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The Kinsley graphic. [volume] (Kinsley, Kan.) 1890-1940, September 09, 1898, Image 8

Image and text provided by Kansas State Historical Society; Topeka, KS

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tim i: t
A. T..& S. F. Raihvr.3
liFT j VI'..
i "p. Lf",:,;i.(,'r.
I tl"M i. in. I '-'it '-!
I p. in. ;Mnm f
.-.. p.ni. I in
Main l.in-
Hlaekleg, also Know.-? :
raatic Anthrax or by tlv-
of Charbon aymptornnti' -inerly
regarded as a form ! ;
but bacteriological :::'.:. ' '.. '
shown conclusively that
anthrax sire two distin t, : -.' 1:
dent diseases, each of v.-a: i is
by a specific nriero-or-:. : i.
For the Kansas slo-!: . '
crc isof greater intere 1 , .i
It is the eauso nN: "
iiY-cattlc, herds, atta !:i "
yoiinjj and thrifty ca!v. .
Nafitjve cattl.-! :-.!-vo 1
calves 'under six n.:::,h t! !
attacked :J have, hu- w -.
well marked., and fil.ii . v
in an unthrifty :'.! f ten
Blackleg is an i nkviio ! i ;
duced by the hackl 1 .
tative parasite, which ti ' - r . -irates
in the soil of ,ir.! " "
and in the bedi--.-;- of t!n;:i
mals. Certain kin-is i' -...' .:
favorable to the : ;
and such soil u n.y.k ou .
ly remains so perniAnn.-. '.'j: : i
tutes the our3 of t.o dis -.
mals. Although iuivvii ..r-:. ii--
Htrictly speaking, not :! .' ..' ! : ;
ease: i. e. , tha .diseai- o .r. - i !
encelo a 11 infecting prii:;v p!.j. ;
,lejr germ, but a dis:i.-;el a::'.:-.:;
not transmit the di. !.:. i: -v 1 '
healthy one. Healthy aui
diseased when the; -rm ..'Mi. v- :
inthe skiu or mucoa.s i:-.-:':.
the body. Such w our-, is .
prodisJ on the h ;. h' 1
over the-- ranches, or ;
while tfra-iUitf. The bo l;. .-: :
that has died of bl.i -id .
7liseas' y:irins, and t:-.; ;
of the disjasd ni use ie of
mal when inserted undv:. : 1
h-saithy animal A'iil pr. : ; 1
ease. Siml'ariy, .the
of such an animal '! - ;
witii rn-i, vcluc.ii i :ru ','..! . .
lent cndi:.i:i an inu...u;.: ..-.
tlius becoine a now so-.fi;;' - -llenee.
animals that h.. v i o.
ItSii siioui.l ;;ot !e l.t;; :. . .
on cue j.'ot wlioivth-i-y i.'
uary moving of siu-h -i .-'-;.
orisi plfte? to iiiMi'i ! si-;:., y
the danger of piv-.;'u:-.r -i -:
The characu ri-uiv s. : i.-i
ilivv-i'. :; I y v.,, - I :-.::
it ually be re20;rnizcti. i ' N ;
u.i..o !. !ar;,v - O
parts of the bo.ly.-u--'.:::! :y :
'the upper p;tio.:s t-i t;
never lielow tho inwi: 'f k:- .'
Tlie swellings very in '.:-
alvas forme ! by t ' piv f -that
has eot'bwto.i in th. ti. . t
KneatU tlvis'iin. 'P.i'.s ;
ductlon of bl:ukkv: b-.y'l!
the hand is passe.l ovei" t: .t
a characiristic cra-.'kltr.g .-t u:i-i
dUcM. W,.Vl i: v.Svl wU'.i :
b'oody fluid with 1 dis :
t 'caing o-loi is d:.?QhiV..:
p.icipal .'-ecer'il f.y; -: .,(
disease aitiloxs of :i;r
and lameness whon the - . ;
'' are afttvie.l. Nea -. '.
animals uiwithhi on. i - ; ;
t!-e days from tY -v '-
MeJIe.il tresitTti i
may at present b. eonsl-' v-t 1.:
Inu-iy wseloss. Vh:' '"
oethHl ? d-aii:i.i viit'i : :
,ti pi-J!veut it. Ke ';.!; l-:-:,.:
from ir.fvv:-l ras'go -s 1..
proAtH'tiwi. J'.omeiuy . ;
p4ibl?. ni tliv'.n p'i'o- -.-; .
tjoil prevent. a'nuis, e .1.1- . .
