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j- JJyJ
IS Football Season.
The State Agricultural College is all
alow over their football proBpecta for
tMa year wjtn fifty aspirants for first
team, many of them old players, to se
lect from. Their schedule is as follow,
ard for the first time in the history of
he college the team will cross the
ft line to compete with a tam of
another state. The schedule for this
year is the strongest that ever con
fronted a gridiron from this school:
October 10 Kansas at Lawrence.
! October 20-Oklahoma at Manhattan.
October 26-Ottawa at Manhattan.'
November 7-Creighton at Omaha.
November 14-Oklahwra Aggies
November 21-WaBhbum-Topeka.
Thanksgiving Colorado Aggies
Manhattan. The famous St. Mary's club are also
up to work with seventy-five men to
ylect from and announce these games:
,J October 3-Wesleyan University at
8t Mary's.
October 3 Campbell college vs! S.
M. C. second team at Hoi ton.
October 10 Southwestern college.
October 17-William Jewell college
at St. Mary'8.
October 21 Washburn college.
Qctober 24 Campbell college vs. S.
M. C. second team.
October 31-Haskell Indians.
November 7 Fair mount college,
November ?1-Ksneas State Nor
mals. Thanksgiving day Cooper College at
St Mary's.
Kills Review Notes:
"A letter from the Hays High school
aaki for three football games. The
boya have not yet decided to organize
a team here We expect that for
the size of the town Ellis has more
young people away attending school
han Bxijr town in the siate. They are
Scattered all over the state an J rill all
Wke gPt4V the studied tey are tak
ing The grain buyers of Hays have
been having a nice time and incidental
ly the farmers have been getting the
best of it. They have been paying as
high aa 92 cents per bushel for wheat
and the streets are lined with teams all
day long. Considerable wheat has
beenTcoming to Ellis and while the
price has not been quite as high as, at
Hays it has been fair, from 88 to 90
gunners forbidden.
freppasaing with gun or dog on the
northwest fourth and south half of sec
tion 34 in township 14, range 18, south
of reservation is positively prohibited
under penalty of the law. Keep off.
44-tf Chris Pederson.
Hays City Boole store
is the place to buy your School
Books and School supplies.
Everything in the Book and Stationary line.
Stationers' sundries, Cigars, Tobacco, Pipes and Smokers
supplies. We also carry in stock PIANOS and all ind of
musical instruments of the Salina Musip Go.
Dont forget the Pljace,
First door north of Post Office.
Phone No. 96.
I V.
Eev. W. N. Ccnclcy, Evangelist.
f V V
They aie r.tie!
A unique publication has just been
issued by the Kansas Agricultural Ex
periment Station. It is a bulletin on
alfalfa to which nine members of the
Station staff have contributed, each in
reference to that phase of the subject
with which he is most familiar. The
bulletin contains summarized re-statements
of the contents of previous bul
letins on the subject issued by the Sta
tion, the supply of which is exhausted,
and also includes much new matter as
well as Fome of the more important re
sults obtained by other experiment sta
tions. One hundrpd sixtv-five pages,
including sixty illustrations, are re
quirrd for the puhject, which is treated
in fourteen distinct art teles. The bul
letin will be sent free to all Kansas
farmers who request it.
A Week's Exprtnc.
The vear ha' f'oomily begun
For Willie Weeks, a poor man's
He wa heset. with hill and dun.
Ard he had very Httla
"This cash," said he, won't
pav mv dues,
rv'e nothing here but ones and Tubs."
A bright thought struck him
and he said,
"The rich Miss Goldrocks I will Wed."
But when he paid his court to her.
She lisped but firmly said, "No.
"Alas," said he, then I must die!"
His soul went where they say souls
They found his gloves and coat
and hat.
And the coroner then upon them Sat.
Success Magazine.
Increase in yse of Cement
Four and a half million barrels of
Portland cement have lately been
bought by the Panama Canal Commis
sion for use on the canal. It is to be
shipped at the rate of not less than two
thousand barrels a day. and the con
tractors must ship ten thousand barrels
a day if that amount is called for. The
cement industry in America is not
much more than twenty-five years old.
The total . product of the country in
1880 was forty-two thousand barrels.
or only enough to supplv-the 'hiinynun u
demands of "tfie"canal commission for I
twentytojoe dajf8. Last yar nearly
fjfty million barrel were made here,
and the use of cement has only just
begun. Some architects are afraid to
recommend it to their clients, but
others have built large and ornate
structures out of it Youth's Companion.
