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r. Fletcher Price
r ;J Specialty
1 Any bank of Aht-
7 . 'lone. Kansas,
, i Phones;
V 1 Browr UM; or
v j acue MUIUSI.
V y Addraut
Vtafe Abilene. Ess"
There will be preaching at the
Wlllowdale church Thursday after
noon at o'clock.
- James Doidge and Fred Blunder
Held are busy (helling com.
Ton Dobson and wife and Geo.
Dobson visited Sunday ; afternoon
with Job Karr'i.
The farmers are busy husking corn
this fine weather.
G. Burk Is building a barn. John
Enrlght la doing the work.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Blunderfield
Tlslted with her folks In Solomon
. Sunday.
' Coming to Abilene.
Dr. C. B. Avery of El Dorado, Kan
sas, the exclusive optician, will be
In Abilene Monday, Nov.. 28th. Of
fice at Pacific hotel. w25d2t
Shelling corn It the order of the
day In this vicinity.
Blundarfleld'ft Dodge shelled corn
'or Walter Laney.
E. E. Cavender cam',! nn from
Abliene- Saturday for a few days'
lar-al on.
His. Aker is visiting with Iter
dauttYer, Mrs. Grant Fester. .
The Misses NelPo Stnehll and 'Cs
Uer Romberger were shopping in
A'AUus Thursday.
Mjt Ethel Blaps came up froi
K-va-re Mondiy l.n-T ,
Vr Legga'-r.ni i!f I lltroH'i '''
dayed at Mr. Swisher's.
Mr. McGlnnla is doing carpenter
work In Talmage this week,
S. A. Romberger andrE. E. Caven
der w.th their families spent Sunday
with Verl McCoy's.
Mart Whitney is doing somo butch
ering for the neighbors.
Fruit plates, mugs and a eunbon
net assortment go for dime atthe
Racket Saturday. wd2t
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Landis and
" daughter visited at George Buche
nau's Sunday. '
Mrs. Henry Fink returned home
Saturday from a visit In western
AUUBttB. "v.
Mrs. Henry Buchenau went: to
Manhattan Wednesday to attend the
funeral of her brother, Francis
Mrs. W. A. Rees and Mrs. famn
Waddle visited with Mrs. B. O. Shirk
Madre Slater has been quite sick.
Misses Rees of Babesia are "liefo
I'tlng thv.' br.llt; S-inisn
I family.
. Miss Louis Wooiverton came up
fhnm Chapman called by the serious
Illness of her niece. Evelyn Engle.
Arthur Merrill went to Manhattan
Wednesday to attend the tunsral of
Francis Grimm.
Mr. Henry Gsteb. wife and baby,
were In Abilene on business last
Henry Feagel went to Abilene srtar
the election. .'
Henry Klnderdlck, wife and daugh
ter, Mrs.,H. W. Mltscb and two
daughters, Mrs. O. Kohler. Mrs. Ber
tha Asllng. Mrs. Fred Longiiofer.
Miss Louisa Ahrens and Mr. Ed. Dug
ler and wife sad John Abels were in
Herlngtoa on bnssaess recent 1 v.
' Mrs. J. Albert of Kansas City wss
visiting a few days with Mr. Stern
berg and wife. . Mrs. Albert ls,n sister
of Mr. Sternberg. From her she
went as Newton to visit relative.
' Mrs. J. L. Sternberg was on a visit
In Newton, Kansas, recently.
.Mrs; Ang. Volkman was In Her
tagton last week In company with
Mrs. Sternberg.
J. . StewnrU Frank Ttegs. Ferd
Tlmm sad Henry Tobnben took a trip
to Marble. Col., last week.
Prof. Katr)obn f Eaterwris
preached at the German M. E. church
but Saaday.
Mrs. Mlanl Scbwendeaer and her
tout's vtre In ear town last week.
Mrs. Paul Kaatfc waa here o a
lait with relatives) last Saaday.
. . . ZION. .
Mr. and Mrs. E. Daniel and daugh
ters, May and Grace, were guests of
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Grove on Sun
Alvtn GIsh visited on Monday with
home folks In Abilene.
Miss Ella Wenger left last Tues
day for Peabody where her sister
Mrs. Anna Parish, was 111.
