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That the high 'school' has many
f ":.- , ...
11 A JHJ
. . .... ... t ...
bl use for over 50 years,
and has
1111 00 " " " .UJUVI V.v w wv-." ' '
All Counterfeit, Imitation. and "J nst-HS-goor ' are lan
Experiments that trifle with and endanger the health of ,
lalanU ftnd ChUea Experience Against Experiment.
7 What Id CASTOR I A "
Castorla U ft harmless substitute for Cftsto Oil, Pare- :
gorlc, Drops and Soothing Sjrupfc It is Ploaaant. It .
contains neither Opium, Morphine hbr other arcotle
substance. Its 2 Is its euarantce. It destroys WorraJ
and allays JFeverisbness. Jt cures Diarrhoea and Wind
b Colic. It relieves Teething Troubles, cures Constipation -7
and Flatulency. It assimilates the Food, regulates the
Stomach and Bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep.
The Children's PanaceaThe Mother's Friend.
genuhie CASTOR i A always
Bears the
lie Kind Yon Dave Always Boiighl
Iti Us Fof Over 30 Years
ettrrMin i. no TwitT. ihwwm err.
" Under Terms of . Tax' I-aw Paad
j ' This Winter. ; , , -
Tbe following changes have -been
made in the law governing the equal-
1 Ization of taxes by the last leglsla
tnye, which changes will be of gen
eral interest to the public, and these
changes will, "we think, meet" with
general . approval. . , - -
Hereafter the board of county
commissioners will meet as a board
of equalization on the third Monday
of Hay and "shall make such chang
es ' in the assessment as shall be
1 necessary in order to secure an as
sessment of all property at Its act-
, naf moneyvalue ;;,:r;; -U z;'
't'he board of equaliiatlon will be
In' session for. ten days,' and anyone
feeling themselves" aggrieved will be
given a bearing. "At the end of ten
days the board will adjourn to meet
not, sooner than ten days from ad
journment and will be in' session for
. three days to hear the complaints of
those whos have - been raised by the
board at their previous meeting.- v
If the board of equalization raises
the assessment of any individual at
their HrBt meeting, the 'county clerk
shall notify rsuch ; individual at his
last known address ;0,. such change
-in' his assessment, and if be chooses
he may : appear before the board at
' their regular ad Journed 'meeting., to
show cause why the assessment
should not have been raised.
"At the end of three days the board
' will 'adjourn sine die; and after
sucb final," adjournment the .'board
cannot change the assessment for
any persr o. 1 v:'- ,v-
For Choice Pare Bred Seed Corn
and all kinds of. farm seeds in bulk,
, also garden seeds, send to tbe Lawa
' - dale' Seed Farm. Catalogue free.
John D. Zlller, Box R. The Farmer
Seedsman, Hiawatha, Kansas. . - -..."
.V.o- S0w9t
HEALTH Is folly restored by the
great alterative and tonic, Hood's
Sarsaparilla, and you remember the
old saying, -health IS WEALTH.
Children Cry
oncreiG uiios
I will be in a position to erect 10 concrete" silos. I would
be pleased to have you investigate the concrete cement silo. We
have four In our neighborhood that will -bear inspection.
' If yon arS interested ' In the silo V or. contemplating" the
Building of one call on me and I will be glad" to figure with you -snd
also show my silo on my farm and those la my aeighbor'.
hood. - . .'". "'' -
' I nav, the 'only continuous, solid wall, silo in county with
chute placed on the inside which has been pronounced the best
method- by Sa engineer ot authority. .
I also will be in position to do custom reck crushing. Call
phone or.,Trrite ' "I'-' f,,r!Sf' ' ' ':''"
: Elmo
- w
s i t r i i
r --,V.- nn4 n-fclrll Can fcon 1 ftt
baa borne the l nature oij
been tnaue uar n
supervision since it
A l1uu.lv Vrtll In fill
Signature of
Women and Children Swarm About
Doctor's Cart, '
New York; March 20. Four, hun
dred women . and children hemmed
in tbe motor car of Dr. .Friedericn
F. Frledmann today begging him to
treat them for , tuberculosis. The
crowd surrounded the German phy
slci'aa outside the ' hospital . lor de
formities and Joint diseases, and a
squad; of police reserves had to be
called to make a path for-mm 10
the hospital door,;
Physicians from all . parts of the
United States earlier la the flay gath
ered at Mount Sinai - hospital t
watch Doctor Frledmann administer
his . vaccine, ; but ; were refused ad
mission. The only other medical
men at the clinic were three .-repre
sentatives of the government, at
whose reqwBt other physicians, were
excluded. -
Easter Sonday Will at Leant Have
' Auspicious Beginning.
