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Ilie Reflector Publishing Co,
Entered as second clas mall matter
at the poitofflca at Abilene, Kama.
, Guaranteed Largest Circulation of
any Paper Published to Dickinson
Tf paid In advance within the year:
One year...., , JJ
Six monthi., ?X
Three month , D"
If not paid In advance or during the
year; 12 00
One year ,....s..ira
It is recognized that the Repub
licans of Dickinson county have an
exceptionally fine ticket this fall. It
made up of capable edld.te.
vervone of whom has ample qualifi
cations for the position to which he
.nlrm. There Is n factionalism and
. r,r. uctionallsm In the ticket. The
county has all sections represented
candidates being from Chapman
Hope, Herlngton, Solomon, etc., as
well as from Abilene, bo eiceiieni
! the ticket that the prospects are
for a clean sweep for every candidate
from top to bottom of the list
The people of the county hive
learned to expect on the Republican
ticket first class candidates and to
expect from the officers when elected
first class service. In the oaso of
every candidate before IhJ people
this fall who has already served the
public the record speaks tor Itseir.
The service given by Representative
Case, County Clerk King, Sheriff
Young, District Clerk Rowe, Probate
Judge Anderson, Assnssor Murphy
and Commissioner Fry, have proved
their fitness for their places and
their renomlnatlon came as a recog
nition of their excellent work and
faithful performance of duty.' Their
reelection Is assured.
The new names on the ticket are
those of equal merit, In Ernest
Morse for treasurer, F. A. Green for
county attorney, Mrs. Anderson for
register, W. 0. Steen for superlntena-
register, yy . v. lwm . .
.nbandM. A. Jolley tor surveyor are
. . An. tut.! tn An thAir wnrk 1
lounu vi Buiin
Altogether It Is a ticket ef which
the party may well be proud and It
Is one that will receive the approval
of the votes in election.
Chairman J. N. Dolley of the Re-
publican state committee, doe. not
" . .,
expec the msiip to jrag ..on,
a. quietly a. It has been going right
un to election. He expects-the light-
nlng to strike any day and Is. pre
paring for It. Notwithstanding the
apparent lack of any need tor a bat
tery of outside speakers Mr.' Dolley
Is making arrangements for some
Invitations have been sent to both
of the Iowa senators A. B. Com
mlns and J. P. Dolllver. They have
spoken In Kansas and are known in
some parts of the state. Senator
Cummins was In Kansas during the
primary campri'gn. Senator Dolll
ver spoke In Top;ka when Prsl ient
Taft made his tour through the state
Just before the general election two
years ago. It they will come to Kan
sas for the presontcamiialgn they
will be scheduled tor the larger cit
ies and towns.
Two more outsld-s "no have
been Invited are James R. Garfield,
a former member of Preidet Rooso
velt's cabinet, and Gifforti Plnchot.
ex-natlonal forester. al)oth Plnchot
and Garfield were tn Kansas with
Colonel Roosevelt when he spoke at
Osawatomle In August. Chairman
Dolley will make special efforts to
get them to come to Kansas
Senator Frank Travis ot lola aendf
10 toe traitor ok law nviieviur an
interesting letter along sensible lines
In state politics. He quote, this
editorial from the Reflector:
Whea the Kansas legislature meets
we hope some member of the house
will make a motion to have a com
mittee selected by the h'oaae name
all tha committees and that the
speaker shall not be a member of
that committee. This' is what Mur
doch, Madison, Cummins aad all -the
reformers hare been fighting for' tn
congress and It would be ridiculous
for Kansas' legislature to allow Itself
to be bossed by a speaker who caa
automatically same all the coat-
mitteea. olcklna them out In advance.
The aame should be done la the
senate. Let', have real reform and
not hypocritical than with one thing
at Washington and another thing at
home. It the insurgents are honest
, . .
' ""ur'Bt r "O"''
ie to this snd do it. IT
they are ditboaert is
nta aCKiaat flflfiOn1tm
they will agree
they aa am mcy are eitaoa-m. id
their arguments against Cioaos.sro
i. r ..-. It vHl H tetarYMtir,
to see which route they take.