:war". "f d!se'"s .
., mcmt sratiiMi hasmanef o . - o
w!iieh will .-orm In r ' i - :
tribntion amoi :ie tM .
. Kansas.
.' ; mT! v. ' "
If "yon war.t wort: -i i ' -iMtnn
a i -''.e a.' - .
o- 1
" No. 1
1 v-
: t p. ii..
i; I :4 a. I
':'' P- n
rp. i
. j, i ucLtiep are now i c-
ehllOrcn of Nicu
S.i2u' Ii"-r iisl3f M: .
.r'ioo! bjrn'i Mondaj
!.;( fif ui?:ctcen pupi!s.
Mi-,s llrari'le
Si.iidr.v by t;i"
'int-y was enlertainc
'.lisoes Lesley.
' Malin. u ife and dauirhlor
r) :e to 111.. Tor :s, months visit v
Mr. Snov-- expects to movehisfarcil;
?o 3:;dianaHri. ' ' ' . - -
; ! r.-. Sturdvei-ant's sifter, of Hutch -
i..n, lias been visiting relatives iu
i-'r.lA vicinity..
;Mr. and Mrs. Scott, of Belpre, art
: --kling on Mr. Malta's place during
Isis absence.
Mr. S. T. Cross ' is busy putting in
v. hat.
Linas Clark has sold his. homestead
-a the south side of the river to Johi
MeCarty for $900. He will move tt
i :I uuston. Texas, where his son has j
id.wksmith. shop. He says that hi.-
i.n makes from $3 to $7 er day.
Tii-.i regular servces of the Kinsle
M. Church are sis follows: Sunda
!(! every Sunday, 10 a. in.; pivjtch
! 1 every -Sunday, 11 a. ni. and S p.. in.
c'as meeting evuy Sunday, 1-m :
.''iirior Lcair, Sunday, 4 p. m.: E
.-ni 1, ::-L'!i devotional meet in j
'!:m:iv, 7 :. :n.; I'rayer Meeting
: iis: r-'i.! y. ). iv. Special service---i
! h announced from t'rne to time
A. W. (Jumrnings,
rst salve in the ut.yld tor cuts
i'-i's, ulcers, salt, leum, fevei
;,-tit-r. i"haiped hands, ;chi
c ! i,s all skin eruptions,
itivclv ens-es pi!tjs or no pay ie
It is ruar.:inteed to give per
a :
;t satisfaction or money rei'ujided
r':;i-e !2"c. per imx. n f I'm ter's.
The ''i-cki Ts at t!o Intth'of S;mtlK"
ik- '.:i.Ni v.t-rr- )tll Ucri-R. Tfieir 1 It-rot-
' " r:s n t.;-tths: A!i3:unitUi l'st
j'loiis to lite Front Havetl tin Iay.
s I'. K. J'utler. of pack-train Ts'o. f
viiiin in tn S;iitiaga, De Cuba, 01
J nly '2:J, sii.s : "We all h;id dian hoe!
ii more or. less violent form, and hei
vc landed we had no time to see a
i n'ior, for it was a c:se )f rush ant
: i.iglii. and day to keep the troop
. -applied with ammunition ami ration
nil Ciaiik.-: io Chamberlain's Colic,
w!iora aiid Diarrhoea ituiuedy. v,s
.vc i e a I !c to keep at o) k and keej
M" 1st iiliii; in fact, I sincerely l.elievt
hat ;it. inc critic it time iloa medicine
as l!:e indirect .saviour of our ailll,
r .1 packers liad bee;i uiuihle ti
"'!v l lieie would have been no w.i
if ;.;eiuii supplies to the front
r. i m i1!!: no roads tlott a vtagni
a My -o!iira!e i
u .--' ;i ..; : 'a ;.h '(! !u::e lo l:iy in
. i i t:.i m. in. ! of i er '.i k.
