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Draft Examination
Is Now In Operation
. . HUl Tl
is the first in the state of Kansas to noon at i ti, ,.j..... I L
Out of the 50 men summoned for
examination under the draft for to
day only 39 appeared, leaving 11
"who are delinquent. Some are mem
bers of the national guard, etc., who,
perhaps did not understand they
were to come; what reason the oth
ers had is not known.
Of the 39 examined by Drs- T .R.
Conklin and C. A. Roberts, 1 1 were
rejected. Of the other 22 practical
ly all will have claims for exemp
tion according to County Clerk King, I
though all the claims may not be al
lowed. The first man on the draft list, I
Hobt. J. Mark, No. 258, was reject
ed this morning on physical grounds
when the examining board met- It
is expected that another 50 or more
will be called to get the 41 needed
for this county.
be drafted into the federal service
captain Parkes has found the men
in an excellent physical condition and
says they set a standard for the en
tire state. As to the company Itself,
it is one of the best I have ever
seen and Abilene should be proud
of it."
Ss !a IBj
There are 98 companies in the
State of Kansas. For these divisions.
only nine doctors are necessary to
examine the recruits. Captain C. B.
Parkes, the doctor sent here, did not
niienu to come to Abilene so soon but
bis plans were changed so that he
came to Abilene first.
Pa Pa Pi
The base ball game will be played
between Company II and a team
from Chapman next Friday after-
will be 25 cents and the proceeds will
go toward the company mess fund
Chapman claims to have an excellent
base ball team and the game will be
an interesting one.
Wl ft
Captain Browne presented a Vic-
trola to the company. It can easily
be carried with them wherever they
fo and will entertain them when the
song of the bullets in the evenings
(cronies lather boresome.
r fm im
'Co. Hr Kan. N. G.," is the stamp
that is being put on every pack, let
ter, gun and everything else that be
longs to Company H.
Pa Pa Pi
fr,rt V, . r
u"y i company it receive a
free package of Daily Reflectorrs at
the Armory each evening.
Big County Fair
Begins Next Tuesday
The Dickinson county fair opens
next Tuesday and will havo four of
the biggest days of entertainment
ever given the people on the grounds.
It will be a hummer from start to
finish, day and evening attractions
that will please everybody.
of the Cnited States In action. The
company has made remarkable pro- '
gress since its organization.
Issitt, Glenn I. Gibbs. John A. Foltz.
jjohn Frey, Meslvin E. Jeffcoat, Clar-
lence E. Kauffman, Clyde L. Kauff
man, Charles G- Kirk, Alcide J. Lu-
cier, John E. Machen, Everett I.
Parks, William H. Paul, Ray Porter,
Claude E. Reese, George A. Reid, Roy
V. Romberger, Elmer H. Swanger,
fMrinnnnA A C ... .-11 1 I. X
Kansas awos.e at v a- m. ounaay to.olin R. Ktrnwi wim. v t..
Eleven thousand young men of
find that war is a rtality, that no
longer are they civilians but soldiers
of the United States, sworn to carry
the Stars and Stripes on the battle
fields of Europe and to uphold the
American rights and ideals.
At that hour the Kansas national
guard went into federal service. The
national guard has ceased to exist.
Members of the K. N. G. were auto
matically discharged from that or
ganization and drafted into the reg
ular army ot the United States. They
will merely be distinguished from
ethers by calling them the national
guard, but in the books at Washing
ton, this name will not be used.
The Kansas national guard will
number about 11,000 officers and
men. The guard consists of three
legiments of infantry, one squadron
of cavalry, a regiment of field artil
lery, a battalion of engineers, a bat
talion of signal corps,-two field hos
pitals, two ambulance companies, an
engineer train and an ammunition
Each regiment of infantry consists
of 2,005 men and officers, each com
pany being composed of 150 men and
three officers at war strength. The
Third infantry, of which Company H
is a part, has headquarters at To-
jeka and consists of: Machine gun
company, Iola; supply company, To
peka; A company, Caney; B com
pany, Oskaloosa; C company, Junc
tion City; I) company, Coffeyville; E
company, Leavenworth; F company,
ElDorado; G company. Downs; H
company, Abilene; I company, Her
ington; K company, Newton; L com
pany, Wellington, and M company,
The guard units go into camp at
their home stations and the time
elapsing until they are ordered to
Ft Sill will be spent in training. Im
mediately after the units are mobil
ized at their home stations each mail
is to be vaccinated for typhoid and
smallpox This is expected to take
from two to three weeks. At the of
fice of the adjutant general, the opin
ion was given that all units would re
ceive their equipment within a short
time. It is understood that the
equipment will be shipped immedi
ately from Chicago by express to the
home station of each organization.
