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Summary of the Dally News
The war department is making' every
possible effort to hasten the with
drawal of troops from Porto Rico, on
account of the alarming sickness
among the military forces in the is
land. A garrison only large enough
to preserve order in the island will be
Admiral Schley has been selected to
command the Pacific squadron about
the middle of October, if the Porto
Rican commission finishes its labors
by that time.
. The receipts of the federal govern
ment foe August from all sources ag
gregated 841,782,707, an increase oi
822,759,093 over August, 1897.
Gen. Miles telegraphed to Washing
ton on the 1st that he had left Ponce
for the United States with 4,600 troops,
leaving 12,000 troops in Porto Rico.
The commissioner of pensions has
' issued an order prohibiting the send
ing of pension checks to "general de
livery." The intention of the depart
ment is to have all such checks deliv
ered at the individual local addresses
, of the pensioners.
The annual report of the governor
of Oklahoma to the secretary of the
Interior was signed by Gov. Barnes
And mailed to the secretary, accompa
nied by a correct map of the territory
. and over 30 fine photographs showing
sollege and school buildings, farm
scenes, orchards, vineyards, fields of
grain, fruit and grain displays, cotton
fields, etc. The report is Mie most com
plete ever sent in from the territory.
The official announcement was made
on the 1st that the interest on the four
percent. United States bonds due Oc
tober . 1 will be anticipated. The
coupons will be paid off September 10
on presentation and the interest checks
on the registered bonds will be sent
out about September 26 for immediate
payment. The early payments are
due the large amount of money in the
federal treasury.
. The annual report of the commis
sioner of pensions was made public on
the night of the 3d. He states the
pension roll is not only increasing in
numbers but in values.
The president and Secretary of War
Alger visited Camp Wikoff at Montauk
point, N. Y., on the 3d. Gen. Wheeler
conducted the distinguished party
through the camp. Gen. Shafter was
visited in the detention camp, where
he was suffering from fever. The
general hospital was also inspected.
Adjt. Gen. Corbix officially an
nounced on the 2d the list of regiments
to be mustered out of the military
service and those to be retained in the
service until further orders. Among
those to be mustered out are the Twenty-second
Kansas, First Missouri, Third
Missouri, Fifth Missouri and battery
A, "Missouri. Among those to be re
tained for the present are the Twen
tieth Kansas, Twenty-first Kansas,
Twenty-third Kansas (colored). Second
Missouri, Fourth Missouri, Sixth Mis
souri and the Oklahoma and Indian
territory volunteer infantry.
Arkansas on the 5th elected a full
corps of state officers, 100 members of
the lower house of the legislature, 16
state senators and local officers in each
of the 75 counties. The democratic
state ticket, headed by Dan W. Jones,
was elected.
Gen. Shafter formally assumed
command of Camp Wikoff, Montauk
point, N. Y., on the 5th.
Citizens of New Brighton, Pa., erect
ed a monument 150 feet high in honor
of company B, Tenth regiment, Penn
sylvania volunteers, who fought in
the land battle at Manila. The name
of each member of the company is em
blazoned on tablets of marble on the
The San Francisco Examiner report
ed Brig. Gen. Miller, now in command
of the troops there, as saying that
within a month three of the regiments
encamped at the Presidio will be on
their way to Honolulu or Manila. They
are the First Tennessee, First Iowa
and Twentieth Kansas. .
The wheat crop of 189$ of the United
States in not quite up to promise, ac
cording to the American Agriculturist,
which has gathered statistics from
every state in the union. It places the
total yield of winter wheat at 400,000,
000 bushels and of spring wheat at
300,000,000 bushels. It placed the con
dition of corn at 85.4, which it regards
as "a distinct disappointment."
A stock train ran into an open switcn
at Washington and the train was de
railed, the engine overturned and seven
cars wrecked. The fireman and brake
man were killed and the engineer fa
tally injured.
Rear Admiral Sampson, Gen. Wade,
Gen. Duncan and Lieut. CoL Clous,
members of the Cuban commission,
left New York for Cuba on the 5th on
the Resolute to supervise the evacua
tion of the island by the Spaniards.
A trolley car of the Troy City Rail
road company, loaded with a pleasure
party, was struck by the night boat
special of the Delaware & Hudson at a
crossing at the west end of the Hud
son river bridge, which connects
Cohoes, N. Y., with Lansingburg, and
its load of human freight was hurled
into the air. Eighteen of the 35 pas
sengers are dead and at least ten of
the remainder will die.
The schooner Winslow, in tow of the
steamer Inter Ocean, was lost near the
White shoals. The crew of the
schooner were taken to Mackinaw
City, Mich., on the Inter Ocean, hav
ing been taken off the lost boat with
the greatest difficulty, as the wind was
blowing a gale from the southwest
and a heavy sea was running.