Commenting upon It Senator Tra-
vli says: "I take thli method or
endorsing the proposition laid down
by you In this clipping." I believe
that, thli li the thing to do, If we
are to' have reform let u have re
form. I would go a itep farther
than this: I would have a law pasted
by the legislature making It unlaw
ful and Ulea-al for a member of the
legislature to accept an appointive
office from the bands of the governor
dnrlnr .the term for which he Is
elected. I believe It Is Just as ques
tionable to buy a man's Influence
in ihA lntlslature by giving him an
appointive office as It Is for the
areat corporations to buy nis in
fluence and services In some other
This la aood sense. It Is the same
TDis is gooa euo. " J
ge e and Ze ' heir fo7 a tonlc. slrf" was asked at the Davis
?tate office, during their terms. It barber shop. It conveyed, at least to
,tate omces ounng . . U, ..eiectl" a certain special and
HZ thH the gove nor ha.
secured legislative ... . , , -
Jse. of Job. to i
needing correction. Let the, the peace pissed, and In
filings rigni uu .1-
be no bosslsm from speaner or iu-
tenant governor and that there be no
wannlna of iobs for votes. H me
" .a
L.nii era honest in tneir ae-
mands they will heartily agree to
both propositions.
Tast year there were nearly five
thousand teachers who attended the
annual meeting of the State Teacn-
, . with
eight hundred or a thousand In for-
mer years. This year fully six thou-
. i.. uiti The
State Teachers' Association has be-
come a powerful element for aa-
. ' it,. i.n. ..Knnt.!
in Kansas where formerly it was a
little annual gathering of a striving
mK. .. hn i.
orguuizaiiuii, iu 6""
due largely to one thlng-the change
. j
of the dates from the Christmas boll-
n the earlv fall. One man. E.
T. FBlrchlld, the present Republican '
candidate for ne-electlon as state
n.,hiM iwmotinn.
saw that long ago, and It was largely
due to his Incessant work that the
change In date was made.
The Aet Caused Her Discharge and
Then 12,000 Neckwear worKers
Went on a Strike.
'New York, Oct.
new xora, vet. 11. a wsiw"
year old girl's laugh while stitching a
scarf In a Christie street basement in
thls city, Is really what led, to the
11. A fourteen
strike of the neckwear workers. It ,
was the laugh which was Instrumental
in omiTi mnra than 12.000 men.
Joungter, ,trlke ,
Mckw..r workers are after
omen ana youuKecera 10 go uu eirme.
Tha niYirwar wnrkre ara after
higher wages, but they declare there
Is a good deal more to tight lor tuan
the dollar sign. k....
The .trlkers say that the "bosses"
vxM them when they Ulk to their
fe inw wnrkeri. A lauall la followed
by a reprimand. A little girl laughed.
Hue was aiscnargea. ine oiner em
ployes protested. Then all the em
ployes went on strike. The news
spread rapidly. The result was that
In a few days every neckwear worker
tn, taiklTi about the little alrl who
dared to laugh and whose discharge
Other comolalnt. began to come and
all were investigated. After a con
ference a .strike was voted for. The
strike is on in full swing.
The Decision Was Arrived at Unex
pectedly at a Masting Held After
Parifl. Ortt. 11 Tha emnloves of tha
Northern France railway have sudden-
1w atpnnlr anrf thm whnl SYrstAm ! at
a standstill. The order to strike was
issued late at night after a meeting
of the railway men's committee and
at midnight the staff stopped work
without giving any warning, ine
public was taken wholly unawares
and. thousands were prevented rrom
..mi.. ,.. ,.,
starting on intended Journeys. Short-
ly alter midnight the station floors
IinT.4 r.'SurHT! , T.
soldiers were hurried to occupy the
deserted stations. ,
Troops were also posted along the
. , .,.,.
llnes to guard the locomotives end the
Am Tk.
summoned bv President Brland to die-
euas the measures to be taken.
