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Summary of the Daily Newa
Commissioner of Pensions Evans, in
ills report for the fiscal year ended
June 30 shows that the number of pen
sioners on the roll at the Topeka,
Kan., pension agency was 108,533, and
the amount paid to them was 815,549,
926. Senator Davis, of Minnesota, and
Senator Frye, of Maine, who have
been selected for peace commissioners,
had a conference with the president
on the 20th over the coming labors of
the commission at Paris. The confer
ence lasted 2 hours and then the two
senators called on Secretary Day, who
will be the chairman of the commis
sion. Reticence was observed respect
ing the conference.
A Washington dispatch of the 25th
said that Lieut Henry A. Lamb, quar
termaster of the Twenty-second Kansas
regiment, died at Providence hospital
of typhoid. His home was at Parsons,
where he was identified with the Daily
The war department was said to be
preparing for an extraordinary court
martial. There is not an official in
that department who does not believe
either that Gen. Miles has already de
manded an investigation or that Secre
tary Alger will ask for a court-martial
as soon as Gen. Miles arrives in this
country. Army authorities, without
any difference, say that Secretary
Alger or Adjt. Gen. Corbin must de
mand an official investigation of the
charges by Gen. Miles, or by their si
lence confess the truth of the charges.
The five members of the peace com
mission who will make terms with
Spain are: Secretary of State Day,
Senator C. K. Davis, of Minnesota,
Senator W. P. Frye, of Maine; Justice
White, of the United States supreme
court, and Editor Whiteiaw Eeid, of
New York.
An order has been issued by the war
department extending the furlough of
volunteers given leave of absence from
30 days to 60 days.
A telegram from Secretary Algei
at Camp Wikoff, Montauk point, N. Y.,
was read at the cabinet meeting on the
26th. Secretary Alger stated that he
iouna me existing conditions at tne
camp fairly satisfactory.
The United States government has
proposed to release the Spanish pri-
Spain has objected to this through the
French ambassador and wants the men
released unconditionally. The presi
dent and the naval authorities at
Washington are unwilling, however,
to release the best officers and men of
the Spanish navy unconditionally un
til after the final treaty has been
signed, in case by any possibility hos
tilities may be resumed.
Adjt. Gen. Corbin has promulgated
general orders relating to the muster
ing out of volunteers and the granting
of furloughs.
The forty-sixth annual meeting oi
the American Pharmaceutical associa
tion began in Baltimore, Md., on the
29th to continue during the week.
Fifteen soldiers died at Camp
Wikoff, near New York, on the 29th..
' One hundred and ten fever-stricken
Missouri volunteers from the Third
and Fifth regiments arrived at the
union station on the 29th and were
welcomed by a crowd of 83,000 people.
They came from the hospitals at Camp
Alger and Meade.
Over 1,200 miners from the Indian
territory went to Denison, Tex.,- re
cently to witness a game of baseball
for the championship of the territory.
On their way home a terrible battle
took place on the Texas &. Pacific
train, men and women participating.
Mike Flynn, of Krebs, was stabbed
several times and will die. A number
of others were more or less seriously
cut with knives. The train was badly
wrecked during the battle, all the
windows having been smashed and
tho seats and ice water tanks torn loose
for bludgeons.
. John Meek, of Sandusky county, O.,
has received a letter and a check for
$100 from Gonzale De Quesada, charge
d'affaires of the Cuban republic at
Washington, because his son, George
It. Meek, a fireman on board the tor
pedo boat Winslow, was the first
American-born sailor to shed his blood
for the independence of Cuba. Meek
has already been offered more than
the check's face value by parties who
want it as a souvenir of the war.
Aix negotiations between the Amer
ican Wire & Steel company at Cleve
land, O., and their striking employes
having been declared off, the strikers
have again taken up the battle and
. say they will fight to the bitter end.
Leading members of the democratic
national committee at New York de
clare that William J. Bryan will be
nominated for president in 1900, and
- that the silver question will be the is
sue of the campaign.
Two enlisted men of the Sixty-ninth
New York volunteers were killed, one
fatally injured and six seriously hurt
in a train wreck near Birmingham,
Ala., on the 23th. The cars jumped
the track.
Tmt disnnte regarding the appoint
ment of officers in the Twentieth Kan
sas regiment at San Francisco nas
been settled. CoL Fnnston has re
ceived a telegram from Adjt. Gen. Cor
bin to the effect that Gov. Leedy naa
full power to appoint whomsoever he
pleased as officers of his regiment.
Three miles east of Aiva, cue, mere
as a collision between a westbound
train and the eastbound passenger on
the Panhandle branch of the Santa Fe.
Eighteen or 20 people were injured, but
none seriously. Both engines were
badly damaged and the mail cars in
jured some.
