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' - - "
Abilene, Three
ays, 12; 13 14, 1910
Exhibit in
y 1H11E
10 .
High CUM Shows
Latest Riding Derlces
! Sensational Free Acts
Fun Factories or Joy Houses
Electric Lighting Plants
Musicians Prof. EMlck's Military Band
Cage Menagerie In Animal Show
Educated MuTos from 101 Ranch
Nip, the Only Trained Buffalo
"Parker's, Jungle," or Trained Animal Show
"Japanese Village," 18 Vaudeville Artists ,
"Show Girls" 20 People in High Class Musical Comedy.
"Show Beautiful," Featuring "Lotto" with 15 Pretty Girls
"Jubilee Singers," 25 Foremost Colored Performers.
"Parker's Side Show," Superior to the Very Best
"Parker's Annex," Home of the World's Strangest Freaks
"Pearl and Jennie," Strangest Pair on Earth.
;f i Si ' ' s,
IF ,. J: J
r ; . i .i i i . . I g. , . . 'I J ' ' : W ' ""' a-w - - - - I T " nr I
" -""r' .-ti: t-rr?iv -a "UJ"" l"""""u " ' JL I l o a .v ;:-r7h""f I
"5 I I I ' IUt,-AJJ.i-,-S,.,..i, - m T-iitii - idtiw rn "i-f till
XV. , v f 1 i , . ; i
8 " , , ' ' ' -t; ;:,',;;! ' - '' ml y
1 WITH THE JAPANESE VILLAGE , . ,, j,, '"" ' . r .VV x J;i1r'wyf.Til
Bo,iiuj0.o,s,ti t!,Mw auroi Vv'- vf - ' I 01., Arfi
. ' W . il
, :-''-' : Lid . I ; ,r r t -fniB- , mi ""1 " 1 " , ' 1 11 1 : J
. ; ,. ... , w Dinuvn pnnmnPR ''' ' 1 ' PARKER MILITARY BAND - ".J
IN THE PARKER JUNGLE SHOW ' " ' W. 'jy,,,..,,,,,,,,,,,,,
fSr!?" I I 7 ., " .'4' -i. I f)' - I F. A. Klover 25 bv 90 ft w center
FatJipr Horgaii Goes to Sonaa,
Father O'Reilly Comes Here.
Father D. Horgan, who has been
priest of St. Andrew's church, has
bees' transferred to the Solomon
church, which has a larger congre
gation. Father Horgan has woo a
host of friends by his devotion to
duty and his unfailing courtesy and
kindliness. Many friends will be
sorry to have him leave.
! The new priest at St. Andrews will
be Father Thomas O'Reilly who has
been stationed at Elmo. He has won
fine standing as a successful and
popular priest and will be welcomed
here. He will take charge this week
and will conduct services next Sunday.
Sunday School Workers Ott for the
Big Meeting.
Secretary J. H. Engle. Treasurer
R. M. White, Supt. W. D. Stem, Coun
ty President J. C. Enti and about
100 Sunday school workers of the
county left for Kansas City, Kansas,
to attend the state convention. It
promises to be one of the most In
teresting ever held and 3000 dele
gates are expected to attend. Mr.
Engle and Mr. Stem will make sever
al addresses.
These were the delegates wso weni
from Hope: Dr. and Mrs. J. C. Ents,
Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Meek, Mrs. Flsk,
Mrs. Koch, Mrs. Speer, Rev. Mr.
Campbell. Mrs. Musser, Mary Meull.
A. L. Evers. E. Monlnger, Lola Mos
ley. Hecital at Talmage.
The entertainment given under the
auspices of the Talmsge school by
Miss Florence Knight and Miss Wln
nlfred Tanner at the Talmage hall
Saturday evening was very much ap
preciated by all who attended. Miss
Knight, the elocution Instructor of
v. .,,it hick, school, Is a very
pleasing reader. Every selection was
aplendidly given, miss -
soloist of marked ability and pleased
the audience very much, not only by
v.. ....iiui rendition, but also by
her thole of selections. 8n was
assisted by Mr. Dean Mcsmsnaey m
duet, and Miss Veso MarU. ac
eempunist. both of the eounty high
s isal. The entertainment was first
e- ia a-very Tefpec nT
The State Federation banquet will
be served on the evening of April 26.
Tickets will be $1.
J -J '
The Coterie club will meet with
Miss Marie Augustine this evening.
Ji Ji
Two girls attending the University
nf Kansas are furnished financial
aid of the state federation of wo
men's clubs, who have lately estab
lished a fund to aid working girls
to" get a college education. The as
sociation of college alumnae, when
It established a small scholarship
for upper class girls last spring, dis
covered that there was a number of
senior girls In the university who
would not be able to remain, In
school for graduation unless they
should have financial aid. Many of
these girls had practically worked
their way through the university,
but did not have money to pay the
expenses of graduation.
The Columbian club will meet to
morrow afternoon with Miss McShea
at Chapman. Those having cars. will.