ui; oi-!:-:-e c -!r !":(! j ;i, and 1
in I'u.if ca.-t s il ai;M.lnte!v
:i: was uu iHtui to t he
i' il i-i i u e : ne. f I
Mf.Pc.-ine Co , ).
To.- sa a l Porter
j:eal estate and Lean
! Ageots
Bended Abstractor.
i rai'iiis and Ci c. Property
. For Sale, Chbnp.
Teriiis' Seasonabre'.1i-.-.
Gall and see us. "
- .--.- V. . v
. Paints,
-V 0:2s,;' ' -r
AVIiItc Lead
A". .
Porlzr's' ilvuv, Store.
Kansas city
Uncle Sam's new colonies will prove
a source of great interest to the Amer
ican people generally, and particu
larly with the rdsidents of the great
southwest the chosen field of the
Kansas City- Times. The war has
impressed on nearly every reader the
necessity of having a live metropoli
tan newspaper.
The second invasion of the Philip-1
pines, t'orto riico and Cuba by the:
commercial forces of the United States
w; It be attended by many interesting
events. Yankee enterprise with its
complement of improved machinery
ind wide-awake business methods,
-.vill effect as startling a revolution as
achieved .by Yankee sailors and sol
diers in the recent campaign.
The progress of this peaceful army
of business men will be chronicled in
che columns of the Kansas City Times,
in addition, there will be congress
ional elections in all the states of the
union this fall.
As an indication of the prevailing
sentiment of the country, this contest
will be fraught with an unusual intei
est, and in order to keep .up. with. the
moves of the political chess board,
western readers should keep in, touch
with events daily transpiring." By
means of fast mail trai its, the-Times
is distributed over the greater por-,
tion of Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska,'
Oklahoma,' 'Arkansas and Indian Terr
If you want a live, up-to-date paper
printing all the news and uncompro
misingly democratic in the broad west-.
m sense of the word, you should
send;your order without delay for the
Kansas City Times.-
Daily and Sunday 1 year 84.00
Daily only, 1 year.. ....... .$3.00
Daily and Sunday 0 months. .$2.00
Daily and Sunday 3 months. .81.00
Twice-a- Week Times 1 year.. $1.00
Ar now in full or.pial Jim ;hk do a uesit-iiil fxnhange business. )u
Fi.nir isiis tooil s Hiv-r:i:u!.'
hhing youh ih:.;t wii:Aro:iY.OKN and sizi: what we can do
What Attorney Central Doyle Thinks of the Advocate and News:
Oko.' 15. U AtM'tr-ov A- CO-.Tbrek. K:.: )
Tii' sr r-Wji 1 r. u ?-Vsuw you lcuk upon your paper as one-of th0 -leading re
'rn ..,) i8 iii K.-. f.s s 1. :s t".iii il. ,rwrMYe Hint earnest, and. atxTe all, boa -
sr i an n-t s.. yi v-.ty
i'i!!r'Vt tJni iiy li:n tao i cu
iia t: is i? nvfrtVi fti iiniAttii iiik.
i It; ttv". V'.'n Jt nui. -S for Siu-
Kia-iity, .I-!. ll. t.'?OT.. -...-u'-l siwfiys
bo tutoQiripr Very f.ruiy yours.
l. , i:oi"Li;
Webb JKcNa!!
Says: .
.with t!e einity ami :i-il:t-l iy
fnrstlf In .! ir.prv u i-ii .!.! in u
Ttio . dv..t :mJ ..jv i u al:
U.T4illoa to iOlittsh i"W without wr
reft-roncoto im i ii iy nui t. .n Hjiua 1.
