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AUIIKNK Wl -rXhX EE1 U fTAH, H.ENK, H'V ".S, Xt)I"..i.i it si, 1WI0.
S!:c:r of Trgck and licavy Horses
Phone 6j
DHrk Shop, Burkcje Ave, Betweea Third and Fourth Streets, .-.
Abilene, KtBMS. -- "
Mr. and Mrs. William Ramsey Crto
bratr Anniversary.
HT rr ajawlas; Hhla frens mm
antherls Stealer, from the ear arhe
make tha aale and ear af ewlaf-Ma.
chlaea Ma axejaarre fcaalneaa, aae wha
la la elaae tenth with (be aaaaafaeta.
rer. Tea will then have a reliable awa
ta eall en la eaae afaa aceMeat ta rear
asaebtae. Da always baa aeeeaserle
saa explicate partaea baa e aaeet
aay aaerjeaey . ''. ,
On Tuesday. Nov. S, at their heme
S miles southeast of Solomon, Mr.
and Mrs. Wm. Ramsey celebrated
their 65th wedding anniversary. Hav
ing passed their silver and golden
wedding anniversaries, and having no
use for diamonds, they decided to cel
ebrate this occasion by entertaining
Mr. Ramsey's Sunday school class,
which numbers' 1 and whose ages
(supposedly) range trom 60 to 80
years, and whose average attendance
at Sunday school Is as good If not
the best In the school. Mr. Ramsey
has conducted the Bible class in the
Presbyterian Sunday school for SO
years and enjoys It very much, for
the more you learn about the scrip
tures the more there Is to learn, ,
Mesdames Fred and Bert Ramsey
assisted In serving lunch, after which
all present Joined In singing familiar
hymns. S. H. McCullough and J. T.
Sellards kindly took the guests to and
fr&m the Ramsey home In their motor
cars. At their golden wedding five
years ago all their children and all
their grandchildren except. one, were
Wm. Ramsey and Emellne McMa
ken were united In marriage near
Burlington, Iowa, on Nov. 8, 1855.
1 The WEW nOME 1 let liable
to get out of order than mnj oth
er, to made better, and U parts jo this union ten children were born.
are Interchangeable, a careful
examination of this machine
before won purcbaae an other
will pay yon.
O. L. Moore H. L. Humphrey
Attorneys at law
Examination of Abstracts, Lana
Titles and ,Deacents and Dislr bu
tton! a Specialty. "'
, Practice in all courts-Stote and
Federal. .
Abilene Steam Laundry
Perfect Work. Reasonable Prloe
PtronlM home (nrtuitry. Pare dan
yr.nm water (mud and all work guaranteed
A.tfeacleelB atl Mcklnoa county towns.
J. E. iOODWIH Proprietor
' Funeral Directors '
... Ijady Assistant
i. A.-TVFT8, Licensed Embalmet
No; 251. v
Charges most teasonahte.
Prompt and courteous treatment
Cpshair Block, Abilene.
Council Will Meet As Board of iy-prajNement.
Will Give $10,000 Toward Building
a New Church.
' Herlngton, Nov. 18. For a num
ber of years the members of the
Christian church In Herlngton have
felt the need of a new edifice. But
having a small membership composed
largely of people in the common
walks of life were unable to erect a
building that would meet the demand
of the steadily Increasing Sunday
school and church membership.
Last Sunday while discussing the
possibilities of raising the money,
Mr. J. W, Creech whose generosity is
a marked characteristic said, "I'll
give 110,000 toward building a 117.-
000 church." It is thought that the
rest of the money can be raised short
ly and a new church will be built
I's Just One Thins; After Another
.' ' to Delay That I'm Ins.
The paving contract jva re ;V 'an
materials. The, crushed rock Is .v-ar-ly
out, 'lie .'cement 1b ruining fliort,
and there isn't., enougn raw as; linl
left to cut any figure wivi the ion!
Work begins again. T'lem- pawng
delays seem to be like life, "one thing
after another." Plenty of supplies
are promised, of course, nun peiinips
they are. on the road. ' h'ii kuoiv.?
