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INSURE In the Kansas Farmers'
Vutual Ineurance Association of Up-1
land, Kansas, " The company that
gives th farmer 1 nan ranee at coat
Keep your aurplua money In Kansas
aad ia your own pocket by insuring
with us.
' ! Abilene, Kansas. ,
Qnail Season Haa Opened and Hunt-
. era Are Busy.
The fifteenth day of November
marks the opening In Kanaaa of the
quail season. For months ' the
hunters have been looking forward
to November 16th as the child to
Christmas, the small boy to the
Fourth of July and the politician to
election day. Some of . them have
looked so eagerly forward that
they have strained their eyes, and
Imagined they saw the figures In
dicating the day long before Its ar
rival. And as a result many hunt
for days, and some even for, weeks
on the forbidden but delicious flesh
of the Bob White. Hunters have
pretended they, were looking for
rabbits, but when a flock of quail
attacked them they always defended
But now the foolish quail that
sounds the daylight welcome Is like
ly to be marked for slaughter by the
huntsman who can shoot him with
., immunity and a handful of seven
(.'hilled shot, provided the Bob Is not
ers' familes have been luxuriating
toe swift for him.
But there Is something more re
quired of the hunter than merely to
be able to shoot and hit the game
after finding it First it he hunts
on land other than his own, he must
first secure from the county clerk
a license to hunt. This he must
have always with him when hunt
ing, or be may be nipped by a game
warden iwho demands It. Then he
must have the written permission of
... the owners of the land adjoining
such highway. And in speaking of
the license, if the hunter does not
have it with him when it is demanded
by the officer, such license, even If
he has it at home in his clothes, is
. rendered null and void. ' - '
. Nor can any hunter lawfully kill
in one day more than twenty quail.
A lt -he does, he is liable to 'a fine of
35 for every bird killed In excess
of that pumber. Everyone who goes
upon the land of another to hunt
i without first having permission in
' writing,, may be fined not less than
tS by any justice of the peace before
whom be is taken.
A great many farmers do not want
their quail killed, and will not even
kill the birds themselves. Others de
sire to have the quail for their own
use, and do not want' strangers
tramping over their farms, but they
want such friends first to get per
mission from them to do so. And
the man who goes about shooting
without leave or license from the
land owners, deserves to get Into
trouble, just as he la very likely to
get If he tries it In the neighborhood
of Abilene.
A great many farmers have asked
the Reflector to warn hunters against
going upon their lands without leave.
The farmers mean business, and they
say that this year they are determin
ed that their farms shall not be run
over by lawless hunters who have not
even the courtesy to ask permission
to shoot on the place. So it is up to
the hunters to have a care when they
ore out, for the law Is strict, and the
Justices of the peace of the county
will enforce it against any violator
of It. Just observe this rule and keep
out of danger: First get a license;
then get written permission of the
owner of the land on which yon
want to hunt.
is the; home k'mmEiitssSSiSSSSSISSSBSSSSSSSSS&
The Amarlcan Man Is Tee Busy te
Enjoy the Company of
Faulty Ufa.
The failure of the home to this I
busy, driving country, Is one of the I
startling couats hi the Indictment I
brought against the American women, I
In current publication by Rev. I
Dwight mills. Nor does he let the
American men escape. Be pictures I
the .well-to-do Englishman deliberate-1
I. kW.... - i. x I
dci inre i nri tvoc tuc orcT f -'" "
uh.ilii.vj luuh iiil int utoi I to h's business at tea o'clock, and
home again In time for afternoon tea. I
Work . Accomplished There in 221
Months Satisfactory.
of Our Closing Ou
Experience Has 8hown the Wisdom
of Not Attempting a Sea Level
Canal the President
Colon, Nov. 18. President Taft
sailed for Charleston at 6 o'olock
The American Is too busy for family
life. A hasty breakfast, behind the
morning paper, a rush all day, up to
the very edge of. the evening dinner.
leave him too weary and exhausted I
to enter or create another atmos
phere." Husband and wife go differ-1
ent ways. ' "The wife, heart-hungry.
aboard the armored cruiser Tennes-1 absorbs herself with charity, club-lite
or society. If she Is weak and meets
temptation, a tragedy ensues." The
average American woman clings, long
after she has ceased to receive en
couragement In so doing, to the old
Ideal she saw In the husband, "hoping I
that some day he will cease giving her I
things and give himself." Even the
Frenchman is a better family man;
and every traveler testifies to the
keen relish with which, ln publlo
pleasures, the French husband shares I
the simplest amusements of his fam
ily. It is the families of almost any
other blood than American, those of I
the Hebrews best of all, who show us
what holidays at borne may be. We
are neglecting, It seems, the best
saving influence of all, In what Glad
stone called "this fallen and disor
dered world," to mitigate "the princi
ple of personal selfishness" and sua-1
tain the fabric of society.
