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More Interest 1b Freight doing Weft
Prominent Official Her
- and Gave Abilene Hucb.
; J ,., Praise,
' Today was the flret time. Abilene
-?. bad tta honor ot being bost to
b bod of prominent official! of the
Villon Pacific Railroad company, a
I Mobler, vice preiident and gen
ral manager: Gerrlt Fort, rssaen
ser traffic manager: J. A. Monroe,
freight traffic iianagor, and N. H
' trf.ml' general lolicltor. arrived at
Abllen at 11 o'clock thli morning
in a apeclal train from the east and
1 apent an hour here looking or the
;; .business part of town and conferring
sarlth the businessmen.
Mayor Arthur Hurd, Commlnioner
J. K. Forney. Preiident J. T. Nlcolay
of the commercial club, J. B. Case,
3.- H. Brewer, 0. A. Roger, 0. W
Ward. 0. A. Hodge and other bud
neeamen ot Abilene met the offi
ciate and took them to th commer
dal club room where peche were
- made br the official and the u nit
J. B. Case moved that visit from
tb high official of th Union Pa-
';. tine be made an annual affair and
., th invitation wa . accepted by Mr
.Mohler, ' In thli way the railroad
" ompny can cooperate with the peo-
nia of Dlcklnion county and can net
tr understand th need! of this
aKnmmunlty. -
That Abilene will have a park
tietween the pavement on Second
-Mmat to the railroad track between
' h rianat and Broadway and that
better attention will be paid to the
freight going west hereafter was
he reiult.of th visit of these out
Mela . 1
I Tb first part of the meeting was
devoted to speeches from th bull
nessmen criticising th defects of
thm railroad. her. Those who made
snMeche were: J. T. Nlcolay J
B. Case, 0. A. Roeers, Arthur Hurd,
. C. L. Brown, C. A. Hodge and J. H.
In response A. L. Mohler said:
XJentlemen your remark! were both
Interesting and Instruct!-. Mr.
nrowJ remark that tho TJelolt
rancU should take on frc'ghl will
atven Immediate attention and
Sir. Roger' advice In putting an
ebierv.it o car on train 100 will
lo be given attention. The Union
Pacific will put In a park here im-
1 mediately. Order to that effect
will be given at once. W consider
tb people of AbUen to be very
lood friends of oun and I do not
.think that anyone her hold a pre
judice against n. Because you are
an friendly towards us 1 th only
reason we gave back to you tb U.
V. bote. It I of no benefit to ut
and w wanted to get rid of It. Now
vw are iolng to fli It up In tint class
artyle so that It will be something
'Abilene will be proud ot. Mr. Case
aia asked that w put In a new
depot her. That Will com In time.
Son see our method I to give the
et railroad service first and then
. vial cere of our resting places. I
wlah to thank you for your hospi
tality. Th Wednesday before East-
. tar will be our next annual visit"
Oerrit Fort was tb next official
tto epeak. He said: "Abilene, we
rthlnk, I a valuable asset to the
Union Pacific and I a llv town.
Tour AbllenA water her I have
found ' In th most exclusive drug
tores In th East and many celebri
ties have been benefited by It I
arret to, Mr. Mohler Just yesterday
Vtiout nutting au observation car on
AO and I believe h Will do If
J. A. Monro wa next to speak.
He ald: "Th Union Pacific com
jisny holds no grievance against the
people but want to cooperate with
wham. I will give Immediate atten
loa to th Beldt branch taking on
sfreiaht at Abllen. W had water
rom mar' towns along our lines
-enalyxed and found your water, the
2&d Springs water, 89 per cent
fure, to bu th purest. W now use
ft en our dining car and waiting
.rooms, ai you we do all w can
Jo kelp AWIen."
K. H. Loonilt wa th last to
vreH II Is a fjaiina boy a. d kas
u ayed baseball it Abllen In but
wngr days He said: "Things
tfcare took 'It natural only t-eny
amprovemenu fcav bee added. I
Joel at home in tkla country bavin
i red at Sallna la my boyhood day.
Tb people of Dickinson eoorty have
iJvara treated th Ualoa Pacific
.rjpany la a koeorabl ted Juet
.r and have b prejudiced
t tiast a. On reason of our trip
s to come In contact with tie clll-
a ar-d shipper, along tb 'in."
.After :ve meeting at th coHiraer-
,1 chili room tb officials were
tfl "'-4 th buiinea part of
v- abotrn through the
c . - 1 r'e. T: y p.!-'-'
th progr Abllen' hai'iuade" and
said they would try and do all tbey
could to help tb town advance.
