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'ABSLKWeJ WKMUbf kui.Mivn, wss.r,n, jaAnewai, aimu v, ..,
Pacing record J:14K, trial trotting i:!t. Will make a full
aeason at the fair (round!. Ray Star li the fattest and beat galted
norst Id the county today. After alj hit hard racing he Is ai found
ai a mw dollar. Read bit license certificate below. ';"
Kansas State Live Stock Registry Board. Certificate No. 2. ' ' .
'XJili la to certify that the pedigree of the Pure Bred etalllon
known at Ray Star 87848 owned by Hocksnsmlth Bros., Abilene,
Kan., has been examined and found to be correctly and duly re
corded in the ttud bookt of the American Trotting Regliter.
Hit breeding It at followt: Sire, Rayon 28833. Dam, Prairie
Nellie by Prairie Star 2884, Foaled 802. Color, black, star, hind
Bald ttalllon hat been examined and found to be tound. ,
' Inued at the Kansat State Agricultural College, Manhattan,
Kaniat, thlt 26th day of January, 1810. v
. j Dean of Agriculture.
.;'. : 3Fcx paitic-olars see
Advocated No Re-Election of Chic
While Pretending to be Influenced
Only by Public Opinion He Favors
Moet Polnta Demanded by
The City of Mexico, April 3. Com
sitting hlmielf to the advocacy ol
. tnany of the reform! demanded by the
evolutionist!, although professedly
Stowing only to the Influence of gubllc
opinion, Gen. Dial answered 1 bis
critics through hli semi-annual mes
age at. the opening of the National
The principle of no re-election ol
the chief executive and Incumbents ol
tyttnr elective offices and the reform
erf tbe electoral law! so that the
privilege of tbe ballot may be en
Joyed by those citizen! "who are con
sidered capable of Toting" were ad
vocated. The menage refer! specifically to
Rm application of the no re-election
(principle, to tbe naming of governors,
one of tbe chief contention! of tbe
eUscontented elements throughout the
republic, the president saying that it
bill providing for tbe "periodical
renovation" of the4 officials in question
should come before congress it would
Suva hli earnest support.
. Step Abuse of Power.
Abuse of power by lefet politico
(mayors of towns), another of tbe
crying evil! complained of by reel
tUntt In the rural district! through
ut Mexico, li to be abated, according
to tbe plan outlined by the president.
The president purposes to improve
the efficiency of the Judiciary through
more careful selection of Its per
twanel and lengthening of tenure ot
Sloe. Efficacious punishment of Judi
cial functionaries for malfeasance is
o be brought about through the en
actment of more stringent measures.
On the subject of the division of great
girtvate. estates, first broached by
Minister Llmantour la hli Pari! In
terview, the chief executive declared
lt determination to Ond efficient
means for bringing about the Innova-
. atom.
' la no previous message ot the pros!
Meat has there ever been anything la
the nature of a recommendation. Un
til now hli messages have been mere
: -Wesumes of thing! accomplished.
fca Panama Ferelf nert Art Orantad
the Same Rights at Natlvet In
j Obtaining Titles.
- "Washington, Mar. SO. The Ameri
cas legation at Panama has been be
erieged with Inquiries from Ameri-
etaaa requesting iaformatioa at to the
(procedure necessary to obtala parcels
est public buds la that republic avall
ItMe for settlement, according to
Charlet Campbell, Jr., secretary of
Sat legation.
A recent amendment te Us mad
Sawa ot Panama prevldea that for-
aasgaera shall tajor the rlgktt oes
seeded by this law, at well at tat
tMthtt conferred by tat law eouoera-
ag the adjudleatioa of land."
The law at amended eiteadt te
tedUieai of the Catted Slates aa e
sjaatlonabl rlfbt to obtala land and
,jod UUee thereto.. .
'-. I in . .
t Cap. Sadoer a Rear Admiral.
I 'Wa!Hnr!ea. April t CspC Char
J. p deer, commanding the bat
8;e!fi!!p Kaiwae, has been promoted te
ir admiral to ill tbe vocancj
rtnoti hj lb d' of Admiral Fre
Abilene Merchant Telia An Interest-
. ; tng Story.
If the reader of thli article imokei
a pipe, be hai probably noticed, be
fore this time, that the packages of
tobacco are becoming smaller.
