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IHwiofflre Contractor Get Four Day
Extension on Contract-.!
I) any and Particular
1 1
If you want to ' get .dfoplVced
the easiest way possible )0u cad ac
commodate yourself in ;,very .' sftort
crier by walking' down to the! hew
postofflce alte and planting yourself
Inside of or on the little "benches
marked, "keep off keep out' Thiy
are perfectly good 1 benches and'on
flrat eight lend the suspicion that
the contractor It more than thought
ful for the many onlooksrs whp
frequent the place at' all ihourSof
tbe day but a soon aa your take up
your camp on the premises ; tnd
pitch your little tent you get straight
ened out on tbe matter In a manner
that leaves no room for discussion.
Moreover, If you feel calledOn to
"amoke up" you can get Into trouble
easier by sneaking in on the back
lota of the postofflce siteith your
exhaling propaganda than in most
any other way. A , number of very
respectable citizens can testify that
these things are true. You want
to keep away from the band wagon
when you go down to pay your re
spects to the government for the
boss on the job is no respecter of
persons and any one who even gives
the suspicion of getting, in the way
or of contaminating the force gets
tbe books in short order. '
Work began again this morning
after a delay of four days. Aftei
the contractor had gone down the
depth for which the contract called
be found that he had not yet reach
cd a point below the cinders and de
bris of the buildings which have been
on the spot before. ,The government
Inspector held up the work until he
could get instructions from the
chief architect at Washington. The
Instructions came and the building
goes up without going down - any
deeper. ' -t
Manager Jones has 18 men at
work now and expects to . get bis
bricklayers busy by tbe first of tlie
week. A full force will be on the
Job until it is completed.
.After Reaching Height of 13 Feet
Wrn., It Recedes.
After rising rapidly for two days
nntlla heighth of J 3 feet had been
leached the Smoky Hill began to
vwAdfi slowlv . Thursday night. It
will continue to fall until thet nor
mal' stage Is reached again for there
Jias been no rainfall since last week
to causa It -to .rise.' : . - - "
With the high water fishing has
opened up in earnest and large Jlsb
lave; been' polled" 'out of the "river.
Tbe present high water has done
little damage. The river has not
"been out of Its banks in this county
and tbe only troubles reported .comes
irom towns west of Salina.
Three More Weeks of SchooU .Then
the Holidays.
Tbe summer season is close at
land, that is the regular summer
time of the boys and the girls of
the town dates from tbe first day
pf vacation. Tbe schools of this
city will close for the annual sum-
jner vacation on May 29 this year
hixi in: i-'kom a. o. v. w.
Two Lodge to Split al Continue
a Rivals. '
- ' - i
Abilene members of the A. , O. 'V.
Y- nd the Degree of Honor are In
terested in the proposition of, con
solidation which Is being presented
o. the Degree of Honor by the A.
0. U. .W. at the convention at 'Lea
venworth' this ' week. Abilene, is
represented in the meeting by two
delegates, Mrs. J. W. Monroe and
Mrs. Albert Young. A dispatcB
from Leavenworth today says:
fWssion-talk was rife today in
tbe Second . day's session of the bi
ennial convention of tbe Degree of
Honor, and the probabilities are
that within a short time there will
ba a' complete divorce between tbe
Degree oi Honor anu me .. v. v.
W.,' It is predicted that within the
next sixty days a special session of
the A. O. U. W. grand lodge will
be balled, and at that time the or-
derwlll throw open its doors to wo
men, and that the two orders will
become competitors in the fraternal
insurance field. Instead of auxiliary
A critical moment came today
when a committee from the A. O.
U. W. grand lodge appeared on the'
floor and proposed a union of the
two orders. Grrnd Master Gray-
bill was in the hall, and in response
to callB for a speech, said that he
did not care whether the Invitation
was accepted or not. The Indica
tions are tbat the break between
the two orders will be complete be-
fnr f is session of the grand lodge
of the Degree of Honor is adjourned.
It is expected that each will tak
measures to become separate organ
izations, the A. O. U. W. to admit
women, and the Degree of Honor
openings its doors to men. A reso
lution looking towards this was in
troduced this afternoon and was
made a special order of business for
tomorrow morning, when some def
inite action will be taken. : ,
At the election this morning Miss
Mattie M. Knudemann, Kansas City,
Kan., was chosen grand chief of
honor. Other officers are: Grand
lady of honor, Miss Trumm, Lea
venworth: recorder. Mrs. Georgia
Notestine, Hiawatha; receiver, Mfa.