Ccricley and Grant. Hear them Sunday
morning in The Tent.
S v a v tnTrt
Ralph Abbott fs kept busy now-a-days
drilling wells.
Walter Griffith is home from his va
cation trip to Dakota.
Ice Cream, pure and delicious. Sodas
and Sundaes at HARKNESS 28-tf
The Ellis autos are here about every
day in use by the traveling men.
for her
Nellie Reeder left this week
school work in Massachussets.
H. H. Pierce
com raised on H
is howinp- pone fine
farm in Russell coun
Delia Gosser has gone to Monta Ra
to join her husband who is stationed
More Post Cards at Spratt's
Store than at all other stores in
Dave Lashelle was in town Saturday
and tells that his well auger is working
every day.
The new barber shop in the Bissing
building on South Chestnut street is
kept busy all the time.
The Presbyterian Ladies' Missionary
Society gave a fine supper at Mrs
Alex Philip'B last Friday.
Miss Mable Edwards returned this
week to attend our excellent school an
other year.
Mrs. Walter Paul reports a lovely
trip east and was sorry her trip was
so soon over.
A few of the celebrated Glenfield
Folding Tablets can still, be fun& at
Spratt's Book Store, ' " 44-tf
Tuesday the sun passed over the
equator. Summer is gone and fall is
here for three months,.
John Miller has closed his deal, sold
hi 3 farm and bouorht the Leiker grocery
store on South Main street.
Work at installing the machinery in
the new mill will soon begin. A big
force of men are rushing the work on
the inside.
J. S. Lang, late of Maryland and an
experienced hand in postofiice work,
has been appointed as dety post
master in Hatys, X" '
Tablets and all kinds of school sup
plies are not a-sidejine with us, it is
our principal business, therefore Spatt's
Book Store is the place to buy. 44-tf
G. M. Cox will now go into the hand
ling of apples, potatoes, etc. in connec
tion with his warehouse and is having
a cold storage pit dug near there.
Henry Tholen of Victoria took a spin
to Grinnell, eigtyrftve wiSea. on Thurs
day ui fus ma ian motorcycle, maaing
it in a few minutes over three hours.
Gove county had its first Teachers'
Association to-day, meeting at Quinter,
with Fred Lindly and Miss Alice Freese,
Normal school graduates, on the pro
gram. The probate judge has issued mar
riage licenses to Adam Younger of
Hays and Margaret Korbe ef Mrmjpr.
Philip Kinlirg and, Baresark A'rnbruster,
both of'llfc.- "
Water rent bls went out this week.
Next week the sprinkling season clos
es. If you, wan.t to. keep your lawn
beautiful hand the city clerk an extra
dollar for October sprinkling.
There is so much work at the hotel,
the boys ha ring done so much better
than was expected, that Miss Mamie
Mulroy has resigned as the deputy post
master and .will oversee the dining
room of the Windsor.
W. F. Cipra of the Holyrood, Kansas
Land Firm was here this week in his
auto attending to their land world They
have soi l much land here and have
miny rr.o-o who are anxious to get into
this prosperity county.
KaftSn 4Vti "ttW Wiurnmg over the
death or r4iV H- Snow, the first
chancellor of the State University and
who made the institution known all
over the world. He has been feeble
for a year and went to Wisconsin for
his health where he died Sunday.
Have You a Farm
for sale? We have customers for Ellis
county land. Send us a discription of
your farm and lowest price and we be
lieve we can find you a customer. Our
charges are reasonable. Addre?
Cipra & S'TR.yr5?.iJf.
Jan. 1. Holyrood, Kar.sa
The Grinnell Record tells of a i.icv
rain that section had last week. Also
this news of our Walker people of th
Angeles colony:
''A bay boy was bom Friday to
Herman Robben, Jr. and wife of An
geles. ..Parties from Victoria were in
Grinnell this week looking over the
Royal hotel prrj crty with a view to
making some sort of a deal for the
hotel, fixtures, etc The prospective
purchaser bears a good business ap
pearance. Dick Tholen was instrumen
tal in bringing him here to consider a
This is the best hotel in that town.
It is 2Ir. Benton of Walker, the mer
chaa who la ta&ins ef baying.
Soda Water of Quality at Harx
nessV 28-tf
Frank Sir nt wg in town last Satur
day on business.
