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Or if you want a new one,
all on
Window glass at DeTar's
Fresh milch co3. D. Mc IVivis.
Miss Roberts is visiting here this
Barn paints 52 cents -per gallon, at
The old Santa Fe depot his beea
tarn down.
Read Marsh & Bidwell's advertise
ment this week.
Mr. Ranald had two stacks of wheat
burned last Sunday.
Mrs. Beard sley. of Bellfonte. was
in town Wednesday.
Read Marsh & Bidwell's advertise
raent this week.
Miss Annie DePew, of Larned, is
pending the week here.
School books are strictly7; cash to
x' - I. DeTar.
Cits,-Colver m.tde a business trip
ito Lewis Wednesday.
See my new line of Harness for the
gpWag. A. Hottewitz.
Mr. T. '7 es3 of Franklin went to
Otikv inday night.
i -:eep g: .is.
ate prices. G,
which I sell at moder
E. Rummell.
Williaai Poling, of Lincoln town
ship, is attending-court this week.
The "Beauty' shirt-waist pins at
Schnatterly's jewelry store. The latest.
Mrs Nichols, of South Brown, went
o Indianapolis Monday morning.
When folks buy Baking Powder oi
22. A. Green they buy it of him again
I now keep poultry netting which 1
will sell at fair prices. G. E.Rummel
Chas. Cooke, a fornaar resident of
Kinsley, was registered at the Alamo
this week.
Millinery goods at reduced prices
for the next 30 days at the Millinery
F.D . West made a trip to the south,
east part of the county the lirst of the
Buy. Tanglefoot fly-paper and insect
powder of E. A. Green and save some
of your pocket money.
There is to be a Field Exhibition of
the "Holiinger Lister Drill" at Kins
ley on Aloday Sept., 12, at one o'clock
p. in. See A. C. Pisher the agent for
them jit this place for further particu
lars, r
Oiironic Dyspepsia
4WW FTEEsnfferinsjofoeariy thirty years
r from dyspepsia, Mrs. FT. E. Dnffdale.
wif of a prominent business men of
Warsaw, N. Y writes: Tor 2S years, I was
a constant sufferer from dyspepsia and a
sak stomach. The lightest food produced
distress, causing severe pain and the forma--tionof
gts. No matter how careful of my
ilet I suffered agonizing pain after eating.
3 was treated by many physicians and trld
:Buaierons remedies without permanent help.
Two years ago I fcegan taking Dr. Miles
:err and Llrer PUL3 and Nervine. YTItkln
week I ccm?nced ImnroTing. and per
IfljSfertia tbo t-rstiacnt I was ecca able to
at haf ?ii:llied, with no" evil effects
tt keep them at hund and a single dose dispels
tany 01a BjmptosK.: :
. DrY,2t8es' Bcniedles
8?l4'.bj: all drug-'
.CfiMatuder a positive
guarantee, first bottle
benefits or money re-
.funded. Bookondis-
. cases of the heart and
serves free. Address,
DB MILES MEDICAL CO., Elkhart lad.
Clark's place with Llarry ileaI this
week. .' '
jju st received .A I arge as sortment
of Scissors and Razors.
A. Hottewitz.
, Lou Beal went to Omaha last Fri
day night. He expects to be absent
several weaks.
Wanted A girl for general house
work; must be a trood cook. Good
wages to the right giri.
Mrs. C. W. Beeper.
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Lee JIardy
last Saturday, a girl. Later: This
little one died on A'ednesda.C.
Don't make a mistake and throw
your money away on a shoddy suit.
Consult us and we will show you some
thing good.
Edwards & .Noble.
Mrs. J. M. Lewis was called u
Oklahoma Sunday morning by th
news of the death of her father. Sh
returned Monday night with her mother
and sister Miss Gilbert.
'Given away free to any child under
.he age of 14 years who collects th
most Buck's advertisement with my
name attached, from July '-'J to Sept
29, one small cook stove, now on ex
hibition at my store. A. Hottewitz.
Miss Katharine Demain and Geo.
II. Welch were married in this city or
Thursday, Sept. 1, by Probate Judge
Wire. Both parties are well knowi
iu this county and have many friend.
vho wish them much success and hap
The Commonwealth Club held it
... st meeting at the home of the pres
ent Wednesday eveAug 13. The sub
j set matter of the lesson leaflets 01
he question of Socialism was found
.0 be valuable, and much interesting
iiscussion followed the lesson as t
:ho application of it to governmental
iff airs. The public school systen
and the .post-office show what can th
done along that line, and the conten
lion of socialists is for an extension
of the theory and functions of the gov
ernment to other branches of industry
that concern the people at large.
