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Abilene weekly reflector. [volume] (Abilene, Kan.) 1888-1935, April 06, 1911, Image 9

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U 4 H I "4
. , : April 940, 1911
Bethany Oratorio Chorus
Children's Chorus v ;.
Bethany Symphony Orchestra e
Rothanir Rflllff " '
Miss Caroline Hudson, New York Soprano
Miss Eva Mylott, New York Contralto
Dr. Franklin Lawson. New York - Tenor
Mr 1inrv Edward Malloy Baritone
Mr. Chas. W- Clark, Paris "
Special train
12.C5p. m. '
OUnaay9 Hpril ZJ turns im
mediately after close of evening concert Round (
trip rate $1.76.
By all means attend the greatest musical event of
the West. It will be a treat long to be
. remembered and appreciated. ,
Concert tickets on sale at HbME RULE CAFE.
For 32 page souvenir program write Bethany
College, Lindsborg Kansas
v.i Eicnoin go.
The Same Careful atten
tion that has been given to
the Ekholtt business for the
past thirty-nine years.
Abilene '
to Califcmia ;
New Mexico
One 'war Colontat tlckeU on eate
dally. Harck 0 1. April 19, Im-
elusive, frnt AWtan., iwanaaa, .
Only av Urn peiota ahown' below.
For faraa te ther aointa and Infor
mation m cat the liberal atop-over
pdlvllegea awarded, none, write or
ae. th. oaderalgned.
Loa Angelea ttS.O
Saa FraacUo .'. $25.0
San Diego
... $26.00
... $20.16
... $26.60
... $35.(0
Paaadena .v..
Redlanda , . .
Sacramento . .
Santa Barbara
Monterey ....
Preaeott ....
Phoenix .....
Flagstaff ....
Ooldfleld . . . .
Tonopah . . . .
Demlng . . . . .
Silver City ..
Chihuahua ..
Ouyamaa ....
Mexico City . .
rhrough tourist sleeper to Ua Dercnrr wm surely destroy the shows In this report of all of your
Angelea and Saa Fraadaca art slec-' KDM of smell and eompletely.de- teachers. Kanaaa baa aow tblrty
. . . . - l Li.. l mma ih. vhitA mtm vhea eater- li-l w i i i - i - -
ine ucsteo ana wi iiwihi i"" i
.d tra tare. drHn'i
room far women.
' For full Information
apply to
D. O. KennpfJy,
Agent. Abilene, Kaataa.
r,::::::HTn n rats
"V I
at i . .s.
-ri ft r f
f "II
Leaves Abilene
via Santa Fe at
. "I f Train re-
Probably Would Have Received Bui
lets If They Had.
Hone. March SI. Some vnprln
doled fellows, apparently tried to
rrnltrhten Miss Kettle Donley, the
night operator tn the Brown ornce,
and thev vera undoubtedly lucky
that ahe did not put a few bullets
throuxh them. She first beard them
at the back window and then at the
front door. 'She called Mr. Smith
at the Farmers office, but when be
arrived no one waa around.
Hiss Kehle! Apprentlcs Each Want
' aBusbjuao.
Where are you cupidT .
Does any bright young man want
:a wife that-oan cook and Is aa artist
with a needle and also has traces of
rood "toolmr" WefL shine your
shoes, nut on those- "glad rags" of
yours and Visit Myrtle Kehler's dress
making parlors. There you win meet
five young ladles that cupId a arrow
has missed. On the wall you can
not help kttt notice this sign, "Want
ed a husband by aa accomplished
vouna lady.' -,
"The rfrts;" Miss Kehler said, "'say
khey an team to start to malting
men's shirts and offer them fa sale.
3n this way they hope to exhibit their
ability In being able to care for trie
man. CupM baa, m nis Dusasng
trip, taken amt young )mAj -horn ur
i I
City Mast Took Vis Life fci
vMa the Talon Pacific west
hri niuunaer itrain 109 waa
nearlna- Ellsworth last night J, H.