Julia A. Thompson, Norton; usher,
Mrs. Cora Lee Drumm, Elk City;
chief , of . ceremonies, Mrs. Lizale;
Relsmeiser, Pittsburg; inside wat'eb,
Mrs. Amy Graves, Caney; outside
watch, Mrs. Grace Holmers, North
Topeka; medical director, Dr. Jesse
Newklrk. Kansas City, Kan.; past
grand chief of honor, Mrs. Niece
Cole, Chanute. ' ;
.V . . v ' ''
'' ' .;7TT-' lit
From all outward appearances
Enterprise Is ! slated for a , chaiitau-
mi. fhla- ttiinimor. At lpAnt the nSC
essary Bigh'ers to tbe, guarantee have
been secured and have been sent In
to the Mid-West Associated Chau-
taiunas 6t J kansasCity. U
.. ... ,. - ; (. y- I ,
Star Carrier Only Shook Hands With
the; Secretary.
Sun: William Jennings Bryan,
secretary of state, walked upland
down' tbe platform of the Rock Is
land station here for:- ten minutes
on Tuesday afternoon. He was on
his way back to Washington from
California on the Golden State Lim
ited No.' 4 which stopped herb from'
3:10 to 3:20. He shook bands with
B. S. Coursln and bought a Kansas
City Star from him.
Be Independent of Hone, Railroad and Trolley
' .
R913 '''
With new Cradle Spring Frame. Make it part of the equipment
of your farm. Always ready for any trip, long or short. Takes
you there and back at any pace from 4 to 50 miles an hour
Strong, reliable, easy to control. Low upkeep cost Most
1 economical and practical means of conveyance for the farmer.
The Indian 1913 type is a wonder for comfort and efficiency.
Plenty of reserve power for hilly country. Takes you over roads
sot possible to any other vehicle. New style luggage carrier.
CI. E. CUHXE or VEBi! EYE, . Abilsso. Kanscs
j jt.
Look up the rating given The
- Thomas B. JerTery Company by
the great national commercial agen
' cies. You will find it is the highest
that can possibly be given to any
; Fifteen fundamental facts we offer in conclu?ion.
These are th facts that every buyer must consider
. if he -chooses wisely. . Study them carefully and
consider their meaning.
The 19x3 Cross Country is the product of Forty years of
rhanufarturing experience.
- . The Jeffery Company has the highest financial rating that it is
possible for he commercial agencies to give. ;
J Capital three million dollars, all paid in, with a large surplus.
fL- r-nrJ io MmA trntiraW in tft entiretv bv one man and
is absolutely independent of any alliance with any other cona
Forty years of manufacturing
experience and the result of con
stant striving toward ideals of
accuracy constitute. , tne greacesi
asset of this company today.
bsolutely independent of any alliance with any other concern.
- Every piece of equipment and' every particle of real estate owned
5 by this company is paid for in full and never has a bill been
allowed to pass discount.
6 Ninety-six per cent of all parts are .made in the JerTery works.
Twenty-five thousand Rambler cars are on the road.
The JerTery organization includes a factory manned by two
thousand men, with a sales and service force including nearly
five hundred branches and distributing dealers.
The factory ground area is one hundred and four acres and the
floor area twenty-five acres. f i!,. "
Cross Country parts sell from one-half to two-thirds less than
parts of other cars. . ! ' v
Fifteen employes of this company have been in its employ twenty
years and lover; fifteen' from fifteen to twenty 'years and nearly
all the rest from one . to fifteen years.
The JerTery Company was the first American company to
adopt the demountable wheel, universally used abroad and now
being imitated Widely in this country.
The JerTery service facilities in every part of the United States
are under direct company supervision and are unexcelled.
The JerTery organization is an organization of young men, who
4' have built' up a reputation for fair dealing which entitles them
to expect to be in business for many years.
' . . 1':
The JerTery Company is notably conservative, valuing prrm
nent success beyond temporary profit.
The Teffery 'organization produces nothing but-the Cross Country car.,
We cannot, in view of the facts enumerated above, do anything else but
build it right.
