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A Thanksgiving Soliloquy
. Ur.r'": '' ' Re. C. A. Col
- To give thank or not to give thanks that's the question. Whether
It be better to act the madman la th wild ruah after worldltnea. to
' ; trend 866 day la the year accumulation from the storehouse of the
Creator, to bean lngrate and act though all 1 have were mine alone,
to accept the gifts of Providence like the awlne Its awlll; or whether It la
setter to have and ahow gratitude for the beneficent bestowments of our
s Fatter, to eat aside a da of special thanks giving occasionally, to appear
to our fellows aa thiWrfil at least aa the bird, which at the waters edge,
lift Ita head toward Heaven, to personally give thanks to God as have
our lathers that's the question. . . i
Yon are the recipient, my brother, of the common gifts of hearing,
'sight and speech; you have enjoyed the love of family and the confidence
,i of friends: you have health and can sleep; you have been blessed.
Better imitate the Psalmist and exclaim "Bless the Lord, 0 My
i Soul, and forget not all his benefits." . . "
Schools Are Thankful
Superintendent W. A. StaW
For the public schools it should be 'said that the administration is
thankful for the generally prosperous, condition and effective work of
the schools of the city; for the blessing of almost perfect health among
the children, their continued freedom from all contagious diseases that
bring fear and anxiety to all our hearts; for a body of teachers who are'
earnest, thoughtful, sincere and sympathetic In, all their work, who ap
preciate the child's outlook on life; tor the wide prevalence of the spirit
of appreciation and loyalty among all the students of the schools from
the children of the first grade to the young men and women of the senior
class In the high school; for the cordial support of the community In
general. and for the tokens of special appreciation from the particular
friends of the schools.
The students have reason to be ahi r thankful for many of the
above-mentioned things, but also are and ought to be thankful for the
vacation, the time to rest from study aid exercise the right to play as
well aa the right to work, and for the beautiful weather that blesses the
season, ". ,
In closing let me In behalf of the administration of the schools ex
tend to all our teachers, pupils and friends our kindest wishes for a hap
py and heart-felt Thanksgiving.
ET the people praise thh,0 God; let all the
people praise the. Then shall the earth yield
her increase; and God, even our own God, shall
bless us; Psalm LXV1 1; 5,6.
The Thanksgiving Call
. . Rev, lr. F. 8. Blayaeyv
We are drawing near to our National Thanksgiving Day and the
manner and the spirit in witch we approach It will depend on one Inter
pretation of the call which summons us..
If we can hear only the voice of material things and earthly pro
ducts sounding in bur ears then It would be appropriate to go out and
worship the wheat bin and corn crib, or,' at best bow down to the earth
or look up In adoration to the tun; but, if we are answering the higher
call of divine love and mercy from "Our Father Which art in Heaven,"
singing its way down Into our hearts with the unnumbered blessings of
the season, or writing Itself lh the harvests which fill the world with hope
and joy, or smiling out from peace bushing; even the rumors of war and
commotion; from all these messages of good Will wafted down on angel
wings of love and mercy and awaking In the deepest soul sympathetic
chords and kindred ties of comradsblp with all our brothers and sisters;
then we ought to look up to the throne of grace and mercy and Join all
our hearts and voices in singing; "Praise ye the Lord, for be is good His
mercy Is everlasting and bit truth endureth to all generations." i
"Not Unto Us, 0 Lord"
State Secretary t. H. Engle,
Who gave me birth, and Joy of infancy, and discipline of 'youth?
Who gate :ne Inborn aspirations toward Jurit and honesty and truth
Who jave me the Impulse to wish to cerve my fellow-men, to seek the
wu'.fare of the civic whole, to tool a fi-llQvshlp of Joy with all mankind?
Who gave to me the love of beauty, and of loveiy autumn days, of
ir.u'thless sunshine an1 refreshing ram?' Who taught me how to gratify
the rightful longings of my body, mind and soul? Who gave me heri
tage of patriot's blood and martyr's boldness and of godly parentage?
'Twas He, and therefore I give thanks.
Some Reasons for Gratitude
Ker. W.H. Schrork
In naming the blessings for which we should be grateful we naturally
turn to our material gifts, tor these supply our Immediate and pressing
need. Our harvests nave been bounteous this year; and with the millions
of bushels of grain and the large store of fruit gathered Insuring abund
ance tilt another harvest we should be devoutly grateful.'
We have somewhat departed from the old custom of making it a
day of prayer, but there is still sufficient of the original element left to
make us feel. If only for a brief Interval, how thankful vn should be for
th extension of religious thought. Some, are pessimistic because of the
character of the observance of Thanksgiving in our dv. but a careful
study of the facts show the best of reasons why we sh uM be thankful.
We are growing more rapidly in church membership than in population,
and the splendid work done along all lines of religious autlv.it should be
a source of gratitude.
Bealdes, most splendid progress is being made along educational
lines. We can be proud of the culture of our people. Our wealth Is
growing by leapa and bounds, and we are learning more and more the
right use of It. In politics we are advancing. The vindication and slan
der of former days, so disgusting to pure minds, are becoming a thing of
the past. Many are the evils corrected. We face the future with confi
dence and hope, believing that the standards of our day will lead to glor
ious ends. Let us give thanks to the Giver of all good.
