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tPceUly Reflector.
The Reflector Publishing Co.
stand as seooad class null matter
t Ik soateMloe st AMitatt
. finaraiiteed target Circulation of
any Paper Pabllibed ta Dickinson
M In aVIMl AF Wlthtll tOS TeaTi
" 1
Oat year '1"
. U month ' "
Stares months '."I" .V,!
Jl not paid I" advenes or during tne
" ..11.01
Oat yar 1 .
County Superintendent,
I hereby announce myself at a can
iri.ii for tha office of Superintend-
est of Public Instruction of Dlckln
nn wiiintr. subject to th approval
of tha Republican voter at tba Aug-
nit prlmarlea. w. u. bijub
County Assessor.
. T., ,.
publican votera that M H mi
4ata for County Asessor aubject to
the prlmarlea In August
I hereby announce nyaalf at a
candidate for the office of County
Attestor, aubject to the action of the
Republican prlmarlea In August.
I hereby announce myaelf aa a
candidate for the office of County
Assessor, tubject to the action of the
Republican prlmarlea In August.
' !' I. I
Reglster of Deeds.
I hereby announce myaelf aa a
candidate for Regliter of Deede, aub
ject to the Republican prlmarlea.
I hereby announce myielf aa a
candidate for Register of Deedi, aub
ject to the Republican prlmarlea.
1 hereby . announce myaelf aa a
candidate for Regliter of Deed, tub-
i jwt to the Republican prlma-iee.
j l h.rnhv announce myaelf ai a
candidate for Reglater of Deede, tub
lect to the Republican prlmarlea.
t hmhr announc myself aa
candidate for Register of Deeds, sub
ject to the decision of the Republican
County Treasurer.
i fcarah announce myaelf aa a
candidate for the office of County
' Treasurer aubject to the action of
the Republican prlmarlea in August.
1 hereby announce myself at a
candidate for County Treasurer sub
ject to the action of the Republican
-primary. B. L. MORSB.
County Clerk.
l tmrtihT announce myself aa a
j uvivv '
candidate for County Clerk subject
v . ...I.. - tha Raniibtlcaa art-1
to tha action of the Republican pri
maries. , H. W. KIHO.
The Emporia Oatette argues In a'
Column and a halt editorial that'
"two terms are enough," which
shows without a reading that Empo-
rU has a candidate for atato super-
Intendent However, It all depends.
and frequently three terms are not
aough. Ia offices such aa stats su
perintendent, state treasurer, and the
jmrmivBuvuh, .--. 1
lib. t-ul nnlw IWII HQ- fltDAM t
ukv, wuviv wiviu, , '
hut experience la essential, and the
, . uiMi.1i ttk amra
siate ia wm. uu".u dj tneir 10117.
taen who do the work exactly as It, ( ,1, p1Der in't a corporation or
ahould he done, and prove that they Not kt ti, R favon proper
cat do far better work than ny ( regujBtloB o( glj mea Ma corpor
man potslbly eould do, then the twottlonl) DUt )t ti ,saBit tny snuffing
term II ae la a more arbitrary rule ont proceM
tiat la betUr broken than kept. Inj 1 i- 1
IM two ouicea meiiiivu,
1 two mea wko are ot exceptional
'worth, and ot the moat marked abil
ity. There it no reason that the two
term rale should he applied to
Treasurer fully or Superintendent
kiiA n- Ana aonea or exoecta
to pet better men for the two plaeee.
And while It la turety the part of wit
ton, to tetaln ta tha employ of the
state good edueatore and good flaan
iera. Lawrence Oaaette.
The Journal ta la hearty ermpaUiy
with the movement to hold every
I ..rat ho o'.s at the KpuMt-
, . r -r ,f f m.nsl'r. Tbn year
Importance In their own party and
can easily help nominate weak men
on the Republican ticket. If a Demo
crat wants to rota for a candidate on
the Republican ticket at the election
he ought to be given the privilege,
but he haf no buslneaa saying who
that candidate shall be. Lawrence
Journal. -
.The aecuring of the poetofflce
building by Congressman Calderheaa
again emphasizes the fact that a
cntiEreesman'a usefulness la increas
ed by his term of service and varlet
directly with the length of It. Mr.
Calderhead has proven in this ses
sion of congress that It would be im
possible to send another man from
thla district that would nave ine
same Influence until he had served
several terms. Mr. Calderhead haa
always been a Republican. His re
i in trail off after the free silver
heresay or to take Democratic atti
tude on thr tariff fluestlon haa
brought adverse criticism but not
from the votera who elected him aa
a Republican to uphold the Republi
can principles and administration
Concordia Blade.
There Is a lot of good sense In the
following from the Hiawatha Worjd:
When the people are prosperous
they are inclined to do the wrong
thins they are actually bent on kill
mwm. They are sreeuy ana ui
all and then they do that which cuts
them out of any. .