The Kansas Tribunal Will Meet Jan-
nary t In Place ef January I te
Accomodate New Members. '
Topeka, Oct. 12. The Kansas so-
reno court has announced that the
prams court has .announced that the
Jaeuary sitting ot the court would be
gla January t, a week later thaa usual.
i nis was aone oa account ot tne inau
guration ot the new state officers,
which will take place January 1. It
waica win use mace January a. 11
the court held the hearing at the regu-
lar iima. a kaai naa of tha tiYiiaaa
wouia nave 10 wora out ine caaea
bMr4 at that January term after his
Ur- offisa ,Iplml a.itrtr(
th, bearing one week tt will permit
tha a.a 1..Aa ta aft arltk tha a
'ouis nave 10 worn out ue case
,ni hearing one week tt will permit
th m9 judge la sit with the court at
tha WfnaJita- of tha trta. I
Hair Tonic Wasn't Only Liquid Kept
By Navarre Barber.
Henry Davis of Navarre, a barber,
made liberal, use of a tonle quite
different from that which he had been
sprinkling; on his customers' beads
Baturday, and, after Jetting well
"toned up" he started out to spread
general desolation through that
quiet community. His picturesque
career, however, had a speedy and
unromantlc ending. Each and ev
ery cltlien who chanced to cross his
turbulent path made a bee line for
the constable's, and Davis was soon
lodged In the town lock-up charged
with disturbing the peace. ,
Rubaeauent Investigation led the
local authorities to suspect that When
,h aBt4aB0M0 question. ."Have
forbidden meaning. Davis was
- ' The cnarge of ollturb.
,. . . , iouor. 0n two counts.
- - j.ti,
The case will be . '"
flulnn'S AAiiPf nam WPniKBUAf iuuiu-
"" -
No Verdict Yet for Navarre Barber
Charged witn oeiiing "4"""
' The case of Henry Davis, the Na-
varre barber brought here Sunday
on a cnarge oi seumg
llauors. which was on trial In Jus-
tlce Quinn's court today, went to the
jury mis iwruUu.
The comolalnlng witness, w.
Walker, a blacksmith, testified that
a a 1.1. II..IAS nvt fiavlan Alt
ne naa oougui iwuur
two different occasions. The prose-
cutlon had one other witness, Lee
i - A vr .......... . Tha IhpV htrl
Harsnmau oi .-w
not rendered Its verdict at the hour.
of going to press.
ine jury
D. 8. Clark. S. S. Oipe, John Hoon,
David Dobson, J. D. Lightner, Geo,
Mime, uen nuyvt.
Navarre Barber Acquitted on Charge
of Helling Intoxicants.
The Jury In Justice Quinn's court
lir.JW.tf mfiafUMlYI fniHllf Moll T" V
Davis not guiuy on iuw cui.w
,eng intoxicating liquors, brought
, n, b Constable W. H. Wal-
Davig not guilty on the charge-ut
... . h
' J,"
of threatening to kill uon.iaDie
Walker He , hav. the alterna-
tlv. of ilvlnr bond to keep the peaci
nmiwi, io u o --.
tlv nt uivinr hnnd tn keen the neace
or g0ng to Jail till the bond I. pro-
,.,. .... -.111 nmi un before
'justice Qulnn the latter part of the
. weeK- -
mr Ti,r Tn nnmnii I
LiVUUit atiw intm iu rmoun
Of 821 Convicts Sent to Kansas Peni
tentiary 7M Trace Downfall to
Topeka. Oct. ll.-The use of liquor
I. the direct or contributing- cause of
798 men being sent to tb Kansas
penitentiary, ine oienniai rtpori otot
. . . .... , j 1 1 ' I
Thm biennial rttort or
" V ... I
ine uireciors oi tue prisun ana war-ivjfe
den Codding shows that 852 persons
wars rapAlvpfl In tha laat two Tears.
