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To Call 151 Mem Friday for lie Anmy
Ha M
Ha ti Ki Pa M N h b h
To Robt. J. Mark,
Abilene, Kansas.
aft You are hereby notified that
pursuant to the act of congress
approved May 18, 1917, you are
called for military service of the
United States by this local board
from among those . persons
whose registration cards are
within the jurisdiction of this
local board.
Your serial number is 258,
and your order number is 1.
You will report at the office
of this local board for physical
examination on the day of
August, 1917, at o'clock a.
Any claim for exemption or
discharge must be made on
forms which may be procured
at the office of this local board
and must be filed at the office
of this local board on or before
the seventh day after the date
of mailing this notice.
Your attention is called to the
penalties for violation or evas
ion of the Selective Service law,
approved May 18, 1917, and of
the rules and regulations made
pursuant thereto.
Local Board Division
By J. II. Pherman,
II. W. King, Clerk.
The above is the form of the no
tice that every person called for ex
., , , ,., .
amination in the draft will receive,
when the local draft board has com
pleted its listing of the names of the
The work of sorting out 2297
numbers from 10,499 drawn in the
national draft and finding the names
A Good Crowd and lots Sell for a
iood Irice.
Yesterday was the first sales day of
lots down at Army City and a crowd
of several hundred attended the sale
yesterday morning. The first lot put
vp sold for $1,625 and before noon
five other lots were sold at prices
ranging from six hundred dollars up.
Six men who have been employed ;
en the construction of the national
army cantonment at Ogden Flats,
were arrested Wednesday by federal
agents, charged with attempting to
defraud the government by collecting
double pay. The men registered at
one sectioin of the cantonment for
ork, and then registered at anoth
er place, it is alleged, hoping to draw
two pay checks on Saturday night.
On the 6th of August Company H
will be changed from the K. N. O.
to a regular unit In the United States
army and when in service will have
no badge to show whether It is
from Kansas or New York.
A double track from Manhattan to
Junction City, Kan , is to be built by
the t'nion Pacific railroad at a cost
of $1,000,000 for the purpose of Im
proving the service to Uncle Sam's
soldiers, who will be quartered at Ft.
Riley. .
county list is some job. Misses Mary
Muell and Maud Serlpter are assist
ing the county clerk In the work and
it will probably be the last of the
week before the job is complete. It
is an exacting task and every name
and number must be right. The no
tices to the list first to be called for
examination will probably not be
sent out until Monday.
Ruins for Examination.
to correspond with
These orders have been received by means the man was of draft age but
the exemption board on methods of was exempted upon a sufficient ex
examination: cuse. However, some of them may
One member of the exemption have to be taken off when the sec
board other than the physicion must ond draft comes around because it
he present at all physical examina- j won't be quite so easy to get exempt
tlons.' The board should arrange sod then. About 150 will be wearing
that the physician will not have to these buttons after the first draft, it
wait between examinations.
Make use of the services of other
county officials, their deputies, or
loyal citizens who will give their
time from a patriotic standpoint. The
I various members of the exemption
boards have been giving a great deal
of their time from a patriotic stand-
1 point and there is no reason why
'some of the other citizens of your
county cannot help you out with a lor farm near Pearl, yesterday after
little of their time. Possibly some noon about 4:30 o'clock. The fire
merchant will send you one of his was started by a spark from a tlircsh-
clerks if it is put up to him in the
right light.
One man should be stationed at the
entrance to give instructions to per
sons to be examined; to make out or
assist him in making out the first
page of form 14; to require him to
undress and be ready for examination
v hen the physician is ready for him;
to give him such other information
as will facilitate the examination.
Endeavor to get another man for
each of the physician who will rec
ord the answers as given bv the phy-
'cicinna ac tht Tt-111 qavo tho nhvRtp-
ians from stopping to write the an
swers. me assisting examining p.osuian
s co n.aae ong.na, examinations me
same aS u.e pnysioau w.io , a ...em-1
ber of the board. The physicians are
to work independently. No objections
to both physicians working in the '
same room, providing they can work
some distance apart.
