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4 . . " r'A i .4 ALL l'J...;i.ST.
V . Awmhle for the Tlnne )
Tuesday Nhjlit.
' fllVflea Ratalfv's fHflv.l
A the members ot the olty coun
cil Vara present at tfb council meet'
(at hurt night., ' The right of way of
tb ilorm water Mftr through the
Roek Island property wu toft to the
new -commissioners. Th etorm wa
tei wvtr right of. way tauwigh the
farm ot J. W. Fengal.. Red.
B. Geoffrey and J. D. Shepherd wu
granted. .'::'"';' ,-' '-:
Ordinances for storm water sewer
bonds and paving bonds were adopt-
The adjusting of the grade - In
frost of the Hodge building was ap
proved. ' v
Hie dumping of trash in the ditch
on North Vine was left to the new
The meeting was then adjourned
and the council' sat as a board of
equalization and canvassed the rotes
of the last election ,
The Official vote wan: Mayor,
Hurd 720, Nichols 651, Humphrey
' SS, Huffman 74; commissioners, Mat-
teson 884, Forney 854 : schoqlboard.
Howe 816, Ackers 776, White 787;
Shocker, school treasurer 804.
They Would Not Obey Quarantine
Rules at Solomon.
Solomon, April 8. Chas. Powers,
Wm. Craig and Henry Hale were ar
rested for breaking quarantine con
trary to the orders of the health
officer In a small pox case. They
gave bond for appearand April IS
Central and Free Attractions Flan-
aed for April 87-89.
M. L. Dobklns will reorganise the
band Monday night. It ia planned to
held a three (Ivors' carnival or street
fair in Abilene on Aprfl 17, 28 and
28 for the benefit of the hand, pn
the' 29th the monthly market day
will be held and two balloons will
race on this date. C. B. Green will
furnish the shows and free attrac
Will Locate In Saline.
Tit, E. L. Enochs far some time
past a prominent physician at Great
Bend will locate In Sallna soon. Dr.
Enochs formerly lived at Abilene and'
Is the son-in-law of J. 8. Schiveley.
Mr. Bverly Read.
Mr. Everly, the father of Mrs. Par
menter died Wednesday at the Par
menter home in Solomon, The fun
eral was held Friday morning at 10
o'clock and the body was taken to
Junction City . for interment. ,
Mr. Casaat' Is Dead.
Mrs. Mary T. Cassat, wife of Sam
. net. Casaat, aged 72 yearsv died at
the Cassat home on West Eighth
street !rly this morning after a
short limes. ' She leaves a husband
and i' tout children,-' Mrs. ; Clara
Bwordi, Florin, Pa.- E. J. and Calf
M. Cassat and Blanche Caasat, Abi
lene. . Mrs. Cassat was one Ot Abl-
lene's oldest residents. The funeral
services were held at two. o'clock
Monday afternoon at the Lutheran
church, Rev. W, H. Schrock officiat
ing. A Clear Brain and healthy body
are essential tors uocess. '. Business
men, teachers, students, housewives,
and other workers say Hood's Sar
eaparilla gives them appetite and
strength, and makes their work seem
easy. It -overcomes that tired teel
tng. Frank Tyler's Teasa Won.
The Harvard debating team on
waits Frank Tyler, was the third
speaker, won Its debate with Tale
at Cambridge, Mass., last week. The
question was: Resolved that all
elective state officers should be
nominated by a direct vote ot the
people. Harvard had the negative.
Beware of Ointments for Catarrh That
Contain Merrwry.
as mercury will surely destroy the
Mnse of smell and completely de
range the whole system when enter
ing It through the mucous surfaces.
Such articles should never be used
except on prescription from reputa
ble physicians, as the damage they
will do Is ten fold to the good too
can possibly derive from them. Hall's
Catarrh Cure, manafactured by F.
. Chenel A- Co., Toledo, O., contains
no mercury, and la take internally,
I acting directly upon the blood and
wurous surfaces ot the system. In
baying Hall's Catarrh Cure be sore
yeu get the genuine. It Is takes ll-
tem&iiy and made I Toledo. Ohio
by V. 1. Cheney 4 Co. . Testimonials
fohj by druggists, price Tic per
Tse Hall's Fsoiny Pills for eoe-
Children Cry
mniva tmnc in fini.n
Tom Close Penuaently at 10 o'clock
This Evening
r. n. Crooks has sold hie store
irfk Raf forty ot Kansas City, trad
ing; It for . farm In North Dickin
son. The doors will be eiosea aner
nniht'a arada and buyers who have
aay more purchases to make should
ur Crooks will after 26 years
merchandising here and let Solomon
take a rest and then will pronaniy
. intn business in Hutchinson where
lira nmnks has a prosperous millin
ery store. His removal fronVAM-
business life will he regretted
by all. Clean, square and anreaat
.ith the times. Mr. Crooks had the
and confidence ot the city
and county and baa made a record
of which he may weB be proua.