James Ryan was overcome by the
heat at his breakfast table in Jersey
City, N. J., on the 5th. His wife called
in a physician, and while the doctor
was trying to restore the man to con
sciousness, Mrs. Ryan became much
agitated, suddenly collapsed and died
of heart failure.
Fire in the celluloid works at New
ark, N. J., the other night did 8200,000
damage. Fourteen persons were also
seriously burned and taken to the hos
pitals. The New York Herald printed the
account of a recent interview with ex
Secretary Sherman at Washington in
which he stated that it was not neces
sary for us to go to war with Spain
and that we could have adjusted the
difficulties without any loss of blood,
as he could have arranged a treaty by
which Spain would have retired peace
fully from Cuba.
The Spanish gunboat Sandoval,
which had been scuttled in Guantan
amo bay, has been raised by Capt. Mc
Calla, of the Marblehead, and the ves
sel has been ordered to be taken to
Indians reached Dauphin, Man.,
from the far north and reported meet
ing an Esquimaux who told of the ap
pearance among them of a strange
man, who descended from the clouds
on the shores of Hudson's bay. The
opinion among the whites was that
the man was Andree, the Arctic ex
All Paris was excited over the Drey
fus matter and it was reported that a
revision of the case had been decided
upon by the French cabinet on the 2d.
At a special conference at Chicago
on the 2d of the representatives of the
Adams, American and United States
Express companies it was decided that
the companies would from that date
bear the expense of the war tax in
stead of requiring the public to stamp
Godey's Magazine has gone into the
hands of a receiver.
It was reported that the Italian min
istry will accept the initiative of the
czar in the matter of discussing the
question of universal disarmament.
and that Italy will be represented in
the conference by Sig. Panza, ' the
Italian ambassador at Constantinople.
The vote on the Choctaw and Chick
asaw agreement, made with the Dawes
commission on April 23, 1897, was offi
sially counted by the Dawes commis
sion and the governors and national
secretaries of the Choctaw and Chick
asaw nations at Atoka, I. T. The joint
commission reports that 2,164 votes
were cast in the two nations for the
said agreement and 1,366 against it,
making a majority in favor of the rat
ification. The Indians of the two na
tions are now reconciled and are se
lecting their homes for allotment.
The "Chicago limited" was wrecked
at In galls' crossing, four miles south
of Fulton, N. Y., early on the 1st. The
wreck was doubtless due to the das
tardly work of tramps who threw open
tne switch. J. be engine was thrown
20 feet and blown, to pieces. The ten
der was inverted. The trucks of the
baggage car were torn off and the
head coach telescoped the baggage
car. Three train men were killed and
several other persons were badly in
jured. r ire at Bristol, Eng., on, the 1st
gutted several warehouses and other
buildings, including the great Colston
hall, where the trades union congress
held its sessions and which contained
a magnificent organ. The loss was
estimated at $750,000.
It was reported that Lieut Morgan,
rr:i. J n .
u 111 lcu states engineer corns, was
drowned in the storm at Savannah,
Ga., on the 31st, with six soldiers.
They were trying to rescue the sol
diers on the Italian bark and the yawl
capsize a.
Gen. Wheeler made a statement to
the Associated press at Camp Wikoff.
L. L, on the 3d deprecating the stories
of starvation and neglect of troops and
saying that the brave men who won
the victory at Santiago knew the hard
ships and the dangers that were to be
incurred through the torrid heat and
the rains by day, the heavy dews at
nignt ana we unpreparedness of the
government for the campaign, butthev
felt honored by being allowed to go to
Wilford Woodruff, president of
the Mormon church, died at San Fran
cisco, aged 9L,
In a fit of jealous rage Fred Linder-
nan, at Kansas City, Ma, on the 5th
shot Belle McElheney, his common
taw wife, and then sent a bullet
through his own chest. The woman
is dead, but the man has a chance to
The first day of the national en
campment of the G. A. R. opened at
Cincinnati on the 5th. Commander-
in-Chief Gobin visited Camp Sherman
and the camp was formally turned
jver to him. The National Association
of Naval Veterans caused some trouble
by objecting to the arrangements
made for them. They wanted quar
ters in a boat, instead of in a building.
and threatened to withdraw.
A recent hailstorm around Webster
City, la, did much damage by break
ing windows and destroying corn.
Labor day at Kansas City, Mo., was
a great success. Over a 0,000 men
marched through the streets and 51
labor unions were represented. After
the parade workingmen and their fam
ilies went to Fairmount park, where
there was a diversified programme of
athletic contests, games, dancing and
There were 13 deaths reported from
the heat in New York between one a.
m. up to noon on the 5th.
Jim" Corbett and "Kid" McCoy met
n New York on the 3d and agreed to
fight 20 rounds at Buffalo, N. Y., on
October 15.