Thanksgiving for a Kahsan
By Charles A. Case
What does Thanksgiving mean to you today? What Is the answer
that your own heart makes to the message of the anniversary of this Prov
idential day?
To you and to me Thanksgiving means more than lands or glories
of positions it means the love of life that brings happy homes, smiling
faces, loving, glances; it means peace on earth, prosperity and joy of
living the thankfulness and realisation of our dreams of pleasant Uvea
and comfortable surroundings.
It comprises our own Kansas prairies, our Kansas streams, our Kan
sas plains and valleys, laden with their bountiful harvests, our ha;;y
Kansas homes with their prosperous and contented people.
Talmage Has a
Close" Fire Call
Talmage, Nov. 21. Fire was dis
covered In the basement under Engle
Bros.' store about four o'clock Sat
urday afternoon, and only the prompt
and efficient work of a bucket bri
gade which was organized to check
the flames prevented a heavy loss.
Fortunately the fire occured at a
time of day wben there were a good
many people In town and there was
no difficulty in securing volunteers.
Otherwise several adjacent buildings
would probably have been destroyed.
As it was, the loss waa about $300,
covered by Insurance. The tow la
building up rapHly aad the need of
some system of fire protection is
being strongly urged.
W. H. Hansen's Poland CMnas Were
flaw Avian.
Not many buyers attended the Po
land China sale of W. H. Hansen's
Saturday afternoon at the Baer feed
yard on North Buckeye. Mr. Han
sen's offering consisted of tome 24
young boars which were the beat
lot of animals ever offered in Abilene.
He also had oo exhibition Tour of
his brood sows whlcb were nld
by judges to be the very best of the
breed. Mr. Hansen Ss entitled to
much credit 1st raising only tbe vest
and while thie was his first offering
it gives him a place ta the list of
Poland China breeders that ie eaay
well pe proud of.
WILL Pav FOR rr.
Clay Center Authorities Will be fk4 ' Chtorwi Are Sensitive Beluga Hints
Create an Estate
from Your -Waste
The average family's waste is a larger percentage
of the income than is usually realized and if this
waste were put into a savings account it would
create a modest estate for posterity. -
A savings account may be opened with this bank
by depositing one dollar, and by adding a part of
the regular salary will surprise the founder in a
very short time.
Isn't it worth a trial?
T(i3 AliuOi
iiional Deo!(
Abilene, Kansas
Read baste Hurt iff. Bias If yet desire a aafs Urostmeat ta lea)
SxUte Korigtrte r Bonis yea. are tsriled as mO aal ebtali fan !-
SrnMUoa. " - '
The Clay Center Republican says
that damage suits wlU be filed against
the partiea who cut down tbe electric
light poles at that place last week
and adds: ' ' ' r
It can now be definitely stated
that the plans and purposes of tbe.
owners of the light plant have prac
tically matured, and that proceedings
Involving the prosecution of every
means of redress and restltutien
growing out of the recent midnight
raid, are already In course of being
put into operation. The questions
raised, rover such a large scope, and
Involve damages of such magnitude
as to render the Initiation of tbe nec
essary legal steps, a task of gener-
oua proportions.
As the magnitude of the offense
committed Is beginning to dawa up
on them, and (he sum of probable
damages looms up, some of the In'
ner circle are beginning to extoiblt
traces of panic, and are endeavor
ing to ascertain whether there will
be any opportunity to take aftvan
tare of the "Immunity bath." In
the scramble to disclaim responal
bliity. the testimony of two f the
Lootbunl's leaden, is found to be In
fatal conflict, while on the other
hand, two who bod been suspected,
;seem to have been able to disprove
the charge of complicity.
Ceotractors Have Been "Itumriat)
Close to tbe Wind."
Tbe paving contractors have bee.
running "close to the wind" all day
today for lack of paving rock. The
concrete mixer on Third street was
idle for a while this morning, the
supply being exhausted. Later la
tbe day one ear arrived. Several
more are said to be oa tfce road
somewhere between here and Strong
$4" I. to Vonng Mothers.
If you tell a He to a grown-up
person. It is ten chancea to one that
he or she, Is not altogether "taken
in" by it But it you tell an untruth
to a little child you are deceiving
someone who haa Implicit confidence
in you and your spoken word. No
One with any proper feeling would
wilfully misdirect a foreigner who
asked his way in a strange city, ret
thousands of parents dally and hour
ly mislead their children who are
such little strangers on tbe highway
of life "jst for the fun of the
If you cannot tell your child the
truth, tell bin nothing. Let him
learn from Mother Nature from the
bees, the birds and the flowers, for
they, together with tbe wind and
the rain, the noon and stars, all tell
wonderful tales to baby ears and
eyes. If your child listens to Nature,
he will leant nothing that he need
D not worry your child la hie in
fancy either by teasing blm or expect
ing him to amuse blm. A young
child baa quite enough to do without
being turned Into the family enter
Remember be has to do bis own
growing, both mental and physical,
inside himself, and yon cannot do
that for him. All you can and aheuld
do is to place blm under conditions
conducive to growth and develop
ment. That Is to ssy, give him
plmty of light, plenty of air, abun
dance of quiet rest and sufficient
suitable food.
