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Uil IsU f.Uli
Women rofferinof from any form of
illness are Invited to promptly com
municate with Mrs. .Flnkuara ac Lynn,
Mass. All letters are received, opened.
read and answered by women. A wo-
. man can ireeir taia
I of her private 11U
, nest to a woman ;
I thai has been es
tablished till con
fidence between
Mrs. Pinkham and
)-the women of
America which baa
i never been broken.
Never baa she pub
lished S testimonial or used a letter
without the written consent of the
writer, and never hag the Company
allowed these connaentiai letters to
get out of their possession, as the
hundreds of thousands of them in
their Bles will attest ' ' .
Out of the vast volume of experience
which Mrs. Pinkham has to draw
from, it is more than possible that she
has gained the very knowledge needod
in your case. She asks nothing in re
turn except your good will, and her
advice has helped thousands. Surely
any woman, rich or poor, should be
giau to lane advantage 01 inn gener
ous offer of assistance. ' Address Mrs.
Pinkham, care of Lydia E. Pinkham
Heuicine uo., .Lynn, Juase.
Every woman ought to have
Lydia E. Plnkham'f 80-pagO
Text Book. It la not a book for
general distribution, as It la too
expensive. It M free ana only
obtainable by mall. Write for
It today.
A Largs Quantity of Guns, Rsvolvsrs
and Ammunition Captured Sesroh
Ing for Slaytrs of Raimo.
Kansas City, April S. In a police
raid In Little Italy (0 men, the ma
jority of them Sicilians, and one
woman were arrested. Twenty-eight
shotguns, revolvers and rides, a stilet
to, a cane knife, cartridges and shot
gun shells In which the shot had
been replaced with slugs, such at
were used in the murder of Joseph
Ralmo Tuesday night, were found.
The police action It a result of vthe
attlsslnatlon of Ralmo.
The raiding party was directed by
W. EL Oriffln, chief of police. Under
him was Edward P. Boyle, inspector1
of detectives, and his force of 23
men, with Sergt. 8. W, Zlckefoote,
Thomas P. Flahive, captain at police
headquarters, with 17,i partolmen In
plain clothes, 15 partolmen In uni
form, Sergt. John Torpey and Sergt.
Peter McCosgrove. ,
. The police went direct to Fourth
and Holmes streets, where 'Ralmo
was klllea last Tuesday night With,
this po'-'as a center a systematic In
vestlgn ft was mads of all nouses
and In' litants within, .a radlua of
three brocks. ..v
' The police had not been at work
ten minutes before all Little Italy was
there. Several ; thousand persons
crowded Fourth and Fifth streets
from Holmes street to Mala street to
talk It over.
' The arms and ammunition were
stacked In police court, and two
clerks spent the day sorting and tag
ging them. Edward A. Parker, lieu
tenant In charge of the Bertllllon
room, photographed the arsenal of the
band of Italian criminals. Many of
the shotguns and revolvers, and all ot
the gtmcaees, were new, showing that
they had been purchased recenty. No
sawed-oS shotguns were found.
Fined (45,000 for Imparting Mexicans
Washington, Mar. II. A dispatch
to Secretary of Commerce and Labor
Nagel says the Grant Construction
company has been lined (45,000 under
the contract labor law by the Arlsons
supreme court This Is the largest
nee ever Imposed under this law. Ths
company was found guilty ot Import
ing contract laborers from Mexico.
" Cannon Is Out of t .
Washington, April 1. Joseph O.
Cannon has definitely announced alt
intention not to seek the Republican
leadership In the next house of repre
sentatives, ststlng that he would not
be a candidate for the minority aoml
nation for the epeakfrtblp. .
Defaulting Tax Collector -Arrested.
Denver, April 1. After being trail
ed over the country for three bod ths
Edwin & Cats, 67 years old, former
lai collector of Bedford county, Iowa,
who waa found to be 83,80 short
soon aft er he disappeared from kit
boms December 16, 1910, bas been
arrested at Durango, CoL
Boundary Dpute to The Hague.
I .,(!. a, poro, April 1. Aa agreement
n F-ru sod Bolivia submitting
r ary dispute le Tke Haaut
4 I s heel t ,.'iKt fey Or. Oor
i L n n. Pennies minister
r-r ,n eFiiire, and rereandes
. i ..itlan mialater to Peru.
Jl V X L
Mrra3?r mi
Hie Party Caucus Was Harmdnlout
" ' and Peaceful.
