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Is Fdclccd "lA'lies'c Grownf on, . ttio
This fruit is allowed to fullv mature before heSW cut
it is taken from the field, thus all the flavor is retained and the hard fibrous matter usually found in Pineapple
is absent. The only cheap thing about this pineapple is the price. 1
, ,
Large cans, either sliced or grated - -Medium
cans, either sliced or grated
Small cans, sliced -
Please remember each can is guaranteed to please you.
Jcwelcry Store !
Watches, Clocks,
Silverware, Cut Glass
Hand Painted
All New and Prices Right
Watch Repairing
a Specialty
All Work Guaranteed.
Remember the Place
Oppo.-Ue PoBtoflice on
S , Third St.
An open, meeting of the English
T1a7 Lovers' club will be held next
Friday night, December 19, in the
tilgh school udltorlum. The club
will play Dickens' "Christmas Car
Patrons of the high school and
their friends are invited to come and
ewe the show,. No charge for admis
sion will be made.
V ;
Prof. P. H, Apel, the musical di
rector of the high' school, stirred up
quite a little enthusiasm In a short
talk to the students in-chapel Wed
nesday morning. The purpose of
Ills speech was to arouse spirit in
the student body for the restoration
-et the high school orchestra to the
acnnnl'o ftnirviMau 'in a result ruam
CoveredwithWateryBlisters. Itched
and Burned Terribly. Little Rest
at Night. Cuticura Soap and Oint
ment Entirely Cured.
Lock Box 85. Maurice. Ia.m the
prin of 1911 our little daughter, age Ave
naa a breaking out on her Up and
part of Iter cheek that
we took for ringworm.
It resembled a large
ringworm, only It dif
fered In that It was cov
ered with watery blister
that itched and burned
terribly, made worse by
her scratching It. Then
the blisters would break
through and let out a watery substance.
was very cross and fretful while she had
J and had very little rest at night. When
he eruption was at its worst the teacher
of the school sent her home and would not
mHow her to attend until the disfigurement
arf her face was gone. .
. "We tried to kill It by applying .
3ns without result. It would seem to get
'ttwtter and then broke out again. then
rats and nmtvwl & Mi-tJ. r,.n
a H.nra w vuwfiim
;Cfcp and Ointment. We washed tha ore
fta the Cuticura Soap and applied the
NOuUcura Ointment and they gars instant
jrata. so we Dougnt tome more, it gradu
nCiy grew better. Wok opt on using Cuticura
jbwqUw the child waa entity cured."
X nl) lir. Haary Prtns. Oct. 23. 191. " N
Out:-j.-6j 25c. and Cu-iovxa Ointment
tY: Hre u A ereryu hnre. I.nrrai sample of
i " ! rw. "b l"-n Vor. A.
. ' ' 1 -C-i rv 1 t.T, Cotton."'
' t l- --n ' bev
that there was quite a large turnout
at orchestra practice Wednesday
nigh. ,
The physics students are trying
vainly to see clearly the mechanism
of steam engines.
The class pins of the seniors have
arrived at last. Everybody Is pleas
ed with the design of the pin, which
is in the shape of an arrow head.
The last meeting of the German
club before the Christmas holidays
was held Thursday afternoon at 3
o'clock. After an opening song and
a review of the minutes by the sec
retary, the third part of the Ger
man novel, "Ekkehard," was given
in English by Elizabeth Wyandt.
Then followed three German stories
told by Miss Nina McLatchey, the
German instructor; Tenry Glsh, and
Miss Helen Whitehair. A few songs
were then sung, after which the
club adjourned. ' ,
The prospect for a good basket
ball team this year Is unusually
good. Four men are back from the
regular 1912-13 team. The candi
dates for the remaining position
number about 15 and competition
is strong. As yet the team has not
had much practice on account of
the lack of a gymnnasium. Last
fall, the girls' team practiced back
of the high school building but that
was impossible the first part of the
week on account of the mud. Prac
tice outside will be impossible when
it becomes cold. By the 15th of
this month we expect to play in the
old Redman garage on West Second
street. It Is a detriment to a town
of this size not to have a modern
gym Ih connection with the !high
school. Solomon has one with a
oign scnooi enrollment or 7 5 ; we
have 208. People are coming to
see the importance of systematized
exercise and gymnasiums are being
built all over the world. There is
much feeling against athletics in
Abilene and some people claim that
all lines of sport ought to be ruled
out. These people ought to study
a .physiology as we do and see bow
essential exercise is to the body.
Abilene people, for the most part,
grew up on the farm where they had
plenty of exercise doing chores be
fore school time and then walked
mile to school. But how are we
to get this exercise unless we get
it in either athletics or In a gym?