From here tb official went to
Sallna where tbey wl'l be entertained
at a banquet . tonight.
94000 Damage) by Fire at Dayhoff
, Farm This Homing,
A $2500 barn and all Hi contents
on tb Dayhoff farm near Moonlight
was entirely destroyed at 7:30 thli
moraine by fir Twelve head of
horse valued at $2000, five bead
at cattle valued at $160. 20 tons of
bay worth $140 and several email
article were consumed. Tb total
loai la estimated at $4000 which ii
partly covered by $1000 insuranc
Th fir wa flret noticed at 1
o'clock and with a northwest wind
the flames soon spread over the
barn and could not be checked. One
hundred farmer came to the rescue
Und a bucket briaade wa formed to
sav tb other building on
Good Feature.
I have pasture for about 10 bead
of colti. W. L. Lesher, R. D. T
Abilene. ' 12d2tl8w2t
School Report.
Report of Miller district No. 4$
for month ending March $1: Boyi
.nrnlUA lit tlrll 10. tOtil 26. AV
eaae dally attendance 23.2S. Those
perfect in attendance were Gladys
Heseelbartb, Bthol McConnetl, Laura
Tarfer.' Pearl Tagler, Genevieve
Brown. Iva Leonard, Bessie Scheaffer
Oscar Rlasmann, Floyd Pourter, Ar
thur WidDer, Ralph Brown, Arthur
Brown. Jessie Wldler, Stanley Herr
mann and Amos Wldler. : Absent but
not tardy, Myron Politer, Leslie Leon
ard, Esther Larson, Eramett, Politer
Enoch Larson, Lucy Rleiman, Mel-
vln Scheaffer Pat Tagler, Erwin
Hesselbarth. Preiton Markley and
Fern Herrman. Those perfect In at
tendance for the year were Gladys
Haaaelbarth. Genevieve Brown, Iva
Leonard, Arthur Wldler, Ralph and
Arthur Brown. Absent but not tar
dy during th year, Etbol McConnell
Brwln Hesselbarth, Leslie Leonard
Mvrnn . Kmmett. and Floyd Politer,
Jessie and Amos Wldler, Preston
Markley, Melvln and Lucy Scheaffer,
Oscar and Lucy Rlssmann, Enocth
and Esther Larson, Pearl, Laura and
Pat Tagler. Tb visitors for the last
lx weeks were: Mrs. J. F. McCon
nell, Mr. B. Hesselbarth Ella 01-
sen, Grac Nemecbek, Violet Herr
mann, Fay and Eva La Shell, Ralph
Leonard. Clarence and Ralph Wldler.
The last three named also acted as
Instructor on March 20, th most
atormv day of th term. School
closed March $1 with a dinner given
by th patrons of th diatrlct ana
a program In th afternoon by the
buaila. A large number waa In
attendance. Llllle M. Nemechek,
teacher. . 1 ,-
A Result Commercial Club Will Re
ceive Many Picture.
"Mr. Preiident," said Gerrlt Fort,
Aassenger trafflo manager of the
Union Pacific company at tb meet
ing of the businessmen and high
officials of the Union Pacific railroad
this morning, "I notice map ot tele
phone companies, Santa Fe calendars
and other poster adorn the walls
of your commercial club rooms, but
I fall to see any gift from th Union
"Well." replied J. T. Nledlay
presldtn of th commercial club, "I
wish to Inform you gentlemen that
w are now building some of th fin
est club rooms that can be found in
Kansas. If you bar any pretty pic
tures you would Ilk to give us, we
would k glad to give them spec on
our walls. W want good one,
however, and would' not object to
You shall hav them," aald Mr.
Fort, "and good one, too. How
would picture of Yellow Stone park
and other western acne dot I will
see that they are sent Immediately."
rr 10 Mile Artund th teen T
Naval gprlmHti There Will
' be ghertage f Fry,
Norfolk, Vs.. April 11 Th killing
of atany unmatched chickens aad hun
dreds of hardshell crab ky lMnc
gun of th battle ship New Hasap
Mr when they were Ired at tb el
battle ship 8aa Maree la Tangier
Souad. Cbepak Bay, ha caused
farmer and crab packers of tb ast
ern shore of Virginia and Maryland to
protect agalnat further similar testa.
