil
The previous night thieves iook
two fine horses from the barn of H. R.
O. Thomas, county assessor, and
member of the Anti-Horse Thief asso
ciation visiting ln the neighborhood
aaw the thieves start out but supposed
that It was his neighbor going to bis
farm. The alarm was given at 4
o'clock and all day the telephones
have been busy.
A dosen motor cars traced the stolen
horses northeast. Guards were station
ed at all croaelngs of the Missouri
river and Nebraska asaoclations
watched their side of the river. The
chase narrowed down to the bill coun
try between White Cloud and Rulo,
known aa Happy Hollow. This coun
try Is la habited by half-breeds, In
dians and a few deaperat characters.
Man Supposed' te be Mentally Unbal
anced Shot at Haledon, N,
Officer But Mlaeed.
Pateraoa, N. J., Mar. 26. The ac
tivity of ' th sheriff's officers here
gave the' first public Intimation of an
attempt to assassinate Mayor Dirlcb
of the borough of Haledon. A war
rant haa been aworn out for Albert
Vola, who 'la said to be mentally un
balanced. The mayor waa walking
home when Vola stepped ln front of
him, placed a revolver at hit breast
and fired,
Fortunately, the mayor had
been agile enough to deflect the mus-
sle of the revolver and the bullet went
the mayor.
The House for th Third. Time Votes
to Pay all Pensions Prom
Washington, Mar. IB. Action by the
house abolished the Topeka pension
agency and II other pension agencies
throughout the country. By a vote of
0 to 71 It rejected an amendment ap-1
preprinting funds for th continuance
of the agencies and striking from the
pension bill a provision directing that
all pensions be paid from Washington.
This i th fourth Hon tha hmiaa haa
baa been reversed by th senate,
which haa inserted th usual appro-
Th Heuee Ha Passed th Bill Appro
priating 100,000 fer the
Waealngtoa, Mar. It. Ts house
passed the bill to reaaev th wreck of
the TJalted BUtea battleship Malae
tress Harass harbor aad provldlag fer
th hartal la Arlington emetary ot
wketov? bodies may foaal Th
bin appropriates fioo.OOO for th pur
of raising th wreoa. Tke
are new go te the senate.
Duet Storm Desire Wheet
Wellington. Kan, Mar. It. a, hard
dust stereo, th worst la aaeatha, pre
ran There ha beta no rat exwrjf
tw right sprlaklM, atoc February la,
aad tb wheat, trait aad veretaiiec
are esSxrtu. If rafn doe not ejesee
tthbt a few Vt wt littie who h
Vifl U1 f4t aer'! g- I
Fine Wewther and Gorgeous Display
of Hata. ,- '
Th record for Easter weather was
broken Sunday when clear skies, no
wind, warm temperature and good
road made a perfect combination
for enlorment of the day. The
churches were crowded" and the pro-
.rsm( a( given In Saturday's paper
wer4 carried out with much attrao-
venes, for ,u the attendant,
Lutheran church received 20
- b- the morning rvlce.
pearance at St.' John's church and
did well.
In tne afternoon every motor car
ln town waa out Man, wer,t to
j UoJl Clt ,nd Ft. Riley; others
. took
. . - - -,,-
in juuruo. tu.Uue- v .......
A,exu,llier Tjndahl and Two Children
Scandia, Kan., March 28. Alex-
ander Llndahl and two children while
rldlna- In a motor boat Sunday even-
i ,- m,,rririt and their bod-
(ef tesrfully mutilated. Neighboring
farmer, wlth whom Llndahl had quar-
inaancv i ,i
She Asks Divorce.
Rhoda Evans has filed suit tor di
vorce against J. J. EvanB, and charges
gross neglect
Bought the Lott Shop.
John Beggs who recently moved
here has purchased the carriage and
automobile shops of H. A. Lott He
a nustier ana win succeeu.
They Wanted Footwear.
A Santa Fe freight car near the
depot was broken Into last night and
lDOx. Hobo .travelers are supposed
t0 be responsible,
Five More to Sell.. .
The baseball committee went out
this morninK and sold three more
shares of stock ln the association,
This makes 65. Five more are need
ed. Who will come across next?
Alfred T. Harper of Sallna and
Cora E. Ripple of New Cambria were
married Sunday afternoon In the
Lutheran church by the pastor, Rev,
W. H. Sch rock. The young .couple
will make their borne In Sallna.
