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Kanu Bor Won Second Prlae.
. Lee White, of Kansas City, won
second prize in contest for rifle and
pistol practice recently on the great
new battleship Wisconsin, which
went into commission three months
... o vrru;-.
of a crew of 444 selected for the prac
tice. The Wisconsin will soon leave
for Chinese waters to relieve the Or
egon. Lee White was born in Gar
nett. He enlisted in the navy only a
few months ago.
What Baldwin Expects.
President McKinley's visit at Bald
win and Baker university during com
mencement the first week in June,
wili include the dedication of the Fo
gle gymnasium and astronomical ob
servatory and the laying of the cor
nerstone of the Case library building.
The trustees of the Baldwin Metho
dist Episcopal church have asked that
President McKinley take a part in
the laying of the cornerstone of their
new church building.
FonabM Kansas for Colorado.
James L. McDowell, who was the
first United States marshal of Kan
sas, has moved to Elkton, Col. Of re
cent years he has been living at Man
hattan. Originally he lived in Jef
ferson countr. When Kansas was a
territory he was a member of the sec
ond territorial legislature, and after
the admissibn he was the candidate
of a fusion called the union party for
Girl Drowned While Fishing-.
, Stella Wagoner, 15 years old, was
drowned in Doyle creek, near Pea
body, while fishing with a, young man
and two other inrls in a boat. In at
tempting to change places with one
of the girls in the boat it capsized,
throwing the four into the water,
which was very deep. The young man
rescued all but Miss Wagoner, who
floated down the stream out of reach.
Unsold School Bonds.
State Auditor Cole, who is agent
for the unsold school lands of Kansas,
has started tracers after these lands,
and already has located over 100,000
acres. The last legislature reduced
the minimum price of school lands
from $3 tv $1.25 an acre. The auditor
believes that at this price he will' be
able to sell the lands before the ex
piration of his term of office.
Properly Appreciated.
John Nelson, a business man of Ot
tawa lost a pocket book containing
$200 cash and several hundred dollars
in notes. Thomas Wilkinson found
the wallet containing the cash and
notes and returned it. As a reward for
his honesty Nelson bought Wilkinson
a set of furniture costing $100.
Tracy to Succeed Lambert.
Assistant Attorney General B. H.
Tracy is to be the new district attor
ney for Kansas. It was thought for
awhile that Senator Burton would
name I. E. Lambert to succeed him
self, but it seems that the slate has
been changed and that Tracy is to
get the place.
Three Kan sans to Go to Manila.
David Carson, P. B. Powell and D. C.
Fisher were appointed by President
Taylor, of the state normal, as teach
' ers in the Philippines. They are mem
bers of the senior class at the normal
and will leave for the islands in June.
Their salary is fixed at $900 a year,
. with all expenses.
Relieved of Snrplns Digits.
From birth up to last Saturday Miss
Mabel Turney, of Augusta, possessed
the curious malformation of eight toes
on one foot. On the latter date three
surcreons, or a surgeon for each ex
tra toe, removed the surplus digits.
A Child's Dress Caught Fire.
Maud McMillen, six years old, played
" about a bonfire at Topeka and was
burned to death. Her father heard her
screams and ran to save her, but her
clothes were on fire and he could not
extinguish the flames.
Kansas Zlne-Mlnlna- Report.
The state labor bureau report
that. the zinc and lead business in
southeastern Kansas last year fell
much below 1899 and 1898. There are
about 150 mills in operation, but twice
as many are idle.
Didn't Forget the Jndge.
When Judge Dale, of the district
court at Wichita, committed Mrs. Na
t tion to jail the other day, the famous
faint-smasher said: "God bless you
' and bring you to repentance."
: Good Thing to Keep.
Orson Kent, of Burlington, has the
. complete bound files of the Kansas
M-gasdne, published from January,
- 1870, to the latter part of 1873. He has
refused $50 for mem. -
, - Hew Railroad Maps Wnnted.
The state board tf railroad commis
sioners .has advertised for bids tar
10 CC0 railroad maps of Kansas. The
maps now in use were published ten
For "'Sassing" the Jailer.
A recent telegram from - Wichita
said: Mrs. Nation has been placed in
the rotary cell at the county jail. She
abused the sheriff's wife, calling her
all kind of vile names, the "devil's
dam being one. The rotary is the cell
used for mutinous prisoners. Mrs.
Nation also accused Mrs. Wilhoite of
being two-faced. The four women
now occupy separate cells.
. Wellington to Oppose Reeder.
E. W. Wellington, of Ellsworth, says
that he will be a candidate for con
gress before the republican conven
tion of the Sixth district next year.