Reports relating to the use of liquor
were obtained from 821 of the new
prisoners. Of this number E69 said
that t,he use of liquor had a bearing
or was a contributing cause of their
crime and 227 .aid that liquor was tha
direct causa.
In Spite ef Poor Start Last Spring
the Production la Batter Than
Last Year.
Washington, Oct. 11. Owing to a
favnrahlA anriinf nt a immyh ttt mnnYr
m.m ' ,IHnM ... . .1
. '... ,, h.. , ",
the United States have turned out
. . .ear than air-t.d.
... ,;,, .'.'
" 00u bushel. . lirg.r
. . , . h ., ,. .
'h" L":.. .. " .!. .P' 1
: . . , . ., " .
duced before, according to the Octo-
. .., , rf .
ber government crop report just made
u wLhTnV,ricoltur dep4rt,DM,t
" w,unlo-
If Inn Manual aa Vmm m e.ll.M.
I Gibraltar, Oct 11. Members ot the
' Portuguese royal family are said to
.be gravely concerned over the health
I ot King Manuel, who Is reported to be
aa tae verge ot a aervoaa collapse as
a result ot the strata and excitement
at the oast few dava.
ef the past few daya,
Stock Ixchange Suit Advanced.
Taneka. Oct. 10 Tha 9r.n.aa .
- "u.-u ui
preme court has advanced the antl-
inui Ualaat Ue Kansas aty
Live Stock eichasge to be beard
auiia wrwvow that I shall never mu i
SUiui wrw
"Wrney geaeral la
Wyandotte county and charged that
tk Ut 'ock eichasge. were la a
fjOmbtttStiOB tO ftZ UliCYKa.
' BT K0C eicnange.
onaUoa o Ix prices.
Jon't You
' ' Do Not Forget the Dates of Our
Majestic Range
October 17-22
REMEMBER, you are invited to attend. We want you to examirie into the
merits of this wonderful range, and besides that, we want you to be sociable.
This is our ANNUAL PARTY and we are going to receive yob cordially
and serve HOT BISCUITS and COFFEE. V
We will show you how we bake biscuits in 3 minutes.
We give away a beautiful set of ware with each range sold at this Exhibit. , '
We are going to provide for you. Do not disappoint us.
A marriage license was Issued
yesterday to Jasper Ferris and Ma
bel Stuck, both of Abilene.
A marriage license was Issued
yesterday to Edward Miller and Em
ma Gantanbeln, both of Dayton.
The Racket will .ell a barrel of
star cut Tumblers Saturday for 10c
each. 12d3twlt
A marriage license was issued
yesterday to James T. McMillan of
Cheever township and Rosa B. uur
bin of Longford.
Dr. F. M. Oler and family will
nrmnv !tha Hallam residence on
North Buckeye this winter, Mrs. Hal
lam goes to Kansas City to reside
with her daughter. '
iiirmm rsartner who was taken
n the .fate hospital at Topeka about
a month ago is reported no better.
His mind seems to be entirely gone
but otherwise his health is good.
Wrnted, solicitc". for first dan
proposition. Good pay. C. W. Kline,
McPherson, Kansas
J. L. Wright has lust cut the
fifth cron of alfalfa from his farm
south of town and is baling it for
shipment. He thinks the field will
vAram about five ton. per acre this
season which will net a 'goodly sum.
Soeclal at the Racket Saturday.
Qoa nnr South window. , 12d3twlt
yope. Dispatch: M. C. and H.
Homnnwav went to Emporia Sat
urday to help devour a birthday din
ner nn Sun da v In honor of MIbs Ly-
' """"' ' 7 ,
from Europe Friday night, and whose
birthday It was. Ralph Hemenway
. aa namf onn I
inf Kii flora, ana a. vmw i
Jiiuaura, uu . -
. , .I.a nrca
oi rtenngion,- woib aisv
Lnt ag were three or four personal
' . M
friends of Emporia.