Advertised) Mall. r
For the week ending March 22:
Letters: A. L. Adame, L. L. Ber-
nata, Cebaration Forau, John Kane,
Morrla Landan, T. H. Maucki O. T,
Mclntere, Mike Mllewsky, W. H,
Landls, Francis Craaco, Crlstofalo
Pofeta, C. M. Rusaell. 'v
Cards: Chas. N. Banker, Wm. Dav
id, E. R. Launer, Clyde Maddlk, Car
rie Myer, Mlsa Ellen Meyer (2),
C. M. Meull, Clara Nelson, Peaty
Pearl, Mis Oracle Teeda.
I have watched the thing a long
time and I never knew a man to start
dowB itreet w(th , ix his
lh w , some chump didn't step
It Is only about on fool In every
three thousand that really know
- hat's the matter with him and will
take reasonable precautions to pro
tect th public '
One in a while some fellow gets
rfoh hT hnvln a scheme. . lust aa
tTry few years some mas get to be
prMlaent of Vnllti 8Utes.
Old Bill Shiftless Is strong for re
vision downward of the tariff. Mr.
Shiftless can see no need ot a duty
on anything. Th particular point
he always make la that the 11.10
duty on whisky is what la keeping
the poor man poor.
Just because th odor of burning
leave and grass fills the sir la th
tilt hour ot evening 1 no sign that
th old man ot tb house haa raked
oft th front yard. In our neigh
borhood th old anas always shows
ap lost la time to strike th match.
I hav alwaya noticed that the
man who make "IT th foundation
ot hi dally, prayer sever gets any
I kaow that th hooka tn our
harch are tun of same of fellows
whs will bet every time yo ehow
rha they har as Immortal cinch.
I hare alwaya noticed that the min
isters who ar "callsd to preath and
ja into the ps'plt right ? In ttdr
li.aiidlei.0iit cSlc;s-
Helplosx, Sflftoi InlcEsdlj
The Treatment that CuredNow
Hearty and Healthy Oalned Fifty
Pound, "
. "There is no medicine made on this
earth that stands higher In my opinion
than Hood's Sarsaparllla, or Barsatabs,
which are Hood's Sarsaparllla In tab
let form. It has raised me from
crippled and helpless condition to per
fect health.- I had suffered for a long
time from rheumatism and ln August,
1908, was suffering Intensely. Both
arms and legs were drawn out of shape
and I was an absolute cripple for Ave
months, I received Hood's Calendar
for i:09 from our druggist, W. H.
GrnlTam, and with the calendar I found
a post card offering me a trial of Sar-
satnbs on the 'No cure no pay' plan,
t sent tor a box and at the end of
thirty days the pains of rheumatism
had entirely ceased, although my body
nd llmba were still drawn out of
ahape. I continued using the meoi
cine, iook - inree Dotiiea oi xiuuu
BarsaiMrllla with PeMlron Pills and
also Hood's Vegetable Pills. I am re
joiced to be able to say this treat
ment effected a perfect cure. I am
m Htrnnff. hearty and heaitny witn
no trace -of rheumatism, and 1 have
gained fifty pounds la-weight In the
last year. I cannot tell my story In as
flowing language aa I would like, but
have stated the simple facts, which
f hnnm mav be the means of Inducing
others who have rheumatism to follow
the same course of treatment that was
so successful with me. i am wnuni
to answer all Inquiries If accompanies
hv itamm for return of oostage.
Robert Wllcoa, West Scarboro, Maine.
Jan. 11, 1910.
Hood'a Sarsaparllla effects its won
derful cures, not simply because it
contains sarsaparllla but because It
combines the utmost remedial valuea
of more than twenty different Ingredi
ents, each rreatly strengthened and
enriched by Vs peculiar combination.
There la no real substitute for It Get
Hood's Sarsaparilla
In the usual liquid form, or in tablets
called Sarsatabs.
crude form, are always the fellows
who draw about three hundred and
fifty dollars a year. Th Lord ap
pears to give the big salaries to .the
finished article.
jl Jt
Ton may be somewhat different
but I have always had the sneaking
idea that the Lord invented politics
to give a man a chance to exercise
hlB lungs while his mind rested.
' j, j,
My Jdea of a successful society
event Is where you are not com
pelled to sit on camp stool and eat
the refreshments from a plate bal
anced on one knee. .
Jl Jt
Tou can talk all you please about
the brotherhood ot man, etc., but the
old saw of whose ox Is being gored is
still working over time, at least .In
ln this part of the country. : Ton
will notice It in politics, ln the lodge
and In th church. If the man who
is a candidate Is going to hand you
a good Job, yon are for him, no mat
ter what his platform may be. But
If he la going to pry you loos It he
wins, you are agin him. ' If th tar
iff would let you sell your line of
goods at an advance ot twenty per
cent and at the same time allow you
to buy what you need at a reduction,
you are for tb tariff. If th church
Is going to erect s big building near
some lots yon own, yon are s
booster. But If It is going to move to
another part ot town the stuff Is off.