Hides and Furs
We want your Hide trade
and will pay just a little more
than the Other fellow. Our
expense for handling hides is
own to the minimum so we
can, afford to pay yon more for
your Hides and Furs than any
one in Dickinson county.
Wcr sell Rock Salt 50c
Ground Rock Salt 30c
cwt '
see, after four Interesting days on the
Isthmus. Before leaving, , the presl-
lent said:
'This Is the fifth time I have visited
the Isthmus and I have gone over
the whole line and looked Into, every
part of the Improvement. It is about
22 months since I was last here and
In that time the progress made has
been most satisfactory. Indeed, it is
"The first thing that strikes one is
the fact that work U being done ap
parently on every foot of the 50 nines
of the canal, and done under an or
ganisation of men, plants and ma
terlals that operates as economically
and effectively as if it were a ma
chine with Goethals in control of a
lever which sets and keeps the whole
machine in operation, .
"When I was here 22 months ago
the main question was the conflrma-
tlon of the judgment of congress in
having adopted a lock type canal In
atead of a sea level. The extent tc
which the Gatum dam and the lock!
have been completed has removed
from every impartial observer the
Slightest doubt of the wisdom of the
decision made and the feasibility of
the plan adopted. This conclusion is
further confirmed by the difficult)
occasioned by slides In Culebra cut,
which for a canal of an 85-foot level
necessitated only an additional exca
vation that could readily be taken
care of. Any attempt, however, to
sink a canal In Culebra to a depth
80 feet below the present proposed
lever would lengthen the time of con
struction, weary the patience of the
Americans, make the cost almost pro
hibitory and leave it an exceedingly
doubtful question whether with the
difficulty presented by the Chagres
river, such a canal would be possible
at all.
If you aren't getting your share
of the great bargains in Men's, Wom
en's and Children's Shoes, you're de
cidedly the loser. All our fine
Red Cross Shoes
Ultra Shoes
Irving Dress Shoes
are on sale. If we can fit you, you'll
Whole Country Is Fairyland and Con
stant Inspiration to Most
Prosaic Mind,
Japan Is a land of poets, and those
who are so fortunate as to live In
view of Fuji have every reason for
writing verse. Yet not Fuji only-
the whole country Is a fairyland and
a constant Inspiration to the most
prosaic mind. We have only to recol-
lect the Festival of Lanterns, the fes
tival on which the souls of the de
parted come back for a few hours to
wander In their old haunts, along the
winding road, by a little flower-colored
cascade or over a bridge drooping
with lavender wistaria to realize how
much nature means to Japan. Perhaps
to the west It all seems very priml-
get a bargain.
All 2.50 Shoes for
All 3.00 Shoes for
All 3.50 Shoes for
All 4.00 for 2.95
We have not the space to quote you prices on Boys' and Children's
Shoes. Needless to say we are making very substantial reductions on
every pair. .
1.95 and 2.19
2.39 and 2.75
tlve, very fer from a lasting and In- &2"&2?&2V2r
The Secret Police 8olxed 50,000 That
Had Been Collected by the
Mexico, City, Nov. 18. The secret
police of the Mexican government
seized 50,000 rifles and a large quanti
ty of ammunition that had been col
lected and concealed by the leaders of
the secret revolutionary movement.
The seizures were made in this city
and at Pueblo, El Oro, Tepic and
Pacbuca. It is expected that many
arrests will be made among the revo
lutionists and that some prominent
Mexicans will be included among the
The uprising was set for November
20. The movement seems widespread.
There Is Intense, though suppressed
excitement throughout Mexico. The
lnaugueral ball has been called off.
Trouble seems to be more Imminent
at Pochnan and El Oro than else
where and the people of these places
are busy getting their women and
children out of the zone of danger.
splrfhg truth that shall nourish the
soul for all time. I know from experi
ence that this inborn, love of nature-
such an old love It Is has had much
to do with the present position of the
Japanese nation. On does not ex
pect to find poetry on the battlefield,
but in the late Russo-Japanese war It
la touching to find that dying soldiers
asked that their comrades should
bring the (lowers, and, looking on
tbelr wonderful blossoms, the brave
fellows passed away. This was not
In the quiet seclusion of a hospital,
but on the battlefield, shaking with
the thunder of guns, the shouting of
commands, and the clear note of a
trumpet call. F. Hadland Davis, In
London T. P.'s Weekly.
(Flrttt p-Jblittiied 111 Alliens Weekly
licfltc'.n,' November 24, 1910.)
Delinquent tax
Balance on hand Oct. 11, 1910
IBS. 71
Two Deaths Occurred on Voyage From
Naples to New York and San
Ciorgio Is Detained.