The Methodist church last Sunday
evening was crowded.
Mrs. J. L. Loutzenhiser has a sister
here attending our public school
If you want a family auto see the
chance offered in another column.
The inside of the new mill is now
being sprayed with a waterproof wash.
Mrs. Isaac Zeigler 'and son George
visited friends in Kansas City this
Wm. Butts has finished the plaster
ing of the Shively cottage on Normal
avenue. '
Every thing in Musical instruments
from a piano to a jew's harp at Spratt's
Book Store. 44-tf
Burning rubbish and grass is the
general order of work in the yards
around town.
G. H Robben of Victoria has traded
his stock of goods for some lots on
Normal avenue.
Candidates are now beginning to
hustle around and are handing their
cards to the voter as a reminder.
The excavation for the cellar of .the
new Telephone building on Fort street
is completed.
Try a little want adver in this pa
per and see if it does not bring results.
They always do. -
The regents of the State Normal
School met here this Friday ta transact
their general, bogs,
FQrTOrKO the perlect picture hold
er, better than an album for your photo
graphs at Spratt's Book Store 44-tf
Farmer Frank Shtughter, who lives
near Ellis, was here on Thursday ar
ranging to place his son in the State
Normal. ,
Range tor Slae.
We offer for sale a range almost new
at our house on Fort and Juniata St.
44-1 tx Geo. Merrill.
John Devore has returned from his
trip to Kiowa county and ia back on
the Saline to Ijel'oftt'jkv the feed crep
gathegj. '4
A petition la being circulated for the
release of youncr Thurston from the
Hutchinson Reformatory, his father
being in feebleealth. "
News comes that our former resi
dents, John Gerken and family are now
nicely located in Lawrence and that
Frank Motz is rooming there.
John Hall this week shirsnsd. two ears
of cattle to. th Sanaa's eity market, '
ine anGora Drotners or Lookout town
ship three cars and Beale of the Saline
five cars.
The Ohio House that Mrs. Bannister
fitted up for Normal students to room
in has been rented as a hotel again.
The Btudents vidjntly preferred pri
vate houses.
The weather still bing dry farmers
are tak?n wantage of the time by
bringing their wheat to town and our
oiiccia me uj"ipr crojaea wren wagon
loads pf whea.
Rosa Hoftmau, the Manhattan butch
er who bought the Frank Kin meat
market is now in lull charge and Frank
is preparing to take charge of the
Wagner restaurant next week.
If you want to sell something if you
want to buy something, chip in a quart
er and try this paper and you will find
the notice will bring results. Try it.
Others have and have succeeded.
Last Saturday while James West
brook and another boy were out hunt
ing the gun suddenly went off and
put some shot into Westbrook's SPPtf
causing him to ake crufyibe'a icz. s. vne.
Bulletin No. 155 from the Experi
ment OHiion at 'a ir.aiun tans, is
entitled "Alfalfa." The Mil.jeci i dis
cussed by nine aut'ir, each in his r wn
field.'-and Kansas farmers who d-sirc
the bulletin may obtain it free of charc.
It is a handsome pamphlet of one hun
dred sixty pages, including sixty illus
If IfeU Want
A fast, reliable, durable and
economical conveyance.
The Indian Motorcyle
s at your service. It holds every track
record worth having in the U. S. and
perfect scores in Great Britain 2 years.
We have some very interesting
booklets describing how the
Indian is built.
Drop cs a card and it will bring
catalog and booklets. Address
H. Tiiciin & Son, Victoria, Ks.
Ccolates at Hark
It s the grocer's goods marked Lee
that sell quickly. 38-tf
Miss Susie Mullen is now clerking in
the Racket Store.
Frank King made a business trip to
Ellis Thursday.
John Adkins has gone east on his
annual vacation.
- Don't take chances on food products
Use Lee Brand. 38-tf
Another cottage is to be built at the
Experiment Station.
Mrs. W. B. Brown visited friends in
Kansas City this week.
John Freese of Havs was. a Salina
visitor Friday. Salina Journal. .
Miss Boise entertained her girl
friends at six o'clock tea on Saturday
xt it isn t an Eastman, it isn t a
kodak." Harkness has kodaks and
supplies. 21-tf
Many farmers are now cutting their
fourth crop of alfalfa and each crop ia
a good one.
A view from the top of the new mill
shows new bouses being built in all
parts of the city.