.k. th irin In them, others -will
go down the train, returning on the
fiver. Miss McShea extenas an ur
gent Invitation to all the clob to
partake of her hospitality ia the
evening. The program Is: Music,
Miss McShea: Roll call, name of ar
tist; Most famous Italian painter,
Mrs. Johnti; Raphael In his relation
to Michael Anaelo. Mrs. Parent,
Rembrandt, man, painter and poet,
Mrs. Taylor; The Madonnas, Group
V; current events, parliamentary
fllub women are anticipating the
publication of Mrs. W. A. McCarter's
nnvKl ta come from tbe press in me
f.ll Alreadr club program
are contalnlna a discussion of 'The
ph of the Prairie." which is me
tltl of Mrs. Csrter's book, as one
feature of Kansas programs.
Th. Hawthorne rlub of Chspmao
cava an entertainment In Scanlon'a
hall Wednesday evening with a large
it.niUnf. The club membara gave,
a clever fare. "The Spinster's Re-
torn" aad Prof. Btelnlnser-a orcnee
furnished music The proceeds
went to the scholsrshlp fund.
irs. Raber. president of the Fifth
In a country neighborhood not far
from Manhattan. It has been enns
tenel, "The Rivemldje Club" Mrs.
Carrie Shomway was ohosen presi
dent. There ara thirty members who
have voted to Join the State Federa
tion. There Is a whole souled en
thusiasm In the country clubs that
may well be copied by1 1 the older
clubs, who In many Instances seem to
havi settled Into ruts which require
little abort of an earthquake to dla-
lodze them, we wish It were practic
able to "exchange calls" on club
Hrv as the new members would
surely be a benefit to us. Mrs. God-
dard. ,
Miss Curry's School Closes. .
Pearl. Aurll 2. The Walnut Grove
Bchool three miles south of Pearl bad
Its closing exertlses yesterday after
noon. The teacher, Miss Cecil Curry,
of Abilene, had charge of the pro
gram which was one of the best in
MIm Cecil Cwrry.
the school's history. A bounteous
dinner was given yesterday noon n
honor of Miss Curry. Miss Curry's
work has been very satisfactory and
has won a host of friends In this
community. This was her first term
as a teacher.
PreebyterUl Society to Meet.
The Woman's Presbyterial aoele'j
of th Solomon Presbytery will meet
at Minneapolis April 11 and II. Mr.
Ward Davis la secretary and Mrs.
S. M. Hal,1 president of th society.
Km For Sal.
From full blood Barred Plymouth
Rocks, 75 cents per setting f 15
eggs; SO ggs $1.15; eae-balf mil
north of Acme, root 1, Brown phone
net. Mrs. Geo. A. Sister, Ahliene
l! Inn j'.r fa,' Mfl fi I'.t
ueiinquBni i ax rayers
Notice to
.1 iM ... ,. .1.1 ,', Htfi; ...
i ... u i -cr-fl;: r :iju.h,o;.. (..'t; o-
Office of the County Treasurer, Dickinson County, Kansas
Abilene, Kansas, April 1, 1910.
Notice Is hereby given that the following Is a list of lands, city and
town lots, situated In the County of Dickinson and state of Kansas, sold
on the 3rd day of September, 1907, for the unpaid taxes of 1900 and un
redeemed on the above mentioned date; containing names of persons
to whom same were assessed, whenever such names appears on the as
sessment and tax rolls, and the amount of taxes due on each parcel of
asnd with interest thereon, calculated to and including the 3rd day of
September, 1(10, and that unless such lands and lots are redeemed on or
before the said 8rd day of September, 1910, that being the last day of
redemption allowed by law, they will be subject to deeds.
E. L. MORSE, County Treasurer.
A. Benbrnua
It t 1 t 1J J3
Herman Mltich
2 a In a
10 by 10S ft
In iw cor ... IS 15 I M
t 12
Robert Kenner
ii i i
11 11
a w aide nets I
John Ruts I
br 10S ft In
nw cor of
II t t-t
Clinton Marts
1 a In aU
H.nnik Nawi
lou ( and S. II
11 4 I
It 41
II 11
17 II
I 7
Jobn A. Gruber
bK 1M It.
0 of oe cor of
1Mb Wl
nnt ttreotft
thine n US
-ft 10 ft.
IS ft. w
111 ft to beg.
1 acre
C. K. Uttle-
fleld Is a ta
mw U
C B. Mine
field I- nor
1 acre ia aw
Ana I '
. . t fe lit
Ulllt I II
H II . ! I II
11 11 tVt t tl
11 II I t IH
and wM of
I 7th t and
of Cedar St.
and all of
Ith street
abutting .. 12
Geo. McClave
lots I, IS, 14.
II. II. blk
71, Her..... 12
4 OS
IS 4 ltt
Town Co.
blk 15. Her. 1
T. Co.'i
Rnht. llowatt
pt. n II
It II 4 I
IS 4.5
W. D. Tulton. lot . blk 14.....
Wm. Trickle lot 1, blk II
p. J. Lrnch lot 41, atiin st...