Gen. Boynton has received an open
letter from a staff officer at Camp
Thomas at Chattanooga, Tenn., in re
ply to his report vindicating the sani
tary conditions in the camp. The let
ter states that instead of conditions
being "exceedingly favorable" the
state of affairs was simply awfuL
The writer of the letter was thought
to be Judge Theodosius Botkin, of
London advices to New York report
ed that the Anglo-Egyptian forces had
captured Khartoum, their loss being
00 men, while that of the dervishes
was placed at thousands.
Memphis, Tenn., on the 4th estab
lished a rigid quarantine against the
entire country on account of yellow
At Speegleville, Tex., the three
young daughters of Mr. and Mrs.
Prather were burned to death in a
A dispatch from New Orleans on the
3d stated that the government steam
boat John J. Meigs was totally de
stroyed by an explosion at St Philip.
She had aboard a party engaged in re
moving the torpedoes laid in the Mis
sissippi river. Six persons were
killed and three injured.
During the voyage of the transport
Catania from Santiago to Montauk,
N. Y., the engineers of the vessel found
the coal in the after hold to be on fire.
The hatches were closed and the fire
was kept under control until the
steamer reached Montauk and dis
charged her sick 'troops, when the
chief engineer reported the coal again
on fire. The transport was then or
dered to proceed to New York to un
load the burning coal. She had on
board also 300 cases of cartridges.
Col. Funston, of the Twentieth
Kansas volunteers, has written a let
ter to a Kansas City newspaper de
fending himself from aspersions cast
upon his service in the Cuban army
and stating the facts in the case.
A terrible accident occurred at
Stinesville, ' Ind., in which four men
were instantly killed by a dynamite
explosion and several others were seri
ously injured.
A dispatch from Erie, Pa., on the
2d stated that by the accidental jib
bing of the sail of a pleasure yacht on
Presque isle bay four . young women
were swept , off into the water and
The list of the dead in the army at
Chickamauga, Ga., from May 1 to Sep
tember 1 numbered 338. Of the 333
deaths 178 occurred during the month
of August
Miss Mary Crowley, 38 years of age,
in a fit of insanity, the other morning
set fire to St John's Roman Catholic
church, at Peoria, 111., and then got a
revolver and started for the parochial
residence, threatening to kill Rev. J.
P. Qninn, the priest
The . anti-fusion populists and free
silver republicans of Oklahoma terri
tory met at Guthrie and nominated A.
S. Hankins, of Woods county, for con
gress. Fire was discovered in the five-story
brick building at St Louis occupied
by the A. Geisel Manufacturing com
pany, which manufactured supplies
for wholesale tinners, and before the
flames had been extinguished the
building and its entire contents were
practically destroyed. Loss estimated
at 8130,000.
Thomas A. Bayard, secretary of
state under President Cleveland, is ill
at the home of his daughter at Karl
stein, Mass. - The ' physicians pro
nounced his trouble a general break
ing down of his system and said that
he could not recover, although he
might possibly live for a year.
A grist mill on the farm of Capt
John Floyd Smith, on Choccolocco
week, near Anniston, Ala, got beyond
control and- "ran away," as it was
termed. Two large burr stones ex
ploded on account of the heat caused
by the friction and wrecked the milL
Curt Smith was fatally injured and
Will Chandler very badly hurt and
may die.
The Bertram ship yarxU at Toronto,
Ont, were destroyed by-'fire early the
other morning. The steamer City of
Toronto, in the final stages of con-
struction 1 by the Bertram company,
was saved with great difficulty. The
sompany emnioys over 200 men.
As It la I Pwerto Rico.
This is what happens in Puerto Rico every
morning: "I am not feeling very well this
morning, general," says Gen. Miles-to Gen.
Garretson. - "I think I'll take something."
"Take something with me," says Gen. Gar
retson to Gen. Miles "Guess I will," re
sponds Gen. Miles. "111 just go out and
take a town." St. Louis Chronicle.
Has Not Slept for Five Years.
It is reported that a man in Indiana has
not had an hour's sleep for five years. He
constantly walks about, unable to rest, and
is now little more than a skeleton. There
are thousands of men and women who are
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Wind Won, mm renal.
There was great jubilee and there would
nave been feasting in Madrid had provisions
been cheaper.
"Shout, stranger, shout ! " urged the high
born hidalgo. "An American town was com
pletely destroyedl"
"Ah, by Camara's squadron?" inquired
the stranger.
W oil 4- V a i r fvm o f Inn twrn A wv a sa
sources says it was destroyed by a cyclone.
)vuai mat may ne none or us Know, out it
surely means some form of Spanish power.
At any rate, it was a great victory." N. Y.
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As to Rfclies.
The woman that married a poor man be
cause she loved him is very apt to want her
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