. Heavy lotus resulted to thee peo
i) from th tret tests ul they hop
to Induce U aavy department Se call
of another test which la schedule
to take place too a. It t declared that
for a radius of miies about Tea
aier Sound chickens about to be
hatched sneer hens and la lncubainrF
as wU a hardiaell crahe parked fat
fc l-icnt to Norther sre were
kilted by tie tu cqcrt!M.
Missouri Supreme Court Hands
Down Sweeping Decision.
Finding I so Severe Against Conten
- tlons of Stat as to Make a Sec- ,
end Trial on (am Ulna
Impractical. ,
Kansas City, . April 12. Th su
preme court of Missouri reversed and
remanded the Hyde case, lust on
year, almost to th minute, from the
time when the trial of the world
famous murder case began . la the
riavaaun tuuui; viuuiuiu vuuib. awii ,u v. v.? -w -
opinion was written by Judge Frank- world; ber corn ranks the highest in
lin Ferries of St. Louis and concurred ' quality; and among th heavlst yield
In by Judge John Kennlsh and Johnaraong tne atates; ber broom corn
U. Brown, wno wun juog rrnss
compose division No. 2 of the u-
preme court It ordered a new trial i
for Dr. Bennett Clark Hyde and re
versed his- conviction, May 18, MO,
bv Mi. criminal nurt for the mnrder
Of Col Thorns Hunton Swop, mil
lionaire philanthropist of Kama City
and lndepesdenc. "
Th Errors Discovered.
In brief th supreme court held:
That the Indictment wa at fault
In that th itat failed to prove that
th "other deadly drug and poison-
ous substances," by which It wa al
leged that Col. Swop wa killed,
were unknown to th Jury, as tb in
dictment charged. ,
That th trial court erred in ad
mitting testimony regarding the
deaths of Moss Hunton and Cbrisman
Swone. th poisoning of Margaret
Bwope and others, which was char-'-g, j WOnder; her per capi
acteriied as Irrelevant, Incompetent 'tB depoit 0f $14 S owned by ter peo-
ana immaterial eviuence. ,
That th. trial court erred in ad-,
mltting th expert testimony, because
Dr.. Ludwlg Hektoen, Walter S
Haines and Victor Vaughn, th. x-,h
perte, did not carry out their poison
tests far enough. 1
That the trial court erred In giving
the state's Instruction that the Jury '
should Bnd th defendant guilty If the
evidence showed that CoL Swop
cerne to his death by -poisons un
known to th Jury," but administered
by Dr. Hyde; and In withholding cer
tain Instructions aeked by the de
fendant That th trial court erred In revok
ing th defendant' bond during th
trial. - '
That th trial court erre in permit-
ting th prosecuting attorney and
James A. Reed, special counsel for th
state, to make statement to wit
nesses prejudice! to th Jury,
And tb opinion sustained several
other minor points raised by th ap
pellant when the case wa appealed, i
Tk. Mar HI. -
Will Dr. Hyd be tried again? This anywhere In the world. There are
Is the question that legal men are grove and orchards, white houses
discussing. Many lawyer of exper- with heating and lighting lanta,
fence bold that the opinion of Judge red barna with water piped through
Kerrlia has not left tb (tat a leg them,, auto garages, where a few
to stand on. Tb conspiracy teaturd , Tetr ,g0 tba boate or th dug
was completely knocked out the teetl- out it00d the occupant being now
money as to th other deaths arU tnfl flwtwA
sicanesses in in. owvw "'
waa held to be Irrelevant and lnoom-1
patent and the cyanld feature, on
which the prosecution based Its case,
was held by Judge Ferris to count
for nothing.
iaita nid. hard facta eltmlnat-
lng theories, are what Judge Ferries
deals out In his 16,000-word opinion,
embracing as It does 42 closely type-
written pages. Bo strong 1 th re- plac ttrt04r 0n further from- the
venal ot the lower court that attor.,frwt muUtt ,nd furth. from th
neys ..L,.
years at th bar are open In saying
wvKKa Af tha nnlann nlot and lta .
mass of theories, a It now stands the.
aaa will naver ma to trial. They
consider It a sweeping victory for
All ef the Ivldenc In th Lorimer
' Inquiry Gee to th
Chicago, April 11 A transcript of
th evidence taken so far by the rut
senate Investigation committee In the
Inquiry of th election of 8eaator
Lorimer will b seat t Senator La-
Follett at Washington for us In his'
Bzbt la th sonata to oust Lorimer.
