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The enrollment at the State Normal
this week increased 30.
The father of Prof. Beach, from
Lawrence, is here on a visit.
Schlyers got in another car load of
buggies and Barries this week.
Soda Water of Quality at Hark
NE83. .28-tf
Mr. and Mrs. Nick Schlyer and baby
spent Sunday with relatives in EIH9.
Mrs. Wheatcroft and children arrived
Monday from their Lane county home.
Miss Alice Freese left Saturday eve
ning for her school duties at Grinnell.
Miss Virmond went to Gove City Fri
day evening, where her school com
menced this week.
It's the grocer's goods marked Lee
that sell quickly. 38-tf
Next Monday the Catholic school and
Catholic College begin their term and
a large attendance is expected.
The Early' cottage in the north west
part of town is about completed and
make a cozy home for the family.
Farmer George Hubbell left for To
peka Tuesday morning with his family
to attend the fair and visit friends.
At Nickles' store Saturday afternoon.
The beauty and coziness of the new
Shively cottage on east Normal avenue
now shows up and will make a lovely
A nice line of new fall hats will be on
display Saturday, September 12, 1908
at Miss Deane's store.
Fred Miller has purchased the Mrs.
Kate Cavendar Zeigler cottage on west
Main street, making them a lovely
M. E. Dixon is again living at the
Brunswick, the family having gone to
Kansas City for school with Mrs. D as
their guardian angel at meal time.
So good a time was had at the Buck
eye township picnic they are talking of
holding another soon for the county in
general, as there will be no "Old Sett
lers" Picnic this fall.
If you want to sell something if you
want to buy something, chip in a quart
er and try this paper and you will find
the notice will bring results. Try it.
Others have and have succeeded.
Manager McLain has succeeded in
making a contract to give our people
an excellent entertainment in the G.
A. R. Hall once a week throughout the
winter. See the notice in another
Lutheran Ghurch.
C. F. WlEST. Pastor
10:00 a. m. Sunday School.
11:00 a. m. Public Worship.
Subject: "Harvest Festival."
7.-00 p. m. C. E. Society. Topic:
"Church Attendance."
8. -00 p. m. Public Worship. Subject:
"Love Thy Neighbor."
8:00 p. m. Wednesday. Prayer Meet
You are cordially invited to these ser
Ring Lost
Lost A gold ring with initials "MJ
engraved thereon. Finder will receive
rewara Dy leaving at this office. 43-lt
The top rafters are being placed on
the new mill and its height can be
Stop in at the EXCHANGE at
NICKLES Ptore Saturday afternoon-
Remember thft Dr. Browr. the eve
and ear specialist, will be here next
Mr. J. K. Acker of Abilene, a capi
talist, was here on Friday on a land
Ice Cream, pure and delicious. Sodas
nd Sundaes at HARKNESS' 28-tf
H. S. Baker is editing the Hays
News now. Wakeeney Independent.
Furbeck is adding a cellar and room
to his room in the southeast part of
The Experiment Station continues to
ship out lots of seed wheat all over the
Mies Sadie Bullock, who has been
visiting Mrs. Geo. Wilson at Grinnell,
has returned home.
Fall Millinery opening Saturday Sep
tember 12, 1908 at Miss Deane's Millin
ery store.
The Yost elevator was not quite high
enough so this week they added a bird
loft at the highest point.
Mother Cavendar is arranging to go
back home to Wyoming with her
daughter, Mrs. Zeigler.
Cream at the Receiving Stations in
Ellis county raised another cent in
price this week now bringing 19 cents.
Don't take chances on food products
Use Lee Brand. 38-tf
Gust. Lindquist is proving up on his
homestead on 12-11-16 in the East Sa
line township country near Fairport.
This week we get Walter A. King
the 160 aero homestead in Sec. 2-11-17
in East Saline township formerly the
Finch timber claim.
The Street Commissioner had a ma
chine this week cutting1 the weeds
along our streets much improving their1
The high price of wheat is causing
the farmers now to bring in much of it
even to the neglect of their plowing
and seeding for another crop.
Cleve Schultz, with his wife and baby
arrived from their Chicago home Mon
day eveni-iT to make a visit to. Papa
Henry and see their many old friends.