' As an snepiclous opening for Eas
teror maybe an ominous begln-
nhti of the day the moon will be
in total" eclipse next Sunday morn
inr at 4:12 o'clock and will remain
that war -ntir thersun tlses.:-
- Thv inar -ecllDse doer not1 -mean
anything particular to the weather
muni or to any one else for that mat
ter. It Is Just one of those peculiar
ities of nature." The eclipse Sunday
momin is the first one Abilene has
had'etnee Kay 23, 1910. The lunar
eelinaes are hot regular In their
coming and It is no uncommon thing
to have two of them In one year
and then to skip a year without any.
Kansas County Attorneys to Meet.
Toneka. March 21. John 8. Daw
son. attorney general, has called s
meeting of the county attorneys of
Kansas for April 3 to talk over the
new laws and tbe enforcement of
the old ones as well as the new.
- Accidents) will happen, but thist
hAat aoi lanon raniiiiHS slss'u lii.
rm,AiBs I7r1arlp nil ttT fillfh fliriflf-
gencies. Two sizes, 25c and 50c at
x uuuiaa Kvwvnv w - - . - ,
all stores..... . . " A
' JMtt4f for Pmeest, . ,
t n r : ... , - & r't
.Tht'Ballna Union says roncerning
the investigation made of tbe new
patented plow at Chapman:
"As far as the committee appoint
ed 'to further Investigate the self
contained plow is concerned, there
VU be. no further Investigation at
tia tlSLfWm. Muir, a member of
the committee said today: 'We don't
know what it will be like when the
virions other inlngs talked of are
added.; We could investigate the
plow, all right, but the Instructions
ask us to make recommendations as
to the proposition Mr. Dowllng asks,
also. Mr. Dowllng wants aa acre of
ground, a brick "building and f 10,
000 worth of stock placed. We don't
feel that . we can recommend any
thing about taking stock Is an in
vention which as yet is not complet
ed. Nor can we well mske a rec
ommendation as to giving the com
pany a building and a site when we
don't know what tbe machine will
be like when it is completed.'
"So the committee has- decided
not to make a second visit to Chap
man. It wal Intimated that if the
company would first qbmplete its
machine and then come . forward
with a proposition, it would be con
sidered." ,
Austria Made Several Peremptory
Demands Today. .
Vienna, Austria, March 21. The
Austrian government brought the
Balkan situation close to ft crisis
today by making several peremptory
demands on Mostenegro. ' The Aus
trian minister at Cettlnje was In
structed to Inform the Monenegria
rovArnment that it muBt Comply
wlthv the following1 demands:
Free exit from Scutari of all non-
Explanation of the death of s
Catholic priest named Palie, who is
said to ' have been slaughtered be
cause he opposed violent conver
sions of prisoners.
Violent conversions must . cease
instantly - v
' . -
telegram .was received from
Scbrock : this afternoon saying
that Mrs. Schrock underwent a sue-,
ceBsful operation for appendicitis at
the Tabitha Home at Lincoln Neb.j,
yesterday. : .She came 4 out ' of i the
operation in good shape and is ex
pected to get along as well as usual
in such cases. ;
Rev. Schrock will not be home for
the Easter services. 'i.
When Judge Porter was a little
kid of 11 years his mothor colored
an Easter egg for him and that Eas
ter egg will celebrate Its 62nd an
niversary tomorrow,, The, egg . was
colored in the Lutheran' church at
fiettyaburz. Pa.. and has a picture
f th rhnrpli iirion It; ; It is brobably
the oldest Easter egg around this
oart of the country and while a do's -
en hens couldn't batch a chicken out
of it in 20 centuries Judge Porter
prizes ft very highly.;' ""
Ealina, March 20. Charles Van-
derbilt, who is the assessor in Glen-
dale' township, is one of the men
who was evidently " very much im-
uressed with the instructions given
the assessors at . the meeting in Sa-
Una. He was told to assess all
property and his neighbors claim
that be js even listing false teeth,
and that they expect to Glendale
township to make a big showing this
year. . ': ,
"Siiffprwl dar and nteht the tor
ment of itching piles. Nothing help
ed me pnul I used Doan s ymtmeni.
The result was lasting." Hon. John
K, i Garrett, Mayor, Glrard, Ala.
We understand that W. H. Dayton
of Abilene has rented tbe Andrews'
building on West Mala street and
will put In a stock of implements.