Wellington is one of the best-known
men in the state, and, on account of
his masonic standing, has something
of a national reputation. W. A. Keed
er, the present incumbent, wants to
remain in congress.
Wealthy Woman Dead.
Mrs. Allen Sells-Greenspan, widow
of the late Allen Sells, the well-known
showman, died in Topeka recently.
Some years ago Mrs. Sells married
Simon Greenspan, who died last fall.
An adopted son, William v Sells, is the
only heir to the large estate. Mrs.
Sells-Greenspan was one of the wealth
iest women in Kansas.
Kansas Man Gives Up an Office. '
John R. Harrison has resigned the
postmastership of Havana, Cuba and
Carlos Hernandez, a Cuban, has been
appointed his successor. Mr. Harrison
will re-enter the service of the United
States. He is a native of Manhat
tan, and was sent to Cuba by J. L.
Bristow, the fourth assistant post
master general.
Gov. Morrill's Dig Apple Orchard.
A force of 40 men is at work setting
out 27,000 apple trees on the farm of
ex-Go v. E. N. Morrill in the southern
part of Leavenworth county. When
this lot of trees is planted there will
be 64,000 trees set out in one compact
body of land, making it the largest
distinctive apple orchard in the United
Some Fences Ought to Stay.
S. E. Cave, representative in the leg
islature from Haskell county, has
asked Senator Burton to appeal to the
interior department for a modification
of the order that fences inclosing
public lands must be removed. He be
lieves fences ought to be torn down
only when specific . complaints are
made. '
Parsons May Get Offices.
It is reported that the Missouri,
Kansas & Texas Railroad company
will soon remove its general offices
from St. Louis to Parsons. The reason
is said to be the great expense of
maintaining them at St. Louis, the
item of rent being $30,000 a year.
Probably the Biggest Male.
William Sponyo, who lives in Brown
county near White Cloud, owns a mule
20 hands high and weighing nearly
2,000 pounds. It is not quite four
years old and promises to be 'much
bigger. Mr. Sponyo recently refused
an offer of $300 for the animal.
Work on the Orient Line.
Dirt will fly in Lyon county on the
Kansas City, Mexico & Orient railway
inside of two weeks. This is what J.
H. Eaton, general attorney for the
company, says. The company now has
500 men at work out of Anthony.
Hew Chaplain at Kansas Prison.
Rev. J. D. McBrian, of Sedan, has
been appointed chaplain of the Kansas
penitentiary to succeed Rev. R. A.
Hoffman, resigned. McBrian is an ex
legislator and was chaplain of the
Kansas senate last winter.
Hew Courthouse at .Clay Center.
The cornerstone of the new $40,000
Clay county courthouse at Clay Center
was laid with impressive ceremonies,
half the people of the county attend
ing. The new courthouse will be the
finest in the state. It is being built of
Manhattan limestone.
Shirtwaist Parade at Parsons. -
About 40 business men of Parsons
will branch out in their shirtwaists
this summer. For self -protection they
will organize a shirtwaist club and
give a parade on June 1, the day they
will come out in their new garb.
Scott Accumulating Wealth.
S. M. Scott, a former well-known
populist politician of Emporia who
ran for congress against Charles Cur
tis, is reported "as waxing rich at
Beaumont, Texv where he has large
oil interests. J
Grief Killed the Mother.
Mrs. August Palmer committed sui
cide at Topeka. by hanging herself in
the cellar of her home. She had been
despondent by the death of her. baby.
Farmer Killed by iaghtnlng.
Charles Hill, a farmer living south
west of Severy, was struck in the fore
head by lightning and killed. He was
i married six weeks eyo.
Slow rivers flow at the rate of
three to seven miles. an hour.
Lamps cause 500 fires in a year in
London, gas 219, chimneys 179.
Sugar exists in the sap of leaves of
nearly 200 different kinds of trees.
Every day in the year 470,000 tons
of cargo are loaded into ships holds.
In 1882 there were only 96,000 per
sons who could ride a bicycle in Eng
The earliest mention of shoes is in
an Egyptian papyrus, about 2,i00
years before Christ. '
- The average income of physicians
In Berlin is about $2,250 a year. The
highest incomers $74,000.
There are 2,900 words which have
the same spelling and meaning both
in French and English.
Twenty percent, of all horned cat
tle are killed for food in a year, 40
out of every 100 sheep, and 90 out of
every 100 pigs.
The federal department in Wash
ington which has the smallest num
ber of employes is the department
of state, the aggregate salaries of
its employes being less than $150,000
a year.