New Tork, Nov. IT. Two deaths
from what may have been cholera oc
curred during the voyage of the San
Giorgio which arrived here from
Naples and Palermo. In addition the
vessel had a sick list of sine.
The San Giorgio was detained at
Quarantine for examination of tta pas
sengers. Health officer Doty said that
the symptoms of the sick passengers
were of a suspit-ous nature, indicative
of cholera.
1 I -f fTn,?cv
li it LUiiLiliiLI
J Vest Third St-, the e-M Mali.
f J ' P" rva;. tcAv.
Berkeley, Cal, Wade Oootf Gain.
Washington, Nov. 17 The popula
tion or trie city of Berkeley, Cat, is
40,434, aa compared with 13,214 in
1900 and 5,101 In ISM. The Increase
from HOT to 1910 la 27.220, or 20C.D
per cent aa compared with aa Increase
for the preceding decade of 1,111 or
I5.s per cent - ,
Ocean Bed n upheaval.
London, Nov. 17. Scientists report
the depths of the Pacific ocean are in
a state of great uphealaL Heavy earth
ahocks have been recorded daring the
last two days, apparently occurring ia
Up regions sort a of New Zealand.
Fox Hunters Holding 'TM Trials.
Crab Orchard Bprings, Ky, Nov. IS,
One of the most Interesting and pic
turesque sporting create of the year.
the annual field trials of Ue National
Fox Heaters' association, opeaed to
day at this pretty watering sUea.
Hundreds of men. doga and
have congregated her and Uls
leg tht Derby for hounds II months
eld or younger was began. The all-
age rake, open to the world. wfU he
m Monday, aad that afternoon the
thsrt sne-s' hn-h fcr oseas.
In Kansas They Propose to Establish
Free Employment Agencies In
Every Town.
Topeka, Nev. 17. Charles Harris,
director of the state free employment
bureau, requests the women's clubs to
organize free employment agencies In
every city of the state. The law are
ating the state free employment
bureau appointed every city clerk In
Kansas as an agent of the bureau. This
part of the law, however. Is inopera
tive because the elty clerks say they
have all they can do attending to their
duties and there is no way for the
state to enforce the law, and there Is
no penalty clause. The Women's
Federation of Emporia has established
a free employment office In the
woman's reatroom In the courthouse.
Taxes collected 19011 $48,174.72
rcrsonai t-roperty tax war
rants conectea
Vender's license
Knle old bridge lumber......
Part payment on bridge,
iiuckeye tow)!i!p ...
Part payment on bridge,
Herlngton rlty
Part payment on bridge,
(larfleld township
Pant payment on bridge,
Wheatland township
Overcharge on Purdy bridge
Freight on Elmo bridge....
County farm Droduetions...
County attorney's fees col
lected OohU defeated road
Kxceea tees register of deeds
Rale of old pipe ,
nherltance tax . .-
Cnnts In court rases
County redemptions
Addenda ,
Interest of county deposits. . .
Uncollected warrants
1..H13 .72
150. 00
SI. 00
HO. 00
81.. 10
ti. ss
22. St
1 1 9 . SO
1.64. 06
r. i r, fi
Total 113,088.21
Palance on hand Oct. 12, 1909 3,888.89
Tax 1909 8,183.88
Public Sale
Bond and exchange 6,007.80
Delinquent tax 90.84
Balance on hand Oct. 11, 1910 3,900.93
Total 8,998.97
No Plated Stuff Wanted.
There ' waa a small crowd at the
soda counter when the tail ' man
rushed In and pushed an empty bottle
over the drug scales.
"Add!" he whispered, excitedly.
Ten cents' worth of acid, and quick
The soda-water crowd began to alt
up and take notice.
"What's be going to do with that
add 7" demanded one.
"It's a, secret, answered the drag
"Nothing unusual, I hope?
-Well, rather."
"What! Ton mean to say ha la go
ing to take that addr
"On. bo. Listen. Then Is a (fiver
wedding at his boos tonight aad he
la going to teat the pr assets aa fast
as his friends brine them.
And then aad there they voted him
the meanest man in town.
Montana Sheep te Canada.
Calgary, Alberta, Nov. 21. Over IS,
SO sheep havo passed through
Coutta, Alberta, already derlng No
vember. They were consigned by
Moataaa abeep aaea to Alberta and
Saak raockea. la Montana ths ranches
have no feed for the winter aad many
of thesj are forced to ettker sell owl
or let their stork stsrve.
' KipeRdllaree.
Overdraft October 12, 1909..
Double end erroneous tax..
Delinquent personal property
Delinquent real eMtate tax...
rebate court . .
A eaBOrs
Hillary countv office ....
Htiile canes district court....
Htnte eaees Justice court....
Transportation and keeping
of prleoners
Jurors' Fees
Transportation and keeping
of Ineane
Election expenses
County printing and adver
tising Pooka, stationery, etc.......
