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' n i i m i - -
I iKimi. fllow. for Ablfrbodied 1
- W w .y
pose that we art
creatures coo
trolled by reason.
In reality, we are
the children' of
Impulse. Our en
vironment often
forces us to con
clusions which
item to be based
upon reason, but
are due to a mul
tiplicity of out
ward sensations
Impinging upon
wur minds. '
If t had been a reasonable being. I
"should never hara fallen in love with
.Miss Galbraith. It waa an Illogical
proceeding, because It made my presl
dency. of the Bachelors' club, which
,4 uinf ivruivu ,iurm wnviv, -w
tremely Uncertain or, at least. It
teemed to make It uncertain.
Nothing was more desirable than
any club. We1 had every comfort. In
addition to good fellowship; and the
fact that we were all members did not
preclude us. from the society of worn
a. Indeed, it gave a zest to that so
flety, tor It seemed to surround us
' -with an additional safeguard.
ijlss Qalbralth's father had left her
.. covers millions. She owned the
building in which our club was Quar
tered. The agent had called on me
only three weeks before Christmas to
tell ma that we must either sign an
other three years' lease, or vacate on
the 1st of January. There were
twenty-two of us, and' we had already
agreed it was in the constitution
that the club should be immediately
disbanded if any Aember got mar
ried. We all knew Miss Oalbralth.
and we fere all In love with her; but
as yet no man had been sufficiently
disloyal or successful to break the
I caught Fenson, our vice-president,
calling on Miss Galbraith one night;
. and afterward, in the club rooms, we
had it out.
"Look here, old man," I said, "it
seems to me that you are taking
chances. Of course, you don't care
. about the money; but you can't play
I around Are. Why, the future of this
chib depends on your keeping away
from that girl!"
You're a nice man to talk." said
tf .renson. wnai in mo wona are you
Vdoine around there? You ought , to
eet a better example.", '
"Of course, you ought,'' repeated
Van Olcott. coming up. "Why, I had
some sense of hon
or about it myself;
but when I saw
you going, I made
up my mind that
I might as well go,
"That's, the way
you fellows all
reason," I said hot
ly. "Why, during
the week, the en-
t tire club is around
"SCt at Miss Gal
f bra,th's! Theoth
i Ter night we
y I couldn't get a quo-
ffM urn ill astnaa ta
rum to discuss the
renewal of our
lease. At any mo
ment some mem
ber may get her."
I said this with
out much fear. I
had reason to be
lieve that if the
club was disband
ed, it "wouldn't e
anybody's fault but
my own.
"She's bothered
tn death." I added.
nan like km to annoy young girl
Uktthatr ' '
i felt so armpatheUo about It, In
deed, that the neit afternoon I called
pa Mlos Galbraith to lam the fact. .
-Is It true." 1 asked, "that the let
lows la my crowd com around here
constantly T I suppose It must be so,
as I meet them hero all the time.
TWa the reason wuy I came this
afternoon." I addod softly. "The even
lags ar too crowded.".
The esr girt looked Jtii4 - .
""Taa. it U true." aha replied. "Ton
know that twenty-two young men, con
tantlr succeeding one another, are
sather trying-"
"It's wearing on you, isn't Itr I said.
"Dreadfully. I am going away
I eznerienced a sudden shock of
"Oh, don't say that!" I exclaimed.
"IH do something about it. Ill make
them pass a resolution that they
aren't tocall so often say. one man
week during the year. Anything to
keep you here!"
"Oh I'm only going away for
Christmas!" she said, "just tor a rest
Dear old New York! I hate to leave
It at this season, but I know how it
will be. They never could keep away,
and I shall break down If I donl get
a few days oCC." .
The thought made me boa
"By Jove I I exclaimed. "This la a
pretty mess, isn't ltf Here's a bach
elors' -lab, sworn t$ ramal , ajngl..
and all of as working nights to go
back on ourselves and to bother the
life out of you. We're actually driving
you away from town at the best time
of the year. It's a shame!"
"Never mind." she said softly. "I
need a change, anyway. I am going
to open up my country place, and have
a real country Christmas." She looked
at me appealing!?. "How would you
like to run down there for the holi
Her words went through me like
an electric shock. So I was the chos
en one! I had suspected it for some
time. "
"Do you really mean it?" I asked:
I could see even then the magnifi
cent stretches of country surrounding
her beautiful estate, and the stately
mansion in the center. Everything
was there that the mind or heart could
wish, and I was to be lord of it all.