No Way of Escaping Him Now After
Committing Crime.
Tes. beware of the sheriff.
That is. do not run from him when
he cries "halt" or you will probably
Millet boring its way turougu
nmA nart of your body. Sheriff
Jack Young and Deputy Sherin ner
man nractlce almost daily with their
pistols and It Is said the bull's eye
la nluaaed Quite frequently.
Mr. Young also baa a pair or line
hlnodhounds that are full of ambi
tion. In fact, they have to be given
an airing several times each ween
Some friend of the sheriff who lives
Sand Borings crawl out of the
h.ck window of his home ana steaiui
ly makes bis way along the Smoky
hiu for a mile and then seeks a
lodging place In some high tree.
The doss are put on his trail ana
It Is very seldom that they fall to
track their prey.
Hn all ve that steal, bootleg or
are law breakers of any description.
would better depart from Dickinson
county. It Is a wealthy hunt'ng
ground for your class no more,
Accidental Discharge of Shotgun Says
Coroner's Jury.
Junction City. April 8. Coroner
H. C. Hannah empaneled a Jury yes
terday afternoon to Inquire Into the
cause of the death of John Dickson,
the 26Vvear-oJd farmer who was
found dead on his place Wednesday
afternoon. The verdict was that the
deceased was killed by the accidental
discharge of his shotgun, which was
found beside him. . Mr, Dickson naa
been in the habit of taking his gun
to the creek where he was cutting
wood and yesterday morning he had
shot one teal duck and laid this
near the woodpile. No doubt the
flock of ducks from which this one
had been killed, circled and came
back, and when Dickson reached for
his gun to try another shot. - the
trigger was caught on a stick and
the gun was discharged. ' There were
no witnesses to . the accident.
When a medicine must be given
to young children it should be pleas
ant to take. Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy is made from loaf sugar,
and the roots used in its prepara
tion give it a flavor similar to ma
ple syrup, making it pleasant to take.
It has no superior tor coins, croup
and whooping cough. For sale by
all dealers. .
Real Estate Transfers Reported by
it. E. Keel, Abstractor.
Chas. Whitley and wife to Eleonora
M. Shockey, lot 2, Sixth Street,
Hall and Whitley's add, 150.
R. B. Brlney and wife to Beth Bar
ber, lots 8, 9, 0 and W 1-8 T,
blk 1, Briney's add Talmage,
Caroline Hiser to John E. Roar, lot
, blk it. K. H. add Abileie,
Ellas Woodbura and wife to W.'HIam
Woodbufh, lot 8, blk I, K, i U
add Abilene. $1.
Ellas Wood burn and wife to Wll
!am Woodburn, lot 18 and west
18 ft lot 19. blk 23, K. t H. sdd
Abilene, 81.
Ellas Wooubarn an wife to William
Woodbarn lots 22 and 2?, blk 24,
If, H add Abilene, 81.
Kllaa Woodburn and wife to William
Woodburn, let (, blk 1. Wahl'e
sub. of part yt sw It 16-11-1. 1
Marion F. Aumlller and wife to Gar
field C. Loyd, e t& sw and
se K (part of) 2-lt-l. .tliuo
John W. Brabaker and wife to An
drew A. Walker, a sw K
8.-14-. 24S00.
Lorraso L. Craltt aad wife to Mary
. A. Crain tot 2 and a : 19 ft. lot 4
blk 9, Sbeeran's 2rt) add Cbap-
mixn. Il
ia easef of rheumatism relief from
paia nukes sleep aad rent poaaible.
This ney be obtained by applying
ChassiwSt'.ii s Uuimeat For aaie by
an apft,-rm.
ib cu.:: t xc,z.:i a t:.: i
Solomon Woman Voted at Hia A z-i
-.' of 103 Tears. ' "';.