He expects to open for business la
the next two weeks. Tribune.
f amen, Bjji t Clrt
rr itnwi T mwmw
" v 1, with it tm of our wwm
CLOWlW . Tn pUllTHt
tun. Ayr-nr. rrke t" n,. Br
Clean old capers can be had at
Use Reflector office at le per bund's.
students who might become famous
la -the art galleries of tbe world if
their talent could only be properly
cultivated was made known this
week when numerous paintings were
made from tbe scenes which are to
be staged by the students at the
Seelve Monday evening. The pic
tures are in the windows of business
houses down town and It will pay
you to take a look at tbem when
yon come down to buy your Easter
,The Imported costumes have ar
rived and dress rehearsals are com
ing thick and fast now. The pre
sentation from the scenes of Shakes
peare's' dramas which are slated for
Monday evening will be something
novel .for the local high school and
promises to be one of the best en
etrtatnmefcts ever Jput on by tbe
Forty Reformatory Inmxtm Come
Up tor Parole at Meeting.
Hutchinson New8 The new re
formatory board of control will meet
March . 27 and organization of the
new board will take place at that
The members of the board have
already decided how the work will
be divided. Thomas A. Morgan, Ot
tawa, will continue as chairman of
the board; W. L. Brown of Kingman
will be treasurer, and , Charles M.
Harger of Abilene will be the. new
secretary. ,. Mr. Harger has not yet
qualified -for his new office, as be
is holding the position as postmaster
at Abilene and does not wish to give
up that position until time to. take
his seat upon the board.
Thfre will be forty men up for
parole at the next meeting of the
board. It Is probable that about
fifteen et 'these will be granted a
parole. -;
Wilson to Have His Advisors m the
Senate. .... -
'Washington. March 21. The tett
cabinet ministers of President Wil
son may soon have nice, comforta
ble leather chairs arranged for them
oh the floor of the senate. Tbey may
be permitted to occupy them .during
the regular sessions, participating in
the debates, but not having a vote.
Theyi would have an opportunity to
protect Ml measures urged by them.
The, legislation necessary ' to make
the proposed innovation effective
Will be urged at the extra session of
congress. It is an Innovation which
seems to be ravorea auxe oj iue
Democrats and Republicans.
In his message of December 19,
1912. President Taft recommended
legislation which would permit cab
inet ministers to have seats in the
senate and house, and be given the
right of debate. .
President : Wilson - entertains the
same views. He . believes members
of the cabinet should have the right
! of coooeration In legislation
It is the opinion or senator ivooi
, that the innovation would constitute
1 a great improvement . and facilitate
the enactment of laws. He thinxs
this country is behind others in that
Parti-Mae, Cooked HuntaKs Style.
.Use the young birds for broiling or
roasting and the older ones for stew
ing purposes. Cut them up as you
would chicken. Season well with salt
snd pepper and place In a
pan with two ounces of butter. Brown
on all sides for about three minutes,
then add finely minced onion and car
rot and two sprigs each" of parsley and
thvme and one bay leaf mincea nne
I t these brown and add a table-
anoonful of flour. Let this brown
nicely snd add three chopped toma
toes and their Juice. : Cover and sim
mer about five minutes and then add
half a glass of sherry or madeira wine
and one cup of water or consomme.
Cover closely and let all cook fifteen
minutes. Serve very hot with toasted
bread triangles for a garnish.
" ; Baked Halibut
Cut about two pounds of halibut
Into pieces two inches square, clean
and wipe dry and put In a dish with
four wineglasses of sherry wine, turn
ing tbem from time to time and let
remain in the wine two hours. Then
put the pieces of fish into s baking
pan, moisten well with melted butter,
sprinkle lightly with bread crumbs
and let bake until dons and nicely
browned. . Take, up the fish and pour
into pan in which it was baked half
a pint of cream. Heat on top of
stove, thicken with s little flour,
garnished with parsley. Or if pre
ferred 'melt a little more butter in
pan, add s little lemon juice to it
and' pour over fish. If the wine Is not
objectionable you will find this deli
cious and half the portion sufficient
for two.
JHI KJDNIYI are strengthened
1 and toned by Hood's fcarsaparilla
H cares all their ailment, pains in
the bias aod TKZ BACKACHE.
"1 would rather
sell you a Studebakcr"
When your dealer tells you that you know
he's honest , - '
He may Kave cheaper wagons in stock, but He
knws tKe Studebaker is the best. '
And so do you.
v He wants to gfve such good wagon value
tbat you will conie back andf demand a buggy
, made by the same people.