Should either physician turn a sub-'
ject down on account of physical diss-1
ability it will be necessary for the
! other physician to make an examina
tion. The second physician should
rot be informed as to why the first
physician rejected the subject. Then
if the second physician passes him he
is to be considered fit for service; if
lie turns him down and the board is
satisfied, lie is discharged. However
' . . "
even after both physicians reject him,
if the board is not satisfied, they may
certify him as fit for service.
The assisting examining physician
does not have to vote as a member of
the exemption board but his examina
tions have the same weight as the ex-
Women's economy and food conser-j
vation will have a great bearing in!
the conclusion of the war, according .
to Governor capper of Kansas, who
visited in Ka.isas City, Kan., last ev
ening at the invitation of the Brother
hood of the Armourdale Baptist
church. A date will be set for the
registering of the women of Kansas
as soon as the women's defense coun
(,Hs have been organized ln a of the
counties. It is probable the date will
be sometime the latter part of Aug
The funeral of Samuel Boughner's
infant son, aged four months,
was held from the home of James
McCurdy at 2:30 o'clock this after
noon. He died yesterday morning
at his home at Sand Springs. Rev.
C F. Rose officiated and the
burial will be in the Abilene ceme
tery. Ixit Contract for Church.
The contract for a new church at
Naarre, to rebuild one recently burn
ed, was let today for $2,500. D. S
Strole. J. O. Rock .Job Sterner, Wm.
Zook, M. Ohmart and George Man
nen were the committee in charge.
laminations made by the physicians of
the board.
The regulations from the war de
partment state that doubt is given to
the government and against the man.
Ituttons for Exempted Ones.
If you see a number of young men
between the ages of 21 and 30 wear
ing a neat little bronze button, don't
think it is a new secret lodge or club
and you were left out. On the but
ton is the word "exempt" which
is estimated.
Started by Spark From Threshing
Over $3,000 worth of property was
destroyed by fire on the C. W. Tay-
ing engine and the flames spread be
fore neighbors could be called to ex
tinguish them.
Several loads of wheat bundles
were standing near the separator,
where a spark from the steam en
gine landed directly between two
horses belonging to one of Wm, Tay
lor's boys. The straw caught readily
and the flames shot up, burning the
horses to death before they could be
driven away. A large straw stack
by the separator caught and the
sparks from the burning stack were
blown over the field- The wind
swept the fire on towards a large
elevator in which Mr
aTylor stores
an , grain. Neighbors came to the
assistance and put out the fire be -
fc,re it reached the elevator. The
,.,,, wag three quarters of a'
mile from the houg ebut U)e fiel(, 0f'
wlleat bu,.ned al, tne way to the
farm buildings
While many of the men were
keeping the fire back from the ele
vator, the separator, belonging to
Ben Fielder, caught and was eom
' pletely destroyed. Little effort was
spent in trying to save the separator
is It was Burrounded by dry straw
and wheat bundles- vTvvo- lack wag
ons and two wheat wagons were also
; burned but the other teams were
I driven from the clanger zone. The
I steam engine was the only thing that
was not destroyed within a radius of
half a mile.
('. W. Taylor's loss Is estimated at
?2..r-mi and Mr. Fielder's at $2,500
or $li,00(l. None of the property was
: ., ; ,
F you are a business man, if you are a pro
fessional man, if you are employed at a
daily wage, make up your mind to deposit
weekly a certain sum of money in the bank.
You'll be surprised how the sum will grow.
Cash in bank fingers up the man who has
it there. He has more confidence in him
self. The business man is ready for a dull season. He
is ready for an opportunity.
So is the professional man. The man who is work
ing for a daily wage and who hasn't any money in bank
f,ciuent!y is fearful of a loss of his situation. He does
i.'.t work as well or with the confidence in himself as
d"e.; the man . ith something laid aside for a rainy day.
Abilene National Bank
The fifth automobile accident for
this week was reported this morning.
Edward Allen was driving the D. J.
baer livery back from Industry, where
he had just taken a man. When he
was driving Bouth on North Buck
eye by the Catholic college he drove
a little too near the edge of 'a deep
djtch The car turned turtle and
came down on the top of the car. The
man's shoulder was badly bruised
and the car was damaged consider
ably. Damages amounted to over
$75 and this accident holds the week's
Yesterday afternoon on Third
street, between Cedar and Broadway
a Ford struck a buggy. One hind
wheel was torn from the carriage
and the front left fender of the car
was bent.