How many Kansas citizens, at the
age of 100 years, voted at Joe recent
spring -elections f ' ,";
If the person investigating ; this
for an answer made every town
pt Solomon, ' the answer would
. m v-. I
pronaniy oe nmn. r
. (Aninmon thin year claims i
record for the Oldest voter. Theitty
election wu held Monaay, ana mra.
ripiflnll waa among those who voted.
When Mrs. Driscoll. who is acme
and anrr. and appears, to be about
nit or 70 years of age, called for
ballot, the Judge naturally lootea
nvr the books to see it She was reg
istered. Yes, she was. Here Is What
the ludae found: "Mrs. Driscoll,
aged 102 years." , . ,
Mrs Driscoll may not be the old-
a( resident In Kansas,, but It Is
afa bet that she is the oldest voting
resident of Kansas. She says she
intends to vote neat year, and every
year, as long as she lives.
Rnlomon lacks a great deal ot be
ing the biggest town in the state, but
thla year it challenges any city,
town, county, village or hamlet to
produce a voter aged 102 years pr
over. . Solomon believes It holds the
record. .
Solomon's New Mayor Makes Ap
Solomon. Anril 7. The mayor
alect of Solomon. Fred Brownngg
haa made the appointments for the
office of city clerk and city mar-
anal. He anoointed Rom Beach
marshal for the next two years and
George Bpauldlng as city clerk. These
two men are well known in Solo
mon and they are both well fitted
for the offices to which they have
been appointed. .
Team Frightened at Auto Became
Grant Mace, brother of Jim Mace
manager of the McLean Dry Goods
store at Herlngton, was killed in a
runaway at Halstead. Kansas, last
Thursday morning. Mr. Mace had
finlahed nlowlnz a garden patch for
a neighbor and had started home
when his team became frightened at
an automobile. The animals became
unmanageable and ran off, throwing
Mr. Mace from the wagon on bis
head, the wagon passed over him.
killing blm almost instantly. He was
42 years of age and unmarried. Jim
Moca attended the funeral. This is
the second violent death In the Mace
family, another brother being killed
in a railway accident a few years
ago. ' .'
J. Mace and family formerly lived
at Abilene and are well known here.
Otto Schader, a Paper Hanger, Caught
r , ' f ; In tlie Act.
Otto Schroder, paper hanger at
Hubbard's, was caught playing Jack
the Peeper act last night at Marshal
Engle's home and is now In mourn
ing. Mrs. Engie saw him peeking
In the windows and telephoned to
her husband. He came home and
the man wu still there. Generously
refraining from' putting a bullet
through him Mr. Engle simply gave
him a first class pounding that Bade
him W)k like a well massaged piece
of beef neak and then put him in
Jail charged with being drunk and
disorderly. This morning he wu
fined f IB and costs and paroled un
til be earns money to pay the fine.
The despicable action la one repul
sive to every community and SChrad
er shorld be thankful ho got off so
easily. It ia supposed that he Is the
man who has been doing the peep
ing act In other parts ot town. He
hu a family which is thus humiliated
and haa disgraced himself.
"Our baby cries for Chamber-
laln s Cough Remedy," writes Mrs.
T. B. Kendrick, Rasara. Ga.. "It is
the best cough remedy on the mar
ket for coughs, colds and croup." For
sale by ail dealers.
"I have been somewhat costive.
but Doaa'a Regulets gave J net the
results desired. They act mildly and
reguiaie the bowels perfectly."
George B. Krauae, ,808 Walnut Ave.',
Atioona, t'a.
Many Children Are Sickly.
Mother G nay's Sweet Powders for
children break np eohU la 14 hours.
relieve feverishaese. headache, atom
ach troubles, teething disorders aad
destroy worms. At all druggists 15c
Sample mailed free. Address Allen
8. Olmatead, Le Roy, N. Y.
Children Ory
C A G T O f 11 A
,?,r. and Mrs. William Rowe Cele
brated Goiilen Wedding.
MfJ and Mm. William Rowe of
nnino. narenta at District' Clerk W.
S. Rowe and of Mrs. R. H. Seeds
celebrated their golden wedding an
niversary April I.,,.
William Rowe and Mary Jane Ton
kin were married to Ducktown, Tenn
Anrll 8. 1881. From there they
moved to Illinois In 116. They
came to Kansas In 1978. settling
a farm near Dillon, later moving
to town. .' Five children were born
tn. them. At the anniversary ell
the children were- present: Mr. and
Mrs. Jamea Rowe and ton, DeKaio
m.! W. J. Rowe, Mrs. Robert H.