Timet were never better. ' No one
It being robbed. All pay tribute of
course. There never will be a time
or system that will prevent a divl-
.inn of nroceeds. Yet here we are
pounding the rallroada. In turn the
rallroada have taut uowu speuumg
mum on lmDrovements. have llosed
up the ahopa and turned men off by
th thousand. This CUtl aown me
nrofita of tha farmera and merchants
ana maaufacturerg, for we r all
Hnkea together, but the aream-
and theorists like Bill White and
Stubbt say that Is the way to do and
many believe It.
Mlaaonrl. which probably SuBtams
the manufacture of beer and whisky.
the beer product making Mr. uuscn
one of the richest men In the world,
drove the Standard Oil Co. out of the
state. It was not being robbed by
the price of gasoline. The price was
reasonable, but the politicians made
the neonle believe that the trusts
and corporations should be crushed.
What happened. Thousands of Mis-
sourlans who were drawing good
vases as Standard Oil employes were
thrown out of employment and mll-
llono of dollars that would have been
snent on refineries and pipe lines
were lost to the state, together with
all the labor they would have given
to men who needed It to buy beer,
liver and other necessities.
All reasonable men agree that
rallroada and corporations ehould be
governed by law, Just aa the cltiien
Is, but prosecution should stop there.
We need the great Interests In thla
country and get weary of hearing
from the men who want to drive
them out. Every big corporation In
the country Is a borrower of money,'
which means that it Is expending
and employing more labor. This busy
money helps ua all. Whe they quit
borrowing and quit spending, theL
we shall aH feel the effect of the de
Let's have some tense. We all
want a maraei. ine Dusy aoimr
(e ,t , u, Tne ldl8 aoHr makes
... . . .
aothlnc for anyone. The Standard
Oil Co. can let along, but the peo-
pie cani get aiuug wuuuut u. aub
nt standard products and Stand-
. .a & -1 i . l , i .
d money. The Standard Oil Co.,
more uaeful and indispensable
producta than any other corporation
, lha ,0,13 nd It sella them
chelper. It makea vast aumt ot
money by perfection of a great busi
ness system, but It robe no one. It ia
generally fair. Some day thla win
no Known 10 ail ana ine peewee wan
. n. . M . , V
jars ariTing lam Diaaamra uu, ui ub
tta mm themselves be driven out'
....... I
Mt. St. Joseph Academy Olebrmted
Sand. Anaaal Cosasaeacewieat.
Twenty-four atudeat were grad
uated from ML BL Joseph's Acad
emy this morning. Rev. John Mayer
ot Saline, delivered the commence
ment address aid presented the di
plomas. . Thla 1a the tweaty-eecoad
aaaaal commence) eat of the acad
emy; The address was preceded by
mass and a large number of Aht-
!ese people atteeded the service. The
i, ire lad es were til dressed la
' ' tnd the aodieeee greatly -
' r 8 ca fe :-v
Bill Tasted House and Has Only the
(be Senate to Meet, 1 '.
C. M. Harger, Abilene, Kansas. -
Washington, J una 81. The pub
lic building bill passed the house
last night With $70,000 for Abilene
and tame amount for Concordia.
The above telegram makes anoth
er atao nearer for the publle build
ing. It hat now only to pass the
senate and receive the president's
signature. Senator Brlstow may tr
tn hold It ud as he did the Balina ap-
nronrlatlon because of Jealousy of
Congressman Calderhead and Abilene
but Senator Curtis, who kat more in
fluence In congrest than Brlstow can
acquire In a doien terms it for Abl-
lene'a bill and It will go through.
It it a significant thing that of
the half dozen public buildings se
cured for cdunty teat towns in Kan
sas, Abilene and Concord' ot tne
Fifth district are the only onea to
get 70,000. The others, .. all as
large or larger than Abilene, includ
ing Great Bend, with 5,700 popula
tion to Abllene's 4,400,get only 150
000 or $65,000. It certainly doe)
pay to have a congressman who it
somebody at Washington.
Only banger Remaining.
a' niituhor of insurgent enemies of
Congressman Calderhead telegraphed!
Senator. Brlstow to make the appro
priation $100,000 when the bill gets
to the Senate. Of course no -town
of thla size could get to much and
Brlttow could not get any amount,
h,,t with congress within tour daya
of adjournment he might by chang
ing the flaurea and cause a delay oy
holding the item until next session.
That is the only thing that can prevent-
the bill becoming law.
Strange thai any - Abilene cltl-t.i
wt vld show, .sucii spirit ot mean
ness at a lime like thla out of pre
judice and eo'.
W, T. Walfenbarger purchased
a Maxwell runanoui iroui iu
Electric Co. yesterday. ; -
r.nt. between Enterprise and Abi
lene, on the Enterprise road, a muff
ler for an E. M. F. Auto. 'inner
please notify Melvln B. Smelts, En
terprlse, Kan. and oblige.
j. K. Forney has purchased the
.Thaver realdence on North
Spruce and la remodeling tt.
H. W. Southwortb and bride
are here from Hooker, Okla., visiting
relatives. Herb la running a paper
at that place and it doing well. .
vnr sale, rood canopy aurrey, alto
.mirla driving harness. Call at this
office. , 15d2tl6w2t
.-Mist Helen "sterl left for New
Yoik todaj hero the w'll Join a
party of frlenda who will aau tor
Europe June as. They will be gone
CO di ys.