Hillsdale, 111., April 20 th. Much in
terest has been aroused here over the
case of William Marks, who has been
in a dvinc condition for several
months with an apparently incurable
Kidney Disease.
The leading physicians of this place
had pronounced his case a hopeless
one, and others from Port Byron,
Geneseo, and Davenport, la., had at
tended him, and in a consultation de
cided that he could not live.
In desperation, his nephew inquired
of Mr. L. F. Giles, a local druggist, as
to a last resort. Mr. Giles suggested
Dodd's Kidney Pills, a remedy which
had just been introduced here.
The results were marvelous. Mr.
Marks immediately began to improve,
and within a few weeks was able to
be up and about, completely cured.
His cure is the talk of the neigh
hood, and is considered nothing short
of a miracle.
There appears to be no doubt that
this new remedy, Dodd's Kidney Pills,
will cure any case of Kidney Disease,
for the more malignant forms, such
as Bright's Disease, Diabetes, and
Dropsy, yield readily to its remark
able influence. These forms of
Chronic Kidney Disease have hitherto
been considered incurable, and have
baffled all medical skill, and yet, this
new remedy has cured every single
case in which it has been used, in
this neighborhood. The doctors
themselves are amazed at the won
derful work Dodd's Kidney Pills are
accomplishing in Rock Island County.
benefit. Try It!
Send for a
guarantee, all irregularities of
SOc-ViSSP lraq?flfc Sm NEVER
I y
all bowel troubles, appendicitis, bil
iousness, bad. breath, bad blood, wind
on the stomach, bloated bowels, foal
pains alter eattns, liver trouble, sallow complexion
and dizziness. When yonr bowels don't now i e&ia
larly yea are cettlnz sick. Constipation kills mora
people than all other diseases together. It is a
tarter for the ehronle ailments and. Ions; years of
BvOring that come afterwards, if a matter what
1H yon, start ta bring CA8CAJXX3TS to-day, for yon
, will merer get well and be well all the time until .
yon rrt yor bowels right. Take or advice) start
wu a ta.sa reiTsa to-day. nnoer
r..so-sjecri3soney reianaeo.
There is more Catarrh in this section of
the country than all other diseases put to
gether, and until the last few years was
supposed to be incurable. For a great many
years doctors pronounced it a local disease,
and prescribed local remedies, and by con
stantly failing to cure with local treatment,
pronounced it incurable. Science has proven
catarrh to be a constitutional disease, and
therefore requires constitutional treatment.
Hall's Catarrh Cure, manufactured by F. J.
Cheney & Co., Toledo, Ohio, is the only
constitutional cure on the market. It ia
taken internally in doses from 10 drops to a
teaspoonful. It acts directly on the blood
and mucous surfaces of the system. They
offer one hundred dollars for any ease it
fails to cure. Send for circulars and testi
monials. Address F. J. Cheney & Co., To
ledo, O. Sold by Druggists, 75c.
Hall's Family Pills are the best.
Charged. "Dear," said Mrs. Spendlotz,
by way of preliminary, "would you consid
er an opal unlucky:" '"I would if I got a
bill for one and had to pay it," replied her
husband, sternly. "Ah! I'm so g lad I or
dered a diamond ring instead." Philadel
phia Press.
You Can Get Allen's Foot-Ease FREE.
Write to-dav to Allen S. Olmsted, Leroy,
N. Y., for a FREE sample of Allen's Foot
Ease, a powder to shake into your shoes. It
cures chilblains, sweating, damp, swollen,
aching feet. It makes New or tight shoes
easy. A certain cure for Corns and Bun
ions. All druggists and shoe stores sell it. 25c.
Mrs. Peak "Oh, dear, I'm so tired! I've
been house hunting all day." Mrs. Greene
''Why, you're not going to move, are
you?" Mrs. Peak "Mercy, no! Mrs. Preye
and I have only been around seeing how
folks who moved out left their houses."
Boston Transcript.
The Grand Trunk Railway System.
The picturesque route to the Pan-American
Exposition, will mail on receipt of 2
cents in stamps, sent to its City Passenger
and Ticket Agent, 249 Clark Street, Chicago,
the handsomest descriptive folder of the
Pan-American Exposition yet issued.
The man who boasts that he never speaks
ill of an enemy must have been whipped
about every other day when he was a school
boy. Indianapolis News.
To Cure a Cold In One Day
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets. All
druggists refund money if it fails to cure. 25c.
Many a poor tune Is played on a good
horn. -Chicago Daily News.
How My Throat Hurts! Why don'tyou
use Hale's Honey of Horehound and Tar?