Htockey of Kanaaa City went into
the lavatory of a ehair car, locked
th door and cut hi throat. When
the train reached Ellsworth the train
nTll ThW.d
nut Ma dead body. He had $200 in
hla oodtet. ' No reason was known
for thai deed
Mini ShoiMA to Be Mjirrietl,
Hnn. M-rph - II. rd bill
bteo roetTd ttnnounclnie ! n
m Ham. to MfvHiitrh lOwe'l it
t..M. f wtlak llHslst'sl tMrwt.t.11 At I
JulaKloe Texas, Mar.: 2Mb.
r. a - -1 4M. U a w.ask -J ittl
' .
- JewewoffflataaerorCatar That
t through the mucous surt
aAk .hntiM wMrf be naed
except oa prescrlptioa from reputa
ble peysioans, as me Bmuis
im a u tm (Hkf tn th aood von
raa possibly derive from them. Hall's
Cslarrn cure, BaoniaCTnrB uj r.
J. Chens! A Co., Toledo.H)., contains
no mercury, and la taaen lnieroauj.
acting directly npoa the blood sod
t.,.. a mfTim. rxt h ttTBtm. IB
buying Halt's Catarrh Cure be sure
yo get the genuine. It is tasen ra
ternally ad made In Toledo, Ohio,
bv F. J. Cheney A Co. Testimonials
Sold by dirgglsta, prlc. 7Sc per
T!te Hall's Family Pllla for con-
Pmposi-d Limit Said to Affect I'HS
. . t and Poultry Prices. .
"v .-, vu y- " -
AtM-ordlni to ft poultry and egg
i.a Im norlnnfl Intl. ODBT-
I H tali W till uca' au va -
ate i storage plant and makes many
shipments to tha Atlantic seaboara.
reform ii costing tba state of Kaasea
a tremendous amount of money this
. tji. r iii.o.tpniiBiT at-
,- 7 .,iin, tn the noultrv deal-
fected, accordlni to tbe poultry aeai
era, by th. bill pending In the United
o,... t. iimitm atom to nine-
KlIJlUKi "
ty days.
Should thia hill b. passed, It will
acucafly pVh.t storag.; it 1.
claimed, and experts ngure mat k
wil, double th. scarcity and cut the
price in half In the seasons of pro-
duotlon, thua operating to ua
jury of both th. producer and .con-
jur ui jv r
sumer. Storage, it la declared
brings uniform prices. The National
Poultry and Eggs Association of the
United Statea will send to the senate
about 200,000 protests against the
ninety-day storage law
Negro Found Her at Junction and
, Bought Her Freedom,
The Tooeka "negro who came to
Abilene this week to find his wife
who he thought was in Jail hare
haa located her In Junction uity
Hla lady love had called him by
teleohone from Junction City and
the call to Topeka was made by the
Abilene operator. 'The negro heard
the resoons. of Abilene ana con
i-ludod his wife was here. He tlnallly
found her at Junction City where
she was a Kiiest at. the city Jan.
The necrose was arrested last Sat
urday night in a raid on thenar-
field Waaton house at Junctiou vny
When her husband came to the res
cue she pleaded not guilty and was
flotd. ' Her husband at once paiu
the fine and costa and took hla wife
back to Topeka. .
first of Ttint Kind to HMrry V.
the Town.
The electric Juice was turned into
Hope Tuesday and for the first lime-
in the history of the city, Hope peo
Dle saw a covPle of stores beautifully
lighted up with electric lights. Work
is. now beta Tushed and within a
few dara an Dulldlnxa that have been
wired will be using electricity, and
the occupants, enjoying regular my
privileges ao far aa lights r con-
nerned. - As sooa as those nlMti?K(0' xitlene;
are connected the city will rush work
on th. street lights.
Praseancef Sister Alone leaved Edaa
Jnnetlon City, Merck 0. Edna
countv met with a peculiar accident
land one that would likely hare re
sulted tatailly but for the presence
of a rooitaer sister.
The etrl who had forgotten her
school bsnlks, went back to the school
ck to the school
t... - ... k.m h,, a.,,kri h.
house to get them but found the
building locked. She managed to
. . tn
rain a window, and as aha was
climbing In. the window came down
on her neck, leaving her banging. A
younger Sister ran for help, and tne
portion but was onconsdoas for 80
girl was removed from her dangerous
hours afterward.
tta Report Was One of Beat Received
. at K. V.