Do not "force the pace In any
way; let him take the lead, not you
you are apt to go too fast. Wbea
be asks questions answer truthfully.
plainly and brightly, but do not put
questions to blm; questions only
weaken and tire bis brain. Ex.
ReeHed mark Bead Letter.
Mrs. Alma Lafferty, tbe only wo
man member of the Colorado legisla
ture, and a former resident of Abi
lene, has had all tbe thrills that
would have beea hers bad aha bees
a man, tbe last of these being a
black-hand letter. She was warned
by a tetter from a tows la Pennsyl
vania that she was doomed naless
she became lea Interested in suf
frage for women. She turned tbe let
ter over to tbe postal authorities.
Marshal Engle Is
victor in
City Marshal Engle got on the
trail of considerable trouble when
he started out to arrest Ralph Hwltter
on a police court warrant about three
o'ctork Sunday morning, The war
rant charged Swltiser with being
drunk. The marshal found his man
at the Union Pacific depot. He also
found Swltzer's brother, Ora, who
seemed disposed to get In on tlie play.
Switzer resisted arreat, and the
brother helped the fun along by doing
some resisting on -his own account,
Kngle drew hi club, and thru a free-
for-all scrimmage ensued, from which
all three combatants emerged much
the worse for wear. The marshal's
club finally decided the bout In his
favor, but when the dust cleared ,
away, Ralph Switzer, the man he
wanted, was not to be seen. He la
still at large.
' Ora Switzer was captured and lodg
ed In the city ralobooae. This morn
ing be was fined $100 and costs In
Justice Qulnn's court for resisting an
- ' -
Ko Ise la Limlti Cbildre ate "Befe"
Speaking of teeter-totters," said
aa Abilene man today, "and of swings
and shinny aad climbing trees, aad a
lot of other amusements and games
children bare at school, I am fre
quently surprised when I watch chil
dren at play list more of them are
aot Injbred or put out of eomatlasioa
this there are. Bat I guess It la in
the scheme of things. I preeum chil
dren aeed some routs plays, some
strenuous- exercises la irder to aire
tarts full ase of their maecles asd
teach them skill, and care, and
strength aad rourage. I recall what
our strenuous ex-presldent said about
football, to the effect that the fear of
getting hurt la 'the game should not
argue to keep any healthy young man
out of the game; that his boys should
go into it If they wanted to, forget
ting or never thinking that possibly
they might come out of some game oa
a stretcher wttb one or more legs tied
up in a allng. And that Uq't bad
doctrine for a boy. He Is quite likely
to get knocked good aad plenty If he
Is to make or have any place in the
world worth having and It looks al
most like a duty to tame him as early
as possible some points In tbe gsm,
that he may not be wholly unprepar
ed. Of course there are exceptions
to this Just a there are exceptions
to everything else, but the rule holds
"Now for tbe matter of that, when
my daughter, a school girl, with a
atrong, active body, wants to climb
the highest tree she can find, or try
to outrun an automobile; I say to ber
go ahead if you want to, shin up that
tree or tear off down the road, but
with this postscript, if you fall out of
the tree asd akin yourself np pretty
a ub, which is very likely to be the
case, or fall bead over he la ia the
race, Jvst rry a little, aot very much,
get up aad try it again aad the next
time probably you will com through
safely. And she Is growing strong
aad faeries sad capable. Tbe old
Methodist revival hymn contains a
deal ef truth, 'Sure I must fight If I
would win,' aad that's about tbe
sit ef It." .
Tlie Methodist Revival. -Great
crowds attended tbe revival
at. the Methodist church yesterday,
and an Intense interest Is being mani
fest. Rev. Fill! and his wife will ar
rive from Kansas City today and will
have charge of the music tonight
snd through the week. Mrs. Hill la
organist of the Washington Avenue
Methodist church in Kansas City and
her work here will no doubt attract
great Interest, Hong service begins at
7; 30 o'clock.
The Oeeat Aannal DUIdead Compear.
Union Central Keis
Matnred policy of Robi. Caaaldy.
Robert Cassldy of Minneapolis.
Kansas, insured Sept St 18J7. for
12500 ia the Union Central Life. He
selected a Ten Payment Life Rate
Endowment policy oa' which tber
was an annual premium- deposit of
f 149.8. Tbe premium paid by the
assured aggregate Il40s. sad ta
policy aov natures Sept loth for
tmt.iS. This askes a profit to
the Insured of $1114,48 besides 11
year Insurance and protection for
1 2IS0.OO. Comparison with any com
pear In the world on results la la-vlted.
C. E. Shepherd aad wlf to Orlando
t. Horsmea lots 1, 1. I. 7. blk I,
Sbepkerd sdd Heiisglea, M0.
Union Central Life Ins k
C.Wyandt, Gen.Agt.
To Great A as eel DM deed Oaaapaay.

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