Mrs. Jim Brown of Industry spent
Saturday night at John Bear's.
Mr. and Mrs. Grlnrldge of Wake-
field were entertained by Mr. and
Mrs. John Baer on Sunday.
The little one year old child of
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Mustard who has
been having pneumonia, suffered a
Stroke of paralysis last week on the
left side. We are glad to report that
It Is Improving some.
M. G. Englev shelled corn on Mon
day forenoon.
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Ross and
little daughter Alma were guests of
Levi Krelder's on Sunday.
Miss Ruth Minter who has been
111 is slowly Improving.
Mr. and Mrs. S. Ketterman and
the later's brother and sister, Law
rence and Edith Ffey, and A. 0
Zook's visited Sunday at S. Lady's.
Miss Orpha Zook spent Saturday
night with her cousin, Miss Etta
'"'A number of relatives dnd friends
were entertained on Sunday at Jacob
The love feast at Buckeye was well
Don't fall to watch our special for
Saturday. It's a hummer. Duckwall
Bros. Wltd2t
Ida Engle of Hope was tto visit her
sister. Mrs. J. A. Lauer, one day last
. Florence Robson was home over
Dr. and Mrs. Graves of Gypsum
took supper at C. W. Bell's Saturday
Henry Landis of Oklahoma Is visit
ing at Grandpa Jnrey's.
Mr.' and' Mrs. Myers went to Abi
lene Monday.
Mrs. Knobel of Abilene is visiting
at Clem Bell's.
Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Bell spent
Sunday at Gypsum. ,
If your eyes need attention take
them to Dr. Avery at the Pacific
Hotel, Monday, Nov. 2,8th. , w25d2t
Mrs. Mike Home returned to her
home In Oklahoma today. She has
been visiting In Chapman
Mrs. Belle Shilling and son of
Junction City Usitea F. . CMlder's
Sunday. '
Mr. nnd M-a, D. Smlhy of Junction
'spent Friday eenlng with E.I Armold
and famll '.
Louis Islei has sold out his con
ifectlonarv su re.
Jim Goggen of Skiddy visited his
sister, Mrs. Tom Scanlan, Friday.
f.anden Bros, and C. M. Clark a
I opening drew a large crowd to the
new stores:
" ' James Floyd Is seriously sick with
Tom Scanlan Is doing niceiy.
Miss Elma Noble is visiting Vera
Poland at Chapman. '
Mr. Martin Hickev. one or me
M.W realdstnis of Chapman died
suddenly of old age Thursday at
6:30 a, m.
fOraln markets corrected every
Thursday morning by Abilens Milling
Wheat ,5c
r 0c
(Market corrected weekly by J. G.
Norman, Abilene.)
Hogs .
l. H. Brewer Co. pays the follow
ing prices for butter snd eggs:
Butter ...n-s-
Eggs ;
The Pioneer Produce Co. psys the
Hens '
Springs ,c
Roosters, lb ie
Batter Market,
I Prices for creamery butter at
point named for week ending today.
rMrkinsM co riot r Brio ltt ceata
les. thsa N- Tork and t cents
less than Ckicage )
Kansaa City Creamery Jc, firsts
Chicago treasury U-it, dairy1
M-Kc ,
( s ,!
V l
V ' 1
Farm and Live Stock Sales.
My references are those for whom
I have worked. If t can't deliver the
goods I ask no pay.
The protracted meetings at the
Dunkard church closed on Thursday
Revival meetings commenced at
the M? E: church on Tuesday even
ing. Rev. Johnston of Chapman will
Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Larsen re
turned from their honeymoon on
Clyde Forney is husking corn for
Reuben Engle.
Walter Engle threshed kaftlr corn
and shelled corn last week, . a
The above reward will be paid for
information leading to the arrest and
conviction of the person or persons
who defaced the monument in my
cemetery lot at Woodbine.
Abilene, Kan., Nov. 23, 1910. wtf
Councilmen to Apply Lesson Learned
From Fires.
Something la the matter with the
way the city fire system Is handled.
Members of the council are convinced
that now, snd they admit that the
lensin was a nrettv expensive one. In
the Prenderast fire, where (lie Toss
waa over 114,000 and in the Engle
fire, with a loss of over $9,000, the
water pressure was deficient when
t was most needed.