Studebakers hove been building wagons for sixty
years and they have won the confidence of dealer and
fanner by building not" the cheapest but the M
wagons. : :--.'
Whether you live in city," town or country, there s
a Studebaker to fit your needs. Farm wagons, trucks,
business and delivery wagons, surreys, buggies and
runabouts, with harness for each of thesanioJugI.
quality as Studebaker vehicles.
. Sm our Dmct tr writ m.
Himnurous saltlaxs city sam fbahcisco roiTLnD.o
$3000 Deposited In Abilene Is Tax
able Property.
It may be of interest to depositors
In the post bank in Abilene to know
that this deposit Is not exempt from
assessment. The deposit in the posr
(si- bank here Is something like
$3000 and every penny of it is tax
able. . Some of the depositors In the
nostal bank have thought that put
ting their money into Uncle Sam's
institutions exempted it from the
nrrlne assessors. Not so says At
torney General Dawson. The fol
lowing is Mr. Dawson's opinion as
h.ndPfl down to the county attor
neys of the state:
"I beg to say that money deposit
ed in a postal savings bank or de
posited anywhere ' else on earth is
not exempt from taxation. It makes
no difference whether the owner of
the money deposits it in a savings
bank, the earth, the sea or the sky
Tbe doctrine that movable goods
follow the owner and are to be tax
ed at the place where' the owner re
sides, except as .otherwise specified
In 'the statute is aDBOiute. wnai
does a man want any,, money for
anyhowT;i h's nothing but, a burden
to him and ah expense,
No Defense Will Be Offered By the
Assasein of King George.
Athens, Greece, March 21. De
mands for the summary execution
of Aleko Schinas, the assassin ot
King George I in Salonlki, are pour
! Jn n the Greelt . government
,ublect, o( the na-
from grieving subjects of the na
tional martyr. The demand for
vengeance is deep and Premier Ven
Izelos declared today, however, that
the law would take Its course, "but
Justice would be meted out in the
quickest manner possible."
, The outcast regicide in Salonika
will make no attempt to defend him
self. If tried by tbe civil courts
Schinas will be hung; if tried by
the military court at Salonika be
will be shot.
King Contantlne arrived here to
dav to take the oath. He expressed
hope that the present cabinet would
remain in office. He particularly
desires to retain the services of
Preimer Venlzelos and Foreign Min
ister Cormllas.
I. J. iaiERIEY
Highest Cash Price Paid
OH Brennaman
South Bend. Ind.
Real Estate Transfers Reported by
Ji & ,Keel, ' Abstractor. '
ElUah' R Hodge et ux to Robert
PauV.H ae K 28-12-2, toeo.
Abritam" M Engle et ux to Harvey
Ej. Brechblll et al w nw 28
snd sV he 29-12-3, $1.
E. G:, Leach et ux to Frea w. Hen
dricks ,w nw K 4-13-3. $9700.
Henry Fortmeyer et ux to Geo. A.
Martin V4 ne 26-13-3, 15250.
Florence H. Tripp et vir to H. J.
Opitx, lots 10, 12, 14. 1. blk 90,
Heringtoa, $300.
W. M. Beegley to S. H. GInder, lot
. 90, e 92, Fifth St.,' Solomon,
$200, , ,'....,,-: , '-v-'.;-- T)
Jane Arthur et al to E." N. StltesV
nw 31-15-3. $11,000.
C. W. Littes et ux to Edmund Hover
e se 84-16-3, $6500. .
C. H. Johnson et ux to Wm. Schaaf
lots even numbers 22 to 52 inc.,
lots 23, 25, 27, 37, 43. 45, 47. 49,
61, Henquenett's sub, and 2.88
acres in 2-16-3, $2500.
C. H. Johnson et ux to Wm. Schaaf
lots 39 and 41, Henquenett's sub
of parr of s .,2-16-3, $1. , s
Nancy Steele et al to Geo. Acker,
s,2 "
. Known as the Van Pcoyoc Jack
of Oak Hill, Kansas, which took
first premium "at the Clay County
Fair in 1911. He Is one of the best
dlspositioned Jacks you ever saw,
weight 1160. 16 1-2 hands, high,
Roman nosed, mammoth Jack.
Will make the season of 1913 at
Jim Fields' 2 miles south and 1 1-2 -
miles east of Buckeye and 2 miles
west and 1 mile north of Moonlight,
TERMS $15.00 to insure a foal
to stand and suck. If owner ap
poses of mare be is held responsi
ble for price of service. Care will
be taken to prevent accidents, but
will not be responsible should any
Stand, Phone 715 .

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