Look for the brand on canned goods
and see that what you use' bears the
Lee Trade Mark. 88 tf
Joe Ryan is again attending the
State University, having enioved his
summer vacation.
Mrs. Helen Strohmier went to. Junc
tion City Thursday night to make a
visit to her daughter.
Word comes that O. H. Mc Quarry,
Jr. " will be here in a few days with
men who want Ellis county land.
Father Wood of Plainville was here
Sunday with his little runabout auto
taking his friends for a pleasure ride.
Spratt's store has added a post-card
rack that is complete and shows over
7000 cards at this time to select from.
The World's Scrap Book will hold
and index ft ready reference 500 to
,1000, clippings. See Spratt's Book
Stero 44-tf
Mr. and Mrs. Gerhart leave for their
home in Pennsylvania this Saturday
night after a pleasant visit with rela
tives here.
Mrs. Trinkle and son left on Monday
night for their home at LaCygne, gan-?
sas, after a pleasant visit a the Sea
waller home. "
The coninrf &t the outside of the new
mill much improves its appearance. As
bestos fire proof paper is being put un
der the iron. !
A large crowd was in attendance at
the Lutheran Ladies' Aid Society sup
per served at the home of Mrs. H. B.
Kohl Thursday evening.
This office has go.tteu out for Cox &
Son some yeajy. complete duplicate sale
tabs. See them and let us get you out
a bunch for your store.
It was a jolly crowd that left for the
State University Friday night, Misses
Oshant and Snyder, Messrs. Lore
ditseh, Motz and Freese.
Property for Sale.
A house, eight lots, trees, windmill,
on east side of town will be sold cheap.
See or address Jack Wolf, 44-tf
Hays, Kansas.
The Catholic school building ' was
moved by a traction engine on Wednes
day to the south side of the track
where it will be made a dwelling.
Don't miss the Majestic Theatre next
Wednesday evening. There 's lJta of
amusement and it's wct& tle money.
Reserved sea' $ isg'a Drug Store.
A, traveling Eaan who did some pro
miseuoua prairie chicken shooting here
without a license found $5 and trim
mings (about $25) pretty dear hunting.
it ou are nguring on huilding a
house go see Schwaller & Sons. They
are putting out a book rhovsing lovely
homes from the low to the expensive
in price.
Pigs for Sale.
We have some young pAgS So sale at
our I arm so o the Reservation.
Phpne or see
f M. I. Moore. 44-3t
Don't fail to read Tholen's motor
cycle ad. If you want a go-er(20 to 40
mile an hour), nice riding machine.
take a look at his and get one of their
circulars. Those who have tried them
are loud in their praise.
Candidate for state penator in this
district, Fred Robertson of Alwood in
Rawlins county, spent several days in
our county tnis week getting acquain
ted with the voters. It is a race in the
fourteen counties between him and
Mr. Wells of Graham county.
Tuesday night Mrs. D. Bellman of
Buckeye township left for California
and Nevada, where she will visit with
her brothers and sisters. This is the
first time she has been away since 1878
and she expects to be gone about three
months. Mr. Bellman expects to go
oat far December, to aeeompasy her
borne. '
"Dolly Varden" C
Something, new
for Elks and Eagles
CJ If you are an Elk you want an Elk Vest.
J If you are an Eagle you want an Eagle Vest.
They are all the rage amongst the members of
these Orders. Call and see them.
q HAVE YOU SEEN my new fall line of Suit
ing and Overcoating, etc. They Are Handsome.
A. M. Melt IE
Mr. & Mrs. Zeigler
have been back east,
visited the largest of the
wholesale stores and
saw beautiful goods.
Watch for the notice'
in this paper when the
goods arrive and our
display ready. Don't
miss it.
"Success Magazine" for October.
"Success Magazine" for October
contains a significant political article
bv Henry Ncdhw, entitled "Why the
President is fer Taft." in whirh Mr.
Rooseveffc gives his own ressonB for
wishing Taft to be his successor. In
the same number Alexander Irvine tells
of a 6ccial experiment in a New York
Fifth Avenue church. - Walter Weyl
describes "The Extraordinary Street
Cars of New York" nnd Charlotte Per-
ins Gilman discourses wpon "The Wo
man of Fifty."
The storiea of the month are "A
Lodge in the Wilderness." by Sir Gil
bert Parker: "The Campaign Back
Home," by Eugene Wood; "A Father
bv Purchase. " bv Elizabeth Payne:
'The Jelly of Madam Dorpat," by Jen-
nette Marks; "As the Drummer Told
It, by Charles Battell Loomis, and the
second part of "Diana and the Duke,"
by Emery Pottle.