Tbe city . council will meet aj a
board of appraisement tonight to ad
just the levy to he made on propertv
owners In the paving district. Jt Is trains will be
hoped that the. business connected;
Change in Ilork Inland Trains To
five of whom died In Infancy. There
are now four living sons and one
daughter: W. J. has been connected
with the J. B. Case department store
at Abilene tor 17 years. Chas. H. re
sides at Luray, Kane., where he oper
ates an elevator, flour and feed store
for a Sallna firm. He Is the present
mayor of Luray. Fred and Bert re
side on farms a' few miles east of
Solomon, and Nellie Ramsey Carpen
ter, the daughter, lives with her fam
ily near Sanbenlto, on Rio Grande
delta, 20 miles from Brownsville,
Texas.' Mr. and Mrs. . Ramsey still
occupy a part of the old homestead.
Mr. Ramsey came to Kansas in the
fall of . 1866 and bought the first
tract of Agricultural College land
sold in Dickinson county. He re
mained through the'wlnter and built
a house, and Mrs. Ramsey and two
children Joined him In the spring
of 1867. They have lived on the
same farm continuously for. 14 yearB.
Mr. Ramsey was elected county su
perintendent of Dickinson county In
the fall of 1867. At that time there
were only three schooia in tbe county,
but during the two years he served
as superintendent 19 more schools
were organized. There were no maps
of the county then, so Mr. Ramsey
made two, one for the county clerk
and for use in his own office. These
maps are said to have been models
of neatness and accuracy. They were
destroyed in the court house fire a
few years ago. "
Time has dealt very kindly with
t' ese dear old people and their many
friends hope and believe that they
will live to celebrate their 60th, and
perhaps their 70th, wedding anniver
sary. Solomon Tribune.
Get Busy Willi.
We Have Good
Weathet i
He Will Get
Don't I'M Too Loos He VI Got You
John Callahan Lost Election and Then
Broke Nose.
Coovrukt 1910
Tha Houae of KuppnhoBMf
We want to warn you that old Santa
Claus will soon be upon you. It is not
many days and you want to get the first
choice, and all the pretty things you find
here will surprise you. We make a spe
cialty of nobby clothes, nobby furnishing
goods, pretty things for the men. You
will say that you sure found Harry Litts'
store just as he advertised. We advertise
in this paper for your, benefit to give you
an idea of our goods. That way we help
you to make your selection. Remember
this store is your friend. If at any time
you are not satisfied we give you your
money back and glad you returned it.
Chapman, Nov, 18. John Callahan
who was the Defocratic candidate for
repreesntative, met with an accident
last Monday that resulted in. getting
his nose broke. It, seems that one
of his colts was running In the yard
and knocked down a pitch fork and
got one of Its feet caught In the tine
and as John stooned down to release
The new Rock Island time, card the ,,, he moyei , ome way
goes into effect tomorrow. Tira ,,, ,h. vnH1. , .,,htn
pur -on- oeiween nere
with the making of the levy will be
finished at this time. .
Kdot School, District No. 44. .4
Report for month ending Nov. 4:
Total enrollment 24. ' Average, dally
attendance 21. Those neither absent southwest
and Herlngton-instead of one, and
one additional train- cuw will bt
employed. .
' The first train, east bound will
go through Abilene at 10:57 a. m. In
stead of 11:10 as formerly, and will
make direct connections for the so tit h,
and east The second
him on the nose with such, force as
to break It.
nor tardy were Martha Orval and
Pavld Engle, Jasper and Oscar Sex
ton, Smma Lenhert, Vesta Bollinger,
Earl Phillips and Bert RIasman. Jose
phine Campbell, teacher. .
train Is due at 1:37 and will make
connections with the Golden State
City Clerk and Helpers Put Private
Company Out of Business.
Our Boys'. Suits
This department we excel. We
have all the new ideas for. the little
man and look after them so that they
get the correct things.
3.00, 4.00, 5.00; 6.Q0
In our furnish goods wc can
please you for we will show you
Mufflers, Linen Initial Handker
chiefs, Silk Initial Handkerchiefs,'
Pretty Suspenders, Silk Gloves, Silk
Sox, "Ho e Proof" Sox for Men.
' All you want is just to see
our store.
CwrUt 1911)
Tha Hma 4 KiimmMm
Have the new
ideas. They are
our own mod
els. We design
them and the
factory makes
them. So you
will get some
thing that no
one else has.