Roy R. Russell, George W. Veadon,
William F. Brinkmeyer.
Acting company clerks: Howard S
Dayton, Sidney C- Brenner, Howard
L. Seip.
To be bugler: Private Robert
Seeds; Private Charles J. Wood.
To be mechanics: Private Ray R.
Lackey; Private John W. Tabborn.
To Distinguish Army Men,
For the men in the company that
do not have uniforms, an arm band
has been furnished so that they may
be distinguished. About 3 0 of the
boys have already purchased suits.
.'omething very like magic is going
on every day in the world of com
merce. The, demand for khaki is tre
mendous,, and in a certain factory
thirty thousand uniforms a day are
being turned out. A clever cutting
process makes this output possible.
Sixty uniforms can be cut out at one
operation and by one man. '
Daily Iroprain.
5:55 a. m. Reveille, first call.
6:00 a. m. Reveille, assembly.
6:05 a. m. Physical drill.
6:30 a. m. Mess, breakfast.
7:15 a. m sick call.
7:15 to 7:30 a. m. Fatigue.
7:45 a. m. Drill.
11:00 to 11:45 a. m. Swim or
12:00 m Mess, dinner.
1:30 to 2:30 p. m. School of sol-
oier and school of squad.
2:30 to 3:30 p m. Close order
5:15 p. m. Retreat, first call.
5:20 p. m. Retreat, assembly.
5:30 p. m. Retreat.
6:00 p. m. Mess, supper.
Cleaned the Block.
The block at the armory is now
the cleanest In the city. The men
picked up every bit of trash in the
alley, swept the pavement and side
walks and are now cleaning the base
ment of the armory. Captain Browne
says the next thing will be to wash
the bricks with a brush.
Abilene Schools Will
Begin Work Sept. 10
From Tuesday's Daily.)
The board of education last even
ing. re-elected J. E. Engie president
of the board and H. A. Snider was
J. S. Unjsle.
elected vice president Miss Marie
Curry remains as clerk.
The board members now are: J. S.
r.ngie, v. C. Wyandt, J. A. Tufts, R
J. Long, W. H. Broughton, H. A. Sni
der. .
It was voted to open school Mon
day, September 10.
The tax levy was made: General
fund, 8 mills; repairs and site
mills; bonds and interest, 7-tenths
Three new, teachers were elected:
W. E. Baily, Topeka, science, high
school; Laura Rathburn, Ottawa,
commercial department, high school;
Ivy Brown, Abilene, grades.
Janitors elected were: Lincoln
Johri Miermaster; McKinley, W. F.
Maul'din; Garfield. Chas. Liles; high
school, Wm. Lambeth. The Garfield
grounds were granted to the Chau
tauqua. The old board finished u the I
year's business so far as possible be
fore the reorganization. Only, the
present members attended.
The board transacted no business
rclaOng to the Jiigh school last night
but adjourned to meet next Monday
IHjr Carnival Company.
The Tom W. Allen Carnival com
pany, which comes from the C. W.
Parker factories, will set up on the
fair grounds and exhibit throughout
fair week. The company has twen-.
ly cars of the best attractions. Chief
among these are the Whip and the
Monkey Speedway which are this
season's creations and have never
been Bhown in this part of the state.
IHK'li Class Theatricals.
The Wolf company, one of tha
best companies on the. joad will pitch
its big tents on the Fair Grounds
and will give a high class play on
each evening of fair week. The com
pany is a large one and is composed
of excellent actors and actresses.
Free Vaudeville.
Some Fine Races.