There are poems by Strickland W.
Gillilan, Mary Roberts Rinehart, Edna
Valentine, Edmund Vance Cooke and
John Kendrick Bangs.
Orison Swett Marden's editorial is
entitled, "We Do What We Have To."
The cover design is by J. C. Leyen-
Police at. the UaSK
Lately the back zow fellows at the
. A. R. hall have become exceedingly
noisy, often insulting to the ladies and
patrons of the hall until some have
itopped attending entertainments.
The management have now put a
policeman there who will remove from
the hall at once all future offenders or
need be let them appear before the
Police Court for "trimmings." This
a proper more and will help the at
tendance accordingly.
Church Ptotcs.
The Sunday f-hools and young peo
ii. j rteTtes win mt in t h'-sr respec
tive churches as "isual. The other ser-
vif will h hr(i in the Tr.t.
It is in the Tent. It begins Sunday
morning. J hey are evangelist conoiey
and Singer Grant. It ia you who are
invited. -
New Graft..
There seems to be new trraft. An
outfit in Kanpas City agrees ty pay $10
per ton for old newspaper s nd $7 per
ton for magazines. The ladies of two
churches recently undertook to gather
up a car load of old papers and maga
zines, and succeeded In ' collecting all
told about twelve or thirteen - tons.
They hardly realized how much it took
to fill a car to even pay the freight.
Senator Wells started for Kansas
City Tuee5ay morning with a couple
cars of cattle from his ranch. Hill City
He must be getting ready for his
campaign, which costs money, to serve
the dear people at $3 a day.
- I I 2SSB I 3
They have bought
the handsomest ever brought
to Hays, all styles and prices
will be reasonable. Come
inspect the goods.
Remember our store is
the Largest in Hays City,
Our prices low as the lowest.
Come see our goods before
. buying elsewhere.
Cast- Aside "Party Vote. "
In local elections political issues are
not at ftnke; the turiff, the bank guar
anty law. etc. . cut no figure; it's the
man vou know, it'p a home issue strict
lv ard choice of neighbors and friend
best entitled fro your help and support
that's the whole secret in ajrotshel'-.
If the candidates are deserving of yorr
support, throw aside the time-wo1
ideas of a "party vote" and perform
vour duty by helping to put good mn
in the county offices where you anf I
transact our county business affairs.
Grinnell Record.,
"TS Majestic"
Entertainment Wednesday eveni-e
was well attended and was well woHh
the money. It was a vaudeville ah-w
The different actors did well, while he
moving pictures were fine and ck"r.
Tbey show again next Wednesday ruV t
and you should attend, as the manr ce
ment guarantee a discontinuance of tV
"rough house." Get your reset ved
seats at King's Drug Store.
Be your own dictator in regard '
pieking your candidate at the cot irg
election. Allow no one to say how yr"
8 ha 11 vote and who for. Be free n d
express your own ideas as to who ir en
titled to your support and your help-
Washington, Sept. 24. J. Witt, post
master at Gorham, Russell county, h"
been summarily removed because of
serious violation of the postal laws and
regulations. William W. Sloan has I en
appointed to fill the vacancy. Tope V a.
JoursaL ,-
Dinner Sapper.
Mrs. Tillotson, in the Stainer hv ."
ing opposite Philip's hardware sfr ro,
will serve meals and farmers and tl
families, when they come to town d'
want 8 homelike meal, should give 1.
a call.
PI a wing Wanted'
We are prefared to do plowing w .' t
our steam plowiner outfit. Address
E. L. WOOD, Ellis, Kansr
43-4 tr
New Barber Shop.
Located on Chestnut street, adjoin
ing Weisner store. Your patronagi-
solicited. 43-tf
List Your Farms.
I have several customers for farms
in this county. If yours is for sale let
me know, a reasonable price will bring
a buyer. See C. W. MllXER, 43-3t
Hays, Kansas.
& Big Sacrifice,
$1350 "buys a 'C6 5 passenger Franklin
Touring car; folly cquiped, top, lamps,
speedistenseter, glass front, ebain grips,
extra tires and tire eases, inner tubes,
cost new $3150; guaranteed and will ac
cept first offer., G. D. Adams, .
44-2t Topcks, Kans.

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