' ' ' .
The Abllea. high school racalved
118,1 rr Trrs
Prel-.W: ."-J h,g.'1
tor of th. University of Kansas. He
wrote to Superintendent Staoey:
'I wish to congratulate you agala
having your high school accepted
the North Central Association of
College and Secondary Schools. I
ilaht also state that your report
waa one of the very best received
M Mn. .fn.t Mint i. .hih
a Aavi V liw. biub awww "
.. . '.. l.l.l J
I want
congratulate yon especially upon
the aeatnesa of the report and the
sevea high schools oa this list ot ac
credited schools. Four years ago
w could show but sight Very sis
cerely yours, W. H. Johnson."
rnnallnmtinn hpfnra IBSnV flmTlti
In Ha train and Is th. Drimary cause
or muca eicaaess. iveep jour uaw
la rerular madsm. and yoa wlU
a rm mini nf ihm sJIinenta to which
women are subject. Constlpstion Is
m v.rr afmnla thine hut Ilk .rasnv
simple things., it may lesd to serious
consequences. Nature o'ten needs s
little aaslotanc. and when Chamber
lain's Tsbieta sre given at the first
Indication, much distress sod soffer
inr tnav.be avoided. Sold by ail
A DEATH AT bwuwui ,
J.ri Ana Dobson lUd Saurdajr
the Age ot Si.
- OA VLrm. Ann
Dobson- died her. eaturday at tue
lags of 74 years. She was born Jan
ary s, ioi, in iorm.u -
She was unneu m ""' -
Uas. Dobaon, November I 11. .
To tnia union war. noru wu
To thli union were born ten children
five sons and five daughters. Seven
five sons and five daughters. Beven
nv. sons ana . a
M whom atlll aurvlye her. mey are
Mra. Thoa. Wh to. Winnipeg, Can-
ada; Mrs. J. W. Rose, Ethel, Can
ada; .Mrs. O. Shetrone, Mrs. J. M.
Karr, Geo., Tho... Ch... Dobn of
x I . . . a rtuhsAn ami.
tnia oity. r. auu an.
grated to Canada In 1868. an-
Kansas in 1886. Mrs. Dobson was
converted In 1876, and united With
m-iconvertea in ieio, nu
th. Methodist Epiwopal church of
-,h., . nine
which she was a member tor nine
year. Then she united with the
Free Methodist church ot this city
qf which she was a faithful member
until her death.
Sallna's Big Hotel Suffered From
' Firebugs.
Hallna March JO. About 2 o'clock
thl. moraine fir. waa discovered In
a room on the second floor and a
room on th. third floor ot th. Na-
finnai hntol The flames were well
Untfer way bfit war. controlled with
out serious damage. All the gu.su
left the hotel In safety. An Hour
later fire was also found In a locked
linen closet on the fourth floor and
lhad evidently been burning some
tim. This, too, was extinguished.
it Is evident that a deliberate at
tjMiiDt waa made to destroy th. ho
tel, which waa filled with guests. No
clue has yet been discovered. , ine
town la neatly excited over tne ai-
fali and If the perpetrators are dis
covered they will have rougn treat
Rev. Dr. Baloh of Ohio to Come to
; Rev. W. O. Coleman, who has been
nastor of the M. E. church here for
two years, received notice today that
he has been transferred by the bls-
hoo to Outhrle. Okla., where he will
be pastor of tb. First Church of that
eltv. th. chang. becoming effective
Immediately. Rev. Mr. Ramsey, pas
tor si Outhrle goes to Manhattan;
Sev. 8: Blair ot Manhattan to Car
tilage, Mo., Rev. Dr. Balch of Ohio
The Outhrle church pays $7000
and a fine parsonage, an Increase of
f BOA over th. Abilene charge. A
new M. E. college has lust been or
gantzed at Outhrle and the on. at
5H1HU M u. . ...
Oklahoma City has been abandoned.