A abort time ago, the United
States government, wanting more
money, decided not to make the
"common peepul" pay but to -take
It out ot the profits of luch ugly
trust! ai the tobacco trust for In
stance. Coniequently It notified the to-
baocc trust that It would have to
pay an additional revenue on to
bacco and thus pay to the govern
ment some ot the money it had
wrongfully taken from the "com
mon peepul" by outrageous trust
And did thli Injure the tobacco
trust and doea it itand the brunt ot
No, dear children, It doet not. The
common peepul" were elapped on
the other cheek and are paying thli
revenue to the government.
Now, do they do it?
Well, tbe tobacco trust made Its
packages eo much smaller that the
cost of tbe revenue li taken out Of
the package that Is, the consum
er get sufficiently lest tobacco for
their money to enable the tobacco
trust to make up the additional coat
of the revenue without paying it
from their own profits. Thus by
getting less tobacco for ten ?ents
now than they did before, the "com
mon peepul" and not the tobacco
trust li paying the government the
additional tax.
"And that It not all," tald an
Abilene merchant today. ''After cut
ting the weight of their packages, to
pay the additional revenue, they
haven-advanced the wholesale price,
so that tbe trust la now making more
profit on tobacco than It did before
tbe government tacked on the addi
tional revenue. That It how the trust
waa hurt. For Instance thla package
of tobacco contains two and tw
third! ounce! ot tobacco but It costs
mt more wholesale than it' did be
fore the revenue went on and wlien
the package held three and one-fourth
ounces Of tobacco. -
"Tobacco it sold to us by the dozen
cant, not weight. Tbe pure looa
law. hit! ut little fellows though and
tells us to sell potatoes, apples, etc.,
by weight But then a prominent
lawyer told me the other day that
laws were made to be obeyed by the
little folks."
Met til of New York's Vtluables
Ware Destroyed In the Capitol
Albany. N. T.. Mar. II. More than
100 men dug Into the ruina left by
the Sre la the west end of the state
eapltol and discovered that the wreck
of the state's magnlOceat library was
aot at complete as at Brat supposed.
Burled under tons of stone lay thou
sands ot books that can be preserved
by rebindlng, and maay that escaped
aaseatked. Records of the war ot
1818 were tound intact ant the custo
dians hope ether valuable relies may
be found la a state worthy ot preser
vation. , ,
The work of clearing away tbe
debris promisee to prove aa enor
mous and expensive task. A bill In
troduced In the legislature appro
priates $109,000 for the purpose.
Another Fire Victim Diss,
New Tors, Mar. II. The 14(tb
victim at the Triangle Waist factory
holocaust hat died. She was Etna
Cooper, an operator. 14 years old
6r,s aa bsiSfy burned la CeeiXig troai
High School Team There ' Cancels
Game With Abilene. .-
. Junction City, April I The lo
cal high school boys had scheduled
two games of bast' ball with the
Abilene high school team, but when
it came to signing the contract, the
latter would not play unless they
be permitted to use two players who
had played league ball in Eastern
Kansas last summer. Hence tbe
athletic relations, between the two
school! have been severed at far as
this base ball season Is concerned
la Junction City scared or hat It
a grade school team? The high
aiViool at Jundtlon would . better
fresben Its memory to the fact tbat
league ball playera won their only
game from Abilene two years ago.
The names of the Eastern Kansas
league teams have been gone over
and no name there thows that any
Abilene high school baseball player
ever played In tbat league.
Assemble at Abilene to Settle Ball
The ban ball managers of the
Central Kansas League will meet at
Abilene on Wednetday and tor good
and all the bast ball question will
be settled. At thli meeting Min
neapolis will perhapt take the place
of tbe Ellsworth team, and Salina
will be asked to quit talking state
league and get In tbe game.
The chancel are that tbe league j
Will Starr, Oil Wltu BIX loeuie mi
the present plans carried out. Sa
lina want! to get In the itate lea
gue and if Minneapolis doeB not come
In, then four towns can get together
and play. These will be Manhat
tan. Clay Center, Concordia . and
Junction City. ' The towna would
have a good deal of excitement.
Women of This Age Do Not Dress
Warmly Enough.
Doctors have recently testified,
with rather an unusual degree of un
animity, that women in these days
do not dress warmly enough; that
neurasthenia It often the result of
wearing ciotmng oi insumcieui
thickness. It It not poverty, they lay
but Ityle that causes the difficultly.