Owing to the failure oi tne narvests
in seven districts of the government of
Kazan and in the provinces of Sa
maria, Saratof, Simbirik, Viatka and
Perma, in Russia, where the crops are
almost worthless, the government is
adopting measures to relieve the suf
ferers. The peasants are denuaing
their cottages of thatches in order to
feed their stock. In spite of all that
can be done cattle and horses are dying
in great numbers and the peasants are
exhausted from lack of food.
The czar of Russia has caused to be
handed to the foreign diplomats at St.
Petersburg a note proposing an inter
national conference of all nations for
the rednction of excessive armaments
and to inaugurate an era of universal
peace. The note is likely to produce a
profound impression.
The court-martial in the case of Dr.
Duncan, of the Twenty-second Kansas
regiment, found him guilty of dese
crating the grave of a confederate offi
cer at the Bull Run battlefield in Vir
ginia and he was sentenced to five
years' imprisonment.
The First and Fifth Missouri regi
ments at Chickamauga, ua, and the
Third Missouri, at Middletown, Pa.,
have been ordered to Jefferson Bar
racks, Ma, to be mustered out.
It was reported that Gen. Memtt
would leave Manila on the 30th and
sail for Paris to attend the peace con
ference and give his views about the
Philippine islands.
Six persons were badly injured by
an explosion of fireworks in the manu
facturing plant of George W. Potter
at Minneapolis, Minn.
A nine-hour workday was the sub
ject of warm debate by the United
Typothetae of America, in session at
Milwaukee, and a resolution was
passed that it was deemed impractica
ble at the present time to recommend
any change in the hours which consti
tute a day's work.
The supreme lodge of Knights of
Pythias, at the session on the 26th at
Indianapolis, Ind., elected Thomas G.
Sample, of Allegheny, Pa., supreme
chancellor, and Ogden H. Fethers, of
Wisconsin, supreme vice chancellor.
An epidemic of typhoid fever has
broken out among the troopers of the
First Illinois cavalry who arrived at
Fort Sheridan, 111., from Chickamauga.
There were over 30 cases, many of
them very serious. The physicians
laid the blame on the unsanitary con
ditions at Chickamauga.
A dispatch from Manila said that
Gen. Aguinaldo, interviewed at Bacoor,
declared that he was anxious to sup
port the authority of the United States
in the islands and that he had per
suaded the other rebel leaders to ac
cept his views. It was his desire that
the insurgent army be disbanded and
returned to the provinces.
Battery A, Missouri light artillery,
now in Porto Rico, has been ordered
mustered out of the service.
In accordance with the determina
tion of the administration, the Comal
sailed from Tampa to Havana on the
25th with 1,000,000 rations for distribu
tion to the starving people of Cuba.
Supplies will be furnished to other
provinces in the island under the
jurisdiction of officers of the army as
emergency may demand.
A severe windstorm the other night
levelled ten tobacco barns in Suffield,
Conn., blew down many trees and
crippled electric lights.
Over 300 delegates attended the
United Typothetae convention at Mil
The Twenty-second Kansas and the
Fourth and Fifth Missouri are among
the infantry regiments that are slated
to be mustered out.
Ice cream prepared with lemon ex
tract caused tne aeatn oi three per
sons, and a score of others were sick
and more fatalities were expected.
They constituted nearly all the sum
mer guests at Arthur Jones' cottage at
Greenfield, N. Y., and the proprietor's
parents ana iamiiy. a doctor was
summoned and he diagnosed the cases
as ptomaine noisonincr. He believed
that six more deaths would occur.
Dennis Flynn was again nominated
for delegate to congress by the repub
lican convention at . El Reno, Ok., on
the 24th.
All over northern Texas the white
caps are active and in ' Rockwell, Den
ton, Grayson, Kaufman, Fannin and
other counties ' the negroes are thor
oughly frightened. The original in
tention of the whitecaps was to rid
their neighborhoods of .undesirable
negroes, but good and bad negroes are
seeing to Dallas and other cities.
Andrew Barkbdalk, a negro, went
to sleep on the railroad track near
Fort Gibson, L T., the other morning
and a train killed him.
The mother and two sisters of Okev
P. Eddy, of the Eighth Ohio, who, it
was reported, had died of starvation
on a transport while coming home
xrom iuoa, nave become insane at
Marietta, O., through horror and grief
at the death of the young man and
tne manner in which it occurred.
No orders for the mustering out of
troops at Camp Merriam, at San Fran
cisco, have been received by Gen Mil
ler nor any intimation of the war de
partment to do so in the near future.
A fire at New Kensington, l a., de
stroyed the opera house, Barmo's block,
Jacobin's ''block and a number of
dwellings. The Central hotel was
badly damaged.