Beads. Abilene: Miss Mary Rowe,
Hope; Mrs. hi J. Smith, Council
Bluffs. Iowa.. An elegant 7 o'clock
dinner wu served, the table being
decorated witn orange nioaaoiiia auu
amarlcan beauty roses, a gift from
friends In California. It wu a family
reunion long to be remembered and
good wishes and many handsome
gifts were extended the host and
Miss Ethel Thayer and Miss Mar
guerite Cuthbert were hostesses Tues
day evening to the Coterie which
met at Miss Cuthbert's home on
West Third street. The evening was
.devoted to literature. Miss Mar
guerite Cuthbert gave a talk on
Margaret HIU McCarter; Miss Beat
rice Nixon on Florence L. Sno;
Miss Reba Worley on Cora G. Lewis
and Mlsa Jennie Parent on Esther
Clark and in the course of nor ad
dress she rerd a pe-son.il letter
from MIbs Clark. Refreshments wore
(erred. ',''.'
Mrs. C. C. Wyandt pleasantly en
tertained 12 guest at the first of
a series of luncheons at ber home
on North Buckeye yesterday noon.
A five course luncheon wu served.
after which. "500" was played. Mrs.
E. H. Forney winning tno prize. The
h. use was decorated w.'.U pink sweet
The Twentieth Century club meets
with Mrs. W A. Stacey Monday af
ternoon. Mrs. J. E. Brewer will
road a paper on "Italians In Amer-J
tea." Lesson reviews , will bo led
by Mrs. Peters. Music will be. fur-.
nlshed by the hostess and oral ac
counts of the achievements- of Car
uso, by Mrs. Van Ostrand, Marconi,
bv Miss Mustard and' Duke of Ab-
ruii by Mrs. Conklln will be given.
F '- i - 1
, -; Obituary.
Emma M. Morton was born In
Mayton, Lancaster county, Pennsyl
vania. July 14. 1837. She waJ mar
ried to John A, Eagle Nov. 19, 1857-
Four children were oorn 10 wis un
ion, two of whom died in childhood
and John M. of Elkhart, Indiana,
and Miss Ella of this place survive.
They came to Abilene In 1884 and
have resided here ever since. " Mr.
Eagle died April 1st, 1911, after an
illness of five years. ' May ,ahe rest
In' peace. V. '
Card of Thanks. ' '
To all the neighbor and friends
who so kindly assisted and sympa
thized with us In onr recent bereave
ment we wish to extend our sincere
thanks. J. A. -Eagle and daughter.
Lame shoulder Is nearly always
due to rheumatism of the muscles
and quickly yields to the free appli
cation of Chamberlain's binimem.
For sale by all dealers.
Good meals at the National Hotel.
. , ' 8w-tf
Any skin. Itching is a temper-tes
ter. The more you scratch the worse
It ltohea. Doan's Ointment cures
piles, csenM any skin Itching. At
all drug stores. .".
At high twelve Monday, at the
home ot the bride's mother in Alva,
Oklahoma, occurred the marriage of
Miss Margaret May Laah to Napo
leon B. Ketchersid ot Canton, Okla
homa,. Mr. Ketchersid Is a banker
of Canton, Oklahoma, eon of Mr. and
Mrs. John M. Ketchersid ot Hope.
n.uuM, la nnl tiallnnal ailtnent.
anWk WnaA Rlttara ia the national
cure for H. It strengthens stomach
namhnna nrninmM now OE Ci-
gaatlve luieea. nurtfies the . blood.
buims yon mp. ... .
. Ladies Can Wear Shoes -
one also smaller by using Allen's
Foot-Ease, the antiseptic powder for
swollen. Under, aching eet. It makes
walking a delight, relieve corns and
bunions of all pain, and given rest
aad comfort Bold everywhere. 85c
Don't accept any substitute. Sample
9ra. Address A Ilea 8. Olmatead
Le Roy. N. T. ' I
A specifle for Ufa IV. Thomas'
tVlwt.e Oil. elroftge cheapest lin-
imBt ever daiad. - A household
riMiy la America tor IS yervrs,
gars Balas a 0uclalty-'
.y Satlaraetlea gaanuMead. . :
. Beetef ermaeeaflvea.
letl Brawa pkoae Me. lilt, or afdreM Abl
. laae. Kansas. . Aug.1!
Date book eaa be sees at Shocked, Laadaa
AMIeae, , . . ..'.