Women can not Imitate the sylph-
llke maiden of the fashion plate and
wear heavy underwear and thick
dresses. Fashion with beautiful dis
regard for tbe changing season', de
mands gauzy stockings,, low shoes,
decollette gowm and short sleeves.
The result la too often pneumonia or
an exhaustion of vitality and nerve
fdrce in the effort to keep warm.
The crttlcsm sounds amazingly
like good common sense. Women
may protest that she doet not feel
cold, but the chances are that the
It giving her boly an unnecessary
amount ot trouble to keep warm.
Detroit Women Hold Meeting In the
Interest of SchooL'
The teachers of the Detroit school .
of which Miss Grace Anderson is jycIocIi Rw. McKay officiating. 1 '
principal and Mies Edna "Wagner, f
head ot primary department, held! In cases of rheumatism relief from
a meeting last Friday afternoon for.P- KMs'eeP and rest potai ble.
. ., . . IThis may be obtained by applying
the purpoae of creating a deeper In- chamberlalh'i Liniment. For sale by
forest in the scnooi. All tne mow-
era in that dlatrlct were Invited to
attend the meeting and to Inapect
tbe work of the pupils which was
on exhibition.. County Superintend
ent Aumlller was present. The meet
ing was a success. .. .. ,
Good meals at tht National Hotel.
. Buys Grocery -Store.
Junction City, April 1. E. Zollin
ger today aold hla grocery store on
the comer of Fourth and Washing
ton street to K. H. Grandberry, whd
will take charge AprU 1. Mr, Zol
linger will leave at once for hi! farm'.'
Mr. Grandberry for several years
has made hla home In thlt city and
hat been miller at tbe Hogaa mills.
Ht will move at once to the. Zol
linger home and the store will be
Improved. Groceries and feed will
be carried la stock. Tht store hat
a good trade. ''
Lame thoulder It nearly always
dee to rheumatism of the muscles
and quickly yields to the free appU
ratloa of Chamberlain 'a Liniment.
For tale by all dealer. -
"Dose's Otatmeat eared me of ers
ma that had aanored me Ion,
time. Tbe cure waa permanent."
-' 'on. S. W. Vntthei-s. Coramlw. lon
er l-abor Statistics. Auitusta, Me. ,
Children Cry
res niTCJiza-s
- Tbe annual report of the Bell Tele
phone Companies In the United States
la just out and makes interesting
reading. On tbe back of the folder
Is a chart showing the growth ot tho
company'! Interests since -1878.
There are now 6,882,718 stations in
tht United Stares or about one tele
phone to every 18 people. '
The wire mileage of the company
la now 11,842,212 miles In use for
toll and exchange. This does not
Include the wire operated by connect
ing companies. Tbe number of con
nections made last year were esti.
mated to be about 7,176,448,000
During 1811 the Bell company add
ed $88,828,818 worth of real estate
and equipment to their property
862,028,000 spent In tbe keeping-of
the svstem and $80,008,000 was
spent in construction of new lines,
Tbe book Is one ot unusual interest
and is a logical straightforward
statement of the greet corporation's
finance and standing.
.eawaaa a .
Merchants Must Not Give Chaacea oa
f Purchases Either.
v .
1 rvinntr Attorney Rush it home
from Topeka where he attended i
meetlnc of the Kansas county at
torneys. He sard: "We decided to
get after merchants who keep tlot
machines and give chances to per
sons buying goods. I mean, when
at a certain, time a drawing Is held
and the person holding the! lucky
number cets tbe prize. It was also.
discussed at some length about tne
woman playing cards for' prle)ei'.
When women form a club and go. to
one another's house and play caras
for a prtze, we considered that gamb
ling the same at a colored youth who
shoots dice In t box car.".,. ,
Y esterday Waa Wannest Day to Five
i ' Months.
Yesterday was the warmest day
since October 26, or a period of near
ly five months, the temperature in
tbe afternoon reaching 81. However
this waa not the warmest April 2
on record, as the temperature on
the same date in 1888 reached 80.
Tbe ' lowest temperature of tbe
day( was 88, making the mean $0,
which It the mean temperature ior
I a day In the first partof May.The
'temperature yesterday averaged 12
degrees above normal.
Owing to the pleasant weather
yesterday many, persons were out
walking, riding in their automobiles
and driving, so tbat they could en-
Jpy the warm weather.. The doors
and windowt of the houses were
fhrown open yesterday that the sum
mer breezes might blow In.