I he races will be the best ever
held In this part of the state. The list
of entries is the proof of this state
ment. Already over one hundred
horses have been entered In the har
ness events. This printed entry list
ihows horses entered from seven
statesKansas, Missouri, Oklahoma,
Nebraska, Texas, Colorado, Iowa,
California. It hardly need bo added
that some of the horses are the very
best in the west.
In addition to these regular har
ness events, about sevonty-flve
horses have been entered In the run
ning races. Four thousand dollars '
are offered In purses.
A number of vaudeville companies
nd artists have been procured and
will perform in front of the grand
tand each afternoon and evening
These attractions are of course free
Five I ! mis.
Five good bands have been secured
to furnish the music for the week
here will bo forenoon, afternoon
nd evening concerts, in fact there
ill be music all the time.
In visiting the Allen Shows next
week be sure not to overlook the
great side-show, which represents
uneiiiy snows in one enclosure. It
comprises curiosities, monstrosities
and novelties from all parts of the
world, many of which have never be
fore been on exhibition. Volto, the
electrical expert and Divola, the wat
er nymph, are features.
Six Hihlra Left.
The Reflector has just six of the
red letter Bibles left. They will be
sold at $1.59 each, and the opportun-
rty should not be missed First come
first served.
Concrete Road In Riley Co.
uiannatian, Aug. 8. A concrete
road from Manhattan to the Ft. Riley
reservation was urged this morning
by J. Frank Smith, president of the
State Good Roads association before
the Riley county commissioners.
First Day's Work.
After the men had been drafted
into service the next thing was din
ner. The 150 men were seated at
two long tables. The menu was:
Roast pork, mashed potatoes, gravy,
stewed corn, pickled beats, ice tea,
and pumpkin pie. A different var
iety was given at supper. it was
i-lanned that there would be a cere
mony at the flag pole at 5:30 but the
rain spoiled the plans. Men were as
signed to places for the night.
Xon- VminLsioned Officers.
Homer Clark, Harlan Lash and
Merle Dunavan will be the cooks for
Company H. The following will act
as con-commissioned officers tem
Acting first sergeant. Otto C.
Acting supply sergeant, David B
Wilkie. Acting mess sergeant, George VT.
Other acting non-commissioned of
ficers: John A. Brinkmeyer, James
R. Cutler, Arch W. Davis, Simon S.
Burton, Quin H. Haynes, Ralph M.
Harris, Coe Hawthorne, George E.
Many Siglit-Soers.
Anxious to see what the "home
boys" are doing, crowds of Abilene
citizens with their families visited
the armory. All visitors were im
mediately impressed with the 'business-like
atmosphere of the place
and the seriousness with which the
men went at the work of cleaning
and in giving it the best possible ap
Must Salute Now.
The national guard boys have to
salute the officers now every time
they meet them. Which recalls a
one of George Hoisington's pet stor
ies. A new recruit met his captain
on the street and went by without
making a motion of his arm. "Here,"
called the captain, "what do you
mean oy passing me without a sa
lute?" "Why, I saluted you," re
plied the recruit," "I said 'Ah, there'
didn't you hear me?"
3231 ,
Coming to the Fair?
Of Course You Are
make our bank
We are always
We invite you to
your headquarters.
glad to see the people of the county
and will be pleased to have you
honor us with a visit. This is
Company H was formally mustered
into the service of the United States
at 1:15 o'clock this afternoon. It
ir now a national organization and
the state has no Jurisdiction over it.
This company has the honor of being
the first unit in Kansas to be mus
tered into the national army.
The mustering officer of the Unit
ed Stated said this afternoon, "Com
pany H of the Kansas national guard
Dickinson's Homecoming
and we desire to see alljthe people
take an interest in the fair. It is
for all of us. 10 very .service that
good banking warrants is our effort
and we shall be glad to show your
ibilene Honal Bank
Abilene - Kansas
"A Place for Everything Even Vour .Saving"
Itilf llul'lleeue.
A barbecue will be held on Thurs
day. Come and eat barbecue beef.
It's free.
Fireworks Display.
A grand display of fireworks will
be given each evening of the. fair.
The expenditure made for this feat
uro will make it one of the best of
the week.