It was the Intention of the f're,
,-ater and light committee of the
council, If there had been a meeting
Monday night, to ask the firemen to
come before the council and suggest
any changes which they thought
ought to be made to the manage
ment of the system. One thing the
committee are practically agreed on,
and that Is that the advice given by
H. L. Humphrey the day after tho
Prendergast fire, and published In the
Reflector should be followed.
Air. Humphrey urged that central
be Instructed not to cut off the stand
pipe from the mains, when there was
a fire, until she bad received word
back from Sand Springe that they
had sufficient pressure on to enable
the firemen to work. He pointed
out that there Is enough wator In
the stand pipe to furnish good preM
si-re to the firemen for several nnp
utes. This view 'has proved to be
the correct one, and there Is litil
doubt that the proposed change w'll
be made at an early date.
Employed on Sewer Is Struck by
Rock from Blast.
Herlnstoh. Nov. it. Henrelch
Reich, a Russian employed by John
W. Kelso on the sewer works wss
badly Injured by a blast. Mr. Reich
with s number of other laborers was
working in the dltrh northeast of the
Miuftiiri Pacific deoot. At that
point there la considerable rock and
explosives are used to put In the
Hiirh Orders had been given by the
hat firm- sot to touch off any more
hots until quitting time, but ene of
h. workmen misunderstood the or-
at anil touched off a blast, and start
ad to run out of reach of the falling
nwk. A few seconds after the others
knew the fuse had been lighted, the
shot went off. Reich had staneo
tn mtt Into the manhole for protec
tion, and as hs ran he looked back to
u ha effect of tb shot. At that In
stant a flying rock struck bla In the
face making two aever flesh wonnds.
at the aame time be stumbled on s
shovel snd fell breaking a bone In
the wrist. His Injuries, however, sre
not serloas snd be wUI soon be
himself sgsln.
The workman who touched off tee
hi..t tfcourht tb other men were el
se firing shots. He has resigned from
the fore. . . i . .
Wealthy Promoters and Bankers
. Arrested.
COST PEOPLE $20,0()0,000 YEAR
Officers In Charge of Two Largs Com
oan les Were Tsksn Into Custody
and Mors Are to
. Follow.
New- Tork, Nov. 22. Postmastei
General Hitchcock at the close of a
strenuous day at the general post
office declared that the raids made
during tb day by Inspectors of the
postofflce department In conjunction
with men from Deputy Police Commis
sioner Flynn's office on the Arm ot
Burr Brothers," promoters and bank
ers and the Continental Wireless
Telephone and Telegraph company.
was only part of the crusade against
the swindling schemes the govern
ment hss been Investigating, which
during the past five years have cost
the American people over llOO.OOO.bull
or more than 120,000,000 a year. Mr.
Hitchcock added that the campaign
inaugurated would be pushed with the
utmost vigor.
Powtrful Influence Protseted.
"So powerful have been the In
fluences behind these men," said Mr.
Hitchcock, referring to the arrsat ol
Burr Brothers, that postofflce In
spectors have been afraid to go after
them. Three months ago 1 brought
Inspector Warren W. Dickson from
St. Louis and put him In charge of
the New Tork, office for the purpose
of rounding up this class of swind
lers." 1
Mr. Hitchcock when questioned, de
clined to discuss the identity of the
powerful Interests back of Burr
Brothers and with equal emphasis de
clined to give any indication of the
further arrests to be made since It
might lead to a miscarriage of Justice.
These were arrests made:
Sheldon C. Burr, president Burr
Brothers, promoters and dealers in
bonds, stocks and other securities,
in the Tombs in default ot 110,000
Eugene W. Burr secretary and
treasurer of Burr Brothers In the
Tombs In default of $10,000 ball.
Frank H. Hobny, vice-president of
Burr Brothers In the Tombs In defr lit
of $10,000 ball. .
Charles L. Vaughn vice-president
and treasurer of the Continental
Wireless Telephone and Telegraph
company, In the Tombs, In default of
$10,000 ball.
Warrants for Others.
Wsrrants have been Issued for the
arrest In Portland Oregon of E. W.