By Bert Walker in Osborne Farmer
What ahall it profit man if he
spends the flowery days of youth in
laarninr to make a perfect araw
shot on a billiard table anu can v
draw a check that will be accepted
at a bank when the winds of oid
age begin to blow?
- Jt J
Tha man who attends strictly to
his own business and makes aa hon
est endeavor to aava hlmaslf does
so well these days that It Is a wonder
more fellow, don't try it
rwa tn think about it. did any
man ever build a house that suited
all the neighbors?
Some men look more Important
.hn raadlnr a one-cent circular let
ter than President Taft did when he
took the oath of his office.
It la my candid opinion that the
rtaM f iitventtona offcra nothing
more glorlou. to man than that of
i...atia . brand of soap that won't
slip out of your bsnd aad nnder the
washstand Juat after yoo gei your
eyed filled with It.
I am a pessimist Just tfcls far: I
,o.th.tIinr . T -
suit of clothe, or a nat
look aa good on me as It Hoe in e i
wd on m at it does m tae
Bert Walker la Osborne
Como to Our Party ?
.Mr. and Mrs. W. K. Rakeatraw left
for Quinter, Kan.
Mrs. 8. Schwendener left tor Sli
ver Lake to visit friends.
Mrs. H., Schrader of Enterprise
was' shopping In the My. t
Mr. and Mrs. M. Nlcolay left for
California to spend the winter.'
S. Kirk and family are' up from
Manhattan visiting old friend..
Miss Elsie Shell has returned from
an extended trip In New York.
: Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Ooss of north
Dickinson were shopping In town.
Mr.. C. Hoffman and daughter,
Bessie were up from Enterprise.
Fred Kandt fit Oklahoma I. visit
ing friends and relatives In the
Mrs. A. M. Foster left for Okla
homa City to visit her sister, Mrs.
Geo. Hunter. I
Joseph White left for Los Angeles,
Cal. ' "He will spend the winter at'
Redondo, suburb of Los Angeles.
Mrs. H. Harger left to visit her
'sons in Lienver ana juua ausdic.
M1 8penij the winter at Los Angeles
,Mr and Mr, Richara Grlce anc
. . ... . jt
sons In Denver and Los Angeles. She
Charles Grlce started for England
for a few months' visit with home
Mrs. C. H. Gerwig, formerly Miss
Mabel Estes, now of Washington, I.
the guest of C. T. Este. and other
friend, here. ,
Mr.. J. A. McCIellan jreturned to
her home at Vermillion, Kan., after
a month, visit with her mother, Mrs.
J. W. Burkbolder.
Miss Lucy T. Stacey has returned
from iBoise, Idaho, where she has
been visiting her brother. Her hf aith
Is much improved.
J- p- VMbura ana wire im tor
, Pao where tney will
J. P. Flshburn and wife left tor
,at,Te ot Mrg. Flshburn. They
., ,n hy
Will ICIUIU iu w
lit ICI.I. M-rf .
Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Crute, former
residents of Abilene, returned to
their home In Fairvlew, Ore., after
visiting friends In the city.
Mrs. Francis J. Nevlns left for
Los Anaelea, Calif., where she will
1MB JYUBV1V-, . ..... .,
aiYAtid-the winter -with her adopted
daughter, Mrs. F. M.- Barnette.
Mrs. Verna van ocoyoc, wiie ot;neavy nauu maue vrtnxuiua panics,
Chas. Van Scoypc, formerly of Tal
maze, now of Cheyenne, Wyo., ar
rived on a visit In north Dickinson.
F. C. Mills of Newberg, Ore., re-
....nit hnma after aDAndtne several
'day. with Mr. and Mrs. F. C. Johnson
on West 6th 8t. Mr. Mills will visit
a aister at Colorado Springs en route.