And since we do not have a gym, the
only thing left is athletics. People
say that athletics only help a few,
and that these few are then to be
morning. Letters were awarded to
the football squad. Mr, Apel gave
statistics showing the enormous
amount of money spent annually in
the U. S. for music and musical
instruments. Mr. Ackers, president
of the school board, gave a very
interesting speech. Prof. H. T. Steep
er awarded letters to seventeen of
the football squad. Five of the boys
Briney, Kyle, Walters, Garver and
Stanley, have received letters for
two seasons and were presented with
a star to be worn on the "A." Those
receiving "A's" for this season were:
Ross, Roop, F. Little, Garvie, War
ing, H. Glsh, W. Gisb, Geoff roy and
Weller. Three boys, Kehler, Sam
son and H. Little worked all. season
but bad not played the required
number of games to receive an "A"
and the athletic board presented
them with an "R" for reserve.
The physics class has been study
ing the principle of the steam en
gine. Friday morning Henry Glsh
brought his small steam engine to
school and Prof. G. A. Anderson
connected it with two small boilers
in the laboratory. Mr. Anderson" ex1
plained every mechanism of the en
glne and then opened the throttle
and set the engine to running.
The manual training class is very
busy making Christmas presents of
various kinds. They are construct
ing reading lamps, book cases, ped
estels, foot stools and various other
articles cf furniture. '
Iola, Dec. 13. Confronted with
prosecution for assault and battery
and because her pupils voted for
her dismissal, Miss Susie Austin re
signed her position as a teacher in
the Gas City public schools.
For alleged impudence aid flip
ping a bean across the aisle, Miss
Austin whipped Ray Miller, 12,
with a rubber hose. His father de
manded that the teacher be prpse
cuted and the county attorney in
vestigated. Going to Miss Austin's
room he asked how many pupils
wanted a new teacher. Many hands
Went into the air. ; Miss Austin was
given- the - alternative of resigning
or being prosecuted. She chose the
former. : '
K. S. A. C. Holds Contest Jan. 2 at
Manhattan, Dec. 13. Dairymen
of Kansas have a chance to win
prizes valued at 100 by exhibiting
samples of milk, country butter and
creamery butter at the agricultural
college January 2, when the State
Dairy association meets here. The
prizes consist of milk-testing out
fits of several sizes, patented stan
chions, milk scales, sanitary milk
pails, and milk stools, a carving set,
and a number of cash prizes.
The State Dairy association was
organized -only a year ago, but its
membership includes the leading
dairy farmers and crearaerymen pf
Kansas. ' : . .
Christmas Goods
At a Big Diicounl
' Not after Christmas, but right
now while the Christmas
shopping season is just be-
ginning.;.' V . ,
10 to 25 Per Cent Oil on '
in this store. We want to show
you and all we ask is that you
Investigate that you see end
get the prices on these goods
before buying. This reduction
applies to all . : ' !
If you want to buy a pres
ent that's right in style,
quality and price the place to
go is to
High Class Repairing -Accurate
Optical Work
On Second Street, East of
Broadway v
Manhattan, Dec. 13. The Man
hattan Commercial club voted - to
give 1 100 to the Eureka lake road
fund. This money will be turned
over to the committee that has
charge of the road building, and
will be used with that subscribed
by merchants and others.
Kansas City, Dec. 13. The finan
cial storm in Europe which caused
a liquidation of the Franco-Amerl-caine
bank in Paris has brought
temporary distress to the Missouri,
Oklahoma & Gulf railroad, of which 1
William Kenefick of Kansas City Is
president. The road extends 335
miles from Denlson, Tex., to Bax
ter, Kan., where it has traffic, ar
rangements with the St. Louis &
San Francisco and the Missouri Pa
cific for reaching Joplin.
A receivership suit was brought
in the federal court at St. Louis be
fore Judge Hook. Mr. Kenefick
was appointed receiver. ' '
Picture t rammg
You had better bring them to Us
and nave it settled as we ran An if
Largest stock to pickjfrom, styles lat
est and work guaranteed. Discount
on trie moulding and 25 per cent
on all framed and unlramed pictures.
You had better come and see the
make ideal.
serving trays as they
presents for the ladies.
After a bearty meal, take Doan's
Kegulc ti and assist your sf oinacn, town site of
uver ana Dowels. , Regulets are a
mild laxative, ,25c at alistores.
New York, Dec. 13. Anna Anuz-
witz, a girl of 18, employed as con
fidential bookkeeper of the O. K.
Bottling company, was killed by a
bomb sent to her employers by ex
press. Thomas McCabe, managing
salesman, was cut in the head, by
flying metail and Michael Ryan, an
employe standing outside the office.
U'HB Inlnrail hv ahattarari rlaaa Thu
office was wrecked. ' 1
congratulated. What we want is a,
course; of training for those who
do not engage in athletics,. If some!
of those people Who have long doc
tor bills or have weak bodies could
only be made to tee that it would
be a saving proposition both for
themselves and for their descend
ants all would be well. For example:
The father of one of the basketball
girls asked Professor Steeper, the
principal of the high school, If
basket ball was going to be played
again this year. When informed
that it was, the father said that he
was greatly f n favor of it because
his daughter" had vnever gotten
through a winter before without a
sick spell nntil she took up basket
ball.' A strong , mind In a strong
body is getting to be the motto of
many of the educators in America
and Abilene ought not to be other
wise than up to the standard.