It, T1 AtA tn m i..n
mgr. ut. u
.hMniiiip will be chancellor of the
new university..' The charge Is a pro-
win glv him a mucn oroaaer neia
Ellsworth To Drop Out.
ft waa -announced this afternoon
that Ellsworth would not be in the
r,.-..! tr.n. hnuhall leaaue dur-
, ,
. th coming season. It Claims
" ,
that It cannot get its team together
, n vauuuv ... v""
a short season as contemplated
V(. I..,,. RllaWArth ha Vfttl
..a a ahnrf uauill tl Pflfltflinn itM
by this league. . Ellsworth has won
th. pennant in this league two sea
sons In succession. Minneapolis win
fill the vacancy.
They are Abilene People, and' What
They Say la of Loral Interest,
whM an Incident like the follow
ing occurs right here at home. It Is
. ht d.
tb. round, of th. pres.; are pub-
lished aa facta, people become skep
tical. One on. subject skepticism
Is raollr disappearing. This Is due
to the actual experience of our cltl
tens, and their public utterances re-
aardlnc them. The doubter must
doubt no mors In th. face of such
evidence aa this. Tb. public state
mant of a reputable cltlsen living
right at home, one whom yoa can
very day, leaves no ground for
tha skeotle to stand on
8. 0. Wagoner, 10 K. North Sixth
street, Abilene, Kaa., says: "I glad-
it confirm, all I said about Doaa's
Kidney Pllla, whea I publicly rerotu
m.ded them several years sgo. For
man raara armntoms of kidney com
plaint annoyed me. There waa much
pais across my loins and tb. pas
sage, of th. kidney secretions were
irrM-nlar. Dosn'a Kidney I Pills
hrourh't ma aromnt and permanent
relief and after Using them, I en1
Joyed much better health." ;
Vm ala Kv an SMlra. Price SO
cents. Foeter-Milburn Co., Buffslo.
New Tort, sole agents for the United
States.-. "
Remember - the same Does
and take so other.
Alivadj 5 Cart of IiaHast' Lil-
Ever Odiige 4s to be KoptUreU.
Th work of ballaxtlng th Balina
branch of the Baata Fe railroad be-
u..u . .u ,
tween Abilene and SaUna te being
I 1 a ....IJII. aa iAatai4hlam ' a 1-1
yUBIltJU $M laeUIUI mm yvwvt aa
m v.il.. k.ua kflan
" - " . "I th- baIUult
on th. branch ! th. ,a.
mon and New Cambria. The men
mon auu
not only repairing and. ballasting
are un , repairing
th. track but tney are aiao repairing
all of th. bridges and culverts.
, This repair work wa. badly neeuea
?nd the wreck w-.P-f
This repair work was badly neea.a
.m .l. ..v wlilnh tha naaaanvAri
1: tLVZ
traill OKU evoiai Timm-m waw -
dltion the track was In. There has
been but very little work don. on
-.fc . ,fc. ....
the Balina tarth th. pa t f.w
rear. Th. track has been allowed
to run down but th. ballasting of
th. road bed and the addition ot a
few more ties will be a great Im
provement and It will put th. road
bed In a first class condition.
Now Mexican Is Served With Sand
v Springs at Jail.
A niuna- Mexican working on the
Rock Island railroad near Woodbine
who kent Intoxicants for personal
nu was Influenced by some young
men of Woodbine to share with them
soma of his precious liquid. The
dark man at first refused to run a
fro.. lunch counter, but after per
sistent coaxing from hla would-oe
nails he finally tapped a few corhs
and his friends became thoroughly
nlltfllcated. -
The Mexican was arrested and
tried In police court for distributing
intoxicating drinks. H. was nnea
1100 and coats with the provtlege ot
a 80 day stay at the county jail.
REACHED 910,000 jMARK.
Herlngton Is Now Eligible to Free
. Delivery.
Herlnaton. March $1. Th. sale
of stampa In th. local postoffic.
nasaed th. $10,000 mark this weex
However, the best possible showing
should be mad. and If It Is conven
ient each Heringtonlte Is asked to
make a purchase of stamps before
the month closes Friday night.
April first Is tha rating year lor
nostotfices and those that sell dur
Ing the year $10,000 In stamps are
In that class eligible to free delivery.
'J ' ,' ' '"
' Mrs. Rock Dead, '
Mrs. Elisabeth Rock, mother of
J. Harley Rock of this city, died at
th. horn, of her son Walter Rock,
north of Elmo Wednesday morning.