Preston, Formerly connected with
Burr Brothers but who Is now accord
ing to the postofflce department, con
nected with the California Consoli
dated Oil company and for the appre
hension of Charles H. Tobey, of Burr
Brothers, who It was expected would
be located in Michigan. Postmaster
General Hltctai-ock said he expected
to receive Intelligence In the morn
ing that both these men had been
taken Into custody. '
The arrest of the two Burrs and of
Frank H. Tobey were made under the
most sensational circumstances. It
had been cartfully planned by Inspec
tor Dickinson, Indiana, of. the district
and Postma'steV General ' Hitchi-ork
and Chief Postofflce Inspector Roberr
S. Sharpe came here from Washing
ton to see that it was carried out
successfully. The postmaster general
made bis, headquarters In the federal
building and arter giving careful In
tractions to Postofflce Inspector Kin
cald, Reddy, and Booth, they with, De
tectives McMullen, Murphy and John
P. Flood sallied forth and made
descent on the establishment ot Burr
Brothers In the Flatlron building
where ths Arm occupied sn expensive
suits of offices.
Toe large-force of stenographers
and clerks employed by the firm were
brought before the federal grand Jury
as witnesses.
John Redmond $ald Thay Are "Meta
phorically Committing $uislds
Fast aa Psssibls."
London, Nor. 21. Ths lords have
presented their case to, the eouatry in
the coming electoral struggle, which
John E. Redmond, lender of the Ns
tlonallats. In s speech st Islington
charscteiied as "metaphorically com
Bitting suicide as fast aa possible."
It Is understood taw resolutions
which Lord Lansdowns gave notice at
would Introduce Wedaesday represent
the sttituds tskaa by the Unionists is
the veto conference aad the rack on
which It fousdered.
Preacher Arrested fer Libel.
Indiana, Pa., Nov. . Thai Rev.
William L. Barrett, pallor of the Pres
kyteriaa church ot BialrsvlUe, was sr
rested on a charge of criminal libel
at his aoae sa Isformstiea ssade by
Walter H. Oaltber, private aacrstary
to Oev.-Elect Jota K. Teaer.
' A $30,000 Fountain fer Sirda.
-i tacrasseato, Cel., Nor. M la kei
will thai lata Mrs. rioreace Colesua
plaaeer of this city, hesuaataa ttt.
S4 te build a feaaialn to beasts a
Win. II, Miller 6 Co., Detroit, Mich.
one of the largest manufacturers and importers of
r? Oil m
will give a , Fur Display and Exhibition of his
firm's entire line of Furs and Fur
Coats at our store
Monday, Nov. 28th
Mr. Price will give the ladies of Abilene and Dickinson county
an opportunity to Inspect and make their purchase of Furs at prac
tically wholesale prices from the largest and most magnificent line
of all the latest styles ever shown in Abilene. '
He will show scarfs from $8.00 to SISO.OO each.
Seta at from $10.00 to 9350.00 per set,
' i Coats at from 135.00 to $450.00 each.
A beautiful showing of all the popular styles on the market
Including Opossum, Wolf, Fox, Lynx, River Mink, Siberian Squirrel,
Jap Mink, Ermin, Sable and Mink.
Coats In Coney, Russian Ming, Russian Pony, Near Seal, Beaver
and Seal. ; I
Mr. Price Is the gentleman who gave us such a magnificent dis
play laat season and his line this year will be even more elaborate.
Ladles don't miss this display It will be well worth your while to
come and see it.
Remember the date, MONDAY, NOVEMBER 28, 1010.
Had to be Towed Back to Clay Center
for Repairs.
Elmer and Abe Forney drove over
to Clay Center Monday In their No.
10 Bulck and remained over night.
Yesterday morning they started 'or
home but when near the L. 8. Stameta
place something happened to ths car
that put it out of business. They
phoned in to Clay Center for help
and Fred Schrader with a repair man
drove out. It was found the car
would have to be taken to the shop
for repairs so it was hauled In behind
Schrader's car.
See our south window for Saturday.
It's worth four while. Duckwall
Bros. wd2t
There's Lots of Horses, But Thsrs
Is Only One Judge Klnne,"
Ssys Judge.