Not that I cared for the money I felt
that she knew that
"Certainly' I mean it. You cuu run
down the day before and stay over for
a few days. My aunt will chaperou
us. Now, you must go, as I have some
business to attend to." '
It seemed too stood to be true. Fo
the next week I went, about as one ii
a dream. Luck was with me, even t
the elements, for the day befon
Christmas dawned unclouded, am
gave me the opportunity to run m;
car down to Miss Galbraith's insteac
of taking the train, which I detest.
It was only a seventy-mile run. I ar
rived at six o'clock. As! stepped Into
the hall, I noticed
an unusual com
motion. Suddenly,
from behind a pit
'lar, a form sprang
forth. It was that
of Fenson.
"Hello, old man
All the boys are
"The boys!" I
"exclaimed. "What
the deuce do you
At that Instant I
gazed around me.
The hall was piled
with merchandise,
like ; a warehouse.
Boxes of candy of
every conceivable
shape mounted to
the celling like a
pyramid. A mass of
the latest holiday
books towered
aloft on the other
side, and in the
center were flow
ers, ranged In geo
metrical masses.
Her Christmas
(gifts.. , . . i- ..?.,..
"Good heavens!" I cried again, as,
from all the four corners of the es
tablishment there issued, one by one
A Merry Christmas
A Dappy New Year
TO .A.L1L1..:
Ji El. w A
The Baker
C. C, WYAHDT, President C, 7, GANS, Secretary and Treasurer
Is prepared to consider on short
notice applications for loans
on real estitfe. f$ m MWm4
to pay but with little delay. If
you have a loan about to mature,
or need some additional money,
wc will mak?. you a loan on
favprbk ierpis at current rates.
'Perring Building
: : T : "
the tweritytwo. members of my oluu.
"Can ft be?"
They sorrowfully grouped them
selves about me, and Fenson, burying
his head on my shoulder, almost wept
as he replied:
"Yes. old fellow, It is too true. She
has invited every man Jack down here
to spend Christmas with her, and an
hour ago she skipped back to town
all by herself!"
There was a solemn pause. The
truth was painful, but we felt that we
must meet it like men.
"Boys." I whispered, "we could fol
low her back; but, Inasmuch as we are
all in the same boat, I move that we
stay here for the holiday and have a
ripping old time, and tha$ the secre
tary be immediately empowered to tel
ephone her agent' that we will take
another three years' lease."
'"Second the motion," said Fenson. t
And it was carried unanimously.
(Copyright, Frank A. Munsey Co.)
Stranger (In the wild west) Who
acted as Santa Claus in your camp
last Christmas? " ;
Alkali Ike Cherokee Charley. We
tarred and feathered him car . boss
Christmas Proverbs. .
Santa Claus makes the heart
A fair exchange la bo Christinas
gift- ......
The kissed girl doesn't oreaa me
One-half the world Idesnt know
how the other nan spta as ennsv
mas. .
A pretty girl needs no mistletoe.
A Christmas present la the stocking
Useful and Appropriate
Holiday Gifts
Large assortment to select
What to give a man, wo
man or child. ,;
The solution is Just as easy
as It can be.
Just visit this big shoe
store and we will be pleased
to show you slippers for pa
or ma.
Storm shoes . for brother
Henry comfort shoes for
grandpa or grandma all suit
able for Christmas.
Doll sLoes free for the lit
tle girls who come here for
their shoes; knives for, the
Shop early as every day
sees the lines and sizes more
broken. .
Davis' Shoo Store
. . Brown Telephone Building
'. -Abilene
Why Not Buy the Best
Quality rocery
We thank you lor the patronage we have received
in the past and solicit it (or the coming year. We
'will endeavor .to please you '"and " give you the
, Quality. ;T'- ' , i::
Our store is well filled Willi' all the good things
which will please you lor your Xmas dinner.
. Come in and get acquainted with us. We will
treat you right and sell you the Quality Goods
whether old or new customer.
This is wishing you a Merry Xmas and a Happy
New Year.
Best "Wislieo For
Grtst afystery aWK4.
Tapa, vkst drs St eta Claaa .
between Chriatmasesr
AND ' 'i
s. el iba:
General BlackuniOung and Horseshoeing
Corner Fourth and Broadway
1 X- r
Phone 54
' .A
"W&m from his creditors."
Is worth two p tne Star winaow
Woman's Home .Comp&nk. :

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