If That Would Help Bring About
Peace in Mexico,
He ia not Impressed With the Prom
ises of Reforms Made by Presi
dent Dial In His
Madero's Camp, Bustlllos Estate,
Near Chihuahua, Mex., April 8. What
be declared to be his ultimatum on
the question of peace was delivered
h. OVonM., I Mariarn. While Still
Insisting President Dlu retire and
the country be given a new election,
Senor Madero said he was willing to
resign as "provisional president" and
If necessary would allow a provisional
president to be selected from Dtu's
Tho iatuir nl Ssnor Madero's In
terview was rather to discredit the
possibility of Immediate peace. He
iii bi ncar-fl overtures whatever
had been received by him. He did
not Intend to move camp towara tne
hnrrtnf nf anywhere else with a view
of receiving any peace commission.
The report that his latner wu in
1ft mtsui land nranaring to enter the in-
surrecto country to see him, Inter
ested him, but would have no In
fluence on his actions, be saia: H
wss since the complete text of
President Dial's message was ' re
ceived In camp.
As for the reforms promised in tne
maaaaeef Senor Madero dismissed
they with a smile, saying the prom
ises were no more than rresiaeni
rua had nreviouslv made. By per
mission of both the federal au
thorities and the Insurrectos, a special
train flying a white flog wu run -out
to Burllngtons' hacienda, 60 miles
west of Chihuahua, Halfway out the
luirraannnitant III met by Gen, Paa-
cual Oroico and an escort of 100 In
Senator LaFolletts Has Interested
Himself In That Claes of Gov
. eminent Employes.
w.hlnrtnn. Anrll 8. Following the
Introduction of a resolution In the
house providing for a probe In Post
muter General Hitchcock's adminis
tration, Senator LaFollette announced
that be has Interested himself in the
. a? tha railway mall clerks and
has sddressed many hundreds of let
ter to this class of postal employes
r.iatiT in the department's action In
opposing the organisation of thi
clerks. '.;
Representative C"ne Introduced Reao
lutlon Looking to Shaking Loose
' From the Islands.
Waahlnaton. April 8. Independ
ence for Philippine islands as the
only effectual method for putting a
,, An Jananese war rumors Is
heing discussed among the Demo
cratic members of congress. Follow
ing a conference between William J.
Rnan and Representative Ciine ot
Indiana. Mr. Cllne has Introduced a
resolution In the house providing, first
th.i h United States declare Itself
U to Its Intentions regarding the
granting of Independence to tne rnu
tpplnes, and second, that the state de
partment ascertain whether the big
nowers will agree to tne neutraliza
tion of a Philippine republic.
toe Jam Caught 130 Men.
North Svdnev. B. C April 8. The
steamer Harlaw wu caught In the
fields of drifting Ice in the Gulf or
Hi. tawrance and crushed to pieces.
The 130 men on board escaped over
the treacherous Ice Jam to BL Paul's
tand. where they are being quarter,
ed cut off from communication with
the mainland except by wireless.
Paid Last of Big Oil Fine.
"Oklahoma City, Ok, April 8. The
Waters-Pierce Oil company -paid 25,
000 u the third and last Installment
ot the ine for violating the anti-trust
law in a suit started two years ago
by Attorney General West la Garfield
eounty. " '
, Dever Mayor at Junction.
Junction Cltyr April S. Themu
Dever wu elected mayor at yester
day' election by about 190 major
ity. .
Wanted Cattle o rnatare.
Ia the Hoffman pasture ear Na
varre. 80 head ot cattle wanted. In
quire of Blagg Broa, phone Navarre
aickaara. lidtriru
Office of the County Treuorer.'BtcaH
Inson County, Kansas, . Abilene,
Kansas, April 1st, JJll." ' ' r-j
NoUce la harabv girea that . the
following Is list of lands, city and
town lota, situated In the county of
Dickinson and state of, Kansas, soM
on the first day ot September, 110. .
for the unpaid taxes ot 107, and
unredeemed on the above date; coa-'1
taining name of persons to whom,
ume were assessed, whenever such
name appear on the assessment aad
tax rolls, and the amount ot taxes
due on each parcel, of land with In
terest thereon calculated to and in
cluding the 2nd day of September,
1911, and that unless snch lands and
int. are redeemed on or before the
said 2nd day of September, 1911, that
being the last day of redemption al
lowed by law, they will be subject -
to deeds. ' F. W. MORSE,
- County Treasurer.
Q. L. MORSE, Deputy.
Is .