Military Drill.
Company II, which is composed
largely of Dickinson county young
men, will give an exhibition drill in
trout ot tho grandstand each day
This will afford many people their
first opportunity to see real soldiers
Other Fair Features.
The superintendents of the cattle.
swine, sheep and horse departments
have been busy and it Is expected
that the showing In these depart
ments will be fully up to the stand
ard. The women will see to it that the
displays In the fine arts, floral and
culllnary departments r.re the very
best that can be obtained and the ex
hibits made by the mercantile intec
ests will be up to the usual high
One of the things that will Interest
the men will be the showing of trac
tors and other farm machinery and
there will be a big showing of the
latest models of automobiles.
iloi'Htwhou Pitching.
One of the features of the fair will
be thev horseshoe pitching contest.
Last year 25 entered and Robt. Cool-
ey walked off with the prize. This
year a? 'set of brass shoes will be
given to the winner. The pitching
will take place at 10 a. m. August- "
f and 16, free for all, contestants
;an pitch but 50 shoes a day, high
core wins. Experts, be on hand.
A night fair is a now idea here but
many attractions which have been so
ured absolutely guarantee its suc-
ess and there will be plenty to see
and hear and do every minute- Peo
ple attending the fair should arrange
o attend the night show.
H is Motor Car Went Over Cliff Out
side of Denver.
Mark L. Baldwin, for many years
resident here, died Saturday at
Denver as the result of an automo
bile accident occurring the Monday
previous. Mr. Baldwin was motor-
ng In a new car from Idledale, a
summer resort about 40 miles from
Denver, to that city. He was a new
driver and, though accompanied by a
chauffeur, on one of the hill drives
the machine went over a fifteen foot
bank. He suffered internal Injuries
and the chauffeur had a broken col
lar bone. Mr. Baldwin was given
(very atteniton but passed away on
;-aturday. His daughter, Mrs. Nina
Admire, of Oklahoma ,and Will Car
penter, a urolher-ln-law, were pres
ent with him, also the wife, the
daughter, Mr. and Mrs. J. M Swan
son of this city, who Is left to mourn
1 he funeral was held Monday.
Mr. Bald wiu was aged about 60
but this youthful spirit made him
always seim young. He had a host
of friends in this city who will be
maddened by his death Last winter
aniite. Some one that didn't know
any better, put eight sticks under a
largo wheel on the old Parker
grounds to blow It to pieces. The
first time didn't fix it quite enough
so that two more sticks of the ex
plosive were used.
The county commissioners fixed
the tax levy for Dickinson for the
coming year:
General fund 1.4
County high school 45
Sinking fund 1
Interest 21
Infirmary 437
Roads .183
Bridges 6
lie visited here having Just Bold at
handsome profit. Idledale, the resort
he had developed and made on of the
most popular In Colorado- He was
a member of Abilene Lodge A. O. U.
South Side Itarrived a Scare When
Dynamite Wa Shot Off.
An explosion occurred In the south
east part of town yesterday after
noon. It shook the houses In a radi
us of five blocks. Wonit-n ran from
the houses and one said , "That's the
German, the nwspaprs have been
tilling about." The noise was heard
in the business district and some of
fered the suggestion that Company H
had a cannon and was practicing. But
the whole trouble was caused by dyn-
Total 3.15
Levy for 1916 was 2.2 mills but no
road levy was made that year.
Dallas, Aug- 8. One of the lead
ing dairy companies of Dallas today
announced an increase in the price
of milk to 20 cents a quart. The com
pany has been selling Its milk at 18
2-3 cents a quart-
London, Aug. 8. The health of
Alexander F. Kerensky, Russia's
man of the hour, is a matter of grave
concern to his friends and associates,
according to members of an English
delegation which has just returned
from Petrograd.
K. C. to IUi.se $l0,0OO,MH.
Chicago, Aug. 8. The general con
dition of the KnlghU of Columbus
opened here today to consider rals-
ng $10,000,000 with which to build
and maintain helpful institutions.
somewhat along lines of the Y. M. C.
A. at each of the thtrty-two canton
menU In the United Eta tee.

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