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Abilene weekly reflector. [volume] (Abilene, Kan.) 1888-1935, December 19, 1912, SECTION TWO, Image 14

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w i", ;- , V 1. ,".: 'i ' I t . Ill . . ' 1 I " " i .(! . v ' I
. r IDUJ. OB nimjmMMcw
" I - .-. xnsna legal.: '
ffE wish4 all the)
rflf H PP,e o
Uil nirldnson Coun
: . tvt Merry Christ
M mas and a Happv
SUrt Recoaat of Every Predncfr
Will Probably Complete Count
la Tim for Christmas
. Dinner, 1918.
Jake Nichols of Talmage was here
on business.
Henry Kohman of Dillon spent
the day here.
Adam Miller of Solomon wm
town on Dullness.
n w Rnnmnr of Hods was
'town on business.
Tnm Rrnnlun of ChaDDta WM IB
; town on business.
Wm. Salgg of Chapman was in
town on business.
Alex Mustard of Manchester was
In town on business.
Frank Schwendener of Woodbine
1 was In on business.
Miss Maude Bcrlpter or Bscseye
is shopping in town.
s H. W. Mltsch of Woodbine waa
in town on business.
Lawrence Townley of Enterprise
pent the day in town. '
" Mr. and Mrs. Sam Strode of Man
chester were shopping bare.
Herman Hassler and On Leonara
are In town from Enterprise. """
v Mrs. D. H. Rogers of Navarre
Is here on business for the day.
Mrs. A. D. Martin aed sister of
i Hope are spending te day Were.
mriA mim Viola Dusker
i FWWI Vvv
ot Woodbine are vlsltisg , friends
. jr. M. Odle was up frost unapman
pa business and called o the, Re
flector. ' ' '
, Guy Tte returned ho,me ,t0) Mc-
m. - vlaltlnv With blS
, . . .
'. mother.', . ; : .t .
, Rlvln Swing an-d Clar. , Blact
welder . of Woodbine , were ,; in toWa
, On business. ;.,1m;:; I
' J. L. Engle and family leave tp
morrow for Pasadena, Oai., to spend
,,the winter. . ',' 4 .. , .... .', ., . -K
Mm. Charles Kubach returned
MtRBourl' to spend the
ThAitrUvn here.
un mil mm. J. E. Wlnslow anl
daughter Ruth of Chapmn iffr)i
RArlt liniJDIIlK. . .t
on his way to Kansas City wbtjre Xk
will buy, cattle. - "7-
! n isJ- icoulson and family will
. leave ' tomorrow for San lose, Cal:,
. tn nana tne winter. , v-
Mrs. A. B. Roberts or wubkobw,
Okla.. came in to spend the holidays
with her parents. Mr. and Mrs. J. B.
Robert Long and family are back
from s trip to California and will
oocupy one of the C. Stevens farms
east of Abilene the coming year.
California didn't look good to them.
Mrs. W. E. DIeffenbaugh went
to Abilene to visit relatives. Satur
day she and her brother. C. C. Llv
lngston went to Marlon to visit their
sister, Mrs. D. C. Deatrlct. Man
chester Motor.
J. I. Kuter of Herlngton was in
town on business. Mr. Kuter nss
been s prosperous farmer near Her
lngton for number of years and
has lately sold his farm to enter
the mercantile business at Holtou.
The contest board took . tap the
M n r knATMttn aralnit
Tom Easter for the office of register J.' 8. Reed received two cars of
of deeds early, today and by noon catue irom mmm ww
had completed tbe count of , the bal- them In the lots ror reea.
lots returned as void from the pre-! . th rJ ,ale of phono.
clncts of the county. Tbere were rMMrA. . the Racket. wit
250 of these ballots and of this num-
ber. 58 were declared to be legal . S. Brenlzer is able to be up
ballots. Mrs. Anderson gained 97 agaln. n wllj be a rew weess De
votes and Tom Easter 21 which, fore ne entirely recovers from tne
gave Mrs. Anderson a total gain of 'ievere fau be experienced.
Lie marled "void" cams from'.tand. of metronome.
Hop. and in this precinct Mrs. An- tlble Jur
derson bad a gain of J3. Herlngton ""Vt,Stmlt
AbQene Girls Are Members of this
I FmUrnity.