A Saving of 1)182,000 In Annual Cost
1 of Running ths House One
of Results of New
.;, ... Rule, ,'- : ,'
. Washington, April . In a party
caucus, noteworthy for its harmony
and the smoothness of its progress,
the Democratic members of the new
house of representatives adopted
without change the committee assign
ments, the economy, program and the
new rules prepared for the coming
session by the committees that hare
been working in the last month.
A legislative program was adopted
which is expected to confine the ac
tivities of the coming extra session ol
congress to popular election of sena
tors, Canadian reciprocity, tariff re
vision, investigation ot governmental
departments, congressional reappor
tionment, statehood for Arlsona and
New Mexico, general deficiency appro
priations, (District ot Columbia legis
lation and publicity of campaign con
tributions. Important changes in procedure,
and a general reorganization of the
house will result from the action ot
the Democrats. The power of naming
committees was definitely taken from
the speaker by the rules and lodged
In the house Itself, Committee mem
bers are to be elected by the house
not only In the first Instance, but altc
In the Ming of vacancies.
The rule to prevent filibustering on
a motion to discharge a committee
from custody of a bill Is the result ol
a filibuster conducted in the last set
slon by Representative Mann of 111!
noli. He had the postofflce reorganl
tatlon bill placed on the calendar un
der this rule, and demanded tbat it be
read completely, an operation tbat
consumed several days.
The new rule provides that a bill
shall be read only by its title, and
that Its title shall not be more than
100 words long. It prohibits any mem
ber from having before the house at
any one time more than two motions
to discharge committees from the cut
tody ot bills. Under this rule the
Democrats believe It can be made to
work as originally Intended, to pre
vent the burying of bills in commit
tee. ,
A saving of 1182,000 in the annua)
cost of running the house is prom
ised through the cutting out of super
fluous employes and inactive commit
tees; and through the abolishment
of time honored , "extra month's pay."
Appointive places are put. into the
hands of one committee, a special
body to be known as the committee
on organisation and the scramble for
congressional positions will center
about its door.
High Cost of Living Given as a Rea
son' Why There are no Preaen-,,,
era In 80 There. ; ' "l '
Boston, April 3. The fact that SO
churches on Greater Boston are with
out pastors, that several have been
permanently closed and turned Into
moving picture theaters and that sev
eral consolidations of church are now
under consideration, has stirred the
local religious world to considerable
Boston pastors agree that Industrial
conditions, It they are not respon
sible for the small congregations at
least affect the supply of ths pulpits.
Toung men coming Into the ministry
cannot get salaries adequate to the
high coat ot living.
' The Roads Buying Ralls.
New York, April 8. Contracts for
rails last week aggregated 16,000 tons,
Including 8,000 tons for the St Paul,
7,000 tons for the Pare Marquette, 10,-
800 tons for the Western Maryland
and 4.000 tons tor the Lehigh si New
American of the Future.
St Paul, Minn, April S. The typi
cal American of the future will be of
the Indian type, dark eyed, black
haired and dark skinned, according to
Dr. A. B. Jeaks, head ot the depart
ment ot anthropology la the univer
sity of Minnesota. -
. Hall Storm Hits Moberiy.
Moberly, Mo., April 3.A heavy ball
storm, accompanied by thunder and
lightning occurred in Moberiy. ' Hall
fell for about IS minutes and the
ground waa white with hailstones at
large at marbles. -
stasisen Not a candidate.
Topeka, April I. sV H. Madison,
representative from the Seventh die
Met wlU not be a candidate tor gov
ernor of Kansas. He made that plalr
after a conference with progrseelrt
leaders la the Republican party.
City to City Filer Delayed. .
Riiiaw. rUMuY. Anrll 1. -Jfttit
Erler, the military aviator and his
passenger, waa left Bremen hart
landed here. The aeroplane was
damaged la a hard strata's with ad
vene wti.is. ' 4 .
gtaMul IaeuJI'lJ"ai', tl lilt
Vr ryi4liwv Vf w4.
'ha Comfort of Living Restored
by Mood'a f arsapariiia
I have heard people tell about the
agonies of dyspepsia, and I have expert
snosd them myself. I alar know what
It is to he
eared by
Hood's Bsi
no one who
has not been
through these
can appreci
ate how grate
ful I am to
this medicine.