H. ' Book
u nv (..
tt I 10 2 0
I 13 3 M 1-W
..''' , "'
( , '(" -. . i
13 3 1."
'Jl .3 30 37.11
U 3 80 18.33
13 3 18 7.38
M 3 13 T.
13 4 30 . 18 "
13 4 43 3-43
.13 '4 103 , 18.83
18 4 43 3.33
18 4 161 88.1
12 4 38 '7. 31
18 4 40 ll.
13 4 66 23.73
10 4 V 8 5-83
L. J. Campneil
v nw
nw 14
derman com -:
80 ft ot H
atone on s I
. line of see, n
80 ft, e 160 ft.
. a 10 ft, w ,
ff to beg.. . IT
M. . Sheedy w
14 nw 14....
a. C.. pederlck
SW cor ot
w It "nw 14
C. Hoffman A
Son w 12 a
w la
Ellen J!rwln
a se
Ellen Erwin
14 .....
Ellen Erwln
iv vt ne
ex 11 a in
n U. ae 14 . .
Ellen 'Erwin
Ellen Erwin
all nw h e
a 8-10 a.'...
Ellen ' Erwln
pt lot 4....
Ellen Erwin
pt lot 1 in
nw 14 and pt
of ne 14 nw
Ellen . Erwin
una i-s un
Flret National
Punk a atrip
of I n side of
s 14
(24 rds wide)
nrinuv'a A'Millon
J. B. Hlgdon s 3. and n H 3.
'. BOLOMow crrr
n u, Hall. -lot-J, mtn 1
M. V. B. Cale center 8 ft
41, Tnira at
Wm. Elliott lot 2S, blk 10....
M. Benn all 3 s of R K ono pi .
M. Sinn pt 4 and' ail 3-14, blk 1
irk.,r.tnn Mr gwaVXe'B Add
John Bruch, -l-1!.u'K.K-v
John Hoffman, lot T, 'k
1 23
R. m. jonnaon, - - -
Bheeran's Fifth
Jas. Sheeran, lpts 3, 7, 8, 3, 13
Woodbine TownCo.. lots 7( 8,
Hennan Tyiir," lots'i,' Y. I. nik
W. B. Downing, all
O. C. Houeton, lots 8, 10, blk
M Ui. 'Mu'llin! ' lot V; ' blk SO ! .'
8. O. Cooke, lota 3, 4. oik 40..
Pauline Wllaon, iota u,
blk i"'-;';" VV
Herlngton Town Co., loU 17,
"i ...I '.'-i-V.W i 111
Samuel McManua, beg 83 ft e of
tn bed of Lime Cr, nw along
Cr to beg, blk 121
U. Baney, beg at ne epr lota
1. 8. w 0 ft, s 100 ft, e l
a akA a a a avaaep nl br 1 71 .
Wm. Bcheneman lot w of Cr
bin isi
Creech' Addition
Eliaabeth Rueh, lots 1, blk IS
P. O. Dayton, iota i, , a
K. 1'nmipa, iota a. , -
blk 168.
Luce Wilaon's
t tnt- R V. hllr ITS
Belle St. Amand. lota 1, 8, . 1,
1, ii, Dia iia ..r...
a L. Thompson, lota 3, 3, blk 1.
Creech's" Second
D. Lona-hafer, lou 13, 13, 17, 13,
oik n ...
Murray'! -
w ii ia Kllr
Dan Lee. lota' It, 14, II. II and
Calkin's Vacated
H Hankeraon, I ft, lota
1, 3, , blk 1,. ...............
. 4.TI
... I , ' ' IV. ., W,M
rirat National Bank, loU I, 4, 4,
a, ), Vim. m. ............ ......
rTTT. iBtl.F.ME
Mary W. White, lota 4, I. , blk
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Ku nay (i Hodge's
A. U Tickers, tat 1. blk 18 81.3
Rica A Boeebrake'S
L Baker Jr., eantar 18 8-8 ft
lot S, blk It
Labold A Plaher's
Henry Shellhaaa, lot I. Cedar
Laboire Flrat
F. H- Rtaanar 1 14 a let I
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Ualraraltv Hatahla
fa Bvatt. lou IT. 8a, blk I..
Also the foliowinc described laada
an)d on tha 3rd dav nf Bent.. 1ID7.
for the unpaid taxea ot 1381, aad
anreoeeBiea at publieation of tala
Henry Starr, lot 8, 21-11-1,
11 l-s acres. .

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