If your lodge electa yon to an office
that carries with It the wearing of
sword and a long plum at th head
ot the procession, yon never mlsa s
meeting. But if th fellow you .do
not Ilk beat you to the sword and
the plume, yon never have time to
go up and see what the boys are do
ing. We an full blown daisies as
long as the other fellow's ox la being
gored, but when our own starts to
bellow we turn Into big yellow sun
flowers. It la th way of human
natur. '
' Jl Jl
1 try to love all my friends, but
blamed It I am not getting tired of
being used as a broom to keep peo
ple's doorstep clean.
Jl Jl
"Nothing Is it," I heard a fellow
aay th other day after he had (prat
two hour and s half reading s dally
paper he had borrowed from s frlesd
and there wasn't, either tor th
friend or -for th publisher of th
Jt Jl
Ther la another thing that can b
said In favor of th women: They
dont ear a snap ot th finger
whether Old Jo Cannos la speaker
or only par-
. Jt jl
A lot ot fellows sit around and
howl ln spite of th fact that there
to s law compelling them to" play
whist or checker.
Jt Jl
1 know fellows who go to bed
early aid get ap early, but they are
not healthy, wealthy nor wise, uui
I will admit that early to bed ha
tendency toward health, but you will
have to show me a good many doctor
books to make roe believe that get
ting up early ever helped anybody i
health. Th richest fellows In the
community lay abed aa long as they
want to ln the morning, and always
have done so. As for the wisdom
I have always gone pretty strong on
the theory that you can't make
Ilk purse out of s sow' ear. If
fellow Is born chump, a chump he
will remain the balance bf bib days.
Of course some chumps are capable
of a certain polish, Just like a lump
of coal. The fellow who is born with
the knack of making money stick to
his fingers will land on top ot a stack
of greenback before he Is very old,
and 'he fellow who Is born with a
bunch of wisdom will get wise before
he loses his teeth aad his hair from
old age. But what I started out to
say was that It you depend on some
old adage for health, wealth and wis
dom you are taking your ducks to a
mighty poor market
Jl Jl
Glory, how I do love to work and
work and work througout the blessed
dav: but heavens, how I ao bate to
have to. Bart Walker In Osbiroe
Fa. dier.
(First published .In Abilene Weekly
Seflector Marco ast,
Tn .Tnseuh Quintal, of parts unknown,
and Abbie Musseiman . oi tnoux
City, Iowa: ,
you and each of you are hereby
notified that you have been sued by
Arthur Quintal ln the District Court
ot Dickinson county, state oi xtau
sas, and that you must answer his
petition on or before the 6th day of
mv a. r 1910. or th same will be
taken as true and Judgment rendered
nartitionlna- th following aescnoeo
feal estate situated ln Dickinson coun
ty, state of Kansas, to-wit: 'ine
northeast quarter (n e 14 ) of section
number nine (9), and the north half
n V4) of' the northwest quarter
rn u i nf section number ten (10),
all in township twelve (12) south, of
nra four (4) east oi tne tuxin
Prinrtlnal Meridian, and setting off
to each of you the one-sixth part
thereof if the same can be divided
without manifest Injury, and It It
mnnnt be so divided, further pro
ceedings will be has as provided by
law. AKTiiUtl yuiniAii,
3t Plaintiff.
By Hurd & Kurd, his attorneys.
(First published in Abilene Weekly Re
flector March 17, IBID)
-. NOTICE ' '
tn h Dlatr ct court oi ,.
county,- ihh- wi jvm.
ALLEN W. TUCKER, Plaintiff
frank T. BAYLEY, et al, Defendants
To Frank T. Bayley, If alive, or If dead,
his unanown neirs, mwuw.
Instratora, ievlaees, trustees ana as
signs; the unknown heirs, executors,
administrators, devisees, trustees
and assigns of Mrs. Sarah B. Faesell
or Fussell and of Benjamin Fuasell,
her husband; Carrie Humphrey and
Henry K. Humphrey, her husband,
h.iH -t inw nf John Johnts. de-
eaaed; James B. Elchelberger, Emma
C. Elohelberger, hts wife; Fonnle H.
Lebold, Robert Lebold, Claire Lebold,
Ida Ellison, Sherman Ellison, her
husband, Fred Lebold, Bertha Lebold,
May Lebold Cochran and Hal Coch
ran, her husband, and John F. Le
bold, as heirs at law of C. H. Lebold,
deceased; and Edith Hurd, heir at
law of Paul Hurd, deceased:
v or horabv notified that you
have been sued by the plaintiff, Allen
W. Tucker, ln said District uou" i
Dickinson County, Kansas, by hU pe
tition filed ln said court on the 14th
day of March, 110, in which action
said plaintiff aeeks to quiet his title
aa against you and other defendants
named in saia pennon iw m v..v.-i
Ing described real estate, altuated ln
Dickinson County, Kansas, to-wit:
Lots two (2) and three ) ln block
ten (10) of Kuney and Hodge's addi
tion to the City ef Abilene, Kansas, and
to bar and exclude you and the other
defendants therein named from any
interest, title or lien In, to or upon aald
real estate.