Tbe wind at 10:30 yesterday moro
nic reached a velocity of 30 miles
an hour from the southwest The
average velocity for the day was to
miles an hour and it waa very light
In the afternoon.
" Moeley-Blalr.
Mr. Harry F. Blair and Miss Lena
E. Mosley, both ot Dillon, were, mar
rioH t the Preahvterlan narsonage
. . Tniev ovenlne at 8
an dealers,
This Will Interest Mothers.
Mother Gray"! Sweet Powdert for
Children relieve Feverlthness, Head
ache, Bad Stomach, Teething Disor
ders, move and regulate tne ooweia
and destroy worms. They break np
coldt In 24 hours. Used by mothers
for 22 yean. All druggists, 25c. Sam
ple Free. Address A, S. Olmstead, Le
Roy, W. Y.
HOOD'S Sanaparflla It the medi
cine tor impure blood, eruptions,
knees and general debility it
positively and absolutely CUIII.
riahr .'t auf five minutes
with eroun if you saiily Dr. Tliemaa'
Krie-tic Oii at on It kcta like
magic "
- tot Infanta and CMUra.
Beer the
Signature e
Shake Into Yovr Shoe
' Allea'i Foot-Ease, tbe aatleeptlc
powder. It relieves hot, tired, ach
ing, swollen, sweating feet, aad
make walking easy. Takee tbe
ettng out of corse and bunions. Over
30,008 testimonials. Sold everywhere
z5e. Don't aocept any aubetltute.
Pamrfe Free. Address lAUem a
Olmsted, Le Roy. N. T. -
CX CATAtfvH of the nose, throat,
A stomach, boweta and more dritcair
orrtta, t tiire to take Hood's Kr-penna-a
Nearly fl.OOO.OO Stations
United States. '
derm of Infantile Paralysit la Dis
covered.' .
Topeka, April 1. Dr. B. J. Crom-
blne, secretary of tbe state board of
health, has received 'a letter from
Dr. Samuel 0. Dixon,' secretary of
the Pennsylvania board of health,
In which Dr. Dixon aaya that he
believes that ; the micro-organism
which causes infantile paralysis has
been discovered. '- Dr. Crumblne li
now in the east and be will visit the
Pennalyvanla health laboratories to
tee about -the discovery. Infantile
paralysis hat been 'prevalent in Kan
sat two summers, coming on about
the middle of July and continuing
until cold weather. There have been
more than two hundred cases in the
itate and tome forty deaths from
this disease, and a discovery of the
cause of the-disease It important to
tht medical profession at least. The
state hat been working for montht
In the university laboratories trying
to find the germ that transmitted
the disease and trying to learn what
could be used to prevent it and to
cure It
It hit letter to Dr. Crumblne des
cribing tbe new organlslmt Dr. Dixon
tayt that he took the blood from Both
human being and from monkeys
which had the disease. When the
blood smeart on tht glass were stain
ed with a dilute solution of carbol
fuchiln and the micro-organ lama were
readily seen under high power micro
scopes at purple lines, curved at an
angle of sixty to seventy degree and
at timet the curved end appeared
bulbous. Some of the organisms ap
peared to have a very finely grained
protoplasm. ,
After Being Lost 85 Yean Wai Re
turned to Owner.
Herlngton, April 3. A coin with a
history unequalled It now In pos
session of Mr. 'Fred Lapham, it hav
ing been tent to him by a party at
Newton, layt the Herlngton Sun.
The sequel to the coin it interest
ing and bat such interesting facta
concerning it that it seemi more like
fiction than facts, however,- tbe fact
which' can be substantiated by Mr.
Lapham are these:
Thirty-five years ago In , Tipton
Ohio, Mr. Lapham had his name cut
on a rare piece of French coin, which
he carried for several year) at a
pocket piece. Somowhere and some
how the coin was lout and tnough he
hunted diligently among mt'renci a.
vat never found Last Saturday Mr.