HO HVea IOi ADIWUB jvmm .-
Jas. Blagg and Joseph Grlce were
pleaaant caflera at these headquart
ii, . ...
era. Mr. Grlce has moved to the
Richard Grlce Pi.ce near ...mag.
and will look after thing, during th.
owner1, absence In England. .
a f..i aainfl wlfit arrived
a. r-"
bome from thr.yert' minion work
1 i.a I A Ma whs raw thflV
in wwi Rcnir-i - 'kitchen iinK, nnoieum 11x11, aivcu-
. L1 k.l.lna. last ,thm IrVdkAd 1 .. . . . .
dv vrru iw'fiu leu table, ice oox, aitoea. mpt. biu.
Slav, mfsion. They ' TERMS All sum. of $10 and -wint.r
llnra. residing oa West Thhrdl . ... . ,
Atlantic City. N. J, Oct lO.VThe
annual ennventlon ot the American
Street and Iaterarbaa' Railway asao
otatloa was called to order oa the mil
lion dollar pier to-day by President
Jane. P. Shaw of Boston.
Passenger Agents In Convention.
Dallas. Texas, Oct. 10. Unusually
tD ABWricaa Aseoda-
p(.MnC,r Af.Btl WBica open -
Ur tUt monlnt - ,
y,,,,, Ageots. whkh opea-
7' i
f " Li :
Public Sale
The undersigned will sell at pub
lic auction at his farm 3 miles south
of Abilene, 1 Yt mile south of Brown's
mill, o
Wednesday, Oct. 26,
commencing at 10 a. m., the follow
ing property:
7 head of Horses
Bay mare 5 years old weight 1800
bred to Broughton Bros,' "Horn,"
bay mare 14 years old weight 1500
bred to "Horn," Iron grey surrey
horse," city broke, safe for lady,
weight 1450, 5 years old; sorrel
mare 10 years old, weight about
1100. 2 yearling high grade Perch-
eron colts about 850 pounds each,
yearling high grade Belgian colt
about 850. pounds.
47 head ot Cattle
Including 15 milch cows one a
thoroughbred Jersey, 2 heifers 18
months old, 20 steer, coming t
years old, thoroughbred Holstetn
bull 5 months, 5 heifer calves, 2 steer
calves, high grade Holstein bull 1
year, grade bull 18 months.
48 head of Hoes
. Including E thoroughbred Duroc
Jersey sows, some with' pigs at side.
4 high grade Duroc Jersey sows, 18
pure bred sboat. Including 2 boars
5 month, old, 21 grade ahoats 9.
weeks old.
' Farm Implements Etc.
- Two lumber waslona, 2 -wagtoa
with racks, sulky plow 16-inch, 14
inch walking plow, riding lister,"
walking lister, disc harrow, 2 6-shov-
el cultivators, riding cultivator, 8
ectinn harrow. 2-sectlon harrow.
j McCormlck mower, Osborne mower.
i hay rake, top buggy, portable nog
chute, hand cart, wheel barrow, wa
gon, scoop boards, buggy pole, forks,
SDades. shovels, aices, pick, Iwtrs
stretcher, post auger, anvil and vice,
etc., hoes, corn knife, scythe, grind
stone, feed box, corn sheiler, 2 set.
hand made single harness.
Also about 150 chickens mostly
Buff Rocks and IS pure bred light.
Brahamas, 100 chick brooder, S met-
.l .nAn. with Mint U mtrm TkafYtr
I in f eld, 20 tdhs alfalfa,, some
potatoes, portable corn crib with
noor cab bushel capacity.
Household Goods
Including steel rangp, gasoline
raniTA 1 dlnlna- room tablea. small
; conch plr,or
M UrpU, new De-
. ... 1.1
Laval Mptraior xo. wuuiui iu-
rWnt wriner. etc., white enamel
. . ..... . . lh.l
aer casa;Bui;e i aiw a
11 months will be gives on Bote
with approved aeenrity at 10 par
cent Interest: If paid whea due only
t per cent Interest will be charged.
No property to be removed antll set
tled for. Two per cent off for cash
oa auma over 1 10.
EDWIN t.l iiomm
' j. fj. BURTON. H. R. LITTLE, A act
'e. F. KNEER, Clerk.

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