Mrs. John H. Gerken having recov
ered her health at the Springs the
family have moved to Lawrence where
they will school their children at the
A county's prosperity is best shown
by its bank's statements and the show
ing of the Citizens State Bank surely
pleases our people. With only a $20,
000 stock they have deposits of $268,-
442.00, while patrons have only asked
loans of $94,850 leaving them to care
for their depositors uninvested $189,878
and every day thousands of dollars
worth of wheat is being brought to
town to sell for more eastern money.
Plowing Wanted
We are prepared to do plowing with
our steam plowing outfit. Address
E. L. WOOD, Ellis, Kansas.
Dick Finch has gone to Idaho to live.
MissMary Jacobs went to Kansas
City Tuecday morning.
Miss Elizabeth Stover will take up
her Normal duties again this term.
Drink Hires Root Beer out of the
keg, at Harkness' 23-tf
Mrs. Grace Goodall Hubbard was
here this week on a visit to her
As we go to press the waterworks
election is taking place, those in favor
of it doing lots of hustling.
Cox's have much improved their feed
warehouse by raising the floor so less
trouble for farmers loading.
Lawrence Cole has returned from a
visit to relations in Colorado and re
ports a nice visit.
Try a little want adver in this pa
per and see if it does not bring results.
They always do.
Many are burning their straw stacks.
Don't do it, farmers. Feed . may be
scarce before spring time comes and
stock need feed badly.
Another dance and supper will be
given at Silverdale (Haddock) school
house Fridav evening, September 25th
and all are invited to attend.
Lucius Hughes, Clarence Cristopher
and Misses Ida Samuelson and Minta
Oliver drove down from Ellis Sunday
to visit Miss Neva BelL
"If it isn't an Eastman, it isn't a
kodak." Harkness has kodaks and
supplies. 21-tf
Will Early and Carl Holmquist at
tended the Odd Fellows Picnic at
Ellsworth as delegates from the Hays
This week brought quite a number
of new students to our State Normal
With the official population of 1939
inside the city limits, it gives our
town about 2400 now in Hays City,
while the county numbers 11,394 most
of the gain being in this town.
"Dolly Varden" Chocolates at Hark
ness . 22-tf
The new mill this week looms up
higher than ever. It is a credit to the
town to see the warehouse, mill and
elevators of the new company, running
nearly a block and looming up many
stories in height.
The grass is getting very dry now
and the danger of prairies fires im
minent. An ounce of preventative is
worth a pound of cure. Better get
your fire-guards plowed, and especially
around your wheat stacks.
Work on the new cottage of John
Adkins in the south east part of town
will soon commence, to cost $4,000 and
Jack Wolf having the contract. The
present hoise is being moved to the lot
adjoining the Dickenson propsrty.
With our great success with wheat
this year the "Old Settlers" association
should have given their picnic in the
creek grove to give the farmers and
their families a day's rest and chance
to meet to talk over their success.
McLellen of the Experiment
visited Manhattan eollege
Mr ZfiW and daughter Ray left
for heir Cheyenne home Monday eve.
Martin Stmmire proved up on hi
Smokey Hill homestead last Saturday.
Charlie Binder has bought the Mrs.
Cavendar cottage in the north west
part of town.
Remember you are invited to the
morning and e7ening service at tne
Presbyterian church Sunday.
One of the best investments about
this time of the year is a erenerous ad
vertisement in the Free Press.
Pension Agent iFreese was in Gove
county this week looking after some
pension matters for old soldiers'
The shipping of so much cream by so
many farmers tnis summer nas Kept
the price of good butter up to 25 cents
a pound all summer.
Look for the brand on canned goods
and see that what you use bears the
Lee Trade Mark. 38- tf
Next week the term commences at
the State University at Lawrence and
our students will generally leave the
first of the week.
The South side is to have a Barber
shop; the Stainer building opposite the
Philip store is being fitted up for that
purpose by an experienced barber.
We want every item of local inter
est we can get. Our telephone num
ber is 12. If you have any item of in
terest, call us up.
Hays has not many aspirants for
theatrical honors, only one applicant
wanting to try at the amateurs' test at
the Theatre here last Friday evening.
The railroad this week hauled in
several car loads of cinders and repair
ed their track in our town that gave so
much trouble last week during the
Typewriter for sale.
Inquire at This Office.