It seems to
me I cannot
nae terms
st rone enough
Has. H. L. Josdax. to tell of my
former distress and my present relief.
My stomach was truly In a terrible
condition. I could not eat anything
without the most awful distress. Did
not even dare to drink water before I
went to bed at night If I did, I would
awake In the night with such dreadful
agonies I would be unable te sleep
for hours. I tried about everything
my friends, including the doctors, rec
ommended, but without much relief. ;
Then I resorted to Hood's Sarsa-
narflla. and the first relief I noticed
was that I did not havs that awful
siitrau In the nlaht I kept on tak
ing this medicine until In a tittle time
I waa entirely cured. Today I am a
ti naraan. and thankful for the won
derful benefit Hood's Sarsaparllla has
been to me. I recommend it to ait
Mrs. H. L. Jordan, 187 North Wlllard
St, Burlington, Vt
There Is no real substitute tor
HnniVi Sarianarllla. If urged to buy
any preparation aald to be "Just as
good" you may be aure it is mienor,
costs less to make, and yields the
dealer a larger profit s
Get Hood's Sarsaparllla today, in
usual liquid form or la chocolated tab
lets known as Sarsatabs. , - .
The First National at Thayer Will
Not Opsn Until Authorities
Make Investigation.
Thayer, Kan, April l.i-The First
National bank of Thayer failed to
open for business. On the door was
potted a notice which stated that
owing to irregularities in the accounts
of B. M. Pickens, ex-cashier, the bank
would remain closed pending Investi
gation by national bank authorities. .
At the request of the national bank
examiner, Pickens resigned a. week
ago. He left Thayer. ' , ,' ,
He Sent Black Hand Letters.
Chicago, April 1. Phillip Purpurpa,
a well-to-do commission merchant of
South Chicago, has confessed to hav
ing written 48 "Black Hand" letters,
some In English and some In Italian,
demanding from 500 to $1,000 under
penalty of death, from each of his
' ' 4- ;.i '-,
- Germany Rejects Peaoe Plan.
' Berlin, April 1. The Reichstag by
a large majority rejected the Social
ist motion calling on the government
to take "Immediate steps leading to
ad Ihternatlon agreement concerning
universal limitation ot armaments
and the abolition of the right ot cap
ture at sea.
For It Cured My Baby of Itching, Tor
turing Eczema. First Came when
Between 3 and 4 Weeks Old. Used
, Everything Imaginable. 2 Cakes
Soap and One Box Ointment Cured.
"I cut t0 la word how happy the word
'CuttrutV iduwU to m for H cured my
Msbjr of Itctiinc torturing
cienu. It first am wha
h wu betwaea three and
four weeks old, fcppwtng
on bar hwd. 1 used verjr
thinf tnurluMe nd tud
wu doctor's blU tfler iiv
Mhr but not hen aired It.
Then th rxrmi bmk out
a bsully behlnrt hfif U
thit 1 rMUy tHotiftit hr
w would rom off. For
t nxn! 1 do lored It but
U no v-fcU. ThtHi H Orta
t ber now tnd br ym
m nnttilrwi but botm. I
bad to kcrp bor In darkj
room lor two twt. Tit
dortw rIM no xmkL. 10 1
ttopued iiia oofUiiisT.
To- about two wwfkt 1 had v4 OntW
ur ffciap tor h ewy da, then I fnt
ft bui ot Oaitf-wra O'mment and tVn to u
that. In ft anwtjt ttm was ft maukrd foa
rfivnntvit. In all I uuwd two rkcs of Cuti
Cuna iwrnp nd o boi of Cuttcura OaHa'it
and mv b! m ruffd o( ttt tmm, 1 ox
wu U-4 NovnuiMT; pom hrr bair frowiog
out mcfif )1 tn hM not ft feaf oa bor,
2 cm not prt.H (utWra evwuffh, I r4i t
r.jr H ii nMt tni p. a ajrd Mft
m b miiiio'it ft an-. t vm im v
W tt'UT wrKS 'Jfi urt8 M -fif r-m-
aya '- ivr-r ,t hoyl t-- !;' ' :', i--ft
b--l ftor, tttats to (inn ra. I a i4
c i. It. H. K H-ttr' t. t tf
rwtj ft ( cm. - ---m aVttia,
Jti KUl4 ftav ait tf4 &uvMi
Democrat. See Possible Way to
- Sidetrack Their Plans. . '
Unless the Senate Will Assist With
: Revising Schedules no Canadian
Agreement Can
'V , ;,;.! Pass.'- ' '.,''
Washington, April 3. If the house
should pass the reciprocity measure
toon after the convening of congress
and the senate should act promptly
the senate Republican majority could
past a Joint resolution to adjourn Im
mediately. ; As the Democratic house
would not agree to this a deadlock ot
Inaction would be created which could
only be met by the president pro
roguing the two houses under his con
stitutional prerogative.