Capt. Loins C Duncan, surgeon ol
the Twenty-second Kansas regiment.
was arrested by the sheriff of Fairfax
county, Vs., to answer an indictment
charging him with desecrating con
federate graves at Ball Run. near
Manassas. His previous court-martial
sentence was lighter than reported.
He got only two months' confinement
in camp instead five years in the peni
tentiary. One thousand miners struck at the
Coloraine collieries at Beaver Meadow,
Pa., on the 29th. The cause of the
strike was alleged to be the discharge
of a Hungarian laborer.
Several company commanders at
Camp Hamilton. Lexington, Ky.,
recently polled their organizations
with surprising results. The men
were not in favor of leaving the army.
Two weeks before 90 per cent, of them
demanded it. They realized after
that they were out of employment,
which few of them had when they en
A bem arable suit at law is about to
be brought for a large tract of land in
Texas that was given to the Cherokees
by President Sani Houston. At the
close of the civil war most of the In
dian colonists on the land went to the
Cherokee nation and remained there.
The land is now covered with farms
and is worth millions of dollars.
The Rathbone Sisters at their ses
sion at Indianapolis, Ind., elected Mrs.
Jeanette Neubert, of Kansas City,
Kan., supreme chief and Mrs. M. D.
Woods, Kansas City, Mo., supreme sec
Ex-Gov. Claude Matthews, of In
diana, died at the Meharry homestead
in that state on the 28th of a stroke of
paralysis, aged 53 years.
Two young colored girls were
drowned at Kansas City, Mo., the other
day while bathing in Jersey creek.
Arrangements have been completed
for a gigantic combination to control
the fish and oyster business of the
United States and Canada.
J. C. Glendening was killed in the
mines at Hartshorn, I. T., by a run
away train of cars knocking the props
and timbers on him.
Superintendent Case, of the Pacific
Express company, has notified the state
officials at Fort Worth, Tex., that his
company will pay the war tax on ex
press matter destined to points in
The strike of the wire drawers at
the American wire works at Cleveland,
O., which for some time threatened to
extend to every mill' of the American
Steel & Wire companv, will soon be a
thin g of the past, something along
the line of a settlement being brewed,
but both the strikers and the company
officials were noncommittal on the
The Spanish transports San Fran
cisco, San Augustin and Colon left
Santiago on the 26th for Spain with
4,658 Spaniards, including 15 officers
and their families and four priests.
Eight men died on the way to the
ships. Their- corpses were "checked
off" as passengers, the transportation
company thus being enabled to collect
tne passage money.
The negroes of Montgomery county,
N. C, who constitute a majority of the
republican voters there, have nomi
nated a ticket for the election in No
vember composed entirely of negro
candidates for all the various county
offices and members of the legislature.
A span in the Mason City & Fort
Dodge railway bridge at Lehigh, la.,
which was being repaired, fell under
the weight of a train. The engine
and four loaded coal cars dropped 40
feet into the Des Moines river. En
gineer White was injured in the back.
Fireman Kalde stayed in his seat and
was uninjured. Their escape from in
stant death was miraculous.
A pleasure party of 15 was struck
by a train at Ware, Mass., the other
morning and four were killed outright
and all the others injured. The party
was going to a picnic in a buckboard
and crossed the track just as the train
came along.
While attending an old settlers
picnic near Liaiayette, ind., ex-uov.
Claude Matthews was stricken with
paralysis. His condition was regard
ed as serious.
Bar rooms, restaurants and fruit
stands along the wharves near South
Ferry, Brooklyn, were raided by 800
negro soldiers, members of the Twen-tv-third
Kansas volunteer infantry,
who claimed to have been without food
for 12 hours. The troops refused to
board the transport for Santiago until
fed and, when refused food, laid down
their guns and raided ail the places in
the neighborhood. The police were
powerless to check them.
The United States transport Vigi
lancia passed Sandy Hook, N. Y., on
the 25th. She had the Twenty-third
regiment .of colored infantry, from
Topeka, Kan., on board, bound for San
News was received at San Francisco
on the 26th confirming the reported
loss of the steamer Stickeen Chief by
an explosion and the probable loss of
43 lives off the Alaskan coast.
Another case of genuine yellow
fever has developed at Franklin, La.,
St. Mary parish, and the Louisiana
state board of health has atrain de
dared a rigid quarantine against all
me towns in est. Mary parish.
I She Scored That Time.
"Whit's that?' said the old mntleman &a
ne entered while the eldest daughter was
saying things confidentially to her mother.
"T? V- V
una just iciiiuK luc luttb luc juuiig
man that visited the Broketons last sum
mer has written her, and that he sent love
and kisses."
"He did. did he? The imDudent duddv.
Write him and squelch him at once, or
you're no daughter of mine. Let him know
so there is no possible chance of misunder
standing that you have the utmost resent
ment for such conduct, and if he ever comes
nere again 1 II kick him out of the house.