Voa are all rlgbt. ita:; ou,.
tvl U HcNAI.L
The Advocate ntl No ! U r-flTd
ilmil:ir oiiiii-:-i- fuui ii ir?f u -ir-r .
.iln r p r,'. -.ft' lv.i .- i o.rrier.'. !,
Je of v. lii-.-s H1 l- -ftitoii i.i.i
jiThc visiters nif t.-if?Jt t;v maV - it
J.- w,-rt ii ;'ur. but Ue i:-l r is
V. ,Hr fin 5;a'!:ij
y clen, hont papr. tbt si ll lie vl- t
. V ',t: 'mx unciiuiprord.!r? in Gplio.iiinf
S tli"'!pj-?ncfxlif trr.a refi-rm m:l 6'otiJ
S IK-r l"iPSfsi of the peopJr r tlunt.
aj il lectin. uu? et-.cojt.lim tw of '-Ylvitte
. n'i?5X'is. Tlie Aur xai X -vrs
l.tiinp twenty pay- i-verr Vni
T uaT.fnll .of llrt. Int-iss:tift nwjj tt'i
Jf.: : ful n-attvr d-v.ttd to il " rtt lurerests of th? r.on t S.on jm-v"5' he farm
A If ytiu are wot sirtady m Its t yu will ot r-xct a trlnl snisiprIpor. ' Ask
I.-. tlilsTifBco for sffrcpl ropier, or liriujr or r'' V-nr nbtrr1;:tl,p tr.ta: yon ar
'iTTiHTaiJtvl satJsraff.lon. t -;'"' " -"
An ;Af?iaCronnt?.ranillr.
The Freneh miuister of foreign af
fsiri?, it U s;j osjked the king1 of Siam
why fcculid r.ct IcSve his fore:?- minis
ter at horaa lo take charge of things.
"Because he is iny brother," returned
Chulalongkcrn, with a fnrini smile; "I
shonld probably have found him on my
throne hen I pot back to Siam." "But'
Ton have your other brother with you."
'Yes, but his nature is erven less benev
olent. . lie wouid rot only have seized
mj throne, but cut off my head as
qui Jdy as I returned. "You all seem
on excellent terms toether,,,exclaimed
th - astonished Frenchman;; ''Exactly,"
saii the king-, "and as I like to be on
good terms with them, I always take
them along."
- Hew Aneataette.
A ww anesthetic, vhlch relicTea At
one the pain of deep burns, of tilcers,
nnd of cancer, has been discovered by
Drs. Ei-chorn and Heinz, of Munich.
It is a preparation of benzomethylie
ether in the form of a powder to whieh
the name orihoform bus been given.
Greatest .
The greate-;.
Is that prodUvi O
Expansion of n.r
action of heat
Knttn Forces.
r nown to science
, v t-on t raetion and
' : salting from the
1 id.
A wide-awake dealer in dogs adver
tised: "Whines and lackers" of xil)
kinds in a temperate Maine tovt-n. wk1
had a large list of customers eacn ffw-
Tradc Markp
Anyone sending a sketch and description may
qmcltly ascertain our opinion free whether an
invention Is probably patentable. Communica
tions strictly confl dentiaL Handbook on Patents
Kent free. Oldest agency for secoringpatents.
Patents taken through Mann A Co. receiTA
rprelal notice, without charge, In the
Scientific American.
A handsomely illustrated weekly. largest cir
culation of any scieatiflo lournal. Terms, $3 a
year ; four moatha, 91.
uunri X Co .'
1,91. BOMvyauawwaoauCTA
Branch Offioe, SB F at, Waahtactoa, D.
aatoa, D.C.
The Jacob Brennor Wine Co
Dry Wines,
Sweet Wins,
AfH. 60 YEARS'
The largest Kansas weekly
is the Advocate and News J
of Topeka. Absolutely fear- i
less and truthful a people's J
raper. . -
Atturnwy General.''
. - ---- r
C2ST RGOntl TO11DE ClHtt
: -III THE 170.1LD.