Selections were read from B. O
Flower's book ''Civilization' Inferno'
by Miss McMichael, Mrs. Hine and
Mrs. Smith, portraying conditions of
existence in the crowded centers of
civilization. Sketch of Edward Bel
lamy's book "Equality" was read by
Mrs. Bostwick. Report of ..Prussian
railroad committee showing -satisfac
tory conditions of railroads in Prussia
under government ownership, read by
Iva McMichael. Poem by Wm. Mor
ris, Mrs. Tatura. "Living in the XL
Century," Mr. F. 1!. Hine.... Extract
from Sydney Lanier's poem"The Sym
; The next meeting will held the
last day of September, at which th..
lesson will be the Government Con
structi on of the Nicaraugua Canal
The gentlemen will prepare papers f or
the meeting.
Ilajestic Range Exhibit.
Mr. F. W. Goldschmidt with his
usual enterprise has had Mr, Darrow
a-young man from St. Louis here this
week giving an exhibit of the majestic
steel range, manufactued by the Ma
jestic Steel Range Co., of St. Louis.
This range is properly named the
majestic and the possesion of one cer
tainly ought to make every housekeep
er happy.
They are of nickel, malleable iron
and steel and as a piece of furniture
in a home are decorative. We are
growing out of the idea that "any old
thing,";is good ! ehourh .ioVth'e kifcheiu
Too' many years of a-' womans life are
spent there, and too much of her hap
piness is dependent upon - cheerful
Everything in a mechanical way is
complete about the majestic stoves.
The water in. the reservoir not only
gets hot, but boils and every woman
knows how handy it is to have boil
ing water all the time. There is a de
vice for moving it out from the stove
where it keeps hot but does not boil.
The cleaning of the range is a sim
ple matter and not attended by the
account of dirt incident upon the clean
ing of an ordinary cooking stove.
Hot biscuits and coffee have been
furnished to those who visited the ex
hibit in order to show the excellent
baking done by the majestic. Thjs j
week the ranges are sold at the regu-1
lar majestic price and a eomp'cte set
of cooking utensils valued at $7.00
given away with each one. i s
of Ilutc'iinjon, a color
ed Baptist minuter, was in townTues-
MajBrowning, -of - KiowawasH it
town Monday doing business with
C. W. Beeler.
We. have the store, the stock, th
as ortment. and we make the prices t
get the business. Try us and se.
Edwards & Ns- le-
A. B. Matthews and family of Wen
del!, started this wyk to drive t'mtgh
to New Hartford. Pike Co., Mo. ii.
traded his property here for H4U acre.
in Missouri.
You may be sure to liud what you
want as to style and price in our line
of shoes.
Edwards & Noble.
Sweet, Orr & Go's overalls are the
best made. The only place in tovn to
get them is ac
Edwards & ;uble
I am prepaned to m:ike either Inte
rior or Exterior views oi vour homer.
.iny where in the city: 4 by o sixe. l.Go
per dozen. T. II. Bacon.
Chas. Bucha .an went, t j Liirne
Suuday morning to move his house
hold goods to Kinsley.
It is reported that the watermelon
vines were killed by the frost Tuesday
Mrs. Colver who has been spending
the past week in Omaha, returnea
home last night.
Chas. Edwards and his mother wet-t
to Kansas. City yesterday morning.
Miss Marian will follow in about a
Arrangements are being made, and
it is expected that Gov. Leedy and
G. C. Clemens will .speak here about
-he first of October.
The county superintendent informs
us that the teachers' reading circle
nooks are on the road and will soon
be here.
The interior of Edwards & Noble's
dry goods department presents quite
a changed appearance it having been
treated to a new coat of paint last
The ladies or the. Methodist church
will give a social at the home of Cy
rus Roberts next Wednesday evening,
at which they will serve icecream and
cake. All aie invited.
iNew Stock, just in! All the latest
patterns, from 3c. a roll up. A com
plete stock of paints and oils.
' M. DeTar.
Dr. P. A'. Pearson is going to bogir
building a residence on the old Pre
yterian grounds ' just west of his
present home, as soon as he ean ge:
help to do it.
Mrs. Bingham entertained her music
jlass Tuesday afternoon- There wa
about thirty present. A very interest
program was given. Refreshments?
vere served on the lawn.
R. B. Warren, of Hutchinson,
spe.ial agent for the Continental In
surance Co., was in town Tuesday.
He was initiating their now agents at
this place, Messrs Donnell & Noble.
! Mr. F. D. West is to begin building
a residence on the corner of Sixth
street and Emerson Ave. soon. It
will have eight rooms. This is one
of the evidences that Kinsley is on
the road to prosperity. Just now it
is impossible to rent a house at any
Take a dose ol Pkicklv Ash Bit
ters at night before going to bed and
you vifilt-fet 1i ialt iifd.V vigorous next
morning. It .vill insure' you a copi
ous and healthy action of the bowels.
improved .appetite and digestion, and
increased energy of body find brain.
It beats stimulating drinks because
its reviving influence is natural hence
permanent. Sold by Porter & Co.
&i EB i Vs Bf 8 W
S ABM- 1
U BeS a u, a Ce3 ZixK lirS g&
.iVrioK uvsr, oiaoroEri on &f
CC;3T:PATlC f3f
' The Screen Law. . . . -'.