Our Men's Clothes
Nobby All Wool Black
Nobby All Wool Fancy
Nobby All Wool Fancy .
. 15.00
CtmiSHT )! U MtfH. MtHAM A flKMlfl CO. l ALL ItSHll llltlHI
Our Overcoats, long nobby patterns
$10, $12.50, $15, $18, $20
The town row at Clay Center was
given a new turn of affairs yesterday
limited, both east and west bound, at when the city clerk and a few helpers
Herlngton. " The trains return In the armed with axes want out and cbop-
afternoon at 2:07 and SMS.
ped down three blocks of telephone
poles and put the private company
of business. The electric II-
nas oeen mrougn a number vi luuiit,
and every trick known to the able at
torneya of both sides has been done.
Abilene's Fashionable Clothier and Hatter
On of the moat remnrfctble proof Sf
lb nitutil Mutative mortt eoatainM ta
Dr. Cknrrir gyrvp Pmtn la that H ta
!ci!v boc enlr la ro,l. kt the prUo
of tir but at th. .ftwnM nS A.
" letwrs tr racrivn) from mother
rw.n)i. f th eurna of cnudrra, u frotn
lrn and wotami of aUtr, Mvntr ajid
1 t rw. bi 4i nun m truly a
. ,-tm, M lrtloa and bowl
wtuuna. dnwl. Ui. k4
1.1. i mn-m, sma. nim alu-r
c &pt a4Jvarx-ins to ymkra
""' to It that Utr bowl tun
J"-"- , " r. aot to Uk Dr.
.'";" fTp rr-n. Ton a. pro
l c row tif. by htnhr bmra) ari,m
' " l"n t,N. W.mm
rH't tft r tK Byitryi ran no.
K Wilar UK M kK4 l tcvai,
times . wk mtn th rysteia has art- TaUwr at Mm. HiUad goaUiwurth
tM a tt (atur. eoadltiaa.
Among th. atramraat MpaortMa ef Dr.
Citwil'. Brnap Pqndn ar Mr..W. o.
Zorn of Nw IMcatur. Ala. and Mr. Omrn
8. RptiuMlns ot th KmIobI BaldJwa'
noma, Kanaaa.'bMh .KWrljr mtm. TH
r-iiar mm botua. cas tw bourtit ot aar
drucriat at nttr rmu and m dollar, kut
a Ira aaam). bottM caa ba had by Mad
inc roar wutraa t taa dooua-.
Tt. Caldwell Arm ttM faal rha. tka
pvrcha ot hi remadr end. kt a4.il'
ratios. H. ha ara-Mil!aad ta tma a.
Ilrrr nd kowal dlariar for rr fortr
rrr and will k ylaaaM ta rtv th.
roadar anr a.lrtra tha auhw r
of ckjir. At) ar vaim ta writ,
bin. W hrthar tor th m-.tral adrV
th frra aam-l. .Ji... ki M
W. & CVMartL 11 bilaal kuklliii!
l0Bik!lj, LX
.Paeses Away.
trmm Satordarl Oarh; 1
ni'and Southworth raoalved i tele
gram from Mrs. Southworth announc
ing, the death of ker father, Noah
8. Walker at Clarendon, Vt. this
morning. "Mr. Southworth left, for
Vermont on the nooa train. He
sad airs. Soothworth expect to ra
tnra about Dee. 1.
Mrs. P. A. Wilcox, wha Is also a
daughter, baa beaa at the bedside
of ker father for soma time.
For pains In the side or chest damp
en a piece of flannel with Chamber
lain's Liniment and bind It on over
seat ot pain. There Is nothing
ter. For sale by all dealers.
. . 1
Tor Infants and Cbildraa.
Bears th
tflAK iTOMACH is trrnrth
I ened and ' nd's r5ar
ssparilla, Uie ,.i;tiu. thai cares
dvp-p and fOOR APfCTITK.
Aerfdents will kappea, bat the best
rmrulated families keep Dr. Thomas
Eckertle Oil for sach essergenciea. Jt
sabduea th pais and heals Uu harts.
Children Cry
rex rmcHEK's
Thirty Dayi
Wl Paper, Sale
Twfenty-Five Per Cent Off
on every roll of Wall Paper in tbe house.
These are all this year's goods. You cannot
judge their value unless you come and see them.
Wall Paper and Paint

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