During the month of July County
Treasurer N. Cole issued 2,624 auto
mible licenses to Dickinson county car
owners. This would be an average of
an Issuance of 87.4 licenses a clay and
that's a fairly large number. For
these auto tags, Mr. Cole took in tl.V
120. It is expected that at leas'. 3,
000 will be issued and that means a
collection of $15,000. Just think
What the Dickinson county niacin wnl
look like when the bulk of that
money goes toward their Improve
ment. VAGI
A. Iielnhold was fined $100 and
costs and sentenced to 30 clays in jail
for attempting to organize the I. W.
V. at Solomon, lie made the threat
that the I. W. W. wnnM flout rnv nil
the farmers' crops and would organ-
j fee and go against the employers. It
was learned that this movement Is
afoot all over the Cited States and
muhs are preparing themselves for
-owning that might occur,
Salina Journal: The directors of
(lie cliainlicr of commerce went on
record this noon as being in favor
of permanent roads in Saline county.
A resolution was passed endorsing
the building of permanent roads on
the Golden Belt and Meridian roads
nnd any other roads in the county
Unit have heavy traffic on them. The
mads arc to he at least eighteen feet
wide anil all turns safe to be made
wider than this and if necessary
banked. All bridges are to bo put In
l he best of condition, according to
the resolution which was passed.
The call for the first draft will be
issued Friday morning. To obtain
the 41 men needed for this county
150 will be ordered for examination
These will he called out for exam
(nation on three different days the
tirst 50 on Aug. 8, the second 50 on
Aug. 9, the third 50, Aug. 1 I. They
will report a,t the court holme and ex
amlnation will commence at 9 a. m
and 1 p. m. Those who want to claim
exemption must go to the county
clerk's office to obtain proper blanks
Half are to appear in the morning
nnd half in the afternoon. Jt Is ex
pected that another 50 or more will
have to be called later to got the 4 1
without exemption but the board will
wait until after the first 160 are ex
First Names in Draft
To Ilepftrt August M
258 Murk, l'iobert J. !., Abilene
458 Turk, Harvey 10.. Talmaire
11.16 Folk, V. W, Heriimtou
854 I.iuiK.stroni. II !- I' nieiDi'lNH
1MI ('OHley, O. 10.. HprlliKtoll '
1X7$ C.'luiiile 10. HrookH, H.-i InKtoii
lof.'j .Smith, Im S, Kamonu
LWii I lll l lllll, k. vv.. Her lllUtCIM
1IT5 Meyer, otto, iierlnttton
7s;l Alstrnm, i'lili, IOlitc-m-Hi
IM:i ilurrixun. W. II., Abilene
IS.'iN Silkier. Albert I.'., Abilene
1 7 fi 2 Kirk, CIihh. I!., Abllem
1117 Hiker, 10. W., ilope.
T1 Smith, Kulpli I.., Abilene
174H JnhiiHon, U A., Abilene
21115 Baxter, Letter, llerinsloii
s:;7 llHIMK-k, TIimk., JOnterprlMe
Murray, L. C, llerlnntun
;i !7 Sinitb, , L. H., C'arllou .