" '; i . ..:
An extra long chapel w?. held,
Friday morning. Prof. P. H. Arc!.!
Z sold on
2 sired. Good
payments if
hand and any style
dered can be delired in
5 three days after order is
Z given. No Christmas Z
g present will be mor.ejjy-
5 fully received.
No. 110..................2:45 a. m
No. 102...... . . ..4:31 a. m
No. 104 .. .11;13
No. 108.............:.............,
No. 166...::......... ..
' Westbound
No. lOli.........L ...S:10
1 0 7.;. ...............2 : 3 0
No, 103....1......: 3:22
No. 108 10:33
a. m
.1:10 p. m
.o:i5 p. m.
a. m.
p. m.
p. m.
p. m
No.;.66-..... ... ..6:45 a. m
New York, Dec IS. James E.
r.u iuu j yresiaem B36 Passenger..............ll:08 a.'m
onu ircasurci , respectively , 01 inn
Flood and VanWlrst Engineering and
Construction ; company of Hudson
Falls, N. T., testified at District At
torney Whitman's John Doe Inquiry
into state highway graft that their
corporation had given $4500 to tho
Pemocratic state committee because
they feared contracts the concern
had with the state highway commis
sion and the canal board would bo
held up, '
S. W.
Wichita, Dec. 13. The Southwest
Kansas Editorial association is hold
ing its semi-annual social convention
in Wichita. Fifty editors are present
566 Local Freight ........ ...3 p. m.
535 Mall and Express 5:45 p. m.
665 Mixed -..1025 a. m.
4i rreigot 3:15 p, m.
806 Passenger 11:00 a. m,
308 Freight . 1 : 5 0 p. m.
Northbound ,
307 Passenger ;8:07 a. m,
309 Freight ... .. 11:60 a. m
311 Freight 12:45 p. m
Salin Branch ,
, Leave for Salina .
317 Mixed ...8:20 a, m.
319 Mixed .12:05 p. m
321 Mixed ........4:e5 p. m.
- Arrive from Salina
Sit Mixed , ....7:55 a. m
320 Mixed 10:65 a. m
322 Mixed 8:19 p. m.
(First published in Abilene Weekly
Reflector "December 11, 1913.)
Before the board of county commlr
Bloners of Dickinson county, state- "
of Kansas.
In the matter of the vacation of th
iuwn sue ot mimo la Dickinson -county,
state of Kansas. r
Notice is hereby rlvan that thorn,
has been filed with the
of Dickinson county, Kansas, a peti-
vmyineT ior an oraer to vacate
that portion of the unlncorDOrated
Elmo. Situated In - rh
northwest quarter of section eisrht -
(8), in township sixteen (16) south, of
ranRe two 2) east of the Sixth Prln-,.'
clpal Meridian, in Dickinson county, .
state of Kansas, with the exception
of the public road upon section lines,
and that said petition will be present
ed to the board of county commission
ers of Dickinson county, Kansas, at
the court house in Abilene, Dickinson
county, Kansas, for a hearing- there- 1
on, on the fifth day of January, 1914, ,
at the regular January, 1914, meet-'
ing of said board, and at such time, '
and place all persons Interested can
appear and be heard under said peti
tion. -
Washington, Dec'. 13. Direct de
nial from the department of justice
that, there has. been any - relaxation
la the prosecution of. white slave fSf Btf
cases was lata .ueiore ine senate cy coni maa fourth Friday of ct
Senator- Kern... .'.,-,.'; '
nd fourth Friday of
m jnth. K. w. Morse; H. p.; Joaeoh 1
KeeL Secretary.
(First publisher in Abilene Weekly
Reflector November 27, 1913.)
" 11 . "
In the probate court of Dickinson
. county, state of Kansas.)
In the matter of the estate of Leon
ard Schwendener, Deceased. ,
To all creditors and other - persons
interested in said estate: .
You are hereby notified that the
undersigned executrix of the last
will and testament of said Leonard
Schwendener, deceased, intends to
make a final settlement of said es
tate on the 29th day of December.
A. D. 1913, and that at such time
or as soon thereafter as the same
can be heard, an application will be
made for an order of the court find
ing and-adjudging, who are 'the heirs
of the deceased.
Hurd & Hurd, Attorneys. 4t
(First published In Abilene Weekly
Reflector December 4, 19i3.)
State of Kansas, Dickinson county,
.. ss:
In the Probate Court of. said county.
In the matter of the estato of Gar
ret Blue, Decetced. " . -To
all creditors cf end other re'r-
sens interested in said estate: You
are hereby notified ti.at I will make
final settlement of the above named
estate In the probate court in and
for said county, at the probata
Judge's offico iu Abilene la saSd
county on the 12th day of January.
ana at suca time appiicttSoB
will be made for an order cf ttie
, , k. r. tk a. it-
ft 'tiring tls'.n -r ir's a m"w s - : '
1 U ' i f-r i i "."
ttti rousfo Jnsf ructor - i l. E.I "
i t i. -
- I
t. e ti:.F i, til? dr,
J. ::. i - r.
-1 -

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