Wr4t fWr Price laat.
fERD.HEir,! BrewiroO
I Caveats, and Trade-Marks obtained and aT Pat
rent business condUctcU for MOOCRATC FCi S.
taoa we caii secure patent in less tune tnaa Um
(remote from Washington.
- Send model, drawing or eboriSL. rlth descriiv
tion. We advise, if patentable op aot free of'
Jcnarpe. Oitr fee not due till patent is secured.
How to Obtain-Patcnts." with
'cost of same in the U. S. wid foreiga coontrics!
J sent tree. Address, . . .'
Do not longer bo eceid by wetl-'wu.Or
tzi iho truth. It will pay you dividends.
11 Oil STAB
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bat you earn. How mueb 1 Kot Ira than f 1,000 a
ar. Do you know how t Do you fcuow why I Bead
FormartyNfiW' OCCASIONS.
The Best 3 Only
:formMaaz!seM. i One Dollar a Year
ii the World. 10 cents a number-
monthly .EigMy JPatjro.
,-,,. t O. JPl4Mwr, Founder of the aren..
I rcf'& l jcu. STew Oeeaslone
-.v 7;?ns f s the f earless advoeateoc the ImrunvB and
.CFCUEXtrM. Mfijority Rule, ticientlno Omernaient,
ilonetaiy Kefonu anj tnysleal and Ethlcv' Coltare.
o:j tuitifrecfi bWIItettf wriert eeJb
rranV Paraon.
Prof. Etehard T. Lly.
Ben&tor Tillman.
Hcr'jcrt N. rtoa.
France!! I!. V iilard. . -FVcs.
Gso.ffe A. gjtwi .
Mary A. IivvV-jijfS't.
Abby MortdftJMts. 'i
John P. h-eid. ..
Helen rVTJsy?J .
Senai.ir Icttigrf?,'t
.i-' 1. Lloyd.
Ktoi Buller.
wcr;i romsi-cy.
r-i lea Waiter Clark.
. 1 C. P. Pintrrto.
. ?! Xil-SMas. -.
Tf"''ir. to T0TT.g,a 13 t?re cant rtaiaps uni .
-. City rv:v, tars. n:.-.is aad R0ZXSirf
T I":;:Tj, t?:e Ctory 'I a STsesfcl l evoict4", Uy
rr-. i V. id:..-a, ea illcatrU't bc-ci of 30 itsrj zd J
--"- .; err p&je. HWl to-fiaj.
-4c? H Kerr 5 Cepkr, Pu&IisIrerJ
5v l:eji Avenue. C2UCAHU '
Made a
Well Man
15tb Day. MMa.
T..E GREAT "ioth tay.
-a ' - -w -
Produces the abeve results
powerfally and quickly.
tan. young men ana oia'lnenailrerer,
youthful vigor by using ttEVlVb. If. jjH
uu iiuci miurc? irufn UI All pi SeflDajM Or '
exceu and Indiscretions 'MannoTgsi .
VhaKty. Irapotency;;Nighy EmieilaS'XoBl '."
Power of either jex. Failing ilernorytfhg
Diseases. lOsorthiaXervousne-is. b jch uwts
one for study,- business or marrja?e.. Ji pit aly
cures bjftartin st the scat rf.dba1Viff f M
West Nerve Tonic and aflaf-BiuiJer :
and tcsi ores both vitaluy and-s;rengtk to tn -
ihr. pfnk glow to f'caeelui an J restoring tho.
Hr of yowtJt. It wards off i-?ity and Co.
comption. Accept no substitute- Insist on hav.
iOgllEVivo, no others It cane earned in ves
pocket. By raan.'tf.oo per package. in,plaia
wrapper, or sU foi 5.00, with a 'positive. writ
ten znarancce o care or reuntf the money in
rvery packegc. For tree circular address
Roya! Medicine Gi.v cg2Sjst-
F.ld at POKTBUO . 1'i ,.
9? rinwii
fTii (TMBlav.

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