176 J, hide.-, Jlenry, ilope ''
275 Wll.-ox, 10. V., Abilene
uilH Mmil. C. I'., Abilene
1 UTi lOllKler, Albert 10., C'Iihitih II
TtlH iiIhoii, J. I-:., JOnlerpriHe
21. ii .Striink, Miltun, JlerltiKloii
Ul.'i Nim-elbeelzer, CI. W., lOnterpriHe
llilll Mini. L. K-. HcrliiKlnn
film Burton, William, lOlmo
li'ii; Anilei-Non, A rt li in- J., Cbuptnan
21 IK i'allelHoii, CUT. A , HerlllMton
o ;ni IOukIc. Nulbun K-, Abilene
I-Mi.'i Kline, liny K ., Abilene
i1S ,lo.seih A. llHhlouer, Abilene
J2li Mb-kinoi e, llobt. I,., Holoinon
liiTH NisNelley, Xorninn M., Abilene
1227 (Hint, lieoiKe 10., riiaiiniin
7hl AnderHon, A. II., JOnterpriue
172.2 I lull, John 10., Abilene
7.'i0 lOliKle. C'liHB. 10., Iletrolt
107 CIiIIiikm, JliH. 10., Abilene
15411 Mi-lTU'lf III, Klilpli H., Abilene
15li:t Ut-cm-, .Warren, Abilene
2H'.'!I Imyil, V'niui'lN .1., Jlerluutou
l:;ni Shlppy, CIkih. II., 'haplnu u
Hi-ller, M 1 1 1 i n . IHIIon
27:1 ii.iNwvvliit. Arthur 10., Abilene
Jti7ii N'b-olay, Wilbur, Abilene
I2M1 1 1 1 ill inn, Forest, lOlilerprlMe
IMH OilkiiiM. Ilarves A., ileriuKlou
To Itepnll Aiiki.nI
775 .Shervvlii, J'Yeil I-'., I'luipiiinn
cji-ollroy, l.loyil- lOrnefit, Abilene
ll!2 Slink, liobl., lOlmo
UMI lliiiic-n, Kreil 10., lOlmo
1!im; SliumiwiH, Milr .1 , IfeliiiKton
Mil lOliKberK, I'avlil 10.. Kiilerpllxe
ir.Mi Murray, num., Abilene
ill2 I'lirks, .laine.s I,., Abilene
507 Miidileu, Frank A., Abilene
;;ll!i While. Arthur I,., llvpHum
.27 Kline, Wilson I:, Ahllene
1221 IioijkIiis, TImiv. li., Woodbine
tilll l-M-liiiv, lOuuinuel, lOlmo
12 Multi-soli, Itov II. Muni-lienter
211 Allen, Arthur C, J lerliiKt on
I7ii2 MHi-ki-iiMloek, O. C, Abilene
1 T. 4 s Napier, Lewis It., Abilene
I2til White, Clarence A., Chapman
HMiii Kohlmun, Oscar VV., Iflllon
H24 l-;Hheliiian, II. II., Fnterprlse
4JU Freed. lOrnent 11. Abilene
1014 Keleb, Will. O , Hope
I17K Iievane, I'lank, Chapman
514 l:oss. John H., Ahllene
4'.'.?, JoueK, l.eu. It., Abilene
122!i liuKler, l:av 10., Chapman
111 Hoi., Albert C,'.. Manehester
HI45 liaylioff, l.eti;r 10., Hope
1U2I llruudt, Web. 1 1., liHinoiia
1705 Tyler, Aiiioh T., Abilene
I ". T Cuifler, Fritz .1., Chapman
1686 Royer, Paul H., Abilene
47 Uary, Benjamin I... Abilene
122 Holinifer, lleed W ., Chapman
1222 luilker, Henry W., I'earl
117 Seeds, lioht. li., Ahllene
7!i7 Bulirer, Carl It., Detroit
140 liowliliK, I'rOHper, Solomon
152H Milham, Frnest 10., Abilene
1!I22 Helrji k, l-BW. )., HerlnKt.on
172? KuHsell, Jan. I . Abilene
1 7 7 1 Sampson, I'larence A., Abilene
12-';fi Norman. Kmory V., Chapman
2247 Mib-M, Wm. It., HrlnKton
2011 Burton K., HerlnKton
422 Hollar. Frank 1.., Abilene
18 Cramer. Karl A., Mani'beHter
152 Benlz, Herman, Hope
27 FlKenhower, W. I)., Navarre
144 .Mills. in. Imvld M, Abilene
739 Weller, Howard V., Detroit
To Iteport AuifuHt 1 1
1751 Knoll, Arthur G , Abilene
1551 c.weriH, lluy T.. Abilene
601 Baler, John I. Abilene
1X22 Pavln. Tom. Woodbine
11 4 Penrose, John K., Junction City
10:j SollenberKer. lioy U., Hope
i:!5 Klefer. Ijanlel F., Hope
f06 FelbuHh, Herman, Abilene
12 MeCiiiiouKb. Walter H., Solomon
1771 Peed, Arthur K., Abilene
13 Nelson. John, Abilene
4 Moreno, l,enon, San IHeeo, Mei
1020 Smith, Klmber K., Hope
mf.1 Klover. John. Abilene
10H9 Shlplev, Iroy, Hope
155 Mulkey. Wm. C. HerlnBton
l.3i Huffman, C W., Abilene
!2S weddie. William .N . Solomon
20 Sberrlll, I'.obert Ft., Herlnftton
1441 Hammond, Paul H., HerlnKton
117 Wear, Kmerson J, Abilene
(.02 Blair, Clinton, Dillon
?,S0 Peatllnir, Uwrenff, Abilene
223 Krelfter, Iiiaac, HerlnKton
75 Brown, Harvey I . Solomon
1118 Hankell, Ben, Abilene