You are further notified that unless
you answer the plaintiff's petition on
or before the 1st day of May, 1810, said
petition will be taken as true and Judg
ment will be rendered against you, bar
ring each of you from any Interest tn
the above-described real estate.
W. J. HOWE, '
' Clerk of the District Court ,
Attorneys for Plaintiff. 17-1
(First published ln Abilene Weekly
Reflector March 17, ills.)
Stat ot Kansas, Dickinson County,
Is th matter of th wrtat ot
Isaa L. Brubaker, deceased, 1st ot
Dickinson County. Kansas
Notlc Is hereby given that on th
16th day ot March A. D. 110, th
nderslgaed waa by th probata eonrt
ot Dickinson county, Kansas, duly
appointed and qualified a executrix
ot th ett ot L L. Brubaker, de
ceased, lat of Dickinson county,
Kansas. All parties Interested la
aid tat win tak sotlc sad gov
ern themaslve eeordlngly.
' Executrix.
(First published Is th Abilene Weekly
BeOeeter, Marea I. His.)
State f KHa pleklaeea County. .
In the Freest Court ot a4 eeenty.
Tn tne natter of the aetata ef Mat
thew Bolud, Pecej.A
To All Creditor an Other Persona
InUreeted la Said Eatau: ,
To are hereby aetiflod that at the
reenter April term of tbe Pmhate
Court la and for Mid cotintr. te be b.ld
at tne protta fudge's offlee, ta Abi
1m. In vatd ermntr, en th 4th ay 4
Arrh. use, torn the ftnt Moee.r la
su1 venih ef April. I ul aAe llaai
ciUmat rf.!fc
g. & SMITH. Attereer. iv
1 th vlslbl vldenc of rmm
branc for th departed.1 At th be
ginning ot this new year, resolve to
pay th last tribal to tb memory
ot your loved on by erecting s last
ing memorial at th final resting
place. It rests with you as to th
amount of your purchase. Good
taste i sot measured by dollars,
neither Is an artlstlo design, W
can furnish you s monument that
yon will be proud ot for surpris
ingly small sum. , Call and let a
how "you. ; - ' .
Ml HARDING A BON, Proprietors.
Abilene, Kansas. '
30 Tears in Business
in Abilene
i We can fix your
clock or watch or
jewelry right.
See our new
display ot Jew
. elry, Eye Glass
and Speetaolea
Third St., across from P. O.
With or Without Piste
Crown and Bridge Work '
BssnUnsHos Jr.
jvr Case's Store, Ablton. May II
SftnC lfyoMabiuliMMurfrMllvWMttoClJKE
VtlC that pooc hon. at Joan t ibow.wfnt wn
CUilHI PrOt ,lolr., Dkool.llMUp
Prunlrti or by Mall ftVSOrj. Tris! bos 4c. kTroM
Bslarwllrw Co.. BU. A, AbUs, Kn.
Ssrp, Gj3sciiist-8iil Ocl
Praetlos limited to Surgwrr. Bura-leal
lauea, Disease or womea ana via-
of the Bye. , .. v..
' rAftKfcft'$ '
Mat 1
ke-ntlflaa tha B-fe.
Pnaui at unirlanl aTTtrvruL
I Hair iW Toathfti. Oftlor,
. J C-na st-tp !lsM bsFr hiim
,.3!t3 c ad 1-W Bl Druggirtt
ZZ 1 Con. Mb IM Klbbo.V 1
S1UMS r ILLS, lot S
k r Til. Ill '
MO - mmft
- -was IK- --.
ifVAei f.y
Cura Czzkn Dalo
Bur t oi) Satisfaction,
orvts kslwp at ones.
ft oleomas, aootlMa, keels and profcv-ta
iimmmA Bwmbfmae vertltifig from Catarrh
end drlvos awov a Cold to the Heed qaicklr.
Roetorea the eeoeee of Taeto and BawO.
Easy to aee. Oootai ao iajnri,is druge
anplnd iata th siootrile aad absorbad
tmrn (j mto at Dragt-lst or by
aujl. Lq f'A Craesa fioha tat ir
rtimimmn, 79 uaata.
CUT StOTiraS. M Vtm tl Raw Tsry

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