The evidence already Oils more
thaa KM) typewritten page aad
tain th testimony of H. it. ooluu'tMtr top on tight weight aeirers
publisher of the Chicago Reord-. Jt. w(U lartt p., Mnt aelling
Herald, and Clarence 8. funk, man- . ' ' . y,,, 0WDana for
M h.avr Ut cow. wa. good but ,-
ZZmZ tU luTher -nuoaalr;
asked him to Coa tribal to tth $10,.
aoa lua raiaa te -nut Leriaser over.-1
'Aa'faat uV teographie'nete
are transcribed they win be sent t
Senator LaFoUett
Singing TM Week t Lrndsberg,
Undsborg. Kaa. April It The e-'
tire ereea i give ever u sim
Tier are concerts ana recun.
a day. -The Meealah- will be wag
. , oi
' m
a--d ea Susia tt al Cv teiy. W do not prd any
Great Bend. Hutchmaea, Wichita, higher bog ssarket Am atill ad
f:!E's!d ytPYtt . vising s'rr'rg of at! matured bo
Sen Other' Bute an I JJkea
, Thi Best ot AIL '
' "Kansas for me," exclaimed a local
business man recently, ejter return
ing from a trip through Florida, and
the ' southern states. "They . all
boom and ' shout," he contlnuod
''about Florida lands, about Califor
nia, about Colorado , mines, (about
New York manufactories and all that
but let me tell yon I hav traveled
over the United State on business
considerable and I have com to the
conclusion . that ' for general- .all
around qualities Kansas Is 'good
enough form. .
"Kansas la a sew state Just begin
ning to develop has unlimited pos
sibilities for th farmer, merchant,
professional man "and the Industrl-
'nita In vrv line. Her orcharda are
supplying fruits to the crowned
head of Europe; ber choice wheats
are used in every country in toe
b.t and Kansas has the larg-
hrm . nroAvciB. noint and
also the largest market for broom
corn In the entire world; her oil
and gai bring million ot wealth;
her airoira is unsurpassed auu uiv
erop la increasing at the rate of $5,-
000,000 per year and there are mil
lions of acre yet undeveloped adapt
ed to raising this crop; her table milt
la marketed by th train load and
I th finest in tb United States!
hw flM tQck ha, carrM away the
blue ribbon In th prize rings al
most everywhere and her horses are
the fleetest to be found and our
'Joe Patohen' and 'John R. Gentry'
have made the racing world take
notice. Her bank clearings are mak-
n every financier in th United
pie Is nearly double that of any pth-
dom or en ,
.'..,,. ' ...m,
eartl1: '
P amounting to more than
I2.000 produce Just about double
what his brother in the greatest
agricultural states further east does;
her melons are sold as 'Rocky Fords'
in many markets; her freedom of
j.bt . marvel to those who lu
vertigate; ber poor houaei unoccu
pied, are pointed to by her citizens
as a mark of prosperity; her Jails
practically empty, 'are pointed to as
sure signs of morality. . More than
half of th Jail and poor houses
In th state hav been entirely wlth-
out an inmate ior toe paat two
Thousands 'of boya hav grown to
manhood In this state and sever saw
an, opes saloon nor a drunk man.
There are mora automobile owned
by1 farmers atl paid for than' in
any othaf state. There are more
, modern homes with piano than most
Thn..n. .r.A thnnaanda Aave
grdwn rich in Kansas Is the past
ten yeaiw-ana ue r..ut. meu u
pp'lounUd In larg number in -
ry watering place la tb wprld
and tbeir sons and daughters afe
ten1' years and th Kansaa men can
found In every leading college and
university. Th development bas
w. oulet th hurrah has bees tor
center of civilisation.. Taxes are low,
the climate I nearly perfect not
too hot nor too cold where you can
worK II you wisn, out or ooors ei.v-
en months and fifteen day out of
very year."
(Notes o this week' Kaasas Cltj
itook market ' writt for tb Re
fl actor by J. R. Van Voorst of the
If. K. A T. Commission Co.)
Kansas City April 11. With 14.-
Ann eattla os sal today market
opened slow to 16 lower on
classes of beef steer cattle, top at
lit. 40. with a Urge per cent emag
,t $(.00 and under. Butcher cattle
where they were good, sold about
o. kind, sold It to c lower; top
eow waa .w.