Lapham received a letter post mark
ed Newton, Kaasas, In which was
on.'iofcd a coin stuck Into a pbee
of tli'.ck post card. The letter con-1
tail od no writing of any tort and
Mr. '.apham was somewhat at a lots
t rhat it. meant. After t wing
tie ctln to several of his frlen'M, It
was finally discwere l that on ii
i-carei1 the name of Fred Lapham,
Tipton, Ohio. Like a vision tie inci
dent came back to Mm that V years
ai-.o to had the wi cut In the coin
and carried it as a pocket pleco for
some time. 'The name of the party
fiiidlig the coin and the number of
hni.ils through -VJlca It has pasted
in' tho mean ! may never be
known but the added pages of hls-
i.vy makes It Inestimable as a sou-
Tbe coin it a silver five franc
piece and has a commercial value of
For tale, tingle comb White Leg
horn Cockerels and eggs for batch
ing. Mrs. Mabel Bulivan, R. 7, Abi
lene. 18wttl8dlt
(First published In Abilene Weekly
, Reflector March !0, 1111.)
la the District Court of Dickinson coun
ty, mate oi vhbm.
VERA B. TYLER. Plaintiff,
- vs.
vniNir TVLRR. Defendant.
To the above named defendant, Frank
Tyler, oi pane uninu.n.
Tou are hereby notified that you
have been sued by the above named
plaintiff. Vera B. Tyler, who filed her
u,m.. tn. divArM In the district
court of Dickinson county, Kansas, on
the J7th day oi nercn, . it,
wherein she asks for a divorce from
you upon the around of abandonment
and troea netleet of duty; and alp
for the custody ef the minor child,
Marcella Tyler; and that unlese you
answer or demur to said petition on
or before the Uth day of star. A. D..
lill, aald petition will be taken as
true and Judgment rendered ae prayed
for therein granting dlvore to aald
plaintiff and tiring her the custody
of aald minor child.
M PleUstlft
By B. 8. Smith. Her Attorney.-
(First published It Abilene Weekly
Reflector sssrcn i, leit.i . . - j
State or Kanaaa, Dickinson-County,
at: - - ' i
tn the probate court ot said county.
In tbe matter of tbe estate of E.
Rose, deceased.
Te all creditors and other persons
Interested tn said estate:
Tea are hereby notified that at
the regular May term ef the probate
court la and for aald county, to he
held at the probate Judee s office,
la Abilene, In tald county, on tb
1st day of May. 1811. being the fl-rt
Monday la said month of May, I will
make final settlement of aald estate.
MRS. C. M. R'W-K. i
4 , Adm;nitrat-:,.
; Attorneys at Law
Practice in aH court. .
Fire Insurance written on tana ,
and elty property.' :
Real Estate. Several residence!
from 1000 to 34600 for sale. Alto
a fine bottom tana aear Abilene.
A Stone to Fit Your
You need not go beyond your meant
nowadays, to erect a monument of
tht proper material and correct de
sign. ' We tpeclallie on medium
priced work and girt you honest val
ue for every dollar you put Into your
cemetery work. We art now taking
ordera for our iprlng carload! and
can givt you tht advantagt of low
freight rate at thlt time. Writ
or call on
JAY HARDING SON, Proprietor.
, Abilene, Kansat.
Jewelry, Watches, Clocks, Cut
. Glass and Silverware
Watcb and Clock Repairing a
, Specialty at
8rd Street, opposite Poetofflce
r: " 3
james a. runs
Funeral Director and
Embalmer '
Competent Lady Assistant .
Carry at all timet In ttock a full
lint of Funeral Supplies.
Phone: Day call 218, night and
Sundaya 344.
Perm tales a Specialty,
atlsfaotloa gaaranteed
Beat of references slvea.
Oall Brown phone No. Hat, or address Abi
lene, Kansas. Aag.'Ot
Date book caa be seen at Shockey A Lands
Abilene, ,
CtMOM toi tMUtlOe tht) tak.
IVorrMtat luxuriant Iptrwth
Kwr Ta.li t Bntrtora Gr-xy
Hftlr to It Youthful Color.
m . 'tj mPM-WW .jmVa
urw te Clve atitfaetlon.
. eivtt iLitf at oact.
A else newt, seotbea, heals and prot4 As
at' a id nembtue rteulring from Catara
and drirea awar a Oold b tbe Heed am -k Ir.
Heatores k Seaeas at Teste end SmetL
Iey to aee. Contain eo lafnrkms injt
tmilied late the aoatrii and aheorbed
larve H-ie, to rents at Irnvrki er
wuL Liqrvl Oneia Bala tut ja ia
tuc&ixero. 7.S meta.
nr iffi-rer!. st sl. iH

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