Buckeye and West Salino townships
had their united picnic in the Haddock
grove last Friday and was a great suc
cess, being largely attended and many
present. The ball game required 12
innings for Buckeye to win in a score
of 7. to C while i'-e xiimcing- in -the eve
ning was kept up until a late hour.
Presbyterian Ghurch.
W. B. BROWN, Pastor
Sunday School 10:00 a. m.
Preaching Services 11 a.m., 8 p.m.
Christian Endeavor 7:00 p. m.
Prayer meeting on Wednesday at 8
Mctfiodit Church.
A; N. Smith, Pastor.
Sunday School
Preaching Service
Junior 1 .5isru
Epv. orth League
Preaching Service
10:00 a. m.
11:00 a. m.
3:00 p. m.
7:00 p. m.
8:00 p. m.
Prayer Meeting (Wed.) 8:00 p. m.
Dolly Varden Chocolates at ITark-
Nss .10. and .&. tr
Mr. and Mrs. L. F. Scott and son
returned Fridav mnrnintr from their
Colors do trip.
Misses Mand Kitr a r d Genevipy
Hnbbs went to RupspU Saturday morn
ing to attend the Baptist Convention.
It's no fault of the cook or g-rwr if
vou do not specify "Lee" Brand. 38-tf
The Lutheran cbnrch people and
children held a picnic Thurpday after
noon in the public nrV.
The poort news comes that Clarp--re
Clarkeon ha left. Hutchinson ann ,c
home aeain on the Sline.
Furrrfsthetf ffrtnms for F?nt
Contrail v looked, n""" both ocbools
Inquire at this ofnp.
last. TnesHav with the Hornp totthM-.
who bve been visitiner there for th
past three weeks
fbe Horn1 familv. vchn Visve be"
vicsitinqr jt tVe Swires ranch -Tor
last, three tpoVp. retnrreH rs tbM
home in Omaha Tues-v. Wr. Wm
Home enrn" to occompanv them b""lr
O'lt in Gove counts. T-ben a fr"
brenVc ont. the telephones til ever the
coimtv fine, and everv man havicr qr
auto fills it with men nr! rnphes to thn
fire at full speed It. was tried (" "
last week.
Don't mics reading" hr ten pn''Tvia
of choice matter on our inside pap-es.
Kansas nrd . Washington news for the
men folks: an intereFtmc story for the
ladies and areneral news for all the
The price of wheat to 92 and 93 certs
last Saturday brought the farmers to
town ot Mondav in droves with loads of
wheat but. the Kansas Citv price had
dropped four cents, but 88 cents for
wheat pays a farmer nicely in this
Harvey Reemsnyder on Tuesday took
a number of his friends in his auto to
the Odd Fellows picnic at Ellsworth
starting here before 7 a. m. and made
the run of 60 miles in about two hours
returning home by moonlight. Harvey
being a mnchinist, is surely enjoying
the use of his auto.
Domemmsf new
An Automobile Bargain.
A Five Passenger oVdsmobi'e Tour
ing Car, Two cylinder, four cycle, 20 to
24 horse power, equipped with top, etc.
Has had only 500 miles use. Call on
or address
The Farmers National Bank,
Salina, Kansas.
1 for Elks and Eagles.
K CI If you are an Elk you want an Elk Vest.
Ir you are an ELagle you want an liagle Vest.
They are all the rage amongst the members of
these Orders. Call and see them.
q HAVE YOU SEEN my new fall line of Suit
ing and Overcoating, etc. They Are Handsome.
ownror w r on opp. istnat. BANK. (
Mr. & Mrs. Zeigler
have Been back east,
visited the largest of the
wholesale stores and
saw beautiful goods.
ti..iigrTii rumr
1 M ti
They have bought
the handsomest ever brought
to Hays, all styles and prices
will be reasonable. Come
inspect the goods.
to 3
Watch for the notice
in this paper when the
goods arrive and our
display ready. Don't
miss it.
Remember our store is
the Largest in' Hays City,
Our prices low as the lowest.
Come see our goods before
buying elsewhere.
Dog Lost.
A large red setter dog. White stripe
in face, white paws, short tail. A re
ward paid for information sent to
P. J. Dean. Hays Ks. 42-lt
Base Burner Wanted.
A subscriber wants to buy a small
base burner. Notify this office.
Pigs for Sate.