H. Whitley lote 111. 164. Main St.
A. P. Colllne lot US. Mln et...
B. f. Nlckereon lot 41. Third et.
Louis Sched tote 121. 127, Fourth
N. E. Roht. Hall lota SI. 14, II
Fourth at
Gets' Add
M. Weir lots 11. 14, blk I,....
E. E. Brown lota 1. 11, blk I...
Wm. Mortimer lot IS, bis I....
Lota 24. II. IS. blk 1
A. B. Bmeyaer lots 11. . blk I
M. Donnelly, lots 14. Jlk IS...
Hllle 4k Scbrader lota L blk 14
Helra of H. H. Haydea loU X, I,
C. ioff'm'aVii'bT HI ftin
a kr blk "V.Vm'T
W. B. Fanao a 14 b'k tl..'..
Beaa's AM
Let t. Xk i.
A. V. Fsrarasa g t ft lot 4
tiK I
4 17
t 41
I 14
II 10
t IS
t 14
111 II
4 14
1 75
1 II
1 II
lit Tt
It ii
I It
F. A. Klover 25 bv 90 ft w center
end of lot t, blk 6 14
Thuratin ft gwayie'a Add
Wesley Swayte all blk F t 04
I. C. Grovter 10 ft. lot 2, blk 17 10
Henquenett'a Add
A. Henquenet 15 ft. between lota
1 and a. hlk 1 . . . u n
J. Hoffman lot 7, btk S ti
J. F. Rumold lot ll.Tlk 7 (0
Shore'a Add
Jas. B. Haley lot 3, blk 12...... (I
S. Rexroat aouth blk I t It
J. A. Colley pt. lot IS, blk 12.. 14 It
J. J. Ryan lota 3, 4, blk 14.... 20 II
Ellaa Cllne eaat blk 22 14 01
Sheeran'a Firat Add.
Hannah Howe lAt 9 9 kii. a
J. J. O'Brien lota 4, 6. blk I. ' 12 21
Sheeran'a Fourth Add.
K. B. Sheeran all blk 1 2 52
Sheeran'a Fifth Add
Jan. Sheeran lota 5, 8, 7, I, blk 3 1.11
Delia Ruthrauff beg. 29 ft w
of ae cor blk 15. w 2S ft. n
118 ft. e 2H1, ft, aouth to beg 4 It
Cr.Iar.?"l"k' lot" u- blk 4 61 11
n a- """ 20 Dk 46 3 01
Wohlegmust lota 13, 16, "
blk 62 10 S4
W. H. Berger lot 14, blk 8..! Is
Gertrude Colllne lota 5, 7, I, 11
blk SI it 6 4
M. J. Mullln hw cor blk 120.... Ill S7
Joe Peters lots 10, 12, blk 123.. ii 01
Luce & Wllson'a Add.
Belle St. Amand lota 1, 3. 5. 7. I
11. blk 176 ., ' ' I ct
Luce Estate lots 23, 25, blk Hi'. ." tl
Thompson'! Add.
H. 1. Ashley lots 10, 12, blk 1 41 II
Creech's 2nd Add.
I. F. Fall lots 80. 32, blk 141 I II
G. Htolrus, lots 21. 23, blk 141 I 07
Murray's Add.
F. L. Carby, lots 22, 24, blk 2, I 40
Shepherd's Add.
J. E. Anderson lots IS, tt, 23, a
H 17, blk 7 14 l
B. L. Thompson's Add. (Not la City)
J. Pattla. lota 13, 1, 17 f
Jay Olney lots S-10, blk 1 1J 1
Southwlck 4V Auauatln .
First African Church of Abilene '
lot 101, Spruce st 7 7
Kuney Hodge's Add. ,
Evangelical ehurch, lots IS, II,
blk 25 .' 1 41
Rice Austin
A. L. Van Ostrand lot I, blk t 111 II
Lebeld a First Add.
H. Bouthworth all lot I a of
creek except loo ft.. IT!
KUher'a Add
United Brethren church lots 7, t
blk I II 60
Highland Add.
Unknown, lot is, blk IS N
Falrvlew Add.
O. L. Darling, lota 21. tl, 14, blk
17 1 tl
Boston Heights Add.
s lot I. blk 15 41
Lota la section 11-11-2
I. W. Bailey beg 105 ft n and 161
. f t w of se cor 14-U-l. a III ft
to V. P. R. of W- thence Be
along R. of W. 101 ft te a
point w of t Una of ll-ll-L
thence ill It v II ft, a 114
ft, w ltrt to be T N
Nora A- Cox keg 4IS ft a and
111 ft w of as cor 14-11-1,
i?i a v ii ft, ui iv
16 ft te beg M
J. K Fdwards keg til ft a aad
sue rt w of ae oor ls-ll-t, a
rt. is ft, a ft, e 10
ft to g tl
fUrby-S Add.
V H nw-.rr lit 14, b k It 1
dlrtrlct takes g J"'1, ,a
K to r""srt a ew e'rb,

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