Veal and stock carve were steaay,
ton os veal waa $T.t; tocb from
,0 ajjs. There were light
receipt of atoeker aad feeder.
market on this kind wa steady, tops
I oa itecter $s;t$ with majority
iii-. ti ii to IS. St. Tber waa
a r.w. rood reeaera aooa mumm w
. , w,igbing around 1M0
' .
"wltli t.00 on M4 b cloisea
C!:!!ircn Cry
Thm tttnA Vmi iiuvm Alwnva
In um for over 80 years,
' AH Counterfeits, Imitation and Jnt-ttvgood" are but .
Experiments that trifle 1th and endanger the bealth of . .
Infant and Children Experience agalnat Experiment.
- What Is CASTQR I A !
Caatorla U ft harmleM gtibatitnte for Castor Oil, Pare
goric, Props and Soothing' gyrapsv 14 18 Pleasant. It
contain neither Opium, Morphine nor other Narcotlo
substance. It age Is lta guarantee. It destroys Worm
and allay FeverUhnea. It cure Diarrhoea and Wind
Colic It relievos Teething Troubles, cure .Constipation .
; and Flatulency. It assimilate the Food, regulates the
Stomach and Bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep. . ..
The Children's Panacea-The Mother's Friend.
cenuiwe CASTORIA always
iBears the
The Kind Yea Have Always jtagjtt
In Use For Over 30 Years
i.a aiT.ua Msww. tt awiaanv evanv. ntw va env.
(Grain markets corrected even
Thursday morning by AbUen Milling
Co.) ' ' ' -
Wheat ...78e
Com . . . . . ... .0c
(Market corrected weekly by J. O
Norman, Abilene.) -
Hog. ,,:.$5.7B
J. E. Brewer Co. pays th follow
ing price for butter and eggs:
Butter ,;..,..l-2Zc
Egg -.-.'v,...- .....W
The Pioneer Product Co. pays the
following: . I
ens .10c
Old roosters ................. -6C
Young Rooster .5c
. Batter Market. . ,
(Price for creamery . butter at
paint named for week ending today
Dickinson cotlnlty pi'loe 1H cants
less than New Tork and t ft cents
less than Chicago.)
J Chicago Creamery 11-21C, dairy
1J-18C. - . - V t
Kansas City creamery J 8c, firsts
17c. : . :
Reai Estate Tranafen Reported by
S. E. Keel. Abiitractor. , - .v .
Tt B. Robaon and wife to una, j.
' and Mary 8wltier, H acre In ne
. W, 1MM, $60. "
Elisabeth DooMttl and Margaret
Fulton to Dan 51 Beckbart, e Vh
ne Vt and nw ne 1-11-1,
A. C. Romlg and wife to Henry Tack-
Tarn, lot $1, 28, Wk'll, Enter
prise, $76.- , -
Mlna Mohr to Henry Jacklam, lots
i, 4, d, blk 10, EnUrprlse, $1.
Did Toa Venture Out?
Today waa one of th windiest
days w have had tbls year. Limb.
war. broken off tree, and many signs
were demolished. Dust filled tne
al and pedestrians had a bard tlmeJ
of lb .-
r Engraved Card 1 for
Whv nay 11.50 for 100 engraved
card and plat when th Reflector
tunlehe th best engraved earos
for $1.00 for 100 cards and plat.
Reprinting from plat 75 ent.
(Flret publlabed In Abilene - Weakly
Retlaetor April U. MM
serica or nniooa imtii
-.t. win be received at
the county clerk a offlc. In Abilene.
Kansas, up l . . to
Vvedaeeaay. isay tiMtrm tillcate lSI; and 4 sharee of the eent-
ft apaa brldaee with co-icrewi o ( D,,k)D110. oMy Pair
to be sree e o super straciure. . Aaaoctatloa. repreeested by certificate
brldre ', l'"? . ? , . k Ia.is. Held ' numoer II; and 10 shares ef the rB
aa. I he Iher "'IJil,3iraf Hal atock of the AbllenA Compeer,
brMra t
cemeat ior LZa mri ealy. (the National Reserve Bsek of Kanees
cKea V wn.hla teJ, !J.r city, rerMeBil by certificate
rt,.lv.reA as foil'-?; I and" 10 aharw of the r.pit.1 stock of
is feet ,tng. J "' fn7.,'; taralla Land Water Company af
hand ralla, 2f,m t hU,'nes. a La i" I n Anteaie. Teiaa, represented by cer
I beam. f ln- fjK Jitlflcat. auntbar 7; and 4 ah.res of the
Iron hand r,,lfc ."IS'.n'... I capital atock ef Farmers Blate Benk
l imh I beams, 70 feet l lf MoilaniL nirklniwn eoutllv. stele f
nela. angle Iroa bane rsim. ' ""'
'"Vrtsen.;. .Mils ls hand rails.