Mine operators -in rCansas have bcor
ncposifcg t oryearsupjiaXheakr
employed by them in digging eo . I.
jLhey have placed a sermon ;;t t i
mruth of the shaft, over v-hii tl.i
c xl has to pas-s bforj bin- weili .
Tie mi::er w uld U paid for the ev. .
t lat passed over the screen: );
t it drop 'led, through be got r.o ;i
w tTiteVe:-. The widths of i'le Mreo:
u Jer will. ly. Kr.d as liie.v hSz ne .!.,
a.id dilaV'iJat.'d'-rno! e :m I ::to.v eu 1
v.mld p.iss.thiM'igh: t'm s a great 1.:
;:!tftiee vas b.-i.)g o::-Ui!:l v. : ;
t-ated upon ihj minor. s l-.;. ,va.- l-
i lg p.lid iiil' o.aly a :,.; ifi (, !:;.-
oi k". HTi.l th.' sys'.em iV;is' .T: I1 Mo tf
itrihers, bad fec-lin,' and l;;;lo.
The lr-gii.la:ui-e i-.i V-.i . ;;.h! - lX .
iecl.iring th.it th c il h.:."u; :
.'eighe-d before I: p;-t,ve.- :1.
-vn and that ill
paid on the basis of i.i .'vi i t
--at .it it eahie frotn 1
Ji:d;- West, or t'u' Br - .
list riot . deViare.l this I..
-iilioiiai in lr':J, ar.il i'.;.to !;;; j - - -,i
-o atteu'ti": to e;:f: -s e - -t li . .. -. ... -;ut
adi:iini-;ti.ltio:j.e.iu.. i;i.o j-.(.v
.nd now ihrt miuefs a:o iva-Ktig- ihe
beneli; of llie i'.tra.i 1 n-'ctvo.':; :
populist olliciais to jiroie.'i then; hi
their just rights.
Chas. Tuttle met with quite an aw"- 1
dent last Sunday. Wiule stamlin1 ; 0:2
a windmill tower tying a rope, the
rope broke letting him fall backward
to the ground, and as he loll, a horse
trhat was tied to the mill kicked lii.n in
the face. It was not so serious as i:
might have been but will keep him
from business a few days.
A C.ever TncK.
It certainly looks like it, but there
is really no liick about it. Anybody
hii try it who bus lame. ba k
weak kidnevs. tualana or nervous
tTDtililes. We mean he can cm-f iitn;
self right away ly tttkinu Eli-o;v.e
Bitters. I'll is medicine ti nes tip in.
whole system, acts as a si ini'dant 1
t lie liver and kidneys, is a id-.od i 1:1 -iier
and nerve Ionic. It cur s co:. sa
nation, headache, Jainting sp:i;.
sleeplessness and meianchniy. !i 1.
purely vegetable, a mud laxasive, a:
ifStores the sys'.eni to its iniiuntl v:-.
Mr. Try Electric. Uittprs sfid .e co i
vir.f-d that I hey are a mil a ! war'.-. .
Every liottlf guaranteed. O.iiv ;"(!.
a bottle at Porter's lirug stme
DonnsII, a Noble,'
heal estate. a xi;
i.slt:ia; , :
Bonded Afestfactovs.
Kinsley, i Cans;
I will say to the. public if you wani
to be taken in by traveling dentist.-,
when their guarantee is of no account
whatever. Yon had better patroniz
your home dentist,
Where the Guarantee is Good
As to the niitter of extracting
teeth without pain. I ean come as," near
it as any one ean. I have had -III
years experience in the dentistry work
and all work J do I guarantee. All
money I get I spend in your town: all
the money the traveling dentist, gets
betakes out of the eountry--so do as
you like.
I am here to stay and don't you
forget it.
Dr. D. F. Storey, Kin-ilW, Kas
TLnt Lams ftacft can h erre'l wit":
: r. Miles' NERVE L'LAS'ZEll. Ouiyc-iac.
All druggists sell Dr. Milei." Pa'a 1'i.Lw
yi-urriDer, zmgies, Etc.
"We always U a -; 01 Jt. ..;! v. f..--:lt- f'.Kt of r,umber, Lime,
M::-m. L-o.uv. f.-r. .. . t .v.k' In-., I:o . , '! c. Oar stock is
co;r:p:et-- ;.. : . - i'l : I:e . If yctv a:-e 1 ;. trv'.hing in our
1 i
1 A J A T T
V V '
cts." a Roli!
Wo handle the most
Complete Stock in
town and can
Save". You
31. DeTAR
r I M3llic.
;. I'ai'ku Ok
City and County
.:: a
il.oo Pek Yea
Wo HavD The Largeet
St:ck of Implements
Ever shown in Kinsley,
iMil 2::m in Vehicles.
. si S S
ash pa:d for hides
; a. snow,
1 .
! 1 u.-.i.. ...
jSecond-Hand Goods
a. Bingham
Notary Public,
rJsEV, KaNs.
'' - r, '
on; 1 i:t(u: or
f-.-'Avr. - ice
CUT ' 25c.
. : i;v (i UAllA NTBED
Eui and Cold Baths,

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