- Ths new chapter bouse of tbe Del
ta Delta sorority of Baker univer
sity is Just completed at a cost of
$10,000. This building is probably
the finest sorority bouse in flhe
state, snd the first one to be built
and owned In Baldwin. DeltaDelta
is the oldest national sorority
In Baker, becoming a national or
ganisation in '95, and have at pres
ent twenty-four active members.
The bouse is moaern in every re-
in.W'' havinr a forty foot front on
xn-,1. .w wMrh i one of the
nlnoaf atrnetS In BaiOWin OO wuu
t h u now a total 01 live
rmtArnltv homes.
mi RUdvs Tufts and Miss wary
noich of Abilene are members of
.ui. anil vflt move Into tbe
tuiv " " .
house after Cbristmas
rave Easter a gain
gave Mrs. Anderson a gain of 1 snd There will be a Christmas tree
many of the precincts of the county program at Walnut Grove school
remained unchanged. Mrs. Ander ,dtetr!ct 35, Saturday evening. De
son gave up hopes of winning when Mmbep 2i. Addle Thomas, teacher.
Center township with 87 void bal-1
lots remained uncbsnged. Mrs. An- Follow tne crown, w Zi
- . a 1 1 . tklfl .u hnllfl , . Villi. rt
deraon ill a couniea Birongij va iwr u
precinct to win her the election
80 far; In the count tne rote on
governor has kept tip with that on
nrt Mora-an was in Justice
court today charged with dlstarblflf
.. . IV.M Banmr una I1DJ
the register of deeds ana gives up - . rf of not gulttr
nauoir ia w . . ,. m fnr nc
ana we nenus "
per about to mors"
The Judges have been announced
for the Sallna-Topeka niga scaooi
lliibaie1n Sallna Thursday nfght.
Th "uiiiro are Dr. F. S. BTayney,
psstor-of the Presbyterian cburcb at
Abilene;. Dr. Ernest pinreiaa, pren
rinti of Bethany college. LtadsDorg.
and Canon Scratchley, beadmaster of
St. v john'a 'college, Sarina.r-rMWr.
Special holiday
01 Sal
Don't forget the big sale of rec
ords at the Racket. 8ale closes tbe
85th. f 1 ; fit
Born to Mr."Tnrl'Mrs. Will Sim
mons an 8Vb pound boy.
Born, to MrTand Mrs. Wilbur
A. Jeffcoat, Dec. 12th, a daughter.
' The Racket's
closes tbe 25 th.
big , record
Marriage license was Issued to
Isaac Berger of Worden, Wash., and
,Mary Wlemer of Hope.
of one. Abilene .sic Store.
county than were counted for Mm. ffl-.fftime be If ont 00 $200,
unt of tbe ballots counted ror Mrs. - .
Anderson today from those marked tona' '
void were ballots wblcb followed tne c; c. Hotchlson lias been ap
i...nHr.n nf thm Ball Moose party nAir.r fti.fVw of the oesee for Abl-
atid were thrown oat for hv rttsv. Stabbs. Hfs eommis-
mM.tri in rfrrrst ana oiaer mar mtrvwrT. mnn inornius. Avtau
U1UIS.P sas - B1VU - -
The Judges have taken up tbe count- Qulnn wot tbe ralr one efected st
Ing or tne wnoie tow 01 io v"vt ib fecenr election
j s?. vnrws snr-rT ffcf sfMrnooiT
ti.t. he boned to b dons fa time! ganta cTana wfll arrfre far bis Ng
t-i. -.w-li... AKn-nxr r TITr rrOM orrfn Sut'nrdXT ftTteTDOOU buuuv
no changes av far as tbese: ballots
have been counted and tne jnages
may give up tfie count wltbout, count
ing tbe whole county. Tbere seems
to be no chanw for Mrs. Aoaersont
to win. , . ! !yf
Thmditer of E. OT. Hoffeww tw B
Bronght Herw for Hwriai.
gfiffdren lir front of tbe Racket, w
At the annual' reorgani'zatfoTr of
tfie Brethren fn Clirtat Sbtrdar school
rast night the fbllowlirg- persow were
Hioimn to constitute ittie board for
tbe rear: CF. AlTear Kaafrmaa, super-
iHtendent reri -M. L. Horrnran. J.
A. Kauffman."Harver WTirger arol
Raymond Esfiermaa.
The Racket fs open: evenings now.