A provision of the constitution
gives the president power to prorogue
congress If the two houses cannot
agree upon a time for adjournment
This power' never has been exercised
for conditions nave never arisen te
require It In the present session con
ditions could easily be manipulated
to render the exercise of this power
desirable. If the house passed the
reciprocity agreement and sent It tc
the senate and it was agreed to In
that body, the senate then could pasi
a Joint resolution providing for final
adjournment. The house would not
agree, it being the intention of th
Democrats to proceed with general
legislation, t There would follow a
deadlock and the president' could
prorogue the two houses.
. A Check on the Senate.
To forestall the possibility ot suck
an unfortunate situation Democratic
leaders are considering the advlsabll
lty of holding reciprocity in the hou
until the senate has decided some ol
the tariff schedules that under th
Democratic caucus plan are to b
amended. If the senate takes thess
measures up and, disposes of then
promptly then reciprocity will be sent
over and the president will get wbal
he most desires, No chances will be
taken, however, for democracy to be
made the victim ot sharp parlla
mentary practices.
It the senate assumes the responsi
blllty of refusing to allow revision ol
the tariff to be made there will be nc
Democratic objection to dissolution
of the congress. The compulsory ad
Journment ot the congress wltU t
genuine downward i revision bill 01
hills, passed by the house and held u
by the senate would afford the Demo
crats campaign, material' of ; which
they would not" slow to take' ad
vantage. ' Champ Clark voiced ' the general
sentiment ot congress when he said
that the Indications pointed to a sea
slon lasting from now until late In
the fall. .. v - i : .
First Construction Will Commence al
'' at Hlgglnsvllle on Kansas City.
1 . tt Louis Eleetrlo Road..
Kansas City, April 3. Directors ot
the St Louis-Kansas City , Electric
railway met in their offices la the
Commerce building and Instructed the
L. J. Smith Construction company tc
begin construction work at once.
. The directors say that before the
end of the present month dirt will be
flying east and west from Hlgglna
vllle. Within a week or two after the
start at Hlggintvllle another gang will
he working eaat out of Independence
and then within short periods othet
gangs will be put to work at different
points along the survey.
The new road Is to double track ol
heavy steel. Its sole motive power It
to be electricity. The usual idea of
an electric railway is that It Is an In
terurban line for the accommodation
of day passengers. The St.. Louis
Kansas City Una la to be different
While It will have car service for lo
cal accommodation, its chief object
will be to compete with all the Kansas
Clty-St Louis roads with express,
passenger and fast freight trains. .
" Dlsmlse Pott art on' iate. v
Arkansas City,' Kan, April (.Act
ing oa the motion of the attorney
general that the evldtnce waa In.
sufficient to warrant prosecution,
Judge W. T. McBrlde of the Cowley
county district court ended tbeX. W.
Potterton marder case when he or
dered it wiped off the docket '
RequireenenU for Kansas Teacher.
Topeka, April 8. Whea the yeai
1917- comes to Kansas aa applicant
for a teacher's certificate must be s
graduate ot aa accredited tour-year
teraa high school, or Its equivalent
That is the requirement of the new
teacher's eertlfloate law passed by
the last legislature.
Somite In the Button Strike.
Maacitlna, Iowa, April 8 Three
bombs were throws at the homes ot
button workers who hare takea the
places ot some of the 8.000 hnttoe
factory employee who bare bea on
atrUe for Ire weeks. No one u
Injured, but ltoaaes were damaged.
Cliolc uSudGruJS .33vLlla -
Tear and halt and two years old.
ALSO 80MB ' CHOICE MALK CAIVE8. , ', , , - .
This stock is HI registered and- represents the . best Angua
breeding families ft, the country. r, Q s7Wsn T 1?
Abilene, B. D. 3.; Phone 1111 1e Qe IlilXljMU
Abilene Carriage
Opposite Public Library
Now is the time to bring in your plow
and lister work before the rush of spring
First class work at reasonable prices.