A short service was held Thursday
-t th. house three miles north of
Kimo and tha bof r taken to Lyndon
and laid to iw4 beside her husband
who died seiernl yea-s sgo. 8a.
was eighty years old.
Norman Botlenberger Dead
Norman Sollenberger, aged 28
years, who has been sick for some
:. '.. .... . it., v
time, uiea ian oununy mi iub """
., i... ...i. n v anii.nh.rr
or nis uncie d. r. ouimuuiir
rim.,,1 aarvlaa war halll
vi uw - r.--
Hope. Funeral services were neia
Monday Rev T j WIllon o( Kansas
I - . . . ...
I -.
City officiating'. The body was laid
. 1 a.. At,. ..w.A-a.ar Dsiriana
rest In th. cemetery at Ramona
Norman Sollenberger was a very
Ina Younr man. loved bv all who
know him.' Ha waa left an orohanlina nuamm. .
.... .. . . .
when a enna, nis parents ootn oying
with consumption, which also caused I
LI- a ,V , I I,.,. I . .hi. .lAlnll.l
bis death. He lived In this vicinity
ua ."." . ' " -" . . . -. awMW
ahnnt avn Ar. tnsklnE his homeivnv D..un. . .
with hi nncl Ren. where his lastltAe v-aiaht .
oaya were niaue aa vuuiiuruiuiv nafgii JTSlgnt ...
It.,, .11 -Tha ln..l K.n. I , .t
possible by all
. . .
on. of th. largest ever held In Ra
County Superintendent Fixes Date for
Saturday, April 8.
The annual examination for ad
mlsaloa to th. county high school
will be held on Saturday April I, at
th. following places: ,
Place Manager
Carlton, Mada Aumlller.
Manchester. Prla. H. E. Brown.
Talmage, Etb.l Reaugh.
Carenlster, Mama Dobblna
Klrby School,. Agnes Carry.
Upland, Sadi. Wockel
Detroit, Prln, Orao. Anderson.
Acme, Orasetla' Pallver,, . 's
Navarre, Maa P.rvas.
Woodbine,' Prla. J. A. Sempsroto.
Hope( on. mils sooth), Mamie
Fry.- .
Chapman, Prln. A. C. Diets. ."
Dillon, Prln. R. A. Buennlng.
I0d2twlt County Superintendent
Children Dry
Science has never s bta 1 t
iboveilmple UWi&ni of scrip iu i a. h I
It has Illuminated that utatumout nr
given It a meaning ever broadening with
the Increasing breadth of knowledge.
When the blood Is 'bad or Impure it
I not' alone tne ooay wmco sunen
dlxsase. The brain Is also
-t-JiA Wka aHleul avul wiistrvsiiMShnA aa
i ciwiMlOUa WSAT? auiUU saana juuuwvhw
I CrWtjart trtfiSsUinT m.t AVl) dMsd OT ItliDUrS
jiy an evil deed or Impure
sStireatly traced to the
bnniWrrai the bbxtft Foul.lmiiireblsod
flue's Golden Medical Dlicovcry.- Ji
ai,rl.... and nnrlfms tlig lll(K)d thereby,
Threes yoiaeii meuum i ihiywi.-
frfprr8 f nrt n7.riii,a th. hlood therebT
wring, p Impli btowhe sruptldns and
, a. r ..,.-. aa ecienuw
ether cutaneous affections, as sesema,'
I or salt-rheum, hives and ether
ntni(MuUon)of impure blood.
. a. aa aa
jb s-aY 4 ' 't ' ' sj
T. tha mm At a.mfulnul swelllnas. SB
larged glands, open eating uloera, or old
lores, ths'Uoiaen ueaicai wmmj-uam
performed the most marvelous cures, la
ejuws of old sores, or open eating alosra,
it is well to apply to the open sons Dr.
Pierce's Aimeaung oaivs, wdicb pus-.