Pike's Toothache Drops Cure in one minute.
They are Bnpertar t yla
WaTkaanasfalB ass Wear.
Every pair flta perfectly aid
la eoDrrtale and Eaaj,
Ask Tear C
ire&Ier far I
10 0WW fm wm a Don't wait until the 'Demon Flr" comes before you look around for protection.
Hill I llV I You don't need a Fire Kxtlnsnlaher until you hare a lire; then you needs
aaWfe BSasssaas
(rood one.
to flames. It is a dry powder, harmless
strength. (Lasts indefinitely. Many thou
Put up in 22-inch tubes,. 2-inch diameter.
AGISTS WASTED la every tswa aaa eeanty.
Do you forget that summer's coming with
all its dangers to the little ones all troubles
bred in the bowels
The summer's heat kills babies and little
children because their little insides are not in
good, dean strong condition.
Winter has filled the system with bile.
Belching, vomiting up of sour food, rash,
flushed skin, colic, restlessness, diarrhoea or
constipation, all testily that the bowels are out
of order
If you want the little ones to face the coming'oangers with
out anxious fear for their lives, see that the baby's bowels are
gently, soothingly, but positively cleaned oaf in the spring time,
and made strong and healthy Before hot iveather sets in,
t The only safe laxative for children, pleasant to take (they
ask for more) ii CASCARJETS. Nursing mothers make their
milk mildly purgative for the baby by eating a CASCARET
now and then. Mama eats a CASCARETf baby gets the
JQc box of CASCARETS to-day and you will find that, as we
the little and big cnildreas insides are
'in w J l R l l ill? m
i wl-1
f t
mm a state ;
dar. TTaajj, .
'Are Ton Going Abroad?
If you are going abroad be sure to select
the Lackawanna Bailroad as your route .
East. The terminus of that line is within
two blocks of the docks of the ocean liners
operated by the Canard, Hamburg-American,
White Star, North German Lloyd,
Netherlands American, American, Red Star
and French Lines. To the traveler, often
encumbered with luggage and accompanied
by his family, the advantage of landing so
near his point of embarkation is at once ap
parent. Not only is the Lackawanna Rail
road the most convenient line to the piers
of the great Trans-Atlantic Steamers, but
the comfort of its patrons is the - special
care of a Steamship Agent who will be
found on the docks of all the principal
lines. From Chicago three through trams
are run daily in connection with the Nickel
Plate offering a service unsurpassed in lux
ury and convenience. From St. Louis there
is also a through daily service in connection
with the Wabash Railroad.
A man seldom does his best unless he is
working for himself. St. Louis Star.
Ask your Grocer for Red Cross Ball Blue.
Large 2 oz. package five cents.
The branches of ffie Mississippi have an
aggregate length of 15,000 miles.
r-3" viw iWn
l PTTOT nura by large Manufacturing House ;
HVall 3.0 in casta paid for 12 days trial; pro
motion and permanent position if satisfactory. Ad
dress G. B. P. CO.. 733 Chestnut St., Philadelphia,
Wanted. tow. a. oi CO., cixtlSSATl. O.
FurallnreCa., KxcIusIt Fnrnltnra n4 -Carpet.
uM-ll'tt Walnut 8U. Kan. CHr, Mo.
Made In Kansas City,
U. S. A.
oot cEsncc
will do the work immediately, and does no daman except
to life, does not explode, freeae. eraporate, or lose lta
sand homes already equipped. Half million now in use.
$3.00 each. 6 tubes or orer $2.60 each. Good reliable
W. N. Matthews & BrO.101Carleteabld., Sblaala.
TOt'UUTt Five years are
tfco flnt box mt I
JCTS was aaie. Kaw it Is
over eta atlluoa set a
maa. mrmmtmm tku aiav
ON aALB'"s3 LJ
shatlas asedlelao la tao worM. This la a.fcaalata praor at
are aertt, susd .or Ixsa teattassaUU. We have faith tsad
. wm sail CAMABKTI .aaalately (aaraaUea to care '
nlr kMst trial as sr alar4a aireatlaua. mm Ifjraa are
aot nUnmtm, allerwlai sas a mmik.w4mrmtmm aaaaed &Oe
wsiayxaM ahusuS It, mm atitjaai1 aasseyheta far hash
TaVas.ralrlu s slln whslaUsvsa start t
aamis massssi ao mm waaev. awe ajaja ssiti. sits uw
ajaleltfTW,OTu4yaaj wUlblean the day
OA JAJ ' K X.. r-oafefrcahyaaati.

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