"Well, did you attend to that matter,
Bess?" asked the old gentleman at break
fast next morning.
"Yes." "
"Good. What did vou say V
"I told him distinctly that if he didn't
know any better than to send such things
in a letter, instead of bringing them in per
son, I would have to forego the pleasure of
his acquaintance."
For the next five minutes the family were
terror-stricken under a ckonvietion that the
head of the household had burst a blood
vessel. Stray Stories.
That Is Why.
Fosdick What made Spain think she
could deal the United States a "terrible,
glorious blow?"
Keedick I suppose it was because she had
so many terrible, glorious blowers. Judge.
Regularity is a matter of importance
in every woman's life. ' MucH pain is,
however, endured in the belief that it
is necessary and not alarming, when
in truth it is all wrong and indicates
derangement that may cause serious
Excessive monthly pain itself will
unsettle the nerves and make women
eld before their time. '
The foundation of woman's health is
A perfectly normal and regular per
formance of nature's function. The
statement we print from Miss Ger
trude Sikes, of Eldred, Pa., is echoed
in every city, town and hamlet in this
country. Read what she says:
" Dear Mrs. Piskham: I feel like a
new person since following1 your ad
vice, and think it is my duty to let the
public know the good your remedies
have done me. My troubles were pain
ful menstruation and leucorrhoea. I
was nervous and had spells of being
confused. Before using your remedies
I never had any faith in patent medi
cines. I now wish to say that I never
had anything1 do me so much good for
painful menstruation as Lydia E. Pink
ham's Vegetable Compound; also would'
say that your Sanative Wash has cured
me of leucorrhcea. I hope these few
words may help suffering women."
The present Mrs. Pinkham's experi
ence in treating female ills is unparal
leled, for years she worked side by
side with Mrs. Lydia E. Pinkham, and
for sometime past has had sole charge
of the correspondence department of
her great business, treating by letter
as many as a hundred thousand ailing1
women during a single year.
All suffering women are invited to
write freely to Mrs. Pinkham, at Lynn,
Mass., for advice about their health.
Columbus discovered America but
I have discovered BATTLE AXI
There 2s a satisfied glad I Ve got it expression on
the faces of all who discover the rich quality of
It Is an admirable chew fit for an Admiral.
In no other way can you get as large a piece of as good
tobacco for SO cents.
Oemember toe name
u vhen you &uy again.
Food Your Woruos
Upon rich, pure, nourishing blood ky tak
ing Hood's Sarsaparilla, and you will be
free from those spells of despair, those
sleepless nights and anxious days, those
gloomy, deathlike feelings, those sudden
starts at mere nothings, those dyspeptic
symptoms and blinding headaches.
Hood's Sarsaparilla has done this for
many others it will cure you.
Hood's Soroaparillo
Is America's Greatest Medicine. SI; six for S&-
Hood'S PUIS cure Sick Headache. 25c.
She Was
a Little Severe on the Curl
Woman, Bat She Was
She is a dignified woman, and sometimes
she is overpowering. The unwary do net
perceive this quickly, however. The dig
nified woman has been spending some time
in one of the hospitals of this city. She
went there for rest and quiet. Since she
has recovered her health she tells some
-amusing stories of her experiences. Here
is one:
The dignified woman was walking down
the hall one day when she was accosted by
the curious woman. The curious woman
had been wondering about the dignified
woman, and she said:
"I beg your pardon, madam, but I would
like to know what you have been operated
on for?"
. "What?" exclaimed the dignified woman.
"Well, explained the curious woman, "my
friend in the next room and I have been
wondering about you. You walk about the
hall with such a light and springy step that
we wonder about what kind of an operation
you have undergone."
The curious woman held her ground. She
was determined to know what was the mat
ter with the dignified woman.
The dignified woman replied:
'I have not been operated upon yet."
"Oh!" said the curious woman, sympa
thetically "No, I am not familiar with operations,"
said the dignified woman.
The curious woman interrupted: "They
are very successful here. Don't be wor
ried." "I am wondering about an operation on
the brain," said the dignified woman, in a
very dignified and distant manner. "I won
der if they could operate upon the brain in
such a way as to enable people to attend to
their own affairs."
. The curious woman snorted and walked
away in high dudgeon.
The dignified woman was severe, it is true,
but she was provoked to it. St. Louis Re
Made Them All Work.
Mr. Luxoe Then you don't believe in for
eign servants?
Mr. Tariff With a wife and three grown
daughters? Not I. I believe in encouraging
home industry. Brooklyn Life.
M Came and Effect.
Nickelby All last week Ernest was shak
ing for the drinks.
Saucers All this week he has been drink
ing tor the shakes. N. Y. Journal.
There are too many people who use their
friends as coaling stations. Atchison Globe.

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