All kinds of general blacksmithing and
Cash Buyer of
. ' Phone 673 '
Corner 1st and South Cedar Sts., opposite Nusz's store
bULLJUi cure tht poor bars ot rouni el thoe
CAI I wfulOOLLjC8QALU,8ortNckorBastl
BHLLtl dan, stop tapuintatiac snd W n bos. ;
Tba oolT mlt tor man r Mul
OnugWi r by mail 95-aoe. Trial boa 4c, 1
Kn. Co., Sta. a, Abil.n, Kan.
Mounted -Police and Detectives Are
Searching for Those Who Took -,
the Rogers Baby.
Las Vegas. N. M., April 8. Rein
forced by every member ot the New
Mexico mounted police and detec
tives, search for the kidnapers of the
Rogers baby continues unabated.
Numerous clews, at first thought to
be good ones, have been run down
without result Capt Fred Fernolf of
the mounted police, who for years
served as a secret service officer Is
directing the search. -
"We will catch them," said he, "but
we must not make any false step."
Senatlonal -rumors associating
names of well known persons In Las
Vegas with the kidnaping were afloat
but all efforts to trace their source
were unavailable. Persons mentioned
are respected and their arrest would
cause a tremendous sensation. Not
withstanding denials by the officers
the persoas suspected are believed
to be under close surveillance.
Public sentiment demands the kid
napers be apprehended. With the
crime three daya old, excitement In
cident to. the kidnaping is not sub
siding but has aaaumed aa ominous
tension. - .;
New Hampshire LlWsi ths' Old Wsy.
Concord. N. H, Mar. 80. The rea
luttoa calling for a constitutional
eonvenUoa t revise the federal eon
ttitutkm so aa to 'enable the election
ot United States senators by direct
vote at the people Was defeated oa a
tie rote by the New Hampshire sen
ate. '
A Big M for Oee Net.
Oolumtua, Mo, Mar. 80. Tke local
charitable sedetlee here ensured
M!ta I4lth Haines, a trainxd aure,
te devote her entire time to stamping
out tuberratosis In CotumWae pop
bv'oa. Ttiare are mere tbaa
necroee la the town sad It Is
s-d thai oitth rd of tttcra are
tulJtted wi tae rttit c" s e. . .
(First published In Abilene Weekly
; Reflector March IS, 1811.)
; , . rv -''" SERVICE q,
In the District Court of Dickinson
...... County, State of Kansas.
'- '. ' vs. .. -J.- . ''
ROBERT E. DAT, bla unknown
heirs, devisees, administrators, ex
ecutors and trustees. Defendants.
To Defendants Robert B. Day and
his unknown heirs, devisees, ad
ministrators, executors and trus- -
teee:.";.-. - ;.'.
You and each of yon are hereby
notified that yon have been sued by
plaintiff In the above-entitled court
and cause, and tbat you and each ot ,
you much anawer plaintiff's petition
filed herein against you, on or before
the 8rd day of May, 1811, or It will
be taken aa true against any and
all ot yon not so answering, and
ludgment of the following nature
will be taken against any and all of
you so la default as aforesaid: That
said plaintiff will be decreed the ab
solute owner of the following de
scribed real estate situated in Dick
inson county, Kansas, to-wlt: Lot
ten (10) in block thirty. (30) In
rairview aoanion 10 me city ot jaui
lene, Kansas, and that you and each
of yon will be barred from ever claim
ing any right, title and Interest in
and to the above described real es
tate. - JOHN JAMES EDDY, Plaintiff.
..By bis attorney, S. 8. Smith.
(First published In Abilene Weekly
, Reflector March IS, 1811.)
la the Dletrlct Court of Dicklnsoa
County, Kansas.
State ot Kansas, County ot Dicklnsoa,
as: -
FRED KELL. Plaintiff, ' .
vs. '
MARY KELL Defendant
Said defendant Vary Kelt, will
take aotlce that she has been sued
in the above named court 'for aa
absolute divorce oa the ground of
abandonment and must anawer the
petition filed therein by aald plain
tiff, oa or before ths 4th day of May,
A. IX, ISU, or earn petition will fee
takn aa true: and )mst for the
plaintiff in said srtion for aa slxw
lute divorce, and mats of suit will
be rendered amordtnfly.
' Attoraey for PlalatiO.
Attee: W. J. ROVE,
- C!rk of tbe IV'.rtri-t Court. It

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