I,.tnnn. KsDWS.
7 ' tilTfi inr4 with M
Kin 4 r
ift fl't .i fTrrn"--Th
h"r1 rr-T i;
pf !H vorlt
right i9 rt
tzr nstchsr'o
Rousrht. and wklcb lias beea
bat borne the lgnature) of
and bat been maae nnaerue per
sonal sniervUion since lta Infancy.
Allow no one to deceive jrou In this. .
Sienature of
(rirst published In Abilene- Weekly
Reflector April 1, 111" t
State of Kansas, Dickinson county, m.
In the Probate Court of said county.
In the matter of the estate of Rudolph
Kauffman, deceaeed.
To all creditors and other persona In
terested In said estate:
You are hereby notified that kt the
regular June term of the probate court
in and for aald county, to be held at
the probate judge's office, In Abilene.
In aald county, on the 6th day of June,
1911, being the flret Monday In said
month of June, I will make final set
tlement .of said estate.
(First published In Abilene Weekly
Reflector April U, 1911)
-"; ' ROAD NOTICB. '
State of Kansas, Dickinson county, as.
To v.-hom ft may' concern: ' - V
Take notice, that a legal petition,
signed ..by I). F. Delaney and other
householders of Hayes and Noble town-,
ships In said county, has been pre
sented to the board of county com
missioners, praying for the location of
county roaa as roiiows, vw:
Bea-lnnina atl the southwest corner
of section thirty (30), township twelve
fl2l. range lour 44. running mence
east to the Intersection of north and
south road on half section line of said
section thirty (SO), township twelve
(12). range four (4). East. Bald road
to be fifty (50) feet wide, and terminat
ing at saia nortn ana soutn roaa.
And that said board has appointed
A. H. Ryan. Clarence Taylor and J. D. :
Haskell vtewers, who will meet at the
point of beginning of said road, as
petitioned for, on the 2nd day of May,
1:80 n..m.. 1911. and proceed to view
said road, as the law dlreota, at which
time and tnace an persons interestea .
mnv attend and have a hearing. In
case Bald viewers fall to meet on the
dav designated, they mav meet on
the following day. as provided by law,
without further notice. . -.
Witness mv hand-nnd the official
seal of eald county, thli Ith day of
Anrll. 1911. .
(Seal) --, . H. W. KINO,
It ; ' County Clerk.
s '
(First published In Abilene Weekly
- Reflector April H, 1911)
Case ..o. 5079
JOHN A. FLACK, Defendant.
ITnder and bv virtue of an-order of-
sale Issued by the clerk ot the district
court of the 8th Judicial District, with
in and for Dickinson county, state or
Kansas, In the above entitled case,
and to me directed and delivered. I
will on Monday, the lMh day of May,.
A. D, 1911, at 1 o'clock a m. of said
day at the front'-door of the court
house- In the city ef Abilene, Dickin
son county, state of Kansas, with sn-
ora.aemenL sen to the manesi Diaaer
for cash In hand the following describ
ed real estate and personal property.
to-wlt: Lou numbered a! and M on
North Fifth street, In Uouthwtck and
Augustine's Addition to the city of
Abilene: lot number 9 In block number
4 In Rice St Austin's sub-division of
nice Austin's Addition to the city
of Abilene; lot number I In Henry,
Hodge Reed's sub-dlvlslon of lots
numbered t. 4, C, , and 10 en Third
afreet In Thompson atcuoy's Addi
tion to the city oi ADiiene, ana lot
nam her I In block number I In Matte
son's addition to the city of Abilene.
all situated tn Dickinson county, atata
of Kansas, and 10 sharee of class A
of series 1 of the capital atock ef the
Dickinson County Building Loan As
sociation represented by certificate
.umber tt; and S shares ef class F,
permanent eharea, of the capital stack
af the Dickinson County Bulldln 4fe
Loan Assoclatloa, represented by cer-
ty, bi! of Kruiiui. Th Mid
4 fMroriJ pj'orty win Or? K(a pur-
cftUM raclLeoi In kavtd )ouri.al n-
wnnp mr h4 thts IJth Air of
Ayr. i, llt v
fhriff of I4rlnniM (--sr:r,
E klletJlL

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