The two-year-offf' daughter of E.
nyr Tinfforml of SHfem. Oregon, was
accMentlr burned to deatb Tuesday
morning at her Howe lb" Safemi Tbe
hodT will be brougbt to Abilene
Sunday morning and interment will
1 r..,fa hem The fnneraT,- an-
nouncement will be made Tsterv '
The Merchants' Journal' of TopekK.
edited by Paul LovewelT, one of the
state's best newspaper men, devotes
a naice to write np' of the Abilene
Sales Day.. A reproductlbn of one
WAGON DELIVEBT FOR of the advertisements used, giving
, . CITrrARCELS POST..tne Bpeai Bargalba, is printed and
... . '. -, ' a full, description of bow- the sales
The Abilene nostf office win. have t. con&ncteG aOTearr. ' Tne Jour-
wason dellverr service for (the r , V
.u Taniirr- Tut. " In Dreoar- xn.na' Wan firnrmia net OHIT
V. 1 ,j a, .01 - , Afi.vuv , . . -
ing for the' parcels post an appro- for rt8 AbnenA water, bnt for manr
-i..t V m hun utimTo for this cttV f.rn- fa n nf fn towns of
yftKVAUU uw " UlUDI Uliu.i o wv,
to be expended in the most feasible" 8tate wnfch Is maktor success
manner to deliver tne incoming- pr- of tta montnnr auction ana o
Baldwin, Bush & Gcrts
Ellington, Hamilton Howard
and Carl Pianos
: aiid Player Pianos
Also a few good Second Hand Pianos taken in
exchange on Player Pianos which I am very
anxious to dose out by the first of the year
arid will give exceptionally close prices.
Your old organ or piano taken in exchange, also
cattle, horses and mules.
Christmas is a fine time to buy a Piano, -Victrola
or Graphanola as it w 11 please the family s much or
mbre as &JQhriUmas gift as any other present, and
wi'l last for a life time.
Sold on easy terms if desired.
eels. The postmaster will have a
light wagon and a driver In ser
vice to make probably two deliver
ies of parcels all over the city dally.
It would be. impossible for the pres
ent force of carriers to handle. any
considerable amount of extra mall.
The maps and rules for the opera
tion of the parcels poet have been
received and the public will be given
full information regarding tbe sys
tem before its going into effect Jan
uary 1st.
During the holiday rusb tne post-
office will have extra assistance.
;W h
m m
"Her" a
feaCabinet :
One of the great Christmas gifts of the
world is the HoosieJ Cabinet.
American men know better than those of
any other nation the vaiue of a machine that
saves steps. ,
Every year the number of. Hoosier Cabi
nets for Christmas has increased. More men
have discovered in it "the greatest labor-saving
machine for women the world has ever seen."
v Christmas is a fitting time to give her a
Hoosier Cabinet, for at Christmas you want to
make your gift supreme.
Kansas Bull Ilooscrs Have Started
Formation of Party of Their Own
Some towns have fallen down on
tbls nlan. They say It baa not been
a success, from any standpoint. Tbe
n.KTrif fa that the success or
failure of the auction and sales day
depends largely on how the plan Is
manavaii nf how tborousbly tbe
MJUUMO-"' ' -
merchants cooperate to make (Be
undertaking s winner.
"Tbe success of tbe auction and
sales day." says D. W. Tappen, sec
retary of the Abilene Commercial
club, "depends on the way you ad
vertise the same, and the kind of an
Chester Hutchison Is on duty as auctioneer you have.'
temporary clerk. . Jesse Denman ana Abilene has advertised Its sales
Elmer Elwick will go on duty sat- day thoroughly; the merchants nave
urday as assistant carters. Wlth aM helped, and the auctioneer has
this added force greater promptness evidently been tbe right man for
in delivering pnnstmas pacs tne Jot).
I Abilene Is playing the game wlse-
ly. It puts on the monthly auction
. 'sale as a clearing bouse for the far
mers. Wblle it nas ine iarme
interested, the merchants eacb get
buv and advertise some special bar
gain for that day. There is Just one
bis drive advertisement from eacb
store, and eacb merchant is given
n eoual amount of space to adver
tise bis "drive" on tbe co-operative
handbill issued by the Merchants'
I ' In addition to this eacb merchant
has the right to take all the space
, Alte he wants In the local papers to
iwf.r 'hoort his rame. The result is that
for a week or more ."before we
monthly sales day. the Abilene news-
nr carrr a lot of extra aaver-
Topwkav Dec. 18. The? Kansas)
ProgreasfTe party was owaBlaeo
here yesterday afternoon att m con
ference esTIed by William- Allen
White, wfifch met in representattv
kali.. ABot 175 men and) fifteen.
women atttesded. Blank sheets- sent
down the stoles for signatures
broueht bawl 123 names, or whten
twenty-eight .were from TiJpekH1. XT.