Governor 8tubbe will be in Abl-
TniT 1. Ha will speak 10 min
utes before the ball game at the ball
nark and will make a apeecn up w
In the evening.
M. H. Dull haa purchased the
nnrT flachau 10 acre tract of land
on North Buckeye tor 18,700. Mr.
Bachau recently completed h- fine
residence on the place.
ceiveu u mw. ww.-o -
Schilling, daughter of Jamee Schil
ling, formerly of Herington, to C. O.
Evana at Long ueacn, umi. , -
Modes Bros, have been flying
their bli flag all day in celebrating
the new poetofflce building. Buck
eye property owners are in cheerful
spirits over the appropriation made.
a. W. Kelley kt home from a
trip ta Western Kansas and brought
home samples of oats and wheat
which are tine. They will have big
yields ia that section as no wheat
was winter killed.
Ray BenhamTwho was Injured
by a train and had one leg ampu
tated It daya ago, la doing nicely
and was Bitting np for the first time
today. HeJs at ths home of hit
grandfather, J. P. Powell. -
Bishop 7. R. Eagle to Speak.
Bishop J. N. Engle la expected
home from Pennsylvania July 1. He
win deliver aa address oa his visit,
to Africa and the orient at the Belle
Springs church Sunday evening, July
Cs4U Blasts,
Mist Jeaale CaUia and Charles H.
Staata, ef Woodbine, were snarrtei at
the mrthoe thle aT'.ereooa Fro
bate J !! An !--.- cfH,"'- ":
. New Goods
. New Thing "
New way of Selli fj
' 1 ' ' n
Read This List (Attractions
Soft-Shirts with Soft Collars
$1-00, 1.50, 2-00, 2-50, 3 00
Union Suits -
Two Piece Goods
Light Summer Coats and Pants
Black Alpaca Coats- .. -
u ti
Nobby Pants .
Pretty Scotch Weaves and fancy stripes ... ... $3 00, 3-50, 4 00, 5 00
Straw Hats, Panamas, Porto Rico, all the new things
$1.00, 150, 2-00, up to 10 00 v -
This Store
Mayor Rice Thinks $175 la Needed
For Bit Triable. -M.Tor
Sice today brought salt
against three ef the number of busi
ness mea who signed the surety bond
(or eoata la the injunction suit
brought to test la friendly manner
ths legalttr t tne eommlaalongov
mnmtoL He selected J. a Case,
C. U. Harger aad J. K- Brewer as
his victlnu and wants 1178 carn
age because lae Injunction suit was
nr. Rtca and Mr. Knmp save aw
brought a Baasaat suit la ths sw-
sreaae coart against the eounciime.
personally la waieb dasaagea Is
, . . . r i
H Mis? U WU U
You know this
store. You know
Harry Litts. What
ever this store sells
is guaranteed in ev
ery respect. We
know of no place
that you will get
better treatment
than here. Every,
garment has new
features that no
body can v hardly
find a fault with and
ybu will find what
you want here.
Underwear ,
. .. : " . . . fcl.'oO
"25c, 50c,
Fashionable Clothier and
ly purchased land Id the Everglades
At,ttt t winrMa heima the aaaeia-
bly room ot the Commercial College
aa organisation of a Florida Club
was perfected by electing C. H, SUfer,
president; J. A. Graves, vice presi
dent and H. W. Picking secretary.
Over lot contract nave kot
v. hr Abilene Bart lea and suite
a aumber expect to locate oa theU
,..a k Mninff lnter. Th con
tract for th construction" ot a early
let miles ot mala cassia was let w
Baltimore first oa Jun it. The
work Is te he pushed to a rapia ceis
pletloa. . ' ! '
BUI Shiftless ia Maaagef Txted
ea Sssta ef Mad Oreek-
Abilene has a auaiaier resort. Kow
,,. MtmJs absurd bnfTl Isn't. How-
Prices that
Our Goods
w I Wi m m
$1 - 50
Hatter .
' Always
' ' Hustling
" for business
ha charge ot th oommlssary de
partment which Is attracting favor
able mention for It economical and
efficient work.' Those who are reg
istered at the resort report a very
pleasant company. Bath at a. m.,
breakfast at 10 a. m. and luncheon
a la carte ta tha dally program. Th
dally exercises ot the resort stars
with a long service, which begins at
10:41 a. m. and lasts until lunch,
sea, aad sevsral important addressee
ar delivered to the assembly each
afternoon. The evening program
ar gives by th Ylrl VUI quartette,
th nam ef which lit taken from the
Latin for "The Simple Life."
Gee to Wsshlagiea.
Roy Engle, a graduate of D. C. H.
3. and eon ot I. 0. Engle, living
southeast ot Abilene, has pasted the
rlrll service r in alios sod lcTf
Tniriy to UUe a po!ioa in tt
Irrior T- prttBir.t as t J(
r-.; r-' ': T "v a t- '.t I

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