During the second Cleveland cam
paign. Col John P. Irish, the golden
tongued orator, and Judge Klnue of
Waterloo, la., the man with lungs of
braas, were stumping Iowa la behalf
of the Democratic candidate. ,
They were driving In a buggy on
the road to Sidney, a young city In the
southwestern part of the state, when
they came to a fork of the road whers
there was no sign board. Which turn
to take was s question, as they bad
barely time to make the town any
"There's s farmhouse over there s
bit. You sit still sad I'll go over snd
ssk questions," said Irish, and climb
ing out he started for the desired in
formation. Rw got It, and on hla re
turn saw the horse, evidently fright
ened st something, tearing down the
rood at runaway speed. Instead of
trying to atop ths boras. Judge Klnne
dropped the tains, climbed over the
seat snd dropped off the back of ths
kunr Into the- road.
When Irish caught up to him, the
Judge wss busily dusting himself o
after bis roll In the roadway, not 'B
the least disfigured by his aerobetfe
"You're am the right fork ef the
road, all right. Judge, but why dlda't
yeu kaag on to the horse T
Irish, laughing heartily.
"Wky didn't I hang on to him
rumtiled Klnne la his deep sub-eellar
vole. "IH tell yon why I dids t, aay
Ckrhrttaa friend. There's lots of
horses In this world, but there Is but
sets Judge Kinae."
The Oevernment Takes Chsrga ef
Plant Owned by Alleged Tariff
Boston. Not. If. The big mills af
the Nepoaset Weelea Co., at Casts
Juactlea, were eelsed by agests of
Ike department, sf Justice. ' They sre
swsed by Joseph Brsoks ft Co,
Bradford. Esg., stalest which ths
goverasMBt la proceeding la hvm
York to recover 2ee.S0f, alleged te
be due beesaas ec fraudulent under
raluaUe ef Imports. -
Unless Our Government Interferei
General Massacre May Occur. ,
Press Censorship Prsvsnfs Trus Con
dition Being Msde Known.
In Dally Fesr of Their 1
Lives. ;
i San Antonio, Tex,; Nov. 18. "Vtt
less the United States Interferei III
Mexico while there is yet time, the
government will have a lot of dead
subjects to ask indemnity for, Thers
la need for qu... and decisive action.'
This statement was made by Dick
L. Younger, capitalist and mining
man, Just returned from Monterey.
Younger says com,uions now are un
bearable tor Americans in Mexico snd
whenever one sppears on ths street
he is subjected to insult and scorn.
Ths feeling Is Intense and will mani
fest Itarhf sooner or later In a general
massacre ot American residents, un
less this government takes some de
cided sctlon.
Americans In "Mexico live In dally
tear of their lives, and look to the
government to help them, but are
unabls to get word ot the true condi
tions to this country, owing to ths
press censorship.
In a letter from A: W. Earnest, an
American, at Guadalajara, he tells ef
the persecution of Amerlcsas thsra
and asks that, pressure vbe brought
to bear on the government Immedi
ately. ,Hs says:
"Authorities hers do not attempt to
protect Xmerlcans. They had plenty
of notice of Intended anti-American
rioting, but did nothing to prevent it.
The situation Is serious, for sny time
sn American, may havs to shoot a
Mexican In self-preservation, and that
will precipitate a general battle, ssd
Americans will be killed la largo
"Neany 1 Mexican secret service
men arc wau-hlng Francisco Madero,
an alleged revolulonlst.
"Four consignments of 100 rifles ara
being watched by both American and
Mexicaa secret service men. Tha
owner, Hugo Oriesenbeck. Is a friend '
of Madero, and claims hs has pur
chased them ss a speculatioa." ,
The rifles ara supposed to be for the)
Killed tea Lien at Atlantis City.
Atlantic City. N. J, Nor. t. The
fret sea Hon ever killed In ths wstarsj
In this vicinity was etsln by a large
party la boats headed by the engineers.
at the resteer City watsrwerka. . ,
Net In era
IJltU flirt Th . adat
We've got a baby at oar hawse, to
Basil Ditto iss. set yew as a
bast year's hshy. Oars Is the Tara
latest style. Ufa, T

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