' ' . A WautiW Jburcolor reproduction of the Cross Country, from an oil paintingvby
R. Philip Brainard, is ready for mailing. See the Cross Country by all means,
at any Jeffery branch or dealer's display room, but send for the picture anyway.
The, Boston sales" and service
building, 640 Commonwealth Ave.,
Boston, Mass., one of nearly five
hundred branches and distributing
houses maintained by this company
and by Cross Country dealers.
. ' . The Cross Country $1,875
The Thomas B. Jeffery Company
Main Office and Works, Kenosha, Wisconsin
Branches: Boston. Chicago. Milwaukee. New York. Philadelphia. SanFr.nci.co
Buckeye Ave., Abilene, Kans.
" ; ; '
I r ssssss
All Fourth Class Postmasters In the
County Under Ban.
After a conference with President
Wilson Postmaster General Burleson
yesterday announced that an execu
tlve order would be issued requir
ing all fourth class postmasters now
in office, or candidates for prospec
tive appointment, to be subjected to
a competitve examination to deter
mine their fitness for office.
Postmaster General Burleson an
nounced that It was' the purpose of
the president and himself to take
into the classified service,- probably
during the next year, all postmas
ters of the second and third classes.
The fourth class offices have already
been covered by executive order. ',
The new executive move effects
ten offices In Dickinson - county.
Postmasters at Woodbine, Manches
ter, Talmage, Elmo, Carlton, Pearl,
Navarre, Dillon, Dayton and Detroit
figure In the fourth class and must
take examination with other appli
cants for their positions If they wish
to retain them.
' The fourth class offices were made
nonpartisan under a civil service
order1. In the Taft administration.
The new order Is a move for the re
opening of the whole order and can
be internreted In no other light than
that of a political move to supply
the spoils of victory to a hungry con
Wonderful Skin Salve'
Ttupkiin'n Arnica Salve Is known
everywhere as the best remedy made
for all diseases 01 me sum, anu iu
for burns, bruises and boils. Re
duces Inflammation and Is soothing
and healing. J. T. Sossaman, pub
lisher of News, of Corneliu.s N. C,
writes that one box helped hla ser
ious skin ailment after otner rem
edies failed. Only 26c. Recommend
ed by J. M. Gleissner & Son,.
When Your Feet Ache.
From corns, bunions, sore or cal
lous spots, blisters, "new or tight fit
ting shoes, Allen's FootTEase, the
antiseptic powder to be shaken Into
the shoes, will give Instant reuet.
Sold every 25c Don't accept any
substitute. For free sample address
Allen S. Olmstead. LeRoy, N. Y. tf
Clean old paperst 5c a . bundle at
the Reflector office.
Decoration Day Address Will Be
Made at Same Place.
The committee which has charge
of the memorial program has an
nounced that the memorial sermon
will be preached by Rev. Hugh. JLo
max at the Reformed church May
25 and that the Memorial Day ad
dress will be delivered by Rev. J.
W. DeYoe at the same place May
30. The G. A. R. and W. R. C. will
meet at the hall and attend ' the
services In a body on both days.
Services will also be held at the
graves of the veterans. The hour
for the memorial address has not
been definitely set.
. - The Masons of Clay Center have
just finished a fine new temple and
vlll dedicate it tonight with a big
meeting at which several of the
grand officers will be present, TI.e
lodge was ' orfianlied In 1872 d
hae had five difference placps of
meeting In that time.
arising from a disordered stomach, boweto,
liver or kidneys which
will not materially benefit, or permanently
cure ; this has been proven for the past Vk
years. Ask yonr parents, or neighbors,
about SEVEN BARKS, as thousands have
testified to its merits. Don't delay to get a
60 cent bottle at your druggist, and start
yourself on the road to complete recovery.
IYMAN BROWN. 68 Morray SL, New York,liY.
SCRATCHES !?.n'!Tii ; i
.our. ot tbo Awinl BcT.ch., Jwrc huHi Jen r to.. I
i.ll.. Mop Mperimeaunj and g ooi ut '
Tb. O.N1.T lor .- or o- . I
Imsli or br mil. &-Oe. Tri.l roi tt tnm B I
1.1 t.rl .HmTIVhJ KWAN
Tmhm m thr. r f',r"r T,
frlAaUN HIAKIt riU,far
mm kmow Bat. S.MM. ANr KeHuw
sou ir cxrTSLirrr.;LK

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