We have some young pigs for sale at
our farm south of the Reservation.
Phone 614 or see
M. L. Moore. 44-3t
Baptist Church.
Sunday School. 10:00 a. m.
Prechi!g. 11:03 a. t;i , 8 p.m.
B. Y. P. U 7:00 p. m.
Prayer Meeting Wednesday at 8 pm
Come and worship with us.
A. E. Coodman, Pastor
For Sale.
One Lnkcside Organ for sale cheap.
Good as new. Apply to C. W. Bell,
Htj f, sr.fas.
Goods as cheap as have been
in ten Years.
94 Bleached Sheeting at 25 cents,
Lawnsdale Muslin at 1 0 cents.
Fruit of the Loom at 1 0 cents.
Amoskeag Ginghams at 7&1-2 cents.
American Prints at 6&1-4 cents.
ostonian Sbtoes, 3.SO
Our Fall goods are now in.
For Sale.
Three 5 room cottages; Tv o 3 room
cottages; One 5-acre lot close io town.
For terms seo John C- Adkins. 23-tf
Do You Want to Sell
Your Farm?
If so kindly send me a full description
and jour price. have buyers
here in eastern Kansas whom I am
bringing to your country every two
weeks and selling land. I have im
mediate buyers for quarter sections,
and one-half sections. Don't wait but
send me a description of your land to
day. My commissions are reasonable.
O. H. McQuary, Jr. & Go.,
Real Estate Loan & Investment Co.,
Morrill, Frown Cotjnty. Kans.
Kays bity .sundry
Weekly Visits A Great. Treat, For
Our Amusement. Lovers.
Commencing on Wednesday evening,
September 23rd. and on each Wednes
day thereafter, during the coming win
ter, Dr. H.' E. Merkel, an old time
theatrical manager who has made Ells
worth, Kansas his headquarters for the
past year, will bring his MAJESTIC
SPECIALTY' SHOW to the Opera
House. .
The two and a half hour entertain
ment will consist of Short Comedies,
Singing and Dancing Acts, Novelty
Acts, Latest Songs, beautifully illus
trated with colored Slides, and at each
performance will be presented 2000 feet
of the latest and best Life Motion
Pictures, through the aid of his new
Majestiscope, which is the very latest
invention of the Wizard Edison, and
which is absolutely free from all flick
ering and glare.
Each week will see" an entire change
of program and different performers
Among those engaged for the open
ing week is Little Shore Acres, known
as the "Boy of Mystery, Mirth and
Marvel," in his wonderful Yogi Indian
Box MYSTERY. His number, alone, is
worth the price of admission.
' The management of the Opera House
has decided to present this series of
entertainments at prices that will not
only appeal to, but will be within the
reach of all, viz. General Admission
25 cents, Reserved Seats--35 cents.
Reserved seats are now on sale at
the usual place.
Mule Taken up.
A stray mule was taken up at my
place last Wednesday. Owner can
have by proving property and paying
for this notice and keep of mule.
43-lt John Gatewood.
the place to buy 3'our School
Books and School supplies.
About one ton received this week.
I have the County Agency for State Text Boo! cj
Also handle ALL the Books and Supplies for both
the Normal School and Catholic College.
Don't forget the Place.
First door north of Post Office.
Phone No. 96.
iy jp
Farmers if you need any money
Harvest Expenses'
don't fail to call on the
(Shestnut streei, Mays.
We also do chemical clothes
clcanTng. . . .
Work called for and delivered.
&j ' Phone 62.
Per Line.
Eye and Ear Surgeon.
Dr. M. Jay Brown, the Salina eye
and ear specialist will fill his regular
monthly date in Hays on MONDAY,
SEPT. 14. Will be at the Brunswick
HoteL 34-2t
A'e iv HI eat Market
I have opened up the Johnson Butch
er ehop on north Main street and will
sell you the best of meets at the lowest
prices; See or phone me. 37-tf
Headquarters for-
l Drugs, Toilet Articles
i . ;
Prescriptions carefully compounded I
day or night. nWe do not substitute.11
a (JIT .We have a large and complete stock of Stationery, Sporting A
Goods, Fishing Tackle. Pipes, Cigars and Tobacco. - X
. ; 7 : - : : " . .
Lowney's Chocolates arid Bbn-Bdns.
- - v Ho? Thomas.

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