.a ainarfarrill haallnS DOtenCT WhOB
used aa aa application to the sores la eon
... . , . j , , 1 1 . i
Junction witn tne use oi -uuiuou whuiuw
Dlscovsry'as a blood cleansing oonitl
tH.ti.ani -If vonr drutaist
doet happen to have the All-Healing
Salva in suck, you can easily pimur
a. lulalat DfU.fnur eantS In MMtBM
rumps to Dr. S. V. Pierce, OU Main 8k,
Buffalo, N. Y, and it will eome to yoa by
retura post. Most dru-gtits keep It as
.ell SS tne -uoiaen meuiow mwTai
vn ...'I affnnl ta accdot snv medicine
.. u.mmm mtBtvuiMon as a substitute ;
for 'Golden Medical Discovery, which Is
a medicine or awowH ooarosinvB, .
havlag a complete list of Ingredients In
plain Kngiisa on its oo..urwrpi-ji, u .
me being attested as correct under oath.
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets regulate
tn mvtsoresa stomach, liver and bowls.
Abilene Steam Laundry.
Perfect Work. ReasonabLPrloaa
aa . a S la..! ,. VltSkBl llslHsl
ioTlnn water used and all work guanatead
amSBUllM IB Ml aa-svsB-vas - " ,.
J. E. OOODWIK Proprietor.
M. K. & T. Commis-
fiion Company
av Vav ttrotX
la cattle salesmen sua r x.jrr; T
alter all shlpmMts from DICKINSON Ot.
. nrinanU.l.TVInnlr.
Write u for sny Informstloa yoa de
sirs m raganl to the market.
' sssaTaassasnBaTsB ; F
,, Eastbouad .
102 Passenger ...niT. .4:0$ a, nv,
110 Passenger ...... . . . .$:2 a. m.
104 Passenger ll:$t a. av
101 Pssseuger. l:l p. av
1SI Local Freight ....1:10 p. m.
Fit. Bsiolt to Junction., (ill p. m.
Dally except Sunday. J
101 Passenger t:0l a. m.
109 Passenger ....... .10:13 p. m.
107 Passenger .1:10 p. an.
10$ Passenger ....... ,$:S4 p. m.
ill Local Freight 1.10 a. in.
Frt, Junctioa to Belolt. .6:48 a. nv
I . .....
(31 Ma I and Bxprsss. . . .iv:0i a.
A. VI '. . ..?. ... -
igg Ixicsl Frelgnt ,
I ntk.
.1:00 p. m.
I DBS llOCBJ 9 1 VlKUV ......... vv .
4K U.ll aa Wwnran R ' 1 K n. IB.
S66 LoCii Freight ...... 10.67 a. m.
I ' , ,1
oatbbouad - ,
...11:00 a. at.
I ...
jog Freight
n rrai(ht 4:11 p. m
w . .L .
Northbound. ,
1:07 a. m.
:4tt a. o.
........1:10 P. aa.
Sallaa Braacn
Leave for Sallna
117 Mixed., ....1:10 a. av,
111 Mixed .11:05 p. n.
311 Mived...... ...4:01 p. a.
Arrive I root 811 na.
111. Mixed T:li a. at
ItO Mixed .10:11 a. at
III Mixed.... $:14 p. sa.
. W. JIHU av -pnnyaH aww
II. maat (trat and thlr. koadar n.
Ing la eaeh Mih at Mueai hall, ear-
Third an. Cedar. F. & Blarney, W.
1. vrarlav. aanralargr vlaltlae
Wethrea weiae.
tar No. tl BMte la kaaenM hall SB M
an. fvurtk yrrs.ef ,..
noma F. W. laoraa, a je. Jeeepk aa
laMla eeerstBry.
TIOM AMIea Ccqndl He la, bmm n
aaoaaS bb. ranrUl Ttiray
or fk ntenlh. Vlallors walcom.
pattrfc l ounir, preswent; ona u.
Rerer, aacratary.
LasUL Kii Yil '
g-sr ! wcur-U nf rwvtdltirtl Oaf iT aEt
ttat iw tVK brlen's1 67 MI OOtwlktliasi B" 4l'
R I i-A h t Ttv:fc roe hat f l.
fista, Th Hr4 m$, me.f to snm .,' ,s
tm onHtrj tafwavsvica im iamitj &JiJ$
aWii. a, 4fc.ahs.tiwi y tmti to a
dealers. ,

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