8. Sartin of Kansas City, Kan;, was
elected provfefonal chairman-; Miss
Helen Backer, of Lawrence, swore
tarr. and A. :W.'. Wee of A'bilene-
Officers were selected' by a com-
nrfttee from tbe eight districts and
m at lnre and ratified by the
conference as. follows: "First district,
T. A. McNear. Topeka; Second, J.
K. Atkinson,, Kansas City; Third,
S. H. Piper, rndependence; Fourtn,
C. A. Stannard, Emporia; Fifth, S.
M Smith, Herfngton; Sixth, J". K".
MTtehell, Osoerne; Seventh, G'. :M.
Martin, ,Medfcfne Ledge; Eighth,: C.
C. Mack. Newton at large, Miss
Helen Backer, Lawrence,, and Mrs.
Eugene PoITJam, Atchison.
, No motion was made to start a
Proeressive league Instead of a
party. , Two persons at. the confer
m,. -nfth irrfr?rt . OTEHnizihST S'
Rinr nartr at this time, and counsel
ed. delay, but they bad" a hard" time
mi.fr niselve8 heard'. The
crowd was In no temper for any
hfit but new Darty- at once, and
ft aot Its wfsb. After speeches and
the provisional organisation, White
moved that work be started at ence
tn the various precincts and coun
ties of the state for the organisation
of a Prosresslve part, that preclwt
committeemen and county chairmen
be chdsen and that progress Be re
ported at the Lincoln day banquet
to renefta, where the finarP organi?a-
tfon to tor be completed. The mo
tion caurfei after considerable He
E. H. Sbnnders of Wlctltte coun
seled? caution anrd delay. He declar
ed" he had worked for Roosevelt
and tbe ProgressUfw cause, bnt that
there were many In his ' county
whose desire wns for the . emuer
enxje to make haste slowly. "Many
a-, party,"' be declared, "wsw born
lir a rush and' In enthusiasm, ana
died r simpfy as you to proceed
slowly. I want yew to remember
tbat tbe principles wblch we ars-now
advocating carried the Republican
party from- rffffff to now."
'Wwe you not president of tbs
CUrtiS :club- in WfcWta during the
recent campaigr,' Dave Leaby
asked" of Senders:. '''
T was;" replied! Souders. " Ani
may God' witber my hand if f. fail
to help man who all his life has.
been helping; me." .' ' .
W". B. BrodTe ot Edwards got tbe-
floor and' opposed the White motiom
for a- new oacty. He favored fights
Ing out, tbe matter In the Republi
can party. ; BrodTe declared tbat L
Foilette itr the logical man for pres
i'dent four years bence. Attorney
General Dawson rsSsed lonely bnt
very loud cheers at the mention of
La FbiretteS name.
Brodle could scarcely be hsard' in
the tumult. The crowd wanted to
vote,, and bring ths new party into-
being. G. H. Aderson of, ADcblsonj
insisted upon the previous Question
and ftaarry the vote was taken. Al
most the enttre conference toss no,
and put the new party into exist
ence. But fowr or five voted against,
tbe motion.
will be possible.
Change in Firm.
All parties knowing themselves In
debted to lirm of Kugler ft Teopfer
are hereby requested to call at store
and settle their accounts before Jan.
1. 1913. KUGLER ft TEOPFER.
; ; I"
Advertised Mail.
For week ending Dec. 16, .1912:
Letters: John Beck, Jess Camp
bll. Allen De Witt. Mrs. Martha
Grable, Wesley Graves, Mrs
Hookina. D. Kennedy, T. W.
Sr. Mateo Reyes, Senor Refugio San
dobal, H. H. Weyant.
Cards:- Master Alfred Betters,
Master Wilson Daniel, Miss Anna Using for sales day bargains, ano
Fonck, Clyde Fulton (S). T. A. Gal- nearly all the ads talk about the ad-
'Maoi Mo .ii
H. H. Eicholtz has purchased R.
F. Brammer s Racket Store.
and is now ready to serve you and desires
you to call and see him.
Call and see our full line of Holiday Goods
and Racket supplies.
We will solicit your trade.
Vln, MTS. E. Hi. UrlUlDi rvau.-1 -"' " v ( ,
reea WcKiniey,
Klram IL
Thus tne ss
1 u

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