77 J Plrklna:. Chan. W.. Detroit
145i VaaMowat Peter, Herlngtoa
721 l.utlil, Alfred, Detroit
M1 Weber, AiieTuat, HerlnRton
7 Anderson, lOdar, Knterprlse
15411 Menlay. Paul, Abilene
1170 Zlebell, Chaa.. Herinirton
2S0 Hoyee, liobert O., Carlton
1292 Lawrence, Chaa., Chapman
972 Zercher, Ira J , Abilene
HS.t lOlsle. Dan 8., Dillon
757 Fields, .1. K Abilene
Slit! Taylor, Hugh, lOnterpriae
80S Morgan, John J., Knterprlse
22.10 Knowlea, ieo. W'., Herlngrton
Sm2 PhyllpK, James I.ellov, Carltoa
2090 Hills, Juan, HerliiRtun
:;7 Knlsely, Carl, Talmag-e
227 Miller, Jacob. Ilerlnnton
1S60 Hlrbter, Clarence, Abilene
542 Will Sick, Abilene
2107 Kstcs, Lester. HerlnKton
194 Pnmsey, lialph p., Solomon
874 Nlckols, Mahlau, Detroit
S52 Kleferle, Louis C, Abilene
1200 1'iiKe, Abner rt., Chapman
M Pa M
What Must Ito Shown.
Those who pass the physical test
will have to submit affidavits along
with exemption claims whether they
are married or single. A married
man will have to furnish three affidavits-
The one he submits will
be' a sworn statement that he is
married, has a wife and children,
telling the number In his family giv
ing their names and ages, and he
will have to show that he Is support
ing his family and that the family
Ih depending on him for support.
The wile will then make a sworn
statement separate from the husband
telling of the support that was fur
nished by him in the last year and
as to whether or not she is depend
ing entirely on his earnings mental
and physical for support. She Is re
quired to state If she has any other
source of income from rents, Inter
ests or In an estate aside from that
furnished by the husband.
A third statement has to be made
by some one familiar with the affairs
of the family who can testify that the
inn n is the sole supporter of his
household. The father or mother
of the wife or the husband can prob
ably make this statement.
n f pa
Washington, Aug. 2. The state
ment of last week that the second call
for drafted men would not be made
until next spring was changed today.
It was given out that the second class
of 7u"i,700 men registered under the
draft will be called up for examina
tion early In August.
With examination of the first quota
of I,:I71,ihp0 progressing rapidly, the
j.rovost marshal general's office today
announced that seven days after the
first called are examined the second
quota would be posted for examina
tion. The second class which will
number 110 per cent of the 687,000
men needed, will be combed for men
to replace those exempted ln the first
Today fleneral Crowder moved to
restrict exemptions further. Medical
students and men serving In Red
Cross ambulances' have no valid
claims for exemption or discharge he
Agricultural workers and muni
tions factory hands also will be great
ly restricted In exemption claims, It
was intimated.
The 1 7,000 men at the officers'
training ramps who will not receive
commissions or be selected for fur
ther training at the second scries of
camps will be offered appointments
as non-commissioned officers In the
national army with chances of pro
motion later to commissions. Cou
pled with the offer, acceptance of
which requires enlistmenf at the con
clusion of the camp, August 15, is
a renewed assurance that after the
second camp's close, all promotions
will be made from the ranks of the
regular army, national guard or na
tional army.
Jacob Krelder, son of E. E. Krel
der, who enlisted In the regular army
Juna 2, la now at Ft. Douglass, Utah,
and has been promoted to sergeant.

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