Improvement of county prop
erty Roads and Bridges
County Farm ,
County poor
Pontage ana express
Fuel and light
Hcatn bounties t.t..'...
',8 . 74
. 1,89.20
S,l 4S .01
3.141 .79
743. 2
439 S3
Value of court bouse and
grounds I S0.000.00
Vulue of tail and sheriff's
residence 25,000.00
Value of office fixtures.,.. 2,800.00
Value of county farm 28.800.00
Value of county high school
tillllfling in, (,".,
Value of county bridges.. 220,000,00
Total 308,000.00
Ttefutidlng bonds Maturing
January 1. 1928
Refunding Bonds maturing
January 7, -'
State of Kansas, Dickinson county.
1. H. W. King, clerk of Dickinson,
state of Kflnias, do hereby certify that
the foregoing statement Is correctly
made from retords In my ollice In Abl'
Una Xanina.
Witness my nana sn.i otiiciui wi uu
this mil day ol Auveinoer, iviv.
11 M KlNtt,
(geal) County Clerk,
.144.131 9k
111.911. 2!
T.X 1909
County redetaptlon ....
Overdraft Oct. 11, 191.
Total -
Overdraft Oct. It 1909.
nelmouefit US
279 IT
1 1.900. t
Balance oa hand Oct. It, 1909 1,127. 8J
Ts 1 li-!" H
fledeanpltoD e jn.
Total '.. tl,9.Sl
CotipeM see Kirns. .... 1SJ1I.44
The Lance In War.
The lance aa a cavalry weapon has
Justified Its existence, military exnerta
agree. In the South African and the
Russo-Japanese war. In spite of those
who decried the arm as old fashioned
and cumbersome. The German mili
tary autborlttea still believe In shock
tactics and the cavalry charge, and
under these clrcn Distances the lance
In the Prussian Uhlan's hands remains
a formidable weapon.
Experience, however, haa also
shown that the lance point often j
makes too deep wounds for the abaft
to be withdrawn quickly, and as the
laaoer runs the risk of baring It
wrenched from ble grasp In the
charge. The cavalry regiments sta
tioned at Brunswick and Straatrarg
are experimenting with new kind of
lance which carries a ball below the
base of the lancehead. preventing It
from penetrating further.. It la said
that the new arm la fust aa effective
In dlsabllag aa enemy aad 9s free trots
other dUadrantagea. It will probably
be adopted ky all the Osraoaa lancer
The Standard Is Net Oollty.
Jackson. Tean, Nov. Is Judge Jobs
W. MoCall of the felled States dis
trict court instructed tse Jary In the
rase of the govern eject agalaet the
Standard Oil company of Indian to
return verdict of not guilt. .
Having rented my farm, I will self
at public auction 4 miles south aad ,
Vi mile east of Industry, 8 hi mile
...I 1,998.97 east and IK miles south of Man
chester, 6 miles west and l mllee?
north of Sutphens' Mill, 1 miles
north and Vi mile east of Buckey
. i
Wednesday, Dec. 7,
commencing at 10 a. m sharp, th
following property:
6 head of Horses
Bay mare 4 years old weight 130S
bred to Percheron horse, bay mare
weight 1200, Iron gray gelding
years old weight 1450, dark, bar
gelding weight 1375, dark bay driv
ing horse 7 years old weight It 0V
auto broke, mare colt 6 months old
weight 780.
78 Head of Cattle
Consisting of 18 milch cows soma
giving milk now, some fresh or soon
to be fresh, 5 head young stock cowav
In calf, 10 head 2-year-old heifers
In calf, 4 head 2-year-old steers, 5
head 1 -year-old heifers, 9 head i
year old steers, 1 2 head spring heifer
calves, 11 head spring steers calves. ,
3 small calves, also registered Short
horn bull. Buckeye Duke 207449,
calved March 11, 1906.
Farm Implements. Ete.
Seven-foot Milwaukee grain binder,
12-foot McCormlck header good as
new, header box, Milwaukee mower,
10-foot hay rake, 14-Inch Defiant
gang plow, ll-lnch riding plow. Z
3-eectloo steel harrows, II Inch diss
harrow, 10-boe Ashurst shoe drill.
walking lister, 1-row King Bee w sed
er, 3 riding cultivators, McCormldc
corn binder, I farm wagont. wagon-,
Ith rack, Star feed grinder gxxl
top buggy, hand corn shelter, 3 set
farm harness, aet double driving bar
neea, single driving harness, Ilroeia, '
forks and many other articles. " ' "'
Honsehold Goods
TKRM3 All soma of tit and no- (
der cash; sums aver lis a credit of
It mouth will be given on not with
approved security at II per cent ln
tereet; If paid wkea due only J per
cent Interest will be eharged. No
property to be removed until sell led'
C. COOKSON. Auctioneer.

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